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  1. I remember when the old pneumatic lifts went away. Insurance companies all but banned pits. To many accidents. Everyone went to post lifts. Keep seeing these pictures of failures.
  2. Can you imagine what the driver looks like?
  3. Got one stuck in the gate yesterday. That was interesting.
  4. There's a little three bar hay rake in there. Never plugged mine. Made a nice bale too.
  5. exSW


    Night and light plays tricks. I once thought I saw a five story building float past me. Turns out it was the aft superstructure on a loaded Ore boat making its way up the Cuyahoga river channel. It sat so low you couldn't see the bow or side rails. Just the dimly lit back.
  6. I don't think that's such a bad deal. You could buy that,a couple flat wagons,an accumulator and probably put up a lean to for what a new round baler costs.
  7. exSW

    The death penalty

    It's a powerful tool but it's not a panacea. Like trace drug evidence or a 4A search based on a dogs hitting on something. It can be and has been misused.
  8. exSW

    The death penalty

  9. I got to hogging it pretty good there at the last. No easy starts and full pickup width windrows. Some off those bales don't look TO bad.
  10. Damn thing didn't do it once today. Same hay just reraked after getting washed. 32 bale. Beats me.
  11. exSW


    Most all women. They are from Venus
  12. Holy Crap! Just did a search for a Nordiques jersey. $200.00! And it's a knockoff.
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