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  1. From what I encountered on my 826, the drive hub is different as well. I had a DT358 out of a 520 Dresser loader that I bought for parts. It had the newer pump on it with the lines that came straight out. I can't remember exactly now, but it seems the pump gear had a bigger hole in it for that drive hub, and if I'm thinking incorrectly on that, I know for sure that the size of the taper inside the drive hub is totally different between the 2 pumps. I saved the pump, but not the pump gear. The drive hub I let a guy borrow for something and it came up missing, so now I have a pump I can't use either. All was ok though, I bought a good pump off a parts 826 that works great.
  2. I really messed up for my brother last year, I felt bad I cost him so much money, but he didn't catch it either. His Gleaner M2 hydro quit moving. I looked it over, found the hydro input shaft splines wiped off it. Told him to order the shaft the shaft seal, and the coupler. He went and picked up the parts and left them on the bench at my shop, so I went at it. This was in the dark, in late November. Got the hydro dropped, pulled it apart, got the shaft out and put the new one in along with the new seal. Just a regular National oil seal, about 2.5" OD, about a $12 seal at the local auto parts store. I wanted all the parts on hand though so I could get it together that night, since it was supposed to rain, and the dealer had all the parts on hand. He called and gave them a credit card number so my dad could run down and get the parts so when I got home I had all the stuff I needed to fix it. Got it all back together by 10 pm that night brother went back to combining as soon as I was done. Made a mention that he didn't think the parts would cost so much, but it was just the way it was. While he was combining, I grabbed the slip from the box of parts and looked at it. That input shaft seal was $109!! I opened the package with a razor knife, so it had a nice clean cut and wasn't all destroyed. The next day I called the parts store to see if it was something special, said "not at all, how many do you want? They're about $12". I should have bought one and put it back in the Agco bag and returned it, but I wasn't gonna do that, even though they were both just a regular old National lip seal.
  3. RBootsMI

    Where`d he go?

    You ain't kidding. I understand the whole racism thing, but it seems as if the ones complaining of it are doing the same exact thing to the opposite races, and have been for a long time. There is about 2/3 of any race that are great people, and that 2/3 probably wishes they didn't have to make excuses for the ridiculous actions of the last 1/3. There's bad, useless people in every race, and I guess I just don't understand why no one realizes that. Hard work and perseverance will bring you out of it, but many just don't want to put the work into it, they would just rather let the govt pay for their rent, their food, phone, their utilities, and their schooling, and let's face it, there is no state in the US where these programs don't exist. But, somewhere out there, while someone that lets everyone else pay their bills, complains about "poor, walked-all-over me", there's someone out there, regardless of race, working 2 jobs and paying their way, paving the way to being successful in life. But, Ive also never had someone hire me because I checked a box that said I was of "Caucasian origin", I prefer to think that my hard work and skills got the jobs I've taken. And I still don't have much use for the other 1/3 sitting on their porches all day while I work to pay my bills, and theirs, while they film me with their phones for some reason, so they can post it on Facebook and criticize what a dipsh!t I am in the way I do my job. I understand there are people that need help out there, and I'm all for helping those people, I donate what I can when I can, and I have no problem helping people that want to help themselves or will pass it on.
  4. RBootsMI

    Where`d he go?

    1. Well I guess it depends on how close they are to me. If they're close enough, let's say a couple of steps, I'm gonna duck and go in for it, I'm not gonna let some dirt bag wipe me off without at least putting up a fight. If they're far away I just hope they're a poor shot if I have no cover and have to come for them. Like I always say when some a$$bag speeds through our work zone and almost hits me, "go ahead and hit me, I swear I'll leave a dent!" They won't get out of it without a fight being put up, I'm not one to cower while some hoodrat takes my freedom. 2. I don't want to kill anyone if I didn't have to, so I guess it depends on how it goes down, but if I can neutralize someone and not kill them, all the better. Although sometimes people that do that stuff just never seem to learn, they keep doing it, where you could only hope bullet riddled joints, innards, or the new addition of a colostomy bag would maybe give cause to change a lifestyle. If I have a gun, which I do, lots, as a matter of fact, it's going to be semi auto, and I'm guessing in that situation the trigger finger keeps moving until finally only responding with a click. But, who really knows until they're in that situation. I've worked hard my entire life for everything I have, which isn't much, but I don't usually roll over on my back and let someone take it from me.
  5. I would think you could make any type work, but I think you'd be better off, cheaper, and less work to buy a new kit for an M and make it work on the W6.
  6. NWow, I've never seen a distributor cam worn like that either! I'm following along with you on your project, I had to do almost the same thing to my 450 gas. Engine work, radiator work, ta replace, all trans and rear end bearings, rebuild / reseal hyds, replaced EVERY oil seal on the tractor, for real! Then I sold it... Guy was real happy with the rebuilt tractor, I was real happy not to ever see the inside of it again lol
  7. Where the heck do you catch that many trout!?!
  8. RBootsMI

    dairy prices ?

