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  1. Going to check with them asap ! thanks for heads up tony
  2. Brian , the rougher they are the nicer they look when done ! tony
  3. Our so called leaders are selling us down the river! so disheartening for the future of America tony
  4. All stripped down . All measured. Wanted to go with local GM clip but manufacture is being a dick so may go with manufacture out of LA with mustang clip .. Either will work, it would be easier to custom build the GM ,being guy is in town but he has not been playing well so far. Lol , LA guy seems to want to accommodate Us much better. will cut frame as soon as clip is in hand and have exact demensions few pic tony
  5. Guys , just a few thoughts on buying these old tractors. these girls are old and tired and if guy is selling then pretty obvious he has lost interest in it and will do bare minimum before sale. Example ; my friend gave me that 806d bean cutter , clean beautiful tractor been taken care of and kept indoors since he retired her few years back. tractor was free ! Sitting in my shop for a year one. Rear crack got wider and started loosing air, stopped charging alternator squeeling, clicking sound in engine among other smaller items like cluster , seat suspension , etc To keep her viable two new rears , head off engine , machine shop checking valves, replacing one sleeve & piston, wires look bad , new wire harness , Radiator needed attention , new core, When I get done I will have more then a 806. Is worth and it's not even restored. Per se . It started out as a clean well cared for oldie , but let us remember they are old , used , tired and yes we have to dump money in them and it needs to be a labor of love. Yet I would not take triple of what I put in it because it's what I was looking for . Once in a while if lucky we find a real low hour pampered girl but the price will reflect it . just a perspective on running this old stuff. tony
  6. Grab it if it's what you want. If its close by you don't have hauling in the mix. My principle is not so much purchase price, "when I have found what I want," it's what is it going to cost me to get it where I want it mechanically and esthetically. very easy to spend 1000.00 on repairs and up grades , but at least your making it better for you and hopefully having fun working on it Btw I would prefer he sell it on the original offer and you deal with the repairs at least you have control and knowledge of what you have. i think 1800.00 is fair to you and him because of wide front and you said you had a source to make cultivator whole and as for him your taken on his gamble of repairs . best of luck tony
  7. D/D, Dont know if it a regional thing.but it's company called "Absolute Urathane" I did my shop #1 ,which was built in 1988 and had three big leaks , about 7 years ago and it's leak free and some insulation properties , I believe it's 3inch thick Its white and thick and has properties in it to discourage birds . They have 10 year warrantee . 40x 80 building cost me in nieborhood of 10, 000.00 seven years ago . There is quite a bit of prep on roof before laying it down. We have had lot of rain this year and so far no leaks tony
  8. Yes, Joseph said look you got the shop and green is in apron . Altough it looks like it's about to eat that tiny 806 he has that thing in two pieces waiting on portable machine shop to hone and rebushe pivots and line bore
  9. Special combine, this is the one this tractor cut for. They were CB Hays combines the owners have gone away from beans and into orchards , so this unit has been in shed along with the 806 cutter for few years
  10. Yes , I have it at my retired partner in crime Bob's former shop . His young protege Joseph is helping me with it and he has nothing but monsters all around that shop
  11. Yes , Times are a changing ! But geesh when I was farming beans back in the early sixties that 806d with Almameda hydraulic bean cutter would of put me on cover of time magazine ," if only in my mind" i did not have two nickles to rub together at time so I made my own mounted on a Farmall 400 . All the big boys were running 806 , 856, and even a 1206 , rolling coal in they wee am hours and I was chugging along on my trustee 400. Got the job done but with lot of work and effort . I never did get the " high class" bean cutter till I was 72 and in the sixties I was in my 20's ! See good things happen to those that wait .lol BTW I got it given to me but I can see by time I do all the Tonyisms to it I probably could of bought it twice . Lol Darn we need a cure for this fun Desease ! tony
  12. Devon's tractor , Stiener tractor , Ken Updike have them . Easy to install and Devon's tractor has a original looking wrap you can put on filters. did not have a chance on these because of problem but I have a set waiting . Tony
  13. This project falls under Repairs and Maintenence , Does not qualify for penalty clauses ! I think ! tony
  14. Hi Guys if you remember last year about this time I acquired a 1966 806 D with hydraulic black eye bean cutter. throughthe summer I started noticing a clicking sound that I was so sure was valve adjustment. Well valve were set perfect , pulled head and everything looks great inside sent head to machine shop , have not heard from them yet. We turned front pulley be hand and low and behold #4 sleeve is moving up and down . pulled old sleeve , praying new sleeve would be tight . Well 48 hrs in freezer and final two inch push down at about 1000lbs looks like I may have dodged a total tear down . Maybe ! While we are this far , going to pull all Pistons check , hone and new rings and rolling in new rod & main bearings. while we are at it I am going to change all that looks like it can cause trouble . Radiator was in need of core , new wire harness , new alternator , rebuilt seat suspension and seat , new rims and replacing with 18.4 x38 sat 2 Firestone replacing all hydraulic hoses to match and all belts & hoses on engine. Also went with spin on oil filter kit . Side panels are being painted and Jeff furnished all emblems, going with four 75 weights up front few pics Tony
  15. Nice pictures Jim ! Missed you at world Ag Expo . i like the 1456 , is it the one you started several years back that needed a lot but you were working engine over? thanks for pic's Tony
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