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  1. Doubt it. Never looked in parts book for them though. Im down here in the land of aftermarket Weights. B&W, Taylor, TyFyCo, lone star are all foundries in TX that made weights.
  2. Ive never seen one badged with a black stripe and every TX county had atleast 1-2 66 hydros for reclaimers.
  3. Only 1 here has fresh red paint. Rest of them are Patina Power. I would take a clean original IH to Red Power before i would take my restored 1456. I've got to where i rather see a clean original thats complete vs a mediocre restoration thats missing items.
  4. I bet it cleans up well. Seems to have good bones.
  5. I keep the 1026 S/N Registry so yes its my duty to question a Frankenstein I-1026 that you post a 100yd pic of with no other proof if it's legitimacy that we all know is just gonna be jockey'd. Your just pulling the same crap Chris Brunsvold use to do before it caught up to him and he hung himself.
  6. So they removed the I-1026 S/N from original hydro trans and placed it on the 806 gear drive Trans when they did the weak hydro trans and rear end swap along with the complete steering tower column? Were you able to get original wheatland/standard style grille w/head lights and the hydro style steering tower column with it too?
  7. You have the original I-1026 Hydro trans seperate from the Tractor but came with the tractor? I know exactly where the S/N tag is and supose to be but there's no way that gear drive Trans S/N tag is legit to that tractor. NO 1026s rolled off the line as a gear drive and the "half 1026" in the pic is clearly a gear drive Trans.
  8. Def a gear drive transmission. The bread and butter I-1026 S/N tag is gone and so is the value.
  9. Bodine Family 1066 was there and had a nice display poster of it along with family history and receipt. Pretty nice and clean original especially for the south. Suprised me it only had 1 hyd. Wedgelock cheater bar strapped to frame is always great to see.
  10. Yes and no. Had a set of 38x14 rims powder coated and 15.5x38 tires mounted. It's easier if they are fixed to tractor to mount so i anchored them to a long axle tractor and havent had time or need to pull them off.
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