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  1. K&M door cylinder

    I put them on my 3688 with the handles well worth the money easy to install
  2. 3688 slow hyd remotes

    ok I will try overfilling ,if it doesn't work ill put new seals on suction tube. thanks 706-282
  3. 3688 slow hyd remotes

    hi I have a 3688 with slow hyd remotes. when you pull the lever it is very slow to react it is quiet and then growels and then the hyds work like they should fast. I have cleaned the two orfices on the pump but no difference . it seems like its got air in the system until the item lifts. I did not put a gage on it yet it will lift every I have. where else do I look thanks 706-282
  4. 806

    you could put a cab like this on it it fit my 656
  5. 1586 Pictures

    I bought a set of harvest king 18.4 38 for my spreader tractor last year it sees a lot of road travel I'm very impressed with them for $420 each. you could try Westlake tires also ,copy of goodyear good luck 706-282
  6. Clean Original IH 966

    I like the long hyd levers . I made mine like that on my 66 and 06s much better to use
  7. 1206 high range issues

    you can get a used range shift fork for $ 95.00 at tractorpartsasap.com I just ordered one for a 766. I have got many parts from them and have been pleased with the quality and price.706-282
  8. 1206 serial no.

    Farmall 1206 serial no 14290 in Waterville NY. Ernie Ford is the owner it has a fresh engine new 18.4 38s 3ld 229 turbo.It did have icb cab on it but now has fenders and still in work clothes.
  9. 3688 anything special or just another old tractor?

    up here in new York I see them from 7500$ too 1600$ I paid 9000$ for mine with 7000hrs on it but has better paint and good cab interior. guess it depends on the area, list it I could use another
  10. D282 turbo replacement

    a to4 from a allis 190 xt works well on a 282 that's a farm tractor. not a puller. I have also used the turbo from a 7700 ford that worked well but that turbo has the small t 3 bolt patern
  11. 656 block heater help

    I have had this problem with a very early 282 and did find one that worked will look for numbers on it in the morning think I got it at nappa I thought I was the only one that had stupid problems like this? 706-282
  12. 1206 Cast Centers

    My 67 I 1206 has wedgelocks 397188r1 number on them but don't know if factory or dealer installed? 706-282
  13. IH Square Balers

    nothing better than the 348 you have just get another 336-348 imo 706-282
  14. 1066 reverse drive gear

    its not that bad to do,had the 1086 with cab apart in a afternoon . I'm near utica
  15. 1066 reverse drive gear

    you must remove both axel housings then ring gear the reverse gear is on the pinon gear. where in ny are you?