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  1. Very last ones made by IH were 400078R3 split weights. Had an extra hole casted into weight and ive never heard why. Theres also a few variations of each weight P/N too. Such as a 400078R1 could have had P/N on outter face or back side. 400078R1 were also available in white. The list of weight P/Ns and variations of them has some length and i still find small changes as i get in weights.
  2. Ole Richard always gave me inspiration on the way he set his tractors up. I enjoyed looking at his IHs in magazines and on their covers over the years. He was always great to visit with at shows and at his place. He showed me and my late friend Butch Aycock his collection few years ago while we were checking on Progress of his gold demo 1456 Coy Winslow was working on at the time. Richard had some great looking tractors and equipment and they were all very well restored and cared for. He even gave me a belly tank one time under the condition i dont sell it to make $ and fix it up and get it working. 1256 still rocks it today.
  3. This 1456 sold new at Oglesby IH in Hereford. They had store in Hereford and Dumas. Were still CIH till 10 years or so ago. The son still has an equipment dealership in Dumas.
  4. Gotta roll some how while front end is tore down for rebuild. Easier to work on and around with NF. 70lbs IH weights w/L bracket on factory 10 hole bracket w/L bracket bolt holes.
  5. Mixed in pic i took pic of my 666 tach to confirm it was correct tach for my 666.
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