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  1. Just going to watch this time…..do have a rain date: rain date ?
  2. Please provide times this event will run…..
  3. About half of this is correct. Dealers did not get $250,000. It was like $10,000 and they bought back the stock. IH did not sell their dealers to Tenneco, IH gave Tenneco access to their dealers. Tenneco didn’t have to keep any of them, but of course they did keep a lot of them. Read this dealers law suit https://law.justia.com/cases/south-dakota/supreme-court/1987/15329-1.html
  4. Agree with most of this statement .
  5. I thought this was interesting. Behind an aggressive company is a strong logo. Over the years I’ve read A Corporate Tragedy 3 times….been to the grounds of a closed down and mostly torn down Rock Island plant, toured East Moline when it was open. I’ve been to 401 N Michigan Ave numerous times when traveling to Chicago. As a child I dreamed up a plan where Navistar would buy back the tractors and make the 88 series in Chicago next to the trucks. I hated it when this IH logo was discontinued for the “angled” ih in 1995. So much I wrote the company a letter..(it’s posted somewhere on here) But if IH had continued and still existed they would have updated the logo to something sexier and new. Now I just prefer to live like it’s 1985, I buy old trucks and tractors and enjoy life.
  6. Just got this girl fixed up over last 2 years....newer engine oil leaks fixed. Has IH blade. Now,I bought a skid loader and might not need it.
  7. Yes works fine....repair shop said it has 1400 hrs ...meter says 1400....I doubt it ....a shop fixed it up and had for sale....my brother gona paint it and restore....
  8. I call anything red IH, to this day. I talked to a farmer that I didn’t know but I “knew of him” and asked him what number his combine was he said a case 1440. I told him that was no Case....his response was well....that’s what they call them....
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