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  1. Long Farms

    IH 1456 official winter project

    Maybe, might take dozer blade off the 856 and put it on this 1456. Id like to have my 856 back to normal. Dozer blade was supose to be a short time deal but man is it handy.
  2. Long Farms

    IH 1456 official winter project

    Fenders or maybe even a fender delete. Very common back in the day. Ive got 2 with diamond cabs and thats enough cabs on 14s.
  3. Long Farms

    IH 1456 official winter project

    Well, mostly finished my winter project 1026 hydro before winter officially got here so i bought another 1456 for the winter project. Doesnt look bad but it runs like a sewing machine. Just needs love like all the rest. Have too many now though. Need to thin the herd. Also picked up more parts i missed from last week or didnt have room for.
  4. Long Farms

    1456 seat cushion

    K&M wants $300 or so just for tje bottom cushion. Its more expensive to buy bottom and back cushion seperate than a complete set. For $581 they better get the damn arm rest right and start adding the chrome trim piece!
  5. Long Farms

    Parts Haul

    Yes and no, these only fit open stations. Factory and aftermarket cabs used a smaller plate.
  6. Long Farms

    Parts Haul

    No, I wont do business with Kaddatz and im Not the only one.
  7. Long Farms

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Missing the flat spacer bracket part #535745R1 on the front cab cowling. Any good sources for weather stripping?
  8. Long Farms

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

  9. Long Farms

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Maybe even another winter project....
  10. Long Farms

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

  11. Long Farms

    Parts Haul

    Bates has new lens. Pain to pull off that chrome bezel though.
  12. Long Farms

    Parts Haul

    That's squeakers and she's no lady.......
  13. Long Farms

    Parts Haul

    Road trip yesterday
  14. Long Farms

    66 vs 56 Series Fenders & Lift Arm Question

    Crappy pic but original '65 1206 fender. Some of the early 06s didnt have fender flashers. Might have just been the spot most drilled the hole for a flasher. Most 06-56 here were fender delete and added on over time.
  15. Long Farms

    IH 1456 S/N 13961