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  1. My dad was in the Navy, in support of Operation Overlord, my Uncle on dad's side was in the Pacific, Navy, fighting the Japs, and my Uncle Albert on mom's side fought from D-Day all through Europe until the end of the war, in the Army. God bless all those fellas who did the hard work to keep us all free.
  2. I guess I like a Pete to look like a Pete, a Kenny to look like a Kenny. I think it's a morphodite. I always had my air ride seat in my old IH triaxle up high, where I could see. Never understood lowered trucks either, my bumper was more than 3' from the ground.
  3. Just prayed. God bless him with a good recovery!
  4. What a nice, straight family tractor. I will disagree with others but I would really like seeing it all painted nice. Not a patina guy. Like it to look like new, then use it!
  5. I didn’t, but it looked really good. I’m just thrilled at how nice the deck is now.
  6. I have replaced the idler before. I'm thrilled at how quiet the deck is now.
  7. If that's true, then my opinion is they should be charged with aiding a fugitive or something. Seems like those bums had no trouble being tough with unarmed civilians. Guess they're just yellow when it comes to facing a scumbag with a gun who's killing little kids.
  8. I just prayed for you.
  9. I've had no trouble with my Harbor Freight 20 ton press. Used it a fair amount. laughingly cheap I remember.
  10. The more I see about this, the more I see that those damn lazy cops were just a pack of cowards. Fire them all. They're obviously useless.
  11. Border patrol did a good job. Regular law enforcement who waited 40 minutes fell down on the job. If they're worried about their own safety, they need a new line of work.
  12. I was reading a few articles that said the police waited 30 to 40 minutes to get inside and do their job, while waiting for a special task force to arrive. If this is true, those cops need to be identified, stripped of their jobs and pensions, and replaced by competent individuals. I can't imagine the pain of the parents. May God grant them peace, somehow.
  13. Should become a great threat right around November I suspect....
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