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  1. hagan

    Mmmm, Mmmm, Good

    Blue Bunny is a real good ice cream and i really like their cookie dough / chocolate chip. or the cookies and creme
  2. hagan

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Used to have a neighbor last name was Perkins. He ran ford cars and oliver tractors. Not a IH on the place
  3. hagan

    Still harvesting like I did in the 50's

    Uncle had a A gleaner and if i was correct the header would raise really high to where it could be loaded on a truck and go above the cab in most cases and it would run 20 MPH going down the road. He combined ear corn with it with just the grain header at times
  4. hagan

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Well at least none of us have the mail man from the show "Funny Farm" have a problem with the mail here the lady carrier is the best nicest lady carrier we have ever had but the Sub is not worth a darn. He used to be the superintendent on the local irrigation canal and was dismissed and now he is our substitute mail carrier with a lot of axes to grind with some of us farmers. When i get my pills from the town 40 miles away he will not leave in the pickup seat or in between the screen and front door he hangs it on the front of the mail box in a plastic bag. She has tole him that is a big no! no!. With all the druggies and all it is bad in rural areas and ours is no exception. She is off for 4 days this week. She is going to tell him again and the postmaster. If it happens i will take a picture and send it to the carrier and let her deal with it i guess.
  5. hagan

    Interesting 806 or 2806

    look at this pretty interesting tractorhttps://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1965InternationalI806DIndustrial2WDTractor
  6. hagan

    Ficching Challenge!

    if you need some minnows the seep ditch on the outlet runs across my place east of 7.5 road. You can catch cute little cat fish sometimes that are about 2 inches long
  7. hagan

    Taking my hog to market tonight.

    that ol fellow is going to do just what he wants to do.!
  8. hagan

    Taking my hog to market tonight.

    Heck of a good camera operator. I can not believe that the machine could even move with that 900 pound bore in there. Could you imagine what that hauling machine would look like if you attempted to castrate him while standing in there.
  9. hagan

    Ficching Challenge!

    Runner was that at the lake by my house? Looks like the boat ramp that was poured on Christmas Eve in 93
  10. hagan

    Never-ending Fun

    I came up with a name for his farm where he shoots. In fact he liked it.
  11. hagan

    auto and farm insurance

    Have to renew my farm liability and the bit of machinery i have around plus my autos and farm house, shop and baler shed. How long do most keep comp and collision on pickups? I have a 06 silverado ext cab 4X4 with a lot of miles on it and a 04 just like it with less miles my son drives. Then the 12 silverado with not a lot of miles. i plan to keep it fully insured but the older pickups the comp is 139 and the coll is 129 per year. I like to hold down costs but then again who knows in this world?
  12. hagan

    Hesston 9260 windrower

    One of the largest Hesston dealers in the west if Chickasha OK. I am sure they can give some advice. I had a 8840 Case iH and the header speed would surge and it turned out to be the hyd header drive motor
  13. hagan

    Farming after heart surgery??

    I suffered a stroke when i was 62 and should never went back to farming. My memory was not good and my reflexes was not as good and i had lost a lot of stamina and had no patience at all with help. When i had realized my grandsons left because of my short patience i decided to start the process of resigning my ability to farm and last winter was spent picking out a renter and i feel i got the best one there.
  14. Since i decided to retire and rent out land and sell machinery i had one guy call and want to purchase my 1440 and i mentioned i would sell it and also the marmon semi and wilson grain trialer, the corn head and 2 grain heads and grain cart. Well we struck a deal and the machinery is all gone now but i am not sad but had full plans of doing some custom combining but with the severe drought it is going to be a really lean year in the area and with a chance i pulled the trigger. I was VERY pleased with what i received for the equipment. Had the combine for 12 years and the truck and trailer for 5 years. But keeping the Loadstar
  15. hagan

    These Girls Are Beasts

    Hey Runner how about "Chandra"