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  1. MCC

    TD 9 cylinder order

    Cylinder #1 is next to the radiator. #4 is next to the flywheel.
  2. MCC

    Farmall 400 started on diesel

    I have never heard this before. Without my manual in front of me to verify specs, my memory seems to recall 16:1 compression on diesel which is similar to my 24 valve Cummins.
  3. MCC

    Optima batteries in 1086

    I had two yellow tops last 13 years in my truck. I bought these around 2003. I too read they are now junk and replaced them with Deka AGM Intimidators. I read good things about them, time will tell. If money was no object, I would have went with Odyssey batteries.
  4. MCC

    Rear tires for the M

    Where does a person get their rims widened? Is it cheaper than new rims? My SMD has 15.5's on the original wheel and they crown high in the center and have worn oddly. Thanks, Dan
  5. MCC

    Fleetguard FIlter

    Sadly, I've had two big issues with Fleetguard filters since they moved production to Mexico. I've stopped using them.
  6. MCC

    gooseneck trailer floor

  7. MCC

    gooseneck trailer floor

    I've used linseed oil and it works. What I've been using several years now is used motor oil cut with diesel fuel. Works very well.
  8. MCC

    Shocker hitch

    I had a DMI quic n easy for 20 years, that I just took off. I don't pull wagons anymore and got sick of the spare tire in the bed. The DMI didn't do anywhere near what this hitch does as far as decoupling the jarring trailer suspension from the truck. The DMI didn't have any up and down give like this shocker does.
  9. MCC

    Shocker hitch

    Anybody ever use one of these? I just bought one to deal with a really rough riding 16/5 bumper pull 14k deckover. I can honestly say it works as well as the claims on their website. I am very pleased so far after my first trip today with it installed. Thought I'd pass this along for anyone getting beat to death by a stiffly sprung trailer. I am very impressed.
  10. MCC

    Super C accident and resurrection

    How did you snap your crankshaft?
  11. I just listened to BREAD for the first time in my life after reading this thread and actually find it pretty good and relaxing. Thanks MTO Dan
  12. MCC

    Could be the last run of the season

    Maybe you can get lucky and reuse the wheel if you find it.
  13. MCC

    100 year old farmer

    That is really cool!
  14. I got bit by what I assume was one of them several years ago. The damaged tissue turned black with time and fell out of my leg and left a hole I could put a garbonzo bean in. It was gross. I never knew what it was until I googled Brown Recluse spiders and they had some pictures of what my wound looked like. I believe they said it was the only spider bite that could kill the tissue like that.
  15. MCC

    Ih td6 missing

    Central Fuel Injection