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  1. hagan

    Interesting sight @ Walmart parking lot

    Remember in 1966 we were on a family vacation and went to San Antonio and on the way we saw brand new 806 LP Gas tractors sitting on dealer lots and they had air cleaner intakes up there like those. Dad asked dealer when we got back home and i don't know what he said but maybe the dealer there did that to help with the cleaning of the filter so much.
  2. hagan

    Early 1066 vs late 1066

    When the 1066 came out the local dealer had a 1066 Hydro and the guy that farmed behind the IH Dealership had a pretty new 4430 on a 2 row silage cutter. They hooked the 1066 hydro to the cutter and the story was the john deere pulled it a little better than the 1066 Hydro. That farmer always ran deere until he died just a die hard deere man too
  3. hagan

    Early 1066 vs late 1066

    had a friend who had 1066 a early white cab one and he said he wish his would run hotter. Said that it ran closer to the C than the H. IH must have made a change on the vendors who made the Temp gauges for them about then. My red cabbed 1066 always ran next to the H when pulling it on a hot summer day.
  4. Hey Runner after i got the prostrate operation i got some "sore peter pills" and have a few of them left if you need any. After your vacation and hanging out with the pilot of this rig i thought you may need a few
  5. hagan

    Time change this weekend

    I remember one fall back on Halloween night. My first wife had just packed up and left after a few years trying to get her to quit spending so much $$ but anyway I went to the "thirsty hound" that night and danced and got drunker than a hoot owl. Ended up taking a ol gal home who I danced with and i know when i took her to her car the next afternoon i could have still have gotten a DUI but OMG what a hangover.
  6. hagan

    Anybody welded chisel plow shanks?

    find something else to spend your time at and buy a new shank for the chisel. Have had very little luck at welding shanks
  7. hagan


    Runner ol friend my ol Loadstar is full of gas and if you want to take you Harem of ladies out trick er treating you can sure use it i have a set of mechanic steps platform you could probably bolt to the rear so they could get in and out. A couple of picnic tables would work for them to sit on. Hope the girls don't get to fighting on who rids in the front and shift gears course you will need to have a lady to run the 2 speed as well
  8. Wondering what to do with the Loadstar fuel. Filled the seat tank up as that is all i use anymore and since i don't farm it is just kind of a trash, dirt hauling and misc things. Filled it up with gas yesterday and drove it home 7 miles and now wondering what to put in with the gas so it will hold its punch if the newer gas actually has any punch to save. Have thought about putting a bunch of stabil or Marvel mystery oil or sea foam as my 3 choices. Prehaps ol Runner will be away from his ladies long enough to read this and add his 2 cents worth Thank you guys
  9. hagan

    fencing pictures

    those are the 5 spoke wheels on that 656 dad purchased a 560 in the early 60's with those same wheels and they are still on the same old tractor sitting in the yard
  10. hagan

    Challenger on auctiontime

    There was a Challenger CH 65 on auctiontime yesterday down the road about 40 miles advertiesed to have 4200 hours and it is a 285 horse machine. Did not look bad at all and it brings $7900 on the auction. Is that what they are worth or was this a fluke? I called my B I L who farms with a Steiger 335 and a friend who farms with 4 challengers and he said those were possibly made in the 80's. Wow it seemed incredibly cheap to me.
  11. hagan

    What can we determine from this old photo?

    That poor ol guy died of hemorrhoids and a hot ass
  12. The internet was a good invention for some of those folks just have web sites now. Fingerhut never heard of it until i was married to my first wife for about 2 months and she showed me a bill she had with them for a little over $100. Yes i had to pay it and i should have known then i had found a spendthrift! My stepdad ordered a new seat for his lawnmower about 20 years ago from Northern and he wrote "deceased" on the cover after getting the catalog for about 2 years. They did stop it though
  13. hagan

    What would you pay for this tractor

    OH Man that brings back memories several years ago my neighbor wanted to sell his old International 300 utility with push blade and backhoe. He wanted $1500 and a younger neighbor and i thought wow that is a real steal. Well we purchased it and did a little fixing on it. I sent my son to do some irrigation ditch work with it and when he did not come home i went to check on him only to find him off the hoe and using a irrigation shovel. When it got warmed up it leaked oil out everywhere and would hardly work. We tried to fix it but gave up as parts were nearly impossible to find and really expensive. Later we decided to sell it on ebay. Listed it for $1500 and sure enough sold it in a heartbeat. The guy had it shipped half way to the coast and i never heard from him again. I called the trucker and he said when he pulled in the guys yard and the new proud owner stood back and said "well you can't expect much for $1500" Oh what a relief it was to get rid of that worn out old devil.
  14. hagan

    Cobblestone vs. Regular Plowshares?

    call Muth Welding 719-254-7179 in RockyFord Colorado. they deal in a lot of 2 direction plows. Nice people to deal with and very helpful
  15. hagan

    560 hard steering

    had a 560 LP Gas and the steering shaft U Joint was frozen up. Got it freed up but ended up replacing it as not much of a job.