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  1. Ih 6788 2+2

    There is no point, just buy a 9230. 8.3 CUmmins, PS tranny, nicer cab, already done. The 8.3 Cummins I now have in my 9230 is pretty much the equivalent of the DTI466 I ran in the 4386. Has maybe a bit more torque rise. The big difference is the PS tranny with more speeds, which means I can run in a higher gear in the soft areas, and just gear down in the hard spots.
  2. 544 questions

    Look at the lights on the fenders of a 4386. May be close.
  3. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    Only if you never get rain during harvest. I had a gooseneck grain trailer, it was great on the road, took forever to dump, get a sprinkle and you stayed out of the field.
  4. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    Just about any trailer will work as long as you have enough width between the fenders to fit the tires. You don't want all the weight clear at the back!
  5. IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Ahh its gonna RUST. Quick, spray that down with some used motor oil!
  6. Thoughts on a 2588

    Two thumbs up for any of those machines. Be aware they still have the old style AHHC and Tracker setup. New heads won't plug in without conversion. PLEASE do not allow a dealer to sell you a newer 2020 head and the CIH Electrical conversion for it. Either stick with your 1020, or come to Headsight for a conversion. The CIH electrical conversion is a total pain to install, and ruins the combine to work on any other head. Our Headsight conversion is plug and play, and has built in diagnostics. Usually I say "OEM or us, your choice"....but that POS CIH conversion is the one thing I beg customers NOT to buy...ever. I've spent too many painful hours trying to help our customers make AHHC work on a combine that had one installed.
  7. Double Step for 706 - Which Models will fit?

    Please consider putting a newer design step & handrail (Like from K & M) on your tractor. I had an 806 with the double little step--I can't tell you the number of times my foot slipped and I went down off the steps. Or worse, my shoe caught on the clutch pedal and I went off headfirst. That is a REALLY big step.... I was never seriously injured, but plenty of bruises and strains. It was a factor in trading it off. NOrmally I'm not a "safety first" kinda guy, but I HATED those steps....
  8. What cultivator is this?

    You might be surprised how long those old rubber tires will last. I remember my dad would still run them with the tire 1/4 gone an some baling wire wrapped around the inner part to keep it on the rim. Pull it up out of the dirt and see what you got before spending $$$.
  9. How bout a repowered great looking 4586

    The problem with those tractors is the manual truck tranny. You STOP to shift. Which means you pull up and out, make a circle, stop & shift, turn back in, and drop in again. Also it was noisy, gear whine. Also, NO PTO. But if you just want cheap HP on a field cultivator, etc. they were great. Far more nimble then a MFD--you had to be careful not to turn too tight and tangle up the harrow tongue. I really enjoyed running my 4386. I must admit I prefer the 9230 with PS tranny.
  10. How bout a repowered great looking 4586

    Hmm---They did a real job tucking that 855 in there without lengthening the frame. Most of those, the frame is extended. Or is it extended 6"-- hard to tell.
  11. Salvage yard find

    Sure looks like repeated water rusting on the paint! I'll bet you are right on--used for launching big boats.
  12. 826 Goldie

    Looks like an older repaint. I suppose it is possible somebody did a restore on an actual goldie but repainted the dash assm. wrong. Might at least look under the shields and stuff and see whats there to find. And get that s/n!
  13. 1066 Cat 3 Hitch and Other Misc Questions

    Yep, same hitch. They called that a category 2/3 hitch, the straight category 3 hitch was wider and heavier. It will work fine for all Cat. 2 devices. Either tractor is going to do any hay work you might need, unless you plan to run dual hitch 12' cutters or something else radical (big square baler?) The 10 has more HP, and IIRC, heavier bull gears & axles in the rear end for tillage work. Same size, same weight almost. I'd find the best shape tractor in either size and go with that. I will say I prefer the extra umph the turbo gives you, ran a 1066 for many years.
  14. 806 hydraulic valves

    MY "old IH service guy" (who knows I fix almost everything myself) flat out told me..."I can tell you how to do it, or you can bring me the valve and I can fix it right in the same amount of time". Guess which I did?! No more leaks. On those valves, I recommend finding someone who knows how to do them, and letting them deal. IIRC, There are some little balls/springs and stuff that have to get adjusted right.
  15. Smaller combines.

    #1 question is do you have a local dealer for parts support? If so, see what you can find in that brand. Ask the dealer. They may know somebody in your area with a little old combine sitting in the back of a shed. Make sure you find one with heads, as tracking down heads on some models is a pain. All the following were good small combines. Gleaner K, F Massey 410 JD 4400 or 6600 IH 1420-1460