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  1. carbide tipped points use the same gauge. If you have ANY rocks in your fields, carbide tipped points are a bad choice.
  2. Outback may struggle now to be the lowest price. They are not an OEM direct dealer anymore.
  3. Thanks to th e IH Parts Mafia...I have a new hose and the 986 owner is very happy to be running again!!! THANKS!!!!!
  4. Anyone have an nos IH # 104275C1 fuel hose to sell? This is used on the 886-986-1086-1486 tractors to connect the upper and lower tanks. CNH has them on B/O with no date of expected delivery....😪 Customer would like to use tractor now...
  5. Buy the seed tube brush from Great Plains.....its under $10.
  6. some PIE or IH beer (actually both!!) would greatly help better.......😉
  7. Only 1 mistake in there...IH did not make any 856 gold demos......my editing program missed that.
  8. DO NOT MIX the OAT coolant with what you have. It will cause a reaction turning the coolant to a Jello like substance.
  9. I'm sure a lot of people would like this rig....
  10. Now to build......Tandem scrapers.......like the big guys have. 😉
  11. The 3988 is a real IH item. IH Engineering lists it as being worked on from 1982 to 1984. What IH Engineering was trying to create here is not clear. May be a non FAF (Forward Air Flow) version tractor to be more price competitive??? Not many details are given in the IH papers I have on it. IH did give the 3988 its own kind/code serial numbers.
  12. I hauled a load of tillage stuff from MacFarlanes in Sauk City, Wi years ago. Had to strap my own down (no big deal). The issue was the pieces were still dripping wet paint. It did blow dry by the time I got home......😃
  13. I love it! If you're good at it (I am) its a blast to do. A properly set plow and weighted tractor make this an easy field task.
  14. Let's test this pc on its photo sharing capabilities.... Direct from MY Hinsdale photo file.....the IH 1266. (in COLOR too!!!)
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