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  1. Long Farms

    New 1456 and new to red power

    The 1456 with the 5088 wheels will give it a 1556 concept look. Even though the 1556 prototype model looked nothing like 56 series IHs.
  2. Long Farms

    New 1456 and new to red power

    Remove all the hardware and pins and paint or powdercoat them silver before you paint hitch red.
  3. Long Farms

    Whats another one to the pile....

    Picked up 16x38 rims and tub full of parts i had powdercoated. Heading to KC this weekend to swap parts and pick up a nice 1456 front axle.
  4. Long Farms

    Tilt steering wheel on 66 series

    Ive had all the combos. Use to add tilt to almost every tractor i brought home. Got tired of that and the expense of buying, rebuilding and installing them added up. I still prefer hyd seats. Decided from now on, if it doesnt come in with tilt its not getting tilt. If it has tilt rebuild it, make it tight and right.
  5. Long Farms

    New 1456 and new to red power

    1456, 1466, 1468, 1086, 1486 axles are all the same part number.
  6. Long Farms

    IH 1026 Hydro Registry

    PM me your full name for the contact info. wedgelocks weren't as common as clamp ons but 34" wedgelocks would be rare.
  7. Long Farms

    1456 differential questions

    Road trip to North East Texas and i have a complete '75 1466 rear end.
  8. Long Farms

    New 1456 and new to red power

    I thought 118" axles were illegal up North because they sure act like they are. K30s and 1456s, best of the best.
  9. Long Farms

    1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    All 1456s rolled off the line with black mufflers. Straight chrome pipe with chrome rain cap is alright. Over size and curved chrome pipes are beyond retarded. Everything with exception of my 1256 has a black muffler. Butch is looking for a NOS or nice used original DT-407 muffer for his 1456 gold demo.
  10. Long Farms

    USS Hornet

    News showed a pic from farther back and theres 2 on deck.
  11. Long Farms

    USS Hornet

    Theres 2 still on deck.
  12. Long Farms

    Tilt steering wheel on 66 series

    I meant 68s
  13. Long Farms

    Tilt steering wheel on 66 series

    Tilt wheel were prototyped on 06s but never factory option. They were introduced when 56s were as an option along with several other new options. They were available as a dealer or field upgrade for 06s. Tilt steering was the same for 26, 56, 66, and 86s with exception of steering hand pump and base plate. If the tractor had tilt and a horn, the center cap served as the horn button. Dont see that combo too often.
  14. Long Farms

    IH 1026 Hydro Registry

    Updated 2-11-2019 S/N Location 2nd Location Gold Demo 7524 Plainview NE NO 7536 Lakeside NE NO 7687 Glenwood City WI NO 7743 Kenosha, WI NO 7791 WI NO 7822 Pinnacle NC NO 7877 Moville IA NO 7881 NO 7909 Upper Sandusky OH No 7962 Battle Creek IA NO 7976 Stratford Ontario CA NO 7985 Kandiyohi MN NO 8012 Northwood IA NO 8091 NE NO 8079 Winifred KS/Marshal Town IA Marshal Town IA NO 8086 Slayton MN NO 8101 McKinney TX NO 8103 Tangent OR NO 8112 ? 8209 Stillwater OK NO 8232 Pattonville TX NO 8261 Moville IA NO 8384 American Falls ID No 8312 ? 8314 Salvage N/A 8333 ? 8362 Cascade IA NO 8404 Rickardsville IA 8428 Warner OK NO 8451 Mansfield TX NO 8517 Waterloo, WI NO 8532 Ames IA NO 8565 Orrstown PA NO 8574 Hillsboro TN No 8584 Stanwood IA NO 8587 Winifred KS NO 8612 Abilene KS NO 8637 Dyersville IA No 8690 Onaga KS NO 8692 Cannon Falls MN 8712 Brockway PA NO 8722 Plainview NE 8723 Plainview NE 8814 Blackduck MN YES 8824 Charlottesville IN NO 8828 Colfax IA NO 8862 Morril KS Yes 8872 Winifred KS YES 8876 Powersville MO YES 8894 Winnsboro SC 8900 South East MI YES 8930 Colbert WA YES 8987 White Water WI YES 8988 Wanatah IN YES 9021 Williamston NC YES 9028 Jefferson IA YES 9052 Mechanicsville IA YES 9061 Mount Vernon WA NO 9067 New Paris IH YES 9069 KS 9099 Russiaville IN YES 9182 Louisville KY YES 9227 NE NO 9239 New Paris OH NO 9243 Falls City NE NO 9290 Cleveland TX NO 9295 Wind Gap PA YES 9375 Salvage N/A 9389 Charlottsville IN NO 9390 Oakland IA NO 9399 West Salem OH NO 9401 South West WI NO 9448 Wilson OK NO 9476 YES 9504 Wauseon OH No 9642 Kinston NC NO 9705 Edmonton AB Canada 9789 Rich Square NC 9816 Payne OH NO 9829 Pattonville TX NO 9862 Mt Pleasant MI NO 9886 Wooster OH No 9900 Shawboro NC NO 7529 North Battleford SK NO 7534 Leesburg FL YES 7542 Canada 7559 Rosetown Sk Ca
  15. Long Farms

    Actual Oil Gauge install 706

    I install them on every 361/407 I have. I also keep oil pressure sensor hooked up. I have 1 complete plug n play kit if interested.