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  1. Beautiful restoration Dennis ! Great to see you using it and enjoying your hard work and patience. Looks great behind the C. My Grandfather had one that he pulled with a Oliver 70 round nose . Tony
  2. Some color today ! 9/17/20 some of sheet metal trickling back from David. the big panels in the pick up area still needs some buffing outside PanaL needs Outside painted , inside is done. he has big flywheel and several other pieces to do then he starts on body . tony
  3. 9/16/20 sorry no baler therapy Wednesday today ! due to last several days smoke laden air has been horrible . Have not seen sun in about two weeks , obscured by High smoke . so John and I decided to take day off. However , I did manage to shuffle things to keep momentum going. took reel parts to powder coating and some to blasting. ordered the teeth bar end bearings from Kaman bearing , be here next week David working on sheet metal paint , should pick up some tomorrow . pu pivot drive at machine shop having bearing housing made along with teeth bars getting bushings made. picked up ,pu reel drive slip clutch re face and new clutch pads . Ready for this air to clear out and get cooler. Tough working in air quality index 200 + and 90 +temps Monday and Tuesday ,it appears to be changing for cooler and better quality as days progress. still some raisins on the ground drying and I have second verity of almonds to put down next week . after About 15 days ,Will be praying for rain To settled dust and clean air .Would take it now if it Would killed The fires But it’s not looking promising . tony
  4. Yes , These things are so crusted over with old coats of paint, rust, grease, that blasting first lets me see cracks and problems I would not catch otherwise. Some of these parts , I have blasted twice ,because once you start working on them you start exposing rust that was not accessible. Tony
  5. Yes it’s very invigorating talking about stripper sheets and bars. hope we have not caused Delta Dirt any medical problem. its sad at my age these strippers are as close as I will ever get to any kind of stripper! However, maybe my wife can help me out with this problem ! tony
  6. You know thinking about it , That's a nice looking truck , IMHO , looks as nice as the 1966 IH flat bed I am currently doing. If you have a friend that can do body work , might consider doing it with him , Try to get all the rust cut out and tin replaced, If he knows painting , Maybe you and a helper do the grunt work with his supervision , Get it ready for paint , then decide if you want a quality shop to do it or if your friend has paint experience let him do it but use quality paint . Reason I am saying this is because if you take to shop it could get complicated and expensive , They will want to remove cab , blast it do the rust repair then do all the sanding and block sanding before paint . Then your talking wires, gauges , all that goes with removing cab. "The Now that we are here " syndrome will kick in. Depends how extensive , and money you want to spend . If you go to" Builds and projects" page on this forum and click on my" 1200 IH flat bed "you will see that I started out like you and you can follow for an idea . JFYI , they quoted me 10,000 to 15,000 for sanding, block sanding, sealing , adjust gaps on doors and hood. Does not include the rust repair or the sound proofing and heat shield being put on by the restorer shop. Trying to help you as much as I can , so you can decide. If I was younger and had a little experience in body work and painting ,I would of tackled it myself. However, I am 74 and Only comfortable working on tractors , never good with cars, Much worse with painting , I get more on myself and everything else then I do on that being painted . lol , lol. Plus I wanted it done Before I am so old they take my license ! lol. lol. Best of luck, Tony
  7. This truck represents more then money to you . paint it preserve it ! 5000 from body shop for rust repair and paint sounds very reasonable . make sure if he is just bondo it or is he cutting cancer out and making repairs . check on quality of paint. you don’t want to spend 5000 later realizing that a thousand or two more would make perfect. tony
  8. 9/11/20 Next phase of restoration is the pick up reel . we saved this for while baler is being painted we continue on final component. took two reels apart . The one from this baler showed less wear but more abuse so we are going with this balers original PU reel . i have new stripper bars , having drive slip clutch refaced and waiting on new clutch pads made for it. Have new teeth. having new bushings made for teeth bars and drive shaft. found a new cam for rollers NOW ! Here is what I got !,smashed tin work going to need to become a sheet metal worker real soon . green One is blasted & primed we think we can cut better tin pieces from donor and weld them on here and work them over and look decent . If we can overcome that challenge , then next will be getting this thing all together , then the big one will Be , Will it actually bale hay ? Lo Btw , was able to source these 13 new strippers from CNH , Linder eq here in Tulare found them at A IH dealer in Indiana along with the cam , cam not here yet . few pics tony
  9. I hope so , Sledgehammer, I am ready to turn corner, not find more rust scale needing chipped off and blasted, There is no more two pieces that touch , that have not been taken apart blasted , every bearing ,shaft and bushing has been replaced and delt with, anything that was bent or not looking right has been replaced. BUT I am sure we'll find more .lol. I think it is far from Smithsonian , but thank you for the compliment. Yes, John and I smile a lot out here , We get tired , filthy, Hot , but love every minute and are getting excited about seeing paint. John is a retired Farmer / Commercial hay work. While he never ran an I.H. baler , He loves and knows balers . John , sold his business to a young fella in Tulare and often will still go drive Swather or bale hay ,when fella is short handed Tony
  10. Guys , Forgot to point out above, Notice in last set of pictures ,above, the overcast , looking like a bit of fog ? That is smoke obscuring the sun, now for over a week, from the Creek Fire , Which includes Huntington Lake and Shaver Lake , Approximately 60 miles East of here in Sierra's Thank God ,Its high enough that we don,t smell smoke ,per Se', but air is kind pungent at times, except certain times in evening when air gets heavier then smoke smell is evident. Tony
  11. Starting to build frame up. Needed to pick wheels for it , Going with an older school style Indy polished 17 X10 Will be matching up with Michelin Light truck type road tires. Tony
  12. 9/10/20 that much anticipated day finally arrived ! after some last minute fine tuning it was time to give the old girl a bath and take Her to the Beauty Salon ! the flywheel is a donor just during painting so David can move the plunger as he needs .When he is done with inside of baler we will remove donor Wheel so he can paint behind it . Then install good painted wheel for trip home He will paint the good one separate . We hot washed it using purple power degreaser cleaner Three times . Fella with face shield is John, I am the Big old Dude with no protection . Lol BTW will not be using those rims and tires . Rims and tires will be the same except black Rims and newer tires few pics Tony
  13. Happy Birthday Tony ! Hope it was great and wishes for many more ! tony
  14. Thank you Alan . I enjoy looking at it . love driving it but little uncomfortable. Lol. uncomfortable from stand point of lot of blood , sweat, tears , and years in it tony
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