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  1. I have the led "corncob" lights in my shop. I love them but they are pricey at $70 a pop.
  2. Jeff I know the 544 farmall diesels with gear drive had a battery on the right side under the fuel tank and one under the steering wheel.
  3. Eason

    Ih 155

    I've never seen slated bottoms down here in peanut country. We have sandy land.
  4. I noticed Hine Tractor Repair in Delta Oh. has a good used one for sale on Facebook.
  5. Eason

    Color change

    Mom bought a brand new IH badged CCC 682 in June of 1982 and it has the black axles.
  6. I think Peter Lewis is the front man. Progressive is one of George Soros' companies. THAT is why I will never use Progressive!
  7. I went to 4 wheel parts and checked their rims about 8 years ago when I was looking for rims for my 83 F250. They had heavy duty rims in stock. (3800 lbs) chrome bullet hole style.
  8. The early one's came with no interior. Ron Neese had a 1456 standard all wheel drive that was the S/N break for the 1456 standards for the cabs with no interior. Maybe Wilson Gatewood will chime in on this and tell us more.
  9. Eason

    454 Headlights

    Wilson these look to be unique to the 354/454/464 tractors.
  10. Eason

    454 Headlights

    On a 454 the headlights fit into a rubber block. The rubber blocks on the tractor I'm working on are as hard as a brick. Is there any way to soften old rubber. CaseIH wants $100 for new ones. Does anyone have a source for aftermarket?
  11. Isn't the old style IH the same as ISO?
  12. Do yourself a favor and go to a local hydraulic shop. I bought 2 tilt cylinder kits for my 2350 IH loader for over $150 each. I had a local hydraulic shop install them. They told me that only the seals were leaking and $50 would have covered it. Live and learn.
  13. Happy Birthday Wilson!!! now you can get SS!!!
  14. Snoshoe I don't think they exist expect for some custom applications such as asphalt pavers or some chisom-ryder equipment. The hitch controls were built into consoles mounted on the fenders.
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