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  1. wow, great comment for a help forum.
  2. Drove this thing and all seems pretty good. 2 issues. When turning left at the extreme turn radius it locks up, needed to be smacked back into to release? Is this a known feature??? Fuel gauge and temp gauge doesn't seem to work? And if I lose the mower it does not have a drawbar. do most of the models fit or something specific??? Also, I did not disconnect the mower but the owner said the PTO ALWAYS rotates, is that true or someplace disengages the PTO to be idle???
  3. Well, I ain't moving all that fast with the crawler either!!!! LOL And I have been goofing with that FA Super AV trying to get it running. But I want more toys!!!!
  4. I grew up in these hills and still put a tie under most wheels no matter the year or type of car. Habits!!! The thing that bothered me was it has new brakes and I do not trust most anyone to work on what me or my family drives, I will check those brakes over well.
  5. No lights! How easy is it to add???
  6. Looking to buy a 1966 Farmall gas 504. Does anyone have any particular loves or hates? Or got-chas to look for?? Need it for a mountain property and this ol' tractor seems to fit my needs. Good rubber, new brakes, new bat, oil and fluids changed all around, new plugs, 1900 hours might be correct and an owners manual. Are the rear rims inside out???
  7. Side question? What are these on both sides of tank??
  8. Update to my saga! Have some Indian summer going on in the mountains and decided to do some goofing with the Red tractor. Tried to hand crank over the motor after soaking for 6 months, no luck. Then decided to look at clutch, all looked good there going from N to gears. Then got adventurous and pulled the valve cover off and yanked all the push rods so not to bend anything since we decided to give it a pull and see if it would break loose. No go, then gave it a couple laps around the field popping the clutch in 2 and 3, no go again. Tranny seems to function just fine so the lock is s
  9. Ok, while I am waiting to attack this monster i thought i'd work on the front rubber. Turns out the area around the valve stem is rusted since water got in tire and sat in rim, just happened the valve stem was at the bottom of rotation on one! Any thoughts if this is a deal stopper or do i need new rim? Super AV 3 x 19 seems harder to find at a reasonable $$ Thanks, Jim
  10. OK, update. Working on this thing over the weekend. Dumped down the cylinders a quart of ATV fluid, and half a bottle of marvel mystery oil down the valves. I did find a starter handle but of course no budge after only 30 minutes of soaking. But I have hopes. Plugs didn't look too bad and a can of penetrating oil will surely help all those thread s all over this tractor. The only real opening was the exhaust pipe and it was at a 90 degree turn and hopefully long enuf not to allow much moisture close???
  11. My records shows that your farmall is a MODEL: Super Super A - vegetable version and was built in 1948The A utilized the Culti-Vision offset engine/front end design, along with a wide front wheel track and dropped axles. https://tractors.fandom.com/wiki/Farmall_Super_AV
  12. Here's what I came up with for plate.
  13. Ok, What the heck is the size of the spark plug??? Went down to work on this and my 13/16 spark socket is too small. Guess in tractors, everything is bigger!
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