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  1. My dad bought a new C Farmall in 1949 that has these customer installed options. I first drove it in about 1959 and remember the “fuel gauge” small ball peen hammer always being in the tool box. Fuel at the lower notch would usually get you back to the house. The screwdriver with the lock washer is to open/ close the fuel strainer valve The loop on the brake latch is to set the brake with your heel. aa And the worn casting numbers is the”hour meter”.
  2. First picture, far right. Brian
  3. IIRC we had a block of wood that we put under the pitman crank shaft that held most of the weight and maybe another to hold up one side of the frame. We stored it with the sickle bar lowered to the ground, and held vertical by the gag rod. It’s only been around 60 years and the old memory ain’t so good anymore.
  4. Just saw this thread. One of my first tractor jobs was to mow hay with the C Farmall and a 27V mower like yours. The C had a F12 drawbar mounted on the cultivator axle brackets to mount the mower. The drawbar was raised high enough to clear the standard drawbar which also can be adjusted for height. An H drawbar might work, but the axle brackets would need to come off of a C, Super C, 200, 230, 240 tractors to fit the hex axles A chain was connected from the tractor rockshaft to the mower lift arm. As you can see, there has been lots of welding done on the drawbar. I can still hear the lift chain and sickle gag rod jangling from all the vibration.
  5. As you are looking at advertised prices, note wether they are all wheel drive or not. Two wheel drive like this one are uncommon here. This would have an effect on the value. The two wheel drive with turf tires on the rear is great for mowing, but not so much for loader use.
  6. I’ll agree it seems low. Maybe Hy-Capacity has a spec.
  7. GSS1383-1 service manual for 686 lists torque for TA clutch carrier lock nut: 37.5 foot pounds.
  8. My dad died in 2001. I got a piece of junk mail for him in February. The politicians gave up after about 15 years.
  9. E160BHM


    As additional info, note in the below picture that the skidded unit serial number is on the tag on the right rear of the tractor transmission, not to be confused with the tractor serial number on the right front bolster. Brian
  10. I have a 1989 built 485 and have both the CaseIH manual for the 85 series as well as the GSS1416 IH manual for the 74 and 84 series tractors. The IH service manual for the 84 series shows the mechanically actuated TA. This manual is more accurate for my tractor than the Case manual and is easier to use. It also has the correct wiring diagrams. Brian
  11. E160BHM


    Not a lot of info comes from IH serial numbers. The 018544 is the serial number that Tractor Data shows as a 1986 machine. C10B48017 is the Kind/Code info that can only be deciphered from what are now nonexistent 1986 machine price books. I worked at an IH dealership and it seems that all old price books were destroyed. Here is the warranty card for my 485, s/n 21058: Brian
  12. The zip code for Long Island City, New York (L. I. C. N. Y.) is 11101 as is stamped on the pan. The last 1 is faint, but is legible when zoomed in.
  13. I had an International 240 with a 110 mid mount sickle mower. The 240 frame is the same a C, so one would fit on a C The 110 mower Operator’s Manual shows that a C would need auxiliary hydraulics as the Touch Control rockshaft cannot be used to lift the mower.
  14. There is no breather. With the lift arms to the rear, fill the reservoir until the oil just runs out of the fill hole. Brian.
  15. Bill: Glad that you got home OK. Too bad about the defective pie. I always have that problem with cookies.. It was good to meet and visit with you. Brian
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