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  1. exSW

    You know your a Redneck!

    I have literally considered doing that. Build a new shop and live in the camper. If i had a Class A like that it would be even easier. They're like vultures here when you build a new home.
  2. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    Sorry. Of course they are going to say they are for search and rescue. Best way to justify a new toy. Fact is how much search and rescue really goes on? So they're using it for something else. How much you want to bet they find more pot patches than anything. Not meth labs,that's to much work.
  3. exSW

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris,my old TD-6 started in -5* weather after being laid up a couple weeks. Real beauty of that system.
  4. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    No Google or YouTube account. No popups. Funny how that works.
  5. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    Less service,fewer choices and ultimately higher costs. The cellphone company business model.
  6. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    These are excellent questions. Drones are pushing the boundaries. Many,many people want to push said boundaries as far as possible. Right up to their doorstep. I.E. Media personalities and political entities trying to get a story on you but have laws and mechanisms in place to keep you away from them.
  7. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    Messing with cell phone signals is a big no no. I'll take my chances shooting from cover.
  8. exSW

    No, don`t want to die today

    That is slicker than snot on a doorknob! Love it!
  9. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    Is it your sidewalk or part of the Right of Way? I've told people to move it parked on my road frontage. "I'm on the ROW"." It's a transportation Right of way,not a parking lot. Move it"
  10. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    No one gave the Soviets permission to launch hirez recon satellites. Or Google to lease them.
  11. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    Anyone abusing a drone and harassing people is by definition a smartass. You have no obligation to give anyone any information regarding said drone. Smile,shrug and stand on the fourth and fifth amendment.
  12. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    Shoot from cover. Ground defence from air attack 101.
  13. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

  14. exSW

    Shooting down a drone

    BANG! "What drone?" "No,you cannot trespass on my property to look for it" "Complaint?Do you have a warrant?" "No you cannot "just look around"" Getting the picture?
  15. exSW

    IH(CaseIH) 3450 round baler

    We're not that far along yet. But it's a nice idea 💡