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  1. I used to work at a Komatsu dealer, and it's been a long time, but it seems like they were usually near the base of the boom, usually to the right of it. Is it a 28UU, or a 228UU? That isn't a grey market machine is it? Komatsu sure had a lot of those grey market machines that were technically a "Komatsu", but sort of a fake Komatsu with a bunch of odds and ends parts you wouldn't see on a production machine, sometime even the engine. I worked on one ******* grey market Komatsu that had a UK Perkins engine in it. It was hard to find the correct parts to fit it. Hope this helps, like I said, been a long time... Ross
  2. With enough sugar, you can make anything sweet! Look at rhubarb pie, it's basically oversized celery pie with a ton of sugar to make it decent enough to keep it from coming back up after you eat it
  3. Some had power steering factory, if you could find one in a salvage yard, that would be ideal. They are quite similar to other smaller IH tractors, 444, 454, 424, 464, etc, so maybe parts off one of those would swap over, but I'm not familiar with those other small models at all.
  4. Sometimes when you're a lone ranger, you just do what you got to do. Working on equipment and in the field gave me a pretty good idea of how to improvise, adapt and overcome as you say
  5. When I come up and check out that IH tractor again, I'm gonna drive this sweet gal right up there to BrecKentucky, you'll never see me coming, I'll fit right in!! LOL
  6. Well, over the years, whatever wheels out of the old barn that fit and hold air get bolted on lol. Back window has something that resembles a bullet hole in the glass, used to have silicone over it, but it fell out. Spotlight used to work, not sure if it would anymore or not, we had a small issue with mice and some of the fire starter wires got removed, pretty sure that was part of the wires removed
  7. Certainly do, one on the other side too, don't want the rusty hubs showing!
  8. Well, I had a perfect one off from a Super 66 Oliver, or that one off a 66 that has a big dent in the side of it, so I figured I'd use the dented one. Welded it on too, just so it doesn't fall off like everything else on that rig
  9. No bs-ing, it used to have a milk can for a gas tank that set on the running board right where that Oliver tank is now, until it rusted out
  10. No, just a conversation topic lol. Wish it was, I like puzzles
  11. No problem...
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