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  1. I meant 826 gas geardrive would not be factory.
  2. I own all 3 off the oddballs, 1026, 826, and a 664. The 826 took the place of the 756 diesel. The ONLY way you could get a 826 gas was a Hydro. If you have a 826 gear drive it isn't factory. Also Raleigh at Herr's told me the 826 hydro transmission case is smaller than the 1026s.
  3. I was almost 5 and was playing by the pecan trees in our yard when my grandmother calls out from the back door and tells me to go tell my mom the presidents been shot.
  4. Ford had a divorced transfer in the F-250s until mid 1977. When they changed to the low profile F-250 they went to the married transfer case.
  5. I think they were built by Leson or something like that. I believe John Deere bought Leson.
  6. All 656s and the 544 Farmall are torsion bar sensing. The 544 International is top link sensing.
  7. I for one have thoroughly enjoyed The Red Power Forum and the friendships I have made over the years. I went to The roundup in Pa. a few years ago and got to hang out with a lot of members on here. I do miss (some of you might remember) Blaine Griggs writings about his tractor hunting adventures and some of Bill Faulders thoughts on what could have been. Several of you posted on coffee shop about community members or forums members who were battling illness or homes were destroyed by fire. We were able to help out with these causes that we wouldn't have known about except for this forum. I have learned a lot on this Forum and have been willing to tackle some jobs I wouldn't have been willing to do otherwise. I thank the members here for putting up with me. And above all thanks to BJ, Dennis and Sallie.
  8. All steel fenders have that seam. Our local fire Dept bought a 1800 loadstar with a 478?? ci engine. Had the bulged out grille and got about 2 miles per gallon.
  9. The Fleetstar 2000 used the Loadstar cab. The late Fleetstar used the 69-75 pickup cab.
  10. I'm planning on going.
  11. At least we got to see a tire!!!
  12. TP I don't know why. Viscosity is still sold by CaseIH everywhere else but North America. We get the Shell products.
  13. The new Magnums are still being filled with viscosity hytran at the factory.
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