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Found 1 result

  1. Guys back in the 60's IH came out with this heavy weight for what they called the Calif. commercial operator my Dad bought one new in 63 and we baled with it till 1974when I bought my first 290 NH. Not many of these were sold , majority in the Madera , Dos polos, Los Banos areas North of me . Since I traded mine in, in 74I have never seen another until a RPF member Paul Atkins ,notified me of this last year. He saw us talking about it on RPF I was to pick it up last fall , but I had surgery , then the Northern fires kept us out. And till now snow & wet kept us out . it was in a pasture way back through goat trails and had to be craned on trailer . it was in Summerset Ca. Near Placerville towards Lake Tahoe or Reno Nv. its home now! I am very happy as I bought it sight unseen but for few pictures. its very straight , engine will need going through but I think I can have this thing running pretty easy. Wheels had to come off on trailer . The heavy side is an Airplane tire with 12 hole lugs . That was factory. Book says this thing weighs near 6000lbs With this unit , It gives me replicas of the two balers that I cut my eye teeth on 55w , I was in grade school and #71 three wire. I was a junior in high school . My Dad let me do some commercial baling for nieghbor's for my savings account being I was getting married in 1965 year after Gratuating HS. Lol. 63 bought baler , 64 graduate HS , 65 got married , 66 had first born Son , 1967 my Dad died unexpectedly , baler did its job till 1973 tony
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