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  1. Thank You , Hopefully ,we can toast at RPRU in June. Tony
  2. 3/30/20 took a peek today keeping our social distance. we got a non running roller. they are down to wires, installing A/C, shifter , column and steering wheel , fuel tank in with fill in bed. tony
  3. You've got a nice 460 now ! Good for another 50 years. Congratulations, Tony
  4. Great Find and great job ! Coil Shanks were used extensively out here in Central Valley of Calif back in the 50's 60's. Most of them were on Hydraulic carriers being pulled by MM , M, Case. Oliver. When the 560 came on the scene there were quite a few F.H. 14 ft tool bars doubled up with spacer clamps set up with Coil shanks . They were used in place of the old regular drag spring tooth's Be hard press to find a Coil shank set up today out here. That's a nice show piece you have and one of the nicest and well equipped 340 's that I've seen. Tony
  5. Yes, I am itching to have it done and parked in my garage and be able to enjoy it . Tony
  6. 3/28/20 Wisconsin engine is at Machine shop. Engine sheet metal being repaired and sent to Black powder coat Been shopping internet for Wisconsin engine parts on line , Going protronix new distributor , Marvel Schebler carb been replaced by Zenith all seem dimensions, Found Nos switches , gauge, muffler , gaskets ,etc Its been slow and difficult with quarantine state order in place but I keep chipping at it. I am worried about painting my painter is health care provider for his brother who's had several strokes , David cannot take lightly many risks with C- virus Hoping I can have engine done and all parts available ready to go when machine shop is done. Tony
  7. Have a Friend in trucking business , He hauls Milk for a relative small family processer , They gone from one tank load of milk a week to FIVE , Going from Central San Joaquin Valley ,CA. to L.A. Basin area. Someone ,somewhere is saying that drinking milk helps with virus. Hopefully there is something to this and helps our dairymen, Tony
  8. I agree , Treat yourself to a bottle of Justin Isoscolese reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon . Little spendy but for special occasions like self quarantine it will make time pass with so nice a bouquet ! Tony
  9. Ray Moles is my neighbor about 5 miles South East . The raisin City Ranch is 3 miles west of me . Thanks for video links guys ! I just take Raisins for granted. Tony
  10. Good question , I do not know but they don't to a great extend. The ground is totally dried off and clean of all weeds prior to harvest and it is terraced at a slant for drainage in case of rain and to catch sun better . I have never grown raisins, however, I have lived among the growers and relative, neighbors that grow them all my life , have never heard them talk of animals eating them on ground. I know if there is reason for mildew they usually fly Sulfur on them but that is rare. What I have heard of is Humans on dirt bikes running over the trays spilling them all over the ground. Hopefully someone can correct me here Tony
  11. Raisins are made primarily from Thompson seedless Vine Verity. They are grown primarily here in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California They are a natural food grown on the vine ,picked in late August early September and laid on paper trays down the row of the vineyard . Used to be all by hand labor but now they have machines that pick and lay on a continuous paper tray . Generally left fifteen to twenty day to dry in the hot sun. They are then picked up again mostly by machine and put in bins taken to the processor where they have to pass a certain moisture content before they receive them, they are cleaned washed graded and ready for shipment. If weather turns inclement and they cannot reach the proper moisture they can be sent to the dehydrator but that not the first choice . A Small community 20 miles South East of me is called" Selma" and its claim to fame is ;"Raisin Capital of the World ,"Matter of fact, Lion Packing which is the label your showing, is located in Selma along with few others in Fowler, Kingsburg which are all small towns next to each other . If your buying raisins off the shelf I recommend "Sun maid" brand Raisins for best quality, the are a farmer coop Raisin Farmers been having it tough in recent years because of cheap imports from Turkey , etc. and the industry has really not promoted and revolutionized their industry,( They just keep doing it like grandpa did) so we are seeing many raisin type vineyards being pulled and replaced by Almonds , Pistachios . or wine verity vineyards. Raisins are a great healthy treat mixed with raw almonds and walnuts. Its Nature's Candy. Tony.
  12. Hey Guys , Glasses at 44 then a bit stronger every five years , then Cataract surgery at 73 lots better but having to learn Glasses all over again and at 74 Glasses and Carry a little flashlight in shirt pocket when working in shop every bolt seems to get dark when ! look at it . If I am doing something intense I wear the light headgear, Don't know what's next ,perhaps stronger light ! Tony
  13. You Know , Jerry, I have been thinking of that for awhile now. I even looked at them in Feb at the World Ag Expo . Think when I complete the baler project in shop one that will be my next project, Not only for ease of cleaning and repairs but for more room. However , I like it parked in Garage next to Carol's car , I can then keep an eye on it daily and cleaner atmosphere. I don't have small Grankids anymore Two have graduated College and are working the other two are in college & HS but six hrs away. Geesh I am an old Bas*ard !, Carol has three great grand kids but they are baby girls. No help there. Guess I got my work cut out for me ! Carol ,Says I got to give Her 30 more years , h*ll that puts me at 104 and Carol says, If I don't last she is going to have me stuffed and propped up on front porch as the watch dog ! Tony
  14. Thank you , We are in a quandary at this point , will RPRU be held or not ? I am planning on it but like here in Calif. The Decision basically was made for us by County , City , Governor, we are in self quarantine here in Cali . By order of Governor and I am hearing places are closed for services along the way making travel not pleasant. hope it all changes by MID of June , My gut tells me it will, but who knows? Heard Our President today say, He does not want The cure worse then The Illness. And he is hoping that first of April things look positive. all our tractor shows and car shows have been canceled out here, except for Best of West Show at Santa Margarita , they are holding on hoping that all this eases by Memorial Day weekend . praying for the best ! I been chasing parts etc on baler project and here in Cali . The fact I still farm and operate operate as farms inc . They say they can serve Ag because it’s essential. . the blaster told me if I was blasting parts on a Harley they may be hesitant because they are subject to spontaneous auditors coming in . Go figure ! also, if I am stopped by CHP and they ask why I am out and about, If I prove that I am chasing parts for Ag no problem . BTW, I am not trying to be risky . Only me in pickup ,at shop spoke to only one man we kept at least 10 ft distance and only total of four people there. and at parts , bolt , distributor ,call in order wait outside they bring it to you . Its Surreal. tony
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