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  1. I must admit that my knowledge is limited. Here is a link to a video showing a mechanical rail anchor installation machine. Hand installation with a sledge hammer can also done, and they can then be hammered tight against the tie. It seems that most all tracks have them installed. Have read that the number used varies with grade, curvature, and wether the rail is stick rail or welded continuous rail. Others surely will have more accurate information. Brian.
  2. That is a rail anchor. Placed next to the ties to prevent lengthways “creep” of the rail.
  3. D6R XL with 22 inch track shoes is 8.6 psi per the Cat Performance Handbook. Will be slightly higher with the ripper. Rubber tire ground pressure rule of thumb is to add 2 psi to the tire inflation pressure.
  4. From an 84 series service manual. Looks like you need item 12 in the top picture (and some oil). If your implements were not responding, might just as well get a filter and enough oil and do a complete change. System capacity is about 9 gallons. The hydraulic filter is 530144R92. The #$&@@*** new parts site does not list the hose part number. Be sure to get hydraulic type hose, heater hose will not stand up to oil.
  5. ...And the police report said “Shot while texting”??
  6. In my opinion, Entrance ramps and the through routes should both have MERGE signs indicating a shared responsibility by both drivers to “work it out”. And...there should be one speed limit for all traffic.
  7. Information from an old Delco-Remy catalog. NAPA should be able to convert these numbers.
  8. I have always wondered why this information did not make it into the parts books for machines like combines that had many special arrangements. (Corn Special, Rice Special, and Edible Bean Special). It could have made life easier for parts people. It is interesting that the line setting ticket idea from the truck division did not have an equivalent on the farm equipment side....Another mystery of the International Harvester company. Ken, could you possibly post a sample page so we can see what information is included?
  9. One of the two nuts on the pump drive is left hand thread. Cannot remember if it is the nut on the pump or on the countershaft. Anyone remember?? Try turning the other direction once.
  10. Another possibility from NAPA https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BK_7151575
  11. The bracket is for a grease gun. Appears to be made by Lubrimatic. Part number 70-904. https://www.lubrimatic.com/accessories Google search showed Shoup as a distributor. Probably many more.
  12. If you go with a CTL, it would be good to get some operator training. When the CTL’s first came out undercarriage life was poor until operators learned such things as proper turning. Do not travel forward down a steep slope and then turn. Will often times remove the downhill track! Also, with the skid loader coupler on the front, most attachments can be rented rather than purchased.
  13. Nail rake. Just saw 2 in the local hardware store’s nail bin this week.
  14. At this point the leaks are a distraction to the stated problem of no hydraulic oil flow. Remember that he has added an extra 10 gallons of oil to a housing that has a stated capacity of 16 gallons. There should soon be oil leaking out of the top of the radiator! As has been explained many times, the pump suction tube must be installed correctly to SUCK oil into the filter housing. This should be fixed first and the correct amount of oil installed before we worry about oil leaks, etc. End of rant.
  15. To add to jimb’s information, here is a chart from the Case-IH 85 series Service Manual showing transmission options defined by the suffix on the transmission serial number plate. This may or may not be correct for the 464. Please excuse the chicken scratches for my tractor serial number... This manual also includes speed charts for each model, transmission code and tire size....Brian
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