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  1. I'm interested in a lot of this....can you send me a list??
  2. Good find!!! Another nice original tractor. Keep the cab on it, they will be worth more with it on.
  3. Use a FOAM brush (not a bristle brush) and you will have a streak free paint job when done.
  4. A CIH dealer in TN shows having the 375078R91 filter in stock. Call Agri-Power 931-762-0457 to find out if they really do.
  5. The #490422R landside is retired from CIH.... I would think to run the 59057c landside and the 59058C wear pad to handle the tail wag.....
  6. I believe so......the White Hydro 100 decals are NLA from CIH...have been now for over 10 years...
  7. I'm basing my comment off past printed experiences with IH. THey never made just 1 copy of anything....
  8. No comment at this time on the CIH.......😉 Yes all the lines that Anderson has now will be continued to be carried....
  9. Matt....I am pretty sure the old IH stuff probably went out in 1996 when Anderson got their new (current) store built just north of town. I bought a couple Anderson IH items online over the years. (ebay, ect) The current store was built in 1996 when Motorola bought their old location to build a (now defunct) factory to make cell phones. It was a multi-million $$$$ deal. The factory lasted until 2005? and has been empty ever since.
  10. It was announced (officially) yesterday (11-18-2020) that A. A. Anderson was bought by Johnson Tractor (the IH dealer I work for). Plans are to keep the Harvard store open and possibly expand it in the near future.....
  11. Excellent find of the line sheet!!!! I was told the records at Navistar were destroyed by the directive of a nervous lawyer. They did NOT want this information to get out as someone could sue them in a case related to the gas cap lawsuit..... However....knowing that IH NEVER made just 1 copy of anything.....I think another set still exists....
  12. The original b/w stripes for the 86 series (8-9-10-14-1586)...are still offered by CIH....
  13. Years ago CNH stated the reasoning behind the switch to canister elements was to be more eco-friendly. The canister elements have "less mess" in the recycling process... I'm sure that someone in the future will make a kit to change these to be a true spin on element application....
  14. They both have the same part number now for the spindle................#196334C2. Not cheap to buy thru the mothership, but still offered yet.
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