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  1. Since I know where Ol Runner lives i will cruise by there and see if the scout is laying around resting or if he is out being Romeo in his Lincoln. Only if that ol scout could talk lol
  2. Cousin had a Gleaner G with the 301 with a turbo. it was a really good engine. His dad did a lot of custom cutting with it in the days and i know they changed the oil when they started and ran ran ran it and overhauled it once when it was getting water in the oil. When he parked it the best part of the combine was the engine. I have to say it was a H of a lot better engine than the 301 Diesel in my 715 i had during the same era
  3. hagan

    Tuff decision

    Those are the tough ones. I Know the ol dog still loved you and he knew you were treating him right.
  4. See Ol Runner is driving his Lincoln to work and the scout must be resting up for the busy holiday at the lakes and bushes. Maybe he is turning over a new leaf in life and looking for more sophisticated ladies to ride around with him and they want caviar rather than perch. Maybe Ol Runner is just waiting for nicer weather before he gets back onto his ol beatin path
  5. I had used gated PVC pipe mine was 10" but lots of 12" used also. Sprinklers are pretty popular in this area but some are getting around 20 years old. How long do they last? Some of the water in this are is bad and the poly lined valleys are good along with aluminum but all costs money and $4.00 corn show me a profit
  6. Listing a 1974 John Deere 7520 on Big Iron for a guy and was there more than one transmission option in them or just the 8 speed sincro with the hi-lo shift? Was the hi lo a shift on the go?
  7. One of these years Ol Runner will be in the market for a crib and carseat
  8. My son dated a girl when he was in high school and for my life i had never seen a girl that wiggled and shook her but as much as this girl did. Her name was Shantel his sister nicknamed her " show and tell"
  9. hagan


    am always giving Ol Runner a bad time but i want to say he has some photos that some sports magazine will grab up and publish those last 2 photos are unreal. Good Job Runner
  10. That darn refrigerant stuff is the "pitts to say the least"! My B I L who farms up close to Denver had his 4450 start not cooling very good and it had the old R 12 and he called up John Deere and they came out and put R134 on top of the R12 and it worked fine. No problems. Furthermore the mechanic said that refrigerant deal was a really big scam to sell stuff. The last time i talked to my BIL the tractor was still cooling good. I used all my R12 up and had 1 can left over and had a heck of a time finding someone who needed it. I just tried to give it away. Everyone had made the switch to R134. Now switch again?
  11. hagan

    Acre counter

    no on the 72 series there was a chain going to the switch that would activate it but it looked pretty cheesie
  12. hagan


    Hey Ol Runner i can only imagine what you and your ladies diaper bag will look like someday when you are out at the lake fishing with the little one by your side. Remember never say never
  13. 1941 H my grandpa purchased new in 1941. It was the first tractor he ever had. Was horses before
  14. I have used Leaders Salvage in Dunlap Iowa since the mid 80's and always gotten along with them really good 1800 831 9290
  15. When dad was still alive in the winter of 1970 - 1971 his ol 806 sn 13118 was having pump issues as was a neighbors down the road. The shop foreman told dad and this other guy that IH was having a program to get these pumps off of tractors and Roosa masters on. Well dad and Ron the neighbor bit and did it. But there were several guys who did not or would not back then. Now i am looking on Bigiron.com and it looks like about half of the 806's are still running with RD Pumps on them. Some are clean and some are oily. But it shows them running. Dads fuel pressure got to where it was really low like 30 pounds under a load but for 4,000 hours or so it would run 90 pounds under a load. Does anyone actually remember if there WAS SUCH A PROGRAM or was it the service managers method to get work. This guy was always wanting to put parts on when not necessary. Always wanted to know but no one from that era is living to speak of
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