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  1. Prayers continue for Zack and his family ! tony
  2. Back prior to 2006 any SMTA running would bring 10,000.00 . I have watched prices on SMTA drop to current levels. Mine was a fence row tractor with shinny paint on it when i bought it but it was what I wanted had all the bells and whistles I was looking for. IE : LP, single front , hydraulic tree hydraulics I had to restore it three time to get it to my minds eye. It was wore out front to rear ! I love it and have spent a fortune on it but the pleasure it gives me to look at it ,I cannot put a price on . It’s basically a new tractor now . Have no idea how much it would take to buy it from me. I know no one would be crazy enough ! Btw my BIL driving top pic me on bottom pic tony
  3. Sorry to here this ! our prayers with him ! tony
  4. Thank You So Much for the Birthday wishes ! Had a good day taking it easy and adjusting to the tought of being 77 ! So far it does not feel different from 76 ! Again thank you All ! Tony
  5. Happy Birthday Bill ! Hope it’s a great day and wishes for many more ! tony
  6. Wow ! Glad she is okay , that could of gone really bad quick , Her guardian angle was with her . prayers for her and you , it’s not easy to get over a scare like that . that damn driver needs a little jail time to refresh his training ! tony
  7. Prayers for Your friend ,Ray Tony
  8. I love text ! I hear your pain , our email carrier sold out and without notice shut us down. trying to recover documents etc and notify all contacts of new email Sucks big time, Tony
  9. I was watching the cotton picker, But knew it was older restoration and at minimum needed a set of tires upon arrival here . The killer was the 10400.00 hauling quote to Cali. So, I cooled my heels and kept my hands in my pocket. Tony
  10. Was a ware house fire in town of Fresno tony
  11. Hi Guys , Paster at one of our churches in tiny community of Easton Calif . Decided anything Easton Sunday and chili cook off would be good . This is second annual . pictures of four in front of truck & tractor is Carol & I and Paster Matt Brown and his wife Tammi . several nieghbor’s and I decided to take some items I took Farmall H , Farmall 1468, Herbie being it lived it’s life two blocks from the church and my Nieghbor Brad Weis took his 9900 JD cotton picker and his Jd 9460 four wheel drive . We did a ten Mile mini tractor ride to the church set everything up on Saturday for Sunday and gave kids hay rides with H pulling did mini tractor drive home Sunday afternoon was fun . Pretty lady Lyndsey loewen driving H first time on tractor here are few pictures BTW local next door high school is Washington Union Purple Panthers thus the W and purple. tony
  12. Look Great Danny ! Everything you do is number one ,IMHO ! Looking forward to seeing it soon ! Tony
  13. Hi Guys , Been laying low this summer no projects going (yet) However , was asked to participate in the Kerman , ca . harvest festival parade . the parade Marshall was 92 year old jean Hardie known as the John Deere queen and cotton queen so only fitting they pulled her in parade with my 30 foot green cotton trailer pulled by a new John tractor I entered the SC and 28 FH mower , SMTA and 71 baler , La Case lp being it was from a long time Kerman family, Carol drove Herbie my latest IH truck also . my son on SC , Grandson of original owner of case driving , me on SMTA, Carol in Herbie, the older lady in center of my cousins is Jean Hardie being celebrated in her farm community , the fellow on the Fergie 40 is my friend and Kerman farmer Joe Porto on his Late fathers tractor . few pictures the estimate 2000- 2500 people lined the street in this small Calif Central Valley farm community wish pictures were better settings but all my picture takers were driving something so we took from the seats. Tony
  14. Yes Alan, the top one is what i was familiar with. However, mine is like your Dad's in only four rows . Never thought I would see one in four rows much less fast hitch ! Thanks for the information. Between the rake FH and hoe FH I had to get them, The four row is so much easier to transport to shows and most of us 50's 60's guys started with four row 38"s Thanks ,Tony
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