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  1. You can, provided that the gas tractor didn’t have a band-style pto in it. There are different input shafts and driven gears used between the band and the clutch style ptos to provide a different speed of the shaft that connects to the rear pto unit.
  2. Remove the transmission cover under the center section. You will find that the large forward gear is cocked as it tries to slide off of the splines on the lower shaft. Ease the housing back towards the rear end a little to take the pressure off of the gear. Now, use a bar next to the gear to wobble that gear to keep it from cocking as you back up the fork lift. In your case since you are using a forklift to split it, a second person would be handy. We have all encountered this dilemma the 1st time that we split any of those tractors from a 706 to a 1486.
  3. I hook my stream cleaner up to the engine block drain plug and take the radiator cap off and then reverse flush it out the top of the radiator WHILE the engine is running. No soap needed. I actually made an adapter for the radiator neck so I can use a short hose to direct it away from the tractor, although this is not necessary, it keeps the fan from sucking the discharged water into the front of the radiator.
  4. This works EVERY time that I do it. The oil in the transmission does not hinder the heating process. This also works great on those stubborn coolant drain plugs in the block of the 400 series engines.
  5. You can follow this advice on the power steering line off of the pump flange because the relief is in the power steering pump. DO NOT DO THIS ON THE FLANGE THAT THE BIG HOSE GOES ONTO. I did this once and the shutoff valve blew up INSTANTLY! I was lucky that the pieces missed me or I could have been killed or seriously injured. There is no relief for the large pump if you do this.
  6. The springs are only used on the 06 series. Maybe some of the early 56 series, but I’m not sure.
  7. Another thing to consider; is the check valve that goes into the bottom of the fuel tank partially plugged? Over the years, I worked on two German diesels that ran great at high idle, but crappy at low idle. I found that at high idle, the tractor was burning up enough of the fuel pumped to the injectors, but at low idle, because of the need to bypass more of the fuel back to the tank, it was causing back-pressure on the pump or injectors. This would be easy to check. Just remove the excess fuel line connection leading to the tank and divert the excess fuel into a container and se
  8. Red Tech

    MCV Pump...

    What do you shim up and how and where do you put the "shims"?
  9. I needed a wiper blade assembly for a 1086 and I was disappointed to learn that IH wants $50 for a new one. I did a lot of research and discovered that the Napa 6-2065 will work great, at a fraction of the cost! The only thing that I had to do was slightly widen the saddle which connect the wiper blade assembly to the wiper arm. The IH wiper assembly is 3/16" wide in the area where the saddle mounts to the wiper blade, as compared to 1/4" on the Napa wiper assembly. This was easy to modify. I just pressed of piece 1/4" keystock into the saddle to widen it out to 1/4".
  10. Take the spindle off and have a wider keyway cut into it and then have the machine shop broach the steering arm out for the wider key as well. This will fix your problem for another 50 years.
  11. Just have your radiator shop unsolder and switch the neck from the failed pressurized radiator to the non-pressurized radiator. We have this done many times and it works fine. Take the shroud along so that they can put the overflow pipe in the proper position.
  12. X2 !! The iso-mount hangers hold the radiator in place so it should never set on the bolster assembly.
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