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  1. 401 N Michigan Ave was the corporate address for IHC for years....that’s why the name. I’m in Wisconsin...
  2. Hey thanks for the info. We had it running.....but haven had time to get back to it....
  3. Thanks Howard. I’m beginning to wonder how rare this truck May be....we had it started yesterday after 20years sitting....it’s gona need lots of TLC..... this truck was purchased new by a IH farm equipment dealer in Iowa, we are the second owners....
  4. I cannot find any production numbers on trucks with the DV 800....I can’t find any pictures of one online or anyone who has one .....anyone know of a live or dead one? Production numbers?
  5. Navistar is hanging on currently, but after the Mann engine disaster (Maxxforce) and their presidents mis-management in the late 2000’s, Mann trucks of Germany (Volkswagen) owns the most shares by one entity. There is talk of a hostile take over of Mann Truck. Navistar is still cash poor and the Ford engine debacle hurt them, maybe as much as Maxxforce....
  6. It’s going to need some work...but it’s home....
  7. I’ve read it 3 times ....very good book!
  8. International Harvester CO didn’t go bankrupt! Look it up...Navistar stock is the former IHC stock. It was only a name change to Navistar International Corp. After the change they did a 1 for 10 stock split.
  9. My brother just bought a 1975 4070B with DV 800 IH engine...I can’t find much info on this engine in a truck....does anyone know the rarity or value of a semi with this engine ?
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