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  1. My wife is a full time homemaker mom with a part time job from home. We decided that was best for the kids. I work a full time job, and part time welding business and also farm part time. Money is always tight. I have 4 kids. This explains why my tractors are not painted and I am fixing equipment that should be junked.
  2. I won't eat bugs. I will continue to eat meat, raise meat for others, using non emissions tractors and equipment. If the government wants to come in and fight about it, so be it. I'm ready. Bring it on and get it over already. Things will be really ugly.
  3. I am standing on the same ground I have been. I will not comply if PA ever tries to ban wood heat. I will continue to raise livestock. I will continue to farm with non emissions tractors. If they come to stop me, I will fight. I don't think I am the only one. I am just standing pat. I will probably die, but I am just done listening to anything the clowns have to say.
  4. I have a cheapo Scandia stove. Came with the house. I built a boiler for the top of it, plumbed to upstairs radiators. Gets hotter than a 2 dollar pistol. We have an oil furnace that is for backup, in case someone is sick or we are gone for more than 12 hours. Just keep it set at 65. We go through a pile of wood, probably 7-9 cords yearly.
  5. My Dad and Uncle Al were in the Navy, both as Gunners Mates. Dad in the Atlantic theater, Al in the Pacific. Uncle Al was torpedoed and spent a few hours in the water. Off the United States coast no less, on his eventual way to the Pacific. They wound up meeting midway through the war, on leave, somehow communicating with each other through letters and such. Mom's side fielded Uncle Bruno and a different Uncle Al to the Army, where they fought through D Day and all through Europe. Uncle Al didn't say much, but prayed every day, he said he was trying to repent after having to kill his fellow man. A young member of the Volksturm wouldn't listen to pleas to throw down his weapon and Uncle Al killed him. Papers in his pocket showed he was only 12 years old. It affected him every day. Uncle Bruno saw men freeze to death next to him during the Bulge, had to kill folks, but was seemingly unaffected, and a great husband and father. Didn't ever brag about anything, just would talk, very matter of fact about things if I was interested in it. To him it was a hard job that needed doing. I think most of them felt that way. No bragging. Good solid men, all of them. I miss and revere them all.
  6. I'm glad I am not the only Interstate hater. I have terrible luck with them. 12v ones don't last, 6v ones are truly crap. Even with good cables and charging. I have had good luck with Deka. Exide is junk. My all time best battery though is the Sears Diehard in my Jeep. I got it used about 10 years ago from a friend who worked at Sears. It was supposed to be a return. Just needed charging. It winches, jumpstarts everything, and has a tough life. I can't believe it's still going strong.
  7. I built the tank in my Jeep and then had it galvanized. No issues and I don't think anyone cares at inspection time.
  8. By all accounts, a good Christian lady. God bless you Queen Elizabeth.
  9. Well, at least it's not a choice of the old "camel toe" 2 rib tires....
  10. It's locked up from sitting. I'm sure we would wind up putting a high compression piston kit in it anyway, so it's not a bad thing. He was looking at LP heads last night. Lol The tin is pretty straight and nice, has the plow valve and remotes. Pedals and pto have little wear, trans and steering feel tight. Should be a good tractor for him.
  11. Also, if you noticed the straps on there, my chains seem to have walked out of the toolbox on my other trailer.
  12. One of the best things about it is virtually no overhang behind the rear wheels. I think that's a secret to no trailer leverage pushing down on the back. Sorry, I don't mean to ramble about the Jeep.
  13. No Honey, I can't take you with me.
  14. Frank H

    COE 4070

    Tractor hauler deluxe right there.
  15. It's a CJ6, so it's got a better wheelbase for towing, plus IH Dana 60 rear narrowed, Scout 44 in front narrowed to old Jeep width, home built 2x5 box tube frame with extra crossmembers and gussets galore, SM465 transmission. It weighs more than most 1/2 ton trucks. It's got a little 225 Buick for power that I rebuilt a few years ago. I should have built a 455. Plus my trailer brakes all work and have a good brake controller. Did all the work at home except the engine machining and the axle shaft resplining. It's been a tough little guy. Plus, my kids love it. Lol
  16. He's 19. His little brother Zeke got an H a month ago or so. He's 7.
  17. It was running well up until then. Oh well, try 1st next time! Nice smooth pull anyhow!
  18. My Jeep is lifted 2 1/2 inches but the homegrown 2x5x 1/4" frame rails make it another 2. It runs 34x9.50x15 swampers. Pickup trucks, no lift anymore. I never understood lowering anything. My F600 4x4 is tall enough stock.
  19. I got my M Farmall down around Danville, PA. I think it lived it's whole life down there. Does anyone know what dealership served that area?
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