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  1. OK. I doubt IH was building for pullers. I did put a question mark next to my number and don't recall taking any oaths. Regardless, something I read from IHC reflected obvious concern with the durability of the rear end of this series.
  2. I recall reading that you weren't supposed to exceed a certain pull weight (10K pounds?) in first gear. Must be prone to turning inside out. Chris B.
  3. I had to replace the inner axle bearings on my W9 years ago, so I am all too familiar with that split. Did the brake seals while I was there. Camshaft also came out and was replaced with one that didn't knock. The most miserable part I recall was wrestling those big fenders. Seemed like none of the bolts wanted to line up. I think this was back in 2008. Chris B.
  4. There sure is a lot of iron in that block. Looking good. Chris B.
  5. I went thru my mowing B last summer. Engine turned up stuck, I assumed it was because of a bad manifold. I was stunned to drain 3 gallons of coolant from the oil pan. One new sleeve, a good manifold, rings and rod bearings...I have an easy to hand crank B. Enjoyable to work on, plenty of parts, not so heavy you need special stands and hoists and won't break the bank. Chris B.
  6. The 7.50s are a nicer look with the 16.9-38 rears. The fronts aren't matched but I'll take care of that in the spring. Chris B.
  7. People that have those Hydros sure seem to love them. But there's always some bad with the good. Mine is as simple as they get. Chris B.
  8. Got to looking over the wide front on my 656. Pretty evident it had some significant wear. Both arms are loose on the splines, one bad tie rod at both ends, and one spindle has really loose bushings. So, I pulled off the WF and installed the original narrow front. I will experiment some to see if it looks better with 6.50 or 7.50 to go with the 16.9 rears. The white rim is a good look on this. Chris B.
  9. Seems like I've heard of venturis being left out accidentally and tractor ran OK. I wouldn't suggest it. Leaving the float out is just silly. Did I read your question wrong? Chris B.
  10. Thanks. Sounds real easy. Chris B.
  11. His post is kind of what put the project in my mind, but I bet he is starting in a better place.
  12. I kind of thought the same thing. It would probably easier to find another running 656. I only have one 3 point implement so it isn't a priority.
  13. Best picture I have tonight.
  14. Out of curiosity, what is required to swap a factory 3 point onto a straight drawbar 656 tractor? A parts tractor with all the parts is useful I'm sure, but I've never been in one of these. Chris B.
  15. I couldn't make the TA adjustment as stated. Had far too much gap between D and cam plate thingy. The tractor had sticky shifting trouble like my 450s do when the short TA linkage needs adjusting. Did some searching around and it appears I wasn't alone with that problem. I found a 1/4" square key and temporarily clamped it to the cam plate to close up the gap. Shifts a lot smoother, no jerking the shifter out of gear or having to pull the TA back. That 544 linkage layout looks about like my 656's. Chris B.
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