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  1. I was a Crew Serve Weapons instructor for my B billet in the Marines. Flip phones/digital cameras would have been the best media to use back then but yes, both would have had their asses chewed, stomped and removed from the firing range for pulling a stunt like that with live ball ammo. Very few Marines were removed from firing range for stupid stunts. Was always interesting presenting the report to Battery 1st Sgt and then Sgt Maj and standing in the room when the Marine was front and center of some old Salty Sgt Maj.
  2. No telling what all dealership decals are out in the yard at Colfax. Thats where i saw most of the Cali decals i snapped pics of.
  3. Ill get F-8063 logged in. I-9559 has yet to resurface. Very little I-1026s have surfaced.
  4. Long Farms

    LP experts?

    One reason imparting out my 706 LPG. No one around to work on them and they are worth more parted out than running. Mine still had Ensign vaporizer and was told parts havent been available in decades for those.
  5. I get most of mine at Toy shows, Red Power, Ebay and antique stores. Ebay use to be loaded with brochures but its thinned down to same ole brochures over and over. Its got to the point where i rarely find a brochure i dont have or have never seen. Alot of IH, steiger, Case IH John deere 70s-90s, short line companies.
  6. Exactly, remove it and keep it out. Its nothing but a wet sponge. I put used baler belt on bottom corners and side to prevent rubbing. With that foam gone i can keep it a whole lot cleaner with air hoseand pressure washer.
  7. One of the rarest IH gold demos
  8. Built up leveling screw pin holes and tacked in bushing for lift cylinders. Previous owner ran it with no bushing just straight pin. The slop must have been hellacious running this thing. Should start going back together tomorrow. The main lift cylinders will probably both have to be replaced. Both yokes are worn bad. One side is even welded to cylinder shaft making it unserviceable.
  9. Imagine they washed it with diesel to shine. Still a money pit pile of crap. No telling what horrors lie inside.
  10. Sold before Christmas across the river in OK, then went to Brinkley auctions week later, now its at tractor jockey in Commerce TX. Every piece of equipment at the original farm sale was ragged. Guy was hard on everything
  11. My local club focused mainly on pre '59 tractors, only wanted to do pulling. Wouldnt even recognize my collection. Had no intrest in expanding show to include parts swap and vendors. I lost intrest fast. TX IHCC wasnt too welcoming to me, youngest there, dont care about Hs and Ms 460s and 560s and seems they didnt take me serious on what I had. I quit all the clubs I was in and dont regret it. Im in my mid 30s and most people i meet 1st time try to take advantage of me for my age thinking I dont know IHs and have no clue what its worth. Most that come by to look at a tractor or parts always ask where my dad or granddad got all these IHs......
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