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  1. Frat brother’s dad when I was in college was in prison for murder. Went a couple Sundays with my buddy to visitation- was about a 2 hour ride from school. He said child molesters and rapists weren’t considered men or true criminals by other inmates and usually didn’t last long. I guess every culture has ethics....
  2. That show if freaking hilarious Rusty
  3. Prayers sent above from SC
  4. Buddy of mine in the FD has his wife in her third Durango- they love them.
  5. Just finished a 1466 pto rebuild myself. Used a HD kit from Hy- Cap that came with the metal seals for the clutch drum. First time I’ve done one with the metal seal option- they were the cats a$$.
  6. 1206 I’m working on has that same bushing. It comes in a seal kit I ordered from Hy-Cap for non-TA tractors.
  7. Finally got sleeve out of bolster. Apparently a tooth broke off of the pivot shaft and the metal floating around caused the leak. Sleeve also was damaged. Sourced a sleeve from Bates Corp, and need the pivot shaft assembly- 379363R21. I can’t tell that the pivot shaft is different between a tricycle and wide front. The parts breakdown doesn’t show a difference. Anybody know if the wide and tricycle run the same part?
  8. Started bolster disassembly this evening. Apparently the leak started due to pieces of one of the pinion shaft teeth that were floating around in the bolster. Also have a crack in top of cylinder. The cylinder seems to be stuck in the bolster. I’ve re-sealed several of these and the cylinders typically come out with moderate effort- not this one. Any tricks of the trade?
  9. JD has been doing that for a while. Not sure on the costs but they call it a “machine down” order. As if it ain’t hard enough to make a dime....
  10. I was saying small prayers I wasn’t going to have to go in to get those three bolts out if the inside retainer🥵
  11. Thanks- didn’t want to start tapping on things if there was something else. Tractor is factory TA delete.
  12. From inside the clutch housing- tractor split at engine- there is a housing over the IPTO shaft held by five 3/8 bolts. There are three bolts threaded into that housing from the backside- I can see the ends of the bolts in the holes. They are 3/8 as well. I feel like the housing is just stuck- but don’t want to get too rough with it if there’s more to it.
  13. There are three bolts in the center, but they’re on the back side of the housing I have taken the 5 bolts out of from inside the clutch housing- if that makes any sense at all.
  14. Going through our 1206 since it needs an in-frame. Going to replace clutch and flywheel, and figured I’d better put a new IPTO shaft in since PP will be new (splines on IPTO shaft are badly worn). I’ve removed the 5 cap screws that are accessed from inside clutch housing, but nothing wants to move. Is the retainer just stuck, or am I missing something. Looks like it should just come off.
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