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  1. hagan

    We Made It

    saw you going back to town. Wind has not let down any yet. Told you that you can stop by if you need to
  2. hagan


    my son has a 07 Yukon he purchased second hand this summer. Then when they went camping pulling a pop up tent trailer they were a couple miles from the destination in the mountains and the oil pressure gauge would go to "0" and then back up. They limped into camp and he called me and we talked about it and the next morning drove down to a town with a NAPA and he got new 5-30 synthetic blend and a new NAPA gold filter it has ran fine since. my 06 silverado go to where it was knocking at idle and it cost me a rebuilt engine. But i purchased it second hand and it was a 1 year old 60,000 mile pickup. Never do that again. Have several buddies who run their oil 10,000 miles between changes but my 12 silverado will use a quart at 4000 miles so i just change it about then.
  3. hagan

    Finished the 1370 finally

    Maybe that 1370 and your 7130 will arm wrestle. should be about the same if i remember correctly
  4. hagan


    Hey Runner lets do one over at the lake and see how far you can scatter that black mud
  5. hagan

    Aftermarket Starter recommendations

    Originally we had a Auto Electric Store in town ran by a old man who knew magnetos and worked on them as well as generators and starters. then he sold out to my cousins husband in 73 and did tune ups and sold batteries and starters and then just batteries,starters and alternators and rebuilt what he could. In about 2010 he sold the business to a younger man as he retired. This guy did not want to open after hours to get you a starter or battery or anything. He sold out about 2 years ago to a mechanic He closed the doors last week and went to work in the shop at a local farm machinery dealership shop. We were pretty lucky to have that kind of a shop for as long as we did.
  6. hagan

    massey website??

    As pouplar as Massey is and has been is there a site like "Red Power" for them? Having so much **** with my 9635 windrower. needing to find some one to talk to that knows them from experience Thank you
  7. hagan

    Born on under what tractors?

    51 farmall M dec 51
  8. hagan

    IH 715 combine

    Had a diesel hydro with AC and monitors for 25 years. Learned it inside out not a bad machine but small. Just a improved 403 but IH must have had a outsider making the walkers and they needed more sales so they made them longer than the 403 walker and yes they went thru walkers. Jees i can only imagine getting on those sieves now laying on my back removing walker shims.
  9. hagan

    1660 Still No Go

    for what it is worth when i had a 715 the book said something like when the hyd filter was changed let set for 12 hours or un hook a hose and let the air out and it would work. With Hy tran the air will eventually work out. On my 1086 i would always have to bleed the brakes when i changed the hydraulic filter or they would not work for a while and i assume that was to let the air work out
  10. hagan

    wish I had a huge shed

    Be a crime to let that sit out. Has been really well cared for it looks like. How does that compare to a 101?
  11. hagan

    Jumpy hitch on 7110

    Yes i will be going along and it will start raising. I shredded today and ran the tractor at 1000 PTO rpm and it worked better for sure. All i am doing is driving the tractor
  12. hagan

    Jumpy hitch on 7110

    The 7110 i have been shredding weeds with it and the 3 point is so screwey it will be fine and then it will just go up and then never go back down unless i stop and move the lever. The gauge shows a "O" so that means everything is ok. Is there a adjustment somewhere to make it steady. BTW i have the 2 knobs in the center positions.
  13. hagan

    Chained down and Texas Bound: IH 1456

    Are you planning on leaving the cab on it? Sure is a nice looking tractor that is of that vintage. There were a couple of 1456's in this area that went up around Eads CO and they had no 3 point not even the rock shaft and they were wheat land versions. I C it comes equipped with a "shower" gosh i hated those things if they worked you got wet if not you would sweat. Just hope the top of the cab is not rusted badly.
  14. hagan

    Massey Hesston Swather

    Last fall when i decided to retire and lease the land out i have been selling my machinery privately and have had pretty good luck. But there is this Massey Hesston 9635 swather that has been everything but good in my farming of nearly 50 years. I can not begin to list the replaced parts and pieces that have broken or were not heavy enough or more or less just not on this one certain machine. I took it to the dealer whom i purchased it from and said "sell it for me" well no good offers and i can not sell anymore until 2019 because of taxes and i told them i would come and get it and bring it home for the remainder of the year. You guess it---- THE DAMN THING WILL NOT START AND RUN--- They have it next on the list to go in the shop-- my GOD it breaks down sitting there. It is a rail fuel pump with injectors. I think a switch or something is not working. I have about decided to take my a$$ kicking and sell it to a salvage yard that handles swathers as i do not know if i can honestly sell it to someone i know. IT IS A LEMON AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN
  15. hagan

    Well question?

    Have a shallow well for the yard drilled in 1980 with a re-drill permit from a old steel casing well is 6 inch PVC casing with perforated but very shallow only 25 ft deep. A few years ago it didn't want to pump much so i pulled the jet and hoses and took my 243 with a few 100 grain hollow point bullets and "shot" the well as they call it. I wore ear plugs and goggles and yes the gun was dirty when done but it did a LOT of good and no troubles since