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  1. If I had a dog that ugly I’d shave his a$$ and teach him to walk backwards
  2. Been in this one since 2014. 40x40x 14 with 16’ lean to and 14’ front overhang. My wife painted the roll up door so summer- did the IH inside when shop was built.
  3. BIL has a 4230 MFWD we use on poultry operation to load litter etc. He was backing up from truck a week ago and right front wheel quit turning- it would just drag. Tractor was in 2WD. He pulled it apart and the several teeth were broken off two of the sun gears in the planetary, bearing out, hub full of powdered metal. Axle was actually unscathed. He called me to look for anything he missed prior to ordering parts. I didn’t see anything so parts arrived. We rebuilt front planetary- replaced all bearings, bushings and seals, and front wheel still locks up. If I loosen the bolts that secure car
  4. I get mine from NAPA too
  5. Grew up in town, moved to the former dairy farm my dad was raised on when I finished high school to work on a large peach operation to pay my way through college. Couldn’t find a job when I finished so went back to school and earned a MS in Agronomy. Going on 20 years as an Area Agronomic Crops Agent and Certified Crop Advisor with the Extension Service. Built my shop in 2014 and work when I can with my in-laws on a soybean, wheat, beef and poultry operation. Volunteer with the Fire Dept also.
  6. Wishing you all the best from SC
  7. I’ve gotten several Carlyle tools lately. Been well pleased so far.
  8. I got tired of dealing with all the oil and aggravation. Bought a Charbroil Big Eazy oil-less fryer. I’ll never go back.
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