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  1. Long Farms

    Difference in rear wheel casting

    8 hole castings are lighter wheels mostly for Gas and LPG tractors. They are very weak and will snap and crack out easily.
  2. Long Farms

    1066 injection pump

    i just knocked a '75 1466 in the head with 2650rpm inj pump. Parts on shelf ready to go. Send me a PM for more info.
  3. Long Farms

    Ih 1026 gold demo again.

    '80 model. That is one sharp HYDRO 86. Even has the rare bolt on hub mount HD cast wheel centers, 11L15 8 bolt. Love it.
  4. Long Farms

    Ih 1026 gold demo again.

    highest known Gold demo in the S/N registry so far 9448 Wilson OK NO 9476 SD YES 9504 Wauseon OH NO
  5. Long Farms

    Front wheels?

    Ive bought from simpletire.com fast shipping and cheaper than most around. I ordered a set ladt month and when they came in they were wrong size. Gave me full refund +10% off next purchase. Im about to order some Firestones from them. The BTK tri ribs have very thin ribs on them. Hate em.
  6. Long Farms

    Poor ole 856 CUSTOM

    Knew this tractor years ago. Very straight, 6k hrs. Now its tore up, been tore up for 6 months, owner doesnt want to sell it or fix it. Damn shame. Have no idea what he did or how he did it but id sure like to have it.
  7. Long Farms

    '73 IH 1066

  8. Long Farms

    IH 1456 Narrow Front

    Have 4 now, got to looking an thinking with them lined up. whats the point of having all 4 the same or damn near the same? If I had a Coleman on hand I would have put it on, but I was a NF this go round. the last 1456 I got had a 2350 loader and front axle is in tough shape. it has long axles and I could see long axles and NF just wasn't going to jee-haw with each other. only had one other 1456 with 100" axles so on it went. good axle will go on latest 1456. its also getting the cab Dinan found for me. cant wait to get my hands on a M&W oil pan and put it on my non-turbo 856......just cause
  9. Long Farms

    '73 IH 1066

    New turbo decals too?
  10. Long Farms

    PTO shaft runs all the time... 1486

    I use hy-capacity HD PTO kits. You can buy just brakes but if im pulling a PTO its getting rebuilt while it out.
  11. Long Farms

    PTO shaft runs all the time... 1486

    PTO brakes are worn. Time to pull and rebuild. I just bought 2 late model 86 series ptos w/hyd brake. I want to try one of those in a 56/66 since you can turn shafts by hand with pto off. Noticed they have a larger input shaft too. Order the HD pto kit when you get ready to rebuild.
  12. Long Farms

    IH 1456 Narrow Front

    Odd duck for Texas Blacklands
  13. Long Farms

    TIres for 966

    That was even cheaper than what the CO-OP wanted. Not many tractor tire dealers here to choose from. Only choice is to go with the softest screwing. Tire guy doesnt charge mounting rear tires if i buy from him and help mounting them though. Mounting them tubeless is the way to do it these days. I stepped down from 20.8-38 to 18.4R38 and glad i did.
  14. Long Farms

    TIres for 966

    Firestone has SAT, SAT II, RAT 23*, Radial 23*, Radial Deeptread, and one other metfic looking tire. SAT are the better looking bias, RAT 23* are the better looking radials. They have standard and metric on sidewall. I priced some SAT 18.4-38s @$960 ea + tube, radials i put on my 1456 were $1150 ea tubeless. Didnt take a mathamagician to figure out what was the better buy. Friends gold demo 1456 has SAT IIs. He wishes he went with SAT or RAT. They also ride better with more tread bars and the RAT ride real nice. The SAT IIs clomp around it seems.