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  1. Tonyinca

    Sold the Sandblaster

    I concur ! I have a big cabinet with commercial type vacuum . I have found its not with the time, irritation, dust breathing and shop infiltration , not to mention expense. I am fortunate to have a sand blasting / powder coater 10 miles from me and its cost effective to take everything there unless it just a small quickie thing that is needed asap. I have about 5000.00 invested in my blaster and have to chalk it up to tuition. Worst investment in my shop. IMHO I'll probably keep it for a stray part but if your thinking about buying one, save your money and pay the guy that does it for a living ! Tony
  2. Tonyinca

    Sacremento fire pictures

    I believe one of our Red collector & Cat aficionado is working those fires up North. " JR Ponte," Lot of you know him . If you follow him on face book recently he posted pictures of Disking fire breaks and disking on his land with a Screaming Jimmy Oliver. Quiet a young man , Knows much about mechanic ing on old equipment & quiet a Cat Skinner. Tony
  3. Tonyinca

    Over the road trucking at 21

    Start out by seeing a reputable eye Doctor . Have your eyes checked medically find out your deficiency and see if it can be corrected BEFORE you go to CDL and get REJECTED, If you let them document rejection you will go through **** for everything else. It will be in your record forever and keep popping up when you least expect it. Your young get with a good Doctor and see what's available to help you. Knowledge will be your friend in pursuing you CDL. These examiners just go by a number or a scale and that's it. They don't give a damn about you , its just about, NEXT IN LINE ! My experience ; I had been told since childhood that I was color blind , I never did anything about it at young age .At age 44 after having my Pilots lic. for several years on about my third medical exam which would of been six years later a new examiner gave me a book to pick something out, I failed, he said," I was color blind" ,would not discuss it at all ,said," take it up with FAA" , He put a restriction on my ticket for NO NIGHT FLYING. I had been Night flying regularly from Central Valley Calif. up to San Jose bay area , Sacramento, Pleasanton and L.A. for a time , mostly business meetings. I spoke with flight examiner and was ready to take the night flight test to prove I could see light signals at Airport and ILS. I also went to see my regular optometrist ,He gave me A Farnswell Eye color test ( not sure name or spelling) and I passed it three different settings & times in front of him , He sent letter to FAA with his findings and to my surprise FAA sent a certified letter back to be kept with my flight Docs that I was cleared NO RESTRICTIONS and not to ever be tested for color blindness again at my two year physicals intervals. I flew until I was in my mid sixties. What The Doc found in my medical history was that yes I had slight color blindness and that most men have a color deficiency and mine had maintained same level since my high school years. My point to you is; You are young !, You seem to have a passion for trucking, Don't give up !, spend little time to actually know the extent of your condition and with all the medical advances we have today , DO NOT COUNT YOUR SELF OUT YET ! After all that, if you still have your restriction , and you still love trucks and want something to do with them,Then become the best trucking company around , make up for not driving by owning a bunch of them .lol You can go on road with one of your drivers and still be in your own truck ! Best of luck, Tony
  4. Tonyinca

    Best place/brand of plug wires for 560?

    I get all mine from Brillman . Tony
  5. Tonyinca

    120 sickle mower

    It's been a while since I restored mine but I believe there are two companies in Nebraska that have full line of balance head mower parts & service. one is Rowse and don't remember other tony
  6. Tonyinca

    auto and farm insurance

    Sounds pretty much like our coverage . out here Farm Bureau insurance is handled by Nation wide . Any claim we have had is settled asap with no hassle. collector stuff is all Hagerty , very easy to do business with but fortunately never had to claim on them . Hope it stays that way! in insurance your buying peace of mind and hoping to be made whole , as close as possible. tony
  7. Tonyinca

    560 serial number 502 on auction

    Thank you guys , for the kind words! the fronts are 9.5Lx 15 Firestones Rears 15.5 x38's Firestone. tony
  8. Tonyinca

    Thank You B.J.

    Fred , I missed you at Alabama , we have a habit of visiting at the RPRU's Glad you are back on line here! our prayer and thoughts are with you and your wife. we concur with IH runners sentiments! This forum are an extended family. our best, tony & Carol
  9. Tonyinca

    560 serial number 502 on auction

    I paid 1000.00 for mine . It looked very much like one above. cost of purchase is non consequential . its the many many thousands after and hours & hours after. Figure mine in this pic pretty much looked like above . Two years later and empty pocket book! BTW serial on this one is 774
  10. Tonyinca

    life in our corner

    Pray the markets reverse for Dairy ! Pray the Lord gives you perseverance and wisdom to do what He has planned for you. In Cali. IMHO , there is basically one crop keeping its head above water but its having to swim harder to do it. Between planting the fence row to fence row and the precarious of markets and trade , I see it as very close to a cliff. If Almonds & Pistachios hit the wall Cali Ag will be in deep manure. IMHO , its the only crop holding Ca. Ag. up Tony
  11. Tonyinca

    Hold my beer---and watch this!!!

    That reminds me of our early day beach buggies that guys would build to play in the sand. tony
  12. Tonyinca

    Seeing one in the weeds fired me up !

    That experience you speak of , I have with the 55W they came from factory with a spark arrester and straight pipe, you could here a symphony of balers in neighborhood in the nite echo, as most of our area hay was baled at nite for proper dew, depending on time of year. Then when we got ours it was so cool to me to drive the M and hear the baler engine behind me mix with the sound of the M . Tony
  13. Tonyinca

    red power magazine

    Mine arrived yesterday. Good as ever ! Tony
  14. Tonyinca

    Seeing one in the weeds fired me up !

    560Dennis, Yes I did purchase a 55W last year ,it was restored and baling when I bought it. It needs few things that I want to improve, basically cosmetic and engine electrical update. We had a neighbor when I was a kid that baled with John Deere side discharge like your picture. In our parts they were not very popular because the would through bales in our irrigation ditch or on fences. they were two wire and as best as I can remember they were pretty trouble free. As for engines on old I H balers We always had the over head valve engine much like the Farmall C engine. Tony
  15. Tonyinca

    Seeing one in the weeds fired me up !

    Wisc. VG4D . The NH went to the over head valves in Wisc. The knotter is the same knotter as on the two wire basically ,I.H. knotter. Improved tempered metal on knotter. NH 290 Super Sweep was a three wire. NH With the new and bigger Wisc. over head valves of the time were so fast that it was hard to keep hay in them .lol. I have a source to a trucker with side extensions on low boy. The hardest part is a large forklift to set on truck. We did get some practice last fall bringing the two 55W's home. One is an operating and other was for parts. Tony