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    Steiger 470--5240--7240 and all red equip. Toy collector and country dancing
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  1. The plow is a # 70, was a 4 bottom but cut it down to a 3 bottom. That way it don't labor the tractor. Makes a nice outfit,,,, just needs a paint job.
  2. Here is our 52 Super M and also a 52 Super W6
  3. I bought a Super W6, like you , just cause I wanted one
  4. We have been using Kenwood radio the last 10 years, no problems and quiet and reach is 10 to miles. Sometimes we hear others but hasn't caused any problems. Think they cost $400.00 per radio. Do need a license
  5. It is a 3 inch riser, it's that way because of the dump trailer and fenders on the truck
  6. This is what we done, it works great. Out of way of 5th wheel
  7. I bought a Super W 6 off of him in August of 2019. Nice guy, he showed us all his tractors, guite the collection
  8. By all means go with the 4000 series . Have had the 1083, 2208, 3208 and the 4208. 4000 series is very similar to the gerrinhoff. Almost 0 kernel loss, less trash intake, 7 years and no repairs, will change knives for this fall. Ran it on a 7088 and now a 7240
  9. My mistake. I learned on a 76
  10. It would be a #65 combine Unloading auger is on front of tank, A 76 the auger is behind the tank
  11. Used to run an American drag line. Cable, levers. Took a few days to get the hang of it. Being a farm boy it was a fun thing to operate . Digging gravel one day and next day feeding the crusher
  12. Casey Illinois along I70 30 mile west of Indiana line. Home of Big things in a little town
  13. Would like to put a power steering unit my Super W6. Think a unit from a W 400 or a W 450 would work. Is there any avialable at a reasonable cost?
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