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  1. If you are close to Colorado i had Pueblo Brake and Clutch re-line my brake linings on my 63 IH 1600. I know it is the light duty as it has the 5 hole wheels 719 544 7686
  2. When the 66 series came out in this area lots of guys traded 806's and 856's in on 1066 hydros because they were hauling loader built loose hay stacks with farmhand stack movers and the hydro was the best. Dealer said he was ordering the 1066's in with cat 3 hitch convertible to cat 2 and would switch them out with new 966's he had ordered with fast hitches. When they all got in and they parked them side by side they discovered the dealer had not researched this out enough. In the end it was the beginning of the switch to 3 point in this area and everyone was happy.
  3. With the V8 and 3 on the tree i bet that thing would sure leave a (long black mark on the highway) AKA Patch. Be a heck of a good coyote chasing pickup. Probably run 70 in 2nd. Get to looking at those old pickups and reminds me too much of coyote hunting. Pickups are too expensive now to do that
  4. They used to come thru town here with the game strapped to the hood of the jeep. I wonder if the game wardens left them alone if they saw it. Was some checkpoints at the port of entry and they found pickups going back with a bunch of bales in the back. horses in the trailer and the center of the bales all kids of illegal game.
  5. I always felt the under the hood muffler on the 86 series was a "not a good deal" look how many hard pulled 1086-1486 and 1586's have the paint burnt off the side of the hood there. I never did but i bet you could have stuck your head under there and looked up at the muffler and it would have been toasty red.
  6. Had a neighbor who had a 1947 Diamond T pickup. it had 7-50 X 16 tires on dayton style wheels and full hubcaps. At his estate sale in 87 it fetched about $5,000 and the guy had it restored and finally got his money back out of it and sold it. It appeared **** for stout
  7. i used to have a girlfriend who i finally told her one day when she thought i should stop the baler and come be with her for a while that she needed to go get on a submarine with about 400 sailors. Hopefully they could outlast her. Never saw a lady like her in my life and hope to never again
  8. In our area Big R is hands down better than TSC . The requirements to work at TSC is to be able to stand or sit at the center station and look at your cell phone as the service is Pi** Poor!! On the other hand Big R is not super but descent for service
  9. That site is not worth your time unless you just need a picture.
  10. Exactly what i did to mine about 20 years ago. Honestly a pretty easy fix
  11. I always just bought what i could find. As long as the number was the same i thought that was all that mattered
  12. In 1974 bought a GE side by side and in 1989 the darn thing crapped out on us and i bought a carbon copy but labeled Hotpoint. Now 31 1/2 years later i am wondering when will the day be? I can get one nearly the same at Lowes for about what i paid for this one i presently have but it is labeled Hotpoint as well and basically the same thing. They have it in stock. I am wondering what i should do. REPLACE? RUN TILL IT DIES? OR ? Just kind of wondering what a person should do. Maybe i worry too much
  13. out here in this area the DOT kind of get what they deserve. Can't check trucks coming thru but give the farmers a **** of a time
  14. I remember years ago in the grain news paper they had a guy who taught welding at the college (Curtis Wold) and he had a lesson in one issue of how to weld a spindle back. It was off of a IH tractor like a 1066. It can be done
  15. My cousins brother in law had one of those retrievers that he took out to their farm and the dummy looked up in the sky and started running and they never did find that dog. Dumbest dog there ever was
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