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  1. Prayers for your loss and for healing sent from SC
  2. There was an internal metal tube that ran from the trans pump to the front pump on those (50, 55 series) that was prone to failure if I’m not mistaken
  3. He was talking pickup use- basically said the 2.5’s you get at the parts house will crystallize in the spout when they dry. When you go to put the 1/2 gallon or so you didn’t use initially in you introduce DEF crystals into the tank. I run a 2019 6.7- uses very little. I only add DEF when I know I’ll hold an entire jug or two. So far no issues.
  4. Wife’s first cousin has been a powerstroke tech for Ford since the first gen engines. He basically told be the same thing on DEF. fill it up when empty and if you have a piece of jug left throw it away.
  5. Please thank your son for his service for me- prayers sent for you both.
  6. Realizing asking this is probably a horrible idea, what grease do most of y’all use?
  7. Always tough when the little ones go down- prayers sent from SC.
  8. Palmetto State prayers sent your way sir.
  9. We started spraying Bermuda grass hayfields here several weeks ago. Annual event to some extent here too Ace.
  10. The NAPA here is excellent. Nearly everyone working there has some knowledge of what’s going on- and very helpful. There are a couple of newer ones there learning- but at least they’re working I guess.
  11. Arby’s close to me was $14/hr plus $500 sign on bonus.
  12. I’ve got the DD/TA kit from Hy-Cap to check those pressures at dump valve. Do I plumb into the fitting where the lube sending unit threads in to check lube pressure?
  13. Used the first Hy-Tran Premium I’ve been around today- it does smell completely different.
  14. Cleaned condenser, CAC, and radiator after church. Low side now 25 and high side around 285. No cycling and cold air. Lesson on taking others word for things learned, but considering the alternatives it could have been worse.
  15. FIL got tractor to shop yesterday. I did little actual looking in the field when I noticed cycling/pressure issue- they were moving hay when I went to check it. Let’s’s just say BIL’s idea of clean as can be and mine aren’t the same- slid condenser out it was pretty stopped up. Screen in front was clean, condenser not so much. In process of blowing out CAC, condenser and radiator. One day I’m gonna learn to check everything myself, stay tuned....
  16. Basically it moves hay. Screens and condenser are clean as can be. I’m thinking it’s something internal.
  17. Nothing has been done to system. Again, it’s a 105U. Tractor has around 1800 hours. FIL brought it down yesterday and said air didn’t work. He’s 82, and well, he didn’t have it cut on. I cut it on and could tell it was cooling but noticed rapid compressor cycling.
  18. I am admittedly not much good with A/C. FIL has a 105U. Compressor will cycle on and off every 15-20 seconds. It’s halfway cold air, but compressor constantly cycles. Pressures when compressor is engaged- best I could tell no longer than it stays on- are 25’ish low side and ~400 high side. Expansion valve? Condenser is clean as can be.
  19. Wife made some for first time this year- you are correct, dang hard to beat.
  20. Spent the day checking corn for southern rust and beans- well just because we are full flower and Asian soybean rust has been confirmed around 100 miles south of us. The corn field was absolutely miserable, no breeze, wet soils and hot as ****.
  21. BIL has a 4230- open station MFWD we use at the chicken houses. Tractor has lost steering and F/R function. It is not a powershift, standard F/R shuttle. I have just gotten pdf service manual printed. I am borrowing a friends flow meter this weekend, but ran the steering relief and cylinder internal leak and F/R shuttle tests today. By specs, failed both. 3 point is flawless (lives with a box blade on the back) and front end loader- which runs off remotes- also works perfect. I don’t think it’s a pump or flow issue. Any ideas for direction as I dive in appreciated.
  22. We run a 300 gal 3 pt sprayer on a 666. You’ll put weights on the front or steer with the brakes- choice is yours.
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