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  1. Yes. My I didn't know my grandfather very well. Only met him once in person other than when I was born. He seemed to do very well with his stocks. I think he got in fairly eary with PG and E and ATT. Wish I would've known him better. My parents kinda dropped the ball there. May have had a good reason but that's another story.
  2. We haven't received anything until today but charles schwab handles her stocks. I hope they dont have everything in one stock. I believe (hope) they're spread out. I can kind of read the reports but she hasn't showed me any for sometime. I know she does rely on dividends as part of her income. Thank you everyone for the info.
  3. Well theres nothing to sell right now. Probably still worth more than what my grandfather paid for it many years ago. It's around $9/share right now. I'm just hoping that it will recover someday. It's about time for me to take over her finances 😫
  4. So does that meen my mother's shares are gone?
  5. I read they also pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges.
  6. My mom told me one of her stocks based in California went bankrupt. I asked which one and how much. She didnt know. As some of you know her health has failed and her mind isnt right mostly from the side effects of pain meds. I can only assume its P,G and E. From what I read they're rebuilding and have risen very little. Anyone else have ideas? It's hard for me to wrap my mind around this kind of stuff.
  7. When ever I have tried to help people I get screwed. I dont let them on my property anymore. Cheaper to give to a church, charity or directly to someone but they dont need my name number or location. Mom has a rental house that I have helped with since she has owned it. Nothing but a headache. I will probably inherit it and after the existing members move it will probably go on the market. I'm 53 and I figure what it brings in a month it will take 20 sum years to make what its worth. Of course in 20 years it will bring much more but I have no one to give it to anyway.
  8. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2020/08/02/louisville-black-lives-matter-using-mafia-tactics-on-hispanic-business-owners-n741579?fbclid=IwAR0RkqM48XBOy7f4P_4FzMfRvqK47Sq8n5PzIxcOVXoDjlCvXIpfP2nbbGc
  9. Yes, in Springfield in looked like about 15 cops trying to hold back 200 protesters. I'm sure they had back up nearby though. Either way it takes big kahuna's!
  10. Mag is grounded when throttle in diesel position and not in gas/start position.
  11. I have been planning on switching my plug wires since I got mine many years ago. It appears to have silicone core. I think solid core is much better, especially with a mag. I think you need a switch with a pretty good gap in the contacts when using a mag. I used a toggle switch for a kill switch once and it didnt work. I assume the gap wasnt wide enough.
  12. I have no children and this is one of the reasons. This has been coming a long time.
  13. Theres a "peaceful protest " here tonight. They were chanting peaceful protest as they tried to break a police line. I dont know how it turned out as I cant watch videos right. Prayers for all the officers out there dealing with these psychos.
  14. I brushed some on my battery boxes. I didnt lay down very smooth. I have took a close look at them but it was 13 years ago. I did a fuel tank to but haven't pull it back out to look either.
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