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  1. It had been reported as salvage but no location or other info was given about it then. 1st thing I see is it has the HD front axle option and was a factory cab tractor. Does it run? Where is your location to update the info.
  2. 80 deg on Christmas eve in North TX. Me amd the boys were power washing 756 and putting IHs away in the shed. Added hyd seat SMV sign bracket and powder coated hyd coupler bracket.
  3. '67/68' IH offered them in white. Guessing how good red weights looked on 1206 white wheel centers promo guys said lets flip it for 56 series intro. I think they look good on certian tractors in that time frame. Some tractors they do not. Im thinking of painting all the wheel weights on my 1256 w/cab IH 901 white. Other 1256 has all red. Shows more differences between the 2.
  4. Sleeves looked good. No visible cavitation erosion. Oring on cyl #1 leaking. Head and valves looked good, bearings looked good and still STD. Mech said this was the 1st time engine had been opened up since it left Farmall works. He was suprised on clean it is. I went by and picked up fuel tank and bracket to power wash while it was still off. Few guys even tried to buy it. I use goodyear ORTAC hose for oil hoses. $2.75' CIH wants $10' for theirs.
  5. The new starter they sold you is for a d358. I can tell by looking at it. Just salvaged a 686 w/d310 and 826 and had starters side by side. Youd think they would be the same but are not. New starter might be also for a D310 but it would have to be for a 756. Have not compared my 756 starters to 826s yet.
  6. Heavy duty aftermarket sway limiter. When new the rollers worked well. Old timers liked the set up. 6rw-8rw wide toolbar equipment and 3pt chisel plows destroyed the factory sway limiters. Hay guys have started buying them up and the IH HD cam style sway limiter set up. Pain to have on there and hook on CAT 2 equipment or smaller.
  7. Walk around video of 1256 how in condition we found it in. Strip down and clean up to follow.
  8. Went back with 10.00-16 8 bolts, but jumped up to 16.9x38 wedgelocks on the rear, 3 sets of IH 400 078 R1 white wheel weights and got the fender lights working.
  9. Updated 10-26-2020 S/N Location Gold Demo Y/N 1970 Models 7503 Johnsburg IL NO 7515 Waco TX NO 7518 Colfax IA (Salvage) NO 7524 Plainview NE NO 7536 Lakeside NE NO 7543 Bridgeport NE NO 7552 W MI NO 7573 Newton IL NO 7629 Mooers NY NO 7632 Hill Point WI NO 7687 Glenwood City WI NO 7701 Plattsmouth NE NO 7743 Kenosha, WI NO 7791 WI NO 7795 Paoli OK NO 7822 Pinnacle NC NO 7836 Mooers NY NO 7856 Chebanese IL NO 7877 Moville IA NO 7881 ? NO 7909 Upper Sandusky OH No 7910 Farmington IL NO 7936 Baldwin IA NO 7962 Battle Creek IA NO 7972 Strawberry Point IA NO 7976 Stratford Ontario CA NO 7985 Kandiyohi MN NO 8012 Northwood IA NO 8039 Tampa FL/Franklin TN NO 8050 Franklin TN NO 8063 Roberts IL NO 8075 Caldwell ID NO 8079 Winifred KS/Marshal Town IA NO 8086 Slayton MN NO 8091 NE NO 8101 McKinney TX NO 8103 Tangent OR NO 8112 Lucas OH YES 8157 Davenport IA (Mecum) NO 8162 Stanford KY NO 8209 Stillwater OK NO 8232 Pattonville TX NO 8258 Davenport IA (Mecum) NO 8261 Moville IA NO 8265 Weskan KS 8284 American Falls ID/Kearney NE NO 8295 Gilemore City IA NO 8312 ? 8314 Salvage N/A 8333 ? 