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  1. Hey Guys , the 1967 345 in my pick up is totally rebuilt all sounds good except for one thing ! oil pressure is about 40 45 lbs on start up and as I run it and temp goes to 200 , oil pressure drops below 25 lbs Restored shop recommended and installed synthetic 10-30 in it and I am wondering if it should be like I.H. tractors of same vintage . Does anyone know what factory was recommending when they were new ? I think I want to run 30 wt low ash ! your thoughts and expertise appreciated . tony
  2. Thank You Rick. Its giving me a run for my money but I enjoy the challenge. Tony
  3. 7/8/20 Baler therapy Wednesday . we exchanged knotter base , a blessing in disguise , we had braised original one in two places . This donor had a perfect base. we used a porta power to press top of feeder house tin into proper position for the plunger guides .obviously fork hit it in its past life. Also to set twister mechanism where it is perfectly lined up had to use A come a long on left side plate And position shims where needed. It all seems to line up nicely now . we moved forward with knotter in place and it was put through cycle by hand and it seems to be functioning correctly. Albeit will need a lot of timing measurements as we go along . Now we are working on timing wire strippers to twister hooks as prescribed in Op manual . Going to have to shave .040 off twister clutch so plate will accept the roll pin . few pics , Btw if things go as planed John and I will be off baler till 7/29/20 tony
  4. Happy Birthday AKweldwer and Old Max ! . Hope you had a great day and wishes for many more years ! Miss seeing both of you, its been too long. BTW , AK your," 350 reverse loader", saved the day on my baler project last Wednesday . Tony
  5. Thank You so much for the video! Its 10.19 PM pacific time and I decided to take a peak at my I.H, buddies before bed and in no time , Here I am in an old Beautiful Merc. traveling the farm fields of S.E Sack, Canada feeling privileged to be traveling private farm roads that I would never be able to experience , even though its in my basket list to visit Canada . Appreciate the Natures Fireworks. Love seeing how farmers in other parts live and farm., Tony
  6. Tonyinca


    Well worth the extra for 1st class . long ways to CALIF .many chances to get lost or tore. always on time and in a bag very neat , no crumbled or tore pages tony
  7. 7/1/20 Baler therapy Wednesday ! good day , the knotter system is all together and going through hand driven motion seems well . we need to replace knotter base but this Is a great step , was worried of getting shims where needed and getting the trip dog in proper operating mode , so far so good been trying to get David going on yellow paint but he is still doing Body work on tin pieces . tony
  8. Gee ! I thought I was on top of world with my new GMC Denali 3500 swr Duramax /Allison. After this thread my bubble's been burst, the payments will not seem so easy Can I put a B&W hitch on a Telsa ? Tony
  9. Boy ! I cannot get anything past this Dutch Dairyman But Troy is right , I have my old blacksmith's 1966 3/4 ton flat bed up North at I.H. Parts of America . Its been a slow go and the picture down load has disappeared some how. However ! July 15 I am headed to Grass Valley to check it out, get pictures and start a New thread . I had started one on IH trucks board on RED Power , however ,I have not kept it up because of distance and lot of set backs . Now that Redkid is done , I'll devote my attention to old" HERB," That's the blacksmith's first name; HERBERT JENSEN & SON BLACKSMITH SHOP. He helped me so much when my dad died and I was trying to save the farm at 19 years old with old I.H. used stuff and He was always ready to fix my junk and keep me rolling in the field. He was Danish and I was Portuguese every time I walked in the door of his shop he would say OH Heck ! How do we fit a square peg into a round hole ? Back in the days, that was a sign of friendship to kid each other about nationalities . He was a square head Dane and I was a barnyard Portagee . The joke was you can take a Portagee out of the barn but you cannot take the Barn out of the Portagee . He passed and business was sold. I bought his truck from his grandson. About 5 years ago , been saving it till I got caught up and recovered some dollars. I watched him build the bed for it back in 1966-67 ,truck was new and my mouth watered for something that nice to farm with but all I had was a wore out 56 Ford that left me most of time. I did not have two nickels to rub together at the time. I'll start a new thread here on the Projects and build & restoration page. Hope you guys don't get sick of my posts , but like I told my wife @ 74 Its now or never, The" window is closing" and I need all these projects done so I can have fun with them before the," Widow's auction" which Troy Dairy has bidder card # 01.and you are all invited ! Tony
  10. Tonto is a beauty ! Congratulations on the great picture on Red Power Mag. Tony P.S. your going to enjoy the shop at Grass Valley.
  11. Sorry for your loss . Never easy to loose an old friend Tony
  12. 6/28/20 pulled donor up to shop started removing knotter base to replace ours after my screw up 😬 Started at 5pm had it off by 9pm , looks better then the one we were using this one has nor cracks or flaws , so off to blast and primer. might of been a blessing in the end as we had to braze a pretty good crack in center of original . took quite a few smaller parts to David the painter hopefully soon we will see some yellow paint . I hated to take this knotter apart wanted for a template , however there is so many welded pieces here and there that , I don’t think we need to follow their settings to closely ! I think anything we do will be more likely to work. They did not have parts available and tried to make home remedies work the best they could . 🤭 tony
  13. Run great but I been baby ing it I have not had the gonads to get on it hard yet .🤣 tony
  14. My first outing with my wife and I was on Father’s Day to visit my Grandsons new house just one problem air conditioning was not blowing cold , otherwise all went well . tony
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