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  1. what is the real deal is neighbor said they have been coming over for quite a while and he said most people would have said something long before. I feel that would have been a lot better if he had told me right off the bat. Nothing like setting your dogs up
  2. Guess my dogs are going to the neighbors and killing their cats in the middle of the night. I keep them in most of the time at night but has anyone had good luck with the buried wire type of containment? One is a 6 yr old white lab/cow dog/pit and the other is a blue healer. I really don't want to have to devote my life to watching dogs. I have been thinking of a electric fence to building a small kennel pen for at night our of cattle panels and i really do not know what else to do. Any ideas
  3. Had a boy from a John Deere family working for me one time and he was going to mow weeds with the farmall M and darned if he didn't top off the radiator with gasoline
  4. hagan


    yeah he seems to be doing good. I think he is staying away from the ladies as he wants to keep driving the Lincoln and not have to go back to riding in the Scout. I told him his one gal would look good driving that Lincoln but i think he is smarter than to listen to me.
  5. some of that gas outta the shitter would have helped melt the snow also
  6. sold a Ih 1466 white cab with heat and air on ebay purchased it for $3030 put a couple hundred hours on it and put it on ebay and it went to south padre island and the guy paid $4500 for it. Sent a truck and we all were happy. Then sold a really rough MF 44 on ebay and it went 70 miles west i bought it by the pound and got $300 for it and was happy. Then i sold my 5488 on ebay dealer up the road was playing with me on it and kept trying to sell it and did not realize when it was over it was sold. He was mad at me when i sold it for $10,500. I lost on it what i made on the others. Then sold a
  7. Ah crap that is Cousin Eddy
  8. $4300.00 i called the welding shop and they said those welders sold new for $2300.
  9. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/MillerMillermatic212MIGWelder-2 This machine sold quite well.
  10. I had a 2290 for 13 years. Not much trouble but i have to think too much power. Look at the size of the rearend compared to a 2390 and it is huge. I spun the splines out of the flywheel once, broke the blots that hold the powershift together, broke the key off that makes the 540 PTO turn when pulling a bush hog in tall grass, and then my stepson put 5 gallons of motor oil in the transmission one day. After that it would not back up until warm. I would back it in the shed so it did not have to warm up before you could back out. Hate to say it but i traded it for a 5488 because the guy wanted a
  11. When i went to Jr College here in 1969 we had to get up and tell about where we come from and what our family did in the animal science class. Looking on t he map Colo State Hwy 350 from LaJunta to Trinidad is roughly 70 miles long of nothing and lots of cattle out there and used to be 4 little holes in the road for towns that are now gone. 4 or 5 boys got up and said they were from that area and their dad went broke raising cattle in the 50's and 60's and the banker lent them enough money to get some ewes and start out and make enough money to where they could get back in the cattle business.
  12. Dad and Grandpa would always choose a good healthy single over twins or triplets. Are you feeding your ewes some bran in with the feed. A lot of old ewes would get pregnancy disease and could not get up and would lay there and die. One neighbor had lots better luck running his ewes on pasture so they got plenty of exercise which made lambing a lot easier for them. They ran from 500 to 1000 ewes every winter and would feed up all the grain and most of the alfalfa and always did good.
  13. With my 1440 I would cut about 250 acres of irrigated corn and about the same of milo and sometimes 400 acres of wheat. Those combines are pretty good and will cover a lot of ground if you keep it in good shape
  14. My cousin started farming in 75 in 78 he realized he did not have enough land to not have a job. He worked at a trailer mfg place and did a pretty descent job of farming 270 acres of ditch flood irrigation. He had a family of 3 young kids and watched most of their T-Ball games and later ball games. started out with a 460 LP and 830 Diesel then went to a 1070 Diesel and did a good job. Cut his own hay and stacked it from 97 thru 2002 and then had me bale it. In 2010 they lost a son from cancer and that set him back considerably and about then when he had much tillage to do he would come get a m
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