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  1. Not trying to be a horses ass but look at the build date. Loadstar production was over by then. It might show up in the S-series 1700 to 2500.
  2. Eason

    CaseIH's management

    I don't understand CaseIH. It seems like there's a lot of fighting between CaseIH and New Holland against EACH OTHER for market share. Then they yank 2 good dealers CaseIH franchise. Clapp Bros in Siler City has been an IH dealer since 1939 and a New Holland dealer since the 60's. They were a CaseIH and a New Holland dealer along with Mahindra. CNH yanked their CaseIH franchise. Mills International in Kinston celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. They were a large Cub Cadet, CaseIH, and Yanmar dealer. Both of these dealer carried a lot parts for the older IH tractors.
  3. Eason

    Is It Worth It?

    X2 To little info for the asking price. Need pictures of the underside and the rust prone areas.
  4. Eason

    Ecco boost engine

    I have a 2011 F150 supercrew with a 6.5 ft bed 3.55 axles. 5.0 V-8 engine I absolutely love the truck. I've seen as high as 22 mpg running cruise on 60 mph. 70 to 75 will see 17 to 18 mpg. I've towed a 27 ft 5th wheel weighing about 8200 lbs wet. 9-10 mpg on those trips. It's so comfortable we drive it mainly instead of my wife's Town & Country van. I was scared of a small engine with turbos pumping extra heat in the engine. I change oil every 6,000 miles and use motorcraft oil and filters. I've done nothing to the truck for 105k. Still has the original battery.
  5. Eason

    Farmall 544

    Looks Great!
  6. Eason

    Favorite Other Brand Of Tractor

    7600 ford for me. Tough as nails.
  7. Eason

    Front Weight - Weight Bracket Question

    The grille on a 06 and 56 series is pretty much straight up and down. The 66 through 88 series grilles leaned forward. THAT'S the reason for the spacers.
  8. Every one I've seen down here were 3 point not fast hitch.
  9. Jeff how lucky can you get to have both 504 LP Gas HiClear emblems!!! There were a bunch of 504 diesel HiClears down in this area.
  10. Eason

    Cub Cadet 105 - Starts, runs 2 minutes, stops

    X2 I had the same problem with a model 72
  11. Eason

    D407 vs D358 Questions

    407 is a dry sleeve, 358 is a wet sleeve. The 358 was turboed across the pond in tractors and here in some construction equipment. Both were used in construction equipment and as power units. Also the 358 was used in trucks in foreign countrys.
  12. Eason

    Best Friend's daughter's wedding

    I told her that I would restore it for them as a wedding present. The yellow seat will have to go!! It's a 454.