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  1. I got bit by what I assume was one of them several years ago. The damaged tissue turned black with time and fell out of my leg and left a hole I could put a garbonzo bean in. It was gross. I never knew what it was until I googled Brown Recluse spiders and they had some pictures of what my wound looked like. I believe they said it was the only spider bite that could kill the tissue like that.
  2. MCC

    Ih td6 missing

    Central Fuel Injection
  3. MCC

    Long shot, but looking for any leads

    I asked my FIL who worked for Jim Moe. He said he didn't remember it, but would ask someone who might know.
  4. MCC

    What would you do?

    This is good info. I didn't know they had to sign for each load. Based on this, I'd say the quarry is correct. I'm planning on going to their office this week. I did make a $2000 deposit.
  5. MCC

    What would you do?

    My gut feeling is the excavator estimated wrong. Just frustrating since I don't know.
  6. MCC

    What would you do?

    I am in the process of having a shop built on a piece of wooded property I own. I hired a local guy to do the excavating. He is a younger guy who started his business from scratch and I like him. We had to cut a lane in and my estimate from the excavator was $2500 for stone which I would pay directly to the quarry. My problem is I got a bill from the quarry for $5600. I asked the excavator about it and he said he has always used this quarry without an issue. He also said he used a little extra breaker but he didn't think that much. I called the quarry and they rechecked the tickets and said I got 26 trucks delivered. I called the excavator back and he said he didn't count the loads, but didn't think it was that many, but not sure. My FIL used to do excavating and he looked at it and said he sure didn't think there was that much stone there either, but again couldn't say for sure. If I used that much, great, but I have no way of knowing and it bugs me that two different guys with experience here are questioning this. The excavator said "sorry". The quarry said to let them know if I have any more questions. I still would have put the lane in if I knew it was going to be $5600 in stone, but don't like how it happened like this. What would you guys do?
  7. I am putting up a shed this summer. I am interested in getting some natural light in there. I figured I would just put one of the fiberglass panels along the top under the eve. My builder says his experience with these is they age and leak. I am curious what your experiences are and if they are easy to replace if needed. Thanks, Dan
  8. MCC

    A Better Solder Gun

    We use Hexacon and Metcal solder stations for soldering Aerospace components. I am really impressed with the Metcal. I've never had to work on one.
  9. MCC

    TD6 head gasket

    I ordered it direct and made up a phony tractor repair business name so I could get it. When you spray it in the little hole, you will see it run out of some passage ways towards the manifold. I stuck some earplugs in there to dam up the holes so the Kroil would stay where I wanted it.
  10. MCC

    TD6 head gasket

    As I recall, I had to unbolt the rocker arms and lift that off. Then the little caps just lift up and off. There is nothing holding them down. Real easy after the rockers are out of the way.
  11. MCC

    TD6 head gasket

    Use patience with these little fragile valves. I had one stick and was able to get it freed up by spraying Kroil on it from the top and tapping on the valve stem with a brass punch and hammer. I removed the valve cap to get to the valve stem. I have also heard of people removing the spark plug and using a needle nose to get on the stem and work it up. I had a mechanic tell me this isn't uncommon from lack of use. He said it was another good reason to leave it set on diesel mode so you could tap them down if they became stuck verses having to work it up.
  12. MCC

    Living privacy fence

    I am putting up a shed/shop this fall on my property that adjoins a corn/hay field. I have to clear out about an acre of timber to prep my build site. Once the shed is up, I would like to plant a row of smallish/medium sized trees to serve as a wind/privacy block. I don't want something that will grow huge and become a potential shed killer if they get knocked over in a storm. I was thinking arborvitaes, but my wife thinks they will get killed by the spray being applied to the neighbors field. I figured you guys would have a good idea on what survives in a fence row. This is in southern WI. Thanks, Dan
  13. MCC

    I got a new TD 6

    Very nice! I would love to find something like that near me.
  14. MCC

    Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    I have also read of a few people have a wiring issue under the steering column where it would act like you turned the key off. I have a '99 ISB and used to read the daily.