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  1. Tonyinca


    Thoughts & prayers for You & Al . Stay safe ! Keep us posted when convenient. Tony
  2. Tonyinca

    Single Decals Made ?

    Most Shops I have worked with will do any amount including one The cost is in the design and set up fee . Tony
  3. Tonyinca

    1966 Farmall 656

    Congratulations Aaron ! Great job and you did it good with the wide front & rears. Looks like your ready for another project . Tony
  4. Tonyinca

    life in our corner

    So True ! Mine grew up on the farm much like Troy's less the dairy , Thought those days would last forever . Today my Son is 52 and My daughter 47 Grandkids 22, 20,18,13. Life happens while we are making other plans . Bless you & your family Troy Tony
  5. Tonyinca

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Gentlemen . Best to you, Tony
  6. Tonyinca

    Born on under what tractors?

    Perhaps If you get Her running , It may keep you running and have some fun at same time. This is the first summer in years (since 2006 ) that I have not had a project to finish and its getting me down. Although I am recouping from surgery ,so good thing I am not. My mind keeps coming up with projects but my body says enjoy what you have. lol. The problem I have no more room to keep them inside and anymore and it will get hard to keep them all up and ready to go . Although, I do have my eye on "just one more project" if I can get a lowboy to get it picked up, Not a tractor, but it is I.H. Take Care Delta , Just had jive you a little. lol. Tony
  7. Tonyinca

    Born on under what tractors?

    The great year of 1945 ! I have my Farmall H with serial & cast to = 45' Have my FIL's L.A. Case L.P. serial & cast to = 45' Tony
  8. Tonyinca

    Anyone have sleep apnea?

    I was tested 5 years ago . been on cpap.since . Love it get along with it okay , my heart Doc has told me that my heart has gotten stronger since using cpap.i had been diagnosed with degenerative heart. Before pace maker & Cpap . They would not give me pace maker without cpap. been having many sinus infections much of my life. I was at end of road so. Just had Deviated Septum surgery two weeks ago , surgery went well I Breath much more volume through my nose but the recovery is tuff , I am still down , sinus are raw and angry. Doc says six weeks before sinus settle back down. Cpap. is helping in healing process. Cpap. IMHO is a great thing tony
  9. Tonyinca

    Sep-Oct Red Power

    Mine made it Yesterday ! Lot of nice reading and viewing in this issue. Tony
  10. Tonyinca

    Sep-Oct Red Power

    Hopefully today Tony
  11. Tonyinca

    RIP Senator - Captain John S. McCain

    About denigrating a Man upon death. A man lives his life and builds a reputation in his life time. His own doing and choices. Reputation stays with him whether alive or dead . To embellish the good and neglect the bad is really a false narrative and an admission that facts need to be ignored in order to make that person look better then reality. JMHO, Tony
  12. Tonyinca

    Missing Iowa College Student Mollie Tibbetts Found Dead

    Our lives' paths have given us different prospectives in what we see today. i appreciate you answering in a conversational way it gives more in site to the person instead of snippets that only serve to infuriate . my extended family and I were all Democrates my parents & grandparents died as Democrats back in 60's 70's. I changed to Republican in late 70's and today I see the what my old party stands for and I am flabbergasted . So you are right non of us is going to change the others perspective . The only thing that will change us what we see and precieve in life . the scary thing is that so much information is distorted that we need to relay on our commen since and the pit of our stomachs. We need to use old school logic to try to nevagate the forces to distroy us from within . Tony
  13. Tonyinca

    Missing Iowa College Student Mollie Tibbetts Found Dead

    Okay mr intelligence give us solutions . Tell your choice of president and what you think would be happening. Without going to Internet to quote your answers. Speak from your experience and knowledge . I want to change my perspective help me accomplish that. But once I since you speaking talking points you'll lose me solutions not BS my friend. Best to you ! tony
  14. Tonyinca

    Missing Iowa College Student Mollie Tibbetts Found Dead

    When I was young My Daddy use to tell me that; Those that can do . Those that can't teach , before I get pummeled I have 4 Ag teachers in family that I think the sun sets on not to mention several school teachers . tony
  15. Tonyinca

    Missing Iowa College Student Mollie Tibbetts Found Dead

    Rick , you valid points and I respect experiences on borders , I concede you know much more then I . However , here is the problem, there is no solution being forwarded. We have a president with the resolve to go after it one way or other and all we do is fight him all long . All of us hate our situation on border let's unite behind behind him as skeptical as many are if for nothing else to show the USA people want solution to this mess. What is insanity ? Doing same thing over and expecting different results. trump is our only intitial push into this border mess , no one else has the balls if we don't start now we going to loose the battle. Wake up quit standing in your own way Tony