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  1. Yep,the inventory controls are set in Brentwood. They have to request changes. I'm running high tensile fence . Need corner wraps. Two packages a week is all they get. "Just wait till next week we'll have more". No,I called Kencove and had them in two days. Nuts.
  2. TSC is better than nothing. Barely. They change the floor plan every two weeks it seems. Most of the stuff is cheap quality. If they do get something good they don't keep it around(fencing material). Baler twine,cat food,kitty litter,dog food and hardware on Sunday.
  3. I've heard really great things about those rifles and the Savage accutriggers. I think they are a big reason Ruger came out with their American series.
  4. I wish but I doubt it. Those Marlin bolt 22's,22 mags and 17's are sweet but the 77/22 and variants of Ruger are outstanding.
  5. exSW

    PA Deer season

    I guess Sunday hunting in PA pays. Son put a six point(4×2) on the ground at 8:15 AM. Old,gray and big bodied. Browning BLR 7mm-08. 100 yards blew the top of his heart off. Perfect shot.
  6. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that a conveance to the next generation while still sound of mind and body is the only choice. Face it you have no control over what happens when your mind goes or you die anyway. The nursing home draining all assets is brutal.Been there, done that, not doing it to my kid. Just hand the place off and hope for the best. Control is an illusion that's harder to maintain as you age.
  7. They pass out the swab test like they are party favors. Try to get an antibodies blood test. I've been trying for months. Insurance won't cover it. Employer claims to but the process is so buried in the Corporate computer system as to be unrecoverable. Doctors are reluctant to order it(hypocondriacts ruin everything). I would just like a paper stating I've had it,I'm part of "herd immunity" leave me be!
  8. Look around at what the old head natives carry. They got reasons.
  9. exSW


    Probably the top one if I decide to tip one over. Groups 325g Leverlutions at 1". 45/70.
  10. exSW


    The boys were on my range checking their rifles this morning. 45/70(x2),35 Whelan,300 WSM,7mm-08.
  11. We can present facts and sound scientific arguements until we're blue in the face. The media and politicians have got a hold of this. Ratings and votes are more important science.
  12. That horse escaped the barn quite some time ago.
  13. Read up on the Spanish Civil war in depth and how defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory.They had Franco beat.And I don't mean Hemingway. Orwells experiences would be more telling. Also Pinochet in Chili. Not just the screaming headlines. The "why" in his actions. Look past the glitz of Juan and Evita Peron in Argentina. And of course Venezuala and Cuba.
  14. I'd look at aircraft engine stands. Some really nice ones out there.
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