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  1. Laying on the straw walkers of the JD 7721 to unwrap flax straw from the rear beater is a bad memory that comes back to me every time I start to think about growing flax again. Even at $14.50 a bushel its not enough. I finally finished up the canola field that I started a week ago today. Worked late last night to finish one side of the quarter and the straw was getting very tough and not breaking up going through the 1660. Today was much better and no straw left behind the combine. Canola is nothing outstanding, maybe average for me. Going to pick up the oat swaths tomorrow before the Sunday rains hit. Picture from the last truck load today before we made the convoy move back home. Cold for September.
  2. Most of my stuff is so old nobody would want to steal it. But you can be sure that if I'm not in the truck, my keys won't be either. Just a good habit to get into. Now got to go back to post this on FB. 🙂
  3. That wheat looks nice so hopefully you will get a chance to harvest before it rains more. We got shut down here at 5:30 with a fair long slow rain event that will (I think) keep us out of the field for the next day or so. I got a couple of loads of canola done after a late start. Just as the rain started the chain broke on my feeder reverser so I've got some fixing to do anyway. Getting close to half done on the canola.
  4. Gave up on the standing wheat at 17% and green kernels. Been going two days on canola at 7% and no green so I'll keep at that and hope when I'm done the wheat will be ready. Decent weather until this morning with a few spots of rain. Suns out. Guess I'll give it a try.
  5. Frost overninght in a lot of areas of Sask. but it missed me. Not that it would do much harm as the crop is advanced enough. Sky finally cleared today and I tried a sample of standing wheat. My earliest and latest fields. Surprisingly they both tested in the 16 to 16.6% moisture range. Combined real nice but I only did about 100 bushels. Try again tomorrow and will likely keep going as its getting well along in September and I usually have more done by this date. I'm hearing some reports of canola swath damage and also some damage to standing canola from the high winds on the weekend. i have not looked at mine.
  6. Noticed that here too that it can vary so much for precip in just a short distance. LIke from one end of a quarter to the other. Nice enough here today although clouds around. Sure warmed up but I hear we are in for possible frost by Monday. My oats were shelling out bad so I went ahead and finished swathing them today. Not sure what variety they are but I think they are not meant for straight cutting as they'd be mostly shelled out before they were ready to harvest. Hope the swaths don't get soaked too bad but its probably going to happen. Saw a few guys going straight on desicated wheat last weekend. I think my first wheat field is pretty close to ready to straight cut. I took this shot of the swather today in roughly the same spot as the one of my grandparents and the binder in the early 1940s.
  7. A good six tenths or more here from yesterday's showers. Cold too. Windy after the rain so I hope it does not shell out many oats. Left them stand til mid September last year and they were hit by hail so I ended up not harvesting them. Guess I'll go back to swathing oats once it dries up a little here. Going to be a fair bit of straight cut canola right around me. Hope my swaths don't scatter in the wind now.
  8. No lodging in this Brett Young canola, just tall, almost chest high in the low spots. The Dekalb was shorter and easier swathing. Be interesting to see which yields best. I think I found the fuel problem. Screen in the sediment bowl on the tank was almost completely blocked. I've never had it off in the ten years I've owned the swather. Still got the same fuel filter too. I think those glass JD filters last a long time if you are half way careful with fuel fillings. Now if I can find a replacement hose for the reel motor I can swath oats tomorrow.
  9. Canola all swathed as of yesterday so we will see eventually if it was too green or not. That Brett Young 60-90 was so tall I could not take a full cut with the swather at times or it would plug the swath opening. I guess a 1980s swather was not meant to handle 2020 canola. Although it did fine on the Dekalb variety on my other fields.
  10. I've been taking a break from posting ads here. Not that I have run out of material. I remember when this 1969 Buyers Guide from New Holland arrived in the mail. Just imagine, a machine that would pick up square bales! I was a little concerned it was going to put me out of a job. I was making good money working for a neighbour at the time picking up and stacking square bales by hand.
  11. I'm still stalled on my last field of canola. Pulled into it 3 days ago with the swather and cut a little before deciding it was too green. Been back each day since to check and there is still more green than I feel safe swathing. This is a variety I have not grown before and different from my earlier fields. Longer maturity I'm guessing. Brett-Young 60-90. It stands real tall and is more than the old MacJohn wants to put through at times.
  12. Had the same thing back in 79. Never knew how it got there but the doc removed a piece of metal from my left eye and put a patch over it for I forget how long. I was running the Case pull type combine after that so lucky I still had my right eye to work with. It taught me the importance of eye protection when working in the shop. Been going hard at canola all day. Last night's rain seemed to change it from not quite ready to almost too ready. Canvases were still wet in the afternoon even though the sun was out. I haven't seen anyone else cutting canola yet but know some are going to straight combine theirs. I don't plan on that unless the swather breaks down.
  13. Dandy barley crop. Those drone shots are great. I like the late evening shots when the sun is low and the shadows show the rolling topography of the land. I have been meaning to get some drone shots but still haven't got around to it. I did get out this evening to take a couple of shots of the neighbour's corn field. We don't see a lot of corn here. This is grown for cattle grazing in the winter.
  14. On this farm they were cream cans. We milked cows (by hand) , then cranked the milk through the IH 2S cream separator. Fed the skim milk to the calves, pigs, etc. and sold the cream in those same cans for years. In early years the Keliher creamery sent out a cream truck to pick up the cans but after that burned down we hauled our own to town in the trunk of the old 52 Merc. We had several we kept separate used just to haul drinking water from a neighbour's well. I have lifted a lot of those over the years. I've got some saved away. Maybe I'll have to get one out on display like some of you guys have.
  15. Got about two inches altogether from that rain so it was a good one. Checking canola today and it is changing colour fast. If we get the heat they forecast next week I think we will be rolling out the swathers.
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