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  1. Im always looking for more IH quick attach plates. They weren't the best design but they work for me. I have a few IH loaders that still need them. Send me a PM about it.
  2. The late, great Mr Butch Aycock's 1206 had a cab with fender fuel tanks and they were hooked up and working when we took them off. Not sure what cab that was. Traded for set of flat too fenders.
  3. Neat lil set up. IH 1256 w/2350 loader. Getting ready to add a 3rd function to run a grapple on it.
  4. Yes, Coy Winslow repainted it along with Butch Aycocks 1456 gold 1456. Both 1456s sold new 35mi apart so i wanted paint to match. Paint may not be 100% exactly like IHs gold was, but that gold was ugly and the Paint match Coy picked and sprayed is a great looking gold. I left chassis alone on mine since it still sees dirt.
  5. Im out of the original over flow house clamps. Damn things are always missing and ive burned thru my stash. Its holding and i cant see it so it doesn't bother me. The new pin hole 9/16" from edge of original to center of new allows and prevents Hi/lo shift lever from slapping shifter top cover. Have to make few adjustments up top cause someone always has messed with linkage up top and thrown everything out of wack. Has nothing to do with Rev though. That has to be done thru linkage adjustments. I cant stand sloppy grinding shifting. I know ive got it right when i put my 11yr old son it it and tell him have at it and he doesn't grind gears.
  6. Favorite 1456 is my gold demo that sold new local. Hard to put a price on local history and it cant be replicated. Have another 1456 gold demo and its a good tractor but i know nothing about its history.
  7. After i fix them up they get to be about the same. Shifting correctly and not grinding is a big deal to me and normally addressed pretty quick. Some of it in nic nac things like 3pt will settle, hyd seat doesnt ride as smooth as others, one cranks in 30° with no heat, no either, another you better plug it in when its 45°. You can tell by the way they crank and run which one has a tighter engine and more pwr. All of them are stout but some are putting out too much hp and have to pull the reins back on them. Of course some have weak TAs that time and $ doesnt allow to fix yet.
  8. Local 1456 I bought. Farmer owned it since the early 80s. Originally came from Greenville MS area. From the factory it was: -open Station w/fenders -TA delete -24.5x32s -11.00-16s -hyd seat -belly fuel tank He ran it with 24.5x32s untill he wore them out then changed it over to 18.4x38s, swapped the hyd seat for a mechanical one, added a cab in the mid 80s. Belly tank never made it to Texas but tell tale signs of it were still there. Original fenders are long gone. I ended up with the 24.5x32 rims and wheel centers a few years ago and put them on another 1456. Pretty clean and decent 1456 especially for being a southern tractor all its life. Ive fixed up a few things and changed and added some parts. Still a work in progress. Needs a deep clean but weather isnt right for that now. Plan is to use it mainly as a winter feeding tractor.
  9. Negative. Mounted where the manual says to mount it and where factory drilled holes are. Mounts in same exact spot as every other 2350, 2355 and 2450 does
  10. -rewired front main, rear main, LH and RH dash panels, main fender harness. -fenders are on work bench to be rewired. -new alternator -added alt shield -install late style ROPS and canopy -installed working horn -added muffler extension Comparison of early vs late style rops mounts. I already rebuilt brakes on the 1456 but its a nightmare to work on brakes on early style rops. Still alot left to be done buts its ironing out.
  11. S/N is WAY out of the range to be a legit Gold Demo. Way to early of a S/N even though it is a '70 model. Registry has really narrowed down the range to where we know for sure time period of Golds Rolling out. Not a legit gold demo.
  12. Completely rebuilt front axle, center tube took a trip to machine shop for new pivot pin bushing housing. New pivot bushings, pin, knee bushings, thrust bearings, pivot stay ball, new spindles, good used steering arms, new tie rods. Swapped out mangled up radiator with fresh one gone thru Rad shop. Replaced cut fan shroud with uncut shroud. New hoses and fan belt. New oil cooler hoses and over flow hose. Went thru rear brakes. They were sticking bad after it sat for a while. Cobbled up parts thrown in from 1466 brake parts. (Wont work correctly if mismatched). Worn pads, gunk filled housings. New Seal kits, cleaned housings, installed correct P/N parts for 1456 with good used brake discs.
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