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  1. Everybody's mouths are watering...
  2. No. I should have said "no metal pieces visible" Sorry
  3. There was no metal in the oil when I drained it. The sleeves are pitted, I am going to replace them since I am this far. The #1 sleeve is loose...if I push forward hard liquid sgueezes out between it and the block.
  4. I got the engine loose, it has a bad head gasket (4000+ hrs) and all the pistons and sleeves are pitted. #s 2 and 4 Had antifreeze in them. When we were turning it over to loosen things up some, it would lock up about every six revs when #s 1&4 were at BDC and 2&3 at TDC. After setting for a little while it would loosen back up. At one time my brother got 64 revs before he wore out and I put in about 20 and it locked back up. After that it would lock at random places. The Only thing I could think up is a bearing problem. It cant be the trans or hyds. Sorry about the ter
  5. What is that? Too big for a -24 aint it?
  6. They'll stay for a while. If I buy the truck from Dad I'll use hockey pucks.
  7. Does anyone have a list of books about IH history? I have 150 Years of IH and my sister gave me Milestones.
  8. We still have the rubber and I'm extending the steering shaft.
  9. I wish my brother hadn't moved al his machining stuff to Alaska.
  10. I'll bet you're awful proud of that man!
  11. I finally got the cab fixed up and on the chassis. The floor pans were almost as rusty as the old cab. We did a sort of a redneck cab lift...two-by-four chunks two high. Sorry about the pic quality, my camera is a piece of junk.
  12. I don't have the old one off, but the diagram in the manual and the pictures online only have two slots. I was thinking about that but Dad doesn't really like the idea. Do you think I would be able to find one with a two slot shaft? I haven't really looked too hard for a complete clutch.
  13. The spline in the center of the hub/plate.
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