    Sucks, but to many it's almost time to do like the coal miners, steel workers, and all of the other jobs of the last 25 years that left and start a new career that's growing in demand.
  9. I've sold a lot of tractors this year, had real good luck. Didn't lose any money on any of them, and got a good price. Sold all of them on Craigslist. I like to price my stuff so it sells, not overprice it to make a killing. Dad and I just want the stuff out of the barns now. So far this year I've sold: Oliver Super 88 gas nf Oliver 770 gas wf 3pt Oliver 770 Diesel nf Oliver 88 Standard diesel (2) Oliver 77 gas nf Allis Chalmers C nf IH 674 gas Farmall Super M wf 3pt P.S. Farmall 450 gas nf P.S. Sold most within a couple days of listing them, some were listed for a couple weeks. Another 10 or so more to go and we'll really have the barns cleaned up.
  10. Yes, it's a huge problem. Houses, businesses, properties such as ours along there, and people driving 75 mph. We have to plan when we move our stuff to farm that property on the highway. You won't even be able to cross the highway at all on a Thursday or Friday night due to the northbound traffic, and then again on Sunday night you'll never get across due to the southbound traffic. The river throws a problem into here as well, the only 2 other bridges near here aside from the highway are off from my road. So if we absolutely have to get to dad's home farm 5 miles from here, I have to head west and then north 3 miles to cross on the overpass of M57 over US27, but then the next nearest river crossing is 6 miles east and then 5 miles south to get to the farm 5 miles away. Trying to cross the highway with all the weekend warriors heading up north or back home is suicide, they're just moving too fast.
  11. Thanks for all the comments guys, he was very lucky. Whether or not the driver was looking at his phone or not, we all know it's a huge problem, and that they have the technology now days with newer cars that could jam a phone once it's moved out of PARK, but they won't do it. Annoying electronic gadgets are what sells probably 75% of new cars, stuff they can fiddle with while driving.
  12. Roeters in Grant MI, they have all sorts of stuff for all sorts of tractors over there.
  13. US 27 10 miles north of St. Johns, the "non freeway" portion where people still drive 75 mph through here
  14. My brother was headed over to some property we own on the highway near us to mow. There wasn't much traffic for being a Saturday night, so he pulled out on the shoulder of the highway and headed down there, about a 1/4 of a mile south of the road he turned off of, but on the other side of the highway. Had a couple cars go by, then the other lane was open so he went over the passing lane to the shoulder on the other side, but couldn't get over all the way due to delineator posts on the edge that he had to go around. He had noticed a car quite a ways back passing another, but it was a long ways back, and had plenty of time to get over. He saw it coming up fast in the passing lane but was going around a culvert and delineator on the shoulder so he was on the passing lane about 2', almost ready to turn into the crossover to head across to the driveway, no one in the slow/driving lane. He saw the guy was going to hit him but couldn't get over due to the drop off the culvert created. The guy hit the right rear of the mower at near 70 mph. The lady he had passed before he hit my brother said she was doing 65 and he was going a good clip faster than that and never hit his brakes when he hit him. He's real lucky he didn't make contact with the mower as it came up or get thrown off or rolled over. The guy skidded past my brother and ended up down in the median. He was holding his neck and acting like it hurt. His air bag didn't go off, but it wiped the front off his little sh!tbox car. My brother was ok luckily, spun the tractor right around so it was fully blocking one lane and almost into the other lane. He had 2 smv signs, one on his mower and one on the tractor, but I have a feeling the way the guy was acting that my brother will soon be involved in a lawsuit. He told the lady that witnessed it "what was he even doing out here, he isn't supposed to be out here with a tractor!" It is NOT a limited access highway. She was a nearby farm type girl and told him that he had just as much right to have that tractor out there as he did his car, real nice lady. Once the cops were done I used the trusty 826 with my heavy duty boom to lift the mower off the tractor and drag the mower across to our property, my brother was able to start and drive the Oliver over there and leave it, he didn't want to drive it back home, he was pretty shook up. I sure was glad my twin brother was ok, he was glad the 77 wasn't damaged more than the hitch being broken off, the seat, fender and 3 point being bent, it used to be my grandpa's tractor that my brother bought after he passed away. He was very lucky
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