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  1. No, this one has 5k hrs or so but it very clean.
  2. Bought a pair of Red Wing lace ups few years ago and they always hurt my feet and fell apart within a year. Had them replaced and those fell apart and hurt my feet too. I was very disappointed with those pricey boots. Had good luck with redwings in the past. Thorogood made boots while i was in the Marines and they held up and were comfortable. Bought a set of Thorogood lace up work boots and they are comfortable and on 2nd year with lots of life left. Also less expensive than equivalent Red Wing boot.
  3. 464 i fixed up this summer had power steering issues. Steering cyl leaked bad and power steering relief valve o ring was missing and the tabs around the pressure adjust screw were hammered off. Installed relief valve from parts MCV, rebuilt steering cylinder and you could turn it sitting with 1 finger.
  4. Friend sent me a link to it and for what it was advertised for I knew it wouldnt last long. It was a great looking disc in the ad pics. Mine is a 19'1" with the 9" spacing. Its one of the best disk ever and on the smallest frame available. I like how i cant fit through gates with ease. Cool part is both our disks were sold new local to us and still have dealership stickers on them. Like everthing else, mine wasnt as nice when i picked it up as corn belt equipment is. That disk looks ready to use today. What are you going to pull it with?
  5. Bringing home a cheap 56 with 3rd remote must be the "cool" thing these days. I removed 3rd remote off mine. Messes up the hyd seat lines. If someone would come up with a nice clean 3 remote lever bolt on set up they would make some $. Wish mine would have had all the hyd seat shields vs the 3rd remote but it is what it is when you find them. 3rd remote is trading stock now i guess. 856 looks straight. What year model is it? Must be '67-early '69 since it has 3 piece platform and key style steering arms. Bonus it has 10.00-16 8 bolts and 38" wedgelocks. Was a well optioned 856 with hyd
  6. Crazy part is damn thing fires right up and runs smooth. Interesting to see 3LD-223 turbo on name plate.
  7. Texas Tea where it shouldnt be. No idea whats on the fuel filter.
  8. Im still turning wrenches on it, big ones.
  9. 544 utility hydro gold demo is one of the rarest of the gold demos. Worth a pile of $.
  10. Finally got around to mounting the 24.5-32s on the powder coated rims. Heavy wheel and tire set up.
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