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  1. Pretty sure it states it right in the manual for my '99 CTD or maybe some other Cummins literature I read to let it cool down for up to 5 minutes after towing. I always let mine cool down to the 300 mark or so on my pyro.
  2. The USPS has screwed up the last two out of three items I have shipped. The last screw up may cost me an $800 sale if the buyer gets impatient waiting for my "lost in the mail" part while his machine sits down.grrr I will being switching to UPS to cover my hide.
  3. I started out with a truck camper and used that until I got married and we had child #2. We got stuck on a rainy trip and people had to take turns standing up. We ended up with a Jayco Hybrid camper as it is still a nice tow length but has lots of sleeping room now with 4 kids. I like a camper that is around 26' or less so I can get into the semi modern campsites I like to camp at in MI and WI. We went to Custer State Park in SD a couple of years back and I would like to go there again. I've always wanted to go to Maine and pass through NH and VT. I'm kinda on the fence with a hybrid
  4. Thank you, I appreciate it. Mechanically, it is in really good shape. Cosmetically, I have been doing a little here and there with spray cans. Someday, I'd like to get a good paint job on it.
  5. I finally got a few days off from work and had a chance to use my tractors. Much more enjoyable than my regular job.
  6. I have a SMD and have done a few things to it over the years to try to get rid of the vibration noises I get at different RPM. This winter, I applied some HushMat to the inside of the grill and hood. I am very pleased at the difference this made. I ran it a couple of hours today and didn't hear any of the usual metal vibration noises as the sides of the hood would dance. Just passing on this tip if anyone else is particular like me.lol
  7. I sighted in my new CZ457 this weekend. When picking up my brass, I found that all the CCI's had cracks in the case shoulder area. Kind of scary looking to me. I looked it up on the internet and it seems somewhat common for the caliber. I shot about 50 Hornady's and those did not crack. Anybody else seen this?
  8. MCC

    Farmall M Steps

    Saginaw after market 3 point hitch. Once installed, they make it pretty difficult to safely enter or exit the operator platform from the drawbar after age 40.lol
  9. MCC

    Farmall M Steps

    Winter project for my SMD this year was to make some steps to make it easier to get on and off without having to jump down. This is kinda hard to do with the Saginaw hitch in place and I want to be able to use this tractor when I am older. I am pleased with the improvement and they don't look too gaudy. I'm planning on putting 3M grip tape on the top plate when it warms up.
  10. MCC

    Covid Rifle

    My employer gave us a small bonus for working through all this covid crap for the past year. I decided to treat myself to the rifle I was going to get before the Covid downturn scared me into saving every penny. I had looked at Ruger, Browning, Savage and CZ in a .17 HMR. I am a fussy and this new CZ 457 really fit the bill. It has very nice wood, the build quality seems very good and it has a real good quality feel to it, shoulders well, and has a 3 way adjustable trigger. I also like that you can buy other caliber barrels for it. I ordered this about two months ago and it just showed
  11. We have a 20 acre timber that I noticed a lot of the trees have bark being stripped off this winter. I spoke with the local forester and he confirmed my fears. He said they have been infected with E.A.B. probably about 5 years at this point and they will all die within a couple more years. Said it makes him sick. Oddly enough, when I asked him why I'm not seeing it anywhere else, he told me that our timber and one other are the only two timbers in the whole county that have a large population of Ash. I'm sad I'm going to lose about 1/3 of our trees, but am going to have to accept it. I w
  12. MCC

    Covid Vaccine

    My coworkers 45 y.o. wife got pretty ill after her second shot. She got the shakes, shyts and vomiting. Lasted a good day and she is really tired the second day.
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