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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, Im new to the forum, Love all the info. I've been a lurker for years. Ive always enjopyed IH tractors. I've read a lot of the previous posts which has helped, however I do still have a problem with my 1086.. If you could help troubleshoot this with me, i'd really appreciate it! 1086 tractor, closed ceter hydraulics. below is the time line of what i noticed happening. noticed that the PTO had trouble staying engaged early in the fall. it eventually stayed on when I was chopping clover. later in fall I noticed that the 3PTH wouldnt stay up. It was moving
  2. I have a 91 1660 combine electric over hydraulic my head settled a little bit last fall now it is settling rather fast where is the first place to start thank you
  3. Hi guys, In an effort to find the answer on my own and not have to rehash a topic that has surely been beat to death, I have searched this forum and some other places, but to no avail. Either I can't find the answer or I'm not smart enough to understand the answer.... so, here it goes. (Also, thank you for the help with all my other 886 woes. You guys are awesome!) I have abandoned the PTO pump and mid-mount valve and plumbed the loader lift and tilt direct to the remotes on the 886, purged the air and topped off the hydraulic system. 1 - Loader is gosh awful slow. Is this norma
  4. hello, I have a problem with the 3 pt lift on the tractor. it will go up no problem and will hold an implement fine. When you move the lever to lower the implement the hitch is very slow to descend. Could anyone help with the problem ? the PTO works fine Also the steering is only under power when i have the auxiliary value in the up position to a dead end. Could this be linked ? i have a video just unsure how to unload Thank you for any help
  5. I have a 1066 Hydro that I am servicing. When I pulled the transmission charge filter, the by-pass valve came out in pieces. I thought about attempting to reinstall it, but a couple of the pieces look damaged. Any ideas if the valve can be purchased independently? I can't seem to find any hits on one, or the filter head. Filter head part # 538653R2. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hey, I have a international 986 with a turbo in it, We've recently just brought it to stick a scarifier behind it on the 3pl, When we brought it had been sitting outside for who knows how long with no front windscreen and no left side window so she is a bit rough, we have ordered a new windscreen and window for it. Everything except the TA works currently, The TA lever inside the cab is stuck but the cable isn't connected to the lever, I believe its just the spring inside the dash but we haven't had time to pull the dash apart right now. The main problem is that at low revs she just doesn't wa
  7. I recently changed the hydraulic filter in my 574. Before I did this I had no issues at all with the hydraulics. Now I can't seem to get the filter primed back. I have actuated the lift controls over and over again to try and bleed the air out of the system. I don't have any pressure and I can't hear my pump whining like it use to. Do you think it's possible I had a weak pump and finally just went out upon trying to prime back this time? I've NEVER had this much trouble after a hyd filter change. Below is a picture of the filter. Dry as a bone. Not getting anything into the housin
  8. I bought a 1962 International 606 and in the process of changing fluids and filters. When pulling the hydraulic filter out these two pieces of pin were laying in the filter housing. Any ideas as to what it could be?
  9. Hi all I am in a little trouble here as the snow is piling up. I have a farmall 200 basically a super c with a tube style loader. the hydraulics have been marginal since buying the tractor but they did work all summer I moved approx 100 tons of gravel over the summer. but now they will not work. the last time I plowed they were slower than normal and I tightened all of the fittings as it looked like the oil had air bubbles . today the hydraulics will not work at all. The motor rpm will increase speed when the touch control levers are pulled back or the fast hitch lever is moved into posit
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