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  1. I used to have a 1991 IH triaxle. Hendrickson spring ride, N14, 8ll, nice looking, rugged truck. I enjoyed driving it. It was tight, ran really strong and had no issues. The few times I had a temporary guy fill in for me, it was nothing but complaints. "That's a man killer", "What no air ride?", "Why can't I stop for a break? (hauling blacktop)". I don't know how guys with regular employees do it. People today are Nancy boys.
  2. I was in a hurry the other day, my son was down the bottom, cutting logs and hooking up so I wouldn't have to get up and down off the M. It was getting late but still sunny. As I was making another pull up the hill, I actively listened to the smooth, deep power of the M. I appreciated the quietness of the transmission. Even though it looks like crap, I was just really appreciating how lucky I am just to have equipment like this. Other places in the world use horses, or carry stuff in baskets or wheelbarrows. I will be rebuilding the engine this winter, and I really don't have to. I'm fortunate. Sometimes I don't appreciate things, but I sure did on Saturday.
  3. Frank H

    That time

    Just prayed for you Oldtanker.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God bless all of you!
  5. Just a note, I returned the new one to Steiner and they were great. Return with no problem. I have always had good experiences with them.
  6. Pulling in to the really cramped shed this coming week. Finally getting ready to yank the engine and go through it.
  7. The New Holland dealer not far from us sold more compacts than anything else. 30-45 hp. to a lot of acreage type of people, not generally farmers. He did not see a lot of those tractors back. When New Holland made the switch to the LS built machines, the tractors kept coming back repeatedly for all kinds of different issues. So much so that the dealer stopped selling New Holland and now sells Kubota. According to the owner, the Kubota tractors don't generally have hardly any warranty issues compared to the LS built New Hollands they replaced.
  8. Frank H

    That time

    Man, that's really good of you. God bless you!
  9. Seems like an interesting guy. I pray he's ok.
  10. My neighbor has a Mahindra that he brings here occasionally for fixing. Nothing major but parts are expensive and hard to get. The tractor is a toy in it's construction.
  11. And what a step down from the Shibura tractor they replaced. The LS are junk.
  12. Where I lived prior, I was discing with my M. 11 am on Saturday. A guy from the fancy development came rushing up to yell how I can't be making noise and dust. There are laws in the HOA about it. I said those laws end at your development. My land isn't in a development. Pound sand. I then became a real jerk and took off the muffler and threw on the straight pipe.
  13. These governments are sick. Turning on their own people.
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