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  1. Grumpy Gaby

    Power steering for a WD 9 ?

    On IH tractors W400, 450, International 600, 650, International 560, 660 use the same length cylinder with intrical valve. (Munro brand) Some combines used them, different length but same stroke. 151, 403, …... (Ross brand) 806JR I am going to send you PM.
  2. Grumpy Gaby

    300 Hydraulics Question

    I don't know. But should help.
  3. Grumpy Gaby

    300 Hydraulics Question

    Bill If I remember right, you have the utility.? With the utility, the resivor is so shallow that I would expect that you may loose most of the oil, tho I have not had to do this. The drain for the resivor is on the left side, near the front. If power steering, there will be either a tee or ell in this spot to let the return back. I would try to catch as much as possible by draining the resivor before removing the valve blocks/regulator block. The blocks have a recess for the o ring, but with three per block, it is advisable to put a little grease on the o rings to hold them in place. Make sure that the hitch is supported as it may drop if your tractor does not have the 'no drop' valve in the line. Tighten the bolts evenly. Good Luck!
  4. Has anyone successfully taken an original apart to rebuild? With some wd40 and just a little heat, I got the top to turn in the cap a bit. It will rotate until the brass stirrup rod comes in contact with the edge of the opening in the bottom of the cap. Does the stirrup have to come out, or does the bottom of the cap come off? 🤔
  5. Grumpy Gaby

    mccormick W9

    I'm sure! Plus it was under a backhoe and frontend loader, so they didn't care. With the mass of the backhoe and loader structures, you could hardly tell what tractor it was. Everyone thought that it was a WD9, I did too until I Got in close and got a glimps of part of the grill emblem (hydraulic tank directly in front of grill).... Hay that's not a 9 or super 9! It came home with me.
  6. Grumpy Gaby

    mccormick W9

    I know where another 600D is! It needs help, but it is slowly getting it. Just after it got it's first bath last summer. Picked up some 'new used shoes' for it last week. Got tired of looking at those combine tires!
  7. Grumpy Gaby

    Gas start

    Welcome! The compression release lever is on the left side of the couling. pull it tword the operator to be in gas mode, push forward to be on the diesel mode. It is roughly 2 feet long with a cast in ball to grab.
  8. Grumpy Gaby

    International 2400 D Backhoe loader

    Welcome aboard newfeng! I have a 2500A loader/backhoe (based on the 574), same type transmition as yours, I have found I beleave four manuals...…. Must be five out there because I've not found all the info that I need out of these. I did find in one that if you are going to operate it on more than a 20 degree side slope to over fill the resevour, I beleave about an inch. My problem, is that one manual will talk about one thing, but does not tie it into the whole unit...…. Happy Digging!
  9. Grumpy Gaby


    Widow maker!
  10. I have moved several A-C 66 combines. The first, I cringed as the guy I bought from was running around with a small forklift and putting it up on 50 gal. barrels, one side at a time. What I came up with at home was two engine lifts, one on each end of the axel. Turn the legs 90 degrees so that the engine lifts are setting on the ground. Attach the tonge to a front end loader preferably(overhang to get onto the trailer farther), but a lot of things will do. Your trying to keep the engine lifts from tipping to the side incase you bump the combine backing the trailer under it. Trailer tires will go right over the lift legs. on the 66's, I took the wheels off to narrow the over all width. Block, let down, chain, dismantal lifts and chain them down under the combine, put on flags and bumper sighns. GO- 30 minutes, after you've done it once! Looks like the 80 would be easyer than a 66, other than needing something to support the tounge. Or rotate combine a little to get the tounge on the deck. Wish that I had taken a picture, be easyer to understand.
  11. Grumpy Gaby

    Update on dad

    Yes it does! Sorry to hear about the report. We'll be praying for you.
  12. Grumpy Gaby

    McCormick Model M grain drill parts

    From what you discribed, yours is totally different from what I have. Mine are studs on he disc with right and left hand threads.
  13. Grumpy Gaby

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    OBG I hate to disagree, but the 100 replaced the super A. The one in your picture is a 130, or painted like one. I figure that you know sooo much that you are intitaled one mistake!
  14. Grumpy Gaby

    McCormick Model M grain drill parts

    I have not been around a single disc before, are they all on one side or is half the drill on one side and the other half is on the other. And if they are all on one side, witch side is it, looking in direction of travel. One side will have right hand threads, the other left hand. Can you take pictures of both the inside and out side of the disc and bearing housing? There are some old seed drills discarded around. Also it maybe that the double disc are the same. I have a couple of those to compare with. Where are you abouts, also when are your drilling dates?
  15. Grumpy Gaby

    1955 Farmall 300 Utility Question

    The drain for the hydraulic reservoir is on the left side next to the front. If you do not have power steering, there will just be a plug to remove. If you do have power steering there will be a tee there with one side with a plug. The trans, rear end, and PTO front reduction are connected, but to get all the oil out you will have to take out three plugs, I believe. Use a GOOD 'tractor hydraulic/transmission oil'. They are made for these applications. The rear PTO ( if it is a live PTO has its own reservoir) Do not go cheep on oil. For one, with the wrong oil, you could lose the hydraulic pump...…. $600 to $900 to replace. If you had a TA and cheep oil, $600 to $800 plus cost of splitting the tractor in two places. Your son will be running in the higher RPM range so PTO will get a workout. I hope he gets all of those chiggers! I found out what they were when we went to visit west Texas. Good Luck!