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  1. Im working on a 135, one of the shift solenoids started smoking. Im trying to figure out which gear it's for so if I have to I can limp it back to the shop. It's the front solenoid on the right side of the valve block in front of the remote valves. Does anyone have a service manual laying around with a test sequence? Also, the replacement looks nothing like the original and I'm not sure if it's just an upgrade.
  2. Yeah, my memory isn't great. FSO. A 6406 would probably be fine but I want to be safe so I'm going with the 8406
  3. I was wrong, 2200 with 33 inch tires puts me at 73. I'll probably change the gears to 3.55 so I can cruise a little lower.
  4. Where would that be stamped? F.P Smith has the old PN injectors, there's actually 3 different parts numbers, I'll have to check the book and see what the difference is between the two old model injectors.
  5. I have the IH "A" pump.
  6. Maybe I calculated wrong. I was figuring on using Michelin XZLs and I think they're 33" or 35". I can always change to 3.73 or something when I put lockers in if I don't like it
  7. According to calculations, at 1800 or 2000 (I don't exactly remember) in OD with an FS8406 and 4.10 rears it should be 75 or 80 (I don't remember that exactly either) I'll have to find the paper
  8. I guess I'm on the hunt for new injectors then.
  9. Sorry about the triple post, I don't know how that happened
  10. Those pistons look fantastic compared to mine. I had sleeves made by melling I believe. Olson's has both head gaskets. F.P. Smith has valves. Total seal made rings for me. I have records for everything I bought so if you need help finding parts let me know. If you don't rebuild that engine I might be interested in your injectors. Im looking for a set of early injectors.
  11. These are from inside the Fort Wayne plant. I didn't get width on the crate engine. There's a slight difference between the A/B/C dimensions and the PLN/NGD. If anyone has similar measurements from a DT360 I'd be very interested. I'm planning to put one in my 89 F350 in the near future.
  12. I finally got the nozzle bodies out of my D335 cylinder head, but when I went to test fit them in my new head they won't go in. The holes in the reman head are roughly 1 15/16, the nozzle bodies are roughly 2⅛ diameter. There was a split at engine sn 28500. My engine is a late model and the head is an early model. Either I'm going to have to get the head machined, get the nozzle bodies and pre cups turned down, or find new injectors.
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