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  1. NY Auction

    by the pictures the 826 has a 358 german.
  2. 2+2 from concept to the field

    1981 1486 cab air 11x16 fronts 18.4 x 38 rear 2 remotes and 3 point hitch list price $38,405 1981 3588 cab air 18.4 x 38 tires 3 point hitch list price $51260 no price for MFD but MFD on a 1984 5088 ads $11920 This might be a better comparison, 1984 5288 3 pt hitch $62335 ad MFD $11825 1984 6788 with 3 point hitch $ 73265 1981 7388 list w/o 3 point $65505 These prices are from the Official Guide tractors & farm equipment Spring 1990 edition
  3. 2+2 from concept to the field

    JD had the hydraulic FWA that cooked the hydraulic oil. They are popular now because of their rarity. The 2 + 2s actually did pretty well for sales in the time they were introduced.
  4. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    1975 1568 1976 1086 1981 50/30 88 series 1987 Magnum
  5. Last IH 150 pickup made?

    What is the build date on the s/n tag?
  6. New to me 2656 D. Hydro

    Danny the sheet metal from an AG utility will be the same as well as the fenders. Yours has the heavy duty grille. my 2544 has the regular bar grille.
  7. HARVESTER HIGHLIGHTS Winter 2018 Issue

    Thanks Bill!!
  8. Front hood emblem 1966 Loadstar

    I think I may have an extra emblem. Eason
  9. When AM was all we had

    I can remember sitting in Dad's 71 IH pickup while he was picking beans listening to WABC (in New York?) They played rock & roll late at night. That was the only time you could get them was late at night.
  10. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    John Deere Fenders
  11. CAFES show

    Tony is there any way we can get one of those posters?
  12. The Passing of a Forum Member

    Kevin, loved the story in Red Power on your 1468. Prayers for your family. Eason
  13. IH COE at Phily auto show

    A fellow from Rocky Mount NC that use't to post on the (Renteno) family had a CO Loadstar with a diesel. I don't remember if it was a D-301 or D-354.