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  1. Battery for Farmall 60A

    This is a Group 34 battery rated at 770 CCA. Exide, Interstate, ect should all have a Group 34 battery to fit this application.
  2. New Red Power is out!!

    The March -April issue of R.P.M. just hit my mailbox today. As always lots of good IH stuff inside. I wont spoil the contents for everyone here... The rear cover pic of the 2+2 moving snow is VERY impressive!!
  3. Got my Red Power Today

    It USED to be printed in I believe it is MN. The cold air wind must be pushing its delivery....
  4. Where were the MX Maxxums built?

    The 5000 series were built in Neuss, Germany.
  5. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    IIRC...Steiger made 35? of the 9190's and ALL of them were S.A.R. (Sold At Retail) units meaning they ALL had a signed order of purchase for them. I think a lot of them went to AU, as they don't turn up here in the States at all... Its ironic that the Tiger IV/9290 was dropped as it was "too big" for the market and now we have Steigers that are bigger HP than them.....
  6. Happy Birthday Bermuda Ken

    Many THANKS to all!!! Spent part of this week with son Henry in Hospital (all is ok). It looks like I'm another year older.........not so sure on the much more wiser part! LOL The parts business is still fun (I learn something new everyday) and the IH dealer I'm at is great to work for!!
  7. Tell me about stripper heads

    I'm told they can be $$$$ to fix....usually takes lots of singles!!....
  8. Gotta love farmer ingenuity!

    THAT is the ultra rare BANDAG tractor tire re-tread prototype model.............Better save it now!! LOL
  9. The next BIG IH 4wd tractor (bigger than the Super 70's) coming out in 1985-86, was slated to have an L-10 Cummins under the hood.
  10. Early 986

    Yes they did. I think a number is missing from the serial number. This looks like a 1979 year model. It has wide cab steps.
  11. 2017 farm progress show

    Plan to be there Tuesday "working" at the CIH exhibit.....
  12. Steiger CVT trans

    I drove a rowtrac proto with the CVT this year and it was smoooooooth. Today I ran a 380CVT and it too was nice and smooth. I've noticed the CVT's have a slight pitched whine when running flat out...... kinda like a hydro does. As for the trans HP limitations.....I know STEIGER has tested an E.M.D. (Electro Motive a train locomotive) version and THAT will be what is necessary for the 800-900-1000+HP tractors to effective put the power to the ground. Drive shafts and clutch packs won't do it. The E.M.D. tractors will be easier to work on and have less moving parts. They would be smooth like a CVT to run too! The downside is that they will be BIG $$$$$$$.....
  13. Case IH calendar

    The steamer is not even made by CIH....
  14. The Early '06's - (Updated with pics)

    You can add black face tach and speed chart decal to your list....
  15. Case IH calendar

    The machine is a steamer to "wet" the hay.