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  1. Grumpy Gaby

    Gas start diesel engine question

    Thanks James! That's it!
  2. Grumpy Gaby

    RESTART of W400D rebuild

    After regaining my sanite! Did a little machining! Lil ackward but worked! Starting to fit up! Now for a big weld! And ya get this! Sorry for not being correct, but got fast hitch equip to pull!
  3. Grumpy Gaby

    RESTART of W400D rebuild

    A little fill in from then to now! Have ya ever had no extra money! Had no gumption! All ya wanted to do is go to the shop and have a couple of cool ones! WELL it can get down rite dangerous!! Spair parts and frustrated hands can be a bad thing! Yup, It'l fit! Turbo is wrong size, off 99 Dodge 5.9 but it's doable! Time to lock up and get back to the house!!!!!
  4. Grumpy Gaby

    Old IH drill

    With the pineapple gear it will be a double run. in the hopper there will be two feed wheels one with small veins and the other with slightly larger. there is a sheet metal cover that will fit over one or the other feed wheel and held in place with an L shaped tab. The owners manual will have settings in it. The correct wheel is chosen and then the adjustable sprocket on the pineapple gearing is moved to get fine adjustment. I am not sure, but The pineapple drills were probably made from the late 30"s through the late fifty's latest with rubber tires. There were drills with a flat gear instead of the pineapple gear prior to that back possibly into the 20"s. Not sure if it was the same model or not. An M manual should direct you how to get it set, just remember to pick the correct row spacing.
  5. Grumpy Gaby

    Gas start diesel engine question

    There was a very good article put up here a few years ago, but I cannot find it now. It was about when IH started looking into Diesel engines. They purchased several from Europe with different styles of injection. I beleave in 1919 they built a two cylinder engine that could be modified with various injections and it had a combustion viewing port. To get down to (pc) or (di), They found that a (di) required a better consistency of quality fuel than the (pc). The (pc) engines were much more forgiving. IH was selling equipment all over the world, and quality fuel was not garenteed in many places, so desided to go with the (pc). The quality of diesel stablized faster than expected , possably because of WWII . (there is more, but cannot remember right now!)
  6. Grumpy Gaby

    You tube links for dad

    Mader Sorry to hear about your Dad. Like B&C said. Spend as much time with him as you can. I know that you are in different states, but time is well worth it.
  7. Grumpy Gaby

    Super WD9 questions

    Frosty as you checking out things, open the oil level on the front side of the injector pump and smell it for diesel. If there is diesel in this oil, the boost pump seal is bad. (the seals (2) and gaskets are avalible from several pump repair shops) If it is run like this for a long period it will fill the main pump with diesel and eventualy push it into the crank case. The injector pump is to be filled with the same type of oil as the crank case. Normaly 30 weight. ("MB Cat" had a post on how to remove the seal) Another thing on the pump is that they can become stuck when setting for long periods. An easy way to check the rack is to pull the pin in the end of the throtal where it hooks onto the arm on the front side of the pump. While holding the throtal rod out of the way, try moving the arm tword the operators seat. If the rack is not stuck, you will feel a slight resistance for a ways, then it will come up against a spring. IF the rack is stuck, the spring resistance will be felt from the beginning. If I remember wright, the 270050R91 pump has the oil fill port on the back end of the pump, held on with two 1/4" bolts. This can be removed, and the end of the rack can be seen. If it is stuck, "MB Cat" used to say squirt a little de-natured alcohol on the rack and let it set for a day and repeat. If you look in while moving the arm and see the rack move, you should be ok. Hopefully you will not have to go into the pump to free up things, but if you do, "M Diesel" put some really good posts on this site. Easyest way to find them is from an external search engine like google, or...just end your search with red power. Good Luck!
  8. Grumpy Gaby

    Super WD9 questions

    Great pics.! I don't see skid marks to where the ramp was, so you must have gotten that rounded bolt lose some. That kind of weather makes the problems a lot bigger. Bet it feels good to get it home!
  9. Grumpy Gaby

    And I wasn`t drinking

  10. Grumpy Gaby

    Super WD9 questions

    Found my manuals, I was wrong, the newer flip seat did not appear until the 600. The super WD9 seat as sown by Super WD9 use all of the later WD9 except the sturup that mounts to the rear end. My Super parts manual is dated 6-'54. I would think that you are not home with it yet, but let us know how it went!
  11. Grumpy Gaby

    Super WD9 questions

    I have the parts manuals for the wd9, super, and the 600/650. I will try to find them tomorrow. I believe that they changed to the flip top pan seat like the smaller tractors like 300/350 400/450 with super, but not sure. It looks like possibly that you have the "slide the seat out of the way option" Holes in a subframe to move the seat to the side for better intry and being able to stand up.
  12. Grumpy Gaby

    Super WD9 questions

    Your pump is a "B" model for the 350 cubic inch engine. The super wd9 engine. The hand clutch and large tires were for rice & cane, but out here in the west, a few hand clutches were requested and quite a few had the larger tires for summer follow. We had a wd9 set up like that when I was a kid, and I have a 600 like that now. From the photos, this tractor is on the east side of Washington. How far is it from Walla Walla? If somewhat close, I could possibly give you some on site help. I just reread your posts about picking it up tomorrow..... Your were not figuring on driving it on the trailer, were you? If it has set for several years, it could be easy to get going, like 10 hours, or hard because various things stuck 2 weeks. Good luck! And ask any questions--- there is a lot of knowledge on her!
  13. Grumpy Gaby

    life in our corner

    Oh! To be a kid again!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Grumpy Gaby

    RESTART of W400D rebuild

    I did add more fuel, but as I was starting to take off the return line, I noticed that the throttle rod was not hooked to the pump arm. It was laying on it and each time I throttled up the rod slid down the pump arm until I had no throttle at all! 🙄 Also tightened the bolts on the throttle pivot at the lower dash. Had a real good run today!
  15. Grumpy Gaby

    Restoring a bobsleigh runner

    Looking good! I veagly remember looking at what was left of the one that grandad used to feed with when dad was a boy! Dad's uncle had one also. Dad said that they had to quit using them because the winters wormed up enough that snow didn't stay on the ground.