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  1. Lots of weights, set on 30", firestone radials on the back, and green quick hitch.
  2. Spent half the day running errands. Picked up fresh oil, antifreeze, oil pump Tube o rings and gasket. Got all the dash lights and even the cigarette lighter working. Tach drive cable is worn, put a decent used one and got tach working again. The dreaded front axle narrowing in is soon to come.
  3. Had 10 of each made just need to drop off to powder coat.
  4. IH mounted the SMV on the cab or in back of the seat. With special mounting bracket.
  5. No, i dont paint them. Under my ownership they wont get that filthy again but if i was to paint a tractor i would pull them back off and paint back side.
  6. Purple power incorporated with hot water. Once a tractor is clean and degreased i mix PP with dawn dish soap and hot water. Dawn only on my vehicles and tractors with new paint. The purple power will really break up heavy grease and clean up tires. Pure PP will sting your hand with a cut, scrape or even a thin spot. Why i like my pressure washer to mix it with water as i spray it on. It also helps to wash tractor off after its been running all day and entire body is warm.
  7. No joke, get themoff asap and get 3EE. You can even put battery covers on with 3EE on 706/756. Youll know burn up when that post pops that fuel tank.
  8. From what i was told when i got it it came from South West KS. Friends 1206 SN 14869 came from North West OK so they are close in SN and options. Mine was factory fender delete but had an aftermarket cab on it. It still had the factory fender delete fasher bar which i put on my 856 since its fenders are removed for dozer work. This 1206 is cleaning up real well.
  9. The 656 hydro with black dash was a gold demo.
  10. Traded for this 1206 few months ago. Weather and time has permitted to start cleaning and fixing it up.
  11. 2250, 2255, 2350, 2450, 2355 and 2455 were all carried over from IH to CIH. Both my 2350 and 2355 loader are Case International.
  12. One is a friends 856 and hes in prison for a while, other is Adams 1256 and last is my 1456 that slammed into the pecan tree.
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