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  1. Going into fall I may let it ride to spring in Colorado. I have always thought 14K$ might be too high but the unit itself does have potential. Just doesn't make a lot of sense to pay premium price and then have to fix everything. Will also look all winter on one season for others.
  2. Thanks all! My ranch is 222 miles from Denver and you guys helped me get straight in my mind that the underside is going to take some TLC along with some ca$h. I believe I would be better served by either spending a little more on something that might be a little better fit for me. I do believe that 14K is too proud although I think this guy paid close to that or more. The sprockets and chain length might tell me it has some good amount of hours on it. Seems funny that the hours meter is always broken on tractors that are on the edge of what is really going on!! Thanks much!
  3. I always have a hard time judging the sprocket teeth without a new one next to it. This one does seem dished out. The idler is way out, any chance the chain has been replaced with longer one??? Can't imagine it stretched that much.
  4. Here's some actual pictures. Of course many gauges are toast. Series E, Serial suggests 1979. 14K on the price i still think is a little proud!
  5. Still got the TD6, just need a little more of a real dozer to get some road work done along with maybe a pond. Thx
  6. Hi folks! I am in the market for a 6 way dozer. Found one close to my neck of the woods so it would save me a wad of cash to not transport it. Guy says the hours meter is broken and he put on only about 30 hours, not sure total. I will go look it over and post pictures ASAP. Looking around the net I see them going for 4 to 15K, huge range to say the least. BUT What are these things worth?? He is at 14K$$ and he thinks 1975ish. Seems high. Also got a really good leak going on one of the side to side cylinders and will need a seal he says. I have heard they are high $for replace parts if need much. For now some general ideas and advice and I will post more picts and info as I get more. Thanks, Jim
  7. wow, great comment for a help forum.
  8. Drove this thing and all seems pretty good. 2 issues. When turning left at the extreme turn radius it locks up, needed to be smacked back into to release? Is this a known feature??? Fuel gauge and temp gauge doesn't seem to work? And if I lose the mower it does not have a drawbar. do most of the models fit or something specific??? Also, I did not disconnect the mower but the owner said the PTO ALWAYS rotates, is that true or someplace disengages the PTO to be idle???
  9. Well, I ain't moving all that fast with the crawler either!!!! LOL And I have been goofing with that FA Super AV trying to get it running. But I want more toys!!!!
  10. I grew up in these hills and still put a tie under most wheels no matter the year or type of car. Habits!!! The thing that bothered me was it has new brakes and I do not trust most anyone to work on what me or my family drives, I will check those brakes over well.
  11. Looking to buy a 1966 Farmall gas 504. Does anyone have any particular loves or hates? Or got-chas to look for?? Need it for a mountain property and this ol' tractor seems to fit my needs. Good rubber, new brakes, new bat, oil and fluids changed all around, new plugs, 1900 hours might be correct and an owners manual. Are the rear rims inside out???
  12. Side question? What are these on both sides of tank??
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