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  1. I've always wanted to grow my own tobacco but i want to do it legally. Dose anyone know if this can be done (home use only) . I guess i could spend all night on a ATF web site but I'm sure someone knows the answer. i've always wanted to try growing and making my own cigars...
  2. Let’s start with the free stuff .do a compression check, check your air cleaner, look at your distributor cap for cracks
  3. I was following the shut down on the parlors app this week and was wonder when silicon valley thought they were the police for the Internet? Let’s Think about this it’s OK for black lives matters to broadcast their propaganda and Tifa these neo-Nazi groups and other Internet sites with porn on them that’s OK!!! When will Red power get shut down ???? We Americans need to put a stop to this!!!! You need to hit them in their pocketbook stop using Amazon stop using Walmart stop using Facebook and Twitter that’s how you get their attention!!!!!!!!
  4. Is that one of those starter that have to be shimmed?
  5. We have them in our new school buses they are a dog and a big fuel pig....... Id rather deal with def... Power solutions bought the rights to the 8.1 l and they turned it in to the 8.8l.
  6. So IH gave us a free four hour class on the new 8.8 l v8 gas engines in our new buses... Sorry to all you Chevy fans but it’s just a reworked Chevy motor... hmm reminds me of a 365 diesel motors. They say it may go in trucks soon. To be fair they have power and are not very fuel friendly but. No regen crap!!!! Time will tell
  7. i think its time we the people pushed back and take control of our govenment. Dr doom changes his standing on this bug like the weather. lets face it they dont have a clue.. if wearing masks was so important why are people still getting sick..... those reusable mask are the problem WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CLEANED YOURS!!!!!!!! if its working all the bugs are on the out side and you just touched it with you hands... see my point . its a joke
  8. Could have used them a week ago we got 32". that show bank the town left at the end of the driveway was the worst.
  9. Nice i like it, Merry Christmas to all.
  10. Lets have some fun , i want to see the best picture of your tractor, something you would like to see in a calendar. Any thing is fair game , tractor in the field working, tractor pulling ect. lets see them
  11. Dr doom will have us wearing face mask and goggles and rubber suits.
  12. I like the cookie type home made gifts my self!!!!!!
  13. Dell

    The US mail....

    I would be so mad but its coming from MD to upstate NY and its been two weeks...... Really????
  14. Ive been waiting on parts that the usps is shipping . Go figure my snowblower is in piece and it's snowing 16" worth. Did usps go back to horse and buggie. I will never ship by them again. I have three package coming from the same place the item I order has gone the farther that the first.. Some of this is my fault most of the vender uses ups or fedx. next time ill make sure. fyi usps fedx and ups adds more help during christmas and you should too...
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