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  1. I don't want a Cummins just because everyone does them. If I even do this (mostly depends on the condition of the 351) I really want a IH, if not I might go with a perkins...because it's unique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgJFIwxrzfU
  2. What is a really good heavy duty chain breaker? At work we wear out the "big" ones that shoups or whoever carry. I some times have to do double chain and such and they just don't cut it.
  3. I looked at putting a 414 in but that'd be about...8 inches too long I think.
  4. I am working on buying a '79 F250 dirt cheap with a bad clutch and a questionable 351M. What IH diesel would physically fit in the engine compartment without modifications? I know a 301 will fit but I've heard that they are no the greatest on power. What about a Turboed 358? I doubt that I would actually do the swap, but I just want to get an idea of what would fit.
  5. In case you didn't already know, D335 and D350 sleeves are NOT the same. If you are rebuilding a 350 you can't use 335 sleeves. they are too small.
  6. A friend of mine had a friend that had a car with one of those in it. I can't remember who it was but some famous racecar driver offered to buy it off him but he wouldn't sell it.
  7. Most of my favorites have already been posted but I'll put these down. I ain't nuthin' but a simple man, They call me a Redneck I recon that I am but there's things goin' on make me mad down to the core. Simple man by Charlie Daniels Well my name's John Lee Pettimore Same as My Daddy and his Daddy before Copperhead Road Steve Earl Diamonds on the windshield as heaven starts to cry, And in his rearview mirror his angel waves goodbye She knows he's gonna go, She knows he's one of them. Brothers of the highway Tony Justice and Aaron Tippin
  8. Are they 335 or 350 sleeves?
  9. Is there a way to find the exact date of manufacture for my TD-9?
  10. Are your sleeves still in good condition? I have D350 sleeves that I need to get rid of and I am in need of some D335 protruding sleeves, preferably 4.5 bore or else I can get them bored.
  11. My boss said to be careful with line because it might burn the alfalfa.
  12. I have about 8 acres of alfalfa that I put in about two years ago. When I put it in I had no idea what I was doing, and the fields had not been tilled for fifteen years, and I didn't have access to a plow bigger than a two bottom trailer plow. I overfitted the fields...they were 3 inches of powder on top. Now the alfalfa is not taking off and I am wondering what I can do. I am working with Dairy doo but I am wondering about using manure, My boss says spreading cow manure with a regular V-bottom micht burn the crowns because it doesn't spread it evenly. Is that so? Our neighbor that used to farm this land always spread manure after each cutting...I think, It's been 5 or 6 years since he sold everything. Thanks in advance.
  13. Can someone explain "flush mount"? Can you measure the thickness of the 'flange' on yours?
  14. Does anyone have sleeves for a D335? I Need at minimum one. Two of the ones I have here are decent and a third is okay but the #4 sleeve is shot.
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