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  1. I owned a JF rotary rake designed to rake 2 windrows into 1. It did a super good job but the bars would wear out and they were $300 each in the late 90's. After that i went to a Darf wheel rake
  2. Runner ol buddy just buy her a new Scout and you will sleep a lot easier at night
  3. Maybe they will be making them in the same factory the internation electric fencers were made in lol but Internation Electric Co was Not part of IHC
  4. hagan


    On dry farming with hoe or shovel drills when John Deere had the LZ IH had the 150 Had a neighbor who farmed lots of dryland and they ran a set of 3 14X 12 IH 150's and a set of John Deeres When it would was really dry they would park the LX's and run the IH 150's around the clock. IH then came out with the 7100 that was really aqward and 1 pair of front wheels right together and they would rock from left to right and about then John Deere brought out the 9400 series and they got the market. Now everyone wants to use a folding air drill as it is so much easier to move and load with seed.
  5. You came within 7 miles of where i live north of Lamar. Was this south west of Pueblo?
  6. When dad had a cab put on his 806 in 66 the dealer put a 4' straight pipe on it. I blame my being hard of hearing a lot on that tractor with the old Full Vision Cab with the doors tied open and that straight pipe blareing. We put lots of hours on that tractor and when i got the 856 it never had a straight pipe until i had a m&w turbo put on it and it was not bad at all
  7. probably has the spin on changeover attachment. I have one on my 560 and it takes the same filter as a 1086
  8. We had a local dealer here and his shop manager made a campaign on the top breather kit just to generte income and work for the mechanics. yes i bit but I never saw any difference on the early 1086 engine
  9. If you find 856 SN 33919 let me know. I purchased new in 1971 and traded off in 1980. It went to Guymon OK and The dealer i dealt with is a auctioneer and knew where it was at one time but the last few years he claims to have lost track of it. But 42 years is a long time for mine and 47 years is a long time for yours. But i did find the 806 i had traded for that 856 in 1971 and i got it back as i started farming with it. I honestly do not ever think i will ever hear about mine But Guymon is close to SW Kansas and not too far from Texas and then Mexico
  10. With Water Filter consider, No Water Filter RUN
  11. My X's son married a gal and she said her Uncle Darrel was there. I said i went to school with him. She answered no that is my other uncle Darrel even did it in a straight face. Thay both had the same name
  12. Makes me itchy just watching those videos. I remember as a kid driving beside the silage cutter with a windrow head dry chopping alfalfa for feeder lamb feed. About as itchy as could be
  13. got the little steel line o rings on e bay for my 806 pump and they are hard to seal. Have one leaking and the other one we worked on we used the steel and teflon o rings but so hard to keep them from coming apart. What do most of you guys use and have the best of luck with. Oh my 560 Diesel has the copper washers on it. Can i go to NAPA and get brake line copper washers and will they work? Thank You
  14. The brace that holds the injector lines solid on the 806 that bolts to the exhaust manifold bolts and had the 2 pieces of rubber between them. Is there still a good part number for the rubber strips or is it a make your own? Kind of needing some new rubber pads
  15. I thought power steering was standard on them. Mine quit working years ago and i put a new hand pump on it in the early 80's and if i remember correctly it was around $400 then. Hard to tell the price of one now
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