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  1. I went through my steering clutches long ago. I have been tieing the handles back and try to run it at least every 6 months. Lately the clutch has felt stuck but breaks free. Brake was loose so that didn't help. Thought there was also a lot of play in steering clutch handle so I tightened it up but now it doesn't seem to have much travel. Wondering if something may be stuck or broken spring. Going to go give it a try and see if the adjustments helped. Any ideas?
  2. redneckhippie

    Old School Hay Bucking At CAFES ,Tulare

    After watching some videos it makes more since. Maybe before sqeezes or grapples. We used a Johnny pop up on the side of a truck for years. Getting harder to get two tie around here. I have been having to buy 3 tie and looks like I will need to buy a squeeze soon to handle it. Thank you for sharing. Nice to see how it's done somewhere else. Being on this forum and others is a real eye opener. I assumed it was all done the same before.
  3. redneckhippie

    Old School Hay Bucking At CAFES ,Tulare

    Looks interesting. We did it all by hand when I was young. Everything went in a barn. Doesn't look like a boom would work well there.
  4. redneckhippie

    Hat Recommendation

    I try to wear a straw hat but have been thinking of trying one with a solar fan. Your hats either going to make you look goofy or smart. Depends on how you look at it.
  5. redneckhippie

    New joke

    Shouldnt have put the proof in the pudding
  6. redneckhippie

    Captain Crunch

    Thank you for the replies. Seems like we have lost a few on the construction sight. Luckily there are still some good ones and some new ones. This guy wants to hire someone to fix his td14a but I'm nearly an hour away and my knowledge isn't that deep. Brian being closer may save him some money.
  7. redneckhippie

    Kansas autumn sunset

    Or like my neighbor. He said he didn't think he would like it out in the country but then said it's so peaceful. But then he makes noise all hours of the day and night. Go figure.
  8. redneckhippie

    Captain Crunch

    Thanks. Didn't look like he has been there in a few years either although I did find his name. Turns out this guy has a td14a which I know nothing about but looks similar to a td9 only bigger.
  9. redneckhippie

    Captain Crunch

    He lives(d) near me. Mentioned knowing my uncle. Never heard anymore after that. Wondering if he is ok? Guy up his way wants me to work on a td9. He would be closer and probably has more knowledge or maybe the td9 was his. The guy drug it out of a canyon.
  10. redneckhippie

    Captain Crunch

    What happened to him? Haven't seen any posts in years. There's a guy up in his neck of the woods that has a td9.
  11. redneckhippie

    Starting a farm from scratch In WV.

    Welcome! I would try to post about your td6 in ih construction. I will try to find my manual to refresh my memory.
  12. Hey I read your post where you said you removed the clutch packs from the TD6 crawler.  I have a question about the steering control rod that twists the throughout barring.  The way to get it out seems to be loosening the nut on the bottom of the tractor.  There is a bar that runs to the tracks and two bumps one is the drain for the trans.  the other i dont know what it is or why it is there.  Other than to stop me from getting to that nut.  Is there a special tool or technique to loosen it?  What size is it?  I have cut down a 1 and 1/2" wrench but still can not get to it.  Can you or some one here help.

    1. willcheeks


      I thought I was talking to redneck guy.  I see now it posted it on my status.


  13. redneckhippie

    For you welders out there

    I know a welder that makes beads like a machine or better. Every ripple and bead are identical. He uses a wire feed. It must be a good one but he still has a talent that most welders don't.
  14. redneckhippie

    New truck hauler

    Sharp rig.
  15. redneckhippie

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    People don't understand unless they have been there. They say go see a doctor or just put your head down and get back to it. Well it ain't that easy. Sounds easy but it's a hard hole to get out of.