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  1. RBootsMI

    Injector sleeve, how can this happen?

    Sometimes, you can start at one side of them with a brass drift or punch and collapse them into themselves enough to get them out. Most manufactures have an actual tool that threads into the injector sleeve, and is actually a puller that removes the sleeve. Use brass though if you attempt to collapse it inside itself, you don't want to nick / gouge / beat up the surface where that sleeve seals. Ross
  2. There is also a mechanism that is run by the switch over linkage that hooks to the carb, that will shut off the gasoline flow into the carb. It closes the needle in the carb down onto the seat so no gas will flow into the carb while it's running on diesel. Pull the drain plug, or open the draincock on the bottom of the carb to see if gas is running out when in gas mode, it should be, and shouldn't be in diesel mode. Sometimes the needle itself or the mechanism that runs it will stick, not allowing the gas to flow. That's what was wrong with my UD554 I had in a Galion grader. Once I got that figured out and got it all freed up, it took right off on gas. Nice running engine, has an interesting sound with the 2 exhaust pipes. When I got mine, it had the radiator hoses off from it and the head and block were full of nests in the cooling passages. I flushed, pressure washer, drained, flushed, pressure washer, numerous times, but am sure I never got it all out. I had all of the coolant covers off, all the water housings, radiator all off and apart, and it still got a hot spot in there somewhere I believe that caused a cracked head on it. I can't remember, but I think I got around 2 five gallon pails of mouse nest stuff out of the cooling system. I sold the engine for parts, and the grader for scrap, but I still have the injection pump and a brand new button clutch for it if you happen to need either of those things. Ross
  3. RBootsMI

    Chinese restaurants

    Has anyone ever seen actual real chicken the same texture as what is labeled chicken at a Chinese food place?
  4. RBootsMI

    Interesting JCB backhoe

    Hopefully the wiring on the military spec backhoes is better than on the regular JCB backhoes!
  5. RBootsMI

    Does this happen in your town?

    I get to deal with this stuff daily as my job IS working the roads. Sometimes patching potholes, you can either get run over, or throw the patch at the pothole from the shoulder, still trying to avoid being run over. Almost got hit 2 weeks ago trying to cut the top off an Ash tree that tipped over into the lanes of the highway. Should'a just let the cars clear it off for me, but can't do that unfortunately.
  6. RBootsMI

    M&W turbos on germans.

    May have to modify a couple things on a tractor, but I got my turbo stuff for my 826 off a 520 Dresser loader. Had a DT358 in it, complete. Someone had decided to reseal the front cover and oil pan with blue silicone, a lot of blue silicone, and it plugged up the oil sump then threw a rod when no one noticed the low oil pressure. Surprisingly the rod journals were the only parts that actually looked starved of oil, everything else looked good, even the turbo that had been rebuilt shortly before. Bought the whole engine for $500. Everything will bolt directly on the 358 on my 826.
  7. RBootsMI

    1486 Shifting problems

    Are the shifting shafts that go down through the top cover original ones that have the square part on top where the arms attach to? If they are, those square parts are usually all rounded off. Maybe you're aren't, but I've seen a lot that were. If you move your shifter levers back and forth, you'll see the arm attached to the top of those shafts turning, but take the retainer bolt off the top of the shaft, and I'll bet you see the shaft isn't turning as much as the linkage attached to it. If they are rounded off, the parts are pretty cheap, and it's an easy fix.
  8. RBootsMI

    What's wrong with my H?

    Wondered the same thing... cursed Champions
  9. RBootsMI

    656 hydro cost repair

    I talked with Raleigh at Herrs on a 656 hydro, maybe a year or so ago? They really do them up right, anything in the transmission that turns, pivots or slides is replaced, and any of the holes that have things that turn or slide inside them are bored out and sleeved back to standard. I believe he said an exchange unit, complete and tested was $5950? I don't think that included shipping for it, or your core back to them.
  10. RBootsMI

    Rumor has it

    All the foreigners are still expanding their dairies here in central MI. Buying more land, building new facilities, adding onto existing facilities, adding cows. When a family sells an estate with farmland, either auction or private sale, 75% of the time the foreign dairies will buy it. They'll pay more than anyone else can afford to.
  11. RBootsMI

    Snowomobile trip

    Brockway mountain drive, isn't it? Ross
  12. RBootsMI

    UD 554

    The previous owner had left the lower radiator hose off it when he drained it, and the block and radiator were FULL of mouse nest, everywhere. I vacuumed it out, blew it out, rinsed it out, until I wasn't getting any more chunks of nest out. I wasn't sure why it got hot at first, until after I pulled the engine out. Running it must have dislodged more mouse nest that didn't come out after my initial cleaning, during which I had removed every external part of the cooling system and radiator. Anyway, it had some that must have worked loose that plugged up the thermostats. Kind of a sad way to go down. Ross
  13. RBootsMI

    UD 554

    I had one in a Galion 118 grader, ran pretty good, seemed to have lots of power. Then I accidentally got it hot and cracked a head so I pulled the engine and scrapped the grader. I took the injection pump and clutch off of it, and sold the engine to a guy in Utah. Don't know why I kept the injection pump, but I kept the clutch because I had it built with a heavy spring set and ceramic buttons and it only had about 5 hours on it and the guy couldn't use it for his application. Just sets in the back corner of my shop now. Pretty heavy engine too, had a good sound to it with the dual exhaust pipes
  14. RBootsMI

    Just missing air filters

    I've got boxes and boxes full of those IH filters like that from an old dealer. Hundreds of them. Still in the bags and boxes. Fuel filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters, etc. Not sure what I'll ever do with all of them.
  15. RBootsMI

    JD key

    I'm not for sure, but it seems like that looks sort of like an old motorcycle key I used to have. Been awhile, so it may have been different, but I can't remember. 60's motorcycle, can't even remember what kind, Honda maybe? Maybe I'm all wrong too...