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  1. I have had the opportunity to meet several of our members . I hope I am not bias because I think they are all a CUT ABOVE ! I love when some of you have visited , If I have time to plan or no shows I have to work at time , I love spending time with them and break bread together. It always a pleasure to meet RPF members . Tony
  2. 1/24/20 Great" Baler shop therapy" session , after a grueling week of appointments and meetings. We installed plunger back in . Unfortunately my Dear Nieghbor Eddie stopped by just as John and I were about to start installing , so being he was here and helped us remove it , I thought it only appropriate for him to help us install it as I took pics ! Lol lol. We think we have her ready for gear box and plunger crank , hopefully next week had to order few of the older style bearings . we put axles back on and new wheel bearings and set her back down on tires. i am working on getting all sheet metal prepped and will start sending parts to painter . few pics of today’s endeavor tony
  3. Yes ! That is one like we had. Raked lot of hay ,oats, Black eye beans with it hooked to a 300 Utility. If I came across one already restored or in mint condition ,I would consider it. Tony
  4. More of the behind the scene stuff being done. !/21/20. Goal is be done on April 30ieth . Get bugs worked out and be ready to leave for Huron S/D on June 15,20. She is coming along , soon will be done and ready to dismantle and Powder coat frame and paint what's needed. The oil pan had to be changed to one used in a straight axle application . If you remember this truck started a Torsion suspension. Being tank is being moved to back of bed , The fuel access hole in cab is no longer needed and gone. Tony
  5. Thanks Ray54 , If it was closer , I would take you up on it . However, It will not be near baling in June. I'll be taking time off in Feb. to Volunteer for World Ag Expo , then March will heat up gearing up for CAFES , I'll be tied up with CAFES at least three weeks in April, Then End of May Figure a week for Best of West show at Santa Margarita, Then start preparing for trip to Huron South Dakota end of June be gone at least three weeks . So, defiantly no where near ready to bale in June. Painting may end up being slow or a problem as my painter is being a Care giver to a close family member with chronic health issue . My Goal is have it baling and done for CAFES ,April 2021 ! Tony
  6. 1/15/20 Good “Baler therapy “shop day ! we got chamber floor done and all cinched down . finished working on plunger ready to install . was working on heavy side axle found serious defect , pulled another from donor Will blast , change bearings . Need to get baler on wheels to roll out for position to install plunger. Gear box should be back from machine shop next week. Getting new sheet metal blasted and primed. once we get plunger in , we’ll move on to the knotters few pic’s tony
  7. Thank You , I see your a retired truck & trailer Mechanic and Fabricator, You know all the work and problems encountered in modification ! One thing leads to two others . lol. Tony
  8. Yes that what created all extra work . New axle to accommodate disk brakes. Tony
  9. 1/15/20. update on the red kid ! coil over is installed and trying to determine stance as far as lowered and front rake. lot of little detail being done such as brake lines , power steering pump and reservoir linkage to carb are all being redone due to Auto tranny clutch peddle removed and new gas peddle. New gear shifter mounted . few pics Tony
  10. I hear what your saying ! even though I am not young (74) I started restoration and collecting in 2006 . I joined clubs and tried to get help and advice and all I got was. The old timers in club snub , like who are you and who do you think you are . yet at every meeting or correspondence they talked of needing new members and younger members . I went off on my own and found a group of guys that were tremendous collectors that had some of same experience I had and we put our efforts together and today the clubs are loosing members to death and non responsive and we are doing well and many of the original club members want to park with us at shows . you will find what you need , and eventually you will be more sout after then these guys that think thy are the gods of the old iron world . they are dying and you’ll buy that stuff at their auction for correct prices . tony
  11. It’s a 32 gallon tank off a Ford 801 power master , four cylinder like a Wisc. Albeit Wisc lettle less HP . IMHO , it will take it a full session and a half ,out here which generally would be 6-8 hours, depending on dew and hot sun Tony
  12. We will correct that immediately ! Always good to have the expertise and experience of one of my mentors ! I vaguely remember a discussion some time back as to the correct way and don't recall the correct way. Thanks ,Tony
  13. 806 bean cutter is about ready for show circuit. It will be on display at the World Ag Expo Feb 11-12-13/20 at our California Antique Farm Equipment show Display Shed , Near the East Gate ,for anyone planning to attend please come visit , as I will be working booth all three days. CAEES show will be April 17-18-19/20 I will be this Years Chairman. I said circuit because God willing and creek don't rise , it will be at AG Expo in Feb. then Cafes in April and Howard Raymond ask me to bring something unique to Cali . for Red Power in Huron. So, if all goes well my B.I.L. will haul 806 with B/C and depending on room perhaps another tractor and keeping my fingers crossed my Red Binder pickup. THE STARS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO ALL LINE PERFECTLY TO PULL THIS OFF. Few pic of 806 BC , New batteries and trays ,others were badly corroded, New cables and master switch, Re bushed and shimmed Gear shifters, new linkage , repainted #'s on shifter housing , New throttle, bought a set of I.H. weights and painted them installed today, Painted black fuel cap and radiator cap red. Still have few more odds and ends, update few bolts, and decals to do, but essentially its ready . Few pics Tony
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