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  1. The tubes have changed. New ones don't take a patch worth a damn.
  2. exSW

    Polka Party

    It's all down hill. Before digital we used to get Channel Six. And I'm forty odd miles west of MTO.
  3. Buy every one i see. The old Redfield wide vues.
  4. Since our county seat bills itself as the fireworks capital of the world pretty normal Fourth. My britches and the cat are the dogs comfort centers.
  5. exSW

    Simple question

    How y'all been? (delivered with my best Dennis Quaid sh!t eatin' grin)
  6. I think it depends on the type of paint.
  7. Let it cure then buff it out. You'll be surprised. Shoot some clear then decals.
  8. All my Redfields are originals. Thought the new ones are Leupolds value line.
  9. I bought the shop vac the other day. Paid for itself picking up a ripped bag of alfalfa seed. The 18v Milwaukee pile is getting to be obsessive.
  10. Good that you could find a nice one. Last 786 I looked at was whipped and way overpriced.
  11. When I can plug one of those into my backyard Solar Array(when Solar pencils out) then you have my attention.
  12. exSW

    Rear Steps on 560

    That's exactly what the step looks like. The mounting is a little different. I bet you could get a square cornered U bolt bent to mount it
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