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  1. redneckhippie

    Humor, funniest things your kids have said

    Friend of mine took his son steelhead fishing in a shallow river. Lots of the time the fish are partially above water. They got pulled over on the way back. Friend was explaining how they had been fishing. His son blurts out "YEAH,WE WERE THROWING ROCKS AT THE FISH!" I dont know if there is law against that but I think all they got was a speeding ticket.
  2. redneckhippie

    TracTractor wheeled conversion

    Looks like fun! Wonder how it worked.
  3. redneckhippie

    When deers go feral

    That's what I was thinking. Probably had doe in heat perfume on.
  4. redneckhippie

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Hard to see what you got going in pics. You might try welding a flat washer on first or take so flat stock, drill a hole in it and weld on, then weld a nut on. Might try working it both directions too.
  5. redneckhippie

    Calling ihrunner

    I think you would have better luck getting them in a tiny bikini. By the way this is what G shock looks like. That other pic is just a watch. I think maybe you need to stay away from boats and trailers.
  6. redneckhippie

    Calling ihrunner

    I just came across it on Facebook.
  7. redneckhippie

    Calling ihrunner

    Suppose you could get your girls in one of these?
  8. redneckhippie

    Bet it don't start a. Cold diesel

    I don't know about a diesel but I have seen them work on a 4 banger car.
  9. redneckhippie


    When I was 30 I was bullet proof. At 40 it all started going to crap. Have fun while you can.
  10. redneckhippie

    T.B.O.P. be young again! Pretty girls rubbing all over you.
  11. redneckhippie

    Any Air conditioner repairmen on here?

    That's trust or stupidly. Not sure which.
  12. redneckhippie


    Poor fella! Have to have a cute freckled face blonde hang all over ya now. Whenever ya need some help just holler.
  13. I went through my steering clutches long ago. I have been tieing the handles back and try to run it at least every 6 months. Lately the clutch has felt stuck but breaks free. Brake was loose so that didn't help. Thought there was also a lot of play in steering clutch handle so I tightened it up but now it doesn't seem to have much travel. Wondering if something may be stuck or broken spring. Going to go give it a try and see if the adjustments helped. Any ideas?
  14. redneckhippie

    Old School Hay Bucking At CAFES ,Tulare

    After watching some videos it makes more since. Maybe before sqeezes or grapples. We used a Johnny pop up on the side of a truck for years. Getting harder to get two tie around here. I have been having to buy 3 tie and looks like I will need to buy a squeeze soon to handle it. Thank you for sharing. Nice to see how it's done somewhere else. Being on this forum and others is a real eye opener. I assumed it was all done the same before.
  15. redneckhippie

    Old School Hay Bucking At CAFES ,Tulare

    Looks interesting. We did it all by hand when I was young. Everything went in a barn. Doesn't look like a boom would work well there.