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  1. Frank I hope you cleaned out the reverse shaft oil passage . i found all plugged.
  2. Thanks its been a year for me. i feel a sick day coming on to get pto rebuilt and top cover on before winter comes on.
  3. Both axles are in new bearings and seals. Just want to thank my sweet pea wife for helping me. Yes honey I’ll get to the molding in the kitchen now!!!lol!
  4. On a FarmAll m axle seal and felt seal. But what hose in this groove on the out side . I didn’t see any thing in the parts manual
  5. Got the axle housing installed new inner bearings, next comes new outer bearings and seals.
  6. All I used was the program that came with Circut maker .you just take a photo of the old gasket or the part that you want a gasket for, up load it , size it, than make it on paper to make sure its right. then make it on gasket material. as far as the material ill only buy flat material . you put the gasket material on a circut board and you can tape it down. i will say it helps to have someone who has done it but this old dogis slowly learning now to save money...
  7. I used these skf bearing cross reference guide and it’s been spot on. On my m transmission. MRC bearing are made by the same company both are good bearings. These manual are a free down load. Just google them. I found IH was selling these bearings at a big mark up!!!!!
  8. well got some help on another fourm and they were spot on. i was told to test the engine driven fuel pump and it was bad.. bus is fixed.
  9. Ive watch a lot of pull most guys use to much power thus spin out. and most run down the same spot in the track thus hitting the same hole move over. also dish your hubs in. this will help keep the differential turning both wheels. one last thing make a hose to connect between both wheel air valve stems so both tire pressure are exactly the same. connect them up and let sit and the tire pressure equalize.
  10. Just as a side note I have 0 differential pressure. That dosent seem right are their check valves in that housing????
  11. This is in a school bus it’s a 2009 maxxforce 7.6l the newer DT 466. I’ve replaced the fuel filter and the stone catcher filter, removed the fuel line from the tank blew air into it , it not plugged. Blew air from the fuel inlet into the fuel strainer filter all clean. Any help? I’m new to IH so go easy on me if I missed something stupid.
  12. Top right used gasket , the other ones are made by the cricket maker. The hardest thing is sizing it. But this old dog did it . So find someone who has one and save $$$$$...
  13. And the seal installer worked like a dream, well worth the little time it took to make it
  14. Made a seal installer for pinion seals. Made use of a lathe and some scrap steel and threaded rod.
  15. It’s been a while and I got the top shaft in . Now this old dog is making his gaskets with the help of a cricket machine. My computer wise older daughter taught this old dog how to use it lol!
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