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  1. go to Shoup mfg.com i am pretty sure they do. I know we used to build our own and got new bars and heads at New Holland in the 1112 days
  2. in the western states farmers were pretty good engineers on machines like that. We had a 48 ford 2 ton with a farmhand F10 loader on it with a 16 ft hay basket and used it every day for about 10 days 3 times a year and stacked loose alfalfa hay. We cut up lots of 50 and 60 model pickups and even some old cars and 2 T trucks. They were expected to do more work after being worn out than when they were new. Some guys would buy new chassis without bodies and make them new. Some tractor loades but very few running backwards but they did work really well.
  3. When my kids were to driving age i was going thru a divorce with their mom and funds were tight to say the least. I had purchased a car from my aunt and it was a 79 LTD and was slime green and she called it the slime. The car was 17 years old and she was happy as can be. My son got his great uncles 77 Chevy pickup with 2nd gear out on the automatic. Those 2 autos did good for them and liability only and they learned how to take care of them or WALK. This was in the late 90's
  4. We are out here in the dry climate but a friend who used to live up the road and passed on purchased a rare pickup he thought and its paint was sun burnt and more or less gone. He and his daughter purchased a gallon of farm tractor red paint at the local tractor supply and some paint pads and painted it in the garage. As soon as they were done they drove it outside in the hot sun that afternoon and you could not find a run one on it. I do have to honestly say the paint job was worth about as much as the pickup. But he was a guy whom it did not matter to how it looked
  5. Like asking "What if Obamas dad had wore a condom" We would all be a **** of a lot better off
  6. Got papped in the rear in Colorado Springs a couple years ago. My receiver ball did sure help my pickup escape a lot of damage. My son who lives up there heard it is illegal for you to drive with it in there because of the damage they can do when someone rear ends you.
  7. Sure did on a 150 and 7100 shovel drill. On them we ran 2 3 X 3 square tubing up from the back under the walk board and welded a tab onto the front cross bar that controlled the depth rocks haft that went to the shanks. Then we fabricated a 3 point on the rear. On the 150 we welded pipe along the edge of the channel irons about 8 ft apart that goes from each wheel back and put a pipe across and fabricated a 3 point hook up that way. I do not know if i have a photo of any of them but can look. They worked really good and saved the packer wheels from road wear. One thing we never did was transport the drill loaded with seed as it is going backwards and it will whip unless you have a 1066 or larger tractor on it. PM me if you want a photo or drawing
  8. Really a nice looking 1456. That tractor would sure handle a load good.
  9. older Ih combine 101, 303, 403 for starters they had the pre screaner on them
  10. That is a number 15 IH side delevery rake
  11. hagan

    IH Pickup Parts?

    Is there a source at all for windshields and dashes for my 1974 IHC 200 pickup? I am needing both. Thanks In Advance. Any information apprecaited
  12. kind of reminds me of Ol Runner and Chandra. Poor Runner
  13. Those were a "cozy" brand cab. Several guys put them on 856's in this area. Good AC and pretty nice for a add on cab in that time era
  14. hagan

    Roll over plow

    All i am going to say is when everyone used to molboard plow in this area before disk rippers and no-till spraying there were lots of farm yards with IHC roll over plows hooked to John Deere Tractors. Pulled easier, did a better job and stayed in the ground. NO Compairison
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