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  1. I dont know. I want to say my aunt went to a reunion in Ohio. She met a family member that collected red tractors. He may not have been a Aagaard but was related. I figured anybody that collected IH had to be on here. I will have to try to research it. I started out with a w6 and a TD6 but have moved on to oliver tractors. My TD6 and w6 have more sentimental value so they will stay.
  2. Any other Aagaards on here? My Aunt said she met one that collected red tractors.
  3. redneckhippie


    My moms dad and brother worked hard all their life. Neither made 60. Heart attacks. Dad busted his arse all his life too. Barely made 63. Brain cancer. I'm hitting 53. Stay home now taking care of my 72 year old mom who has colon cancer. No...I dont have a very good out look on life. Single with no kids. Yes.. i have depression and anxiety daily. I have a little retirement built up and probably mom will leave me pretty well. I think I will be comfortable but this dang inflation has me pretty concerned. Anyway I am semi retired and hope to stay that way. I'm not rich but get by.
  4. Only problem is I couldn't find it for a decent price. $30 a gallon and had to order it.
  5. Machinist/engine builder suggested using a since additive every couple oil changes. Not just on detroits but all old engines. Delo 100 40w is cl2 theres a few others but cant remember right now.
  6. Well crap! They didnt mess around. My best wishes and prayers!
  7. redneckhippie


    Optimistic aren't we.
  8. redneckhippie


    That's everyday! I'd stay in bed but these dang animals like to go out and be fed.
  9. Keep the oil full. They suck it all out of the pan.
  10. I generally get more done if I stay in bed.🤨
  11. Ain't nothing in this world that will make her any prettier! That being said I bet there's nothing in this world that could make you love her less! Tattoos to me on a woman can be sexy kinda like a tight black mini skirt. Ya might want to take her back to your place but you ain't going to take her home to mom.
  12. I thought you were suppose to slam your hand in the door. Whatever works I guess.
  13. Also when I sit here and play on this smart phone I realize that there are people out there 1000 times smarter than I. I have no clue how it works.
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