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  1. At sometime in its life, the muffler hit something. The pipe at the manifold is welded and the exh manifold has a slight crack in it. The original muffler would be nicer.
  2. IH never had a diagram for this, however one is "in the works" for the new site listing.
  3. yes.....please be patient while the move takes place....
  4. Other than a dent in top of the LH hood....a clean and buff will make this sharp!!
  5. A nice original painted F-766 gasser. Plain standard drawbar, NO 3 point, single remote hydraulic valve. A very plain, basic tractor you don't see very often. Here to be revived for another life on the farm.....
  6. Actually,......I do HAVE a RED phone just for these emergencys... It just doesn't light up like the Bat Phone does......😄
  7. oh snap....I better get my copy of this reloaded on ANOTHER site....Stay tuned!!
  8. IH called this color of paint Instrument Panel Grey.
  9. The wooden combine models shown above were sold on the Hinsdale Auction. They were both broken (much more than in the photos here) with broken wheels and augers. (they looked like someone dropped them on the floor) I bid them up to $2K and dropped out. The sold for almost $4K!! The sale had an 18% buyers fee ADDED to every sale, along with IL sales tax, so there were very few "bargains" to be had. The auction had very little IH items on it as most of that was erased in 1985 when case did a clean sweep thru the place. My friends working there tell of how they had to hide anything IH they had or be in big trouble!! ALOT of it was dumpstered, but some dumpster divers did save some things. A large number of IH prototype pics did get pulled from the dumpster. They cover the Super Letter series era thru the 86 series. I will share some of them next year (hopefull) with everyone in book form.
  10. If you are into Semi Trucks..this name is usually synonomous with "the best made" . Hand made for every owner. Caught making a recent delivery to us here at Johnson Tractor in Juda, WI.
  11. Yes...I am. This will be a series of books as 1 book won't even begin to cover it. I have a large collection (500+??) of IH Proto tractor pics from the mid 1950's to 1980 ish. Some of them IH made, some of them they did not. It will be interesting to share this with everyone like always. THAT is how we keep the history and innovation of IH alive!
  12. I have the correct DEMONSTRATOR decal letters back in stock. pm me.....
  13. Pirkle was in Madison, WI too and had some classy owner-op trucks running for it.
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