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  1. I can see both points on the oil. I guess I would look at the dipstick and decide. I wouldn't touch the FASS though until you get some miles on the filters. I think I've only changed the filters once or twice in 75k on mine.
  2. Can anyone tell me the serial# break for the heavy press sleeves for a 656D? I just got a '69 and am curious. Thanks, Dan
  3. Thanks for all of that Mike, it's a lot of good info I didn't know. Appreciate it, Dan
  4. I had someone else tell me that today. He said they did a great job at fluffing the hay up and modern rakes make it more like a rope. The rake was my grandfathers and my mom said she raked with it as a kid. I wish I knew more about it, like a model number and year.
  5. You dont have to do anything with the thrower, there is a rod you pull and that lets a pan drop down on chains just ahead of the thrower.
  6. no live pto, just live hydraulics
  7. This year I bought a baler to compliment my sickle and rake. This is the first time I've had everything needed and not had to hire the neighbor. Everything went well and was quite a bit of fun. If I make some money, I will look for a hay rack before my kids move away.lol
  8. I agree. I'm trying to convince him to keep it.
  9. Hello, My friend is tossing around the idea of selling his families 10-20 that his great grandfather bought new due to not having anything to do with it or anyplace to use it. He was looking for an idea on it's value. Thanks for any advice. Dan
  10. I have a Denver Off Road aluminum bumper on the front of my dodge. Keeps the weight down some, but tough.
  11. I like 85w140. It is quieter and the old time IH mechanic I talk to assures me it is thinner than the original stuff they came with new and is fine to use in WI during the winter.
  12. Out of curiosity, what difference does it make if the 856 is too new so that it can't plow at Reedsburg PD? I attended your event last year as a spectator and enjoyed it very much. I would have enjoyed it even more watching that beautiful 856 stretching it's legs.
  13. I was told a story about a local HVAC guy getting bit by a Brown Recluse spider behind the ear and ending up in the hospital for weeks. I believe I was bit by one of those based on the pictures I found on the web matching the black meat inside the swollen wound area. The black meat fell out and left a pea sized hole. It was absolutely disgusting. The best spider killer I found was spray glue, worked like a charm.
  14. I’ve never heard of the ozone thing. Is that supposed to really work?
  15. Well I was actually able to convince my wife on installing a woodstove after we had the sales rep come to our home and give us his opinion on the best placement for the chimney. She would never agree with me, until the salesman said my idea was best. I asked her about this later and her response was, "I had to hear it from someone else". Ah the joys. lol Anyway, we ended up ordering a Blaze King Princess 32. We really liked the set it and forget it automatic damper for operational simplicity for the wife and I really like the long burn times and consistent heat output. I'm super excited as I have been wanting a stove for years, but I could never get my wife to agree on the location of it. And now since I just had about 100 Ash trees logged out, I have tons of tree tops to clean up. Supposed to be delivered in 12 weeks. https://www.blazeking.com/products/wood-stoves/princess-classic/ My wife wanted the solid base with a functional ash pan.
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