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  1. This guy obviously knows what he is doing. I didn't hear a single grind. What is the trick to doing this? Like a semi and match RPM with no clutch? How can I do this without grinding my gears while learning the technique?
  2. if I recall correctly the super m is 2 miles per hour faster than the regular m in 4th.
  3. At least physically anyways. I always enjoy a good foot race and really enjoy stomping my kids. Two years ago on family vacation, I raced my oldest son and pulled something in my knee that took 6 months to heal up. I haven't sprinted all out since. At work, I am really struggling with my eyes, shoulders and don't try to do the things I used to do. Well tonight, my kids baseball team had a parents versus kids end of season grudge match. I got there late and was enjoying watching my athletic wife play. At her urging, I decided to go in and bat. On my way to first base I hear the parents urging me to step on it like I was going to be thrown out, so I grabbed my hat and hammered down. About 2/3 of the way to first, something lets loose in my hamstring. Never had this injury before. So I came back home to nurse my gimp and left the baseball to my wife. Hope it feels better for work tomorrow and doesn't take months to heal up.
  4. MCC

    Farmall H miss

    What is the reasoning behind this?
  5. MCC

    Farmall H miss

    Do you have to worry about timing being effected by this?
  6. Where there is a will, there is a way. I'm not saying it makes financial sense, but I'm sure it is fixable if that is what you want and something a lot of people would love to have. I mean if they can piece a B29 back to flying status, I'm sure you can find the parts if that is what you want to do. I would enjoy the challenge myself, but am still broke from my SMD. Best of luck to you.
  7. Yes, but I believe an outfit in Canada is making sleeves, pistons and rings new for the TD9/WD9 engines. I would also check with FP Smith in CA. I could be wrong, but I also thought someone was making gaskets.
  8. Unless this is different than when I redid everything on my SMD, there are some parts out there, you just have to be patient looking for them and ready to pay out the nose for them.
  9. It was pretty straight forward on my Super MD. You would probably get better answers if you posted in the Construction forum.
  10. I have a SMD with a live hydraulic pump, Webster priority valve, Behlen PS motor, Saginaw 3pt. hitch controlled with a new Cross valve. I just added the rebuilt Behlen unit and the power steering starts feeling notchy after it warms up good. I drained some fluid out and the ISO 100 is full of air bubbles. I have no known leaks, the 3 point works as usual. Looking for help. Thanks, Dan
  11. I went through my entire rearend on my SMD a year ago and got several good used gears from Steel Wheel Ranch.
  12. MCC

    .22 Hornet?

    I looked earlier and came up with about 400 miles.lol
  13. MCC

    .22 Hornet?

    Local gunstore has a used/mint condition Ruger 77/22 Hornet Blued/Walnut topped with a Leupold scope for a bit less than $700. I drool over it everytime I go in there, but am scared of the cost of ammo since I don't reload. It was still there last time I was in there, but Covid19 has reduced my paycheck by about 40%, so that has made the decision easier. If I had the cash laying around, I'd buy it just for the beauty, if nothing else.
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