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  1. Sitting in a combine back in the 80s most likely. Only had am radio and heard Paul Harvey many times. I bet he would have a mouthful to say if he was alive today. Almost every day is a struggle anymore. Try to be humble and grateful for what you have. I know easier said than done.
  2. In my case and many others I'm pretty sure its considered hoarding, not collecting.
  3. Yes, I have way more dollars invested than they will be worth. Tried to buy my neighbors john deere when I was about 13. Dont remember the model but it was a wheatland big 2 cylinder. For some reason he wouldn't selling it to me and his son traded it for a dunebuggy. I wanted it because I found out I could drive it on the road. Probably was in my 30s when I bought a to30 then a JD 3010 when i was making hay. Probably started collecting in my 40s.
  4. Heres a link to the IH suspenders if anyone is interested. https://www.perrysuspenders.com/online-store/International-Harvester-c25484159
  5. Those clutches will make any man CRY!😁
  6. Never heard of 7 layer salad. I had to look it up. It does look good. One of my Grandmas made taco salad. It always reminds me of her.
  7. Some foods remind me of Grandparents. Green onions and oranges remind me of my Grandpa. Sherbert/Great Grandpa. Fried eggs and fried chicken/Great Grandma. Ham and sweet potatoes/Gramdma. Stuffed bell peppers,rolepolza,egg plant/other Grandma. Bbq steak, salmon/other Grandpa. Ablesciever/other Great Grandpa. There many other foods and things that remind me of people but that's just a few.
  8. And I forgot to mention i have a cat and wore my camo slippers to the store today!
  9. I must have bad taste or nobody listened to these ladies.
  10. Thanks. Thats what ubees are I believe. Never wore them with clips on the side.
  11. Anyone wear them? How do you like them if so? I am looking at Perry suspenders that hook on a belt. I see they have IH ones for those of you that might like them.
  12. That was taken a few years ago. I came here originally because I have a TD6 and a w6. I like international but I like Oliver's too and cant afford to collect both. These were most of the ones I had running. I have a few more and have acquired more since. The first theres a 60, 66 , several 77 and super 77, 88 and super 88 and a 770 at the end. I kinda had a 1900 at one time but lost it. Long story. I'm trying to stick to 2 digit and 3 digit Oliver's. 990 is on my bucket list.
  13. Dang! Better put a curtain on it or a shield on your tractor.
  14. I tried everything to get them free the first time. Could've saved a bunch of money and time by just tearing it down.
  15. I have worked for farmers most my life and was a hobby farmer. Does that count. Heres my true identity 😂
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