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  1. Very sad indeed, lost lot of knowledge there. He will be missed Condolences to His family and friends Tony
  2. I have always believed the best soil in the world is where you can farm ,raise a family and make enough to pay the bills and buy mama a new piece of furniture at end of year and send the kids to school. So, for me , the best soil on earthwas a section of dirt on Polk and Adams AV. In Fresno , Ca.
  3. Found these at the Calif. Antique farm Equipment Show. arranging them in Equipment shed . fella in pic will restore my Dad's first pump at ranch . Sorry about last picture , big finger syndrome tony
  4. Yeah , but we managed to squeeze around I've lost ten lbs but it did not help! Lol tony
  5. No broken bales and a calendar picture setting ! Thanks for sharing . I happen to be a little partial to 55W's the JD just adds to the timetable authenticy IMHO tony
  6. Well the old bean cutter 806 got put on back burner for while but we are back at it all new Pistons , sleeves , bearings , head gone through machine shop , injectors all checked out . Well we keep adding as we go along , new radiator , belts , hoses , etc I could not stand those 15.5x38 and they thankfully were pretty racked so here we are with new rims and 18.5x38's and we were able to keep the for 30"" bean cutting had to move fender all way in , wheels dished in and rims on inner setting . got few more goodies to do and she should be ready for bean season .lol Her bean season these days is looking pretty in the shed and shows.lol tony
  7. We finally found a frame outfit that is willing to work with us we are having a "Art Morrison" clip made out of the state of Washington gave him a deposit says should have it by end of July. All these frame guys are so busy they hardly want to talk to you much less if you have a IH . Lol it will have rack & pinion power steering and disk brakes. going to do disk brakes on rear also tony
  8. Wire . Acually my 55w came from your neck of the woods ! From Stenchfield Ranch , East of Old town Paso and South of 46
  9. Darn at my age the Red girls look so much more alluring .!
  10. Yes that's it ! My Dad bought it new in 63 and we used it for all our hay until 74 i did not realize till I started this that it was designed in Calif for Calif . Don't remember sales people telling us that but it was noted on the add. I H did have a depo and did manufacture tillage tools for the crawlers in Stockton California . Their main parts depo was in Oakland , Ca. I will pursue more info on this . tony
  11. That's a good discription it is built like a tank book says weighs in at 6200 lbs less six rolls of wire and fluids. Six rolls wire about 600 lbs tony
  12. I have ridden shotgun in Petey from Pine Island to Wisconsin RPRU . its a cream puff ! Dirtboz & IH logos along with a load of Red cant count the thumbs up we got ! thanks for the experience ! tony
  13. This is my running restored 55W and my 55W donner that is probably going to contribute more to the 71 then the original 55 . At least I have some templates of how things flow Tony
  14. Three days of hot washing and I may have 90% of grease and oil off. Lol found new modern heavy side rim and aircraft tire matching size of old aircraft tire and double rings on rims old rims now need to find a match for light side book calls for 750 X 16 ten ply the current wheel on heavy side is off my 55W so I can match it with rim and same size as 10 ply implement with aircraft tire. Then I'll pull her into shop and began tear down . after getting the grease and years of accumilation off her I see previous owner did not abuse her but he got every penny of wear off of her. Finding that many knotter parts have same part number as the 55W , I happen to have a parts donner for the 55W i think this is going to be a fun restoration I put an ad in Ag Source Magazine out here trying to find a donner . I don't expect to find on but worth a try . my serial is 63-29 that tells me 29th made in 63 , they started production in 62 and ended in 65 . Not many out there tony
  15. Tonyinca

    Local Farmer

    Your so right . I see kids telling the parents they should not drive or they should consider a home and in my opinion its all for the kids comfort and preservation of estate. "Dollars" In my case , I have people telling me I should travel abroad and spend more time at the coast. Otherwise I am not enjoying my elder years or my retirement. I tell them give me my shop , my greasy cantankrous old projects, my living in the country , my Motor home to explore the flyover country , and the **** with traveling abroad and getting caught in tourist traps and the **** with big Cities , Stick your Pruis where the shine don't shine and give me an old dirty Duramax and a gooseneck trailer, and greasy carhartt coveralls.. I tell my City kids if your try to interfere in my lifestyle till I die ,you will be the ones receiving the ONE Dollar, Mentioned in the will, The trust is a living document, can be changed anytime as long as I am of sound mine, lol,lol. Think I've known my attorney long enough that He can tell if I am sound or not. May be harsh but I hate to see relatives ",DO WHAT IS BEST " for their loved ones without listening or considering the parents happiness. My FIL is 92 and has to have a driving test every two years and he just passed it, good till 94 and the two girls are all nervous , I told them if you want to kill your Dad take his keys and they say what if he causes an accident and my answer is ;"**** he has had insurance for ever and never needed it that what his policy is for and as far as he hurting someone with the car " ",**** he does not drive fast enough to kill anyone". lol. Like they say in medical care , You Have To Be Your Own Advocate ! Tony
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