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  1. Jeff I had a guy buy a mechanical creeper from me. He had a nursery operation up in Mi. IIRC. He told me he knew where a experimental 140 was with a 2 speed reducer. He said IH built it as a experiment and then decided it was to costly an option and didn't think it would sell well enough to justify the expense. That may be an urban legend but the guy told me this at least 15 to 20 years ago.
  2. They were used in the 1987-88 1754 trucks and buses. I believe they were a replacement for the 9.0 litre V-8 I think they were replaced by a DT-408 The 360 had a reputation for running hot when loaded.
  3. We have a Rural King in the western part of NC about 300 miles away. NICE STORE. I have bought I & T manuals from TSC and I refill my bolt bins from TSC as they have grade 8 bolts. We are fortunate to have Agri-Supply 25 miles from home. They are a regional farms store with locations in NC, Va, Ga, and I believe SC.
  4. I don't remember us using only 4 of them. My wife has had 3 Dodge Caravans/Chrysler Town & Countrys..
  5. Indy I find it interesting that YOU are quoting the Bible but you don't believe in God or religion.
  6. They needed the production capacity for the DT-466 as it was beginning to be used in trucks in the mid to late 70s.
  7. 3488 has the reverse flow cooling. I think all 3488s had power priority hydraulics and closed center hydraulics. This was only available on the last 186s
  8. Eason

    RIP Neil Peart

    Before he was with Rush, he was a parts man for his dad's IH dealership.
  9. We sold a few in the late 80s early 90s. The only problem is the pto would not stand up for heavy use. If you tried to run a 5 ft bush hog through heavy material it would overheat the pto and transmission.
  10. At least it's still got the sheetmetal covers on the transmission sides. Those are usually missing.
  11. The back hood over the fuel tank is fiberglass. On the larger frame tractors the hydro quadrant is bolted to the cast iron dash assembly. On the utility hydros it was bolted to stamped steel. You have to be careful putting the fiberglass rear hood on the tractor for you can mess up the settings of the hydro lever.
  12. I had a 77 scout II diesel auto. A strong headwind would slow it down. Didn't have enough power to get stuck.(wouldn't spin the wheels)
  13. My 1026 gold demo came with 7.50 x 16 fronts and 16.9 x 38 rears. it's going to have11 x 16 and 18.4 x 38 when I redo it.
  14. Heck my Spirit was delivered to the dealership in July after the 4th. IIRC I bought it on July 17, 1976.
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