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  1. Eason

    Pine Island tractor weekend

    Randy is that a 664?
  2. Eason

    Once Again, The Media Bashes Agriculture

    Rick this is scary, but I agree with you!!!
  3. Eason

    German Diesel engines

    I've hear some diesel shops use the pump off of a 5.9 Cummins as a replacement.
  4. Eason

    German Diesel engines

    I have 5 IH tractors with a German diesel. The only 2 things I can say bad about them is They slobber bad when Idling around a lot, and they Stink especially when working up high in using a front end loader for scaffolding.
  5. Eason

    Step For IH Utility Tractors

    George the 544 "row-crop" (hi-utility) had a extra step. Check the parts manual and see if one of these would work. I know where a 544 utility row-crop is in a salvage yard and I'll be glad to check on it for you.
  6. Eason

    Extreme Makeover

    I've never seen a front axle trussed like that. Reminds me of a truss front the front axle of 4wd trucks that were popular in the 70s
  7. Eason

    Prayers needed

    prayers from NC
  8. Eason

    Kansas City bbq

    South Carolina knows nothing about BBQ, Eastern NC vinegar based. B's in Greenville #1 and Bunn's in Windsor #2
  9. Eason

    International 664

    You need to be able to pull the T/A lever back to the low side. It helps when the transmission is in a bind to relieve the pressure so you can shift easier.
  10. Eason

    What Kept you red

    My uncle was a dealer. But ease of working on IH tractors. I've run other brands and have spent a lot of time on John Deeres. IH tractors start easier, has more torque rise, and a far better draft control system. If I couldn't run old IH tractors I'd run blue.
  11. Steve Boulanger's Leatherneck Binder and his 154 lowboy. I sold him a rearend and transmission out of a 886. Note the hood on the 154 is styled like a 1066. Steve's attention to detail is great. Note the taillights and tailgate on this CJ-5
  12. Eason

    656 Hydro issue

    Look on ebay or a literature dealer for a 544/656 hydro troubleshooting guide. It will save you money.
  13. Eason

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    One salesman here used to say there's 2 kinds of seller's 1 has to sell and 1 would like to sell.
  14. Eason

    5088/1486 differences?

    The 5088 is more in the 1086 hp range.