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  1. I put a strip of old baler belt under battery and cable covers over the post and even with aftermarket covers they stay put. Think it has to do with baler belt keeping the battery from sliding in and cover getting loose.
  2. Found the rest of the oil lube tube
  3. Click on this topic link and it has a list and inputs everyone gathered for the differences
  4. Took about 4 hrs to tear it all down to where its at now but it was naked rolling in from having initial strip and scrub. Wife helped get rear top plate off and set up A frame. Farley helped with splitting and tear down of rear end. Takes a while to set up and line up all the split stands and get parts moved around. Still have to remove steering tower and fuel tank to replace transmission top shaft. Normally i have to spend alot of time and $ rebuilding front axles, 3pts, shifters but all of that is in great shape since its low hrs. Itll be nice to know rear end will be in good shape and know its all good when its all finished.
  5. Long axles are sitting on pallet jack in corner.
  6. Has the top hook on the CAT 2 been broke off and rewelded? Never seen one like that one but it very common to see the CAT 2 top hooks broke. The CAT 2 hitches were weak and broke or cracked out. Reason why i think they are harder to find. One thing about the CAT 2/3 hitch, its never been set on CAT 2.
  7. Wouldnt shift into high range. Pulled shifter plate, saw i was in for more than shifter plate rebuilt. Pinion shaft nut came loose and it just ground into transmission shaft. Its a mess.
  8. Tearing into S/N 11611
  9. Heres how I set up the hyd seat line on 1456s. If you can find the line in a junk yard off a 756, 856, 1256, 826 or 1026 with hyd seat it works too. Wont have to cut, flare and bend line. Grab the T fitting and line from T fitting to seat hose too.
  10. Every 1456 i get in with hyd seat or add hyd seat to i modify hyd brake supply line and install a T fitting on brake booster. The stock hyd seat supply line gets in my way especially when fixing shift cover. One less line to worry about leaking under platform too. If you really want/need the stock line i have a few take offs. Hyd seats were options on 1456. Only standard on 1468 and 1568.
  11. Saw a set on a 3088 as main drive wheels other day. Theyre out there.
  12. Its IH because the lower 2 bolt holes have the large hole and slot to mount on tractor. Aftermarket just had 3/4" drilled holes. Made it harder to mount on tractor. By late '75 the 12 hole weight brackets went to a deeper style. Pushed weights away from grille without having to use spacers. Work well on 1026 and 1456 too since grille casting sits farther forward.
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