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  1. Thank you Danny ! yes I saw the 1566 , it’s like show room original ! Got to tour lot of Silver Lake region , lot of good looking corn and soybeans hope all well with you and Kathy , we miss you ! tony
  2. 6/30/22 been little preoccupied since leaving show . what a great show it was and wonderful people to visit with . I would do this trip again in a heart beat as long as my fuel credit card does not max out ! Lol we are on third leg of six leg , trip home . on first leg we visited our RPF member T-bone better known as Lowell Lindzy and Sharon got to see lot of Indiana’s farming and must say very impressed. He gave us the grand tour and tremendous hospitality ! Thank you much! today on the 40 into Amarillo how can you pass up THE BIG TEXAN at 4 pm and starving so it was a Filet for each of us and now we are resting up for fourth leg Amarillo to Gallup NM . God willing be home Sunday 7/3/22 few pictures PS : so many pics of MH near corn drier is because , I never thought I would be plugged in to a corn elevator / drier in the Mid west ! May never see it a gain . Also visited this maintained one room school house on this fellas land and he happened to be moweing Alfalfa with a White ! How collectable is that ? Nice . tony
  3. Good question ! Most everything ! Lol First order of business is getting my 806 LP engine back in order tony
  4. Same here ! So great meeting members ! tony
  5. 6/25/22 I want to give a big shout out to Arron Wade our own Powershiekfarmall “ for a great tribute to our passed member “ Cooter” who passed away saving his family in their house fire. We had a moment of silence after our group picture on Friday for the Droacha Dairy family and all red power forum members we have lost this year tony
  6. I believe it was the promotion for the 86 series line . tony
  7. 6/25/22 the party is over ! show over at 3.41 pm after National meeting . was a great show Kevin and Ellen Paul did a great job along with there committee .they are the couple several pictures down . The upside picture I have no idea what happened it Carol and I with our own Sledgehammer family ! took few more pictures today attended chapter auction and National Board meeting bought a couple Ohio RPRU banners at auction for my toy shed . the band was very good played a concert Friday evening . tony
  8. 6/24/22 Day two of show ! Great venders , visiting , RPF group picture, attended Lee Klancher seminar , IH ten top tractors ., pictures with Binder Books and IH parts America . We all started visiting in isle we clogged it to the next vender , Sorry . nice dinner with Mn friends Randy Van Wye and his lovely wife Terry . attended a very nice concert on grounds finished day with a glass of wine with our friends and camping nieghbor’s Jerry Smoker and lovely wife Kelli , Dale and lovely wife Lisa Markle ! so tired can’t see straight but I wanted to take it all in . tony
  9. I have seen that handle on forum long time finally got to meet you . thank you Tony
  10. Great meeting you and please call me Tony yes love the group pictures for meeting our guys . Hope to run into you again in next two days tony
  11. Was great meeting you and yes the show is great ! tony
  12. 6/23/22 parade favorites among others ! Sorry first two are me checking my house for several weeks and the second is me admiring Jerry Smokers truck ! We are being nieghbor’s for several days tony
  13. 6/23/22 Our RPF premier photo taker Brady Boy needed a break so the crappy photo taker , me , took advantage of the situation . Here’s to you Bill ! tony
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