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  1. Mike: I was puzzled by your comment that Cat had new ownership as there was nothing in the news here about it. It looks like your local dealership has changed ownership. This is from the website of Terra Cat, the new owners of the dealership in New Zealand. https://terracat.co.nz/about-us “About Us Terra Cat is the new name of New Zealand’s Caterpillar dealer. Our new name was launched in December 2019, and signals the start of a new era. New owners Sime Darby Berhad agreed to rebrand over time and replace the Gough Cat name when they bought the business in October 2019. Terra Cat is a business built on solid ground, with 90 years of experience as Gough Group, we will continue to create strong relationships and close links to the people we work with. The name Terra Cat comes from the Latin words terra firma - meaning ‘firm earth or solid ground’ - and captures how we deliver power on the ground in people, place, product and services. Cat brings the power of unparalleled world class products and systems you know and rely on. The new name also reflects Terra Cat’s connection to the land and to the grounded nature of our people and our relationships. Our logo combines our grounded approach with the fern device, representing new hope and new beginnings. It shows our pride in being 90 years strong in Aotearoa, and is locked up to the Cat logo - our uniquely powerful product and brand. We offer the entire Caterpillar product range of machines and engines, all of which are designed, engineered and built to be the toughest and most reliable in the world. We provide a wide range of services associated with the importation, marketing and ongoing support of every Caterpillar product we sell, both new and used. Terra Cat has a national network of 17 branches from Whangarei to Invercargill. About Sime Darby Sime Darby Berhad is partner to some of the world’s best brands in the Industrial and Motors sectors and is one of the largest Caterpillar dealers globally. Headquartered in Malaysia and listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, it has a workforce of more than 20,000 employees and operations in 18 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region. The company entered the New Zealand market in 1999 through its acquisition of Continental Car Services Ltd and today has a large range of commercial interests in New Zealand within the transport sector. The Gough Group purchase gave Sime Darby the rare opportunity to expand in the Asia Pacific region and gain exposure to New Zealand’s construction and forestry sectors.” All is well with Caterpillar, no sellout there. Brian
  2. This may help: From: http://keymancollectibles.com/bats/paxtongallagherpagomabaseball bat.htm NOTES: Pagoma was the private store brand of the Paxton & Gallagher wholesale & hardware Co. of Omaha, Nebraska. The name Pagoma is derived from PAxton-Gallagher-OMAha. Paxton & Gallagher Wholesale Grocery was founded in 1879 by William A. Paxton, and Ben Gallagher in Omaha, Nebraska. A few years later they became one of the largest grocery companies in the West. Business took off when they launched their Butter-Nut line of foods, especially after 1913 when they began selling Butter-Nut brand coffee. The Paxton and Gallagher Wholesale Grocery firm was sold to Gilbert C. Swanson and W. Clarke Swanson and renamed Butternut Foods in 1958. By the 1920's, the Paxton & Gallagher catalog included a full line of sporting goods, baseball gloves, and bats. The Baseball Bats in the catalog, featured the "PAGONA Shield of Quality" branded & decal logos. The Pagoma Brand bats were sold side by side with the Louisville Slugger line. Pagoma Models included: No. 100 and No. 104 Professional League, No. 102 League, No. 75 Semi-Professional, Regulation decal bat, No. 4 King of the Field, No. 6 Junior League, and the no. 7 Crackerjack. The "special models of world famous players" are endorsers of Louisville Slugger, another indication that the bats were manufactured by the Hillerich & Bradsby Company
  3. Next summer you.can switch to this... Common Mullein:
  4. Doc is correct. The cylinders have a floating piston in the base end that gives the wing tip up. The hose for this goes into the cylinder base. A second hose goes into the cylinder barrel between the floating piston and the fold piston to fold the wings. The third hose goes to the rod end of the cylinder to unfold the wings. Always thought this was an ingenious way to get multiple functions from one cylinder.
  5. Here is some information from GSS-1062 Hydra-Touch service manual. The garter spring is item “F” at the lower end of the spool in the first picture. The second and third image are instructions. Item 3 is the garter spring. It fits inside of item 4 and over item 5 when assembled.
  6. E160BHM

    What is it?

    A Google search of the number 16148-000 that is on the label gives results about marine usage, such as a bilge, shower waste or air condition drain pump.
  7. The old rule of thumb on 4WD tractors was that 60% of the weight is on the front axle, 40% on the rear. This would place the center of gravity about 1/3 of the length of the wheelbase back from the front axle.
  8. I used to buy prelube systems for installation on heavy equipment. We used the Prelube brand manufactured by RPM Industries. http://www.rpmindustries.com/engine-prelube-system.html Several types are available, most are pump on starter. Some can also be used to evacuate crankcase oil during changes. Standby generator sets that must start and carry load within 10 seconds are set up with coolant heaters and constant oil prelube systems. One of our techs saw a 2000 KW (about 2500 HP) genset start, parallel and get to full load in 6 seconds at a local data farm.
  9. E160BHM

    Who did it?

    I watched my supervisor and two others being shown the door in the mid 90s over some home movies.
  10. Jeff: Here is a page from a 53 series service manual showing injector setting and part of an injector information card (1977) showing the timing dimensions. Looks like most 53s are 1.460. I have used a depth micrometer, but the tail end of a caliper looks good too. The DD 1.460 gauge is J-1853. A steel plate would be best for emergency use in case of a runaway. A coworker told of using a phone book on a runaway once. It ate the book and the confetti shower was impressive.
  11. Do not remember ever seeing a parts breakdown for windbreakers in the seventies. They were sold as a complete parts accessory from parts merchandising catalogs.
  12. Here is a link to Caterpillar hose fitting ID guide. It shows how to determine what you have. http://www.numeralkod.com/cross/hosecoupling (3).pdf
  13. IIRC they use BSPP (British Standard Parallel Pipe) thread. Most hydraulic shops can easily get them if not on hand.
  14. We had very good results with Loadrite scales here in Iowa. Scales are available from just a simple “load on the move” to complete inventory management type systems. Be aware that some bottom of the line scales may require you to stop at a certain point in the lift to get an accurate weight. Loadrite has local dealers who will come to the machines, install and then provide training. They also provide excellent after sale support. https://loadritescales.com/ I see that Loadrite is now part of Trimble.
  15. Worked 30 years at Ziegler Cat. Any machine can be broken, burned, buried, overturned or sunk as well as just plain wore out. A local contractor sunk an excavator so deep into a pond that they had to call Hulcher (the railroad wreck folks) to pull it out. Two D8s would not budge it. The worst calls at the parts counter were the insurance adjusters who had no idea what the machine was and wanted a quote based on one or two pictures taken from 40 feet.
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