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  1. It is. It definitely beats the hiniker we had before. The shallowest this thing will run is six inches and that's all this 7140 wants to pull. My boss is looking for a 9x50 so we can go 8 to 10 inches deep
  2. Put new points in the striptill. We were using rock points because we have a lot of big rocks but we only got 200 to 250 acres out of a set. We finally got the carbide points today and in the last 5 hours I've done 120 acres and they are not showing any wear yet.
  3. The only whistlin diesel video I can get behind. He took some kind of forestry mulcher to that truck, or one almost exactly like it. Shredded it into little pieces and sold the chunks 😂
  4. Federal tax return came. Waiting for state.
  5. This is from the IH farm forum from the winter of 84
  6. What model? We have a 5245 and that thing's just plain handy! The front end problem may have been someone forgetting to take it out of 4x4 on the road. That happened to ours a couple years ago.
  7. Is that an issue? Is the 88 series frame compatible? I don't know.
  8. That's the prototype magnum cab, right? Only one door? Here's a few pics I've stolen from the Facebook group of some of the prototypes This one is supposedly the 17th MFD from the end. I think the exhaust is pretty cool. I think it would be awesome if someone took a boxcar magnum and put a DT 466 in it and put a 88 series hood on it
  9. Id be more than happy to start a southern Michigan branch!
  10. Boss's grandpa did that. He went a couple rounds before the hired hand saw it
  11. I've often wondered, could any of the construction PS transmissions be shoe horned into a 66 or 86 series?
  12. I did that first day of bean harvest.
  13. We'll just say it was pulling a Deere to the shop
  14. I don't know how far you've gotten on your project but I've been looking into DT 360 or 466 swapping my 89 F 350. There's a group on Facebook called IH DT-466 / DT-360 swaps and tech. There's a ton of good information and support on there. There are a ton of guys with DT 360s in older Ford and international pickups. It seems fairly easy to swap the a or b pump for the p7100. There's a few folks on there with 466s in their pickups as well. There's a huge difference between the DT466 a, b and c and the DT466 NGD/PLN. The NGD is the same block as the 466e but it's p pumped.
  15. I don't have much experience with Allis other than a garden tractor and a little on my 7060 but we have a 1655 Oliver at work and it's about the nicest tractor I've ever used. The power steering is amazing, the PTO is easy to feather, it's got good power. The over under powershift makes it awesome for making hay. It doesn't have hydraulic brakes but if you adjust them properly they work fine. Id definitely say Oliver is a close second to IH.
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