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  1. redneckhippie

    Anyone watch the girls at Daytona?

    About the only thing the tv is good for is a nap. Every now and then something on pbs will keep my attention for more than a minute.
  2. redneckhippie

    Go t a baby that nobody wants

    That right there is why I dont have livestock. I would get to damn attached to a cute little booger like that.
  3. redneckhippie


    90lbs. Must be bigger than she looks. Pretty pup though.
  4. redneckhippie


    She is the cutest one yet!
  5. redneckhippie

    Goose Neck repair

    Mine is a tilt deck. If it slid down it would drag on the ground.
  6. redneckhippie

    Goose Neck repair

    I have towed mine all over with a round tube. Never worried about it until now. Thinking of putting an tube or shaft inside of mine now. I have thought about putting a sleeve on the outside aswell to make sure it doesn't slide down.
  7. redneckhippie

    Sitting in children's hospital

    There are times I wish I had kids but then I don't think I could handle the worrying. Hang in there! Tell Shelby we are rooting for her.
  8. redneckhippie

    New joke

    Sorry about funky pics. Couldn't copy of Facebook
  9. redneckhippie

    New joke

  10. redneckhippie

    The Dog Thread

    That's what I finally came up with
  11. redneckhippie

    The Dog Thread

    Had to look 3 or 4 times before I think I saw them all.
  12. redneckhippie

    New joke

    The sad part is that's probably her mother standing next to her.
  13. redneckhippie

    48 below and no power

    Anybody willing to go out into a blizzard to keep me warm is my hero!
  14. redneckhippie

    The Dog Thread

    That's sweet but looks like a real bad idea.
  15. redneckhippie

    The Dog Thread

    Just saw this one on Facebook