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  1. Oklahoma is a pretty state untill you drive through a town. Southern OK is some of the most poverty stricken area in the US and Idabel is nothing but a top notch river rat schit hole. Youll see some big equipment in the Western Part of the state.
  2. Every one of my 407 engines except ones with factory installed belly tank have the same line. Belly tank style has bleeder before filter. An 856 CUSTOM might have a different line since it has 37 gal fuel tank.
  3. I rather see an IH #85 12r30 or #78 6r30 and be made by SpecCast. Ertls quality and attention to detail is a joke these days. The Dallas 806 was running an IH #52 middle buster.
  4. Some ih bucket brackets were universal. You unbolt them from bucket and move them in/out to fit the loader. Easy to tell if it has black bucket w/red brackets. My 2350 84" bucket has fixed brackets. Id like to find a bucket with adjustable brackets for my 2355 loader too.
  5. He's "cab people"
  6. Great pics. I see the cab staying on this 1206. Need a good walk around video.
  7. One option is to put those decals on magnet paper backing and you can put on and move around as you like.
  8. Ill have to look at 86 specs sheets. I know 1066 and 1086 for sure had dual speed as option, but when did hyd brake style pto come into production during the 86? Was the hyd braket the safety factor that allowed dual speed in a 1486 from factory if that was available? Seems alot of changes in options were coming along fast in late 70s. 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1468, 1566, and 1568 are all listed as being 1000pto only in all my brochures, spec sheets and dealer sales books. Was it Dual Speed PTOs that were #1 or #2 most ordered part from dealers back then? I know PTOs and TAs were 1
  9. The cab style PTO handle is way to go open station or cab. To replace an open station PTO lever and parts gets pricey. Roll pin hole in handle is a weak spot. Intstall open station solid handle and there it is from then on. In all the 66 series brochures and dealer spec sheets it lists single 1000pto only for 14s and bigger.
  10. Good lookn 1256 with alot of the right parts right where they go. How does this 1256 compare to old family 1256 for options and set up? I toast a beer for stock air cleaner and black stack. Original Road less traveled.
  11. Coastal tractors are rotten. Lots of cancer on them. They are sun burnt too but they have several things against them. Salty air, farming sections at a time 24hrs a day, peppers at the wheel, piss poor maintenance, non existent storage, farming yearly (tripple crop), in fact in south TX they will plant corn in a few weeks, and several other issues and conditions. Ive only bought 1 coastal bend tractor. It has 4400hrs but WOOF! Big difference between TX 4000hrs and midwest 4000hrs. West TX tractors are go to for me. Straighter and not as hard of a life. Straight row farming, dry air, no trees a
  12. Im tryn to figure out if it did have a factory cab or if it was factory optioned to have turn signals with the ROPS. All the right parts have been swapped to make cab tractor to open station/rops. I havent meet the cowboy here yet that would take the time to swap it all out for correct parts. Safety was becoming a big factor by mid 70s. As for the hrs, its damn sure not 13k hrs. With a pepper at the wheel for 13k hrs there would be nothing left of it. Manifold doesnt look burnt to **** yet. Tractor is 85% complete. Tx sun just burnt the **** out of the paint and someone jazzed it up with TSC
  13. 99% true Alan, Cause the above avg are all squirrel'd away in what few sheds that are in TX.
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