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    grandpas 41 H & my first tractor 63 806sn673 are my prize possessions Farming tractors 96 7210 2wd: 90 7110 MFWD: 92 7140 MFWD: and my 61 560 D is the old pump tractor that is pretty beat up.
    1440 Combine: CaseIH 8590 Baler:MF 9635 rotary windrower with double crimper :dads 63 loadstar 1600 that i haul the first load of crop to elevator with each year

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  1. 2 way VHF Radio

    The antenna has to be set on the VHF motorola and midland radios i used to use. It can make a whole lot of difference unless you are using the shorter quarter wave antennas
  2. retirement- try harder this time

    i rented the farms out this spring and have sold some machinery and trying to sell more but keeping income tax in mind with selling depreciated out stuff. Was at a farm sale in north Texas last Feb and the farmer there said he had decided if he was going to make nothing he was going to do nothing. I have gotten pretty well the same attitude and sure hope that the next generation farmers can make it work. Some guys ask me what i am going to do and i said i can do nothing and at least not loose money like i have been doing
  3. Pay Pal fraud??

    Since i am retiring i have listed my 527 B disk ripper on Next tech and i get this text from this guy and he says he wants to pay pal me the money. I have used pay pal for several years and never no problems but we are talking lots of $$ and this guy i think has it figured out how to fraud a guy thru pay pal. I suppose it is possible but has anyone ever had problems with pay pal with the buyer? I guess it is not safe to use any kind of pay unless they are honest on the other end. Don't plan to play this guys game but i can not believe that some people have the nerve
  4. 806

    Back in the late 70's there were a few cozy cabs that were installed on some 806 and 856's that had the 3 piece front windshield and it looked just like the cab on a 2-105 white and they were really nice cabs. One guy had one on a 856 and it made me want to throw rocks at my YAR cab on my 856. By far the nicest cab i ever saw on a tractor of that vintage for a jobber cab
  5. Messing with Nature; humor for winter

    Name the darkest one Barrack
  6. Try it again

    Yeah Runner i had it coming but that person is still out there if you want er which i am sure you don't.
  7. Happy birthday,,Mader656, virginia veg

    Happy birthday guys may you all have wonderful days
  8. Try it again

    Well my dear lady and i decided to go ahead and get married in the early part of this coming summer. We are both excited about it and have been talking about where to have the ceremony and a reception dinner. We have came down to the gazebo down the street in the park or at her home in the back yard by her large swimming pool. Both have their disadvantages and it is still on the drawing board. We went to Pueblo yesterday and i got her a engagement ring and the wedding set that goes around the ring. We were planning on a steak fry after the ceremony but after a trip to the jewelry shop it looks more like a weenie roast is in line lol. Where we will live is still up in the air kind of but i think it will be in town and i do not know if i will rent my farmhouse out or if we will stay here some too. Kind of a hard decision. But the main thing is we both are 66 and it will be a great way to retire.
  9. Need Some Ideas

    hey buddy i remember Gene the guy across from radio station told me in the winter the fuel goes 7% shorter distance because of winter. I remember on the 6.6 400 pickup engines in the F 250 it figured out about right and then warm up periods
  10. Loadstar reliability/ reputation

    all i can say is dad purchased our 63 new and it is at SIL's now with 20,000 lbs of corn for cattle. Been a tough ol truck for the treatment and loads it has hauled thru the years. when my cousin and i used to combine together i had the 63 loadstar and a 77 f 600 and cousin had a 67 gmc with a v6. Loadstar could haul about 40 bushels more and did it easier. and the drivers always wanted the loadstar. the gmc and ford were about 50-50 as both seemed like you were peddling them after driving the loadstar
  11. 560 vs 656

    When the 560 came out it was the "big boy" and every ounce of power was pumped out of it. When the 656 came out it had 2 big brothers and it did not have to do some of the impossible like 560's were expected to. I feel that is why the 656 never gave much trouble on the final drives or rear end.
  12. social security question

    My dear lady and i have talked the big M subject and we are both on social security and she gets some disability benefits and social security and i was wondering if we was to get married and have a "Pre Neuptal agreement" would my assets affect her disability benefits? We would be living under the same roof and each have our own finances. I am afraid it would not matter to the SS office as they want to trim and cut out anything they can i am sure. Any one have any ideas besides live in "sin"?
  13. Happy or sad state of affairs

    my grandpa would always take a tea kettle full of hot water that has been brought to a boil and take to the tractor and pour on the exhaust manifold. It was a good sure way to get the 560 LP with the wide front to start when it was really cold.
  14. What other vehicles do you remember from school?

    at May valley school we had this guy who would come out with a little yellow jeep with a snow plow and push trails to the out houses when it snowed. He always got stuck and we kids all pushed him out. Had a 54 chevy 18 passenger bus that would really go in the snow and then in the 7th grade we rode in a 50+ passenger bus (dodge) and the driver over wrapped it one day and there was oil and parts on the road. Drivers ED car was a little ford IIRC and the Ag pickup was always a ford 100 with big mirrors to pull a trailer with and hard to see around.
  15. 7110 salvage yard or fix

    kind of really rough 7110 but it is a 4 speed reverse and short axles and 2wdhttps://eastco.craigslist.org/grd/d/parts-tractor-1987-case-ih/6437344882.html