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  1. Are you saying it will break down when **** freezes over?? Cause that sure don't look like **** to me!
  2. All this is well & good, nice tractors & all that.....but I'm not sure you accomplished your original goal- a full semi load of tractors. Looks to me like you could have gotten at least 1 more narrow front tractor in there behind the 656 along side the other LP. Surely the beaver tail would have held the 140! So, you may just have to try again.....
  3. Is the tractor that much different that the 656 line?? Other than the shifter on the floor, & the 4 banger, sure looks a lot alike to me. I really like the 666 I bought last year for mowing roads, blade work, pulling smaller implements. It went from "What will I use this for" to "First tractor I jump on" in a month! The railroad tie in front tells me not to trust the parking brakes! Brakes are not hard to work on, all mechanical & easy to access. Just need to fix/adjust them properly. My 666 had the rims the same way. I swapped them side to side and set the tires ou
  4. Strongly agree to check power & ground. 2 power sources IIRC, battery & key switched. If those are OK then call Ag Express.
  5. Sounds like you may have popped a internal relief....that is not closing again?
  6. I live in BIG FARM NC-IL....don't ever remember seeing a 806 mfd---or on any of the models until the Magnums. If you needed that much traction, you bought a real 4x4. I'm pretty sure the lower HP MFD tractors were small market in very soggy areas, yet with wide enough equipment to turn them around on the ends- or maybe feedlots.
  7. Older friend used to work for CAT. He ended up as one of their top troubleshooters....the guy they would send to fix the problem when nobody else could. He documented and saved all that information - for 40 years! When he retired, they brought in pallets with barrels on them and said---throw it ALL in the barrels its getting burned.
  8. BION.....IMO AGCO has what is currently the most user friendly parts lookup site---especially if you just want part #'s. JD site works....but its hard to find the exact part. I used CIH for years....can't even find anything on the new one. They do appear to be working on it, was on it last night and there was a big red button to report missing p/n's! SO I guess its up to us to get them to update the old stuff pages.
  9. Jeff-C-IL

    Cab stands

    We always used a set of pickup camper jacks. And yes, unless you can balance on 2 wheels w/o moving.....you need at least 3 to make sure it doesn't tip over.
  10. Let me just say...Cat among the pigeons..... 😅 No matter what, thats a nice tractor, very interesting! We are obviously going to need LOTS more pictures to be able to verify anything...
  11. If you are talking about the Dwight IL "dealer" - thats one small building. I'm guessing a place to park a service truck more than anything. Never stopped, just drove by it a few times.
  12. Yes, my early s/n 4386 had the 3-1/4" axles
  13. The 105U is 105 gross HP, about 85-90 PTO. Its also a lot smaller & lighter than the 856. Not gonna do well on a 12 row. The 3788 should work very well on a 12 row planter, BTW!
  14. No scam about it. That new tin canister is clean---not full of crap like the canister housing you forgot to clean when changing the filter. AND---you don't have to worry about getting the oring(s) in place correctly (although WHY does JD insist on using the spin on canisters with the separate oring that falls off the housing just as you get the filter spun on....?!?) Engineer wise, spin on filters are simply much less likely to get together wrong - and less likely to not get the filter so it works. I will GLADLY pay an extra $10 to not wonder if I got the internal o-ring in place, etc,
  15. And as the whole world knows (from Mater!) "Old British engines....if there ain't no oil under 'em, there ain't no oil in 'em!"
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