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  1. We`ve been raising beens for 10 years now. Up until this year some of those beans were cut with a 1020. The first 4 years we raised them we didnt have air. Then we got a 1020 with air and wow did it work so much better on our short beans we raise up here. There was no way we would have went back. Now we have 2 flagship combines so we have 2 macdons. One with air and one without, we dont see near the difference on them as we did on the 1020
  2. It does have the pick up hitch and also has a hook on the one end of the drawbar
  3. You do know that you have to pull the big cast lever back on the console then engage the pto lever by your feet then put the big cast lever ahead to engage the pto?
  4. Around here you could get into a 2388 pretty easily for that money. We just sold our 2003 2388 for $35k and it was good (Recent new engine, 2 years on hydro, new tires and lots of other recent work). Its more than you need but if I had that budget thats what I would get .
  5. Thanks it's definitely not something you see around here at all. Looked kinda neat beside our 4210. First and last of the xl cabs for Doncaster
  6. Here is the 585xl. I just finished restoring it.
  7. Right or wrong we put them on our 210 mini magnum with the 10 bolt Dana axle. We pieced them together by buying the spacers from one guy for $100 and the wheels from another guy so we had to get longer studs too. Our local dealer got them for use from unverferth.
  8. I believe the pressure and return ports are on opposite sides on them not on top of each other.
  9. Very interested in seeing your progress. I`m in the process of reviving a 585xl.
  10. I don't know I just looked and I didn't see any 85 series that weren't Case IH and listed in NA. When you look under IH it shows some but when you click on them they are actually Case IH
  11. Could anyone possibly tell me what year it is
  12. I I actually bought a 585xl the other day on a auction. Not sure why or how it got to the US. It's pretty rough shape but I thought it was pretty neat since you don't see them here
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