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  1. Lets use a refrigerator door for the passenger side, an old reel type lawnmower for a seat, a Dodge neon engine for power and a 48 Ford truck cab to house this conglomeration of crap. That's my rat rod summation.
  2. If we know who is behind it, why are they still alive? No matter where they are located, there should be a smoking hole in the ground to mark their last location. What do our people in cyber security actually do if they don't have a way to find these scum and eliminate them physically?
  3. Rat rods to me are typically useless junk all cobbled together and a waste of good parts that someone else can use to restore a vehicle properly. Most are unsafe, at least, every one I have ever seen at a car or truck show. It's like people are proud of poor quality, crap engineering and bad welds.
  4. Im from Pa. Our governor is an idiot.
  5. This whole concept is stupid at best. There's no such thing as "white privilege " and there's no reason whatsoever to compensate certain people who were never alive during slavery from other people who were not alive during slavery either. All people matter equally, nobody should be given preference based on their skin color.
  6. I love the Scouts but they were hard to find in good shape in PA. Had a number of them over the years. I built my 58 Willys with an aluminum body cheaper than I could find even a halfway nice Scout. The Jeep does have a transfer case and front rear from a Scout, and a Dana 60 from a 1210 IH truck.
  7. That Wikipedia fake news article should have the CNN logo front and center.
  8. I hope these white farmers are successful in the lawsuit. White privilege simply doesn't exist. There's no need for nonsense racist programs like the Biden Administration plans now being rammed down our throats.
  9. I see a lot of names that are of every race, creed and color. These folks died to protect ideals of their country. I salute you, officers! Thank you for your sacrifices.
  10. Everything leftists dont like is a conspiracy theory. Like an 8 year old with his fingers in his ears going lalalalalala.
  11. Bill Gates wants to influence and govern American (and world) thought and actions without being elected. He wishes to push his liberal ideology by force of bank account, because he thinks he is smarter than the unwashed hordes. He is anti Christian and anti American. He may be rich, but he's a jackass, like all liberals. He wants control, like all liberals. That's what's wrong with Bill Gates and the nitwits who buy the ideological garbage he's selling.
  12. I like the idea of a politics only thread. I would agree to only post that stuff in there. Have a enter at your own risk policy.
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