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  1. IH OAK

    Rake tines

    I've tried there...they don't have the right ones.
  2. IH OAK

    Rake tines

    We have a IH rake and can't find tines for it. There isn't a data tag on it so I don't know what model it is either. Does anyone know?
  3. I couldn't find them in their catalog.
  4. Where can I find rings? All I was able to find was pistons, sleeves and rings for $2000.
  5. Beautiful! What was the horn all about?
  6. They also have this kit. I Don't know about prices-I will have to wait till Monday to call them. It appears from the title "...D335 and D350 gasket set" that they used the same gaskets. Is that correct?
  7. Olson's has a head gasket but it says "For TD9, WD9........Fits Models: 335 converted to 350" Will that fit my engine? The part number in my manual is 53437 DG.
  8. I took the crank to C&P in Fort Wayne and they said the mains are .010 under and the worst rod is .020 under. Weber's bearings say "WD-9 - 650" Is that a Super WD-9? Will the bearings work in the D335? I need to know so I can tell them if they need to go to .030 on the mains. They said the mains should clean at .020, and weber's bearings are way cheaper than Jensales but they only have standard and .030.
  9. Only missing the MFWD!
  10. I don't know what you're needing it for but I absolutely LOVE ours. For some things I wish I could take the cab off but these seem to be very underrated tractors. We have a 15' disk (WAY too big) and "Orange Thunder" pulls it with the MFWD. Later models like this had upgraded steering. (The cylinder runs perpendicular to the axle on ours and the later ones have it parallel on the axle.) Do you have more pictures?
  11. I told her if she is set on the offset she should save up for a 274.
  12. Thanks. Exactly my thoughts that I can't put on paper. Yard art drives me nuts. I already have several people wanting me to get it done and fix their driveways/trails and level ground for grain bins.
  13. She just said she wants a "cute little old tractor" .....
  14. He's working fine. What model/year is the one you'r looking at? Price?
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