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  1. Brian what size tires are you running 9.5x 15s and 16.9 x 38s? I've got 7.50 x 16 and 15.5 x 38s on my hydro 86 with a 2350. Yours looks much beefier!
  2. The torsion bar will fit. You will have to change the bushings as the 1456 is a bigger diameter.
  3. The perkins was only 130 hp. Barely adequate for the cab and chassis, much less a load. There was a reason the perkins was dropped.
  4. Eason


    A friend of mine had a 986. It always felt gutless at low RPM. My 856 would walk all over it.
  5. Dang J-Mech I can't believe you got that wrong. Might be a 70 or 71 but definitely NOT a 73.
  6. I believe I've heard some of you talk about using 7.3 IDI glowplugs in a 282. Any truth in this?
  7. Scale models just sent us a flyer for their NEW tractors. The 50th anniversary of the 866. Unless they change it we are NOT ordering any.
  8. Not my truck but needs chrome rims. Truck is to dark for my taste. Beautiful truck though.
  9. Danny we are going to sell both. I'm going to continue to run Viscosity ultraction in my equipment.
  10. Google Royce Bone, He won a lot of pulls with a 460 and then a 666 in the 70's and early 80's
  11. This belongs to a friend of mine whose family owned a IH/CaseIH dealership for 50 years. CaseIH yanked their contract about 2 years ago. The shop mule was at the dealership when his father purchased it in 1968. He was trying to get some information on it so he could advertise it.
  12. Sounds like me. I had a 70 Gremlin, 199 ci, 3 on the tree. Bought it for $300 with a bad transmission. Bought a used transmission for $125 and I was riding. Tough little car.
  13. The utility row crops were about were about $410 dollars cheaper than the Farmalls and basically had the same crop clearance. That was a fair amount in 1973. There were a bunch sold in the southern and md atlantic states.
  14. I saw the tractor about 5 or 6 years ago at a repair shop near Carrboro NC. It popped up on facebook market a week and a half ago. The grille guard was on it when I first saw it 5 or 6 years ago and is coming off.
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