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  1. IH OAK


    I thought about that but I've heard that they couldn't handle turbos. Something about throwing cranks out the bottom.
  2. IH OAK


    I recon it depends on what I can get a hold of.
  3. I don'd know much about farming being we've just got a hobby farm but I found a book in a thrift stone, "Out of the earth" by Louis Bromfield (I think) It's an old book and the guy is kinda strange but I thought it might be helpful. Also a friend of mine sent me this book, It really rocked my little boat. http://www.naturalsequencefarming.com/press/Weeds guardians of the Soil (3).pdf
  4. IH OAK


    Thanks @Sask466, the book came saturday. I noticed, quite amusingly, that few people seemed to notice much of anything other that "I was thinking..." How about the rest of the post?
  5. IH OAK


    My sister is a googlefobe and wont allow anything but startpage...they don't have as much as google.
  6. I like Wrangler and old army shirts. Don't like t-shirts much, never have. I just found a DeeCee jean shirt at goodwill and I love it. My brother gave me a short sleeve wrangler buttin up and it's the best, even in the winter. I think he got it at TSC.
  7. IH OAK


    Okay this thread has been dead for awhile, but I had some questions. In reading on the forum IIRC the DV-800 seemed to have been developed for trucks, didn't get too much success, went to scrapers, performed well at 1900 RPM, went to tractors and they wanted more power so instead of running at 1900-2100 and turning up the pump, they turned up the governor and they got problems. Correct me cause I'm sure I got something wrong. Anyhow, when I do this build, I am thinking to do a titanium crank and maybe cam, could I turn up the pump and turn down the gov. and get the same power with better lifes
  8. Man I would LOVE that...maybe not quite -40 but somewheres around -10-20...plus 8-12 inches of snow.
  9. I didn't know there was anybody around here with stuff like THAT!
  10. I found the tags on the plow truck "Rumble"... Trans says... D3TA7003RB FL107 12 4 74 435 Front axle... 409 D3TA-HA 603396-1 TC... Model (205) Ratio (1 96) Serial (8 15 74) Assem No. (D3TA7A195AA) I couldn't find that in the constitution anywhere... Ours is a gear drive then. I don't have time to get the parts truck on the hoist right now, but I might later... Thanks, all yall
  11. If I remember right it is a F-450 chassis, I know it was something different from the cab. I remember something about the rear being a chevy (dually). I don't know if it is a factory 4X4, the transfer case is about a foot and a half behind the trans, while it is bolted to the trans like normal in the parts truck. It's just a plow truck for our place. Anyhow, it aint the state's business what we do with our stuff. I feel sorry for folks that live in extremely communist states like Illinois and California. The transmissions are definitely different. Dad just wants to be sure of what
  12. Wiring harness stays with cab? Or engine?
  13. We got the bad engine out of the good cab, then Dad looked at the trans in the rusty cab and he starts thinking maybe this aint gonna work.
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