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  1. I have one on my 2250 made by Notch MFG that converts it to skidsteer
  2. 371461R92 is the part number for the rear light. It crosses over to 371461R92GV and is $55 from our local dealer. We get them from A&I for a lot less. Most dealers are A&I dealers as well and I believe all Deere dealers are as well
  3. I contacted femco earlier but they said they don't have any info on it anymore since they no longer make it.
  4. Does anyone happen to have pictures of a 786 with a Windbreaker installed? I recently purchased a 786 and was able to find a N.O.S. Windbreaker for it but it didn't come with any instructions on how to install it.
  5. I was able to get the rubber sleeve for mine from Case IH this past summer. I put it in myself. It's not to big of a job. There are 2 different sizes of the sleeves. All the 66 series ones I've worked on took the larger one.
  6. Hi we recently purchased a 606 Diesel tractor. It seems like to me and my dad it sits higher than most 606s. Is this 606 a Hi-Clear? On the serial tag at the end of the first line it has D-HC stamped. Does this mean Diesel Hi Clear? If it is a hi clear how rare is it? Thanks
  7. Hi I recently purchased a 3200B skid steer. The governor must have went bad in the past so the previous owner bypassed it. I would like to make it back to the way it's supposed to so I bought a used governor like the one that was on it . I'm having some trouble trying to hook up the governor to the carb. I ordered a rod to connect them that's supposed to be the right one but just doesn't seem right. If anyone has one could they snap a few pictures of how it all hooks up. I'd greatly appreciate it thanks.
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