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  1. Guys, I understand where you guys are coming from, but you would be surprised how many people don't know what their equipment is. I retired from the State of N.C. and went to work at the local CaseIH dealership. Customers trying to describe what they want over the phone can be priceless. Some of CaseIH's parts diagrams are not the easiest to follow and their terminology leaves a lot to be desired. If you really want to flip a young parts guy out, ask him for spark plugs for a diesel 450!!!
  2. As for a 2350 being to large. Yes it's a big loader, but the tractor and common sense will limit what you can do with it. I have a 2350 on my Hydro 86. I'd love to have a 2250 but the 2350 came on the tractor.
  3. A 1969 would have been 901 white. It has a greenish tint. 935 didn't come out until late November of 1970.
  4. that's a 266. A 305 is 193 hp at 4400 rpm.
  5. Pictures would help. As for the engine what does the S/N tag say? Should be hp @ ??? rpm
  6. Here's a picture of a 656 utility row-crop with a Farmall front axle
  7. Mine is also a SD33T and I've also experienced the oil puking out the breather tube at times. The diesel doesn't make enough power to break a lot of things but will get you there eventually.
  8. Todd I built my Terra to be a daily driver and to be able to run Tellico. 4.09 gears wide ratio 4 sp, and a dana 300 which gave me a crawl ratio of about 65 to 1. It only had the factory trac-loc in the rear but would surprise you where it would go. The mile marker hydraulic winch helped a lot at times.
  9. Todd I believe the reason is the engine is further forward so more weight on the front axle. Also most scout engines are heavier.
  10. Weldon thanks for sharing. Evidently God had more work for you to do on this earth for now. Prayers and Praises for you and the master!!! Eason
  11. Is that the one the dealer in SC had listed?
  12. Mike there's 2 sitting about 60 miles from me. One is a F-250 2wd shortbed and the other is a f-350 2wd with a service body. I'll try and check on them if you wish.
  13. Eason

    1971 1210 pickup

    Oil pressure sender should be on the driver's side of the engine about 3/4 of the way of the block towards the rear of the engine under the exhaust manifold. I'm sorry can't help you out on the dash pad.
  14. Looks like a Paystar grille has been adapted.
  15. Eason

    MTO Birthday

    Happy birthday!!!
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