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  1. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    FPSmith, really good guys. Kevin, you were right in that website, THX!!!!
  2. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Just when I think it's hard to find a part I found a place that has 13 of these PTO covers. WOW, CRAZY!!! Bet there weren't 13 of these PTO still even being used!
  3. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Thanks folks, guess now I'll wait till Monday to make some calls to see what I can find!
  4. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    I found a pict in my book. Anyone know or have the cone cover??? Part #1
  5. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    or does someone have a pict or part number of this cone shaped PTO cover??? It's a 1950 model
  6. Td6 pto

    The pto also ran a belt pulley attachment. look at my thread for picts
  7. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    I know not too interesting but............... Got the old bent bolts out and the broken 4 flanges from the belt pulley case and added a PTO cover till I add the new rebuilt belt pulley back when needed. Still would like to find a PTO cover that lets the PTO stay in place, ANYONE HAVE ONE????? It's cone shaped I believe!
  8. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Thanks, this site rocks! Members are really knowledgeable!
  9. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Chris, looked at your light picts, awesome job! Still trying to find time to go completely through your 20 pages, really great detail! My reflector is in good shape but pretty dull, wonder if there is a chrome paint that will make it brighter?? The socket on mine seems to have 3 connections, 1 hot, 1 is taped off and ground. I initially thought it was the whole headlight assembly that was broken, I'm happy to know it's just the lens and maybe I can get some parts. Question, how flat was your lens?? or does it have some curve??
  10. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Brought home the seats and armrests. Anyone know what the original material looks like or where to buy???
  11. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Putting this old girl to sleep for the winter. Had a really great summer fixing her up and learning a ton about it. Anyone have any leads or ideas on the light assemblies for the TD6?? I need a lens??? Seems like I can make the gaskets. Seems like it uses individual parts for the light, like a reflector, bulb socket, lens. Has anyone ever replaced the bulb socket with a LED?? Seems like I'd get more light??
  12. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Anyone know about the winch that will fit this TD6??? I've been told a Carco Model E is the best??? I guess International did not make their own????
  13. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Here's the thread on paper pulleys
  14. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    these guys did this one from net.
  15. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    i'm going to buy a lotto ticket!