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  1. 80 deg on Christmas eve in North TX. Me amd the boys were power washing 756 and putting IHs away in the shed. Added hyd seat SMV sign bracket and powder coated hyd coupler bracket.
  2. I only buy and deal with Porch. Theyve treated me well over the years for several tractors. I like being able to talk to the man making the harnesses.
  3. Ive never seen long axles for a 6. Parts list doesnt show it on line. What it does need is front mount hyds. I have set of 656 axles thats all thr same P/Ns. Sold a set of 686 axles last week so that was a close call. I power washed it more today and its starting to clean up finally. Next week ill pull fuel tank and bracket and get real hard spots. Also started putting wire harness order together. Wont get any easier to rewire than tore down like it is.
  4. Last owner said they pulled the 666 out of the mud and wrapped chain around axle. Axle seal was pouring oil. Busted wheels loose and noticed gap around axle cap looked odd. Measured axle tip height and turned 180*. They bent the damn axle...... Decided to go ahead and strip it down further where it sits. Blew off majority of the crap and crud. Im gonna set up a portable water tank and power wash the 666 where it sits before i tare into it.
  5. '67/68' IH offered them in white. Guessing how good red weights looked on 1206 white wheel centers promo guys said lets flip it for 56 series intro. I think they look good on certian tractors in that time frame. Some tractors they do not. Im thinking of painting all the wheel weights on my 1256 w/cab IH 901 white. Other 1256 has all red. Shows more differences between the 2.
  6. Oil cooler elbow clears frame rail while turning. Think the rim is 7" or 8" wide.
  7. Added coolant conditioner kit off salvage 1066. Top line fits perfect had to make bottom line. Drained all the oils. Both engine and hyd oil looked decent. New set of Firestone 9.5-15 4 rib and good used 15.5x38 firestones on powder coated rims I had sitting out back.
  8. Sleeves looked good. No visible cavitation erosion. Oring on cyl #1 leaking. Head and valves looked good, bearings looked good and still STD. Mech said this was the 1st time engine had been opened up since it left Farmall works. He was suprised on clean it is. I went by and picked up fuel tank and bracket to power wash while it was still off. Few guys even tried to buy it. I use goodyear ORTAC hose for oil hoses. $2.75' CIH wants $10' for theirs.
  9. Hyd winch welded on weight bracket. Had to grind and cut it off and take winch back to him. Guy said he'll just torch it off on the spot. I told Johnny cuttn torch **** no i do it at my shop with my tools since it was now my weight bracket.
  10. Guy i bought it from got it from Frogville, OK so it could have kept making it way south. It has an old faded dealer decal but cant make it out.
  11. Apparently Firestone 7.50-16 are out of stock nation wide. Might have to drop down to the 15" rims i have.
  12. The new starter they sold you is for a d358. I can tell by looking at it. Just salvaged a 686 w/d310 and 826 and had starters side by side. Youd think they would be the same but are not. New starter might be also for a D310 but it would have to be for a 756. Have not compared my 756 starters to 826s yet.
  13. Local find. '72 IH 666. Factory TA delete. Has 18.4x38 rears but rims look like 15" wide for 16.9x38 from the factory. I have a nice set of 15.5x38 firestones to put on it but not sure on what size fronts. Thinking 6.50-15, 7.50x16 9.5-15. The D312 runs like a sewing machine. Rest needs alot of clean up and fix up. Even has original IH muffler on it thats primo. Ill get more walk around pics before i tear it apart. Straight hood sheetmetal. Fenders have been crinkled. As far as set up im thinking 2 sets of wheel weights per side, rack of 10 75lbers, buggy top canopy,
  14. Like the mail is being delivered these days anyways.....
  15. Hit up few bone yards. Loaded seed drill full of parts. Maybe if i plant them itll grow a tractor.
  16. Been looking for 2 years for a clean decent 510/5100 drill to come up gor sale/auction. Nothing but over priced junk thats never seen a shed. Expanded my search and it got me up into KS in old stomping grounds. Found a nice IH 510 2 owner 12' grain drill. Sold new @ American Farm Supply IH dealership in McPherson KS. Single disc openers, row markers and pack wheels. Pack wheels and row markers stood out to me. Also had been looking for a 315/415 cultimulcher. Hoping id find a 415 1st. Just wasn't many if any in my area. Only remember a 315 when i was a kid. 415 is '13 working width, c tines, rear hitch and hyd hook ups. Plan is to use both in tandem in spring/fall for seeding forage grasses and winter cover crop. Asked around to local farmers and ranchers about using a cultimulcher with drill and most had no clue on what i was talking about. Knew then i was on my own to try it out.
  17. Heavy duty aftermarket sway limiter. When new the rollers worked well. Old timers liked the set up. 6rw-8rw wide toolbar equipment and 3pt chisel plows destroyed the factory sway limiters. Hay guys have started buying them up and the IH HD cam style sway limiter set up. Pain to have on there and hook on CAT 2 equipment or smaller.
  18. Walk around video of 1256 how in condition we found it in. Strip down and clean up to follow.
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