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  1. Same place sand blasts and powder coats them. They look purplish in the pics but in person they are spot on IH silver. The place ive been having them done at is 1/3 the distance of driving to Dallas, 1/2 the cost and 7-10 day turn around vs 4-5 weeks in Dallas. Plus the owner lives down the road from me. Only way to do it.
  2. 1456 has 2 different size front tires and 3 rib tires look better than 4 rib on pre 1990 tractors. 1466 has wheel weights and big 10 bolt hubs while 1456 looks light in the back. The 20.8s look good with the 14L16s. Trade you a black seat cushion set for the white cushion set on the 1466.
  3. Tony, I dont have any extras. They are hard to find and expensive to buy them NIB. Hopefully 2020 Ertl puts out 50 year anniversary edition 1456s in red and gold.
  4. Ive heard swapping a Prestige cab for a Precision is a chore. Ertl is terrible about being consistent. I just strip the cab down and fill in lower cab windows and cut out side windows. might be same amount of work but its more detail in the end. Im working on a '74-75 Red cab 1466 right now.
  5. 2 1/16 IH 1456s I wrapped up this weekend. The Gold Demo 1456 started off as a junked out 1256 wheatland. Added diamond cab of Ertl 856 Precision, belly mounted fuel tank, large frame mount toolbox. 11.00-16s, 18.4x38 duals, interchangeable gold stock air cleaner and Donaldson deluxe precleaner, raised emblems vs flat decals engine detailing. Farmall 1456 started with ertl 1456 precision. Removed ROPS, swapped tilt steering for standard steering, added flat top fenders, IH CAT 2/3 quick hitch, large frame mount toolbox, stock air cleaner, long axles, IH 9bolt dual hubs, 4 sets of wheel weights, fender mount radio, correct 1456 pivot bolster, hyd clutch assist, engine detailing. The 165 5btm roll over plow was built by my friend and fellow collector and builder Dwight Block also known as Tripp on here . This is 1 of 10 165s he built and the only 5btm he made.
  6. You even got the chevy out of the garage
  7. Some times the unexpected hand held loot is more exciting than the big stuff.
  8. Im on the road right now but i can get pics of the ones i have when i get home. Im in north east tx and fastenal would be only way to ship. Came off a 1456 with clamp ons. Clamps are HD.
  9. Send me a PM with personal contact info and other details and/or post info in the 1026 registry thread.
  10. Have you turned in the 1026 S/Ns for the registry?
  11. I would have traded you a set of good clean 1456 gold sheet metal painted back red on outside for that original gold sheet metal in a heart beat.
  12. Had this 14 pulled apart and washed and washed this thing. Burned through 3gal of purple power and now its clean. At 3289hrs not 1 fuel or oil leak has popped up that turn of awrench didnt quickly fix. Installed new bushing for tilt wheel. RH axle cap was ruined from loose wedges grinding into the cap. Swapped cap and bearing race so its still matched. LH axle housing is 86 series style but itll be swapped once i tare into rear end. 86 axle bar measures 24" from housing while 56 axle measures 22". Set the rear wheels on 36" centers to match front axle. Deleted all of the cab heater and block heater plumbing and fittings and installed new oil cooler hoses.
  13. I was told Dennis,owner of Red Power has 856 #1. Earliest one ive seen in person is this one thats local is #8508
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