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  1. Was the engine still running as it went under? if it was that might not be a good thing.
  2. Ok before I get going all my part# are for my serial# tractor if their is a error be warned us at your own risk. I make mistakes!!!! The Reverse shaft and gear. My old shaft had plugged lube holes so I replaced both bushings and shaft! I pressed in the bushing and the shaft is on its way . It will take a side trip to Napa to get reamed . I don’t have a adjustable team that big
  3. Good idea ill do that as i go . i have that in a word program started to keep track of parts .I have them listed as followed , lower shaft, upper shaft, differential , rear axles. ill post any cross reference
  4. I was getting all the parts I need to start to reassemble this transmission and wanted to replace this snap ring p/n 56521d , hi wants $15.00 wow and that’s with out a kiss!!!!! Do I have any other choices . The snap ring is round...
  5. Dose anyone know what size the reverse gear bushing should be reamed/ honed to? I could find anything in the manuals any where.
  6. Finished taking the second parts tranny apart. Now I have to decide which case I’ll use the 1950 or I think it’s a 1940. It had all the old style lower shaft .. Some one had it apart looks to have some bearing , then I found this !!! Glad I took it all a part! Now starts the slow process of putting it together with new bearings!!
  7. I made two , one to hold the tranny while I work on it and one for the tractor. The tractor one can be moved by a pallet floor jack! Not sure if I want to use my 1939 rear end or the 1942 or 1950.
  8. Got my first transmission all apart and power washed . I couldn’t believe all the stuff that a washed out! Any place that I should look for damage ? It seems to be in good shape . And should I repaint the inside and with what?
  9. I’m going to document the rebuilding of my FarmAll m tranny in hope that I will get some helpful comments. Here we go this is one of two trannys I got for parts. The first one is 1942 and the second 1950. I’m going to take them apart and make mistake on them and the go into my tractor. I’ve made a stand to hold the tranny and a second one for my tractor!!! Hopefully this might help someone else.This is the second tranny I’m going to take it apart on my trailer
  10. Im repairing my m transmission and would like to replace some or all of the bearing. ih prices seem high. i dont want junk bearing but is their a cheaper way to go? i just think $160 for a bearing is to high.
  11. The second tranny I got for part that nut came flying off with tha tool I made . Guess I’ll have to cut it off with a grinding wheel
  12. Well the cat is out of the bag now !!! After my 1” gun from work didn’t move it I decided to clean it up and take a long look it this !!!! Someone welded this nut on!!!! O yes
  13. So I made a tool now I need to get a good impact at work. Just need to cut key stock
  14. Im trying to remove the lower shaft how do you get that drive nut off p/n 50838d. I started making a socket , but not sure what to make the key out of? Is this something that i can buy? dont want to trash it.
  15. We had a school bus driver try to shift with out the clutch and ripped a gear out of it, she said she was watching ice road trucker!!! two weeks later she was backing the bus out of its spot and ripped the output shaft off the transmission!! changed the same tranny twice in two weeks !!! they fired her... i could believe that band parking brake held .
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