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  1. Flat belt with some big IH hit and miss to drive the pump. Bingo, now an excuse to pick up a hit and miss engine!
  2. The only sports I watch are hunting, fishing and worlds strongest man. Baseball, Football and Basketball are full of a bunch of overpaid crybabies. They certainly don't own enough brain cells to tell me how bad or racist America is and they have no business telling me how to live.
  3. My Babci (Grandma) was known for her rice pudding. Both Babci and Ma I remember for any and all Polish food..Haluski, Halupki, Kielbasa. Kolaci bread, and of course, homemade pierogi! When I went to basic training in 1991, Ft Leonard Wood, MO, I couldn't believe everyone didn't eat these things. I do remember Mitch's Diner (pretty sure that's the name) out there had the best biscuits and gravy. I also remember homemade eggnog from Babci, and Dad used to make incredible steaks with onion gravy. He was the Thanksgiving master as well, never a dry turkey. My family always had a huge meal and
  4. My M is a 1944 so it appears I ordered it with the optional adjustable wheels. Lol
  5. Oh, and I like the look as well. I like the hub kinda flush like on the adjustable.
  6. Since the wide front install, I now have the 3 loop style. I was curious about it but apparently it was an option. Im really working on period correct on this one. No real reason, just because I want to. I appreciate the quick replies and information. Thanks guys!
  7. Morning everyone, I am wondering when the 3 loop "adjustable " front wheels came out on the letter series Farmalls? Were they available early on as an option to the fixed position wedge style wheels?
  8. My prayers to you. It's terrible when a young person goes. God bless your family.
  9. Earning it's keep. I have a nice video but I have to figure out how to upload it.
  10. Can you adjust them in? Im not trying to be a wiseguy, sometimes the answer we need is right out front. God knows I miss my share of easy answers!
  11. My wife got me to eat kale.( I don't like it but I respect it being able to grow through the snow.) Im fussy about the texture of my clothes. Yeah, they're mostly flannel but I am a pain in the rear to buy for. I like a crackling fire and watching the snow fall more than my wife. Im probably more emotional than my wife. I can't watch a show about child abduction or stuff without getting choked up and angry.
  12. When we had a lot of hard work to do in the summer, Babci (Gramma) would bring a big galvanized pail of eggnog. Chock full of raw eggs, raw milk, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and possibly brandy. We would work like animals, drinking with the dipper from time to time. I do the same thing today. Haven't ever been sick from raw eggs or milk.
  13. Well, I gathered the kids and waited past it. I was so excited I had to sit down. Carry on...
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