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  1. Looked at another 500 disc. Early version which was strike 1, frame welded on strike 2 and a $3500 price tag which was strike 3 and 4.
  2. Im having another batch of Fuel/oil pressure housings made. Put them on all my 06s, 26s and 56s.
  3. Did the IH chrome muffler have a part # too with the Stamped IH emblem?
  4. Nope. Sitting outback waiting its turn. Got burned out on 1456s and in no hurry. One day there wont be any left to be had and i just stack em up out back to work on as i get time.
  5. Rebuilt rear end and got it back together but theres a noise in transmission that couldn't be heard over trashed rear end. Will have to split again and seperate trans. Not a priority project. Its a clean 3200hr 1456 just worked too hard.
  6. Still a lil greasy in few spots but it tares up the ground.
  7. Dealer install only. IH would only install 2 IH 150lbs circles on each wheel. Ive even heard of warranties being voided when IH rep showed up for rear end warranty and 3k lbs of weights and water in tires on the tractor.
  8. You can buy a decent 706 for cheap and i have no problems killing a 706 for parts to fix up my stuff and sell a few to keep the ball rolling. A D-282 is just a turd of an engine and not worth messing with to me. If it was a 706 w/D-310 or a 756 lpg it would be different story. Too bad this one only has 1 34" wedgelock.
  9. TEXAS weekend Road Trip dealership and salvage yard purchases, pics and sights. Memorbilia was NOT for sale. I tried.
  10. 11L15 and 18.4x38. Ive begged him to let me drop the tire size down on the 686 but hes 87 and change is not in his vocabulary or agenda anymore.
  11. Granddad wanted a loader for his 686. Only tractor other than Ford 3000 he can get on these days. There are no 2250 mount-o-matics in this part of the world. Your choices are 2350, 2355 or 2450. Bought back one of my 2350s I owned before. Pulled out front axle and put in new center pivot pin and bushings. After that i pulled off frame rails and drilled holes for brackets. Way easier that way. Looks good on the 686. Thought i was going to swallow it up like a 2450 on an 856.
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