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  1. Fuel gauge on the 686 has quit reading. Can the gauge function on these be checked by grounding the wire like others?
  2. highcotton


    I’ve been in the loop with the EMD stuff here in SC with potential crop damage assessments and initial loss estimates should it hit. It appears now that it should be a fish storm for us, forecasting 4-6” of rain and 40-60 mph gusts along the coastal counties. Corn harvest has been going around the clock in the potentially “hot” counties.
  3. Have a good friend who teaches automotive mechanics. He has said always replace hoses with calipers, and always do both sides on an axle.
  4. We go every October and have a treadmill stress test, flexibility tests, strength tests, hearing, sight etc. Run resting ekg and full blood panel. I asked the fire board if they could include psa if we were over 40 and they said it cost an extra $25. I reminded them that I go into burning houses and run car wrecks at 3 am for free and that I didn’t think it was too much to ask- county council agreed.
  5. Our county runs psa on all of us over 40 that volunteer with fire dept at our annual stress test and physical.
  6. I’m thinking same thing Hagan- looks like old axial flow concave tool that has come off.
  7. Is there a seal kit available for a reel lift cylinder on a late model 1020 header? It’s the slave cylinder and I seem to be overlooking it on the Case IH parts page.
  8. I’m not sure $6 will be the top. We typically are at $0.80 over.
  9. Forefront is now GrazonNext. GrazonNext also has the new choline formulation of 2,4-D if I’m not mistaken. Aminopyralid is fairly detrimental to trees- similar activity to the picloram in P+D.
  10. We do it all the time here in SC. Plant behind oats and ryegrass harvested for baleage. Plant it and come back with herbicide- just don’t wait too long. We run glyphosate and Bicep behind the planter.
  11. Prayers sent from the Palmetto state.
  12. Is it possible to rebuild the steering cylinder in a 656 Farmall without actually removing the front support from the tractor? I have radiator and cooler out and have front supported ready to pull axle assembly. Oil seal that pivot shaft runs in is pouring- was going to reseal everything while I was in it. Any suggestions appreciated.
  13. Blossom end rot in tomatoes is typically indicative of a calcium deficiency- if pH is good gypsum would work well to supply Ca without further raising pH.
  14. highcotton

    green parts

    You have to create an account to see pricing and dealer stock as well- mine seems to be working.
  15. Mrs Julia was a cousin of yours? Uncle Nolan used to come fish at the farm quite a bit- he was amazing to talk to. He also had a way of getting bogged up in the same spot repeatedly at the pond. Quite a character. He died in 2007- October I believe.
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