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  1. The "puck" adapter is for the 361-407 engines...
  2. Be sure to use STURDY splitting stands....the 5X88 housings are NOT light weight!!!!
  3. My condolences to the Darst family. Darrel was the originator of the IH Specialty Tent that featured rare/odd IH items at the Red Power Roundup. The first one was in 1993 and it had the OLDEST Farmall Tractor known and the LAST IH tractor made along with Tracto the IH Tractor robot, an experimental IH no-till planter and a very early built IH Scout. Here is a piccy of the first and last tractors along with an IH 660 and a 1-owner 826 gold demo that myself and Neal Stone brought to the show. This was taken in our driveway. We hired Merlin Frederickson ( a JD collector to haul them for us) and He was IMPRESSED at all the IH there at the show. The IH Specialty tent made appearances at other Roundups and has eventually turned into the show feature exhibit.. Darrel is a large collector of everything IH, with a great IH refrigeration collection.
  4. Is the tractors High-Low Range Lever engaged?
  5. Pilot Knob Parts of Galena, IL offers a hood bolt kit and the individual bolts too!
  6. The model 3300 (A-B) was the skid steer built by Northwestern Mfg. in Eau Claire, WI. These were all yellow in color and sold (mainly) by IH Industrial dealers.
  7. If you are using the original IH belt.....it is # 874097C1......39.5 inches long.
  8. The MS rating for Hytran oil hasn't been used by CIH for nearly 10? years now. Your need to find an oil with an EXACT match to the MAT3540 rating to get the same stuff. If Brand X has worked well for you and want to save $$$ switch to 303 oil.
  9. The stripes are NLA from CIH. Maple Hunter does not list them either....
  10. This TX is a 1980-81 built. I only know of ONE 1984-1985 TX tractor that is alive and running.
  11. Bermuda_Ken

    IH semi

    Very Classy!!
  12. I had a somewhat different experience there than Jerry did. I was told to be there (at the AZ Memorial) when they open to avoid a long wait (good idea btw). Many of the visitors there were of Asian heritage. After watching the movie about what lead up to the attack, the lights turn on and we stand up to leave for the shuttle boats. The stares that were given to the Asian visitors could kill and a lot them did not make any eye contact or even get on the boats to the ship monument..... I didn't have any relatives at Pearl Harbor at the start of the war, but did have an Uncle involved in the Atomic Bomb to end it.
  13. yes...there was one planned.
  14. Original paint on it I see.....
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