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  1. I have a 2250 on my 786. I had it on a 966 for a while too.
  2. I watched the sale online today and they mentioned it was previously owned by Hank Williams Jr. It brought $21,500 and stayed in North Dakota
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I had a buddy that had one many years ago and they had it on a 4430 and he said they had front weights and extra front fuel tank. He said they would have to fill the extra tank and close the valve to keep the front end down.
  4. Looking at possibly buying a 12 row semi mount 900 planter with lift assist wheels. I don`t think there`s a very easy way to haul them and the owner would have no way to load it. I was just thinking of hauling a tractor and hooking it up and head for home. My question is how heavy of a tractor do I have to have on the front for getting it home. I was thinking of using a John Deere 4630 that I can put a set of weights on the front. Would this be enough tractor? I`ve heard they are pretty heavy. We have bigger tractors but would rather use the old 46. Also would a 1466 with a full set of weights
  5. Well I think it's all done. It didn't turn out perfect but it turned out a lot better than I thought it would the day I hauled it home.
  6. Got done painting the hood tonight. Hope to get it put on soon. This was the last piece to paint. Also got the grill finished up a few nights ago.
  7. Thanks I noticed a number there when I cleaned it up for paint. I figured thats what it was but wasn`t sure.
  8. Yup thats right. I picked them up at red power last year for $100 but had to find all the pieces for the lights elsewhere.
  9. Got some work done on the tractor again. Got the fenders painted and put back on. Also got all the lights on the fenders wired up. Still need to put the dash back together and get the paint and body work done on the hood.
  10. I ended up ordering one for a 844 and modified the air filter housing to make it work
  11. Still working on the tractor. The chassis got a paint job this weekend. Still need to do the hood and fenders yet. Ran into another unexpected expense a few weeks ago when I removed the rear tires from the rims to install a different set of tires. The rims were very thin like the front ones from chloride so my bead breaker did a number on them. When I did get the tires off I found several spots rusted through so I had to find new rims. I couldn't find anything with the same bolt pattern and couldn't find a set of 30inch rims that the hoop spacing was right to put my centers in. I ended up find
  12. Finished getting the tractor put back together today and got it fired up and it seems to run pretty good. We will probably get it out of the shop in the next few days and put it on the dyno for a while. Put in a cam gear and crank gear from a local salvage yard. Replaced the damper with a new one and also put in a new water pump and all new radiator hoses. Also put new seals on the injection pump drive while it was apart.
  13. Looking good. We have a 856 too its my favorite IH tractor we have. Don`t plan on ever selling it we`ve had multiple offers on it though
  14. Update on the tractor. We decided to try to get it running, after soaking the cylinders for a few days it broke loose quite easy with a pry bar on the flywheel. After that I put some new batteries in it and got it fired up. Only problem was it was making a terrible noise like a knock. We then got it into our shop and removed the valve cover we thought there might be a some stuck valves and bent pushrods making the noise but all seemed good up there so then pulled the oil pan thinking I`d find a bad rod bearing. But when I got it removed I found what looked like gear teeth in the bottom of the
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