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  1. Happy belated birthday all!
  2. Im sorry for the bad situation you are in. It stinks. I really believe that the worst thing you could do is let him live with you. If he doesn't want to accept that, you need to call the police. At some point, if the only reason he's still trying to hang around is the estate, would it be possible to get it divided up and give him his share with the caveat that there's no more contact with you? I have prayed and will continue to pray for you.
  3. Wow, I guess I shouldn't do chores or skid logs, or use my M for anything else that my 8n (which I traded even for my M) was useless for. Antique hydraulics, yep, but they work. No power steering? No problem, I can deadlift north of 400 lbs so Im ok there. Nevertheless, I think it was pretty good of you to give your neighbor that old M. It was a nice thing to do.
  4. They were everywhere, collecting holiday overtime to write tickets.
  5. Well, I am thankful I have never met a priest like that. He will have a lot to answer for one day.
  6. Frank H

    Months ago...

    Great news and God truly is awesome!
  7. I was tempted, hence the picture.
  8. There's a half ton extended cab absolutely no rust 89 or so Chevy with a 350 and 220,000 on the clock just over the hill at a guy who brings in out of state (not rusty) trucks to sell. 3500.
  9. I had a Ford LN 8000 with a 6v53 Detroit and 5x4 trans. Big, heavy drop frame tandem dumptruck. Empty it was a slug. Loaded was worse. Needed all those gears. I will say though, it shifted easily in both transmissions.
  10. Looks similar to a Case
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