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  1. Dad decided to go ahead and get it. We put it on the trailer sideways with the tongue off. I ran it today and found that the slip clutch is broke. The manual adjustment/lift crank is snapped off so I welded a nut on so we can have some adjustment. They gave us a hyd. cylinder for it that I will probably put on next week. I cut some old dry grass and it did an okay job being the paddles are all rounded and I probably didn't have it low enough. Does anybody Know where I can find a new disk for the slip clutch?
  2. If I can get it loose without pulling the head I am that much farther ahead. I can open the compression release valves and pull the spark plugs and turn it over and use the pistons to pump most of it out. The idea came from a friend who has been doing this kind of stuff for 55+ years. He grew up working on and modifying 14s and 18s, lots of Ms etc. He took a F-12(?) with a blown engine and put in a chevy something or other He also bored out a super M and pulled a 4 bottom plow in heavy ground in third or fourth (I can't remember). I do have it in the barn so if we decide to pul
  3. Does anybody know where I can find a couple of these injectors? I am thinking to try to hook one or two to the hydraulics on a tractor because that would get a couple thousand psi on the piston and might move it.
  4. My Dad had a Case 430 triple range and eagle hitch years ago. One of my brothers is looking for one because he loved it so much.
  5. I got all of the injector nuts loose yesterday so maybe I can pull those tosay and pump out the stuff I put in. Then I can Heat up my MMO and dump that in.
  6. This is the only one I could find. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/197989021/new-idea-270
  7. @mrsellFrom What I understand, the WD-6 was the standard tread MD, the ID-6 was the industrial WD-6, and the TD-6 was the crawler version. H=4 series, and then ad the U series.
  8. I heard somewhere that IH helped Mahindra get started. I don't remember where I heard that.
  9. I put the fuel filters assembly back on (they were off when I got Little Bull) the final filter looks like it has never been used and the aux. element is well used. I also checked the valves and they are all loose except for compression release valves 2 and 4 are stuck open.
  10. A neighbor told me that we should find a New Idea Cut Conditioner...IF we can find one. He said his Dad had one years ago but he cant find them any more.
  11. Recovering from a car wreck, chainsaw attack, and three sibling's weddings, repairs on Dad's tractor, trying to find a regular job, building a motorized bike..... Also Family politics get in the way😒 I got "Little Bull" (TD-9's name I got the bug from KoO) into the barn Saturday, Monday I got 3 of the the injector lines loose and found that the sediment bowl is broke. I also cleaned all the loose fuel lines.
  12. @King of ObsoleteDo you think I need to pull the head? A friend of mine who does restorations said to get Marvel mystery oil and heat it to 110+ degrees and dump it in the cylinders and bump the starter every once in a while. He does this for all of his stuck engines and said he has never had an engine stay stuck. Some have still had to be rebuilt but they all come loose no matter how long they've sat.
  13. We have one (an International, we don't know what model) but the thing is wore out. It doesn't cut for about one and a half feet on either end because the sliding bar floats and we cant find retainers other than the cheap TSC ones that don't work and the cast ball-joint /drive piece breaks about every cutting etc. etc.
  14. Yeah... except we don't do a lot of hay. Just enough for several steers.
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