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  1. April 16 , 2024 Engine is back from machine shop and put together very meticulous being it’s the third time ! Lol Busy with Calif Antique show this week and weekend and waiting on my mechanic to heal , from a brain bleed , he seems to be doing well Doc said soon he can start , we’ll do heavy lifting and he can be our knowledge ! few pictures of my hope for a smooth running engine . tony
  2. Engine coming together ! Should be ready next Wednesday rebuilt oil pump also for safety Tony
  3. No , she is a show girl just want it to run to factory spec and purr ! thank you for the kind words Tony
  4. These are before and during and after third engine removal . Dirtboyz was out here and removed engine for me because I was under weather last April 2023 hoping I’ll have pictures of it going back together this April 2024 tony
  5. Dale , how do I know if it’s to lean on propane ? It seemed to run good and did not stumble . however , everytime we took pistons and main off it looked like lack of lubrication ! We checked oil pump and it looks fine and oil pressure was alway in range . thank you for your comments and for letting me pick your brain Tony
  6. We are back at it ! That girl is going to purr some day , if it takes pulling engine 10 times ! really I hope not . this time everything was Mic come out and going back in . I think what other machine shop did was hone holes lot bigger after first seized causing the piston slap . tony
  7. Hey guys been a while ! Had some health issues I had to overcome , feeling pretty normal now so tackling the 806 LP that I restored 2015-2016 finished up March of 2017 I posted the whole restoration here on this page as we went along . well what happen was after restoration and machine shop work motor seized on Dyno ! took motor off back to machine shop they took care of all . Put motor back ,it missed and sounded like bucket of bolts were going to come through the block .we tried everything but nothing helped ! Meantime original machine shop owner died . Then I almost died ! Lol lol with help of my Nieghbor Eddie , his son Chris , Steve Saylor and Danny Anderson we pulled engine third time . its at a machine shop that also does race engines so they have all the precision eq . found that holes were miss bored piston slap was the result , our long time miss was from not lapping valves and guides were not right . today I checked on it here are few pics I took we went with American made pistons and coated them for better performance and quietness . ill keep you posted on all as we proceed Tony
  8. My condolences and prayers to his family . Steve was a good man we will experience a loss of a RP friend Tony
  9. I am getting stir crazy , I am starting to dream of another restoration . i am hoping by march to have my health problems solved or close to it and start on my # 12 pto hay rake . Then on my #312 FH roll over plow and my 642 IH 4 bottom roll over . They been waiting long enough ! IMHO and my buddies John and Eddie are getting bored they need to help me . ( out of the three of us , we make one decent worker) after all I have two IH mowers and two IH balers but no RAKE how do I expect to be in hay business. My cardiologist and urologist and Carol have been WARNED !lol tony
  10. Carol did not think a real TD 25 was wise for me to restore ! so I bought myself an early Christmas present. needed IH yellow on my crawler shelf Tony
  11. Great to see you back Twostepin ! Take care and watch for those UTI's , they will knock you down if ignored. Don't ask how I know ! God Bless you ! Tony
  12. Guys , What a pleasent surprize seeing my girl on a calendar Thank you for posting Tony
  13. Happy birthday Bill ! Hope it’s a great one ! tony
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