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  1. Been wanting one of those for awhile. They are never cheap.
  2. That's some cool stuff.
  3. exSW

    Super weeds

    Lots of foxtail in conventional beans here. Didn't use to see that. That stuffs a b!tch. Comes on late. Grows in the row, can't get at it with the cultivators .
  4. Isn't RustyShackleford doing this on a 544 in another thread? Same tractor. Two less cylinders.
  5. Only 34" I've seen on a 560 were pressed wheels.
  6. What an absolute sweetheart of a little tractor. It's hard to find one of those that isn't whipped. Personally I'd leave the cab off and it would live on the hayrake. But gas start and cab with heat would make a nice wintertime tractor as well.
  7. exSW

    Super weeds

    Ain't no free lunches.
  8. exSW

    Todays find

    Looked at my 682 today Cub Cadet Corporation serial number plate.
  9. I know of a couple hydros that fractured the flex plate running a big discbine. Made me go "huh?"also.
  10. Don't buy anything with a flex plate.
  11. exSW

    Todays find

    Serial number plate.
  12. I know people with irrigated alfalfa getting $240.00 a ton. Round bales.
  13. $6500.00 for a back to the farm 856. Call Danny.
  14. 360 different from Mopar. AMC 290,304,343,360,390,401 all same engine family. Later ones had a higher deck height. CJ's Could be had with the early "Rambler V8" 327. Pretty bad a$$ engine in its own right.
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