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  1. I love how snotty they are when you call to report a break. Until you rattle off the locate confirmation number.
  2. Since I've been cleaning my barn I strangely identify with this.
  3. exSW

    782 engine

    Accurate. Like Firestone NEVER made a 23 degree GT tire? Go chase your tail. You're self deluded.
  4. exSW

    782 engine

    My Mag 18 has a pressurised oiling system and an external filter. Addressing the main problems with oiling that plagued the KT 1. And they last a lot longer than "a bit". You want to be a dick, go play on your own forum.
  5. exSW

    782 engine

    The newer stuff is junk. But some of them had Magnum 18's. That's what I'd keep an eye out for.
  6. There's a learning curve with using Amtrak. Part of the learning is learning where it works and where it doesn't. Don't try swimming against the current. But what you're trying to do should be workable. Also look into student discounts or passes. Like everything else these days you pretty much have to do the work and then tell someone else how to do their job with out being to obvious about it. Once you have your ducks in a row it gets easier. There are rail advocates groups that also could point you in the right direction.
  7. I can't see a regular production stovebolt holding up.
  8. The man has skills. Well worth watching.
  9. Seeing a Fox in the wild is one of of my favorite things. But when they get bold and lazy it's time to go. I've seen first hand how they can lose their fear of people. But they're still a wild animal and behave as such.
  10. exSW

    Any day now

    Face to face. In College. What a heart stopper.
  11. exSW

    Any day now

    Short haired Border Collie?
  12. I wondered about that. Most of the stationary Mopar big blocks I've known of were. Well I found the auction and a bunch more pics. Sure looks like propane. Sold for $385.00. At one time I would have been chewing at my chain for that setup.
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