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  1. I trying to reinstall brakes on my tractor after rebuilding the trans . I had two Donor transmission that I’ve been picking from and this is where my mistake got made the brakes they all threw all of them in container . After two nights of frustration I figured out that brakes have separate parts left to right I noticed where the brake bands attach I have two different sizes so how do I tell these parts apart and which way does the band go on. One side of the band seems to be a little wide than the other . Which side goes up . According to my parts book their can be a left band and a right one. How do I tell which band holder is left or right. I’ll attach a pic of one . And yes auto correct killed me
  2. My tractor is getting close!! It’s off it Crutches ,tires are almost ready to go on.
  3. Try pilot knob restoration inc ph # 815-777-0826
  4. i tried to reach out to him and got no reply.
  5. After a long week of work I got the two half's back to gather. Special thank you my wife who wasn’t afraid to get dirty I’m sure it will cost me!!!!!
  6. Well after a day of looking.i called two IH dealers and Lemmons tractor service they all told me the same thing. throw them in the trash and get grade 8 lock washers and use loctite blue. maybe thats why they are discontinued. ill report back if it comes apart. I know on our school buses we use standard lock washer and i have never had one loosen up. time will tell.
  7. This is what I took off they look made and the steel looks to be soft because the plates are crushed
  8. I’m getting close to mating the two half’s
  9. i got my flywheel ready to install on my farmall m and tried to get new lock plates p/n 45613d its a discontinued part no luck. so i though about making some or just using lock washers and thread locker on it . or should flatten out and try to reuse the old lock plates. any thoughts
  10. Im almost ready to fill it with gear oil.want to do it before i put the top cover on. what should i use tractor supply has 80w-90 or 85w-140. will either do or is one better?
  11. It worked like a charm. thank you...
  12. How long and at what temperature should i heat up the new ring gear. I'm using a oven?
  13. I had my flywheel reground /surfaced the guy at napa wasnt sure he had the spec. so what is the spec for a 12" flywheel. it has a step on it.
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