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  1. I had an International 240 with a 110 mid mount sickle mower. The 240 frame is the same a C, so one would fit on a C The 110 mower Operator’s Manual shows that a C would need auxiliary hydraulics as the Touch Control rockshaft cannot be used to lift the mower.
  2. There is no breather. With the lift arms to the rear, fill the reservoir until the oil just runs out of the fill hole. Brian.
  3. Bill: Glad that you got home OK. Too bad about the defective pie. I always have that problem with cookies.. It was good to meet and visit with you. Brian
  4. Here is page from a Sprayer Specialties catalog. Looks like the Hypro roller pumps are mostly 5/8” or 15/16” diameter. If so, the top line, 1320-0015 might work. The prices shown are usually discounted. Or have a machine shop make one. Brian
  5. Had to replace the ignition switch on my 485 last year. Went to Allstate Ag because they are only 10 miles away and their catalog showed it for the 485 as well as other brands. Went to put it in and none of the terminals were marked and their positioning did not look right. Called the closest IH dealer, they had it on hand which I did not expect, and price was about 15% higher. When I picked it up, all the terminal locations were correct and marked. It appeared to be made by the same company as the Allstate switch. I should have gone to the dealer first. Brian
  6. This brings back memories. One of my first loads in my short truck driving career was a 9 stop load of Kewanee elevators to dealers mostly in eastern Iowa ending in Mabel. IIRC the dealership was on the highway on the east end of town. I do not remember the main brands sold, but am pretty sure it was not IH. As I finished unloading I noticed that there were 4 bolt hubs and 5 bolt wheels. It was noted on the bills when they signed them and I left. About 6 months later I was there again, and as they were signing the bills, the owner says “last spring some kid was here with an elevator with the wheels mixed up. It was a real mess to get straightened out.” I confessed that yes, that was me…. Brian
  7. Sometime in the late 1970s Bush Hog bought the StanHoist line in Fort Dodge, Ia. StanHoist made rotary mowers, wagons, wagon hoists, and pipe frame loaders which became Bush Hog products. Production was moved to a building just southwest of the intersection of US20 (now Old Highway 20) and US169. The building in the early ‘70s had been a New Idea plant and warehouse.
  8. January 1984 price book shows 800 trailing plow with on-land hitch, 9 bottom with automatic beams at 7725 lb. No 8 bottom is listed.
  9. And another one from Dad. A Simmons hardly used adze with his name written/etched in rust below the name. Edit: Stamped: D SIMMONS COHOES NY CAST STEEL WARRANTED. Brian
  10. Here is a Collins Co broadhead? axe that came from my father’s family. He had it rehandled and restored.
  11. Or not hard to make. My tightwad imagination says a 5 gallon bucket could be a cheap and easy starting point for something similar.
  12. This auction is coming up near Dubuque, IA and has several nice axes listed that are way out of my budget. https://iowa.hibid.com/catalog/440167/signs--primitives--embossed-axes--pottery--advertising I have no connection to the auction. One thing that caught my eye was this neat axe stand, probably a store display. Brian
  13. Dad had a 300 s/n 2341 and a 400 s/n 2793 both built in December of 1954. The 300 had a key switch with the flip up cover and the 400 had the Delco switch shown above. Both were three position combined start/ run switches. Brian
  14. Or have the counter bores deepened. Cat has tooling and parts to fix counterbores for most of their engines including shims to set liner height after cutting bores to clean them up as well as inserts to replace seats that are too far out of spec. Did IH or anyone aftermarket ever have anything like this? Brian
  15. Theft was an issue, and IRRC that even a stolen knob required radio replacement as the knobs were not available as parts. I also remember removing the factory radio to install an aftermarket radio with the customer requested features. It makes sense to only have to mess with the radio once at the dealer. Brian
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