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  1. sold it to Ed Lehman long ago. He was going to duplicate it.
  2. The Elwood transfer case for the IH 5X88 series looks like this....
  3. Johnson Tractor.....moved to Janesville, Wi in 1985...has 9 stores now.
  4. This looks familiar.....😅 From the 1970's era.
  5. Kalscheur Implement..still a dealer today. This decal is on an F-826 Hydro Gold Demo they sold new.
  6. The IH AG & Truck dealer at Beaver Dam, WI. They had the largest IH literature display I have ever seen.
  7. IDK that......(yet). It is a RED POWER demo and supposedly it was donated to an AG Museum in KS. I've not found any proof of this being true or not. I do know that this 1586 is NOT the same 1586 that CIH has in Racine.
  8. IH used protos for pics in the ops and service books. They had to have these made ready when the production started. They often used proto pics that were very close to the production tractor to have the books printed in time.
  9. Farmers Implement.....now Service Motors....
  10. Wallem International........owned by IH book Author Paul Wallem.
  11. Hendrix International....now Stoller International....
  12. What is the name(s) of the manufactures that used IH 66 series tractors to pull/mount road making machines? I saw somewhere a 66 series fitted with large tillers on the rear and an asphalt miller?? Any help here??
  13. Another year, another lap around the sun. I know that 2024 has some big events planned for me. More on that later.
  14. Has the column had the upgrade kit added to it? Part # is B92961 with a related service bulletin of NTR MP 001 94. Make sure it has been done. NTR MP 001 94
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