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  1. ... won’t come out- period. Tractor in for T/A and clutch and plans were to refill with Hy-Tran when done (owner has been running yellow bucket oil). How much heat can that housing stand? So far I’ve just tried the impact and a breaker bar with a pipe, no dice. Suggestions both welcome and appreciated.
  2. I do not- somehow just looking I think I’d rather have the solid one.
  3. USDA will manage to either find or lose a few million bushels in the June report and the market will magically “correct”.
  4. FIL has a Case 585D- tilt cylinders caused it too
  5. A parts washer would be significantly cheaper than the divorce here...
  6. Governor here announced today that SC would no longer participate in federal unemployment programs due to the plandemic. Basically said the feds have created a lazy workforce giving free money to do nothing and he’s putting SC back to work. It’s about damned time...
  7. We have several species of rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths around here. I’d rather deal with the rattlers- they tend to let you know their there. Cottonmouths are just ornery sob’s...
  8. I tried purple power and it foamed so bad I dumped it.
  9. Not to hijack the thread, but I’ve been in the fire service in SC since 2007. Cell phones currently would be at the top of the list of impairment causing MVA’s here, more so than drugs or alcohol.
  10. Prayers for you and your family from SC Ace
  11. He was on the plane that landed in Vladistok and was subsequently held there- his name was Nolan Herndon. Damn fine man that I was privileged to know and have conversations with.
  12. The 30 pack of skull busters looks delicious.
  13. Great Uncle flew off the Hornet on Doolittle’s Raid.
  14. Prayers that all works out well for them Ace
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