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  1. An item in the package may have also been a screen to go around the muffler and exhaust pipe. We did not have one and when picking with the 400 and 2MH and I remember closely watching for corn leaves laying on the pipe hoping they did not start to smolder. Would stop and brush them off on the ends.
  2. Maybe the third item in the picker package was a spark arrestor for the exhaust?
  3. Do those couplers have the shutoff valve built into them or are they separate? What brand are the couplers or valves? I am looking for a shutoff valve like that. Brian Edit: Never mind…I found them. Looks like a Pioneer 9500 series coupler with included valves. Thanks. Brian
  4. This brake design was used until the end of 686 production in 1980. Starting with the 656 they could be adjusted by removing a flat outer cover plate and adding or removing shims. A good improvement on maintenance.
  5. A quick Google search says the foundry closed October 31, 1984. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1983/11/18/International-Harvester-announced-Friday-that-it-would-close-its/2537437979600/
  6. Is that a date on the front of the mold? Maybe 1984?
  7. My dad had a 1941 (I think) Plymouth pickup and the battery was under the floor mat and a board just in front of the driver’s seat. Starter push button was just above the accelerator which you operated with your heel while starting. Very short cables to the starter.
  8. I read this book last fall. Very sobering. One takeaway: The American tanks were inferior to the German tanks, but this was overcome somewhat by ingenuity of the American crews and command. Where the Germans would do nothing without the approval of higher command, the American command would allow experimentation. An example given was the dozer blades made and installed onto tanks to get through the hedges after the Normandy invasion.
  9. Maybe made from one of the stay rods that went across old wooden flare box wagons. I have a fire poker made from one. About 4 feet long with 6 inches bent at 90 degrees to clean the grates. Dad used it on the old whole house wood furnace.
  10. A lot of the information you are asking about will be in the abstract of title that is used to assure clear title in Iowa. It lists land owners back to it’s original issue from the government as well as filing and releases of mortgages, estates, marriages and divorces, or anything else that would affect title. The abstract for part of my parent’s farm had page after page of proceedings related to the sale for back taxes during the depression. The current owner should have the abstract, but sometimes it gets lost or forgotten at a bank that had a mortgage, lawyers office, etc. You might also check with an old real estate company or title office as they may have a library of old plat books. I can spend hours reading through abstracts. Local History is fascinating. I also like to look for old tile lines. The ISU GIS site has lots of old aerial photos, usually from every other year. Check each one. Was able to see tile lines on one photo out of about 20. Was well worth the time I spent looking. Happy hunting!!
  11. Cat switch, 7N0718. Key, 8H5306. Switch is rated at 1000 amps.
  12. The short version… Sydney Harris cartoon.
  13. Most gas powered splitters only run at about 1600 psi. Your tractor is probably at 2500 psi. You should have lots more power. If the cylinder moves fast, but has no power, the internal seals may have blown. If seals are blown, pressure will not rise under load. A pressure gauge teed into the pressure line should go up as you try to split wood. Also, check the couplers. A restricted return will also reduce power.
  14. I see you are in Iowa. You might try Ankeny Auto Electric. They repair starters, etc for almost anything. 515-964-9095; or 515-964-3404 (their Budget truck rental line).
  15. I think what you are seeing are the “ screws” that held the casting date code tag to the casting mold. Most of the codes look like this. The tags would need to be changed on a daily basis, thus the screws.
  16. Item # 26 is the orings that seal the control shafts on each valve. Two seal per valve. Click this link to the 460 parts book illustration. https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/tractors/utility/naaa87099legacy/farmall-gas-tractor/hydraulic-system/hydraulic-system-hydra-touch-control-valve/cn/9C81B87C-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6?modelCode=82CF6496-EFBE-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6&isSnFilterEnabled=false Brian
  17. It is always fun when Dogbert wags his tail!!
  18. I got my Chauffeurs license to drive busses when I was in college. The test was a drive around with a stop to show proper operation of lights and stop arm. The license was restricted to straight trucks and busses. Later I needed to get a semi license. A friend borrowed a truck and trailer from his boss. My only practice was to back the trailer from a street into a parking lot. Being a farm kid the only thing new was using mirrors to back up. The test was a lights check and about 30 blocks of in-town driving with a backing move. When I started driving I soon learned to adjust brakes and fix lights especially before crossing any scale in Ohio. Brake adjustment, light repairs and being able to figure things out were just part of being a driver. Total cost to get the semi license: $0.00.
  19. I always assumed the 3406 and 3408 were the same bore and stroke like Detroits. However…… From the Cat Performance Handbook: The 3406 is 5.4” bore, 6.5” stroke. The 3408 and 3412 are 5.4” bore, 6.0” stroke.
  20. What is the trailer looking thing in the second picture? Or what is it used for?
  21. Probably the two beast uses for these at a dealer: 1. Make it easy to verify the correct IH number from the vendor number stamped on a part. 2. Use the stamped numbers to source parts from IH for other brands of trucks.
  22. I was in 9th grade morning study hall when an announcement came over the intercom. My first thought was that school would be let out early as it was snowing. The announcement was about the assassination and rest of the day was very somber.
  23. Or 65488C91. Parts book shows 68441C1 Kit, carburetor gasket; 69572C1 Kit, carburetor overhaul. Both used on 65488C91 Zenith carburetor, 666. Link: https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/engines/case/naam12154lp-gas/6-cylinder-lp-gas-engine/complete-machine/carburetor/cn/2B4D774F-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6?modelCode=EDD86496-EFBE-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6&isSnFilterEnabled=false Brian
  24. Wow!! That improperly crimped fitting should never have been installed on the plow.
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