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  1. Aftermarket spring loaded rod. Some like them and some dont. Adjusted right with stock rod you wont get gear grind but these help even more i think. I didnt get a pic, but had to pull trans bottom cover off to replace the shaft o ring. The brake pad still looked good.
  2. Yank em off and toss em in a pile and find better condition arms. No way to build them up and look right. Plenty of them in salvage yards. Ive parted out several 1466s, 1086s, 1466s and 1486s to better my 3pts. Added 2 sets per wheel of 400078r2 wheel weights. Even installed IH square head bolts. Dont get to use them too often because they are hard to come by and i normally stack on more weights.
  3. There's a roll pin on end of the threaded end. Will lock down when it hits threads in housing. Anyone is welcome to stop by when in North East TX. Just give me plenty of heads up.
  4. Everything thats a 7## or bigger gets clutch assist here.
  5. The "nothing special" is a Gold Demo 1456, factory open station with 24.5x32s. Someone got a great buy on that 1456. Buyers were asleep on that one. Im sure itll pop up repainted within a year or 2. Be interesting to see if it keeps the 24.5x32s or if they sell them off. Very sought after wheel and tire combo. Seller never knew what he really had. Bet he lost out on $15-20k by not knowing.
  6. Took dozer blade off my 856 and went thru it fixing it back up. Rock'd a NF while I was rebuilding wide front.
  7. Cleaned up hyd with stock set up and replaced busted 3pt control mount.
  8. Both. pivot pin: bought A&I $80 vs CIH $200. And A&I spindle bushing kit. CIH is only source for pivot pin bushings $50+ ea. Every aftermarket spindle sucks so i try a gather as many oem used ones i can. CIH original steering arms are $500 for one side and $380 for the other. Beyond retarted pricing.
  9. Fresh engine oil, oil filters and fuel filters. All new hyd oil cooler hoses. Front axle parts on order.
  10. Dealership sticker popped out as Moon-Nordaune INC Montevideo MN.
  11. The 1456 w/cab and belly tank from MT is the cleanest most original one i have. I put 24.5r32 Firestones on it, new wiring and a radio.
  12. 14th 1456 built. Sold new in Montevideo MN. Old original IH Sales and Service decal oh hood was repainted over but i can make out Montevideo Minn on it. Must have been traded back in in late 80s/early 90s, repainted and badged Boerboom Case IH. From then it made its way from MN to Fredricksburg TX in early 90s. Old timer ran it for few years and then sold it to the guys late father who i bought it from. Best i can put together is this 1456 was ordered factory fender delete with only 1 hyd. Aftermarket cab was probably added at the dealership when new. Cabbed was then ditched when it was traded in and fenders went on for repaint. Sad part is i bet it didnt need paint then. 2nd hyd was added on later and the factory 56 series LH block was ripped off or someone wanted updated 66 series hyd block and the 2nd hyd lines were rigged on in a sloppy manner. It still starts by key switch and starter button. Even safety starter switch still hook up to clutch pedal. Guy said it had starter button problems but it was the safety switched being out. Jumper wire and she cranks fine. The front axle is one if the worst worn out ive ever seen. 3pt and shifters are tight as can be.
  13. Post a pic of all the parts, brackets, platform, and platform extension. 756, 826, 856, 1026 and 1256 all had the same spacers under the platform. 1456 had a different spacer on the platform to brake housing but rest were same as smaller sizes. If a 66 bracket, extension bracket or combination of is thrown in the mix with a 56 platform it will goober it up.
  14. Mounting brackets on wrong sides. F-544 thru F-1456 used the same LH and RH brackets. Some had 2 hole adjust height and some had 3 hole adjust height.
  15. Very last ones made by IH were 400078R3 split weights. Had an extra hole casted into weight and ive never heard why. Theres also a few variations of each weight P/N too. Such as a 400078R1 could have had P/N on outter face or back side. 400078R1 were also available in white. The list of weight P/Ns and variations of them has some length and i still find small changes as i get in weights.
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