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  1. I should have a set of Chassis decals for the 504..pm me..
  2. I would like to see a copy of the manual list when its made....
  3. I use the old 86 series auxiliary fuel tanks (square side tank) that are cut in half for a drain pan...the can hold 20+ gallons.
  4. They are NOS, but not OLD. The last few sets I sold were in new CIH brown boxes and were fresh, soft rubber....no rust.
  5. IH still offers them (# 389050R1).....but they are spendy!!! ($550+ each). IH shows having only 12 left to sell .....
  6. This is definitely farmer/dealer modified. IH would NEVER put the fuel tank out front where it could be struck or damaged.(Think of the lawsuits that would happen !!!!) The old tank may have leaked or rusted or the owner was short and couldn't reach the tank fill connections. This front mount LPG tank is NOT IH factory made/approved.
  7. The H tractor in the pic looks to be copied from the Franklin Mint ad for their H Farmall replica.
  8. Foot operated Park Lock......Rare!
  9. The park lock gear fix wont be cheap....
  10. IH Prototype store trivia......the famous IH Pylon (tower with the IH sign on it) was not just a decorative/architectural item. It is hollow on the inside and was designed to be used as a fire proof safe for the dealership.
  11. I always installed 8 fins pumps to move more water.
  12. The housing should be machined to accept a 3pt being added. You need to change the top cover too, so you have 3-pt rockshaft, controls and hitch draft control.
  13. Many thanks to all for the b-day wishes...
  14. The Deluxe cab (66 series era) was made by McLaughlin. McLaughlin also made semi truck sleeper boxes for IH and others.
  15. The Euro Magnums have extra headlights in the lower grille screen. They also have an extended width rear fender (its molded into the fender). There is a place in MN that is importing Euro Magnums and other equipment here to the USA. Mechanically they are nearly the same as the North American models. Electrically and hydraulically they can be VERY different! Getting parts for the Euro MAGNUMS here in North America can be challenging. One might even have to use contacts in the IH Mafia to get them. SO......the Euro MAGNUMS may be cheaper to buy, they can be a lot harder to get some parts for...
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