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  1. The outside ledger plate is IH part # MA330. It is different from all the others. CIH still offers them for sale yet.
  2. CIH still sells the threaded link at the tail wheel with the ball end...…# 489858R2....
  3. At the CIH parts webstore....try searching for a model HSCXK You will find the Super Chief style plow bottom parts listed. Be aware that the original clipped head bolts for the moldboard and shins are for the original IH design. The new diamond head bolts are for for the CIH updated moldboards and shins. (check your part numbers!).
  4. IH Blue paint should be available at ACE Hardware stores....
  5. The housing is IH part # 392408R1.....still offered by IH.
  6. Just to repeat what Danny said...IH DID HAVE live, running, field tested, FULL POWERSHIFT transmission tractors well BEFORE any merger was announced. I have the paperwork from IH to prove it. It will be interesting to see what kind of hydraulic filters are on this unit. My guess is a PALL brand, as IH was going to them for future products. The PALL and Fleetguard filters are NOT interchangeable. Its sad that it took now 35 years for this to happen, most everyone knew it was an IH design in 1987 when it came out. The castings told you so. Some people were desperate to bury the truth....
  7. This information USED to be available to CIH dealers to look up. About 10? years ago, this feature was deleted from CIH on the pre-2000 built tractors.
  8. I should have a set of Chassis decals for the 504..pm me..
  9. I would like to see a copy of the manual list when its made....
  10. I use the old 86 series auxiliary fuel tanks (square side tank) that are cut in half for a drain pan...the can hold 20+ gallons.
  11. They are NOS, but not OLD. The last few sets I sold were in new CIH brown boxes and were fresh, soft rubber....no rust.
  12. IH still offers them (# 389050R1).....but they are spendy!!! ($550+ each). IH shows having only 12 left to sell .....
  13. This is definitely farmer/dealer modified. IH would NEVER put the fuel tank out front where it could be struck or damaged.(Think of the lawsuits that would happen !!!!) The old tank may have leaked or rusted or the owner was short and couldn't reach the tank fill connections. This front mount LPG tank is NOT IH factory made/approved.
  14. The H tractor in the pic looks to be copied from the Franklin Mint ad for their H Farmall replica.
  15. Foot operated Park Lock......Rare!
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