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  1. Sorry to hear this. Prayers for you and your wife and family. You will beat this. You Cattlemen are tough. Tony
  2. Thank you , I am excited to start back. sheet metal pieces being made. hauling all off pieces to blaster waiting to repair hitch and Bush hitch pivot and position holes, then the main frame will visit the blaster. parts are creeping toward the house but have not made it inside yet .lol lol tony
  3. I need four rooms and been having hard time finding any. Have several Motels say the manager will call back but No call back. Tony Tony
  4. Tonyinca

    California fire

    Hey Guys ,Just got here , Thanks for the thoughts ! I thought I saw this coming when law suits were filed on PG&E . Can't say as I blame them , Their way to SLAP us back. Ray 54 pretty much some it up above. AS for us out here in Deplorable Land ,so far so good , but I keep waiting for they to include us in some Geographical area to Slap us also. Where I am in Central Valley ,We are pretty much all Cultivated ,Irrigated flat lands, very little threat of massive wild fire. The foothill range lands are approximately 50-75 miles East and West of us and Northern Fire areas are 5-6 hours North and L.A. fire areas are about the same. I will say we are being affected by business shutdowns in The North effected areas for parts or service because power outage. Received an E-Mail yesterday from a Company that is doing work for me that they were shutting down all parts and service until power is back and they had no idea when. Everyday get a little more disheartening being from California. On a Good Note however! This weekend is the Paso Robles Pioneer days Parade and I have entered my 1945 L.A. Case , ( they like the older stuff ,so its the oldest I have) and Mel Monterio is taking one of his oldies and hopefully we can enjoy Ray54's home town for a fun weekend with no power outages .lol. I'll try getting some pictures. Thanks , Tony
  5. This is my private hay baler salvage yard in my backyard ! So far my wife has not complained , YET! tony
  6. Now that two balers are stripped down sifting though parts identifying which needs attention and which are better to use picture of third load of smaller items headed to blaster . I am still working on main body getting ready for blaster. Have few items at welding shop and sheet metal man call to say he has sheet metal done but needs me to confirm holes . Getting exciting now hopefully we can start building instead of tear down few pics tony
  7. 10/8/19 visit to the red binder this AM found engine , tranny , rear end being set to the degrees needed to avoid vibrations after today if all goes well all mounts should be welded in. i can’t believe the amount of engineering that goes into a build. the rear end is a Ford 9 bolt , the tranny is a 700r. Rob himself making tranny cross member and few other pics . Notice the two degree meters on engine. Going to have to use relocate bracket for oil filter tony
  8. In 1967 I was 22 my Dad had taken Ill . We were doing lot of double cropping and our 560 gas was getting behind. He sent me to purchase new tractor and offset disk. 806 or 4020 and a 12 foot offset disk I was quoted 9500 and 10500 . My Dads response was **** that more then I paid for the home place 80. I was earning 77.10 take home weekly Now at 73 I find myself saying , when pricing a new cotton picker , **** ! That’s more then I paid for 320 ac cotton land . times sure change yet stay the same in many ways BTW showing my age , who the **** ever thought that a pickup could push 80,000 just priced a 3500 SWR DMax with full trailering 2020 GMC Denali right at 80 grand. These City guys with high dollar foreign cars have nothing over a farmer pulling his gooseneck and tractor with his dirty truck . Lol Good to hear from you Bill tony
  9. Thank You , I sure will get you Grass Valley pictures. Its 4 hour North ,Ill be visiting as often as needed when they get going strong on the flat bed. Tony
  10. 9/30/19 auto tran adapted to engine , they are in place so to build motor and trans mounts had to change oil pan on the 345 to adapt to this clip rear end being hung on . We had a new Currie rear end made to accept wildwood disk brakes to match front disk brakes and pair it to tranny tony
  11. It’s a Art Morrison enterprises suspension tailored to this vehicle using the measurements of this build
  12. Congratulations Danny . I know all those have great ties and memories for you and that's what its all about . They will just add more history to the Dirtboyz bunker . Tony
  13. Never thought that Ideology was going to be the big factor in my retirement years. Carol & I often evaluate Stay Vs, Move . I think a revolt would clean up much of this mess , However , people are so apathetic . To busy trying to keep up with P.C. society. AS for us , I believe ,we are fortunate to still be in a largely Ag rural area with very little threat of development in my life time. Fortunately most of my interests are here and take me to surrounding rural AG areas . Our Shariff is conservative ,approachable , and very supportive of personal defense. When we vacation we try to avoid the big cities and tourist traps . Don't need anything in S.F. We can get S.F. style dinner at Ruth Chris here in Fresno ,or elegant dinner at Vintage Press in Visalia , and not have to wear our dairy barn boots to dinner and the view out the window is very pleasant and conducive to a good appetite. lol. So far, navigating the Sh*tholes has worked , Hope we can hold on till the winds of change, An angry Pendulum swing, in Cali. takes hold and this liberal idiocy subsides to a slower pace. People seem to be finally reaching a gut full. My children are grown and Grandchildren range from out of College to somewhere in college . Thankfully , they have come from conservative backgrounds on both sides of family, Heaven only knows what college will do to them . As for taxation & expenses , Hopefully , my investments keep up with cost of living . As for the pollution lists above , I have worked in dirt and dust, pesticides , exhaust fumes , all my life, I am two months from 74. Sure, I treat myself for Allergies but they are manageable and don't effect my lifestyle. I hate to say this, but when I spend time at Coast near clean ocean air , My sinus usually act up more then home. Our air Quality on Farm is mostly Moderate, gets poor generally Sept -October when everyone is harvesting and we are at driest time of year. Amazing ,how one little disturbance comes through and overnight, no rain ,just a change in air movement, air quality goes from poor to good Hate the thought of starting in new State in late seventies or early eighties , however , as long as God give us health anything is possible. Tony
  14. Let me confirm that with Rob , Next time I see him. I just not sure. Tony
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