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  1. skf has a free down load cross referance manual just google it for bearings and seals..
  2. I used these on benches at the club
  3. thread insert try mcmaster-carr they have tons of them
  4. Try a lower gear its cheaper.
  5. Yes, once you remove the yoke #49you can unbolt bearing plate #47 and replace the seal.p/n #43359d . I used a skf 20702 . if you need a speedie sleeve the p/n is 99205. and the gasket p/n 47916d or 1342397c1
  6. i have a early m and it takes a Napa 1155, and it needed a gasket/ seal napa fil 5074. the same filter in hasting is a lf485. If rainman is correct wix makes napa filters. and that 1155 should work. i would check your s/n and and look it up.
  7. wh how should the idle screw be adjusted just so it idle smooth/
  8. So I got my m running the only issue is when I pull back on the throttle quickly it stumbles then goes wide open . If I do it slowly it fine. It has a rebuilt clean carb new intake and gasket. Electronic ignition, new plugs . Compression is good , valve all adjust . I’m think I did adjust the carb rich or governor is sticking any thought on how to trouble shoot this.
  9. no! i just had a m tranny apart and those a blind holes.
  10. Now that I have my tranny done I could use some help with what to do with my hitch and wheelie bars. How do I make the hitch adjust able for different hitch heights and still legal for antique tractor pulling any help . Pic would be nice.I’ve been told I need a d ring and wheelie bars , any ideas???
  11. Well after two years it done. What a learning experience. TrActor seems to run good. Tried to upload its first run with no luck ,no big deal. Would I do it again o yes. I’ll post a pic when I get the hood on.
  12. i tried to post a video of my finished product and got a error "allowed file extension are:gif,jpeg,jpe,jpg,png,webp" how do i fix this.?
  13. Waiting on parts , I want to fire her up put need a way to steer it…
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