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  1. Both the INTERNATIONAL and 1206 emblems look like new repops. Buyer didnt know the difference and bought 1st emblem he saw. Common thing to see on Mecum tractors or jockey tractors.
  2. 470s, especially 480s and 490s are still very popular in north Texas. Most 480s are pulled to pieces here. Most are wore out garbage. And manual fold is no go for me anymore. Thought i wanted a 24' 485 but prices of them are high and even then most are wore out and welded up. The transport size of 485s and 490s makes it tough getting thru old timers narrow gates. Never seen a 475 local though. I like how the smaller frame 496s fold up to 12.5' transport width. Biggest disc i have and easiest to get thru gates. Had a few stop by and try and buy it but i wont sell it. Most 496s are 24' and bigger here and very hard to find a 19'-22' 496 here. The smaller frame 496s seem to hold up better than the 24'+ models. Dont see many 490s welded up. 500/501 frames hold up well too especially for some places ive seen them pulled thru. The 500 will tear into hard summer baked pasture while others just roll on top. The clods it digs up dry hard packed pastures can be discouraging though.
  3. For years only disc i used was an IH 370. Very light disc but would do a good job. I was always hunting a heavier disc and found a 19' 496. Love that thing. Its about right for a 1206-1456 here. Even then i still wanted a heavy cutting disc. Looked and bid on a 14' IH 501 but too high for me. Found an IH 500 14' local and bought it. Its a ground breaking fool. It pulls just as hard as the 19' 496. After a 500 goes over a block of ground you know its had a disc over it.
  4. Was listed on eastern KS Craigslist last year for $15k and still had factory belly tank on it.
  5. Wonder what Nick did with the belly tank that 1456 use to have.
  6. No need to poopoo and pass on a good 1256 either.
  7. Both.... Most 361s are not as good of starters as 407s, 06 shifters are not the greatest thing, i like the wider 26/56 platform with fender extensions. 56s had more factory options. 1456 is just a brute and just heavier built front to back (the list of differences is extensive). Easier to find a 1206 than 1456. 1206 will always have its own paint scheme and identity. Most cant even name 5 differences of a 1256 vs 1456. Id take a good 1206 over a rougher 1456. Side by side both good condition 1456 all the way.
  8. Tried too. Locked up in family squabble. Too far gone anyways.
  9. Doesnt go thru platform. Used cab style platform with the flanged sides to bolt onto wide coverage fenders.
  10. Wheatlands and Standards starting with the 56s had the factory option of ROPS w/wide coverage fenders. Wide coverage fenders was even an option for Farmall versions. This setup was more likely seen in the South especially in rice growing areas. I bet it was also seen out in California rice farming.
  11. I have quite a few take offs from salvage tractors.
  12. They were but both 806s & 1486 sold. Got 1066 running so i wont kill it but im gonna fix it up and sell it. Was no takers on 686 as awhole unit so its getting parted out.
  13. Who would have thought this turd of a 1066 would run and run well. Gets a stay of execution for now....
  14. Yes, square tube fabricated steel with T handles.
  15. Matt, ive never kicked up a black square tube one for 88s. Seen a few late 86s red square tubes but never chased after them.
  16. More than likely out of an early 1256. Hate to say but it hurts 1456 value since the TT407 in a 1456 has,different components than other 26/56 w/407s. C1 blocks were plagued with failures. If its lasted this long its probably a good C1 block. The inj pump you put on a BD 2 roller or DC 4 roller? Whats the long term plans and goals for the 1456? Whats the 1456 S/N? Bonus points for: -long axles -8 bolt front hubs - large frame mount toolbox. -tilt steering -hyd seat -clutch assist
  17. Had too many open station parts and details and not enough factory cab installed fine details. With everything else in the cab in pretty good shape they should have been there. Some parts shouldn't have been there for a cab like the hyd seat shield. The hand grabs should have been installed for factory cabs. Ih cabs were terrible about not having something solid and easy to grab on to. The hyd seat shield No one would go through the trouble of putting that into a cab for looks on a 66 series. 26/56 cabbed tractors had them though. Muffler is primo and correct for that time frame 66. Would still have had tbe 15" extension like cabs and rops had. There would have been a rubber cover over the hyd and its gone too. The open station rear seat shield is also present. Wouldnt be if it was factory installed cab. Too many sings of factory open station. Cab is in great shape and hope new owner keeps it on. Wonder what happened to original platform, steps and flasher bar?
  18. Looks clean. The hand grabs and seat shield were added but they look right in there. Too bad the dash covers around the gauges and shifter boot is gone. But its making me wonder if cab was added on. Red cab 66s had all black levers. Would explain a few other things too.
  19. I dont think anyone shuns a 12 or bigger for having a 540/1000 pto added. Its neat and interesting to see a larger tractor with PTO delete or 1000 pto still. Ive swapped many out. But how they come in now is how they stay. Super sharp 1466. Will clean up well. Id be proud of it.
  20. Also found an IH adjustable bracket dirt bucket. These fit 2050-2455 loaders. Has 3 hole setting. Hard to find and extremely hard to find that are straight.
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