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  1. Harley: Here is some info from a 240 Maintenance Manual. Note that the filler for the hydraulic system is on the left side at the top of the center frame. As far as the drain, there are 3 plugs on each side at the bottom of the center frame. I think any one of them would drain the hydraulics. The tank shown on your picture is likely to add additional reservoir capacity for the loader and will drain with the main system. The power steering would be supplied from a priority valve and not have a separate reservoir or filter. The filler cap in your second photo is the engine oil fill cap.
  2. Tell us more about the tillage radishes. Do they open up a soil enough to help the wet spots drain? Remember that people used to plant sweet clover or alfalfa so the roots would help drainage, but would it take a couple of years. Could the radishes do the same in row crops each year? Have some flat bottom ground (mostly no till) that needs either pattern tile or something like this to help water to soak in.
  3. Some observations from 20 years in parts: A parts department’s most valuable asset is ACCURATE sales history that is then used to determine which parts to stock. This includes recording lost sales. 1. I Went through a change of ownership at the local IH dealer. At that time, IH allowed certain parts to be returned on a dealer closeout that were not otherwise returnable. So, it is a prime time to clean out slow movers. It was an education to see how many parts I had added to stock that did not really have enough sales to justify stocking. As Matt says, “don’t mistake I like with popular”
  4. Here is a page from a 1967 parts merchandiser with lots of plow parts. Hope it helps, Brian. Edit: I see the numbers are not very clear. Let me know if you need a clarification.
  5. All of the old large elms are long gone. Now they only make it to 8 to 12” in diameter before Dutch Elm disease kills them and they fall on the fences. IMHO just a weed along with red cedars.
  6. Board member Keith Fink has a Youtube channel. Nice videos of a family farm dairy operation.
  7. Love these Herb Mignery cartoons. The IH dealership where I worked gave out calendars with his illustrations on them. Each one has a pair of eyes somewhere. Can you find them?
  8. My old Chicago Rawhide seal book shows seal # 27368 for the 560 rear axle which is for a 2.750 shaft size. The Speedi-Sleeve is 99274.
  9. Here is a picture from an 85 series service manual showing the drive coupling for the tach drive adapter.
  10. Pete23 and R190: Thanks for the multiple dope slaps. I deserved them!! My descriptions of which filters were paper and wound cotton were entirely from my faulty memory. Should have just said that we sold the 304101R91 for both primary and final use. Brian.
  11. I had a VW TDI with a canister filter that was high and on the front of the engine. Was pleasantly surprised at oil change time to discover that when the lid was loosened that it had a stem that went to the bottom of the housing and opened a drain into the oil into the pan. Was a tidy oil change.
  12. When I worked at a dealership in the 1970s we sold the cotton wound element for both primary and final. Do not know why, just the way I was taught. The 1983 Parts and Accessories catalog shows 306353R91 (paper) as primary and 304101R91 (cotton) as final. Price was $1.95 each.
  13. I remember going on a factory tour to the Farmall Works probably about 1980. The first thing on the assembly line was the rear frame, upside down. The first part attached was the bracket for the drawbar, then the line ticket was rolled and slid into the bracket. What a resource this information would have been for dealers, especially for combines which had so many options available. The last part of the equation would have been to put the Kind/Code with corresponding part number information into the parts books. (A partsman’s dream).
  14. From a Cat One Safe Source catalog.
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