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  1. I love the way the older magnums' shifting is as opposed to the electric rocker shifting.
  2. What model magnum/grain cart is that? My boss has a 7140 and Brent 470
  3. IH OAK

    Ammco hone

    I need to hone the cylinders on my dozer, what grit should I use?
  4. I looked at it yesterday, it is more rusty than the pictures show. The guy is a scrapper. It had a well drilling rig on it that he scrapped. It cranked well but I couldn't get it to start, the driver's tank was unopenable but the passenger side was about 3/4 full of shellac. The cab is rusted through over the passenger door gutter, the fenders were rusted through, repaired with fiberglass and rusted out again. It has 38,800 miles, 2900 hours on it. Rear cap. is 17000, front 9000. The winch is hydraulic driven.
  5. IH OAK

    Ammco hone

    What model is this and where can I find stones?
  6. I just got bearings from Weber's, Olsons has the gasket. I just took my starter in to be gone through, armature was shot it's going to cost $350 to to get it repaired.
  7. Is there a way to revive the old seals? Some kind of glue or something?
  8. That's what they're asking.
  9. I just found this on FB. A friend told me is probably has an Allison. I might be able to look at it tonight. About how much is it worth?
  10. How do I tell the difference? Where? What was the thread called? @King of Obsolete @MB. Cat Thanks!
  11. Okay...so I got the rear main seals... and I have a problem. The old seals are neoprene and the new ones are felt. Mike Weber told me that switching from the felt to the neoprene seals requires changing the crank and retainers. Is that correct? Does that mean I have to find neoprene seals or can I use these felt ones? Also the plugs are felt where the old ones are neoprene. Thanks!
  12. Ah...the DUKE! Depending on which tractor I'm in and what feild I'm in I can sometimes get Real Country 106.7 out of Auburn In. They have Great 50"s-90's stuff
  13. I know Zetor made tractors for JD...What models were they? How long did that deal go for?
  14. Thanks all! I will try to get it welded if I can. If it wasn't cast I could do it but I don't trust myself on cast very much. The broken off piece is out in the field somewhere.
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