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  1. I would save both. Had a 2606 backhoe loader. It had a zillion hours on it but ran great. Parsons backhoe, IH loader. Powerful, dug great, just worn out. It went down the road well, heck the TA even worked great. In road gear though, you better pay attention because it was everywhere at once!
  2. My old M (1944) is in the shop. I finally found a bit of time to work on it. Before I rebuild the engine, I wanted to go through the transmission and rear. I have all the new bearings gathered up (expensive!). I pulled the cover off and pressure washed it out. No broken gears but some, like 4th and 5th are rounded from the years of use. All the bearings are worn. It has a ton of hours on it, judging by the original pedals being worn smooth (got good pedals on now, as originals were bent), but it was still working a full day when I pulled it apart. The seals all leak due to the tired bearings. I noticed tiny chips in the very top of the right bull gear teeth. I am going to mix and match some gears from a parts W6 my friend has for a lower 1st gear and add a new 4th and 5th slider, plus a bull gear and pinion. Bottom shaft, one gear is able to move so a new shaft may be in order. Hopefully get it done quickly.
  3. Thanks, I am glad it's back.
  4. If the shares look like they have good suction and it's functional, I have seen the Little Genius No 8s going for between 150 (beat) to 800 (full restored on rubber). I paid 150 for my 3 bottom No 8 that needed shins, tires and fiddling with the lift. 500 is high, but not insane nowadays. I agree with offering 300 if it works well, good moldboards and points.
  5. You need better role models if you are defending a bum like the clown in the video.
  6. I shouldn't have watched the video.
  7. He's a lowdown pos in my book. Yep, making more in a year than me in a lifetime. Smug prick mommas boy. I was taught not to waste. Guess his parents skipped that lesson. After watching the above video, Id punch his scrawny smartmouth head around.
  8. I ordered a parts book. It should be a help. I really appreciate all the responses!
  9. Thank you again for the information. I will pull it apart after the fall plowing. I will have to grab my serial number and start looking. Going to look for a parts book too.
  10. Man, thanks for all the incredible results!
  11. Does anyone know the upgraded bull pinion bearing numbers for my Farmall M? I think they changed to more balls or something? I need the inner and outer numbers. Trying to gather all bearings before rebuilding the old girl this winter. My bearing house has a hard time crossing IH numbers but I will take any info.
  12. It also helps rearward weight transfer to be a fat guy, as my picture shows. Frank
  13. Also, compete in your own mind against other tractors like yours and don't get discouraged if you aren't beating the guy with the stroker crank or combine engine. I don't get many 1st places but I am competitive with an old M that can go back home and work all day wide open.
  14. Also, adjust your hitch to whatever the maximum hitch height allowed. Walk the track before pulling, pick the tightest and most level area to run in but don't weave all over. If it's a mph class, pick a gear you can run almost wide open and not go over. Soft track=less air pressure, hard tight clay tracks, more air pressure. Adjust your governor to get all rpms out you are allowed (example 10% over stock). Be right at maximum weight. If a class is 3500# with a 100 lb allowance, be at 3600#. It's a fun game, a C is a good puller. Keep at it and you will do great! Just have to figure it out
  15. Try a bit lower pressure. Get as much weight toward back as possible.
  16. I would call Hastings and explain the situation. If the rings are the proper dimension, I would leave one out. I definitely would replace all of them if you spiraled them on. A ring expander is cheap.
  17. Frank H

    My SA

    I think you stole my Super A. It sat a long time and it's noisy. I suspect the trans bearings are pitted. I threw some new high compression pistons in it and gave it love but it doesn't appreciate it. I will be putting in new bearings and rebuilding the steering box too, so at least you can rest easy knowing you aren't alone in your misery.
  18. My one farmall M had no issues moving. The other one I heated, beat, twisted, eventually slit the tube with a grinder, then got inner part out, cleaned it up, slid back in, tacked it up, then welded it, peening the weld as I went. I was then able to slide the inner with no problems. I greased er up and put it back together. Then I ground it smooth. You never would know it's been touched.
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