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  1. exSW

    D282 rebuild

    Sleeves are out. Halfway through #4 the weld on the set nut against the slug let go. I spun it around on the engine stand, grabbed a hunk of drill stem and the four pound and drove the rest out.
  2. We hauled our own. Had a slide in dump bed with a hand pump hydraulic hoist.
  3. Figures. Man you're old.
  4. I had a problem like that. Turned out there was a mud dauber nest in the control box.
  5. exSW

    D282 rebuild

    The guy that started this teardown did that on the first cylinder then quit. Seemed a little easier pull I may do that next. There's no rush. I'm just pulling the sleeves to have it tanked and tested. Then it's going on the shelf.
  6. exSW

    D282 rebuild

    Can't say I haven't thought about it.
  7. exSW

    D282 rebuild

    OTC is $600.00 too.Even the tool store guys winced.With the machine shop time for the slug I'm at less than $100.00.
  8. exSW

    D282 rebuild

    5/8" 11 ,figured I'm going to have to pick up some grade eight nuts. I didn'texpect it to be easy. Especially building my own sleeve puller along the way.
  9. exSW

    D282 rebuild

    I've been puttering with this block. Pulled the first two sleeves now #3 is fighting. Got it about 2" and now it's stalled. Stripped the threads on the wrenching nut(grade 8 all thread). No pics this forum doesn't seem to like my new phone.
  10. Cousin's got a 200. Outside profile's the same. Not sure about how they mount.
  11. Yes. 185 ,200 I'd say if I were guessing.
  12. exSW


    Dillon's mini-gun comes to mind too.
  13. Again, "I admire a true believer even if I don't agree with them". I think Roe v Wade is an abomination. It's a terrible decision that ignores exactly half of the baby making equation (the Father). You want to end abortion legally in a non religious context? Give fathers a choice. That thunder you hear will be legs slapping shut all over the country.
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