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  1. hagan

    Bookkeeping software for farm use

    Had used quicken for 10 years and then Quickbooks since. Had to quit using my favorite that i purchased from Pioneer Seeds when they were in the software business. It was Dollarwise and a really good program especially when making a end of the month sheet for cash flow. It was a DOS operated and when it turned 2000 it turned back to 1900. Tried and tried to get someone to change it over to the 2000 years and windows operated but no luck. I honestly do like quickbooks really good though
  2. hagan

    Old IH drill

    If you could post a photo of the bottom of the seed box and a photo of where the seeding chart was originally i think i may be able to help you on a seeding chart. My stepdad had a IH model M drill just like that and he gave it to me. It had the double run cups and i gave it to my step sister a few years ago and she has the chart in the house if it is a double run. If it is a fluted feed i have a operators manual for it somewhere in my office i do believe
  3. Grandsons pickup a 99 silverado 1500 5.3 with auto and push button 4 wheel drive. Well he purchased it second hand and the front wheels would not work so we got to checking and had to put in a different differential and the guy who did it to make a long story short just started throwing parts into it. Well last Friday i get it back from the shop and now he gets it home and the dash light on the buttons go to the selection you choose but it will not power the front wheels. The mechanic put a new transfer case shifter motor in, a new button switch in and the activator on the front axle. Now it does not want to work. The bad part is he lives 150 miles away in the big city and it is already back there as it was repaired here locally. Ol Runner was the parts man who sold most of the parts and was getting totally disgusted as this mechanic it was always a zoom down to the parts store and get this or get that. I honestly feel i had a mechanic who did not know what the **** he was doing!! Any ideas or methods to check i would greatly appreciate it. Grandson is 19 graduated has a really good job in the glass business and this happens to him. BUT I AM TAKING IT TO A DIFFERENT MECHANIC SHOP THIS TIME
  4. hagan


    Ol Runner gave me a little piece of this jerky today. Have to say it was pretty good. I kind of think the day he gets nabbed by one of his ladies he will have a big bowl of turtle jerky at the snack table at the reception.
  5. hagan

    Letter Series at Work

    That little Super C about brings tears to my eyes. Dad purchased one new in 1953 i believe it was with a 2 row planter on 36 inch rows and a 7 foot sickle mower both 2 point machines. It was the first tractor i ever drove and i loved that little tractor raking hay and harrowing the fields in front of the planter. And sadly watched it go bye bye on the truck when the dealer delivered the new 560 LP Gas.
  6. hagan

    DALLAS 806

    neighbor had a canvas cab on his 806 i think it was a Kane and it was pronounced a cane. he took the curtains off in the summer and left the shade. He retired and sold it to a boy and he took it off first thing
  7. hagan

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    Wonder who works on those weiners and checks them over maybe a "pecker checker"
  8. hagan

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    One of those drivers who can't control his weiner
  9. hagan

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    The looks of the top of the exhaust that 806 has a habit of liking to smoke also.
  10. hagan

    IH Wagons

    i have a IHC #100 tractor trailer running gear that i extended out the frame and made a irrigation pipe trailer out of it. Dad purchased it in about 1965 it has a frame like a truck with side irons and no center reach pole. I have never seen another one around but it is not a real heavy gear
  11. hagan

    Oil change on a non IH product

    My girlfriends Expedition oil fill cap says to use 5-20 and that is what i use in it and my chevy 5.3's say 5-30 and that is what weight oil i use in them. I lost a engine in a 06 5.3 in a chevy pickup and i had been using 10-30 and do not know if that was the problem or not but nothing but what the oil cap says from now on for me
  12. hagan

    Auction sales starting.

    The cash rent on farmland in this area is mostly $100 a acre. Some is higher and some is lower.'The value of the land is in the irrigation water we run on it from the river. One of these days it will be gone as it is being purchased up by investors at the present time. Land values is $2500 to $4000 per acre with water. But $100 per acre for the land is really not enough when you figure the return on investment. It should be around $150 with water assessments and property taxes. I have no sprinklers but a couple hundred joints of PVC gated pipe and supporting fittings, hydrants and socks that i let the farmer use. I have to pay the upkeep on the underground pipe repairs if any. One other reason i decided to retire a little early in life is i had a stroke 4 years ago and not as efficient as i was before and also i did not know how many years i would have left when it does get better. I have friends my age that have reduced and sold off machinery and it is not a fun game. One thing anyone in this business has to like to lay everything on the line and try. I did for 47 years. If i had to do it over again the only thing i would have done is do it earlier. I was talking to a guy at a sale in Texas a few years ago and he said if he is going to make nothing he is going to do nothing!
  13. hagan

    Auction sales starting.

    Well guys i was 65 here a few years ago and son and grandsons told me that they were NOT coming back to farm. Farm economy not good and living alone and every bit of help i needed be it lay out irrigation pipe or run a rake in front of the big baler i had to go hire someone. Got to thinking i am not making much money at all here so i sold one place my sister and i owned and turned a rented place back and then farmed the family place that has been in family for 100 years and only did it for 1 year as still same problem if you farm 320 or 1,000 of dirt ditch and pipe irrigation. I leased the place out last fall and have been privately selling my machinery and have done pretty good at getting a good price out of the machinery and still have a few things to sell but the work begins when i go to selling parts and pieces which i have to haul 70 miles to a machinery yard. I will be ok and plan to keep renting out the place, But i ask myself why with the cash rent rates we get around here compared to the land value i really should sell the land and water and keep the house. Sure glad i do not have a banker breathing down my neck
  14. hagan

    Farm Bureau Safemark Tires

    i have a pair of 16.9X34s on my 560 had them on for years. Pretty good tires still
  15. hagan

    super bowl

    Just trying to figure out who is going to win the super bowl and who will be the final 4. I tell my buddies it is "just a game" Has anyone got it figured out