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  1. thank you all so much , still processing leads. hope to be able to video a start up before winter closes in. may just tow start it again to see if the gas start is all working correctly now.
  2. Hi,friends .still a newbie here seeking out for a part here. looking for a starter to fix a IH engine ud14a ,actually i don't know if it is the14 or the 14a .I don't know the difference.but it is on a Galion 102 grader with the ud14 engine.its a delco/remy 1109108 12v with 12 tooth count. but it seems to be obsolete still checking all the local sources but it always best to talk to a form and get all knowledge and sources possible. thanks
  3. new member HELLO all

    looking for a starter .i'm searching around for a starter used and/ or rebuild-able. I'm following down my leads so far with not much success. it is for a Galion 102 grader 12v delco /remy the no# is obsolete i guess, but is 1109108 12tooth. i pretty sure the gas/diesel motor is the ud14 .the starter i have and i need to talk to more about it may not be rebuild able.I'm in mid Michigan.so if you know of sources or have one let me know.there maybe some around some where but its where ? i think its a sae no# 3 flange 12tooth . i'll try to get a picture of the nose.
  4. new member HELLO all

    Update ,the pb blaster has done its job,after applying several times and taping each time,i disconnected linkage pins and lightly griped butterfly shaft it moved a little bit by tapping and adding pb blaster it moved move an move till it was free all the way both directions with out great force. after removing end cover plates on intake also notice a broken spring on one end that was on butterfly shaft one end,need to find one .when i got the linkage pin out i was able to check the valve train and amazingly it works fine full valve lift an close, I removed valve cover to see and verify it after reassembly it all shifted fine and operated fine.sorry no pictures this time i know it always goes well with progress.and i reasoned out that the fuel injector has its own control rod that runs to the cab so that is why the other lever is not being used .my concern also is that there seem to be a small amount of congealed whitish grease inside the cover (moisture antifreeze possible).next trip over i"ll get exhaust manifold ,fuel lines ,carb and rest of it back together.the search for a starter now can begin.and need to take linkage arm for butterfly valves completely off to straighten lug.thanks everyone again more to come with pictures.
  5. new member HELLO all

    Thank you, Thank you.Delta Golden information there sir .now for some study time .
  6. new member HELLO all

    a few more questions as i make progress ,I've did some exhaust manifold repairs ,pulled the carburetor,small fuel tank ,and distributor to test and gotten new plugs. i wasn't sure if it was a magneto or not but as i looked it over i was thinking its a mag an used a cordless drill to spin it over and sure enough the coil wire launched a 1/4" blue spark so i cleaned up rotor and cap and tested all four wires all OK . now the control rod for the injector pump works OK all the way up will shut her down half way down start and run .the lever for gas start is disconnected above the hood but moves both ways but i see it will not fully open or fully close the butterfly in the intake is stuck. i was looking for another lever that should open and close diesel to gas valves ? its been cut off i could"nt seem to move it .the transfer lever center shaft does the butterfly intake and fuel on /off the outer part of shaft levers don't look to all be there.in pic 4 you can see the spiced rod that go up to what looks like a shadow but it is the lever someone cut it off with a torch? was there another rod that went on this arm? going to that lever? and one more item i not positive what it is ? there a small what seems to be a fuel log that has a fuel line from carburetor to it with two smaller line s that run out one to front intake and one to the rear ? several blasts of pb blaster is spayed on rods to work on loosing up some stuck items.and is the intake manifold gas side cooled with coolant ? i need get a book .thanks
  7. new member HELLO all

    I thank several of yous ,very much .this is exactly the knowledge and experience i was seeking .now the picture is getting clear .i"ll see if i can get a photo loaded up and proceed on. i have cleaned the gas fuel system ,repairing an exhaust manifold ,and trying to locate starter parts or starter.i'll drain down antifreeze and pull that intake to investigate that air flap butterfly .the lever through the block that sets a valve open for compression in gas cycle and closed in diesel operation is it in solid connection all the time ? or does in just lift one direction spring loaded the other for that valve? the reason i ask is it moves easy both on and off.it feels engaged , the valve cover is easy to get to i'll pull it off take a look .again thank fellas.
  8. new member HELLO all

    Hello ,new guy here joined up form to learn new information on maybe old subject, i recently acquired a IH UD14 motor .the prevese owners have had a lot of hard times starting this leading to several failed starters and rebuild starters. after many many hours of research i"m just now finaly get to understand what may be going on. they have been starting with spary in cleaner in diesel mode for a long time .it appears the linkage is disconnected that goes from gas to diesel .i'm now unstanding I think that lever also switches it to lower compression for gas mode.it was getting started in diesel mode all the time ,thats why so many starter problems.now for the gas mode part most everything needs cleanning up.because it was'nt used for so long ,most i can handel .but i don't yet understand completely the process on the lever part on the gas side it looks to shut off fuel in diesel mode but also there is what looks to be maybe a butter fly or flaper inside the intake above the carb (airflow) it has a tab above and below so does this move freely it seems stuck .in fear of messing it up i have'nt forced on it.now if someone know alot about this motor I sure would here to heard about them.or maybe a copy of a dieagram .also i started to remove the upper part of carb.and antifrezze starterd out so i presume the top part is wet like a marine intake. it a Galion 102 Road Grader