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  1. That’s not WD 40 but a 50%/50% mixture of diesel and used motor oil. We are next to the ocean and everything down here rusts quickly. I heard this mixture will help keep the rust from spreading since I don’t want to paint. Plus it makes her look sexy don’t you think? Still finishing up a few things but she is looking sharp and has officially done some field work (and some amphibious hotdogging). I took it out into our dove fields with the cultipacker to knock down millet prior to burning. I have yet to get her under a serious load but i’m anxiously awaiting an excuse. I did back her
  2. Mike it’s going good and thanks for asking. Finishing up installing the electrical system and all new fuel lines this week. I will post an in depth update once I have all the basic “rustoration’ completed. My ‘“to do” list keeps growing and I have a bunch more that needs to be done but man it’s looking good and running great. Stay tuned.
  3. Hope everyone is doing well out there and staying out of trouble. This has been a busy couple of months for me with not much time to work on the T9. Nothing but job and family stuff going on here in the deep south. I wanted to give an update of what's up with the crawler refurbish and as usual solicit input/guidance from people that have been in my shoes. Man, Is it normal to pour cash into a tractor that you KNOW won't be worth the sum of the parts when complete? Hopefully I am not alone in this and the final product will be worth all of the effort in a spiritual way (because it sure as @#LL
  4. Where is the cutout relay mounted on the early T9s? I have a shop manual that says on TD 9 diesel it’s mounted to the fan shroud and on the gas T9 it’s mounted on the generator. I have a later book that says the cutout relay is mounted to the firewall in the T9. Anyone know what’s correct for a 1941 T9? It’s got an H4 magneto and I am trying to restore it to the original 6V setup with the 4 way light switch. Thank you.
  5. I finally have the carburetor issues worked out and it runs really nice. It shows strong oil pressure on the gauge. I filled up the radiator and let it heat up a couple of times. Re-torqued the head bolts to 165ft/lbs and then greased up all the fittings. I decided to throw the old girl in gear and next thing I knew I was driving it. Awesome feeling to have it running. I drove off and banked right and felt the engine go under load but no turn. Turns out the T9 turns left great but the other brake is weak/loose and that steering clutch is also locked up. I think I may be able to pop it loose on
  6. https://youtu.be/jjV_G9uVxIo Fired it up!! Turns out the points adjusting screw inside the magneto was stripped out at the bottom of the hole and was popping loose as soon as the points moved. I was able to add a washer so the screw could grab threads further up the hole and that put the spark issue to bed for now. I took apart the carb for the fourth time due to the new fuel needle sticking. I ended up putting in the old seat with the new needle and the carb seems to work okay but needs more attention. I am trying to attach a video of the first engine start. I had several popp
  7. Hey all thanks for the comments. I got spark on all 4 plugs and even had some smoke coming out of the stack the other night trying to start it up. I think the smoke was from the copious amounts of carb-start I was reluctantly spraying in my over exuberance to hear that engine run. I got the feeling my timing was off and I couldn't get so much as a pop out of the engine. I had a weak stream of blackish grey smoke seeping out of the exhaust.There was good air suction going into the carb which seems like good news but much weaker flow coming from the exhaust. Maybe I have the exhaust valves
  8. Quick update: With Turkey hunting a planting in full swing I have not been able to spend as much time on the T9 as I would like considering I’m not really working right now. I couldn’t get the studs out despite a ton of heat, chisels, easy-outs etc. I ended up drilling them out and retapping and got the new studs in. The head is back on and torqued down!! I rebuilt the starter, carb and put in a new thermostat. Tried to fire it up but the carb was leaking out (stuck float?) and I wasn’t getting spark with my new wires and plugs. I am hoping to go up tonight and throw in a new condenser,
  9. Boots-This is what the hole looks like and I bought a couple of chisels for that. I haven’t tried it yet but I think I have enough of a lip to give it a go. Thanks
  10. MMI yes i have the right equipment now and the basics of how to use it. They don’t give those cutting torches away ($$$). Grabbed some scrap to practice on so I don’t burn a hole in the block next🙄. And yes I bought some safety gear. I took on this project with no mechanical background so i am learning techniques and acquiring tools as I go. T4 thanks It hasn’t really been determined whats going on with all the different parts. I will try and get the casting codes you mention and post them. I’m sure it was easier for the dealers to sell a nicely painted machine. This tag was under
  11. Thanks Larry. I truly appreciate you helping me out on the lights. Mike I have not had any luck with the first stud. I drilled a hole and applied pressure with a matching easy out. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I can see the top of the easy out twisting and I’m being gentle with it. I don’t think I could work up the nerve to put 160lbs of pressure on it. I picked up an acetylene torch today so I can put some real heat to it next time. Hoping the RustRed method brings me home. I may try the left hand bits on the second bolt depending on how the first plays out. Thank you for the
  12. I bought acetylene this time but I can borrow a cutting torch. I was worried i might warp the head or do more damage if I put too much heat but not now. How cool does it need to get before I try the easy out? Should it cool completely? I will pull that pump and see whats going. Thanks man
  13. Thanks for all the feedback and good info Fat Dan. Yeah Rustred looking back I may have been a little aggressive. I sometimes leap before I look. With the amount of dirt in there around the pistons I think I made the right call. Having said that, if I could go back in time I would leave it closed up and stick a power washer in there and take my chances. I just got a crash course in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" haha. I drilled one of the bolts today. Went through four titanium coated bits and made a pretty nice 1/4 inch hole almost right down the center. I had the hole flanked b
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