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  1. I am looking at putting up a 40 x 50 x 14 stick built shop this year. I live in SW WI and have been told by all 3 cement contractors bidding this that frost walls are not necessary. They all say they will pour a 5" thick grade slab with a thickened perimeter which is 12" thick by 12" wide with 2 rows of rebar and then wire mesh throughout with plastic underneath and sealed on top. They say this is a proven method which will not give me any troubles. The one guy told me if I have problems, I will be the first in his 30 years of doing them and he has a stellar reputation. I usually only get out to my shop on the weekends and will not be heating it during the week. Anyone else stick build on a slab like this? Thanks, Dan
  2. Proud parent

    Congratulations. Are you nervous yet?
  3. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers sent.
  4. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers from WI.
  5. TD 9 over rev

    Could still be a defective pump from them.
  6. TD 9 over rev

    There is a stand pipe in the tank that is about 10 inches long on my SMD. Mine was rubbed through where it passes into the baffle in the tank. I figured this out by pulling the scavenging valve out and seeing the fuel was coming from the port that connects to the return line. Before I did this, I kept insisting it was from the supply side like it usually is. But in my case it wasn't. If you can stop it with shutting off your supply side under the tank, it probably isn't the return line.
  7. TD 9 over rev

    Central Fuel Injection
  8. TD 9 over rev

    Try this. On mine I kept thinking the scavenging pump shaft seal was leaking, but had the tank turned off and it still kept leaking. I pulled the scavenging valve out of the pump and watched over a couple of days to see which port the fuel was entering from. This is how I found out it was the return line in my case. You said you have a manual right? There is a flow diagram in there. If shutting the supply side fuel off at the tank stops your leak, you should be able to follow the diagram back and find your potential leak points. Wish I could be of more help.
  9. TD 9 over rev

    The seal on the little pump on the back end of your pump is more than likely not sealing. That is the typical failure. At least you have a work around with the fuel shutoff until you get it figured out and fixed.
  10. UD 554

    That is a sad shame. Sorry to hear.
  11. UD 554

    What happened that got it hot? I've heard that it is critical to not overheat them. I am curious so that I hopefully don't ever have this issue with mine. I had the water pump and radiator redone with a new thermostat. I have wondered before if the thermostat failed if that would cause the dreaded head failure or if I could recognize it and not have a failure.
  12. Letter Series at Work

    My '53 SMD with a fresh overhaul. I am mowing off a food plot on a beautiful fall day in WI.
  13. IH 504 new Clutch won't let me shift This is the bushing that came with my Hy-Capacity kit. The nose of the input shaft wouldn't go in without tapping the bushing on.
  14. IH 504 new Clutch won't let me shift

    I just installed a clutch kit from hy-capacity in my Super C. The pilot bushing was too tight for the input shaft. I replaced the pilot bushing with one from CIH and all is well. That could be dragging on your input shaft.
  15. Heads up.

    Did he do any jail time?