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  1. There are spots of white and around the international, it does not have the center stainless bar, but the clincher is that there is a paint difference where the 650 emblem was. When the second pic is lightened, there is some white on the grill..... This one will not be hard to strip the paint1
  2. Jim I hope you are right. I adjusted the light on the one pic and see a complete power steering drag link strapped to the deck, so maybe. He's got the international scrip booth sides and booth of the radiator stainless bars, but missing the 650 booth sides. I would take it the way that it is, would fit in next to my 600 real well!
  3. Great pic's Mike! It took me three loads to get them to all to come up, but I would have done it ten times to see these!!! I see by the two road pic's that you have plenty of experience doing that work. Excellent grade!!!! Is that hill side an old burn? Like the 91, wish mine looked that good. Thanks again for the post!
  4. I just dropped my third field of hay this morning. Plugged up the old 990 four times. The side hill part of the field was exstreamlly heavy with grass where it got ahead of the alfalfa. Weather forcaster is now saying in the 90's Sunday! PLEASE take some of this weather, I will trade anyone straight across for a little rain and cooler days!!!!!
  5. Same as PMS but 5 hrs. east. High 70's into low 80's by Friday. Dropped my first hay today after starting second irrigation system. Haying here usually starts at the other end of May!
  6. I sprayed the last little bit of winter wheat yesterday for broad leaf. Wheat was almost knee high, probably waisted spray, but the last rain two weeks ago had wind with it and knocked some wheat down. Weeds are starting to show through these spots, so guess I did the right thing. Planted a field to alfalfa just before last rain, been getting 32 deg. lows the last three nights, picked the harrows up out of that field on my way home yeserday, the little alfe's are still there but are really hunkered down tight to the ground. Neighbor called last night wanting to know if I had my swather ready, says it's suppost to be in the 80's next week, wants his piece cut and baled. I've got to get to work and get at least one of the irrigation sistems up and running today. I have been getting this tickling of my nose and face lately, put my glasses on. I think that is my TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I planted alfalfa yesterday. was supposed to have rained today, but didn't. Hopefully tonight.
  8. Steve You may want to move this post to the General Forum. This forum is for electronic support for the sight. I noticed it because of your name. We have some Suckow's in Walla Walla. Good Luck!
  9. I'd love to get that single point two bottom plow and the disc. But I'm WAY to far away.
  10. The first picture is the type of hitch that was used to push a buck rake around with on loose hay. Before they got the first baler, dad was quite good at it.
  11. Well, I didn't find anyone that have been in these SOOO I opened it up! The bottom is held together by 4 (I'll dots, but needed something on the inside to back up) You can see the one on the cap real good, the one that matches it is on the bottom at about 11:00 o-clock I used a pair of vise grips to flatten out the dots. It took a special screw in the end of a slide hammer to get apart.There are three bafels just slid in. The brass rods did not want to come out. (I did not try heat) The upper end of the twisted square rod has a guide on both upper and lower ends. The u shape flat bar is magnetic. The twisted rod is heat treated. There is a button that the twisted rod goes into, and then the button fits into the bottom of the gauge casting. There is no through hole. One the aluminum face plate has a dot in the lower edge to locate it in the top of the casting. The top of the casting also has the dot and the face sets just inside the inner ring that you can see. The needle sets on the solid pin and is turned by the magnet through the casting. The cover is two piece cromed brass. I had to insert a thin tool (pocket knife) between the glass and the rim of the top cover. (parts in this photo are upside down) After lifting the rim a little I went around the outer edge with a very small screw driver and tapped and lifted the top cover, glass, and bottom cover out of the casting. As you can see the glass is very brittle. (glass is 1 7/8 inch in dia. and .13 inch thick. the was what I thought was corrosion under and around the face disc. but the same type of "stuff" was between the cover, glass, bottom cover, and casting. Might have been decomposed sealant or glue. There are brass inserts in the threads, don't know if these were to keep it from coming apart, or to hold the brass rods into the casting. I tried to pry the stirrup down far enough to get the twisted rod out of the hole, as you can see, I didn't succeed! Not going to mess with it until I put it back together. If you need to free up the needle, go into the top. Free up the twisted rod, try to do it with out taking the bottom apart. I am not sure how to put a new cork on, maybe split it and glue it back together. Well that's all I know!!!!!!
  12. The shaft that the handle is splined to uses 2 O-rings. one each end. The back has a plug also to seal. (built to be able to be a left hand or right hand) CNH number 86629543. 0.364 I.D. .003 width.
  13. On IH tractors W400, 450, International 600, 650, International 560, 660 use the same length cylinder with intrical valve. (Munro brand) Some combines used them, different length but same stroke. 151, 403, …... (Ross brand) 806JR I am going to send you PM.
  14. I don't know. But should help.
  15. Bill If I remember right, you have the utility.? With the utility, the resivor is so shallow that I would expect that you may loose most of the oil, tho I have not had to do this. The drain for the resivor is on the left side, near the front. If power steering, there will be either a tee or ell in this spot to let the return back. I would try to catch as much as possible by draining the resivor before removing the valve blocks/regulator block. The blocks have a recess for the o ring, but with three per block, it is advisable to put a little grease on the o rings to hold them in place. Make sure that the hitch is supported as it may drop if your tractor does not have the 'no drop' valve in the line. Tighten the bolts evenly. Good Luck!
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