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  1. Who knows for sure, but I'm guessing that we won't ever know the true numbers. I only know of 3 actual experiences with people I know. 1, a friend of mine has a father in law that has stage 4 cancer and spends a lot of time in and out of the hospital. The last time he went in, the put him in the "coronavirus ward", of which he was the only one in there (this is a small hospital). He hadn't been tested for it, hadn't had it, and complained about being put there. He gave up on complaining about it, and a few hours later a nice nurse told him that there were a couple reasons he was in there.
  2. You feel the same way as I do. Not one person I work with wanted her ridiculous gas tax to pass, especially when a penny or 2 on sales tax would have worked better and no one would have noticed much. But in her words it would affect low income families too much. The ones that get handouts on everything that I have to pay for myself with hard work? Anyway, and like you said, since we're not in the blue cities of our state, we would have been forgotten about and all the roadwork would have been in the metro areas. Since when have you driven in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, or any of those bi
  3. I "helped", ok I essentially did the job for my brother in law of intake gaskets on their minivan, GM 3100 engine. He asked if I could help him do it, even though I knew I'd be then one doing it. I told him to get all the gaskets, so he did that. Figured he'd save some of my time, and tear it apart too, and called and said he had it apart and just couldn't figure out why we had all these gaskets and wondered why I told him it would take a few hours when he had it apart in 15 minutes. I told him to leave it alone. So I get there, and even though I had pointed out earlier that the intake gaskets
  4. What were you doing lurking here in MI? Didn't anyone tell you this is where the wild uninhibited coronavirus still roams? Just kidding, should have stayed awhile, the wackos only live in the cities, we're decent folks in the country lol.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I hate the rust we have from salt, I want to have a nice, rust free vehicle. I hate putting it down. I honestly feel it should go back the way it was 50 years ago when the roads were bad you stayed home, period, and that roads should be plowed and only salted if covered in freezing rain. I don't think anyone should be liable if you drive faster than conditions allow, or just can't handle driving in winter and wreck your car. It's winter, and it's not controlled by people. But people won't stay put even if asked. Do you know how many people I've helped shovel out of a drift
  6. Sounds like something they developed to help get rid of the excessive production of corn. I'm gonna guess it's not .07 cents a gallon as chloride is. Until money is allocated in proper amounts for road repair and construction, the cheapest material will win. Most people complain about how much salt it used, but still want to drive in winter like it's summer time, they don't want to leave earlier or be slowed down. Almost no one realizes that road departments are liable for road conditions even if someone driving like an a-hole on slippery roads wipes out, the road departments still have to pro
  7. Don't worry about the mouse terds, those are just crunchy water flavor nuggets. Dad used to have one of those around, but it somehow had some water left in it and it froze when it was stored in a shed and cracked it.
  8. Any idea why he would have turned the pressure switch preset down so low, and also why he throttled the water to the bladder tank with a ball valve that he had installed and opened approximately 1/3 of the way open? He said it needed to be left that way.
  9. Thank you for all the responses verifying what we originally thought that the problem was down in the well, and not up top like the tech wanted to prove it was, even though we didn't believe it had anything to do with the pump itself before he replaced it. Judging by the responses, I'm gonna say that most of you would agree with me that I would be justified if I was to put a negative review on their website based on the work that was done that cost $1600 with absolutely no change to the water output??
  10. Len, thanks for the reminder of the acid, I'm gonna do that when I have the drop pipe pulled before I replace it. I'm gonna look up some of that nu-well stuff and see if I can get it locally or have to order it from somewhere, not sure if the local hardware would have it or not. Been awhile since I've talked to you, I'll give you a call here in the next couple days when I've got a few minutes.
  11. Unfortunately, my dad doesn't like to seem like the type that doesn't pay, so he paid the employee with a check when he was done "fixing it", and even told him he thought that was an awful high price for a pump and a bladder tank. He called the company and talked to the owner a couple days later after I told him I thought he was crazy to just pay the $1600 and have the water flow absolutely none better than it was. The owner just told him that was the going rate, even after my dad told him the stuff was $800 cheaper if he had bought it from the local well supply place. And when he asked my dad
  12. When my dad was telling me that, he's like "what an idiot, can't even do pex without a leak???" And that was my thoughts as well. But supposedly this employee has 25 years experience working on wells, how?? I have no idea. No leaks in plumbing, and a new pump we didn't need, so now I'll pull the drop and see what we have. It will be heavy as it is a steel drop pipe 100' long, but I'll pull it and replace it with plastic and a new foot valve.
  13. The $900 pump came with a new pre-set pressure switch that was set at 30 psi on, 50 psi off, that's why I don't understand why he adjusted it down to come on at 20 and off at 33 psi, why not leave it at the factory setting on the pump it's attached to? Either way, I'm pulling the drop for further inspection myself now.
  14. We've always worked on our own wells, but my dad is getting older, and I've been quite busy lately, so he figured he'd hire it done. Unfortunately, he got someone that apparently didn't know anything, and wasn't going to listen to the problem and things that were already tried on it previously. Even though it's a 2" well, if it was working correctly, the house it's at would run fine with a 2" well. I'm gonna pull it myself like I should have done before dad wasted his money and check the foot valve and acid the casing. Won't cost probably much more than $100, dad already wasted $900 just for t
  15. That's what we figured originally, dad just figured it'd be easier to have someone else do it this time instead of the one we did last year at his house up north. Instead he wasted at least $900 on at least the pump that wasn't needed.
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