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  1. Eason


    Charlie gave a concert in Roanoke Rapids NC and asked a good friend of mine's daughter (a great violinist in her own right) to accompany him on stage. She accompanied him on the Devil went down to Ga. and hung right with him on her violin. He thanked her for playing with him and said I hope to play with you again. He was truly a class act!!
  2. I always thought a 130 was a 1 ton and a 150 was considered to be a ton and a half.
  3. The correct paint code is 1970 IH gold metallic 4357
  4. Danny talk to our buddy John. He's great on IH SV engines. He's got a GREAT running 392 in his scout.
  5. Danny I'll bet it has 3.07 gears and the large tires are killing your power. I do have an aluminum 4 barrel intake for a 304 if you are interested.
  6. IH used the 232 , 258, in scouts and the 232, 258, and 401 in pickups and travelalls.
  7. I retired from the NC dept of Agriculture in February. I was asked to work at the CaseIH dealer. I know the older stuff up to the 8000 series Magnums but the new series is definitely a learning curve. I'll have to admit some of the parts diagrams are not the best. Our O-rings are in a large cabinet as we have hundreds of different O-rings. You have to think outside of the box a lot of times.
  8. We have sets at the store. The new ones are made by Snap On. Don't have any 3/4 sets though'
  9. They are somewhat rare. I've only seen 2 in person.
  10. I'd take it but I preferred the 77 grille better than the 79.
  11. The war was started about states rights. Lincoln signed a bill which taxed Southern businesses 47% which caused a lot of businesses to go insolvent. The constitution at that time stated that states had a right to succeed from the union if they felt their rights were infringed upon. The South were not traitors they were just exercising their right to succeed. Look up the Morrell Act.
  12. Also the panel under the dash should be black. Not red like the regular tractor.
  13. Axle is backwards.
  14. Praying for Ed! Heck of a nice guy!
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