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  1. Red Tech

    Bouncing tractor

    I have 18.4 x 38 Firestone Radial All-Traction tires on my 1086 with no fluid, but 6 sets of wheel weights. It bounces like crazy when I get the tractor to 20 mph. I always have an Allied #595 loader on the front with nothing hooked to the drawbar. I've always blamed it on the tires because I think the those bars are at a straighter angle. My theory is that when the gaps between the bars are the same on both the left and the right tires, the tractor goes into a terrible bounce. If I turn a corner at an intersection, which causes the synchronization of the tires to change, sometimes the bounce will go almost completely away until I turn another corner. That is what I base my theory on. If it was the loader causing the bounce, it wouldn't get better on occasion. I have tried more pressure and less pressure; it doesn't seem to make a difference. BTW. I have checked my tires for run-out, side-to-side and for out-of-round. They are as close to perfect as I have ever seen. It makes me jealous when I take a customer's 1086 for a ride and it is cushy smooth.
  2. Red Tech

    Rocker arms not getting oil

    I forgot to mention the rocker arms in my previous post and I did not think of it until mrfred54 mentioned it. Yes, the rocker arm assembly will be toast. As Dirtboyz stated, redo the head because of the lack of oil. I would have absolutely no reservations on letting him put in a used rocker arm assembly. All the tractors that are out there are running used rocker arm assemblies with no problems. These engines lubricate quite well and usually are not known for rocker arm failure unless something like this happens. Keep us posted as to how your mechanic treats you on this. Even the best of mechanics can make a mistake; the difference between mechanics is how they treat you when it happens.
  3. Red Tech

    Rocker arms not getting oil

    As others have said: The head gasket was put on upside down. Any mechanic can make a mistake. Now you will find out if he will do the right thing and cover 100% of the cost to fix it — an honest mechanic would.
  4. I just remove the pto and the hydraulic filter. Remove the retainer bolt in the rear end and remove that retainer on the pipe in the filter cavity. Push the pipe out, replace the o-ring in the housing and then stick the pipe partially into the hole where you just changed the o-ring. Use a duckbill snap ring pliers to grab the inside of the pipe and pull it through the o-ring that you just changed. Replace the retainer bolt inside the rear end housing. Install a 1 1/16" outside snap ring in place of that expensive retainer that is inside the filter cavity.
  5. Red Tech

    1256 hydraulic dipstick

    The only times that I have had that happen is when I replaced a washer on the dipstick and I didn’t cut the two notches in the washer big enough. Also, that washer is not supposed to fit tight in the tube; it is merely there as a guide so that the dipstick doesn’t lean against the gear. Give it a try; I think it will fix your problem.
  6. Red Tech

    706 - Rear hitch leakdown

    Remove the rear end cover and replace the seal on the 3-point piston.
  7. Red Tech

    460 gasser transplant

    I would be cautious about putting that size engine ahead of the drive train of a 460, which is essentially a glorified 300 Farmall.
  8. Red Tech


    I would say that the valve has too much clearance in the spool (defective valve). The seals are merely dust seals and are not designed to hold back pressure.
  9. Red Tech

    oil bath filter

    I was always told to use non-detergent oil of the same viscosity as you are using in the engine. As it was explained to me, the engine oil (high detergent) is meant to keep the dirt in suspension so that it drains out with the oil change, whereas the non-detergent is supposed to allow the dirt to settle out into the cup and not be trapped in the screen of the filter body.
  10. Red Tech

    1086 PTO problem

    Does he have the early or late pto; the late pto has two small plugs on the left side to check the pressure. Assuming that he has the older pto, check and adjust the pressure to 245 psi. The reason that it will pull in one but not the other is because the 540 is geared down so that is probably why it will pull a lighter load. If setting the pto to the correct psi doesn't fix it. overhaul the pto.
  11. Red Tech

    Farmall Super H troubleshooting

    You are welcome. Thanks for letting everyone know what the problem was; as GT&T stated, we all learn from getting feedback. There are people on this forum a LOT smarter than me. I just had a lucky guess. Heck; even a broken watch is correct twice a day. 😀
  12. Red Tech

    Farmall Super H troubleshooting

    I would suspect the condenser. While you are at it, change the points and the spark plugs at the same time. For the plugs in a 4 cylinder tractor, install Autolite # 388. Make sure that the spark plug and the coil wires are wire-cored and not carbon-cored.
  13. Red Tech

    756 Gasser Update

    Charlieu; I think you may have nailed it. I’ve had that happen many years ago and didn’t think of it until you brought it up
  14. Red Tech

    1466 PTO

    Only the older models should have had an o-ring. Your 1066 and 1486 should both have had the gasket. I’ve seen the o-ring blown, but never a gasket. I’m guessing that the outer seal on the piston is blown or else the Teflon seals on the clutch carrier where it seals to the main casting are blown.
  15. Red Tech

    Happy Father’s Day and 756 Gasser Update

    Actually, if the plugs are carbon-fouled, it WILL run better with the choke pulled 1/2 way out. This is because the fuel mixture is now richer which compensates for the poor quality spark.