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  1. If you cut and harvest i would say 60% 40% would be more fair. I have leased alfalfa ground for 50% 50% for years and they furnish all the seed and half the fert and spray. If they think you are too high tell them to go price some machinery and that stuff goes up every month
  2. 1975 purchased a new Hesston 6600 gas powered windrower 16 ft header and rubber on steel conditioner. What a pile of crap. First year the hydraulic header drive motor shaft broke off, Took a week to get fixed, then the conditioner drive sprocket had a gib key that sheared off and put new one in then the next time it sheared off the only thing was weld or new shaft so welded to get by. Then augur shaft broke and the dealer welded it until end of year. Had just started farming and in 2 more years i had it paid for and traded it for a NewHolland 1112 diesel that was a cadillac of a machine after the Hesston. 2011 The Massey Hesston 9635 it was 3 years old. You name it and yes it broke. dropped valve on engine, $6000 to fix conditioner rolls started coming apart $8000 to fix, Hood frame shook loose and was $1200 to replace, right front drive wheel axle broke $1500 to get to going, The machine sat in the end of the filed for 4 days waiting on dealer to come hook computer to it as the fuel rail check valve was bad so they replaced it with one out of a engine out of a tractor that had been replaced. Decided i had enought of farming and decided to retire at 67 2 years ago. Took to dealers lot for him to sell. Salesman put high price on it to sell his stuff first and sure enough it sat there and when Wagner took the agency over they wanted it gone. Would not start. $1000 later to trace down wires to get to run. Sold that stupid money pit on auction last year and hope the new owner is still happy.
  3. hagan

    350 wheatland LP

    There is one 350 wheatland or utility LP Gas on the road from Norton Kansas to I 80 when you wind up the road. I think it is at the elevator in Selden KS. First saw it in 2003 and stopped and took a picture of it and it was still there in June of this year but they have taken the right hand hood off and must have generator problems.
  4. hooked a plug to the trailer plug and grounded the white wire to the ground and everything works perfectly.
  5. hagan

    CAB FOR 966

    get a ih 966 - 1566 AC compressor bracket and then get a red dot rooftop and put on the roof. easiest and simplest way. Contack Harold Electric in Walla Walla Washington
  6. SIL had one on his 1486 i am sure it was put in from a older tractor but he ground the front of the yoke he had to put on until it fit. ground about 1/8 of a inch off
  7. got to thinking i never had a bit of trouble with the system until i had my phone programmed into the blue tooth. I wonder if that is the problem ? it should not be but like i said i never had any problems until after that
  8. A little over 2 months ago i purchased a 2018 Silverado 4 dr crew cab 4X4 pickup and everything has been great except for one thing the back up camera comes on at various times. Most of the time when you go to turn left it will display left rear turn signal error and go to flashing fast. Had back at dealer today and i told him i had read on Google about the wires down in the left rear corner of the bed get wet and short out. I took pickup 70 miles to the closest dealer where i purchased it and they cleaned the connections and it is not a bit better than it was earlier. The mechanic said it has to mess up before they can track it down is what the company shop tech says. I know a lot of times when i apply the brakes the screen lights up and then goes off when brakes let off of. I think it is a dumb little deal that is hard to track down. Any Ideas?
  9. hagan

    Gopher Getter

    Be Careful pulling that machine. Had one just like it that ended up at the iron buyers yard after trying to kill gophers in a alfalfa field in the spring on a sub-irrigated field. Didn't realize my old 806 had eaten a extra bowl of Wheaties that morning
  10. down here in Colorado i have a cement irrigation ditch at the end of a dead end road. It was put in in 1977 There have been 4 autos run into it as not getting stopped fast enough. Cops came to all but one and i knew the guy and he was drunk and it was on a Sunday night and he got it out and it did not hurt anything on the ditch. The other 3 now they each did damage and after they were investigated by the patrol, a $400 tow charge and a $100 ticket none of them had any money to repair the cracks and damage. I usually buy a couple sacks of pre mix concrete mix and fix it myself. Just one of those things it seems to me like. At least they have never taken out the 14" irrigation riser and alfalfa valve next to it. Good Luck getting much out of them. Seems when they are gone they are gone
  11. I have had a mossberg 500 in 3 1/2 inch and have used it some I like it just as much as the 870 my dad purchased before i was born with the beaver tail grooved forearm. Really a nice gun to own and operate
  12. Remember Newhart where the guy walks in and says my name is Larry , this is my brother Darrel and my other brother Darrel. Well about 15 years ago at my stepsons wedding i went to school with a Darrel Segers and the bride introduced everyone as her uncle Darrel Segers. I went up to him when people started milling around and introduced myself to him and the new bride said no this is another uncle Darrel Segers of mine. The world has more than 1 simple family
  13. Grandsons 99 silverado has 224,000 miles on it and he drove home yesterday and it got to where it did not want to run and the floor below the passenger floorboard got frying pan hot. I told him i bet it is the catalytic converter as the O'riley store turned the check engine light off once and said it was exhaust restriction. He talked to Midas and they say $200 to $1,000 and it can have as many as 4 converters in it. And it could be something else like fuel mixture but the funny thing is the check engine light never came on. Of course Midas works on engines and do more than mufflers and brakes now. Napa and O'riley are both pretty high for the complete bolt on set up from $500 on up. I have to think it did not want to run it is the converter. I think he needs to measure it out and he put the universal ones on as he has a miller cricket XL welder and he and his dad can weld it up. AS Grandpa is getting too old for this kind of exercise.
  14. hagan

    What kind of tool

    is that off the 1460 combine concave adjusting mechanism that you use to drop or raise the concaves
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