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  1. I believe thats going to be the plan. Its so original. It still has the original water temp block off plate and the orchard style in cab fuel shut off. Josh
  2. I have found some major issues inside the motor of this thing. It looked pretty clean when i pulled the oil pan off and i think i spoke to soon when i said it looks good. As i was removing the number 1 rod bearing cap (which was saftey wired with bailing wire) 2 small pieces of spun bearing fell out. All 4 rod bearings were spun which leads me to believe that it got rebuilt with the wrong size bearings. It pretty much almost destroyed both the rods and the crank so those will have to go to a machine shop to be ground. Good news though. I found a O4 with really straight skins and a rebuilt motor for a good price. 😀
  3. My mom has a really cool 2018 chevy cruze diesel that has a manual transmission. Not the fastest way of getting around but fun and really efficient. It gets 35-40 mpg in town. It will also pull any gear you put it in.
  4. I have made a ton of progress in the past couple of days. I am ready to pull the engine and start rebuilding it. I have been slowly working on the other small parts that need repairs or rebuilding. One of the small parts i started working on is the exhaust manifold elbow. It is cracked and missing a pretty good size chunck on the bottom of it. I plan to TIG braze it back together. When i was pulling all radiator and water pump i relized that it has a brand new radiator and a brand new water pump. Once we got the head off i saw almost every water port plugged solid. Im almost sure that overheating was one of the reasons it was retired. When i first got it running it knocked real bad. It turns out that pistons 1, 2, and 4 have really worn wristpins. It will be interesting what the inside looks like. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me with my fender situation. Josh
  5. Tony, i am doing this project with the restoration program but not with my school. It will be just me working on the tractor. The tractor restoration program is pretty good and i am glad to be a part of it. BTW this one is going to be way better than mel's
  6. I knew the rear wheel weights were sorta rare but i didn't expect that. The tractor is being restored in a antique tractor restoration competition and we have a time constraint so i have to get some fenders soon... although i will continue to search for the original style. Thanks for the info.
  7. I figured that. I am expecting to do a lot of fabrication on this one. Thanks. Josh
  8. Picked this one up recently. Runs pretty good for sitting in a field for 20 plus years. Because I am going to restore this one i am in need of the full skins. It has the brackets and hinges for all the sheet metal but Im pretty sure im never gonna find them and i think ill probably end up converting it into a os4 with the standard clamshell fenders. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions i would love to hear them. Josh
  9. That's some neat looking equipment.
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