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  1. Thanks guys for the replies! Gives me something to think about!
  2. I need some help for finding someone to pack and ship two 4 cylinder engines and parts. I have never tried this, so am at a loss of where to look. I bought these engines in the San fransico area and need them shipped to northeast Oregon. The biggest problem is that the old gentleman I bought them from is having health problems and cannot pack the parts or get the engines and transmission on pallets. I had planned to run down and do it myself, but nothing is working out for this to happen. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Aw Tony! That remark plus the Disnyland remark is what it's all about!!!!! The 91 year old, I'll Bet you made his day for needing those balers, and going to a "Ramos (sp?) restoration" had to be icing on the cake! That is another reason, to see the glow on someone else's face!!! ……… Ifn you really have to get rid of "junk" (also called someone else's pride and joy) you can always load up a load and take into the scraper, maybe get enough to buy a bottle of wine or two.
  4. What a score! But yu know now it will take longer to restore one...…. Cus You'll have to be running from baler to baler making sure you are going to use the best part!!!! What a delima, having three of everything to choose from!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Will be following closely.
  5. I would be willing to check out that PTO for you! Make sure it is in good shape and limbered up a bit!!!!!!😊
  6. Looking GOOD! Tony I'm like Smoker1, If I came down and walked around the baler once, I would walk out the door with at least half your dirt/grease attached to me!!!! Keep up the good work!!
  7. If I had found it around here, I'd get it for the pump, injectors, and head..... Oh, I would pick it up for any parts for my 350 UT D.
  8. It's suprising how different area's get their rain! Our OFFICIAL NOAA weather forecast for today is "10% chance of sprinkles"!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hadn't heard about the fires, but did hear about your record setting high temp's. Your skeeders will have to start carrying water tanks to keep cool! Are some of these fires going to be put out by the first snow fall?
  10. Looks Good! I have a little 19" IH "Lawnboy" similar to yours but either a little older, or a little newer. It just quit one day many years ago, I think no spark!? I'll be will be watching your thread to see how you are doing on finding parts. Thanks for the pictures! I'll take a picture of mine next February when I get the hay fed out of the barn!!!!
  11. Nice A C 66? Good Eye! Yes it is a 66 that I rebuilt. No small pull type IH's around here, so had to go with the Allcrop. Been cutting my heirloom wheat for the last 6 to 8 years behind the 350 ut. diesel.
  12. The newer wheats in this area do not roll over due to stiffer straw. We used to: first check for ANY green in the plants, if found-go home! second pick a head and put between your palms and do a rubbing/twisting movement, should thrash out in 4 or 5 movements, three blow the chaff off while changing hands with the seed, four bite several seeds to see that they are hard. If you can dent them, they are not ready yet. Here, the wheat is usually around 12 to 13 percent moisture when cut. People will like to start about the fourth, but it is usually two weeks latter. One neighbor told me
  13. That's great! That would be very nice of your brother to fill in the current owner. Also running into something that he had worked on years ago!
  14. It's a 21, the 24's had two springs on the back. I do not remember what other numbers or letters were ahead of the 21. Looks like a 7 foot, I bought 2 sickles for dad's 24 about 10 years ago from Case ih no problem. Looks like you need a pitman and a few guards also, be the same as 24.
  15. Mike when I saw that first pic I thought that it had been double exposed! Quite a comparison, bigger is not always better! One of my uncles managed a highway construction bisness, he said that there was always a "Catipillar" only thing going on! His input was: if in rock, put in the "Cats" if in soil or soil/rock put in the "IH's", they would run circles around the Cats! I see about your Hitachi, ground doesn't look to be the most stable. At least the operator is on the oposent side from the rocks coming down...…. down hill side...… front row seat when it starts sliding!!!!!! Looks like
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