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  1. I use to have a dog that that could turn a lever type handle on a door and pull it open. She usually only did it when something excited her. I had to keep the door locked. Also if a door wasn't latched she would pull it open with her claws. In the mornings I would let them out and leave the door unlatched. They would come back in by themself. My other dog never figured it out but he did learn to be at the door in time.
  2. I should buy it for parts or fix but I dont have the ambition so I'm leaving it up to you guys to save it. https://eugene.craigslist.org/grd/d/independence-old-bulldozer/6955040026.html
  3. Nice pics. Looks like a good time.
  4. Everyo....never mind. I'm not getting political.
  5. And you should be proud of him and yourself. Good job!
  6. Probably both kinds. I think he is trying to promote CBD.
  7. Heard he was cutting way back on the music scene and putting all his efforts into his hemp farm/business.
  8. Someone's going to get a big surprise one of these days. I hope no one digs up my animals but I guess theres nothing I can do about it and none of us will care by then.
  9. I made one out of black walnut for my girlfriend's dog but we didn't end up using it. It wasnt fancy. Just rough lumber screwed together. I always put them wrapped in a blanket and put some hay on top with some treats, ball or something. Kinda silly but seems the right thing to do. These dang animals sure can get ahold of your heart.
  10. Same here but I totaled my bike and bought a horse with the money. Now I have both.
  11. Also watching the sun go down and jumping in the lake to get all the dirt off.
  12. Pay day! I enjoy running about any equipment if everything is working.
  13. Choked me up a bit. Silly cartoon.
  14. redneckhippie


    There is quite a bit going in here. They have a machine called a mulching machine. It puts a 4 or so wide piece of plastic down and covers the edges with dirt. It also puts a drip line in. They then use a planter that someone rides on and feeds it like a tomato planter or such. That is what I have seen so far. Out here it is primarily be grown for CBD oil which really isn't a oil but a powder I think that is mixed with oil.
  15. My condolences to your wife and you.
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