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  1. Had a old neighbor who was farming 160 acres of alfalfa and one spring after 3 used balers and a non running 4800 big baler. He went to the local NH dealer and purchased a new NH Baler like the one above. The salesman delivered it not even greased or set up and then the next day he purchased another as he had 2 kids and both wanted to run the baler. Here came another and they proceeded to bale together with 2 new NH balers that were not serviced to go from the dealer. They baled a little over 1,000 bales and one made a 6" shorter bale than the other. The guy who came to stack them had a fit and when he got them stacked he said no more. I had re-baled up some of the bales out of the used balers with my Hesston 4900 that his brilliant son had taken the tension off of that weighed about 15 pounds each. Well needless to say that old man got sick and he ran his kids off and rented me the farm. Had a mid August farm sale and both those new NH balers brought their money back.
  2. When i used to run a Hesston 60A and 60B Stak hand if we filled them too full it would drag the top loose and out in front of the unloaded stack
  3. hagan


    Hey Runner Ol buddy you should give Dae the Lincoln. Rides nice and lots of room and a car seat and diaper bag will not take up much room in the back seat someday
  4. Had a neighbor who had a end dump semi trailer and he said there are 2 kinds of end dumps those that have turned over and those that are going to turn over.
  5. is it what you would call the best of both worlds like the "case and ih was"?
  6. Same here when i was 12 grandpa would take me up to the dryland and sit and watch me run the 560 pulling a pair of 12 ft one ways summer fallowing wheat land.
  7. Will be shredding and the hitch on my 7110 will all of a sudden raise up and lift the shredder up above the weeds and then i have to stop and mess with the controls and talked to the local former case ih dealer now just a Cat / Agco and they are covered up and closest dealer is 75 miles and want to try and calibrate the potienomoters how ever you spell it. Has anyone ever had success doing this?
  8. My son has been in the glass business installing windows. He put windows in my mothers house and lo and behoe he discovered the person mom purchased it from had just screwed and calked them to the sheeting rather than build 2X4 frames for them. He spent more time getting the frames ready for the windows than he did putting them in. He said he had seen this another time. He works in Colorado Springs CO and the firm he is with quit bidding and just do time and materials. He said it is a more fair way
  9. Farming next to the lake for my whole life we encountered a snapper every once in a while. Once wife ran a big ol snapper thru the NH 1112 windrower and the conditioner made mince meat out of it but it was enough of a bang she stopped and looked and not much left.
  10. hagan

    236 on Auction

    Rattle can of this and that would sure of helped on that situation. What the H is it? Oh and a decal!
  11. I used a lilaston cultivator for years a 6 X 30 and also had a IH 6 x 30 170 monitor and both good machines but no one cultivates to speak of. I really liked the rolling spiders on the liliston to throw dirt up against the corn plant and with loose dirt laying there a shovel behind the spiders would make a nice furrow. Before that we used a tool bar and shanks and cones on the bar to keep you on the row. When i was getting rid of my machinery my 2 cultivators were the only things i sold for "iron" and they worth $100 each when all said and done. My S I L has a 6 row 170 IH monitor and he said he will keep it as all the big farmers will go broke and spray won't work and there will be a shortage of them. It will never happen in his life (the dumb crap)
  12. hagan


    Had a friend years ago who split his 806 to install a new clutch and had a dirt floor in his shop and when he went to slide it back together it fell of the jack on the rear half. landed on the shaft and they picked it up and put it in. Well it would go but it ruined the TA the shop mechanic said. He was trying to save a buck and spent hundreds.
  13. out here in Eastern Colorado in 2002 everyone prevent planted corn. No moisture in the mountains and no irrigation water all season long. It went like clockwork. Then some guys kept trying it and if there was a way you could irrigate the crop they denied it. Everyone finally would plant the crop and if it didn't make it they paid on what production you had. One young boy who was in his early 40's decided to insurance farm and one year got nearly one million dollars. To what i hear now he is about broke. Bankers refused him because he would tell them he was a insurance farmer. I do not farm anymore but i am going to say one thing BE CAREFUL
  14. hagan

    I want to just quit

    I started retiring in the fall on 16 when i found out my kids and grand kids were not coming back to farm. After suffering a stroke in Jan of 14 i had lost some ability and would fall down some and having a harder time doing things. I took the first year off and hung around with my girlfriend and camped down at her house with her a lot and then the first of this year was getting terribly bored and decided i needed to do something as i needed to keep from going nuts. Got a job with big iron and really like it so far. Glad i made the change and i sure do not miss the getting up in the middle of the night changing my ditch water but hear the guy come thru in the night who is renting the land from me. TBH i would have been a lot better off health wise and financially if i had quit in Jan of 14 after i had the stroke but i was still pretty head strong but have mellowed out a lot since then.
  15. got phone calls wishing me a happy fathers day from both my kids. It is starting out good with a half inch of rain last night Ol Runner has probably had his phone ringing off the hook too
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