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  1. Mom had a wooden spoon and broke it on me. Then she bought a thick plastic spoon. That thing stung like crazy. She kept it in her purse. I only got hit when I needed it though. Dad only ever hit me a few times, again, I had it coming. I am lucky though, I had good parents. I have spanked my kids a few times but I try to talk about problems first and go to God for help and guidance.
  2. Ive been around a fair number of old plows over the years and that's an unusual set of wheels for sure. Beautiful restoration!
  3. Frank H


    I left on my own for a few weeks because of the politics. I was getting too worked up. I like the forum and I am glad it's done with politics.
  4. I have fabricated a bunch of stake beds, a few dump beds from scratch, a number of complete Jeep frames, and installed a bunch of already made new and used truck bodies, snowplows, hydraulic systems and spreaders. I rebuild all my own engines and also do them for close friends. Same with manual transmissions and axles. I have lengthened and shortened a number of heavy trucks and double framed them. Swapped axles, tandem sets and done 4wd conversions. That said, most of what I do now is installing dump boxes and refurbishing equipment trailers. I paint when I have to but I don't like it
  5. Lol, nice work. Apparently been a while since he saw a snowwoman....
  6. That's a nice truck you have there. Good luck with it.
  7. I currently have 2 pair of Irish Setters. One loggers and one regular work boot. Holding up well. The best service I have gotten from boots have been Thorogoods. The old guy I bought from retired however and I needed boots so I changed to Irish Setter for now. Another local shop recently started carrying Thorogoods and I will use them again when I need new ones.
  8. I like big gassers. I hope it gets offered in a light medium duty. Then when the truck is 10 years old and half wore out, I will buy it.
  9. I am guilty of posting on the political posts, but I think the name calling I saw yesterday is wrong. I am quitting the political posts on here altogether. The EarlyCJ5 forum I'm on doesn't allow any politics at all. I am beginning to see why. I am thankful for this forum otherwise and I am just going to get back to talking about tractors and fun things.
  10. Pto engagement can be easily converted to either air or even electric engagement. Simplest and cheapest option for him. The line locks (Mico lock) are easily installed in a hydraulic system.
  11. Frank H


    No problem. I love the 345 and 392 engines. They have always given me good service under real loads. I am trying to buy a 60s era Loadstar 1600 4x4 near me at a camp. 345. Good luck with yours and feel free to ask any questions.
  12. Frank H


    It's a good solid engine. Torquey. Parts are not always on the shelf but are readily available. Remember to time it at 0 degrees on number 8 spark plug wire. Junk the governed carb and put on a 600 Holley if a 4bbl, or a 350 Holley if a 2 bbl.
  13. I hope that bill doesn't get anywhere. The police officers have their backs to the wall already. They need us to back them. The only thing I am in favor of defunding or not protecting is the motor carrier enforcement police. Send those ******** home for good.
  14. Used flat belt on a buzz saw with a BN Farmall a bunch years ago. Looking for a nice buzz saw now to redo and use for kindling slabs. Talked to a fella in Maine about getting his sawmill come springtime. Lane no. 1. Going to try to run it with the M. If not I will figure out a stationary engine to run with.
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