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  1. Old tractors are soft out here. Cant hardly give them away. If I had extra money I would buy it just to have. I will have to see if the rear pic shows the axles.
  2. Looks decent for the money. Hard to give away old tractors out here in Oregon.
  3. I have not been down there for awhile. Thanks.
  4. I dont know if anyone is interested but thought I would share. He is still quite active on Facebook.
  5. We are slow learners sometimes. Ya know better but you gotta poke that bees nest.
  6. I'm only 53. I doubt I will live long enough to get old. Find myself tripping and getting hurt more all the time. Hurt my back around 40 since then I cant work like I use to so I loose muscle and get winded easy and work less and less every day.
  7. I never was much of hunter but dad bought my great grandpas 20ga 870 pump when I was around twelve. Not long after that I inherited my grandpa's Steven's 12ga double barrel and his 20ga Steven's single shot. The single shot has a plastic butt and stock. If memory serves me right it ways 3 1/2 pounds. It kicks harder than any other gun I have and will leave you with a hurting shoulder if shot many times.
  8. No picture😪 I have a small collection and I dont kill anything except maybe a yellow jacket if it stings me. My oldest one dates back to the 1890s if I remember right. I sure wish they could tell me a story or two.
  9. Lots of growers got rain on, plants rotted in field because dryers could get it in and my friend that grew some is storing it now as prices are no good. All of it grown here is CBD.
  10. Pop off may have failed. Never have it any thought until I watched some videos. That and welding on wheels.
  11. I wash my hand with a citrus pumice hand cleaner then wipe it off on my Jean's or stick it directly on them.
  12. It is interesting how much science fiction has become fiction.
  13. It is interesting how much science fiction has become fiction.
  14. Those carts all look brand new. Pretty interesting pic. Makes me wonder what the whole story is.
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