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  1. I just turned 100 hrs. on the new clutch and celebrated it by eating a doughnut with Poison Ivy on top.🙃
  2. Thanks. If I change the lights I will probably do LEDs or (maybe) HIDs 😜 Just wondering... what is IIRC?
  3. Could I get just the filler neck part somewhere?
  4. I don't have one. You mean like youtube right?
  5. How do I post videos?
  6. The lights don't appear to be stock. My brother claims that the rear light is correct and that the light we found couldn't be a rear light. I told him that all the lights have the same part number and are the same. Who is right?
  7. Compression release valve ! is now open and the lever locks properly now.
  8. I got a radiator cap because it is sitting outside and I don't want water in the antifreeze, and when I went to put it on I found that the neck id is too small and there is nothing to hold onto. I looked in the parts manual and there appears to be two parts to the neck (see atatched pics). Is there a separate neck thingamajigger that I need to find?
  9. I put about 10 hours on the disk and over four in the drill.. I know it is a sin to use a J*** D****, but it is what the guy that used to farm our place used, and his dad, and his grandpaw, and his son,.....he is an IH guy and so is his son so I guess that makes up for it. When I was disking the back window was not letting any light through by about hour 4 and I had to use the windshield wiper to see out the front. the right upper door hinge broke for probably the fifth time.
  10. Sorry for not getting back sooner, I was thinking about changing all the lines the morning before I read this. I replaced the lines and clamps on the suction and return and the bubbles quit completely. I have propably put about 20 hours on ot and it hasn't quit once. Thanks SO much!
  11. Thanks. One of my brothers is an A&P aircraft mechanic and his boss can get stuff like this cheap.
  12. I put on a new line but air is still getting in just the same. I tried swapping the lines on the fuel tank but it didn't help. I have tried pressurizing the system several times but I can't find the leak. Any suggestions?
  13. The decompression lever doesn't stick because valve 1 won't go down and it can't move far enough to lock. The spring is not broken. I am planning on sending the injectors and maybe the pump to a friend who has a diesel shop.
  14. I just went out and checked, only compression release valve 1 is stuck. all of the Diesel valves are free. What is this? It is grounded to the distributor. I can't find it in any of my manuals.
  15. Next time I am in town I am gonna get a couple of cases of brake parts cleaner, a coupe cans of kroil, a gallon of atf and a gallon of ascetone.
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