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  1. Prayers sent from the Palmetto state.
  2. Is it possible to rebuild the steering cylinder in a 656 Farmall without actually removing the front support from the tractor? I have radiator and cooler out and have front supported ready to pull axle assembly. Oil seal that pivot shaft runs in is pouring- was going to reseal everything while I was in it. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. Blossom end rot in tomatoes is typically indicative of a calcium deficiency- if pH is good gypsum would work well to supply Ca without further raising pH.
  4. highcotton

    green parts

    You have to create an account to see pricing and dealer stock as well- mine seems to be working.
  5. Mrs Julia was a cousin of yours? Uncle Nolan used to come fish at the farm quite a bit- he was amazing to talk to. He also had a way of getting bogged up in the same spot repeatedly at the pond. Quite a character. He died in 2007- October I believe.
  6. An old inflation from the parlor makes the floor fill much easier. Big end over the spout in the jug and small end in the fill- excellent flexible funnel.
  7. Neighbor brought his 656 over to get the leaks stopped. Mentioned that he can no longer shut engine down with lever. I started looking into it and found the pin that the lever runs on worn severely. Looked it up on the IH parts page and it mentions two pins. One is a 5/32x3/4 groove pin and the other is a 5/32x7/8 coil pin. Which is it- what’s in it doesn’t look like a roll pin. I assume it can be driven out and the new one driven in? Never dealt with one of these before.
  8. There were three of those on our dealers lot in early January here in SC. Fine looking machines.
  9. highcotton

    574 Issue

    I found both a stuck flow divider valve and severely worn hydraulic pump on the 574 I’m working on for a neighbor. Ordered new hydraulic pump, mcv gasket set, and freed up the divider valve. What’s the story on that foam “seal” that came in mcv kit? Old pump I took out did not have one. Exactly where on the pump does it go- I know generally but should it be to one side or the other on the pump?
  10. Uncle Nolan always said the Russians treated them well. That crew ended up in better shape than most of the others for sure.
  11. He was on the plane that went down in Vladistok Russia. He was held there for 6 months or so- they claimed so the Japanese wouldn’t find them. He was offered a stay at home when he got out, but continued to fly in the Pacific theatre. He used to come fishing at the farm in the summers. That man would get bogged up in the same mud hole half a dozen times in a day and I’d have to quit what I was doing to go get him out. He brought his flight jacket from the mission for me to see once- he was one of a kind.
  12. My Great Uncle flew off the Hornet with Doolittle and bombed Tokyo. His name was Nolan Herndon- I could listen to him talk for hours. Neat story.
  13. I’m on my second pair of Danner Vicious boots. Gore Tex lined and hold up a year or so- as good as any I’ve worn before.
  14. I do a good many mechanical TA’s on 656, 66, and 86 tractors around here. We still run a good many of them. I may have to rig one of those up myself- never thought of that design. You think those clutch housings would balance OK on a similar bracket?
  15. Gonzo- You mind giving a little info on the construction of those brackets you have bolted to those clutch housings?
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