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  1. After being the proud owner of a ol Marmon Cab over for a few years. I can see this IH had a better method of climbing aboard. The walk ledge along the side of the cab looks good. Marmon Cab was too darn wide anyways.
  2. this 5000 has the double auger and it carries the crop on top of the auger and lays it out into a nice windrow. I would think they would work good moving grain with this setup.
  3. hagan

    IHC 5000 Windrower

    Glad to gain that information and i will be listing it on big iron in a week or 2. It has 2 potentials lots of parts including the little diesel engine on it and as well make a smaller farmer a very nice windrower for several years to come
  4. Older friend has a IHC 5000 diesel windrower and called me today to list it on bigiron for him. Have looked and find none that have sold or for sale. This has a 16' header with a conditioner and has about 1600 hours and been sheded and i am wondering if there would be any interest in it at all besides the little 239 diesel engine. I believe it is a German engine so it should be good. Man oh Man i wonder if i should pass on this or what. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  5. hagan

    Hay Equipment

    Yes sir that is what he did
  6. hagan

    Hay Equipment

    the local vet went to the bank in a small town about 8 miles away with a fairly large check for medicine and went to cash it and the lady said it will not go thru it is just a tiny bit short. He said how much and she told him approximately which is probably a no no but he got some dollar bills out of his wallet and after he put a few up there she said that will work. He walked out with a couple thousand dollars of money that was HIS
  7. hagan

    Hay Equipment

    lots of the guys i sold bales to would pay for the last one when they got the next one. I was always carrying them and usually they never paid for the very last bale. I always charged about $10 more for a 4 X 4 X 8 than the going price. Didn't get beat so bad on the last bale. One guy i called who had not paid for 2 bales and said they were full of poison weeds and tested high. I said well bring them back this other guy purchased 50 of them from me with no problems. He said well we just let the cattle pick thru it and it is gone as they tromped most of it in the ground. This guy worked with my cousin and one day my cousin brought me 3 $100 bills. Not every one is this way but a lot of them try you
  8. hagan

    IH Running Gear?

    Still have a No 100 trailer running gear. Started its life here as a 500 gallon propane tank trailer, then a flat bed 12 ft trailer, then a 810 header trailer and the last 25 years it has been a gated pipe trailer. Plan to keep it and return it to its original look and paint and decals will follow
  9. That is a Hydro too. Look at the sr lever on the left side
  10. hagan


    You have a Very Merry Christmas also Rian. Sure good to see you laugh at how the grand daughter reset the oil life on the Avalanche
  11. New Holland used to use them on their wind rowers and when i purchased my 1118 i was looking in the PDQ parts book out of DesMoines i think it was and there was a spin on converter for the filter you have pictured. I purchased a pair of them and that was one of the very best purchases i ever made for that windrower. Traded it for a CaseIh and let the items go and PDQ is no longer in business but surely someone still makes that little spin on converter for that filter style. At least you did not have to use a hand full of O rings every time you change the filters
  12. I am sure most have seen Andy Griffith and Barney and the Bank Vault where they get in from the Laundry. Makes me laugh when i see them on TV
  13. hagan

    83 5088

    Messicks website shows the new sentry at $2772.45 and a rebuilt one at $1606.90 pretty expensive until you need it then you need it and then it is worth $10,000
  14. hagan


    Saw Ol Runner this morning and he kind of acted like he wanted to go catch up on his sleep. He still has not gotten around to fixing the dent in the left rear quarter panel on the Lincoln that he made. That is a long story on a small dent. Nah Just kidding Ol Runner. Pretty good guy
  15. Just saw Ol Runner and he wished me a happy birthday. Didn't mention anything about fish. but he was really busy trying to get customers parts
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