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  1. Ok What happened a family has a 280 + - irrigated farm and the ditch water has been put into setteling ponds recently and then pumped into center pivots. The farmer works for the FSA and is head over 3 or 4 county offices. His daughter and son in law both worked for the Lower Arkansas Water Conservancy District. He is a engineer and she was a secretary. There were funds available to get cost sharing on new center pivots and linings for ponds so they do not leak so much. This son in law signed his in laws farm up for 100% funding for the pivot and the pond lining. The wife wrote up the contract and it went thru and was over budget about $20,000 dollars and it ended up costing $180,000 at 100% funding. I do not farm anymore but the local farmers who have had to pay for their sprinklers are totally irate. I am afraid nothing can be done. It is a little hard to get the article but it is on there
  2. Pretty interesting article https://www.google.com/search?q=mike+weber+cdphe+colorado&sxsrf=ALeKk00060DLJKAjFWAIvqKbKLwMhJc1MA%3A1626734473439&source=hp&ei=if_1YOWUF5b7-gT82YqIAw&iflsig=AINFCbYAAAAAYPYNmfBDbiDiaNV3KW7Oa6ysxZcs3kYa&oq=&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAEYADIHCCMQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJzINCC4QxwEQrwEQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJzIHCCMQ6gIQJ1AAWABgpyZoAXAAeACAAQCIAQCSAQCYAQCqAQdnd3Mtd2l6sAEK&sclient=gws-wiz
  3. wanting to put a IH wide front on my 450 and have found a fellow who has one off of a 560. Can the hubs be changed on the spindles and the old style spindles be installed on the newer front end? I have not found anything on this that is very clear
  4. That was the one that hit when the world series was going on
  5. the guy fixing it found a new one. I guess they are around
  6. tension levers for the springs that keep it in the ground if i am not mistaken. I think they are the same as on a 185 or the 400 cyclo planter units. Would not be that hard to make one
  7. When i used to farm dry farmland and pulled 2 20 ft one ways it always seemed like the 1066 would flat run with them better than the older tractors. I always felt the 414 engine was intended for high RPMs and it always pulled good. The 1256 we used some just seemed like a slower harder lugging engine and maybe it was because it was more miserable to run
  8. Can any one help us on this part. The one in my 74 200 is totally shot. Thanks In Acvance
  9. hagan

    pulling 560

    There was a old man who traded and sold tractors over by Wiley and he said there are 2 kinds of people on 560's the ones who really like them and the ones who totally hate them. We used ours mainly for pumping water into gated pipe and loved it because it would use around 1 gallon per hour day in and day out pumping. I really hated it because of no more fuel than it used. Doing things around the farm it always was running out of fuel because you did not have to fuel it up every half day
  10. My girlfriends sons 560 would not start with the starter even with a new battery and the old starter which was worn out. I was at a tractor place and found him a used 806 starter and he put it on his 560 and OMG it spins it like never before. Starts like never before. He is really happy with it. Now my 560 on the loader has a starter we put on new about in 1996 when i got my kids back and it just didn't start good at all. I even put a group 31 battery on it and still pretty hard to get started. So went to the tractor place and they had a 1466 starter and i purchased it and WOW it now seems like SUPERMAN grabbed ahold of the PTO and gave it a whirl as it spins like never before. If you have a 560 Diesel this is the best improvement you can do to the starting of the tractor. I think i will be forever happy
  11. Living by the lake here all my life we had a neighbor who was kind of a different kind of guy. Well one summer we were surveying for a new gravity flow pipeline and he had 2 head of yearlings that had gotten out in the lake a little too far and were bogged down in the mud. I stopped him and said John your cattle are in trouble. I can go get my boat and help you get them out. His reply let the SOB's drown they were dumb enough to get there they can get back. We finished up haying and are going to town to get drunk. Let them be. Long story short the cattle got out and survived. Didn't ever want to be in need of help from him
  12. hagan

    1967806 B-Day

    Have a Great Birthday Dan and many many more enjoy
  13. I remember one time in the early 60's dad had a farmall M on the farmhand 10 and it was cold. M didn't want to start very good and he told John (the hired man) that they needed to get some 10 weight oil and put in it. Later that evening dad and i used it and it started to knock. Got to checking and John had drained the oil and not said anything and went home. A New set of bearings is all it took and then all was fine
  14. A pretty stout fellow had to own it if he used it in the winter up in the North East would not be a easy item to crank every morning first thing.
  15. Nothing like the aroma of a bale containing a skunk Oh yes there was dad had a IHC 201 swather with the conditioner to your right and behind the draper header about 2 ft. Running a skunk thru that was a Very Bad Situation Especially If Just After LUNCH
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