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  1. A special thing about this 504 is the <1900 hours....if the tach still works! Barely broke in! Homemade orchard fenders--- that had to take a LOT of work! I gotta say that's pretty cool right there. My hats off to whoever made them look that good (I am lousy at tin work!) I sure hope this unit finds a good home!
  2. I would assume this tractor pulled a self contained fruit tree sprayer (motorized pump), the fenders were to keep from catching branches The one picture it almost looks as if those are interlinked bar rear tires? That looks like a really straight unit. A little cleaning and polishing and it could be real nice. Great family history too. Long haul from CA to PA....but should fit on a standard car trailer!
  3. It says government auction. SO was this some sort of military item? Anybody know the backstory on this. Its so weird its cool!
  4. UNhook the wire at the gauge. turn on the tractor, see what the gauge reads. THen ground the wire to the frame--it should read the opposite extreme. If that is so, suspect sender. If not, test wiring for open circuit. CHeck to see it 12V is available at the gauge with the key on (most systems use a 12V supply, grounding sensor approach). If wires appear good, probably the gauge.
  5. https://lasalle.craigslist.org/grd/d/wedron-656-ipto-shaft/7274049321.html Was just glancing thru the ads, saw this. No idea who, but seems like a real good deal if you needed one. Of course, my 666 will probably need this same shaft next year.....
  6. I can just about guess what happened here. They designed the tractor to "spec".....then at some point either a big wheel bean counter or a mid level engineer was looking over the tractor and saw the tab sticking up there and said "that really isn't doing much. we could save xyz by eliminating that, make the change." So some young flunky draftman made the new drawing and the change order and everything was fine until the big boss engineer saw it. "What the....WHO changed this, that was there for a reason, its required for adequate strength on (fill in blank here). Do they think we don'
  7. Used one of those for ~ 40 years now. Very reliable disk. Only problem we ever had with it was wing bounce, which I solved by reworking the wings for dual wheels. It required cutting the arm loose from the tube and sliding it over and rewelding it at the right angle....but actually wasn't too bad. Then put another spindle on the opposite side of the arm, with one size smaller tire on the inside. Completely eliminated wing bounce. Also, if you haven't already done so, replace the two bolts the hitch pivots on. they wear thru over time, and you do NOT want one side to break, as it
  8. My early 806 had the fuel pressure gauge.....and a Roosamaster pump. Obviously modified at some point. When I got it the gauge was not connected. I put a T fitting into the oil pressure sensor, and routed the gauge pipe to it. Worked great as a oil pressure gauge.
  9. Thanks, Smoke, have to check into that.
  10. Very interesting. As stated, Rare bird, and the 4x4 add just makes it more cool! I agree with the use, don't abuse. Looks like a fun project, please keep sharing!
  11. Exactly. I'm on corn /beans rotation, and you either use insecticide or have rootworm damage....& the GMO corn isn't worth **** to prevent it. Nope, smartboxes not available either.
  12. Just wondering if anyone else has come up with a good alternative to the classic Force 3G I've used in my planter boxes since the 1990's. MY local dealers say its no longer available, and they can't recommend a replacement. Apparently, the newer granulars are all so much more concentrated, the old planter boxes can't be set accurate enough for them. My older planter doesn't have any fancy liquid system for applying liquid. (and all my neighbors say it doesn't work well anyway....) Force 3G worked. I have not had any significant down corn since I started using it....when I tried the G
  13. Even 30 years ago, dad always said "Buy 2 sets to get one that works" about points & condenser. One reason I don't have many old gas engines, I guess. Anotherl thing not many check...I've seen a few old tractors where the shaft bushings are so worn its impossible to set the point gap. The shaft wobbles around 20 thousands w/o turning the cam at all! Just another idea to look at.
  14. Toggle between the before & done pictures....WOW! Great job, that's perfect enough until the real thing comes along, IMO!
  15. No there should not be a spark between the cam & arm. The "rub block" that rides against the cam is supposed to be insulating, not conductive. Sounds like you have a defective points set. As far as the grease, thats just to lube the cam for longer life, should not affect spark.
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