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  1. It was amazing how much my dad learned when I went to college!!
  2. The C operators manual states that the PTO is supplied lube from the transmission. The belt pulley and PTO top shaft bearing would be lubed from the front side by “throwoff” from the PTO gears. The parts book shows shims between the belt pulley housing and the PTO housing that appear to block off this passage. It is not real clear. Brian.
  3. Part number 369388R1. CaseIH shows it as discontinued. Google search shows: Farmall Parts… https://farmallparts.com/Rear_Axle_Hub_240_404_Utilities/p25277 Bates. https://www.batescorp.com/369388r1-hub-rear-axle.html Jensales. https://www.jensales.com/products/international-harvester-rear-axle-hub-ihs151.html Prices seem to vary. Brian
  4. E160BHM

    Drain tile

    I have some old SCS tile maps from 1971 showing tile installed near me. The Minimum Grades are shown by line section. Three lines at 0.3%, 0.4%,and 0.6% grade respectively. The tiles flow well.
  5. I had an aftermarket three point hitch on a C that covered up the check plug for the transmission, so I made a dipstick. Sparing no expense, I made it from some used #9 wire. The oil level (at the offset) is 10 1/4 inches below the top of the deck through the fill hole. Brian
  6. And to all who posted pictures for the rest of us who could not be there: THANK YOU.
  7. E160BHM


    And no chains…. Whatever could go wrong here??
  8. Bill: Is that an Electrall mounted on a letter series? Wondering how it is mounted and driven. Only saw them on 400 and 450s. More pictures?? Thanks, Brian
  9. Dad had a 24 picker on a 300. Great for hogs…get your feed and bedding in the same load. Brian
  10. I went from a 3 point 72” mower on a 40 hp tractor to a 52” used commercial 24 hp ExMark mower. With the 72”, mowing time was always 2 hours. With the 52” z turn mowing time is now 2 1/2 hours, but only need to trim every other time I mow. It takes less time to trim because I can mow closer to everything. The tractor never ran out of power in tall grass where the z turn is somewhat power limited. A suspension seat helped the ride on the z turn, but I still am speed limited by my rough yard when it is dry. On side slopes I learned to set my speed with the downhill lever and steer with the uphill lever. All in all, I prefer the z turn because of less turf damage and reduced trimming. Brian
  11. Wold Rim & Wheel in Garnavillo, IA makes and sells rims and will make custom rims if necessary. Link: https://www.woldinc.com/ Had very good luck when they made us some custom motor grader front rims and the price was reasonable. Brian
  12. At the manufacturer the marketing and legal departments have their issues. Marketing wants consistent image and correct paint scheme and brand /model number placement. (think black stripe decals). Legal departments want all safety and patent decals properly placed. As far as various colored parts, the Agco dealers have to deal with this on all of their brands.
  13. I do not see anything on the saddle for any kind of a clamp. It is like the pressure of the bit is used to hold the drill in place. It weighs about 20# tho. When I drilled my pipe with a 5/8 bit it held in place, but was clumsy. Would think a 1/4 or 3/8 bit might not be up to the task. According to the literature the vee block saddle can be removed and then lower the bar flipped over to bolt it to a flat surface. Good for drilling studs, etc. I probably will not use it much, but thought it was an unusual and interesting tool. Brian
  14. I recently got a Cole Tool Mfg (St Anne, IL) No 7 drill press at a sale. It is “portable” hand crank ratchet drill press. Kind of an unusual tool. Found sales literature here: http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/detail.aspx?id=11199&tab=3. I have tried it out drilling pipe. The biggest problem is it’s portability. With the pipe in a vise and no way to hold the pipe in the saddle it is a real wrestling match. Anyone else use anyone else use one of these? Brian
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