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  1. I do not plan to ! I am little queasy watching this process . So much measuring ,tacking ,and more measuring .and making of clean looking reinforcements. Once engine is back in I'll breath easier . Tony
  2. Most of dealers I have spoken to , recommend these types or the short barrel shotgun for in home defense . Point and shoot. In todays environment armed protection in house is as important as the kitchen sink. Tony
  3. Moving along ! Few pic Finally seeing some welding! The last pic are the drums and suspension being removed
  4. We think we have the tick cured , went with two thousands over sleeve pushed them in at above max stated pressure . Honed selves out to accommodate Pistons comfortably . Ran her six hours seems to be running perfect , but we develop a leak from tranny input seals so we had to split it again and replaced input shafts bearings and seal engine rear seal was replaced with clutch so all should be good and I'll have my girl done so I can to do a few fun Tonyisms to her . tony
  5. Little more progress . Original baler all stripped down will send it off to sheet metal guy to use for template. in meantime we started on the better of the donors , we think plunger and chamber is in better shape on this one . So we started the arduous task of stripping this one down for inspection , so far chamber and sprokets all look much better here , this baler has had less hay through it by what we are seeing. while we work on second one welder can be using first one as template for sheet metal and several things that both would need . first two pic original ready to be towed to welding shop . Next two is the donor we started on by noon today Was arduous doing this all over again . Lol tony
  6. Happy Birthday Ohio Farmer ! and the other fellas celebrating today ! Wishes for many more, Tony
  7. Yes ! Thank you so much . Now at least I have a starting point tony
  8. Fellas, I am restoring a 1963 I.H. #71 baler and it was factory painted yellow. I am told that it is Federal Yellow much like used on Cab Cadets Any help in finding the I.H. code for their yellow is appreciated. Thank you , Tony
  9. OH HAPPY DAYS! work finally beginning on clip loving what I see so far . tony
  10. Baler therapy Wedensday 8/7/19 Continued stripping her down . Auger off , feeder fork off , last big sheet metal side panel off , good thing found bid rust cancer hidden about to break through. took sheet metal to a sheet metal guy will see if he can roll new panels . Met with David my painter to find best way to handle painting . Met with blaster as best way to blast and prime. John and I inspected and decided on a plan to tackle parts balers . Feeling a little better about the path forward. With tractors we had a routine and knew how to proceed . This thing is overwhelming me with parts and bolts . Thank God I have two parts machines one for parts and other for template . Lol need to find a code for this IH industrial yellow paint , if anyone can help , I would much appreciated. Thank you , tony
  11. Yes we had two linemen that their summer job was road siding ,they bought a old bob tail and they would hire fellow classmates , that was in 63 64 today all the laws would crucify them. tony
  12. Tonyinca

    806 LP

    Try Bates Corp in Indiana . Otherwise find a salvage yard in Texas in past I watched e-bay and when something like that came up I would buy for parts or use or spare. tony
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