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  1. That's a 1456 axle. They were different from the rest of the 56 series.
  2. Matt I know my old tractor # 18 7288 was on display and sold from Equipment Superstore. Eason
  3. The gold demo tractors were available in any configuration such as International or Farmall. The 544 and 656 had to be hydro. The 826 was available as gear drive or hydro. The 1026 hydro only, and the 1456 gear drive only. If that tractor was built in December it was to late for a demo. The demo program was for the fall of 1970 season.
  4. Could have been a tractor originally purchased by a state government agency and that was their equipment ID number.
  5. I can't imagine the stress on the axles. This tractor was set up for running a Dondi ditcher. Note the newer tractor with the ditcher on it in the first picture.
  6. This is the late Jim "catfish" Hunter's home and barn. The "baseball" logo was on all his peanut and grain trailers. He started farming after he retired from baseball and then had to scale back in the 80's.
  7. Mine wouldn't spin a wheel on a bucket of grease!! I had a friend that had a Gremlin X with the 304, that thing would fly!!!
  8. Rick you had me beat! Mine was a 1970 199 ci, 3 on the tree. It did have chrome reverse wheels for a little chick magnet appeal!!
  9. Rusty my wife and lost a baby 29 years ago. I can empathize with you. Great idea!!
  10. Heck my first car was a Gremlin. I was proud to have wheels!
  11. gafarm49 are you strip tilling flue cured tobacco?
  12. If you look behind the right muffler on that 1468 you will see a mirror.
  13. It's funny the toy 88 series faded 3 different shades just like the real tractors!!!
  14. Those Chisom-Ryders are great!!!
  15. I've seen several that the round holder that the wishbone bolts to the front axle tube have been broken off on the 56 series. The wishbone is cast into the axle tube on the 66 series.
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