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  1. We have a really good mail carrier. She tries really hard, does a good job and is pretty easy on the eyes.
  2. A friend of mine whose father in law was living in Eads CO when the railroad was built thru there and there was a lot of Indians staying there one winter and come spring the only dogs in town was the little house dogs that people had kept on a short leash and in the house. Then when Iowa Beef came to Holcomb KS the vietnam people thinned the dog poplulation out pretty much to nothing. I hope if people have to go to eating their pets that Biden gets the first plate full
  3. I have a friend whose dad is in his 80's and has a IH 5000 with a cab with AC and a IH diesel 4 cylinder engine. He has had his kids farming his land for several years and this swather is in super good shape, always sheded in a metal building and low use it has a hay conditioner but it a long ways away for you i assume. He is wanting to sell it but has not really tried. It has the double augur header and pickup reel. Just what you are looking for.
  4. Harvester should HAVE made the 660 in the row-crop version with a fast hitch and adjustable front axle. They would not have gotten their asses kicked as bad as the 4010 was kicking the 560's clear out of the field
  5. hagan

    806 Bolster

    One of the front Bolster bolt hole castings is broken off half way down. It is currently running on 1 front and the 2 rear bolts and doing good. I bought this tractor with no wide front as the guys had the wishbone come loose so they removed it and kept using the tractor to chop weeds and had a loader on the tractor. They then put a single front on the tractor. I purchased it from them and a fellow wants to buy it to make a arena tractor and put a loader on it and move a few 3x3 big bales from time to time. A guy in town quoted $75 to fix it but we are wondering if we do not just put a bushing
  6. hagan

    Covid Shot

    Really i took my first one yesterday afternoon and i am fine so far. I took the moderna i just hope the 2nd one goes as well as this one has so far.
  7. found this last night while looking on facebook. Why would this not workhttps://onleadmiss.com/products/lia-quick-fix-leather-repair-patch-for-sofa-chair-car-seat-bag-others?_pos=1&_sid=87bdebcf7&_ss=r&fbclid=IwAR0BKjZnNtyruS7OZ4DnM9FuiouVAfpEgfb2EgdBrCVUT7NNctyar_OOXZM
  8. Yes the sunshine has ruined mine it has sat out too many days
  9. hagan


    Hey Runner Ol Buddy i saw you turning south Friday evening in the ol Lincoln coming from the east. Looked like you had some guys with you. Had to wait at the stop sign quite a while and could not catch up with you. Will stop by next week and show you my wal mart stevens 12 gauge when i get it
  10. Maybe it would pay me to invest in a seat and put the clam shell fenders on and price it at $5500 then.
  11. Picked up this 806 a little over a year ago sn 24771 and have done quite a bit of work on it. Used injector pump, used radiator, water pump, muffler, new hyd and engine oil and filters, exhaust manifold, hoses and engine heater. I was planning on fixing it up real nice and installing a pair of clam shell fenders and painting it and then topping it off with a new seat. Now the question there is a guy who is interested in it for a arena tractor. It has 1 new rear 18.4 x 38 tire and the other is 70%, 650-16 front tires, no front weights but rear wheel weights. He does NOT want the tractor paint
  12. The 806 had the 33% reduction TA and the 856 had the 22% reduction TA
  13. You might try Pueblo Brake and Clutch in Pueblo CO. 719 544 7686 They relined the front shoes for my 63 1600. Now one of the rear wheel cylinders is leaking. Gosh those old trucks it is almost a hassle to keep the brakes working. Less Use = more maintenance is about what i have about figured out. I know they sure do not heal up
  14. Farmalls were the row crop or adjustable width wheels and more clearance to cultivate growing crops and most of the time they were equipped with a 2 or 3 point hitch. International tractors were the wheatland tractors with fixed wheel width and designed to just till and pull planters and stuff with at the drawbar like diskers, chisels and hoe drills.
  15. Anyone know of anywhere a new or better dash can be found for my 74 IH 200 pickup
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