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  1. Yes they are for a 1200 series planter but only one with the early riser monitor. The ones for Pro 600 or 700 have 5 wires.
  2. Finally got a chance to use the 3288 with the planter in the field today. We had quite a bit of rain this spring but some of our low spots are starting to dry out. Getting around in some of them with the 24 row rig wouldn't be very fun so we put the 3288 and 800 to work. Worked pretty good and have some more to do with it
  3. I was looking at the d301 tonight. The front cover does not have the mounts for tractor frame rails so that would have to be switched but I would think that would be the same from a d282 and should be easily obtained.
  4. The block has been cracked externally. It was repaired somehow but not sure how long it'll last. Maybe forever maybe next week. Also I'm somewhat of a diesel nut hahaha.
  5. Anything is possible. I won't be able to pick it up till after we have the crop in too. Might be a while, it seems like it likes to rain here lately.
  6. I had been watching it for a while. Finally got the price down a little bit so I pulled the trigger.
  7. Not worried about power. The tractor will never be used in the field. Just for lifting mainly.
  8. I recently bought a 856 gas that is probably going to need a engine in the near future. The tractor has the c301 gas. I know that the diesel should be a d407 but they are kind of expensive and hard to find. The tractor will not be used hard just to occasionally load a few things with the loader. I have a d301 out of a 715 combine. Would it be possible to easily install it in the 856? Would some items like the rear plate and flywheel interchange with the gas engine. I realize there are some other things that would need to be changed like fuel lines, throttle linkage, air cleaner etc but I was thinking most of that should be obtained from a early 706 diesel with the 282 engine. I know it's not the best option but it would be a cheap way to get the tractor to be a diesel
  9. I was just curious why do the c301s in 806s and 856s have that tall aluminum valve cover? Other 301s in other applications like a 715 combine have a stamped steel one. Was there something different about the engines in tractors? Thanks
  10. Figured it out this morning. I continuity tested the wires from the sensor back to the transmission controller using the diagram SDman posted. Found that the power wire didn't have continuity. I pulled around on the wire and found it was broken right by the plug. Fixed that and everything seems to be good again. Thanks everyone
  11. Have a mx240 that throws a trans fault as soon as you start driving. The tractor drives and shifts fine though. Pulled the code and it's 5011 low pressure in the speed transmission. Went to the trans view in the a post and it's showing 0 pressure on the speed sensor. I swapped in a different sensor and no difference. Im thinking it must be a wiring issue. Does anyone know which wires do what on the sensor plug? I tried checking it with a multimeter and couldn't seem to get power with any combination. Also anyone know a common place where the wires usually go bad? Thanks
  12. 3288 is back in the shop. Nothing wrong with it. Just brought the planter in with it to go through the planter.
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