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  1. 1206 Wire Harness Question

    We just installed a wiring harness on a 656, got the harness from Everything went according to their directions.
  2. Any pictures of John Thompson with his 1466?
  3. Seat suspension repair kit

    Have gotten 2 seats kits from Devon's, good to do business with.
  4. Shop interior walls

    We went up 8 feet from floor with OSB board and then tin on the rest of the sidewall. Have some trouble with cell service and it is a little bit higher noise level. Between the post is insulated 8 inches and ceiling has 12 inches of blowed in insulation. Building size is 60X64X18
  5. 1206 serial number

    No livestock
  6. 1206 serial number

    8400 hours
  7. 1206 serial number

    Neighbor just passed away, has a working 1206. Serial number #13307
  8. 45 field cultivator

    Son bought a 18 ft. pulltype #45 IH field cultivate and would like to know the weight. It does not have a harrow
  9. IH# 9 Field Cultivator

    Kevin, you are correct, the Wisconsin Historical information it shows a #8 just like the picture showed.
  10. IH# 9 Field Cultivator

    There is a #9 listed for sale in tractor house magazine. Its at Meridian Implement in Rockford Il. Listed as a 7 ft. a 1950 model. Clutch lift on steel wheels. Its painted green for some reason, looks to be in very good condition
  11. My year long adventure

    Welcome home young man, Thank you for your service. I left Ft. Hood in 1968 to go to Viet Nam. Feeling on being back stateside is an awesome feeling for a soldier.
  12. 32/3406 vs 42/4406 corn head questions

    Have had all the CIH heads, hated the 2000 series, 3000 was better but the 4000 series is the best of all. Local dealer has quit selling the Geringhoff because of the 4000 being so good. Some do dislike the 4000, have ran ours 2 years with 0 problems.
  13. Tomorrow I swallow my pride

    1998 John Deere 9510 4x4 w/hill side option combine, 4,632 machine & 3,264 rotor hours, serial X676782, serviced field ready & shedded, 30.5L32 Firestone front tires 60%, rear Firestone 18.4-26. This would be an excellent machine, local farmer closeout, can bid on line