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  1. Hydrulic tank reservoir for Super W6, installed and working. Also added a hand clutch
  2. Adding hydrulics to Super W6, having to make reservoir tank, just about ready to paint and hook up hoses
  3. That's from my hometown, still deal with them. Changed to Birkey's
  4. Super M has a Schartz wide front. Both tractors are 1952 models. Son restored the Super M himself and added the front end, live hydraulics and a 3 point hitch. We still use it for augers and such. Just purchased the Super W6 this summer.
  5. 16184 is the number on the one from Marshall Il
  6. I texted him again, so still waiting
  7. Saw a 1970 828 on our local marketplace, asked him the serial #. Don't know how to get it on this site
  8. A 52 Super M and a 52 Super W6
  9. Call M & W, that's what we did when we purchased a 9-speed kit
  10. Pulled against John in the early days before his IH days. One of the best. Had a few conversations with him after he retired from pulling. Talk to his sons every so often. Would like to see more pictures of him pulling
  11. Brillman is who we used on a 656. Pleased with everything easy to understand directions
  12. Thank you, it does help. Plow looks different than mine. Mine has a lever to adjust whereas the one in the picture has a crank like a #16 plow. Rest of plow does look like a #70
  13. High Plains Auctioneers has a 826 up for auction. No serial #. Phone # 806-244-6776
  14. Just purchased a #70 IH plow, wanting to know the paint scheme. See them painted like the #16 and see them painted all red. Which is the correct way?
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