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  1. Ken Updike's article in Heritage Iron on the 1066 black stripes states that Greg Montgomery came from Ford in 1975 and designed the black stripe decals. In 1975 the F-150 explorer package had a similar stripe. Coincidence???
  2. Iplan on being there on Thursday and leaving early Friday. Hope to meet a lot of you guys in person. Eason
  3. Happy send me a private message with your email. I'm having trouble downloading pictures on this site. Eason
  4. I have a complete 4 post ROPS and platform I'll be taking off of a 1086 {it is the same as a 986). I'm changing to a cab.
  5. Bitty is correct.
  6. The 3/4000 series did NOT have a case motor. They had a neuss built IH diesel. The CX series after them had a Perkins diesel not Iveco.
  7. Kendra Sommer has a long tie to IH. Her grandfather worked for IH and was a plant manager at several farm equipment plants. I'm good friends with her father Dr. Todd Sommer. Dr. Todd was doing his residency at Rochester Mn. and our own Danny Anderson sold him a new Cub Cadet Snowblower. Danny has a friend and neighbor that did a lot of work on Dr. Todd's scout.
  8. I remember it was an option although it was not a popular one.
  9. I've seen them both ways, with the 12/1456 tombstone seat and the lawnmower seat like off of a Cub Cadet 123 hydro.
  10. Here's a picture of a 574 Tobacco Special. You can see the extensions for the front axle. Thanks to Ken Updike's book for the photo. The rear axles would already spread out to 96 inches.
  11. If you look at most of the pictures of the "black stripe" tractors they are actually white panel tractors touched up to look like black stripes.
  12. They were basically a standard tractor with an extension on the front axle to allow them to straddle 2 48 inch rows of tobacco. The Tobacco Special was a regular production item and was used up until the X95 series. ( the decals show up on the 685/695 product graphics) The Bright Lightnin was more of a southern regional promotion. I copied a original set of decals and had a few extra sets made. An ad for the Bright Lightnin was in the Sept 1980 Progressive Farmer.
  13. When I was working at a ford dealer in 1985 we would order trucks in with beds and take them off. We sold the beds for 3 times what Ford discounted the truck for without the bed. IIRC it was $175 credit to sell the truck from Ford without the bed and we sold the bed for $500
  14. I think there was a dealer in Wytheville Va.
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