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  1. 90% of 1206s had 38" clamp on wheel centers. They were the 1st to really start breaking them especially when they turned up the fuel screw. 1256s & 1066s with 38s were offered with clamp ons or wedgelocks. Most 1066s ive seen with 38" clamp ons were low option tractors and 1 hyd. Youll see them in the south more than the corn belt. There was even the light duty 8 spoke 38" clamp on wheel center that normally came on gassers and they were junk.
  2. Worked some rough ground. Disked 3x and cultipacked. Disked and smoothed out cow trails. Added some jewelry to a 1456.
  3. Best i can figure its an oil reserve w/check valve for turbo oil supply line. They ruined a hard to find line by adding that sloppy looking crap on though.
  4. Found this in Lampasas TX. More than likely it originated in TX panhandle. Factory cab, 20.8-38s and 11.00-16s. Had the 1k lbs wheel weights that come from western tractors. Even had the factory 20.8-38 duals with it. Bought it as salvage. Didnt run missing alot of hyd parts. Guy i bought it from sold it to an old man 10 years ago, old man ran it, 3pt quit, he took it all apart then died. Alot of parts were lost or stolen. Widow sold it back to guy i got it from. Got it running day i got it home, got 3pt working shortly after. Guy took it all part and all it was, was a sheared key on hitch pump gear shaft. Front axle is welded up with center pin bushing housing broke out.
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