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  1. I never heard of another dog named Cinch.?
  2. If Sally's not with me she is keeping the big dogs inline.
  3. Cinches ears rotate. At times he has one on the kitchen and one on me. Alot of the time he will listen to me eat acting like he is not paying attention but as soon as I'm almost done he knows. The other day I realized he knows the sound of different plastic bags. If it's a produce bag he wont come to the kitchen but if it's a bread bag or the bag I keep cheese in he is right there. Tonight I realized he knows the sound of the ice cream carton too. It amazing how smart animals are.
  4. Yep. Missy was a Sweetheart. I probably posted it before. I commented on another post about when I took her to a rodeo event and everyone remembered her name but not mine.
  5. I just gave mine his squeaky ball it is loud and annoying but he loves it and sometimes talks while he is sqeaking it.
  6. They use to give me one for Cinch too but didnt the last few times? Now I get a sundae with nothing on it. They raised their prices and to long of a line now though.
  7. I have thought about getting one as I dont always see which way mine goes and I have clear cut timber all around. Also lots of cougars and coyotes.
  8. Mine isnt a hound and he still takes off. At 3 years old he doesnt do it as often now. I put about a 30 foot drag line on him for awhile. He is sensitive so I dont like disciplining him to harsh but last time I pinned him on his back and scolded him a bit. Hope it helps! Someone told me not to say a thing just give them a quick pinch like a alpha dog might. I will have to see how that's working.
  9. My condolences aswell cool 1566. Very hard thing to do. Most of my pets are old and I'm dreading that day for each of them.
  10. Last couple times I took my dogs in I brought cones home I didnt need to use them. Maybe your pup wont either. My boy had encrypted testicle and it was a pretty intensive surgery. Luckily he left it alone. The vet did use some stitching method in which the stitches were internal so he couldn't get at them. Hope your pup has a quick recovery. Looks to be in great hands.
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