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  1. I had a set of Swamper radials before, I got probably 25,000 miles out of them. Others have bad feelings towards Swamper tires but not me. I do hate the noise of the bias plus though.
  2. I just drove back from OH to Northeast PA. Have about 7000 miles on these guys so far. They are bias ply, crazy loud on the road, but don't flat spot, are wearing evenly and I live in a wet area so they fill the bill.
  3. God bless her and congratulations!
  4. Once my son's 124 is finished, I will clean this one up and give it some love. It will have less to cut when we fence in most of the area for cows.
  5. It amazes me how long they last. I have used this tractor cutting a few acres about every other week from May to October. Who knows how many hours it had on it before. Just keeps on going. I rebuilt the engine and compressioned it up a bit, plus .030 over about 2 years ago. It's a great machine.
  6. Just changed the bearings on my 105 deck. They were about 8 bucks each for Timken bearing and races. Less than 50 bucks and it's now quiet as a mouse.
  7. I would guess when it got folks a movie contract or a new job, it meant that to them too. All of a sudden, after success, they say "I am outraged that Mr. Badguy wanted to have xxx at 2am, after drinking and drugging all night, when I came up to his apartment! Shocked! Shocked I say!!"
  8. Frank H

    New toy

    I have the Auto 5 Browning by the bedside, ready to work.
  9. Salt is ridiculous here. Where's all the "green" outrage over it? Bugs like horseflies and mosquitoes come and go, pretty bad where it's damp. Our soil is full of rocks too. The potholes are crazy. What on earth do I live here for?
  10. With the Super A pulling the two row IH corn planter, I manage 2nd gear at just above idle, or first kinda running 1/2 throttle. I love making you real farmers laugh at my operation.
  11. I just got a set of "Road Crew" fronts for the little 440 JD loader. They were about 210 bucks with tubes. I wouldn't chance crap grade tires on the rear but figured I'd try out a set on the front. Made in Turkey. Hopefully not made out of turkey.
  12. Prayed for them just now. God has the situation in His hands.
  13. Hi guys, I was looking to attend Red Power this year and try to meet folks from here but my wife and I decided to pull the plug on any longer trips due to the crazy gas prices. Oh well, hopefully in the future. Maybe I can rent out the motorhome, because it seems to not be getting used this year. Thanks Joe, you did that!
  14. I've owned a couple 7.3s. never a problem. Parts to rebuild the IDI engines are simply expensive. The 6.5 Chevy...eeeeewwww. 4bt or Detroit-never have a normal conversation in the truck again. I like the 360 IH but it's heavy and no diesel transplant is really less than 10,000 nowadays. I still vote 460.
  15. I love a good FE 390, but a 460 is probably cheaper to build nowadays.
  16. I'd put in a nice built 460. Save the bucks and more useful at the end. Just my opinion.
  17. No actual nuts for this guy. I'm trying to be a good gentleman by not referring to preferring a nice coffee called Chock Full of Vag....
  18. I've been accused of making my coffee strong but never actually had to chew it! I actually have some in the pot right now. It gets the job done. Beats Maxwell house.
  19. Maybe it's just one of those Mexican lowrider tractors that bounce up and down on purpose....
  20. Jeep soft top windows with broken zippers. Holding my passenger window shut in the CJ6 as we speak.
  21. Guess the regular hunters aren't able to afford to hunt in that class.
  22. I have a Harbor freight one with the horizontal shaft Predator engine on it. Going really well for 3 years now.
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