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  1. Remember the guy who purchased one of the first IH 915 hi boy gas combines and the IH rep said to get a small can and put the chain in it and put new hytran in it and heat the hytran up and then hang the chain up after it was in the hot oil for a while and then wipe the outside dry and if a guy did this every season the chain would last the life of the combine. I never did it that way but i removed the chain and put in a small can with oil in it and sat it in the cab because my combine sat outside. Still had to buy a chain every so often
  2. Back in the early 70's the local GM dealer sold 2 new cadillacs 1 was a 2 door and it always drug its rear and the 4 door looked like it had air shocks on it. Dealer got both cars in and switched the rear coil springs around and it did no difference at all. Can't remember the outcome of the deal but the one still drug its rear and the other was up in the air. Must have been a change during the model year
  3. call a salvage yard and purchase a 806-1486 starter for it. You will love the way it spins and starts after having the slow moan and groan starter that comes on them. Switched 2 of them in the past couple years and went down to 1 good battery and will start as good or better than anything else on the farm
  4. Yesterday a young man ran a stopsign and T boned me in my 04 siverado. It has nearly a new battery and i need to unhook it as i broke the steering column when i was hit and the door will not open and the trigger is not able to be gotten to. I am going to keep the pickup and take the engine and trans and transcase out but don't want the near new battery to sit there dead. Any Ideas would be appreciated
  5. Had a Hydro 70 with the D312 and that was a really loud tractor after running a 1066 or 1086. It had a oval muffler with the baffle in it and i got a curved extemson pipe and pointed it straight foreward. That helped a lot.
  6. Dads ol 806 SN 13118 was a carbon copy of that one. His still had the RD and he had it changer over to the floozamaster and then passed away when in the hospital. I have to say he would have been very upset with it after the floozamaster was installed. Just not the tractor it was with the RD
  7. Another thing you might want to consider is running duals and if you don't keeping a extra rear rim around. I broke 2 rims on my 7140 pulling a Hesston 4900. Those balers will push and slide you around pretty hard, bad and fast if you try and turn around too quick. Also on a 1066 you better put a chain around the 3 point arms and go under the drawbar to help support it.
  8. hagan


    Dang Runner ol buddy i hope U didn't get too cold out there. Did you take one of your big ol girls to keep you warm? Sure needed one last night and of course the Lincoln with the dent in the left rear quarter panel
  9. the thing with those Krones it takes a lot of power to get them started. Some have a hydraulic start assist. PTO will need to be GOOD
  10. hagan

    Hay sweep

    Lots of farmers used to take old pickups, remove the sheet metal and flip the differential over and put a sweep on the rear and run them backwards. Dirtiest thing in the world to run. One of my happiest days is when i got the new Hesston 60A Stakhand in 74. set in the 856 with Mark IV Air condrioner and put up my hay that way. within a few years the country was plum full of them. There were a few Haybuster round and round stackers and McKees but they were soon replaced with Hesston Stakhands
  11. trying to list this Old IHC 190 or 200 series twin screw gas engine gin pole truck and i can not get a good photo of the serial number as the SN plate is tucked behind the air brake lines to the left of the clutch on the drivers side firewall. Was there a common place where IH stamped the serial numbers on those old trucks back then? This truck hasn't ran in years and just trying to sell it as some collector might want it. Not very many of thes old devils left around anymore Thank You
  12. culligan rented mine to me for $25.50 per month including repairs and have me on a salt route every 3 months as living alone i don't use much salt. But it beats the heck our of buying one and in a few years have to repair it. Hopefully i can rent one as long as i live
  13. A lot of work to me. Just get a good if you can find 560, 656 or 706 diesel. Those engines will last for ever. The 450 was good but it sounds like more work than i would ever want to do. Plus if you breakdown you might have to stop and have a few certain parts made. I do not know how happy you would be going from a 263 6 cylinder to a 281 4 cylinder. Dad had both in LP gas the 560 had honestly a little more power but always used oil from the first day it was new. 450 never used oil. Dad used to like to plant and do row crop work with the 560 as he said a "lot smoother power" his old timer hired hand loved the 450 though
  14. hagan


    Runner ol buddy with the little pickup and that bike i think you need to be on the lookout for a smaller lady than you usually pick. That bike pretty well fills up the back of that little pickup
  15. In the late 70's i saw a John Deere dealer had a loadstar truck and had removed the front IH badge and replaced it with a football shaped John Deere badge. Didn't look that bad
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