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  1. exSW

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    The dirty little secret of technology is skill deterioration.
  2. exSW

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    Training. Training. Training. Training. Training. Training. Training. Some companies just won't get it.
  3. Acura/Honda had one for a while, the Vigor.
  4. Here's a little tip on your Mopar electronic ignition. Make sure all your grounds are good and that resistor will last forever. I remember when all us 5.0 'stang bangers carried a spare distributor module and the 5mm thumb wrench to change it. Or any Ford with that EEC-4(?) ignition.
  5. B 12 voice of experience here.
  6. exSW

    Mark Levin

    Watched the whole thing. Worth it.
  7. Did the Jensales thing once. That was a long time ago. Won't be doing it again.
  8. Agriculture programs would shut down overnight
  9. Labor was a lot tighter in '79. Three years later with a year of College I was making minimum $3.35.
  10. I did the same exact thing in HS after class(1979). Made over minimum wage even then.
  11. The minimum wage should be eliminated. It's a joke and always has been.
  12. How many here(other than me) have actually worked for the minimum wage in the PRIVATE sector?
  13. Rules for Facebook: 1) no locals. I can and do see you all the time. 2) No work or people from work(see above).3) Learn how to use the privacy settings! 4) Be very careful with relatives. 5) Don't get into the friends number race. I have 104 after three years, hardly any were added without thought. Remember,you are the moderator of your page. You really have a lot of control if you pay attention and read the tutorials. My biggest fear was stalkers but apparently some women become reticent of their youthful behavior as they mature. Not that a few haven't made their presence discreetly known. The flip side is it's a great surveillance tool. It's been fantastic for finding parts. I've reconnected with friends from College, Rodeo and old employers and that has been the most gratifying thing of all. Some things are hard. Finding out the old friends that have passed over the years all at once was the worst. Seeing the nightmare that some peoples lives have become gives you perspective.
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