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  1. Interesting the truck has the styling of the L series but the IH emblem, not the triple diamond.
  2. I was down at the Outer Banks of NC last week. Young guy and girlfriend tried driving their Prieus in the sand. Got stuck. We helped push them out. The DA was putting the floor mats under the rear wheels for traction. When we started to push them out BOTH him and his girlfriend got in the car to drive it out. I asked him to let her drive and HE could help push!!!
  3. I have a NOS IH spotlight with that bezel.
  4. The AC dealer here in town sold one. We worked on it in my auto mechanics class around 1976. IIRC it had a 2 stroke engine.
  5. I would try IH parts America (Jeff Ismail) Do not use Scoutparts.com
  6. The spin on filter head is around $300. I just converted my 544 from glass bowl type to spin on. I can get you a list of parts if you need. PM me with your email address.
  7. Down here we have a lot of "Southern Belles" with welded arms on the spindles. Are taper-locs worth the hype or would you stick with regular spindles and arms. Thanks for any reviews.
  8. I looked it over at the Red Power Roundup. His attention to detail is second to none!
  9. Contact Jeff Foreman (The Emblem Guy). He has them custom made at the original factory that produced them for IH.
  10. You will probably have to put some spacers between the frame and your mounts. 2350 was designed for the wider frame of the 66 series. It will work. I have one on a hydro 86. Great loader.
  11. I remember that. It was about 1988. Pete and KW had new trucks on the lot that they couldn't sell because of the recall.
  12. I'm on the second row second from the right, gray shirt no hat.
  13. The very early 574 and 454 had metal emblems. I believe this was the last american IH tractor to have emblems.
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