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  1. The fiat hesston tractors sold in the 80's some had 5 cylinders
  2. Hey Ol Runner sure glad you have plenty of ladies to help keep you confer table. The closest lucky male i have ever known to your luck is this ol dog i used to have Ol Diesel. I had to put him down when he was 14 but when he was 13 years old he fathered a littler of pups with the neighbors dog
  3. hagan

    Allen In Nebraska

    Allen lived up north of Scottsbluff near chadwick or something like that
  4. I have not heard from Allen in Nebraska in a long time. I knew he had some bad luck and his house burnt down and he lost about everything. Just wondering if anyone has heard from him.
  5. yeah and he even missed the sleep over the one ol gal about his age had. He needs to start taking more vitamins
  6. I saw Ol Runner this morning. He was at work and was bent down looking at the floor behind the counter.I think he is ok he was busy and was NOT wearing a turtle neck. He acted normal and said he did NOT have a good vacation he was sick and the weather was lousy. I asked him if he went to the one ol gals sleep over and he got a sick look on his face and said NO! Gave him a big iron cap since i am a ISR and he was happy.
  7. hagan

    RD Pump Repair

    well with the help of 65806 and others it looks like the RD is a go. Getting excited about it but will be starting my new job Tomorrow training tomorrow so it will have to wait a while. Have a new brainstorm now so watch out. My 560 has had the pump overhauled several times and what if i was to put the Roosa Master 806 pump on the 560 and just slow the RPM down? Just a brainstorm but being retired these tractors are just going to be to play with anyways.
  8. the wind has blown so hard here i am sure it opened up all the lakes and he would be hunting some cover. He will probably show up in a old "turtle Neck shirt" to work Monday and it will hide all the battle marks he got from his harem for the past week
  9. the M&W is fine if you are wanting to NOT make it a larger tractor! I more or less ruined a 71 856 IH by adding a M&W turbo kit on it. Sure it pulled 130 on the dyno and i was planning on using it beside my 1066 no way but i ended up trading it off a year and half later on a 1086. The engine needed overhauled and i took a pretty hard hit with a tractor with 4500 hours and a worn out 407. Never again would i do it. There were 3 of us that installed turbos on tractors that one spring of 79 mine, galens and leroys. galen and i traded our 856's off in summer of 1980 and leroy purchased a 1066 to do his heavy work with. But out here in Colorado we have hot hot summers and we were all trying to use all the power of our tractors. It just didn't work good.
  10. Havn't seen ol runners scout around town and today i called where he works and they said he is gone all week. Wonder where he took his ladies to hang out for a week or if they strung him up or if he is ok. This one ol gal in town about his age put on facebook that she was having a sleep over, i messaged him about that but i am sure he didn't go to that either. Ol Runner you never know about him but i bet he survives and comes back ok.
  11. take a day sometime and go over to the san luis valley of colorado Alamosa, Monte Vista or Del Norte area. they grow barley and potatoes and have the rock picker machines there. You may be able to find a used one or better yet rent one for a week or 2. In the corners of the sprinkler circles there are piles of rocks they have dumped there from the rock pickers.
  12. hagan

    RD Pump Repair

    do you mean injector lines? I have them
  13. hagan

    RD Pump Repair

    Yes i am converting it back is my plans. TBH i purchased this tractor in 1970 with 1800 hours and Dad was in the hospital with terminal cancer. I was too young to sign the note for it as i was a minor. Scraped the money together and purchased. Then the next spring dad died and this ol 806 started using quite a bit of oil and mom and i traded it off for a new 856 with a cab on it in the fall of 71 the 966's were already out. This tractor was purchased by a old man and his son north of here about 40 miles and they didn't use it but to cultivate and plant. Then in 2003 it showed up on the John Deere lot and i purchased it but it had been changed to the roosa master. I then found a RD in pretty good shape but it needs some leaks fixed and it came with lines and all. Since i am retired the only thing it lacks to be 100% original is the RD Pump. I plan to not use this tractor but parades and perhaps some antique pulls. But my goal is to have it 100% original the SN is 673
  14. hagan

    RD Pump Repair

    Purchased a RD and it leaked and where can a person send one to and get repaired? I want to install it on my 806 since i have time to do things like this. It probably is not much sense to do it but always liked the way they ran
  15. How do you get that tractor to start of a morning Mader? In the winter of 72-73 i had 2,000 head of Navajo feeder lambs and it never got above freezing for 3 weeks. We had the 560 with a loader and it had a heat houser on it and we just let it run about 1200 RPM for 2 weeks straight. it took a tank of fuel every 2 days but i credit the warm air from heat houser for no fuel problems. Fuel was 40 cents per gallon and after the first morning of -25 i didn't want to try that again so it just ran That next fall i decided to sell All of my crops and never fed feeder lambs again
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