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  1. I have a Kawasaki Mule pro mx. I really enjoy it.
  2. Talked with him on the phone today.
  3. I have to agree with Brian, and being a diesel makes it even rarer.
  4. The 446 was standard with a 2 bbl and a 4 bbl was a option for a little more hp and torque. Of course I may be thinking about the 404.
  5. Eason

    New Ride

    I just picked this up a couple of weeks ago. 304 auto, it will move along pretty good
  6. 239 is an IH engine built in Neuss Germany hence the german diesel.
  7. A fellow called me looking for parts for a TD7E with a 239 german diesel. He needed the upper and lower radiator hose, water pump, fan belt, and a few other parts. I work at a CaseIH tractor dealership and can,t find anything about the construction side.
  8. Eason

    656 grill

    Do you have a International or Farmall? They are different.
  9. Eason

    784 Input

    I also have a 784. Great handling powerful tractor for it's size
  10. Eason

    I 250

    Guys it's a I 250 NOT a 2500. There was a I 260 also.
  11. Tim, I retired from the NC Dept of Agriculture in February and have been a full time partsman at Lilley International in Williamston, NC We are a Navistar, CaseIH, and Cub Cadet dealer. I only sell parts for Ag and Cub Cadet.
  12. Are you guys running Hytran or excavator fluid? Our CNH rep told us to start running excavator fluid in the sprayers.
  13. I had some pictures posted of my friend digging peanuts and harvesting peanuts. Search peanuts and it should come up.
  14. Eason

    I 250

    Had a customer call about an I250 industrial. I can't look it up on CaseIH's website. It has a hydrostatic transmission. I'm thinking a D239 engine. Anybody know a good source of info on this thing?
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