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  1. YES...this is the oil that IH recommends for use in their engines.
  2. Isn't a calf a non cab unit that is MU'd to a cabbed unit (cow) typically used in yard switching/transfer jobs?
  3. PM me with a list or photos. I have a retired IH guy who is interested in this. You may know him.
  4. I would dump out the Nexplore oil and use Hytran oil for starters.
  5. Prayers for you... Make sure all your DR's are prescribing meds that work TOGETHER for you. Sometimes they don't and the drugs work against each other.
  6. I agree with Danny....it should work. The downside is......you will not have draft control now.
  7. Didn't IH want the EGT alarm set at 1250? to stop the pistons from melting?? IRRC..the ops books said that.
  8. Buy a new harness. It will have new, non-corroded connectors...
  9. The oil filter for the M was always the same length. Only the diameter changed. The early models have the "fat" filter (376376R91) that ALL of the diesels have. The Farmall H went from a tall filter (376375R91) to a short filter (376374R91).
  10. Thomure Mfg makes a stainless pipe for the boxcar MAGNUMS. Try them at 800-527-9954. I'm not aware of anyone making a stainless muffler for the Magnum.
  11. They are factory real. I was lucky enough to get one......after many years or searching. The STS was not a decal from IH. IMO.....IH should have a found a place to put these on the 5X88's.
  12. Are the original MAGNUM trans cut-a-ways on display? Like the ones they had at the Denver Summit and at Farm Progress??? They are all casted with IH's on them....... The focus on the display is the history of the MAGNUM and what tractors made before it contributed parts to make the MAGNUM a reality. (thus the high amount of IH input.........just like in REALITY!) New Holland has nothing to do the MAGNUM development(other than they sell a blue version of it now) so they were not included. Is there a New Holland/Ford NH tractor museum/collection anywhere??
  13. Jim.....I had a big influence on what the signs said. (I got to proof them) CNH wants to tell the story of the MAGNUM and how it come about. It was not an all new. all CASE design....
  14. Bermuda_Ken

    New Magnum ?

    where was this announced??
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