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  1. I-H TD-9 Drott Skid Shovel For Sale

    I would love to have that but wrong coast!
  2. Grandpa's dozer

    Awesome td9. The first thing I would do is go through the intake manifold and carb. Josh
  3. TD6 won't start on gas

    Thanks for the information. Josh
  4. TD6 won't start on gas

    hi guys, I was just working on trying to start my 1948 international td6. it would not start. I was thinking e may not be spinning it fast enough by hand cranking and that we might need a starter for the tractor. dose any body know where to find on I have a original but the starter wont engage completely.
  5. UD-18 questions- won't run on Diesel

    The compression switch may be sticking when it shuts off the injectors.
  6. U4 Power Unit

    Is that the same motor they put in the t6?
  7. Farmall C Demonstrator

    All demonstrater farmall c's was made in 1952
  8. SWD-9 sediment bowl bubbles

    I have a td6 with a d264 and it only dose that when the sediment bowl seal is not good. Josh
  9. TD-6 mag-dis,, to new for me

    KoO, The h4 mags were used on the all the pre 1952 base model gas tractors.
  10. Harvest 2017 in France!

    Francois02, Where we live the most expensive land is around US$1,000,000 an acre. The average is about US$50,000 an acre depending on the veiw and where it is located. Josh
  11. Harvest 2017 in France!

    Awesome photos francois02. Josh