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  1. Call M & W, that's what we did when we purchased a 9-speed kit
  2. Pulled against John in the early days before his IH days. One of the best. Had a few conversations with him after he retired from pulling. Talk to his sons every so often. Would like to see more pictures of him pulling
  3. Brillman is who we used on a 656. Pleased with everything easy to understand directions
  4. Thank you, it does help. Plow looks different than mine. Mine has a lever to adjust whereas the one in the picture has a crank like a #16 plow. Rest of plow does look like a #70
  5. High Plains Auctioneers has a 826 up for auction. No serial #. Phone # 806-244-6776
  6. Just purchased a #70 IH plow, wanting to know the paint scheme. See them painted like the #16 and see them painted all red. Which is the correct way?
  7. Looking for a hydraulic pump for a Super W6, also need a reservoir tank for same
  8. Meltfms

    Super W6

    Got the Super W 6 bought, unsure about the diesel so went with the gas burner. Now I am in need of a pump, do not want one that goes on the pto. Want the IH style that mounts up on motor.
  9. Meltfms

    Super W6

    Yes, lot of valuable info that can be used. Have located a IH live pump. Still trying to decide, have found a Super WD 6, but has a diesel pump problem. Decisions decisions
  10. Meltfms

    Super W6

    Looking at a Super W6, it does not have any hydraulics what so ever. what would it take to add live hydrulics or can it be done. Guess anything can. be done
  11. Just got back from Nashville, just north of the new Opry is a place on McGlavic Pike called The Nashville Night Life theater. Smorgasboard and excellent music. Jack Daniels is a short distant south east.
  12. Been there a few years ago, salesman with local CIH dealer took me over there, its worth looking.
  13. I put a tablespoon of pepper in a truck radiator and it stopped the leak. It lasted thru fall harvest and replaced it during winter
  14. Just saw on Big Iron a 826 for sale Sept 19th in Nebraska, serial# 15394
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