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  1. exSW

    Back tires

    I have to say. These Deestone tires dig. Had the tiller all the way in pulling a slight slope and and the Mag 18 was grunting. As to size they just fit with 8.5 rims. Also the Super Steer front with the tiller is slick!
  2. exSW

    Know it all kids

    Nothing like four hundred people showing up at your house for a party. Without telling you.
  3. Yeah,that was pretty much the look back then. I saw that pic and said I looked liked every other Rodeo guy back then. Like they stamped us out in small medium and large. Earnhardt,Hammond and the Jeans Machine guys kinda adopted it. Richmond was from Ohio about 100 mile due west from where that pic was taken.
  4. My late best friend in the front. Me doing my best dick with ears pose and Buckeye truck puller Tim "Enos" Phillips way in the back by the stand of Pioneer. Probably late summer '88. All three cars '86's with five speeds.
  5. 5.0 Mustang and several big block Dodge trucks. Had a '75 F100 with a small block in college that was a running fool.
  6. That tractor can handle it. I have one. Run it with a 100hp tractor. Overkill,but I like using the powershift.
  7. I do not have the correct mule drive. I have three of the 44/50 drives. I was hoping I could modify one.
  8. I did. Until it threw the drive belt. 3X. Seems I have to do a little work on one of my mule drives. I'll be grinning when it's debugged. And painted.
  9. "How could you marry a girl who doesn't like horses?"
  10. exSW

    Back tires

    It's together and running. Just nut and bolting it now. Rototiller first.
  11. exSW

    Randy Sohn

    http://www.douglasdc3.com/sohn/randstor.htm Classic Captain Sohn. I still owe him a cab ride.
  12. Getting this back together. Have it moving under it's own power as of today.
  13. exSW

    Randy Sohn

    That mans life is a benchmark for the rest of us. Rest in peace sir.
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