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  1. Thank You Sugarmaker , To answer Color , This baler is I.H. made in Stockton Calif . from 1962 to 1965 and it was yellow with black wheels , lights, and pick up reel, engine. Please , click on Farmall Fans 's web address above to view my complete story of what this baler means to me. In My initial posts on this thread . Yes , I hope to do bale day , which some of my friends do once a year in Tulare Ca. , Most of balers used are the I.H. 55W. I have a friend and neighbor restoring a Oliver # 101 baler about same vintage as mine , its also a three wire , and looking forward to showing along side him at Calif. Antique equipment show in 2021 and possibly baling along side him. Yes I have two hay mowers from the day , One a I.H. fast hitch pitman type mower behind a Farmall C and the one we used the most with this baler a I.H. fast Hitch # 100 Balance Head mower. I do not have the hay rake , We ran a I.H. three point ,PTO driven, basket rake.( don't recall the #) If I ever found one already restored, I would be very interested. Tony
  2. Oh God Bill , Doubt I could bale enough tons to re-coop my investment , First, small squares with wire not popular anymore in our area . Its all big bales on twine and any small squares are twine. As far as Carol and bank accounts , Since I sold the ranch she does all the checks so she has a running total ! lol. However , when I sold the ranch I sold my equipment on a separate note to one of my younger employees and at the time I told Carol , "I am trading current Equipment for old little value I.H. equipment " ,The Almond equipment payments are my tractor restoration Dollars. Hope He does not pay me off early , I need the principle and interest to keep me going. lol. Tony
  3. Thank You Bitty , I can't stop now ! Have too much sweat equity and money invested . My theory when I start a project I need to push till done because of my age and my helper and my painter ages , we are all at the age 74,75,65 respectively that if one or the other gets sick needs surgery then big chance it will not get finished or be why delated , then we forget where we are at .lol . and like I tell Carol trying to sell this project in boxes you may have to pay few dollars to get parts taken out .lol. Even with it done and running , the sale price would be minimal .but at least she would have a chance at recouping some of the dollars. Its a labor of love and I love doing it . Tony
  4. Yes , God Willing ! Hope to have the bean cutter there and maybe one more if all goes well . Tony
  5. Happy belated Birthday Gentlemen ! Hope your day was great and wishes for many more ! Ken safe travels on the next lap around the sun . Tony
  6. Today , Thursday 11/5/19 , checked with sheet metal man , the bale shoot is done , only thing left is the two side shields one over Auger belt on light side and other over the knotter chain on the heavy side. Earlier I had talked of making a inter small wheel jack so to lift to roll onto my gooseneck . spent morning measuring and roll play it and decided to abandon the idea . I saw it done on a 55W but it’s a much narrower machine and more room for the added items . To make this girl fit on my 102 “ trailer , I would need to remove axles both sides then it would be 97”. at my age I am not going to do that much work to haul it ,mostly I'll be taking it 60 miles to Tulare , I’ll either tow it or have it hauled by a professional trucker . My friend Mel has a low boy with expandable side on it . few pic ‘s 1st three is the donor gear box with good gears but in need of bearings , next is a crappy pic of the bale shoot with few parts on it headed for blast and primer and last pic , right plunger crank bracket headed for blast the pillar bearing in it was stiff like it never turned . Lol tony
  7. Thank you Twostepn, i got over my head on this one ! It looked so simple, and I was very familiar with it being I ran one from 1963 to 1974 . When we pull off one thing three trinkets have to come off before and everything is rusted frozen , so either cut bolts or scape and blast parts I have three to make one and I guess because there were not many made and for long , guys tried fixing themselves, making their own parts and ended up wrecking lot of stuff . The CALIF. Baler is just plain wore out and bale chamber rotten with hay left in it ,who knows how long . We stripped it totally and thinking it would be the restored one but it showed too much wear. We decided to tackle the best Nevada donor and it is not wore but they tried making that poor thing run with parts missing or home made parts and damaged gear boxes and sprockets with large unbreakable shear pins . The other Nevada donor was worse as far damage and filthy with white clay dried on mud and engine had been slobbering oil so everything upper half covered in dry oil . but it’s serving as a template and donor . I finally spent two days sessions of pressure washing. The original Cali one is the template for the sheet metal guy and also a parts donor . its a challenge , and I am getting nervous if we will get all these parts back the way it should ? Will it work after we are done ?. But the challenge has me fighting for a finish . Tony
  8. Thank You Chris , your too kind ! please do not stop from doing a restoration ! I started this Baler thinking it a piece of cake , I operated one like it for roughly 10 years, so remembered a lot and it seemed so simple . That was then , this is now .50+ years later Lol. These machines are much more involved then I remember plus everything is broke , wore, or rusted and fast forward to now ,no parts available or expertise to ask . So , I get a bit anal and throw up my hands and say take it from ground up . I am sure a true restorer could clean , grease , and adjust and probably have it running but I can’t , never had that talent even with my farm equipment . Many forms of restoring, pick your level and go for it and enjoy the process , it’s the hunt for parts and the journey that’s the most fun . Sincerly , tony
  9. 12/3/19 Baler therapy tues. Cold and drizzly we had to work out side today . Removing gear box , crank , bull gears from donor . We got them off , the gears look new and fresh with oil . The original gear box had been out of oil and instead had water and bull gear was bathing in about 5inches of water in oil pan. Amazing , these parts we pulled today were probably the best usable parts on this donor. we cut pillar bearing off of right side frame but need to have machine shop press the crank off , it has two big bearings on gear box itself along with bull gear . everything is filthy I will hot wash tomorrow then press old bearings off , then blast everything , then have machine shop press new bearings on . we also removed the three needles that were in up position but bent . Sad part it appears that these needles were new when they bent them , still had the blue & black color and parts number clearly visible on them . we are going to try to straighten them and salvage as a second set . sorry not many pic’s but were fighting approaching rain ( 1st pic taken last week )and 30 years of oil & grease from a wore out Wisconsin engine that slobbered many quarts of oil all over the front 3rd of baler . last two pics were taken after dark by the time I got them over to the wash area tonight . tony
  10. Thank You ,Guys, for the birthday wishes ! Appreciate your thoughts and having so many Red Power tractor friends ! Had a quiet day and in late afternoon chased some parts for the baler project. Carol fixed me a nice dinner . Thank You Again, Tony
  11. Thank You , Guys ! Appreciate your well wishes and your friendships as my Red Power tractor Guys . Had a quiet day and chased a few parts in the afternoon for the baler project. Carol fixed me a nice dinner. Thank You again , Tony
  12. The bean cutter is living these days in shop next to my baler project . needless to say I keep looking at her and seeing something else to spruce up . Decided to give her a rubbing compound than a heavy wax job . I really liked how it turned out . then I decided the throttle had to much play in it so I replaced the upper throttle rod and put new throttle Handle. next the mixed match IH couplers looked awful so replace them with matching chrome ones . In doing that I had to remove batteries and did not like cables so decided to install a master switch and all new battery cables and boot covers. trays looked little bad so replacing them with new along with new battery lids , I am going to chrome them and Add new batteries . waiting on David to get rear weights painted along with radiator cap and fuel cap. then she should be done . Lol First four pic is after much elbow grease , cutting and waxing . The next are after wax when I could not leave well enough alone . tony
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