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  1. MCC


    Maybe Modern Plating in Freeport, IL?
  2. MCC

    WWII books

    A few good ones I've read lately, Panzer Commander Panzer Leader The Shetland Bus The Forgotten Soldier
  3. Can you do any coyote hunting out the window?
  4. I bought a 2005 TDI new and put 136,000 miles on it. I absolutely loved that car. Great mileage, built very well and fun to drive. But the maintenance was expensive and the lack of a dealership nearby is why I didn't buy another.
  5. Sorry to hear. Hopefully you have some friends close by.
  6. I was finally able to get on Sunday night after trying different times Sat. and Sun.
  7. I Installed a proportional control a few years ago and kinda miss the older timed style. Seems like I could get better trailer braking performance in normal stopping situations. My new proportional control seems like it puts a lot more braking responsibility on the truck and since I like to brake gradually, seems like the trailer doesn't do much unless i have to stop more abruptly.
  8. Thanks a lot for the pictures. Unfortunately, my input shaft is different than yours. What is the long tube for on the hydraulic line?
  9. The shaft on the end of the Behlen unit is a larger diameter then the steering wheel hub ID and there is no OD or ID threads to bolt or nut the steering wheel to the shaft. Also it is 3" shorter then the manual steering shaft. That makes me think there was some sort of adapter. Could you please post a picture of yours? Thanks, Dan
  10. Hello, I am installing a Behlen power steering system on my SMD and would like to make a nice clean install. I was wondering if anybody could please show some pictures of how the shafts are attached to either end of the torque unit, especially the steering wheel end? Also, where is a good source for the needed couplers? Thanks, Dan
  11. That would have been really cool to see. I will ask some of the pullers I know if they remember this tractor. None of those names ring a bell.
  12. Do you have anymore information on the tank engine puller? I grew up in NW IL and am curious if I know who this guy is. Which DVD number were you watching? Thanks, Dan
  13. MCC

    surgery today

    Agree on not overdoing it. I had both done 2 weeks apart and my surgeon said I'd know when to quit. Well, I guess I didn't. I had a lot of scar tissue build up and they were not 100% for 2 years. I am glad i had it done, the burning is gone and most of my grip strength is back. I also learned to do little things without my thumbs, like gripping the steering wheel. That helps a lot.
  14. Do you know if the older stainless guns used a cast receiver? I thought I read that the investment cast receiver was a newer technology/money saving measure. What I do know for a fact is the new Ruger Hawkeye I just got is not machined nearly as smoothly as my earlier one. I had to polish the bolt a good deal to get it better. I had to send the gun back in to get the feed lips to stop gouging the brass and they also had to polish the feed ramp to stop leaving marks in the bullet. Also, the new scope rings were the worst I've ever seen. Very disappointing for a new $900 rifle and a far cry from the other Rugers I own. On the bright side, it is beautiful to look at (Wood/Blue) and it shoots better than me. I just threw this out there because you mentioned a new Ruger. I was not aware of the new Vanguard Deluxe or I would have taken a look at one of those. It is a beautiful gun.
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