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  1. Don't think King Bros. had any that looked that way. All theirs was under the hood.
  2. Would like to put a power steering unit my Super W6. Think a unit from a W 400 or a W 450 would work. Is there any avialable at a reasonable cost?
  3. Meltfms

    Antique fun

    Got the new to me Super W6 out and hooked up the plow for a little bit of ole time fun. Plowed about an hour and got everything limbered up.
  4. Was this guy Jerry Miller from Thompsonville
  5. Hello, is there another way to get in touch with the gentleman who owns the 826 in Leon Ia? I have phoned him and left a message a couple times. He did call me back once but apparently something went wrong because he never said hello. At any rate, I'm interested and would like to see this thing in person, Mike.

  6. 008545 is the one from Iowa
  7. 641-442-5183 . He will call in morning and give me the serial number
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/534549007130238/ 826 cab and loader, no other information Leon Iowa
  9. Next to last picture is John Thompson on Bad Dog
  10. Meltfms

    IH blue paint

    Some Rural King stores have the International Blue on the shelf. The one at Robinson Il. is where I found some
  11. Meltfms

    IH blue paint

    When did IH quit using the blue color on their equipment?
  12. Found this over on NewAg Talk,, seems correct to me
  13. Hydrulic tank reservoir for Super W6, installed and working. Also added a hand clutch
  14. Adding hydrulics to Super W6, having to make reservoir tank, just about ready to paint and hook up hoses
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