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  1. Tonyinca

    You know your a Redneck!

    Thank you Bullwinkle , Very kind words. However, the camera caught me smiling , otherwise it's 4th class and a frown as soon as we find our clothes and shoes we ll get into routine.
  2. Tonyinca

    You know your a Redneck!

    Carol asked about mice ? I said no worry I'll start the 1468 for 15 minutes while cold it will smoke them out. Well us along with them but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. tony
  3. Tonyinca

    You know your a Redneck!

    We will not be moving the MH ! Have too much stuff around it and trying to make it a permanent residence for a while . its amazing when on the road we don't need half the stuff we do staying still tony
  4. Tonyinca

    You know your a Redneck!

    Well Guys , when I bought the 1206 in 2017 , I ask Carol if she was going to divorce me if I bought it . Her response was ill always love you but you'll owe me a home remodel Our floors need replaced , counter tops, and a bathroom upstairs . Well here we are they started today and we have spent the last week packing all we can into a container and shop. We are living in the Motor home perhaps 5-6 months till finished . If we last that long in close quarters . This was my morning view this morning having my coffee. Ill post more pics as we go along Tony
  5. Tonyinca

    2018 pictures

    Looks like 2018 was an active fun year! Thank you for sharing . Really enjoyable to see things done across the country from me . Hope your enjoying retirement, although I see you talking of heifers and chopping corn ,hope your not like me ,thought it be nice to keep 20 acres of Almonds to farm so I could adjust to retirement . WELL , I might as well be farming a section for as busy as I am . I will say the milking parlor pic took me back to 1963 when Dad sold the dairy . It loved seeing the spider webs after , because I hated the cows growing up Was good seeing you in Alabama ,hope to see you again soon. Tony
  6. Tonyinca

    Heres you a shot of some red eye candy today

    Thank You , I cannot take credit for restoring it. I bought it from Rick Van Zant, Iowa. He restored it basically new again. The pan is a M&W oil pan . It is in its natural condition . Some have suggested that I polish it out but I think it would be overkill . I think the tractor does NOT need more bling . I have never been a Narrow front guy ,other then single wheel fronts on the older Farmalls, but I have to say this thing is pleasure to handle. Tony
  7. Tonyinca

    Heres you a shot of some red eye candy today

    Thank you ! I am flattered with that first pic. Fell in love at first sight at the De Moines RPRU and its former owner let me have Her after I gave him a little piece of paper with my signature on it there is something uplifting about shinny Red paint. Tony
  8. Tonyinca

    Auction sales starting.

    In 1967 when I started farming on my own ,Good flood irrigated cotton land was renting for 75-85 per ac. Open land was selling 750.00- 1000.00 p/ac. By the late 70's that same good cotton land with good water increased to 5000.00 -9000.00 p/ac. Cotton land rents were 125-250 The eighties open land prices were hit hard . I had bought good cotton land in late 70's for 7000.00 and in 1984 it appraised at 2500.00 tops. Rents 125-175. I had dinner with a Real Estate agent friend from 60 miles South of me and He had just sold an average 160 ac. open land farm with adequate water for 24,000.00,P/Ac. Have no idea what that would rent for in cotton because today cotton prices are basically at or less then they were in the 70' 80's. That land will probably go into ;Almonds, walnuts, Pistachios or wine grapes, with rents running 20-30 % of crop. Its my opinion that a farmer makes his living and incremental growth during his working years and his retirement is in his land's appreciation , whether its leasing it or selling it. Tony
  9. Tonyinca

    My year in pictures...

    Thank You for posting . So interesting to see how things are done 3000 miles East. As for the Gleaner , In the 70's I converted a Gleaner combine to harvest Black Eye beans , She was slow but held up very well . Harvesting Black eyes was a tough and dirty job for the combine ,plants are like rope when dry . Wish you a good year in 2019 Tony
  10. Tonyinca

    5 year honey do project

    Congrats ! Today we started packing stuff to move out so we can replace all the floor covering in house. Going to chip out all this Exposed aggregate & Rug flooring we have down stairs and replace with Wood looking tile , While at it paint all inside & Cabinets & replace old kitchen tile. Then build a bathroom upstairs. The aggregate is rough on old timers feet and when my daughter and kids come to visit and stay awhile hate having her using the stairs at night for bathroom . Since her accident few years back she has not been the same with use of one leg. Point I trying to make Dale560 is they are scheduling 6 months and I am dreading it . We are planning to live in Motor home in back yard till floor and paint and tile is back then move back in while they do bathroom. Hope its less then 6 mo's The good part is we are going to get rid of junk taking up space in drawers and at same time I am going to be going through shop and clearing junk ! Tony
  11. Tonyinca

    Oil change on a non IH product

    On my 09 Duramax ( Last one before DEF)I follow the onboard computer life of oil and plus or minus its always around 10,000 miles. I have 167000 miles on it ,no issues . Been service at same dealer since new. Tony
  12. Tonyinca

    Should make some of you smile.

    M's & H's even as lawn art still erupt a warm beautiful feeling in this old fart. was driving through Santa Maria , Ca area last week end , a very dense vegetable farming area and Danny Dirtboys and I would slow down and get all excited to see the M, H, and C's still being used and some retired to yard art but they all looked beautiful to us tony
  13. Tonyinca

    Should make some of you smile.

    Congratulations , Both on tractor and a fine SIL. I have had a Ford 800 since the late seventies , Great little tractor. Only complaint mine does not have live PTO. Tony
  14. Tonyinca

    Birthday greetings , IHFOREVER, Mr.Brookville

    Happy Birthday Gentlemen . Hope you had great day! Tony
  15. Tonyinca

    Recovering from surgery today

    Hope you get well soon Tony