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  1. Wishing you all the best from SC
  2. I’ve gotten several Carlyle tools lately. Been well pleased so far.
  3. I got tired of dealing with all the oil and aggravation. Bought a Charbroil Big Eazy oil-less fryer. I’ll never go back.
  4. We have one left around here. Dropped head and crank out of a 3688 off in mid-May and got it back end of October. Friend of mine is an automotive mechanics instructor at the career center- he begs students every year to drop his class and take machine tool. None take him up- watching way too much Gas Monkey Garage is all we can figure.
  5. A couple bags of frozen peas will be your best friend- ask me how I know...
  6. Looking to acquire a front wear sleeve installation tool for 400 series engines- any suggestions? Need to replace one on a D436.
  7. Dead on jworley- have one guy close here in SC tried a stripper picker. Trashiest cotton I have ever seen- gin said no more.
  8. I recently switched from RCBS Rock Chucker to a Forster Co-Ax. Been using Forster dies for years so decided to try out a Co-Ax press- I’ve been well impressed. I only load rifle ammo so don’t really know what pistol accessories would be needed.
  9. I was a PBR man in college- local bar had them for $0.50 at happy hour. I’m a tried and true Miller High Life man now.
  10. Me and my son had our Covid tests today. My boss said I had to take one because I had been in close proximity to a “suspected” case, go figure. Good thing is I’m off with pay until results. That dam q tip the size of a yard stick they shoved up my nose was unfortunate...
  11. My 17 year old son was sent home from the farm he works for today- sore throat and headache. Went to family doctor and he had no fever and tested negative for strep, but they scheduled him for a Covid test tomorrow morning. He told me coming home he should have a strong immune system and hopes he’ll have it so he can get it over with. I’m convinced I had it in January- tested negative for flu and strep twice in 10 days but Covid really wasn’t on the radar then. Sickest I’ve been in a long time.
  12. I’ve had good luck with Maxiforce kits- used several.
  13. Educate me- what exactly is a diode TA?
  14. I’m a Hy-Cap dealer, only complete hand pumps shown not components.
  15. Ok- that didn’t read the way I meant it...
  16. Leaned on the parts guy at my dealer about it last week- said everybody they talk to hates it but doubts it will change.
  17. Had an umbilical hernia repaired myself- mesh implant. I didn’t do the prescription pain thing either- took 4 ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. Listen to doc- those things are worse if they have to go In twice.
  18. Got sidetracked on a combine issue I finished up today that was more pressing (it was ours- wheat harvest has been a fight). Hoping to get back at it after the 4th. I’ve pulled pressure regulator, flow control, and relief valve and everything seems ok there. Service manual got here yesterday so I’ll do some digging from here. I’ve got a little time- sometimes the non-paying jobs become the tough ones.
  19. Filter was changed before I got tractor. Fluid was near full- but it’s leaking into the clutch housing pretty good. I was told they keep adding fluid to keep it full. I’ve pulled flow control and relief valve, nothing obviously wrong with either. Planning to pull MCV and see what drive gear looks like.
  20. Correct- just figuring since I followed his post (Kal) with mine I wouldn’t need to draw a picture with crayons. Any non self-inflating constructive comments would be greatly appreciated.
  21. My post may have been unclear- tractor has PTO function. I looked in cover and PTO works.
  22. 1066 showed up yesterday with basically no hydraulic function. Unloading was entertaining with basically zero steering. Nasty storm last night ran me inside but have determined we have no remote pressure, PTO functions. I suspect pump- where do I put gauges to test before removing MCV. Service manual on the way.
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