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  1. I had a friend that said he use to go them out of their dens. Said they dont spray in small areas. If you trap them and cover the cage they supposedly wont spray if your gentle. I had some that got in my heat ducts and then in my house. They went back in the ducts. I dumped bleach down the vent and put a fan on it. They went back the way they got in. I got under the house and patched holes.
  2. Like know one on here has been to the hard school of knocks. I'm sure none of you have done anything stupid?
  3. I have used a carbide bit in a dremel tool. I may have been removing a stud though. That was awhile ago.
  4. Dad drank it. I might of had a few swallers but was to young. Forgot about the caps. Thanks for the memory.
  5. I dont get the pabst craze. It was crap beer in my day right along with Rainier, Old Milwaukee, Hamms and Beer beer. We only drank it cuz it was cheap.
  6. I carry a spare key and lock my car so someone wont get in. A friend use to stop by with his annoying spastic kids. My dog really didnt like them. He asked me what I was going to do if my dog bit them. I suggested that if he knew my dog didn't like them not to bring them around or to respect my dogs space.
  7. My last one tolerated most people but he was definitely my dog. Did like to be petted and didn't like kids. My new one will make friends with anyone or thing. I tried to expose him to people when he was young. He does have some border collie in him so that may be the difference. My last one was good around my friends but they told me he wasnt so nice when I wasnt home. Lol. He was a good one!
  8. My heeler is the sweetest dog I have ever had. I dont know what's wrong with him. Doesn't act like a heeler at all. I cant leave him alone on a nylon leash or rope. He will chew right through it. Hope they have something your dog wont chew through.
  9. My O's are all filled up. I mainly collect Oliver's so its Oliver Tom or Oliver Ron and so on.
  10. That's my someday tractor. My property's barely big enough to turn one around buy I still want one.
  11. redneckhippie


    Lost my dad in 09 and my mom has it now. It's a terrible thing to watch. My condolences and prayers!
  12. I'm kinda partial to my Oliver's however I like all breeds. My john deere 3010 probably gets more use than any of them.
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