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  1. Yes, these aren't hay rake or auger tractor. I will make them dig time to time. Down here everything was 3pt toolbar equipment 6-8 row wide, planters, bedders, row cultivators, field cultivators, v-rippers, chisel plows and moldboards. 4 bottom roll over plows were common and they are heavy. I can put a 3yd dirt pan on one and it makes it rare up. And yes its for looks too. Lots of stripped down 1456s out there and people like to see them how they were meant to be.
  2. Yep, needs battery covers and rear light. Mines missing RH step too. Cant find enough of the 26/56 double steps. Crazy how so many 1456s had 6 bolt hubs. Im guessing at least 1/3 of 1456s had 6 bolt hubs.
  3. Super nice 826. I was thinking the other day if i had another 826 or 856 id put a diamond cab on it. Just dont see many with factory cab. Im interested in the 826 A/C set up and see if i cant get A/C going in my 1456 cabs. Id swap weight brackets on the 826 and 1486. Someone mixed them up.
  4. No Rick youre 2x the fool. You had 2 beautiful 1456s remember.......
  5. You bet im keeping it. Only a fool would sell it. Already had some nice offers but turned them down. As usual people want the ones I dont have for sale. Theres a big difference between southern & northern paint. Odds are condition is better up north but they still need work to meet my specs. This 1456 still needs items buttoned up but i have to move on to the next one. Theres only 325hrs difference between these 2 1456s. They sold 900mi apart, farmed different crops with different equipment and drivers. One has firestones all around the other has goodyears all around. Lower hr tractors are addicting.
  6. Looks good. Im working on pics of the one im working on. Isnt this a very early S/N?
  7. Pennfield Pics and turn out is better than Red Powers
  8. I kicked up a set of 24.5x32s i want to put on a bareback 1456 I have and make a "Western Farmall 1456". Neat wheel and tire combo not seen much. Have the rims broke down to powder coat soon.
  9. Ed, where did that 1456 originate from? Im guessing northern high plains.
  10. Yesterdays tractor (YTmag) has a haul schedule you can post a what to where ad. Give it a week or so to get a few bids and go. Had an oliver 1755 shipped from IN to TX for $400 by posting on haul schedule.
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