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  1. Cream puff 2+2

    The rims and wheels will being good $. Rest is used and abused and destined for scrap.
  2. Toys we never got to play with

    He even has access to dads toy tractor parts cache and gets to pick his own mods. Now the steiger Cp1400 and anhydrus rig was my idea and combo of choice. I never had that big of a set up when i was a kid so i took the panther off the shelf and thats what i ran. I can get down to play its the getting up thats getting harder. Even though most of the larger 1/16 toys are plastic its stll neat to have large scale and an all matching scale line up. There never was a 1/16 combine untill the CIH 2188 came out and it was $200+ in the late 90s. Now there's red and green 1/16 combines, grain carts, bobtail grain truck, semi grain truck, service truck, semi lowboy, 12r corn header w/header trailer. Its a blast. Even teaching the kids the art of using twisty ties to make rear hitches or keep imps hooked in.
  3. Surprised it brought $7600 but everyone wants one now. TA or not. Maybe i should just buy my neighbors 1456 fix it up and sell it. Anyone looking for a fixed up 1456 TA delete field ready?
  4. Toys we never got to play with

    I had nice toys as a kid but i didnt have as many as my 2 boys do. What implements i didnt have i made out of legos or knex. They dont realize how good he has it carpet farming these days.
  5. 1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    All this finsish work is done by Coy, not me.
  6. Having a set of hyd seat cushions and arm rests redone by a local shop. Back and lower cushion were ready today. Arm rests will be done tomorrow. The original chrome plate will still be reused unlike K&Ms $500 seat. Dropped off brackets and seat back plate to be powdercoated today. They should be ready early next week. Did some trading and part of the deal was an IH fender AM/FM radio in great shape in original box. Mounted in on my 1026 hydro since i spend alot of time on it feeding cows this time of year. It already had existing bracket holes on hood so i mounted it there. Works great, sounds great.
  7. IH 1026 Hydro Registry

    Post Pics And Details of I-1026s and F-1026s. Pm me personal contact/owner info.
  8. : Show Buys: Service Manuals

    Some pics of the manuals and brochures I picked up today. the 1468 and 826 parts manuals are the early versions. Turns out my best buy was the one I thought the least about. I figured the Blue Ribbon 361-407 Service manual was just another 806, 1206, 856 and 1256 spec book. I was surprised to see it covers way more than that. 806, 1206, 1026, 856, 1456, early 815 & 915, and some industrials. Fuel pump side covers several roosamaster pumps Including DB and DC pumps. Learned 2 things, 1026s came with schwitzer 3LD-279 turbos not the 229s like I thought and the early 915 combines could have had either a DB 2 roller or DC 4 roller pump but hey still had the 1 5/8 wrist pins. I already had the DV-550 manual and didnt know it untill I got home. Oh well, good info though.
  9. IH hyd seat cushions & fender radio

    IH 66 black stripes mech and hyd seat were all black. Even the hyd seat arm rest side plates on a 66 are black.
  10. IH CAT II/III quick hitch repair

    Traded some parts to a friend for a quick hitch. Told him i wanted his crapiest one. Why someone torched it we dont know. I have my thoughts...... Its back in shape now. These are alot easier to handle when disassembled.
  11. South Tx mechanic recommendations - 856 needs work

    Chain it down and haul it to Eric Farley in Bells Tx. Hes a member on here and former IH dealership mechanic. He also has access to one of the best inj pmp mechanics in north texas. Farleys tractor repair 903 209 9585
  12. IH hyd seat cushions & fender radio

    Picked up arm rest today. Waiting on brackets to get back from powdercoating.
  13. 1456 belly tank

    Napa has the pumps on shelf. $120
  14. Mystery cab sighting

    I made it back home at 6:30pm yesterday. Good road conditions and made good time. Cab rode and handles just fine back there.

    Original muffler with rain cap still turned sideways from factory. What was the S/N?
  16. Mystery cab sighting

    "If it fits, it ships....."
  17. 1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    Coy sent more pics today.
  18. 1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    Nate, this is my friends 1456 he bought new. My sheetmetal is there too so both golds match. Im way behind on mine. I have a nasty habit of buying more tractors than finishing one out. The way i see it, theres little time left to find good tractors i like but i can restore them later on. Were not painting it or finishing it out. We did all the mechanical restoration and sent it to IN to be finished out.
  19. West Texas IH 1256

    New toy, needs love