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  1. I wouldnt mind having one someday. Cute little buggers.
  2. Yep. They're in Oregon. The canopy and the winch would be worth the money. Going to be sad if they go to scrap.
  3. Cinch is 2 1/2 now. He sure was a cute pup but he sure kept me busy cleaning the floor.
  4. I hate working on these but dang! Maybe Captain Crunch will save them.
  5. So I have heard they make a special tool that makes them easy but I'm to cheap to buy one.
  6. Some people act like kids! They just have to push it as far as they can. Have some respect for the moderators and other members.
  7. It is hard. I have been on meds from time to time when it gets bad. My prescription ran out and never made it back to the doc. He has moved now and it's hard to find a decent doc. I will if it gets bad again. Prayers for the farmer and family. Terrible times for dairyman and all farmers. Suicides and bankruptcies are at a high for them. I read bankruptcy among farmers is the highest it's been since the 80s I think.
  8. Depression is a terrible thing. I'm depressed much of the time and couldn't tell you why.. why would they slaughter cows instead of auctioning them or did they only bring slaughter prices?
  9. redneckhippie

    Who did it?

    Some people just cant help themselves. Had more warnings than anyone needs but still cant stop. So they close down the joke thread after it had been here for years. Fortunately they let another one be started up but someone has to go and be disrespectful and ruin it again. Now I quit reading it long ago so I have no idea what happened.
  10. Enjoy it while you can. They grow up way to fast. Nice looking pup. Congrats.
  11. Take away their high pay, healthcare and pension. Let them live like the rest of us and we will see who really cares. Probably no one would be left.
  12. Cried like a little baby when we buried my childhood horse. Luckily I was bailing hay when it came over me. I suspect people still heard me. When I buried the first horse I bought and trained I bald my head off again. Unfortunately all the neighbors came to watch. I have a old mule I'm taking care of. He doesnt have a lot of time left. I convinced the neighbors to let him have another winter as he is doing ok and usually is in good spirits. They're snow birds so not there for the winter. Anyway I suspect the tears will fly again. Hopefully I wont have an audience or the neighbors will be back to do the buriel. I'm tired of burying my friends and I have several to go.
  13. I wired a house one that was very old. Must've been built when they first got electricity in that town. It had 3 light switches at the entrance. One for outside light, one for the downstairs and one for upstairs. The lights in the rooms had pull chains. Anyway there was little room under the house and there was standing water. I convinced the contractor to open the floor up in several places as it was all getting redone. There was no heat in the main house and I tried to get him to put some extra circuits in but he elected not to as he was going to flip it. I did run 2 or 3 extra circuits upstairs while the wall was open but I didnt underneath and I wish I would've later! After everything was done. I meen completely done he called my boss and said he needed HEAT and acted like it was my fault. I was a little hot but my boss new I talked to him about it. So off I go under the house where it had been dug out to get under the beams and the holes were full of water. Mind you it was winter now and it was nasty cold. I got all the circuits pulled under the house and went home soaking wet. My days of crawling under houses and in attics are done.
  14. What did we ever do before everything came in plastic? I hate the stuff. Cant even recycle the containers here anymore unless you remove all the labels, adhesive and drive them 30 miles to town.
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