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  1. Every station here is 100% volunteer. We are aging as well. Prayers sent for the gentleman and his community.
  2. Prayers lifted from the Palmetto State
  3. What happened to him Sandhiller? We start our annual physicals with the EOC next week. None of my business really, and inconsequential, I was just curious.
  4. Prayers for the family from SC
  5. Put a Redhead in my son’s 03 F250 a couple months ago. Appeared to be a quality unit and install was extremely straightforward.
  6. Forster will make custom dies using fired brass from your rifle. I have several sets of Forster competition dies and have had no complaints.
  7. Two a days were a right of passage here in sweltering humid S.C. We all managed to survive.
  8. We’ve got our annual kids fire safety camp at the station tomorrow. Looking forward to a day of herding cats....
  9. I’ve concluded over the years the only stupid question is the one you never ask...
  10. I personally find thieves to be lowest of the low- jail is too good for them.
  11. I’m fairly obsessive about doing all my own maintenance- do my daughters as well.
  12. Run green NAPA in everything here.
  13. I’m married to a redhead myself- let me know how that works for you...
  14. Prayers sent from the Palmetto State
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