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  1. IH OAK


    Propably not now that Ford owns them.😁
  2. IH OAK


    I love it when people say "Dude You want to put a 300 hp engine in a pickup??? That's way to big!" I think "how about your next door neighbor's 2016 ford f350 with a 6.7 in it making between 400 and 450 hp stock. if he straight-piped it and deleted the def he could make 500, and tune it to 550-600hp!"
  3. Lately we have had to bleed the clutch about every monthπŸ˜‹πŸ€•. there is a belarus 825 on auctiontime, FWA, self-lev. loader, 1568 hrs (about 300 less than our tractor). It says it is 100 hp. is it clmparable to our zetor? I am convinced that only having one main tractor is not a good idea.
  4. we have replaced the slave cyl. 2-3 times and rebuilt all of them 5-6 times ea. we are going to put a new one on when we get the new clutch in. This is our main do-all tractor (I know it's only 45 hp.) so we use it for cutting, raking, and bailing, hauling wood bush-hoging, plowing, disking etc. the pto is indispensible. Exactly! $400 for a new back window. $850 for a new clutch etc.
  5. Sorry. He meant that it might possibly make it somewhat easier.
  6. My dad has a Zetor 5245 tractor and the clutch blew up. It has a cab and FWA. One of my mechanic friends said we will have to remove the cab to remove the clutch easily. does anyone know anything about this machine and anything about the clutch and repairing it? The tractor is the awsomest machine I have ever driven because of how tough it is built.
  7. IH OAK


    I am completely joking here. I think I need to find a Napier deltic to put in a dent sides Ford.πŸ˜‹ It wouldn't even fit in a full size Seni!
  8. That is such a weird engine!!
  9. Dude! What is this book??? Looks like a cool book!!
  10. Sorry. I meant power to size ratio. I am not sure because I have never seen the Detroit in Big Bud (I don't know how much they modified it, I have seen a v 16 Detroit and a R 4360 with the intercooler, supercharger, turbo etc.) But I think the R 4360 isn't much bigger but it has WAY MORE power. Probably the biggest problem with the aircraft radials is that they are designed to make full power and stay properly cool at 200-500 mph with a 12 ft prop. Also it would need a hefty tyranny and axles.
  11. This is sort of off topic, but has anyone ever heard of a successful diesel radial engine? Because radials have a higher power to weight ratio. Also why couldn't they put a radial (like the r-4360 about 5,000hp) in big Bud? I think I am going to answer myself by saying that if is air-cooled and gasoline.
  12. IH OAK


    It looks like DV-800s are going for about $1,250 on tractorhouse.
  13. IH OAK


    But they are gassers.
  14. IH OAK


    Sort of a joke. How about a R-4360 four row Radial? About the same size but 3000-5000 HP(in a Fighter). The Main problem is cooling as they are air cooled.
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