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  1. are the driving arrows working on the monitor? If so it is not a packer arm sensor.
  2. try driving the opposite direction on the windrow if you have a pattern you follow. Has to be some simple thing. How about switching the cylinders on the rear and seeing what it does
  3. hagan

    Rear Steps on 560

    it is a really nice F 11 on the 560 but i acquired another 806 pretty cheap and may just put a loader on it and park the 560 in the shed. but since i am retired from farming i really don't need 4 tractors H, 560, 806 and 806 but heck a week in the hospital with a broken leg or something would make a different setup look pretty cheap. I am not a spring chicken anymore having been out of high school for 50 years you should see my left leg from knee down after i slipped last week getting on it. I have a feeling the loader has to go
  4. hagan

    Rear Steps on 560

    i have thought about welding a step on the bottom right side of the white drawbar and then maybe bolt one to the right rockshaft lift arm. I am worried where i pull myself up grabbing onto the steering wheel that i will break it off someday
  5. hagan

    Rear Steps on 560

    Not a lot of room to do much with. Just mainly use loader and spray with it anymore.
  6. have rear wheels scooted in to 70 " Center to Center on my 560 and have a Farmhand F 11 loader mounted on it. I am crippled up enough to where i am needing a set of steps or a idea or photo of someone who has built some. Right now i am bruised up from slipping and falling from trying to get on the other day when there was a heavy dew. Has anyone ever made any they would share a photo of? The right hand side is the only side really accessible since it has a PTO pump and Tank on the left side
  7. Had a 68 C60 and it had the 366 and 5 and 2. It had a tag axle and air brakes but when it was out of air it did not set the brakes. It would go with no air pressure but would buzz until it got to 30 pounds air pressure. I googled it and there were several different types of air brakes thru the years. You sure have a good clean truck. Mine was nothing like that. Good luck with it
  8. hagan

    IH Runner

    Saw him this morning. He was sitting on a stool and seemed about the same. I sure am pulling for him
  9. Have a notion to keep the orphan 806 i acquired and put the Farmhand F11 loader on it that i now have on my 560. Has anyone ever put one on a 06 or 56 series tractor? I am wondering if a person could still get on from the left front or would have to climb over the rear to get on. It might be time to look for a different loader if i am going to do this like a Farmhand 358 or something else. I do not need self leveling
  10. Yeah one of Ol Runners women whom i teased him about had a Cobalt. I don't think Runner was ever in it but if he was it would have been the back seat lol
  11. hagan

    IH Runner

    I saw Runner about 2 hours ago and he seemed like he was doing ok. i know he was hurting but he was doing a good job at his work. I told him i know why he is not feeling good. This one ol gal got married and her big little sister is going to have another baby. He just shook his head and smiled. If you have not ever met Ol Runner it is worth your time as he is a super guy and his middle name should have been scout
  12. hagan

    Wind Wind Wind

    Those stone barracks were built by the WPA program men during the depression. My step dads father worked on them. Lots of stone bridges were erected also. My son went to Pre school in those stone barracks in the late 70's or early 80's. Now they are used for halfway houses for the prisoners who get let out early.
  13. hagan

    Wind Wind Wind

    Living in South East Colorado all my life i have seen all kinds of weather. In 1965 the flood on the Arkansas, Some place out southwest of Hasty Colorado they had 17 inches of rain and the Santa Fe tresel at mud creek was like holding your finger over a huge garden hose and it squirted rocks out nearly 1/4 of a mile nearly the size of a car. They had to get the county out to clear the road before it could be driven down. Southwest of Lamar there was nearly the same story and 2 creeks that ran separate nights Willow Creek which flooded a lot of the south end of Lamar and then Clay Creek which had a new dam built and it broke, people were on roofs and taken off in boats, farms ruined with sand and gullies, then east of town at Granada and Holly they really got it people were living in their cars up on the hill for a couple of days. President Johnson had declared Colorado a drought before the 100 year flood and then it was declared a flood from all the flooding. I remember the wind blew a lot and the clouds were going to the west pretty fast after the flood and i wonder what will happen now. If like most times it will just quit and we will continue to be dry. It makes me wonder. We are 55 years into the new era for a 100 year flood The wind is blowing hard hard for going on the 3rd day and it is really bad. I wonder what will happen. I remember my grandpa telling of the Pueblo flood in 1921. He said the wind blew out of the west for 7 i believe 7 days and it was unbearable as they would just go out long enough to feed the animals and then back to the house. It nearly washed Pueblo away. I remember when the 1965 flood came we had been chiseling summer fallow and finally quit as the rain began and dad had hay down and he said it would be a week before he could bale. The dust from the baler was black. But it was heavy first cutting and it had to be gotten off the fields. I just have to write and think what in this world will happen next. At least we had a great National Gaurd Who Drove Army Trucks in Water 6 ft deep to get to Holly and Granada to save lives and bring much needed food. Now with the way things are what would happen
  14. hagan

    IH Runner

    Saw him one day this week. He seemed alright but extremely tired. I did not bother to ask how he got so tired. I figured if he wanted to tell me he would.
  15. Try Pueblo Brake and Clutch Pueblo Colorado 719-544-7686 a few years ago (4) i believe we got new brake shoes for the front of my 63 1600 and a few more parts. I figured we would have to have the shoes relined but they had new ones in stock. But they wanted the cores
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