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  1. I am sorry , it’s been a crazy busy week and today I had Baler Wednesday therapy by my self . trying to fit things with paint overspray in bushings , shafts and bolt holes , requires patients in cleaning it prior to installation , which makes me very impatient ! Lol I did get the pulley bracket and handle assembly on , the cross sheet metal plate that holds the power shaft bearing and the feeder fork crank bearing . also started cleaning paint from undesirable places on the knotter and replacing grease zerks . I will have to install flywheel next so I can move the plunger so
  2. I am looking and when I find something better I will jump . tony
  3. I will look into it , thanks . yes I plan to polish them when we begin final assembly. I have polished tanks on my other pick up and so far it’s been polished several years just need little TLC once twice a year . I learned about that brass under paint that older IH’s had from my LP equipment on the SMTA & 806 LP under all that red paint was beautiful metals that could be polished .Not to mention the hydraulic pumps on the 400,300u ,SMTA they buff out great , then clear coat and they look new for long time . both my truck’s tanks were painted black I happen to scratch one
  4. I am looking ! But to keep moving on we are starting out with the indys , hopefully there will be something that melts my butter come along. if you look at the original before pic , I believe Herb made those rear wheels himself , I like them but cannot use hub cap , even the front ones don’t take period correct hub cap . Tony
  5. As far as I know Stockton has merged with some big supplier that no longer makes custom wheels ! tried to have deep dish steelies made the shop tried finding a source also . the good thing about these is they are very reasonable so if I find something I really want I can get another set . as oppose to the RedKid those wheels were custom made for it ! No changing unless I want to spend big money and I am loosing my appetite for that lol . tony
  6. I would but may get me arrested here in land of fruits and nuts! Lol think I’ll stick to conceal carry. Lol tony
  7. I can assure you , no low rider look to this truck . matter of fact as I stated above , I am wanting a Michelin LT truck road tire . tony
  8. Firebaugh Equipment Co . My neck of the woods ! About 25 miles North west of me . in its day that area was next town over of Mendota, Ca. the Cantaloupe capital of the world and was heavy in Alfalfa and Cotton , canning tomatoes. Cantaloupes . there were many hydro’ s used in cantaloupe and hay harvesting , there was a V.C.Britton Co that chopped alfalfa for dehydrator , thousands of acres . just a little FYI on your dealer sticker Tony
  9. At rate I am going getting things back on , It May not have much paint left on it when done ! Lol , lol , lol tony
  10. Hey Guys , I wracked my brain looking for a rim that would compliment this build. I hated the IH snap ring wheels it had in front. most of the modern truck rims are either to goddy or to modern looking for off road . this truck is not being built for car shows or a rock climber but for frequent driver and compatibility with my tractor collection and tractor shows and preserving the integrity of the local blacksmith truck . I came up with old school Indy’s 18x10 paired with Michelin LT truck road tires. I am asking for your opinions , Good , Bad or indifferent and if you ha
  11. 11/13/20 more work and updates . working on front brakes and we decided to go with B&W turn over ball hitch for gooseneck trailer. tony
  12. 11/11/20 John and I had many items to put back on baler before rolling it out of paint shop . we got her together and she is home ready to receive several pallets of painted parts . tony
  13. Baler got painted on Friday 11/6/20 . letting it cure hope to bring her home tomorrow 11/11/20 tony
  14. 11/10/20 more progress, fitting continues , pictures of wood under bed for attachment , will use what was there just spruce it up for the original look. planning to install a B&w gooseneck hitch . also planning on tool box each side of under bed behind cab in front of rear tire. tony
  15. Congratulations ! Nice find ! I would leave the cab, try to make it nice . there are too many without cabs and I think having the cab would be an asset. Imho tony Btw , I have started keeping my eye out for a clean or restored 1466 black strip 1976 , prefer with cab but consider without cab enjoy your new girl , I am sure she’ll treat you right .
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