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  1. 470=225lbs ft/cut 480=250lbs ft/cut 500=325lbs ft/cut. Theres a big step up in weight of 500 from 480 and huge step up from 470. Im not 100% sure but i think the 500 had same angle iron widths as 480 but thicker metal. Everything on a 500 is heavy. 1/4" thick 22" or 24" blades @ 10.5" spacings. 480s are/were great discs but most are beyond worn out around me. Lucky i kicked up a good 500. They held up better it seems but nothing was light on them.
  2. Only my 1st 1456 is repainted. Had it restored when i bought it. Had it 10 years now.
  3. 496@19' pulls easier than the 500@14'. 496 even has more weight per ft of cut too. 355lbs vs 335lbs. The 500 destroys everything it goes over 1st time though. 496 needs 2 trips in certian conditions but it makes a great finishing disc right behind the 500.
  4. Belly tanks were offered on F-656/666 so why not put original one on a 544? Just leave it dry like every one else puts em on. Im sure the top brackets are different on F-656/666 than 706-1456 brackets as far as bolt pattern. A mimic tank thats a toolbox would be pretty cool though. The bottom step on a belly tank is same height of bottom step on open stations. It just sticks out farther from tractor. The top bracket/platform is whats nice to have. Makes It easier to fuel up and get off the tractor.
  5. Hooked into hyd l8ft harra-gator to get the complete rig up to the shop to get it all ready to roll.
  6. Bolted on drawbar support. Another cradle on the front of triangle.
  7. Correct wrench is a spanner wrench for that nut. Any larger size channel locks or long mouth pliers will get it loose once you straighten the keeper tap on that nut. Page 2, you can see the blue handle pliers i use to take nut off that bolster with.
  8. Thats skid row. IHs waiting their turn to be fixed up. Basicly just been stacking them up if they have potential to get going again. 966 in the mix needs to be parted though. One if these days there won'tbe any left around to buy. All thatll be left is whats stacked out back.
  9. Removed bent axle and installed used axle and housing off a 656 hydro. Not a bad chore but getting axle splines to line up with bull gear sucks. Some gunk build up in rear end but not bad. PTO suction tube screen completely stopped up. Draft sensor U bolt was broke and top end that touches draft finger on top plate had be caught by bull gear and smashed. Never know what youll find tore up when you open em up.
  10. They are an on shelf item at farm supply stores. $200 or so. These came off a 656 hydro I parted out and kept for a reason and i found that reason last week. I like the cutoff and breakaway set up. I justified the costs since it can be used on multiple implements
  11. Added a set of rear mount hyd hook ups to 500 disc. They have cut offs and breakaways. Can take off 1 bolt and mount rear hyd set up on cultimulcher for tandem equipment.
  12. All 1st year production flat top fenders had no Rh hand grad hole on 656-706-806-1206. Odds are youll see a Red one more than a white one with no hole. LH fenders are different between 06 and 26/56 series. 26/56 had the rear light mounted on fender and had a harness tube for rear light and flasher. I dont think 756/856 customs had RH step. Be interesting to find out if they were factory with no RH fender hand grab. Most customs have been modified over the years its hard to find one original.
  13. Winter came yesterday. Added furrow filler discs on ends of 500 disc gangs. Furrow fillers came off my granddads IH 370 disc he had sitting in a shed for many years. Not too easy to find used and pricey to put together new over the counter. Had to completely disassemble gangs to put NOS clamp-on hubs on ends. Also added a receiver hitch to disc vs the factory small hitch that was way high. Will allow me to pull trailers and other equipment in tandem and pull more level. Opened up some pasture back in Nov and will break open some more few miles down the road as soon as it dries up.
  14. Its all determined by S/N and S/N says its a white panel, one of the last. The "tell tell" parts people identify black stripes with came out in mid-late '75 on white panels and carried over to Black stripe production, Square 3pt screw arms, solid HD drawbar, no louvers on radiator side panels, deep set weight bracket. Changes were suttle for the change over and not many notice those on late '75 white panel 10-14-1566s
  15. Even has IH cat 2/3 quick hitch. Black stripes with wide coverage fenders are out there. Not many made in that short amount of time and what was made is lost to time or sitting in a fence row in the high plains. The ones that went south to rice and cane country died horrible quick deaths.
  16. 80 deg on Christmas eve in North TX. Me amd the boys were power washing 756 and putting IHs away in the shed. Added hyd seat SMV sign bracket and powder coated hyd coupler bracket.
  17. Half of the engine laying in the cab
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