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  1. X2 on the Duratrac’s. Just put my third set on today- hard to beat.
  2. I’ve done a couple on 1020 headers, it’s tedious but not awful.
  3. Prayers sent for your friends and loved ones from SC
  4. Prayers for your loss and for healing sent from SC
  5. There was an internal metal tube that ran from the trans pump to the front pump on those (50, 55 series) that was prone to failure if I’m not mistaken
  6. He was talking pickup use- basically said the 2.5’s you get at the parts house will crystallize in the spout when they dry. When you go to put the 1/2 gallon or so you didn’t use initially in you introduce DEF crystals into the tank. I run a 2019 6.7- uses very little. I only add DEF when I know I’ll hold an entire jug or two. So far no issues.
  7. Wife’s first cousin has been a powerstroke tech for Ford since the first gen engines. He basically told be the same thing on DEF. fill it up when empty and if you have a piece of jug left throw it away.
  8. Please thank your son for his service for me- prayers sent for you both.
  9. Realizing asking this is probably a horrible idea, what grease do most of y’all use?
  10. Always tough when the little ones go down- prayers sent from SC.
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