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Found 2 results

  1. I have a 2005 4410 sprayer with just over 5k hours. Previous owner said one hydrostatic pump has been replaced (not sure which one). Today I started noticing some wonky things, I'll list them in the order I noticed them in. Also the dealer is coming out Monday to diagnose the problem. I figured I'd post it on here and see if any had any thoughts, or if nothing else I'll post what we figure out to help someone else out. (this all started happening when I was nearing the end of my load, so the sprayer was hot) #1 I noticed the chemical pump stopping and starting again when stopping and starting driving. (mph, not rpm) #2 Then I noticed the sprayer being pretty sluggish when using the hydrostatic lever. I was working around poles so I was doing a lot of starting and stopping. It felt kinda like I was spinning out, but I wasn't. And with the speed pot at it's minimum, and the lever at it's maximum, where I used to get 9mph (if I remember right) now I was only getting 4-8mph. (Sometimes 4 sometimes 6 ext,) #3 I switched fields and noticed I was only getting 26mph, and slowly work it's way up to 29. Where before it was 32 bang on everytime. #4 With the engine idling, the ladder won't quite raise all the way. But as soon as you rev the engine it'll come right up. Which speaking of the ladder, the ladder does not fail the "real" ladder test. (Pot speed 100%, rolling at 5mph, go full speed with the hydrostat lever, the ladder doesn't move at all.) The sprayer on the other hand takes an eternity to reach full speed. (or 29mph) I did notice however, when I was rinsing the tank. That when I do the ladder test with chemical pump on, the pump pressure will drop down to 15 or 20psi. Unable to stay where I put it. We used a infrared thermometer on what I think was the case drain on the wheel motors. The dealer said if the swash plate is messed up it'll bypass a lot more fluid. They were all within 10°(F) though. We're kind of suspecting the left side charge pump. Because from following lines it looks like that's what runs the chemical pump and maybe the ladder? Couldn't quite tell though. But honestly nothing quite makes sense to me.
  2. Hello everyone, Im new to the forum, Love all the info. I've been a lurker for years. Ive always enjopyed IH tractors. I've read a lot of the previous posts which has helped, however I do still have a problem with my 1086.. If you could help troubleshoot this with me, i'd really appreciate it! 1086 tractor, closed ceter hydraulics. below is the time line of what i noticed happening. noticed that the PTO had trouble staying engaged early in the fall. it eventually stayed on when I was chopping clover. later in fall I noticed that the 3PTH wouldnt stay up. It was moving as I thought it should plowing but when tractor was off( I would come back in the moring and the plow would be on the ground) everything was still ok, (Or so I thought) I plowed 80 acres ..then my brother was finishing up plowing and the 3pth arms wouldn't come up and bring the plow out of the ground. (he decided to shut the tractor off and try it again) the arms came up so he decided best thing to do was head for the shop On his way up to the house he lost the power steering, (TA acted funny too ... I thought he said that the tractor would only move in DD) **TA would only work one way** I borrowed a setup from my friend who had a flow meter with a pressure gauge and put it on the remotes I could only get 5gpm out of the remote if i pinched back the valve I could build pressure ( around 1500) but I could hear the pump cavitate so i stopped) I grabbed some filters and found that the screen and filter was pretty much plugged. (see pic) lots of glitter in oil swapped both hydraulic filters and cleaned the screen (I knew something was definitely wrong) I needed to clean and wash the tractor to work on it. I put the flow meter back on after the filter change and it was similar (low flow 5gpm) and I could build pressure but it still wasnt right) I drove it a short distance ( the lube light worked as I thought it should and I had power steering) I had it in TA (lever back) on the way over becasue i was a little chicken and I didnt want to shift it I noticed that the PTO was turning when I got out of the tractor (I didnt engage it) it didnt really want to shut off but it finally did, it was like it was slipping we cleaned it off and prepared to remove the hitch pump (I thought that was it **THE SMOKING GUN**) We drained the oil and found lots of metal (see pics) unfortuntely we didnt keep track of what metal came out of which drain. (Not sure what the big piece with arrows is) I thought it came from clutch housing? pretty sure we got metal out of all drain ports got the hitch pump out and we thought we would have saw a smoking gun. took the cover off (the pump) can't see any signs of destruction) we were going to pull the mcv next and see whats in there Looking for some direction. were still looking for the smoking gun, any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks so much in advance!
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