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  1. To anyone who has run one of these on a bench, I am curious if you have return fuel being pumped back to the reservoir? I set my spare pump(which was recently overhauled by a shop) up on a stand and have all of the lines hooked up and spin it at 500 RPM with a drill. The primary pump is putting out 60psi per my gauge. Everything seems to be working correctly, but I have no fuel being pumped out of the scavenging pump back to the reservoir. I poured fuel down into the scavenging pump outlet and it pumps this out but nothing is coming out of the pump on it's own. Is this normal? Or do
  2. I saw this one on tractorhouse and thought it looked good, they just don't have a straight on shot to see it from that angle. I saw a half dozen or so set up this way on that website. Figured there must be a reason.
  3. What position do you guys run your narrow fronts in? My SMD has them set all the way in, but I have been thinking about moving them out one position to the 12" setting. Does anyone have a picture of them set out? I am curious if it might may it look a bit "tougher". Thanks, Dan
  4. My SMD came to me with 15.5's mounted on the stock wheels. The tread sits rounded up high in the middle and has worn off funny from road wear across the center 4" of tread. My Grandpa's SMD has 15.5's mounted on 14" rims and it looks really tough. I wouldn't put 15.5s on stock rims if I need rubber in the future.
  5. Search for it on this site, I have seen a picture posted on here in the past. Some people say the tool is destructive to the cup. Someone used a punch on my original set and boogered up the holes pretty good. I have read the pressure washer trick is easy and safer to the precup if the head is off.
  6. Only once and workng on 15 years. With four kids ranging from 4 to 13, things can get a little crazy and overwhelming for us. It does our relationship a lot of good to try and get some date nights in once in a while, but it sometimes is a few months until we take the time. My wife homeschools our kids and works about 30 hours a week outside of the home. She is the busiest person I've ever met and it can be tough on our marriage at times. All in all, we'd do it again.
  7. We had something like 6 barns burn down near me a few years ago. They caught the guy, a young kid on the volunteer fire department.
  8. You can look for a manual for it at Binder Books, Jen Sales or Ebay. I believe the good IH manual is a # 1003. I'd try it after cleaning the filters if the rack is free, but there is a good chance the pump is full of the same crud as in your filters. Pretty sure you can pull the oil filler cover and see if the rack is moving.
  9. I've read of people having good success using a pressure washer to pop the precups out with the head off.
  10. Can you post a picture of the fuel line fittings you need? I had some made up for my SMD and may be able to help.
  11. Someone once said they loosened the bolts a bit and ran the engine. Said it popped them loose.
  12. Take my advice and don't push it prematurely. My doctor told me it would get as good as its gonna get in 1 year and to use pain as the indication of when to back off. In my case, I way over did it and created a lot of scar tissue and it took two years for mine to get as good as they were gonna get. After one year, I was convinced I made a mistake. After two years, my grip strength was great and the burning had gone. Would do it again absolutely.
  13. I have a recently rebuilt water pump on a SMD. After about 20 hours of use, I found some black grease slung out from the groove at the pulley. I spoke to the rebuilder and he said not to worry as the front seal is installed backwards to allow grease to burp if necessary. I have cleaned this up several times and it continues to sling some grease. The book states it will happen if over greased. I haven't greased it since the rebuild. I removed the grease zerks and the cavity isn't full of grease or coolant. All looks well from what I can see, just wondering why this keeps slinging grease. Im ass
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