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  1. Ok, while I am waiting to attack this monster i thought i'd work on the front rubber. Turns out the area around the valve stem is rusted since water got in tire and sat in rim, just happened the valve stem was at the bottom of rotation on one! Any thoughts if this is a deal stopper or do i need new rim? Super AV 3 x 19 seems harder to find at a reasonable $$ Thanks, Jim
  2. OK, update. Working on this thing over the weekend. Dumped down the cylinders a quart of ATV fluid, and half a bottle of marvel mystery oil down the valves. I did find a starter handle but of course no budge after only 30 minutes of soaking. But I have hopes. Plugs didn't look too bad and a can of penetrating oil will surely help all those thread s all over this tractor. The only real opening was the exhaust pipe and it was at a 90 degree turn and hopefully long enuf not to allow much moisture close???
  3. My records shows that your farmall is a MODEL: Super Super A - vegetable version and was built in 1948The A utilized the Culti-Vision offset engine/front end design, along with a wide front wheel track and dropped axles. https://tractors.fandom.com/wiki/Farmall_Super_AV
  4. Here's what I came up with for plate.
  5. Ok, What the heck is the size of the spark plug??? Went down to work on this and my 13/16 spark socket is too small. Guess in tractors, everything is bigger!
  6. How do these things work when it actually starts or backfires????
  7. Super, will look around the place this weekend. Everytime i find something new!
  8. I do have this crank, I was under the impression it goes to my TD6 crawler. Is there a chance it will do this Super AV??
  9. The crawler is right before this project. Thanks for remembering!!! Just turning summer here in the CO hills and have lots to tinker with. Jim
  10. Could you folks suggest a route of attack??? I am hoping the motor isn't seized and for the time being it will need to be evaluated in place, I can't drag it back to the city very soon and easier to fix there. It's on a summer property. I will need to drag around tools and such. What would be the route of the motor IS seized??? Can I just get a big ratchet to the front and see of it turns?? Pull off the grill or can I get to that area?? I do plan to get it to a covered barn that I am repairing as soon as feasible. Thanks much
  11. Got another what is it tractor?? Been on the farm for a while, will drag it out this summer and see if it is a project or junk. Does seem to have all the parts. Any thoughts on year, model, keeping it??
  12. This is the blade. Work on this is slow since it's 250 miles away on a summer place.
  13. will get some picts of new rebuilt pulley ASAP. every part on this old gal is heavy as ****!
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