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  1. Been there a few years ago, salesman with local CIH dealer took me over there, its worth looking.
  2. I put a tablespoon of pepper in a truck radiator and it stopped the leak. It lasted thru fall harvest and replaced it during winter
  3. Just saw on Big Iron a 826 for sale Sept 19th in Nebraska, serial# 15394
  4. 6606264900 in Missouri. 1970 golden demostrator
  5. Tractor House has one listed, a 1970 from Missouri. August 24th edition page 92 with a phone # and also in auctiontime, one at Fox River tractor 6602161460
  6. We used the kit from Brillman. Very happy with the results. The kit was for a 656 gas, got the plug wires, plugs, condenser, everything. Directions were excellent
  7. Tractor House has some truck prices. One nearby here sells lots of trucks www.goebelequipment.com
  8. Look for a No. 37 or a 370 IH disk, should be able to handle a 10 -12 foot okay, Look in tractor house magazine or tractorhouse.com
  9. 52 Super M with a Schwartz wide front
  10. +1 on Brillman. Done a IH 656. Simple directions and simple to do
  11. Went on Craig's list from Appleton Wi and they listed 2 826 for sale in Farm-Garden. One at Lake Mills and one in Cambridge
  12. In a trip to Wisconsin yesterday I saw a 826, was riding with another couple. It was South of Oshkosk on rt. 26 just a couple mile North of Hulls 151 implement, junction of 151 and 26. It was on west side of road, looked to be a farmer and jockey of used equipment. Maybe some one in area could check it out for you. Good luck on your finding your tractor
  13. 16.9X38 on the rear and 7.50X15 on the front
  14. We just installed a wiring harness on a 656, got the harness from brillman.com/ Everything went according to their directions.
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