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  1. Burns my hide too. I wish they would be forced to spend within their means like we have to versus the bs they ram down our throats. Our local school has a class size of 17 and was built around 2000. Our school was so bad off, they had to pass a referendum to get a second gymnasium installed, for a class size of 17. I heard a lot of people who voted for it whining about the tax increase too, go figure.
  2. Yeah, I don't know for sure. I just posted that for comparison.
  3. I took this last year on my property in WI. The closest neighbor said they saw 2 wolves during the winter. I think this could be a wolf track. That is my size 11 steel toe work boot for reference.
  4. Can you tell me about the grease fittings?
  5. I am talking about the stamped piece of metal under each of the two bearing races. It looks to me like their purpose is to keep grease near the bearing.
  6. Are the grease retainers needed. I ruined one and was told they are not necessary. What do you guys say? Thanks, Dan
  7. Im doing this job right now. I just bought new Timken bearings and cups through Motion Industries for under $110 for one side.
  8. MCC


    $0.53/rd. Cheapest I've seen in a long while.
  9. MCC


    After a long dry spell, the local farm supply store finally had .223 and .45. Made my day.
  10. Are the front rims on a Super M 4.25" wide?
  11. MCC


    What bullet are you using?
  12. MCC


    What do you do with Kangaroos? Eat them or just getting rid of them?
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