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  1. I heard on the radio this morning that over 1 Billion dollars have been donated so far to repair this. Having never seen this structure, I can't comprehend how in the blazes it would require 1 Billion dollars to restore this. What insight can you guys share that have viewed it?
  2. MCC

    Chew on this

    That puts its really well. I'll have to show this to my wife, she has some friends that thought Obamacare was a wonderful idea.
  3. MCC

    Really? JD?

    A friend of mine always told me he wanted to be shot out of a circus cannon.lol
  4. That is very nice. I'd like to have something like that myself. Thanks for sharing.
  5. MCC

    Shift Fork Noise

    I am in the process of finishing up a complete overhaul of my transmission in my SMD. I replaced all bearings, seals and several gears including all of the slider gears. I replaced the poppets and springs for the forks and didn't see any issues with the forks. I carefully put the operator platform on the trans today and hear a scraping sound as I was turning the bull pinion shaft with all of the sliders in neutral. It scrapes for maybe 60 degrees of each revolution at the same spot. I think it is a fork rubbing on one of the slider gears. There was no gear noise before I put the deck on today. I don't think it is 4/5. Is this an issue or will it harmlessly wear in? I don't have the shift lever on yet, but everything goes into gear fine using a screwdriver.Thanks, Dan
  6. The top piece sits inside of the shifter shaft.
  7. MCC

    H hood

    My Super MD hood had been modified by a previous owner. I had a retired body man make mine good by doing the same thing you are doing. He used a MIG welder and a little filler and it turned out great.
  8. My youngest daughter is a Leap Year Baby. I still remember my wife saying she didn't care when she was born as long as it wasn't on Leap Day.lol I love her personality, she is a hoot!!!
  9. I don't think you can because there are no oil slingers on the crank. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I changed the gear lube when I got this a couple years ago. The blade I bought came with chains, but I need to add some more cross sections on them because they mostly ride down in between the lugs. The tractor has nearly new Firestones on it and the lugs sit higher than the chains.
  11. I have a Super C I have been using plowing snow this winter. Twice I have dropped the front wheels over the edge and had to spin the tires for five minutes or so until I finally dug through the ice and got unstuck. During this time I would apply the brakes as needed to alternate wheel spin or to attempt to spin both. Didn't think anything of it until I read a 1456 Differential thread a couple of days ago where it was suggested spinning the diff. like this could tear things up inside the differential. Curious if this is really bad for them or not so much.
  12. MCC

    Door to door salesmen

    Did anyone use the Indian fence posts?
  13. MCC

    Hitch hikers

    I don't know what happened. He told me this story 20 years ago and has since retired. He just said it made his blood go cold when he saw his face on tv. Said he would never ever slow down again.
  14. MCC

    Hitch hikers

    A coworker of mine told me he was out east somewhere in the 80's driving back to the midwest and pulled over to pick up a hitchhiker. He said when he saw the hitchhiker's face he got a bad feeling and drove off. He said he was in the motel that night watching the news and he saw the hitchhiker's face on the news. The guy was wanted for murder.
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