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  1. Prayers for Great Gma sent from SC
  2. I’d be inclined to go for the Carlyle set. I’ve been very impressed with the few I have acquired, and plan to get more.
  3. At this point I almost hate to guess- I thought I had these somewhat figured out. I wouldn’t see how they are out of time- it’s a HD unit from Hy-Cap I installed about 5 years ago. Everything went smooth as silk then. Planning to get into it again this weekend- my day job has gotten in the way this week
  4. Pulled everything back out today and I cannot find anything that seems wrong with the TA clutch. Pressure plate is new (9 spring from Hy-Cap) as is clutch disc. Clutch disc was not in backwards as mentioned as a possibility. It seems to be releasing. I’m stumped as where to go from here.
  5. I’ve only ordered from them once- I assumed from other comments they were a quality outfit.
  6. You have to pull clutch housing off. Shaft that holds IPTO gear is held in with a snap ring from the back. Remove snap ring and knock shaft out back so IPTO gear will drop down and input shaft will come out.
  7. Being that we have three of this style I’d love to find one of those.
  8. You are correct. I’ve split several as we have a 544,656, and 686. I always support rear of engine with bottle jack, unbolt frame rails and support those, and roll rear of tractor off engine.
  9. I appreciate everyone’s input- I “over adjusted” the TA clutch this evening to make sure the disc was released and with the TA lever engaged the unit will turn in one direction. I’m assuming that would indicate a TA clutch issue?
  10. Thanks snoshoe- I’ll check that tomorrow. I’ve overthought this to the point I’m beginning to confuse myself
  11. Prayers for you and yours from SC
  12. I'm gonna ask an amateur question that I should know the answer to- should I be able to roll TA with tractor together and TA engaged?
  13. Went through the adjustment one more time- nothing. Shifting is not a problem so I started tearing it apart again. If nothing jumps out during disassembly I guess I’ll order a TA.
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