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  1. Took a week off of work and got some time to work on transmission. Ring and pinion shimming. FYI to anyone taking one apart it is way easier to keep track of those shims but not me . A whole day of work and I got it right!!!! The manual was helpful . All I need now is some c clips and a gear...
  2. Sounds like you might have a head gasket going bad . put each cylinder on tdc apply compressed air and listen to where its leaking.be carefull when doing this...
  3. Here is the bear cross reference and seal cross reference I used. Do a google search they are a free pdf down load.
  4. Ok here is a sheet I made up on most of the bearing in the rear end of a FarmAll m . Use it for reference only I assume no liability. All the part numbers were pulled from a reference catalog from SKF. The first row or column shows the IH part number the second column is the bearing size the third fourth and fifth show different part numbers for SKFMRC in the actual cross reference part number. Hope this is helpful.
  5. I’m changing the top shaft bull pinion bearing on my m . When they crossed it and it came in the bearing had a lot less balls and no load grooves . What came out was a l 355 and they gave me a self 6311-Jem c3. Dose this look right. It’s a lot of work to change it if it goes bad.
  6. Got the differential in and shimmed for now . All new bearings. Waiting on top shaft bearings did care for some of the junk I got sent. But we are moving forward.. learning as I go!
  7. I need some ideas , I want to make a parts washer. Show me what you did!
  8. i saw on you tube a guy using Tide detergent . I"m going to try that..
  9. I got a bushing from them( Pilot knob Restoration) for my m . It worked great. I have a mill to bore it out, any machine shop could do it for you,
  10. That was my post. So it dosent matter which way you install the bearing in the pinion cage? I just want to get it right. I guess i didnt understand his post.
  11. Update the garage finally warmed up. Thanks to my sweet wife for helping me pressing gears off and on the lower shaft is in. Got a good used shaft from Bates Corp. all new bearings! Next differential top shaft!
  12. I’m getting ready to install my differential and the manual tell me how to install the Max fill bearing correctly ( fill holes out) but I can’t see were it tells me how to install the bearings on bull pinion cages. It has to make a difference. Here’s a pic of the bearing. It has a load side. I didn’t remove the original bearing and don’t have a clue. Any help?
  13. Look what came on sale this week, I guess being in the insides club is a joke !!!!!
  14. Ok, i went to Harbor freight to get my press that cost $199.00. They told me if i joined the insiders club it was $154.00 and that would cost $29.00. that made no sense. so now I'm part of the insiders club , watch out. LOL
  15. Why is it when I need a harbor freight coupon I can’t find one . Anyone got one they can send me please??
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