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  1. Love the stepside bed on the Ford! We need more pictures of that rig!!
  2. IIRC the 815 had a 304 and the 915 had a 345
  3. Look at your vin tag, 193 hp =304, 196 hp = 345 That's what it came with,
  4. I've seen 6.9s and 7.3 idis in one but your problem is going to be the computer.
  5. You probably need to "girdle" the rear end as the housing is near the end of it's limit with 70-80 horsepower.
  6. The exhaust is on the right side of the engine. It's a cross flow head. Check with some of the construction equipment salvage yards. Some of the construction equipment used turboed 310s or 358s.
  7. The filters are NLA from CaseIH or Vintage parts. Where are you guys getting filters for the 350 diesels, specifically oil and fuel filters?
  8. There's guys down here running Dondi ditchers on hydro 100's and 186s down here. Never heard of a problem with them.
  9. It didn't look that good new!!!
  10. Troy just the opposite here. I had a friend who had a 20 or 2630 Deere. They liked the tractor but it would start in cold weather. They went to t. he Deere dealer and tried a 2640. It wouldn't start either. They went across town to the IH dealer a tried a 784. It started on right up and they bought it on the spot.
  11. Once in a while we still get IH belts in. I think we have 4 or 5 in stock now.
  12. If you are looking to use a 544 backing plate make sure it's for a 544 FARMALL. The Farmall is based off of a 656 driveline, the utility is based off of a 504.
  13. Rick my 1026 came with 7.50 x 16 6 bolt fronts and 16.9 x 38 rear with clamp style rears. It's going to have 11 x 16 and 18.4 x 38s when I'm finished
  14. Hi clears always draw attention. 18440 Farmall 100s made. No idea of how many were hi clears. 66290 140 Farmalls were made with 2861 being hi clears. Obiously if it's a 100 hi clear it would be rarer. These numbers do not count the International versions of each model.
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