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  1. This was a problem on some Cat dozers. The venturi in the exhaust pipe would fail, allowing exhaust to feed back into the plastic precleaner and melt it. Check/fix the exhaust, then repair the precleaner system as needed.
  2. Check your local fence laws. Here in Iowa, a fence on the wrong place becomes the property line if not disputed after about 10 years. Like you, I would make sure at least the corner post is maintained and large enough to be hard to remove or do damage to equipment if “accidentally” hit..
  3. Another good supplier is TransLectric. 1-800-333-2589 https://www.tlinkpro.com/ Brian
  4. You might check with Wold Rim & Wheel. 103 INDUSTRIAL PARK DRIVE, ST. ANSGAR, IA 50472 800-443-9653 641-713-2205 They are big in the ag wheel business. I had them widen loader wheels and also make custom wheels for motor graders and they did a very good job. Brian
  5. Every headline gushing about AI reminds me that we were “cheating the bull” 50 years ago.
  6. When the Tweels were introduced the Michelin factory rep was saying they could be retreaded. Anyone know if this is still an option? Brian.
  7. We used Kinman Glass 515-244-2244 in Urbandale. They would come to the shop and use the window frame as a pattern to cut the glass and then install it. I assume they could still do that. Another one is Scott’s Auto Glass. 515-277-9168. Also does mobile repairs. Brian
  8. Here is the specifications page for a 656 showing the forward - reverse ground speeds. Also, a page from a service manual showing how the forward - reverse planetary gear set takes the place of the TA.
  9. I went through a dealer ownership change in 1979, and part of that process was the ability to get new parts fiche at no charge. IIRC none of the standard tractor parts books were not part of the tractor fiche set, but could be ordered separately at cost to the new dealer. We did not order them as we still had the paper books and seldom if ever needed to get them out. I do not recall any of the standard tractors in this area. Brian
  10. I have heard that there are purge pumps to empty the DEF system and lines back into the tank? Is this correct?
  11. The value of this is the “Index”. The letter series through the X40 and 60 series had several GSSxxxx manuals that made up the complete service information for each model. Some of these GSS numbers are difficult to find.
  12. Switch….Cat 7N0718. Key…..Cat 8H5306. The numbers may update. Also might check at NAPA with the switch number. Theirs may be cheaper. Wire the switch into the battery ground cable circuit. I think think this would not effect the ignition switch operation and definitely would stop rundown batteries from lights left on. Brian
  13. I recently read a book “Death Traps” by Belton Y. Cooper about his experiences in the 3rd Armored Division in WWII. He was an officer involved in the recovery and repair of tanks. The title refers to the vulnerabilities of the US tanks. He also mentions the German’s lack of parts to repair their tanks. A good read.
  14. 3288 price book shows 192# for installed 2 speed PTO. Should be similar to your 706. Brian.
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