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  1. Women need to think more about having an incredible marriage than an incredible wedding. Pick their mate accordingly.
  2. Chainsaw Mill

    I just use this debarker to get a smooth start surface. The idea was to carry the saws to the woodlot to slab these leftover walnut cutoffs and crooks.
  3. Chainsaw Mill

    I've done a little
  4. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    Fuzzy assed Constitutional interpretations by the Court have a lot to do with the present state of affairs.
  5. Our Privacy is Being Stolen?

    The simple fact is we have no Constitutional right to privacy. Sucks,but that's how it is. Now the coercion and use of our data is another matter.
  6. How The Project Got It's Name

    We did have a Screech owl foe a little while. Little bitty thing. Must have $hit 3x his weight a day.
  7. open polinated corn seed

    Test weight per bushel tends to be higher on op than hybrids also.
  8. 250 series TD25 cable dozer

    Beautiful machine.
  9. How The Project Got It's Name

    Put a barn owl nest box in my barn. Got a wasp nest. Oh well.
  10. open polinated corn seed

    One of the said "advantages" of op bin run is you pick your variety and then save seed from the nicest plants. Biggest ears,nutritional makeup,multi ear plants, plant size or standability. Eventually after a few generations you have a variety of the type you want adapted to your farm conditions. Not for the impatient.
  11. Anybody shoot a 6.5 Creedmoor?

    I think the main attraction is that Ruger offers that round in a really nice rifle. 6.5x55 Swede does all the same things in a beautiful vintage Mauser action. To each his own.
  12. open polinated corn seed

    https://www.manta.com/c/mmnybcg/e-r-seed-llc Old Order Anabaptists. Mail order only pretty much. Excellent source for bulk heirloom varieties.
  13. Dodge pickup cab

    I have a '73 Clubcab from Arizona. Basically the same as your '92. A few differences in the fire wall. Since I believe you are way up yonder I'm not very close.
  14. Return of Roseanne tonight

    I pretty much quit watching tv. Roseanne ain't enough to change that.
  15. Truer words have never been spoken.