8362 Cascade IA NO 8382 Woodbury PA NO 8385 Stanwood IA No 8404 Rickardsville IA NO 8428 Warner OK NO 8451 Mansfield TX NO 8517 Waterloo, WI/ Knoxville TN NO 8532 Ames IA NO 8545 Ctrl VA NO 8548 Humboldt, NE NO 8565 Orrstown PA NO 8574 Hillsboro TN NO 8584 Stanwood IA NO 8587 Winifred KS NO 8598 Axtell KS NO 8608 Bowling Green KY NO 8612 Abilene KS NO 8636 Las Vegas MN NO 8637 Dyersville IA No 8690 Onaga KS NO 8692 Cannon Falls MN 8712 Brockway PA NO 8715 Laren Holland, EU NO 8722 Plainview NE 8723 Plainview NE 8733 Kingston WI NO 8734 New Ulm MN NO 8776 Utica NE NO 8814 Blackduck MN YES 8824 Charlottesville IN NO 8828 Colfax IA NO 8855 Hampton NE NO 8862 Morril KS YES 8872 Winifred KS YES 8876 Powersville MO YES 8894 Winnsboro SC 8900 South East MI YES 8911 Mt Pleasant MI Yes 8925 ID NO 8930 Colbert WA YES 8958 Manchester IA YES 8978 Findlay OH YES 8985 Milan IN 8987 White Water WI YES 8988 Wanatah IN YES 9021 Williamston NC YES 9028 Jefferson IA YES 9037 SD Yes 9052 Mechanicsville IA YES 9061 Mount Vernon WA NO 9067 New Paris IH YES 9069 KS 9077 Ainsworth NE YES 9099 Russiaville IN YES 9103 Grinnell IA NO 9132 Thompsons Station TN SALVAGE 9182 Louisville KY YES 9199 Davenport IA (Mecum) YES 9227 NE NO 9239 New Paris OH NO 9243 Falls City NE NO 9248 Thompsons Station TN YES 9250 Ireland NO 9277 Warner OK NO 9287 Washington KS NO 9290 Cleveland TX NO 9295 Wind Gap PA YES 9363 Arena WI, Zumbrofalls MN NO 9316 Miles IA NO 9375 Salvage N/A 9389 Charlottsville IN NO 9390 Oakland IA NO 9399 West Salem OH NO 9401 South West WI NO 9403 Bridgeport NE 9408 Stephenville TX NO 9416 Maize KS NO 9421 Downing WI 9448 Wilson OK NO 9476 Chancellor SD YES 9483 Quarryville PA NO 9504 Wauseon OH NO 9517 Nassau NY NO 9532 Salvage 9556 Winona KS NO 9557 Sleepy Eye MN NO 9583 Ogallala NE NO 9612 Smithfield KY NO 9642 Kinston NC NO 9648 Davenport IA (Mecum) NO 9649 Highmoew SD NO 9673 Franklin TN NO 9705 Edmonton AB Canada 1971 Models 9789 Rich Square NC 9815 Bridgeport NE 9816 Payne OH NO 9829 Pattonville TX NO 9842 Sullivan MO, Beaufort MO NO 9862 Mt Pleasant MI NO 9869 Merrill IA NO 9886 Wooster OH No 9888 Davenport IA (Mecum) NO 9900 Shawboro NC NO 9913 Bridgeport NE 9914 Carrolltown PA NO I-7508 Thompsons Station TN NO I-7511 Keystone IA NO I-7529 North Battleford SK NO I-7534 Leesburg FL YES I-7542 Canada I-7549 Oxford WI I-7559 Rosetown Sk Ca
  10. 7 10 N = July 10 1967 M=1966 N=1967 O=1968 and so on.
  11. My 1206, Butch's 1206 and one that use to be local all 3 had wedgelocks and longbar 118" axles. 30", 32", 34" and 38" wedgelocks were introduced in June of '67. Casting codes on ours are July of '67. Tractors were made in August.
  12. Mark did you put the 34" wedgelocks on there after you bought it or where they on the 1206 when you got it? Be interesting to see if they are legit original 34" 1206 wedgelocks with an August '67 casting code.
  13. Cab was probably added. Door decals dont match 786 tri stripe decals.
  14. I have a nice set of Firestone 151s 15.5x38s, powdercoated rims and wedgelock wheels i want to try out on this 756. Want to see how those look with the 11L15s and 10.00-16s. Also thinking of 3 sets of split wheel weights painted white.
  15. Had a 400 series filter base, which i think is same for Germans. Had to buy all the cut offs and fittings. Based plumbing routing on granddads 686 w/D-310. Still havent found an IH stamped muffler for it yet. Also added a bottle of wix coolant conditioner so its 2x covered.
  16. New clutch, IPTO gear and seal kit, throw out bearing & carrier kit, installed coolant filter, added large frame mount toobox, 2 piece hyd filter cover, original battery covers, powdercoated shifter plate, spin on fuel filters and lots of washing.
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