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  1. More than likely out of an early 1256. Hate to say but it hurts 1456 value since the TT407 in a 1456 has,different components than other 26/56 w/407s. C1 blocks were plagued with failures. If its lasted this long its probably a good C1 block. The inj pump you put on a BD 2 roller or DC 4 roller? Whats the long term plans and goals for the 1456? Whats the 1456 S/N? Bonus points for: -long axles -8 bolt front hubs - large frame mount toolbox. -tilt steering -hyd seat -clutch assist
  2. Had too many open station parts and details and not enough factory cab installed fine details. With everything else in the cab in pretty good shape they should have been there. Some parts shouldn't have been there for a cab like the hyd seat shield. The hand grabs should have been installed for factory cabs. Ih cabs were terrible about not having something solid and easy to grab on to. The hyd seat shield No one would go through the trouble of putting that into a cab for looks on a 66 series. 26/56 cabbed tractors had them though. Muffler is primo and correct for that time frame 66. Would still have had tbe 15" extension like cabs and rops had. There would have been a rubber cover over the hyd and its gone too. The open station rear seat shield is also present. Wouldnt be if it was factory installed cab. Too many sings of factory open station. Cab is in great shape and hope new owner keeps it on. Wonder what happened to original platform, steps and flasher bar?
  3. Looks clean. The hand grabs and seat shield were added but they look right in there. Too bad the dash covers around the gauges and shifter boot is gone. But its making me wonder if cab was added on. Red cab 66s had all black levers. Would explain a few other things too.
  4. I dont think anyone shuns a 12 or bigger for having a 540/1000 pto added. Its neat and interesting to see a larger tractor with PTO delete or 1000 pto still. Ive swapped many out. But how they come in now is how they stay. Super sharp 1466. Will clean up well. Id be proud of it.
  5. Also found an IH adjustable bracket dirt bucket. These fit 2050-2455 loaders. Has 3 hole setting. Hard to find and extremely hard to find that are straight.
  6. No. On a 1026 one has 2 sets per wheel other has 3 and the ROPS. The open station with only 2 weights is light on rear end if moving dirt. If i need more weight i either hook on a 3pt 50 gal sprayer and fill it with water, or hay forks and grab a bale of hay or hang some suitcase weights on forks. I dont want the hydros nailed down to the ground
  7. Bought another 2350 loader and was glad it had an IH quick attach. Got and even bigger surprise when I got it home and saw it was the adjustable version. Dont see many of these. In fact this is the 1st ever IH 50/55 Series loader adjustable quick attach Ive seen in person. came out when IH introduced the 2355 and 2455 loaders. 55 series was 6" wider than 50 series. after I clean it up and get it lined back out it will be a good fit for my 2355 loader.
  8. Went back with 10.00-16 8 bolts, but jumped up to 16.9x38 wedgelocks on the rear, 3 sets of IH 400 078 R1 white wheel weights and got the fender lights working.
  9. I've always heard rumor that the very last 1066s had 3.5" axles and possibly the larger brakes. Any truth to that with your 1066?
  10. Waiting for the day he wrecks the wrong truck or tractor some one has been looking for to buy back and he gets wrecked. Surely he cant drink at a bar without being known and piss off a few people who are mot affraid to tare him apart. He figured out a way to make the $ off youtube though and people keep selling to him though.
  11. Had to have been older terps. Bet they were even done at seperate times. Not all cut the same way. Can normally tell if same TERP rep did them.
  12. Tractor within 2years old in same HP class is last qualification i heard. Rules are always changing. I dont enter tractors so im not up-to-date half the time. Seems to vary from farmer to farmer i get them from too. Most have no idea what theyve done other than getting big $ deducted from new tractor and rid of their daddys old 806, 1066 1486 etc. They pay a different price later on....
  13. 806 brings $30k + credit towards new tractor, bigger the engine the more $ you get. 4wds with 855 size engine bring $75k + in credit. How many POS 806 are worth $30k? Guys up north talk southern tractors down and bash em especially with no TA (and most are beat up POS that deserve bashing) and they have no resell here as running tractor so $30k credit towards new tractor sounds real good for a $4k tractor. When parted out, whole condition and TA delete no longer factor and the phone starts ringing. Parts buyer line is waaaaaay longer than tractor buyer line...... people complain because parts tractors are never offered whole but they wont pay what its worth in parts and they complain when running tractors are parted out but they are normally 1st one beating down the door for parts. Way the game is played.
  14. Every thing is game for parts just block and frame rails are junk. Mexicans and Mennonites are notorious for welding them back up and going back to field with them. Has to be a running driving tractor to qualify so these were running before cut. Some still run after cut.
  15. F806, 1486 and 1066BS all are TERP. the '75 1066 was not and I got it running and driving today. blew a hyd oil cooler hose and ruined my fun. I sounded like Side Show Bob laughing and driving it all around my yard after it cranked.
  16. 4 from one spot, 2 from different rat holes
  17. Both the solid dowel pin or the plastic horn button pin served as a holder for the flat spring cover shield under the plastic cover. Keeps plate from turning and binding under the plastic cover.
  18. Good stuff for the new shop. did anyone there know what the original owners tie-in with IH was? Figured he owned/worked at a store there in Amarillo or around there.
  19. The only question to be asked about hydro vs. gear drive w/loader is "why didnt i have a hydro w/loader sooner?"
  20. Doubt it. Never looked in parts book for them though. Im down here in the land of aftermarket Weights. B&W, Taylor, TyFyCo, pampa, lone star are all foundries in TX that made weights.
  21. Ive never seen one badged with a black stripe and every TX county had atleast 1-2 66 hydros for reclaimers.
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