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  1. Thank you ! I owe that quote to a great Goldie collector , Randy Van Whe ! Tony
  2. Thank you Guys ! May 19 ,2021 will be two years since we started. my big nervous part is when we trip the knotters , Hoping they will trip without breaking anything ! Lol reason I say that is I had everything with very close tolerances then ,now there is paint on gears . tony
  3. Thank you Sir ! It was pretty well received , to my surprise Tony
  4. 3/4/21 sorry for my difficulty posting videos ! had these stills from same time the posters on wall are my explanation to people who ask ,”why you do this ?” Lol. celebrating the golden age of ag ? I was privileged to have grown up in late 40 ‘s 50’s and farmed in the 50’s 60’s 70’s , 80’s were rough, 90’s Into 2000’s Ibelieve those were golden years in ag . Imho I retired in 2017 but still maintain small Almond farm on my home place. In Calif at least the rules and regulations take the fun out of farming and these new Computor operated tractors with what look
  5. 3/4/21 on Feb 27,2021 at Hot Rodders for Robin Memorial car show. had my 1206 and Pu together same manufacture and same year ! Pu was awarded top five plaque! Danny Andersen surprised me from MN .for car show Great weekend few pics , first pic is with my Son Ken . tony
  6. Thank you BJ , 3/3/21 one by one she is coming alive ! trying to share with you all Tony
  7. I am doing a hay baler with a VG4D . changed it from positive ground to Negative ground 12 volt , installed a new Protronics Distributor electronic ignition along with matching coil with internal resistor . fires quick and runs great ! BTW everything came from Brillman tony
  8. Thank you BJ ! being I had the privilege of Danny here for the car show , thought better put him to work this is the first running on its own tank and fuel pump and all working , if you remember when we started engine first time it was being nursed by gravity feed , was hard to keep her running long enough . we timed it with light , carb set after warm up , and first time running out of her fuel tank in nearly 40 years . checked all voltages all seems good . It’s on electronic ignition and changed from positive ground to negative ground . now I need to mount generator
  9. When He presented it to me , He said , “Guess which one got the award “ and left at that with a big smile ! being it’s a car show I am sure it was truck . tony
  10. Yep , I remember those out here when I was a kid . With a Wisconsin two cylinder engine ! tony
  11. Thank you Sir ! the oil pan is also a collectable today made by M&W aftermarket in the day to cool and hold more oil for the turned up Turbos tony
  12. 2/27/21 Hot Rodders for Robin Memorial car show in Easton , Ca. Held its second annual car show. Covid did not seem to be on people’s minds much , it was a sold out event. my very first time showing my IH pickup along with my 1206. Only tractor amoung 500 cars pickups and Motorcycles Happy to say we brought home a top five plaque ! very rewarding day , Danny Anderson aka Dirt Boyzs surprised me on Friday and been keeping me company through weekend few pictures tony
  13. 1/24/21 Great Baler therapy Wednesday ! completed pickup reel , installed fuel tank , made new fuel lines , installed bale weight indicator cable , installed bale shoot with spring and shock absorber ( sheet metal will be even on shoot after Emory cloth on paint lol ),installed hitch after reworking it . still waiting on main drive pulley brake. Removed pu reel gauge wheel to straighten bracket to proper position . next will be fill fuel see if fuel pump will do its thing and have her running with out nurse tank . tony
  14. Happy Birthday ! MTO Hope it’s a great day ! tony
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