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    Here is a link to a quick and dirty article about Nebraska fence law: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ae9eb0a697a9837968fb75c/t/5c76f0d2f9619af917f2adbf/1551298781705/Neb.-Fence-Law-2013.pdf On my father’s farm there were 6 adjoining landowners, and he maintained the left hand portion of all but one segment of fence. IIRC the one right hand segment was because of who had better access to maintain the fence. Also some of the segments were of unequal length because of the extra cost of water gaps. I always wondered how widespread the left hand rule was in the neighborhood.
  2. That is a really good argument to install a battery disconnect (master) switch in the ground cable circuit. They can be had with a key for another level of security as no one would be looking for one on a farm tractor. Cat 7N0718 is an example. Brian
  3. My guess is that was a regional thing... Farmalls in row crop areas, Standard treads in wheatland areas.
  4. We had a few counties that wanted a hubmeter on their motor graders We installed Stemco hubmeters. Link: https://www.stemco.com/?s=Hub+meter&id=3509&post_type=product. Bought them from Midwest Wheel: https://www.midwestwheel.com/
  5. Weldco-Beales used to make a fire fan that had an air cooled engine with a wooden fan that looked like an airplane propeller. It was on a tripod with a guard around the fan. Another model had a pump with a nozzle in front of the fan to add diesel fuel, but it was discontinued about 30 years ago. The guys said it would burn a hole right through a pile of trees.
  6. This goes back to IH times also. We got a new set of microfiche when the dealership changed hands in 1979 and it did not include the W series and 600-650 tractors in the standard tractor fiche set. Do not remember if there was a supplementary set for them. Brian
  7. Looks like an IH 3000 psi cylinder 390841R91 (1/2” pipe thread) or 381853R91 (7/8-14 thread). Both take seal kit 386688R91. The seal kit for the same style double acting cylinders is 386687R91 and would work with a few parts left over. To disassemble, rotate the head and look into the slot on the side of the barrel at the head end. You will see a square lock wire. Rotate until you see the free end of the wire. Pry it up, then reverse rotation to eject the lock wire and free the head for removal. Brian
  8. It is just a coincidence that the part number starts with 407. In some of the old merchandisers all of the engine heater numbers start with 407.
  9. From a spring 1979 Parts and Service catalog.
  10. It says right under the chart..... “Note: Two heaters recommended”.
  11. IIRC the tractors all came off the truck with a rain-cap that had a spring around it to hold it closed during transport. Always removed the spring during predelivery. Do not remember which way they were pointed, tho.
  12. Here is a link to a (probably pirated) Cat service publication addressing motor grader bounce. It can be a complicated problem to solve as there are so many variables. https://ch-part.com/i.caterpillar/i04535916/ IIRC Bridgestone had an article that stated in essence to run different tire pressures around the machine. Cannot find a link to it on the web, but is Technical Bulletin # TB-7, Grader Loping: Causes and Cures. I have this article as pdf document that I can send if needed. Brian
  13. DOT officers here are referred to as a CWB. (Cop Wanna Be). They finally got sued for issuing traffic tickets for non-commercial violations and lost.
  14. I went to this website and filled out the supplied form with an estimated pounds of R12 and zip code. Within 5 minutes they called me to check details. They are out of the Chicago area, and have a deal with FedEx to pick up containers freight paid. Also have people out on routes that can pick up in here. Their offer was around $14.00 per lb. cash here in the Des Moines area.
  15. I am helping clean out the shop of a friend who is now in a nursing home. Found some 14 oz cans of R12. I see some companies with internet listings that claim to be legal buyers. What should it be worth?
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