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  1. Your diesel pump is the governor for those tractors. I grew up running these IH diesel tractors from the 560 up thru the 7210 and 7140 and we always ran them wide open. I do not know if it has to be ran wide open but a neighbor several years ago had to put a new engine in his 1066 and he never would pull it hard, ran 40 wt oil in it and there were wet spots around a couple of exhaust gaskets and this other guy purchased it and hooked it to his 7 shank ripper and ran it wide open and pulled it and made it smoke a little and those wet spots on the exhaust manifold dried up in about 3 days. I always ran my tractors wide open
  2. hagan


    I went into NAPA today and needed to get some starting fluid. I said 3 cans will do. He comes back with 3 tall cans and i say i need at least 1 short cans. He said Denver has no short cans and they are on Back Order. I said ok i guess i will just squirt it in the front of the 806 or 766 if i need to start them
  3. when i was in high school at Christmas time we were collecting toys for the poor. Well some of the boys and i was in on it this old 1 ton 47 dodge 1 ton was in there a kid in another class was working on. Well we were putting those little cars in the gas tank filler and let them go and they would roll down and "ploop" we had a traffic jam and ended up getting in trouble and had to remove the tank and we shook all them cars out the fill hole and the gauge hole. There was a lot of crap in it but he had driven it in to the Ag Shop so we probably just did him a favor. If you do get it to running put some little bitty cars in there and they will roll around and help clean the road for yo
  4. September 1971 i traded 806 SN 673 for a new 856 SN 33919 it was a very late one. I was just 19 years old and had started farming the land as dad had died that April. When i purchased it i should have gotten a 1456 but didn't I was dumber than smarter as being a kid and first thing i put a Mark IV on the cab for Ref Air was a good deal, then axle mount duals, good deal then time went by and traded for a new 1066 and decided to put a turbo on the 856 so it could work in the field along side the 1066 not a good deal. I basically ruined that tractor. Had it set at 130 and farmed with it that way. It was ok but it always ran hot and used oil. Then in 1980 i traded it for a 1086. Then the high interest came and tough times in the 80's and i was running tractors worn out worse than the ol 856. I look back and i should have just gotten a smaller moldboard plow for it and saved a tractor. But it was a very nice tractor to drive
  5. If you have a half that is not sold it will not be hard to sell. I understand the Locker in Johnson KS is nearly a year out.
  6. had this on my 806 for a while till i got burn spots on it. Ordered off of ebay in the early 2000's paid $70 for it has the IH part number and the flat bottom. It is very rarely used on the tractor. Hanging up in the shop
  7. Nebraska Cattleman and Allen from Nebraska have both vanished
  8. i wore my 715 out but it would make a a$$ out of my cousins G gleaner in milo or corn but come wheat it was the other way around. Had to put a new radiator on near the end and it cost about what i got out of the combine. One thing i kept it inside its whole life as it had been inside before i purchased it. When i purchased my 1440 i really wanted a 1460 but i could not find a shedded one so i got the 1440 that had lived in a shed.
  9. Dad purchased a 450 at the IHC dealer with about 500 hours on it when it in 1960. Before it came home it was converted to LP Gas. One heck of a good tractor. We ran that tractor for several years and in about 62 he added a 560 LP Gas that came from the factory as a LP Gas model. It was never as good as the 450 in fact the 450 was 53 HP on the dyno and the 560 was 59 and one thing when working them tractors the 560 took a quart of oil a day. I remember later on after the 806's came along dad put the 450 back on gasoline and it was not nearly as good a tractor then as on LP. Dad had a older guy working for him when i was born and when i was 19 1/2 dad died and the guy was still working for dad. I remember that old guy hated the 560 but loved the 450.
  10. A 660 and a 4010 are with in 2 drawbar horsepower according to tractor data. com
  11. a local Auction Time Guy uses it also and his site is down.
  12. Well got around to taking my carb to mechanic yesterday and come to find out the bottom is cracked so it will get a rebuilt one thru Oriley
  13. That is a later 8580 as the earlier ones said case international the later ones said Case IH like yours does.
  14. Owned a Hesston 4900 and a Case IH 8590 and had to replace the packer crank in both. The 4900 had a lot of bales when i bought it and not surprised when the crank broke. But i felt the 8590 it was operator lack of maintenance. I said to him when it broke (you checked the tension on that chain this morning didn't you?) He said I didn't. Well $8,000 later he was looking for a different job. Put a operator on it who cares is all i can advise
  15. my uncle owned the Chevrolet dealership in town in the 60's. His son Bobby would fall for anything. One day the shop foreman sent him out for a "gallon of compression" then he called the parts house and they would send him to the next one and the next one. Same happened when he sent him out for a thermostat for a Corvair, Then he sent him out for some "sky hooks" Same thing. Bobby eventually became a science teacher and got his doctors degree and then got lung cancer and never smoked. He went up on Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs and killed himself one night
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