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  1. Eason

    IH Unistar

    From what I remember reading, it was a great idea but insurance and liability helped kill them off. If the roads were so bad you needed a 4wd tractor to pull trailers you probably need to keep the trucks off the road.
  2. Eason

    Hydros - School Me On Them...

    On the 186 and 3488 hydro the high and low range lever is on the left hand side. The hydro lever is on the dash. They do have a high and low range. The hydro will hold the load back on a hill or slowing down on the road. My 1026 hydro is rated at 112 pto hp but it will not pull as good in tillage as my 826 gear drive rated at 91 pto hp. The park lock is the same as the gear drives, the range transmission has to be in neutral. They do have a "foot and inch" pedal like JD's powershift and it does NOT return the hydro to neutral every time you push it in and you don't loose steering or brakes. The hydros are great for haying and other pto loads where you need the pto to run at a set speed but constantly have to vary your ground speed. I have 5 hydros so I'm a little biased.
  3. Eason

    farmall 504 gas row crop

    S-T/A with independent 540 pto Y-Hydra-Touch power supply with 12 GPM pump CC- 3rd speed heavy duty tillage gear
  4. Eason

    Advice Hydro 84

    One thing no one has mentioned. My 784 had a Lucas starter and alternator. When the starter needed rebuilding 2 years ago it was $10 more to get a new Delco starter than rebuild the Lucas. It starts easier than it ever had since I've owned it. The Lucas alternator will get replaced soon also. Also the timing could be off a little and causing a hard start problem.
  5. Eason

    466 in hydro 186?

    3488 hydro had a 466 from the factory so no problem.
  6. I think all the "real" red power specials had the burgundy interior. I've never seen one with a western interior.
  7. Eason

    Trailer Tires

    I walked by my camper yesterday and noticed one of the tires had blown out just sitting there. I've noticed many trailer tires that the tread has peeled off of the casing and the tread was still good. Would load range D truck tires hold up better? What's the main difference between trailer tires and LT truck tires?
  8. Eason

    Year-A-Round Cab for 86 series?

    I had the chance to buy that cab or a nice 86 series cab from the Hines. Not having a air conditioner here in the south made me decide on the good used 86 series cab. That Year-a-round on the 786 was neat though. I've wanted an 86 series with a cab since they were introduced in the fall of 1976. I was chapter FFA president and the advisor wanted a John Deere tractor as a backdrop for our group picture. I told him I'll take care of it. Well the backdrop was a brand new 886 with a cab. That was the first one I've ever drove and I've wanted one ever since.
  9. Eason

    Group 31 in 86’s.

    24 was also used in IH scouts
  10. Eason

    Repairs needed...... :(

    Dang I'm only 15 miles north of Washington, N.C.
  11. Eason

    Repairs needed...... :(

    New Guy have you been down here to the Outer Banks. That's Jennette's Pier in Nags Head N.C. 100 miles due east of me. Eason
  12. Eason

    questions about 358

    The 782 series1 cotton picker ran a 310, the series 2 ran a 358. Royce Bone pulled with a 826 gear drive with a turbo and the exhaust out the side of the hood.
  13. Eason

    Check out this survivor! (not mine)

    Interesting it was sold from Carroll's Garage in Gates N.C. My uncle bought Carroll's Garage in the mid 90s.
  14. Eason

    Red Power magazine

    It's telling me the Nebraska test lab over ballasted the 4020 so it would pull more.