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  1. Matt it's similar to a 330, 340 and 544 utility. 544 Farmall is a completely different animal.
  2. One thing I've noticed I thought bearings and races were machined to work together and you bought them as a set. CNH now sells some bearings and races separately.
  3. The busses have conveyor belts in the bottom for unloading. The tobacco leaves are dumped on the floor of the busses for transport to the packing system. The leaves are unloaded on a conveyor at the barn and distributed into a large metal box. The box is slid into the barn and hot air is forced through the box to cure the tobacco.
  4. I have no connection with the auction or the auctioneer. Tobacco and Farm Equipment Auction - Tugwell Auction & Realty
  5. Eason

    856 for sale

    light duty rear wheel on the right.
  6. Eason


    Ben the steering wheel center could have been replaced. For a while if you ordered the steering wheel center cap from CaseIH you got the one with CaseIH in the center.
  7. Eason


    Ben there a few 584s with CaseIH decals and CaseIH emblems in the center of the grille. Looked like the IH ones with only those changes. Some might have had black chassis.
  8. Try Maple Hunter. CNH only wants to sell fast moving parts nowadays.
  9. It's a barn, usually 2 stories. We called them pack houses I reckon because tobacco was graded and packed to send to market.
  10. The packhouse in the background is still here. The brick store was torn down about 2004. Eason
  11. My cousin gave me this picture of my dad on a Farmall A. Dad was born in 1932 so I'm guessing this is around 1942. Mom said his Dog's name was Rex.
  12. Eason

    Scout PTO

    There were pto driven winches available for both transfer cases. Darius Harms had a early scout with a rear 540 pto shaft and a 3 point hitch.
  13. The dividing started with Obama. Obama could have helped unite us but chose to start the great divide!!
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