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  1. The exec makes the call. If one wants the money she can sell her 25%. The balance of the collection is still in the family if not intact. One heir can't hold up the other three. Make very clear to heir number four that if it goes to probate she will likely get nothing. And it will likely be the whole estate in probate not just the coins.
  2. Draw straws for the whole lot. Keeps the collection together as it has been for many generations. The previous generations had the same problem and resolved it. Or if they insist on splitting draw for picking order and start with everyone sitting around a table with the coins in the middle. Also,who's the executor /executrix? This is their call ultimately on how it's done.
  3. exSW

    1980 Peace Keeper

    Law Enforcement spec. E58 will be in the vin number . Edelbrock 4 barrel,purple cam, couple other things...
  4. exSW

    1980 Peace Keeper

    I like it. Dana 60 front with Dualmatic hubs. Tuff steering wheel. Probably an E58 360.
  5. I spent a lot of time in College running a very clean, well maintained 4020 powershift with the rops canopy. It reminds me a lot of that. Except the shifter's in the right spot.
  6. Big heavy tractor little motor don't get in a hurry. 8010 is basically the same tractor as my 7010 with different sheet metal and a better cab. The injection pumps are different I believe. I like mine. It's not an IH. Keep it tached up and use the powershift. It has dual pto just flip the shaft. I don't believe 301's ventilate like some 426's. I look at it like this. I have a rotary pump 12v Cummins sitting here waiting for something. An 8010 with front assist is something.
  7. I have the Pine 5/4 sawn and stacked off a tree that had to go here. I have every intention of knocking out my own coffin and it storing away for future use.
  8. Beautiful stuff. Has one of those old glass top pumps here. Some picker came along when I was away and it got sold. It was twenty five years before I found out who. I were a little upset. I bought a Coke cooler with the double flip lids a while back. No compressor or any thing just a chest on a stand. Put my hand up to start it and owned it.$75.00 Past it on to a guy I knew liked those things. It never left my truck from the auction to it's new home.
  9. GMO crops with standability traits are also contributing to wear. Some of that stuff is like bamboo.
  10. Great knowledgeable guy.RIP. Cancer sucks.
  11. I never said they were price fixing either.
  12. It's not illegal. And I did state the long term goals of a Major US company that has an out sized impact on the industrial an agricultural economy in particular. You can find your own source material if it's so important to you. In 2008 the entire lending industry nearly collapsed. Billions of dollars inequity gone. People upside down in their homes nearly overnight. And nobody went to jail. Nobody.
  13. Of what? I never said a word about collusion you did.
  14. Biggest reach yet. I'm impressed. I never said any of that crap but I'm still impressed. I work for a 13 billion dollar a year fortune 500 transportation company. They have stated that this is EXACTLY what they plan to do. "Mr customer ,here's the plan work with it." I've run my own business,farm,have a BS in Ag Business with a concentration in International Economics. I took 29 quarter hours of Economics as an undergrad. Graduate level Economics for electives because it was easy. I turned down a graduate assistantship because I was tired of being a broke student. I've made every single dollar in my life in the private sector. No one paid for my education but me. I left home at 17 with a bus ticket and a duffle bag. I now have net assets in excess of seven figures. So Sarge I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.
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