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  1. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    Thanks. He isn't Too bad though.😁
  2. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    Sorry. I called it a "D 9". I tried to find pics to show my Dad (he wasn't able to see it) and I couldn't find anything. It is a T9 and has a ten foot blade with it.
  3. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    The guy told me that it's a bush hog. I am sorry I said I don't find the data tag. I found it but It was painted over.
  4. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    No not all of it. Sorry I wasn't clear. It is a international. The guy said it is a D9. I am glad most of the guys on here aren't too grumpy to be helpful. I'm also glad most of the people here are positive and answer my questions. I think I should say that I have never played Minecraft and I hate video games. My favorite game is good hard work. My parents never allowed me or my siblings to play videogames. I'm glad to say that I also have never had an allowance. Every cent I have I have worked for. And no, my Dad isn't rich. I'm the ninth kid out of ten and all of my 5 older brothers work hard for their own livings.
  5. I put the charger on this morning. I think we will probably have to get new brushes for it.
  6. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    Well I went back last night and the guy was there and started it. It clunks like it has a rod bearing knocking, leaks oil, has almost no oil pressure, the oil is super thin, and it has electrical problems. The guy said that the tires are about 14 years old but have less than 30 hrs on them and it has a pretty new clutch. He said that the clutch was put in in 2015 and it has sat since. The thing started when the guy jumped it with his truck. I am not sure about live hyds and pto but it does have a pto and I could only find one remote. I don't think it would be worth my money. If anybody is interested I have his contact info. He also had a D9 (?) (I know it is NOT a TD9) that has both engines stuck. He wants scrap for it. What is it worth? Sorry I cant get pics right now.
  7. I think I found the answer. The tractor wouldn't start until I put the charger on. The clock worked for a while and then quit again. The lights and cab fans also dimmed and quit.
  8. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

  9. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    Would $2000 be okay for everything but the bush hog?
  10. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    They said the thing doesn't spin fast enough on the starter, you have to pull it to start it. I don't really care about the rust much. I think they would work fine except that they don't have wheels.😕
  11. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    Here are some pics. This disc is a JD but I forgot to get the model #. They want $200 OBO for it. I couldn't find a data tag on this but I think it is a JD. They want $100 OBO for it. The Cult. is a IH something or other. They want $100 OBO for it. I couldn't find a data tag for the bush hog. They want $750 OBO for it.
  12. IH OAK

    MM 445 Worth It?

    The implements are pretty rusty and look like they have been kept outside all their lives.
  13. A friend of ours has a Minneapolis Moline 445 for sale. It has almost brand new tires, PTO, Looks like 1 remote, Comes with a 3-bottom plow, its got 3500 hrs, gotta pull it to start it. They want $1800 for it. It seems to have been stored inside all it's life.They have a pull behind bush hog for $750, a 12' (?) Field cult for $100, a small disc for $100, and a bigger one for $200. I will try to get pics up soon. What kind of problems do they have and is it worth asking price?
  14. We got everything fixed and I bush hogged for about an hour and everything seemed fine until I realized that it clocked -.02 hrs. Then I disked for about 5 hrs and the clock didn't move. I cant figure out what is up. Is this a cable drive tach or electric?
  15. Thanks. My Dad got the PS pages from the repair manual emailed to him about two weeks ago and it works fine since I adjusted it. Now we just have to finish adjusting the clutch.
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