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  1. Tonyinca

    Interesting sight @ Walmart parking lot

    I was studying that intake as it was strange compared to the nice looking outfit. It appears to be an extension with the old style aftermarket pre clearer like used on old Cases tractors that has a jar next to it. Look closely at the protrusion toward muffler ,I think that's where the jar goes. If you look down about a foot from top looks like there could be a clamp there. Only thing I can think of is he is baling stuff with lot of chaff and this was a cheap fix.? Or did he put it up and lean to muffler to pre-heat air somewhat going to engine ? Tony
  2. Tonyinca

    Camp fire wildfire

    So devastating for so many people . People like your BIL that reinforces faith in humanity. Tony
  3. Tonyinca

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Will Continue Prayers for little Mathew & Family. Thanks for updates Tony
  4. Tonyinca

    Camp fire wildfire

    Thank You for your concern. No, I am between both Cali fires going now . Camp Fire is North of SF & Sacramento. (Approx. 300 mi.N.of me) Paradise a nice community in Mountains East of Chico ,Chico is a good Ag Area and home to Chico State and last I heard being threatened . The Southern fire S/W L.A.( approx. 300 mi. South of me) I am somewhat familiar with area but I don't venture much toward L.A. area if I can help it. My area is mostly all Irrigated Agriculture ,mostly permanent crops with very little dryland grasses. However , Approx. 60 miles East and 60 miles west there are the foothills with native pasture lands. Not saying we can't burn but there is less native fuel available. Cali is so dry statewide right now , Usually by now we have had some rains then the tule fog begins around Thanksgiving but its not looking promising. I just turn off pump this evening on my home place orchard hoping its last irrigating till next Feb or March. Tony.
  5. Tonyinca

    Camp fire wildfire

    Sorry to hear that ! Its a very devastating situation. Tony
  6. Tonyinca

    Little Old School Rollover Plowing

    All cotton Irrigated ! I irrigated 14 times per season , Boll setting time in heat of summer , We would flush water down every other row every seven days, In those days we were yielding 21/2 to 31/4 bales per acre on Acala verity . On the West side, 40 miles west of me, it is heavy deep soil they would irrigate 4 times yearly Plus or Minus. It was a good thing because they were much more limited on good water. Lot of salinity & other problems. Tony
  7. Tonyinca

    Little Old School Rollover Plowing

    If it were landplaned or till-in-packed, or in process of being leveled, it very well could . However, plowed as it is ,usually will not blow ,We don't usually get our big winds in fall , our big winds come in March & April , May. Over the years ,I have never seen this field blow , Its down the road from my former Farm. If he left it like that going into spring and summer on a dry year ,yes. We really get in blowing trouble in the spring if doing leveling or seed bed prep that leaves top layer light and dry. I had a cotton stand ruined by wind in 1984 after cotton was up chopped & cultivated ,short of first irrigation , on a dry year. Tony
  8. Tonyinca

    Little Old School Rollover Plowing

    Not sure what Eddie is going in with. Tony
  9. Tonyinca

    Little Old School Rollover Plowing

    We need rain here ! Everything is harvested and nothing but high 70's & low 80's sunshine . Most are irrigating for winter forage if not planted yet or they are irrigating if its up. Most of us are on second Almond irrigation post harvest, My little retirement field of Almonds will be into 3rd irrigation post harvest after pruning & brush chipping is done. Tony
  10. Tonyinca

    Little Old School Rollover Plowing

    No they have not taken Round up yet . Our experience out here is that Roundup will kill NG after many applications , Knocks it back but unless we stay on top of it ,Itll come back healthy. So for seeded crops we use every tool. In orchards we use Roundup and non till ,so we don't spread tubers , After about year three the shade of trees will knock NG out or very weekend and Roundup finishes it. Tony
  11. Tonyinca

    Shop planning websites?

    Don't forget you can use Sea-Train Container to compliment your new shop for supplies , parts etc . that take up precious square feet but are only needed occasionally . I had those in pic at the ranch , that I recently sold, and they relieved the equivalent of one bay in my shop area for supplies & spare parts ,etc. I have seen people use 40 foot Containers to store smaller tractors Collectables or otherwise. Tony
  12. Tonyinca

    Shop planning websites?

    Once the electrical is done , I'll arrange them nicely but I have four in the other shed to try to fit in here lol. Two years ago we designed it with builder an accounted for all Buuut while building I acquired a 1206 & A 55 W hay baler , oh and the 806 w/ bean cutter and there went our design . Lol lol lol tony
  13. My neighbor Eddie has a field that he has been battling Nut Grass. This fall after deep ripping etc he decided to bring the old plow out of the back of the equipment yard . Its a I.H. # 642 four bottom and the paint is not shinny but the plow is mechanically shinny . I was very impressed that he was able to still get shares & slides from I.H. and set it as nicely as he did . Heck its been a long time since any of us out here have plowed. He never figured that plow would see action again. I have one like this also that I am wanting to get ready for plow days, Hope I can get it to plow as nicely as this one . When He finished all the shares were shinning bright . No longer he has them greased now . I captured few pics for you . Excuse the 4450 but his 856 was tied up on hay work and His 826 is awaiting shop time . Being the crappy neighbor that I am, I did not offer any of my Red Girls because I am busy waxing them . Lol lol lol . The theory here is to get the tubers dislodged and buried little deeper to give crop a head start then come in and treat it . tony
  14. Tonyinca

    Shop planning websites?

    It's pretty full already . Lol tony
  15. Tonyinca

    Shop planning websites?

    Just finished mine not long ago . Should have all electrical done by 11/15/18. 40 x 85 insulated . Planning on inside tin later tony