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  1. My dad used to say that a bunch of old ewes were the best self propelled lawn mowers there is
  2. I have a 766 and a 806. Put the 10 ft bush hog shredder on them in tall weeds. The 806 has lots more guts. But the 766 starts so much easier
  3. hagan

    1975 IH Pickup

    It brought $26.500. Lot of money for a ol pickup. Funny thing is a few years ago i purchased one just like it but it is a 74 not a 75, has front disk brakes where that one had front drum brakes, mine has a 392 and automatic and that one had a 304 and 4 speed. Same color and pretty much identical. I know the next bigiron classic car auction mine will be on there. No use to count on $26,500 but i hope it comes close
  4. hagan

    1975 IH Pickup

    So it looks like several guys wanted this rig. It is pretty nice but ir blew my mind that it wouldhttps://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1975InternationalLightLine200Pickup-2 bring that much
  5. I had a 560 with a narrow front end and one day it about put us all in the seep ditch. Come to find out the top U joint on the steering shaft was binding up really bad and would not turn unless with lots of force. It happened all at once. I put both new U joints in it and would grease them every once in a while. Also did it to my other 560 with a wide front
  6. You might try Muth Welding at Rockyford CO 719-254-7179 They salvage a lot of stuff and have lots of old Kawanee and Brillion mulchers parted out. Might give him a try. 260 miles from Amarillo
  7. my stepdad had 2 w9s hooked together with just a tow hitch if i remember correctly and he rode on the front one and had levers going back to the rear one. He said he had less weight on the rear one and poorer tires also as he wanted it to slip first. When he got a 560 D wheatland he parked them and never used them again but said they pulled 2 15ft one way plows really good.
  8. Out here this one guy said running a tractor without a cab is like a traveling salesman riding a motorcycle.
  9. NAPA or O'rileys Best. Pretty descent luck
  10. Sure hope the driver came out better than this 1086. Bet he called in sore the next day https://www.purplewave.com/auction/220928/item/MQ9786/1979-International-1086-Ag_Tractor-Tractor-Oklahoma
  11. is there a place to get the changeover bracket to put a rotary compressor on a 66 series when a york is removed. And what compressor is used? Thank You
  12. A friend who went into the construction business years ago got a brand new 300 case backhoe loader tractor and hauled it on his brothers L170 single axle truck with a 16' bed. Was pretty small but i know they used it until he got a old IH semi tractor and trailer.
  13. In the 60's my uncle and some teacher buddies of his was into goose hunting down here in SE Colorado and would come down every weekend during hunting season. Paper shells and all this guy who worked at the steel mill made them a realoader from brass. I can vaigly remember it was more of less on the principal of a early MEC or Lee. It worked but i never knew what happened to it. They are all hunting geese up in the next life now. But was really unique
  14. Have a Mec 650 and a Ponsness Warren 375. Good combination for shooting trap and high flying canadian geese.
  15. Larry Flynns secretary lives in town here. Not a bad looking gal but nothing to write home about.
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