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  1. MCC

    Gear box repair

    LOL. Wish we had some of that backbone where I work. The plumber(Leaky) has to redo his work usually atleast once or someone else comes in to fix it, but he ain't going nowhere cause his head is shoved up somewhere on the boss. Really pathetic.
  2. MCC

    Farmall SM Brake pad Question

    I have some of both and haven't noticed anything wrong with either. What complaints have you heard? I finally took the time to redo the brakes on my Super C the right way and can't get over how good they work. Someone had machined the outer housing down to the point new pads were too thick and they wouldn't work. I surface ground each internal plate down flat to the thickness needed to get everything back to the right dimensions. Doing this got rid of all the pitting and lost friction surface. They work great!
  3. Does anyone have any experience with the aftermarket sliding transmission gears Steiner, Yesterdaystractors and others sell? I am curious if they are a quality long-lasting part. Thanks, Dan
  4. MCC

    Pickup Glider Kit

    What did he make?
  5. MCC

    Duramax issue

    That's terrible. What engines?
  6. MCC

    Duramax issue

    Sounds like burning oil and not an air leak to me. Maybe that is not the case though on a modern emissions loaded diesel.
  7. MCC

    Pickup Glider Kit

    I've thought the same thing. I would love to be able to buy my '97 Dodge Cummins new again. No computer BS.
  8. MCC


    Not sure if anybody posted this on here already. This happened a couple of miles from where I live in SW WI. I heard it took an excavator quite a while to get this out. I was told they worked on it two weeks, but I don't know if that is true or not. I believe this is normally dry ground through this bottom area, not a pond.
  9. MCC

    Cummins guys, help please

    Just found this on the TDR. Not that I know anything about this but I came across this in my 2001 FSM (section 8i):OPERATION - DIESELThe Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP) performsmultiple functions. One function is to detect enginespeed (rpm). Another function is to relate crankshaftposition and Top Dead Center (TDC) of the number 1cylinder. Because the CMP is now used to relatecrankshaft position, the Crankshaft Position Sen- sor (CKP) is no longer used.
  10. MCC

    Cummins guys, help please

    On my noisy '99 POS Cummins lol, if the tach doesn't register, the Crank sensor behind the starter is the culprit. Not sure if it is the Cam sensor or Crank sensor on a '01 as they made some changes in that time frame. When my Crank sensor failed, it started stumbling occasionally at idle and then one day it threw a code and the truck wouldn't restart after I shut it off. From my experience, a bad lift pump will not shut the motor off, just starve the injector pump which will lead to premature failure.
  11. MCC

    Cummins guys, help please

    I've heard of wires breaking in the steering column going to the ignition switch on some 24 valve Dodges. I've also heard of relays in the engine compartment going bad that control the fuel pump. I read of one case not to long ago where their truck was intermittently shutting off with no codes. I think they swapped relays with the horn relay and that solved their issue. Before I dug too deep, I'd swap some relays around and then see if I could shut it off while moving the harness around in the steering column.
  12. MCC

    Air ambulance crash. Mandan nd

    Sadly, my son Mathias started having seizures again about 3 weeks after his Medflite and ultimately lost his battle against MPEI over the following month. I learned the hard way to never ever again put work ahead of spending time getting to know your children. You just never know. Anyways, sorry to be a Debbie Downer, I just wanted to give my most sincere thanks and gratitude to the brave Medflite crews who risk everything to help others in need. They are the medical air calvary.
  13. MCC

    Air ambulance crash. Mandan nd

    I have the utmost respect for these people from my own personal experience. My 6 month old son started having a seizure at home. My wife called the ambulance and they took him to the local rural ER. By the time I got there from work an hour later, my son was on the table still seizing with three doctors all standing around him struggling to get an IV in him to administer drugs to stop the seizure. It was a hopeless situation as parents watching this horror as our son endured this very long seizure, knowing what this was doing to his brain. The doctors said there was nothing they could do, but wait for the Lifeline helicopter to pick him up and fly him to the Childrens Hospital in Madison. When the medflite arrived a doctor and a nurse came in and they had an IV in my son within like a minute, it was truly a Godsend. I gained an extreme amount of respect for these people and their mission that miserable day and I also lost so much confidence in the staff at the local hospital. These two Medflite team members were absolutely top notch. You could tell the moment they came into the ER room they were the "A-Team".
  14. MCC

    TD 9 cylinder order

    Cylinder #1 is next to the radiator. #4 is next to the flywheel.