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  1. As I recall, all of the seals were commonly available seals, matched up by dimension. You can make all the gaskets cheap. I resealed one, including the actual steering piston on the other side of that unit. The worst part is getting it off there. The one I did had good internals, just leaked like a sieve. Made all new gaskets, installed new seals, resealed the steering piston with seals from a hyd shop. No more leaks.
  2. Love to have a 1466, but they are never that cheap around here. That would be listed for $12,500 around here
  3. I'm thinking twp guy is bs-ing you. Unless those are some huge fancy signs, the aluminum signs and a post are very cheap. We use them on each side of an intersection as well when we are going to chip seal a road. Don't have to use them, but it sure cuts down on liability for idiots that drive through/around/past your type 3 road closed barricades and behind the tack truck, then want you to pay to remove the tar. Or the ones that drive 60 mph on the fresh stone when we have changed all the signs to 35 mph, then complain about stone chips. Fine, let's not fix or maintain this road at all, see if the money to pave it is there when it's a total piece of sheet.
  4. Call it an lgbtq hole. Lots of different uses for that hole. (Did I miss any letter abbreviations?). Idiots.
  5. We have your fenders from bill,,,,,,,frank tomacĀ  ,chesaning,9896666796 thanks

  6. At the scrapyard in the torch row, they have this Continental GD193 diesel engine in a genset. It is stuck, but knowing most gensets it probably has low hours (forgot to look). It is extremely clean, but it's hard to say anything of its actual internal condition. They are asking $250 for it, but I think I can get it for less than that. Would it be worth it just to part out? Ross
  7. Thanks guys! And I have a parts MD, but I couldn't find it when I looked for it a couple months ago. I was looking for it solely to try it out to see if it would work on this 450. I'm pretty sure I GAVE that dang shaft to a guy that had an MD that had the steering shafts bent when a storm blew the barn on his tractor. Dangit. Thanks again Ross
  8. I've got a 450 Row Crop gas. It has a Behlen power steering unit on it that needs to be gone through. It needs to be shimmed to it to steer the same both ways. It steers real nice one way, and you're fighting the power steering the other way. I know that the spool needs to be adjusted by shimming it with gaskets. Right now I don't have time to take the valve off the tractor 5 or 10 times to keep readjusting the amount of gaskets to get the spool shimmed correctly, so I just want to find the correct straight steering worm shaft without power steering so I can move it around without fighting it until I get time to get the power steering right. I looked on the Case IH website, and there are 4 different shafts listed, 2 for propane applications. The other 2 I can't seem to make heads or tails of what the difference between them is. So, I want to see if I can locate a used shaft to stick in there, but want to know what to ask for. Will one for an M or a 400 work? Or does it specifically have to be from a 450 without power steering? Any insight would be appreciated. Ross
  9. I do the same thing...
  10. Get off the phone and get back to the date or you'll have plenty of time later tonight to look for that bulletin!
  11. RBootsMI

    Hot Magnum

    I don't know for sure, but with that amount of wiring, they may just want to use a new harness instead of splicing when they rebuild that one Ross
  12. So where would you get a spool of wire that would fit and work correctly in a baler now days? Ross
  13. Love the tires on it, they just seem to 'fit' the look of that tractor. Sharp tractor by the way! Love those widefronts
  14. I have 25,000 acres of swamp behind/along my house, we have tons and tons of snappers around here. You'll usually see a couple on the highway a couple miles away where it crosses a big wetland near my house. They are always crossing the pavement there and getting run over. And I've seen people hit them on purpose and people that must not have been paying attention hit them as well. I don't know why you'd want to, it'd be like hitting a rock. I have to keep a watch out this time of the year for them, as the dog likes to go investigate what it is that's crawling across her yard, and will get too close. Luckily she hasn't been bit yet. Neighbor always wanted me to call him when I saw one so he could butcher them, but I just let them do their thing and I do mine. I've seen some really massively large ones at times. A lot of times they'll usually be about 14-16" across their shell, sometimes you'll see one 18" across or so, and I've seen I think only one that was near 24" across the shell a few years ago. That is a really large turtle up close!!
  15. I had a lady pull out in front of me when I was headed through town one day. Pretty busy road, I was doing about 50 through there, can't remember if the speed limit is 45 or 50, but a lady decided to pull right out in front of me from a parking lot drive. My first instinct was to not slam into the back of her and end up in front of her and being run over. So I grabbed the brakes as hard as I could, but I must have been much too hard on the fronts in my panic stop. I went over the top. I don't think 2 seconds had passed from her pulling in front of me to me leaving the motorcycle. I remember sliding down the pavement on my knees in a kneeling position before rolling onto my back and watching the bike sliding on its side off to my right and slamming into a curb before flopping up over it. The lady kept going, totally unaware she had just turned my knees and back into gravel stone encrusted hamburger. My knees were ground off to the bone in about a 2 1/2" circle, and my back was literally skinless from my neck halfway down to the small of my back. Some people stopped and asked if I was ok and if I wanted a ride to the hospital, but nothing appeared to be broken so I declined. I got over to the bike, the wheels were still round, and it was all there in a scraped, bent up pieces, mess. It started back up after cranking a bit, smoked like a freight train for a bit, then I rode it to my girlfriend's house. She pulled the fabric and stones out of the meat and poured an entire bottle of peroxide on my back and knees. Wow was that horrible. It took about a month and a half to get the skin to grow back, and I'm lucky I didn't get some sort of infection. It really wrecked my knees though as I found out I couldn't get around very well, very painful for a couple years until I had them fixed. Now days I just ride around the farm on my dirt bike, and ride my enduro to the other farm on the back roads. Too many deer around here anymore in the day time let alone at dusk/night/dawn to be riding much at those times. Too many crazies texting on the main roads to ride on those very safely, and I'm the only supporter of my family, so I take it easy now days compared to the past. Glad you're alright, you never know when you're gonna cheat death or injury. Ross
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