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  1. I start up the VRX with my 2090 at idle speed and gradually bring it up to about 2000 where it stays. I have a lot of smaller flat floor bins so the vac is ideal. Grain dust has always bothered me but no more as the vac takes it all away. Sure I wear ear plugs around it. Same as I do on all noisy farm equipment.
  2. Oh man not this guy! I've shoveled way too many years so I'm a big fan of grain vacs We just cleaned out 4 bins this week (in one day). No way in the world I coud have done that with a shovel. I guess the 2090 burned a bit of fuel but my back feels ok and I didn't have to breath any mould or grain dust. The 2090 at 108 hp hardly knows its working. I'd say 100 hp and up is a good match. The 970 smoked pretty heavy running it. You know the vac takes more power empty than it does full of grain. Video from 2013.
  3. The way I read it they were just distributed in Winnipeg. Built elsewhere. Probably in the U.S.
  4. Canola swathing time is approaching. Glad I don't have to ride one of these old Pioneer-Hitterdahl machines from 1949. Sitting up on that solid steel seat among the exposed pulleys and belts. Less horsepower than today's lawn tractors.
  5. No problems with mud here at present as we have not had any major rains lately. Hoping it holds off for a few more days so I can bale the hay I have cut (and go to the car show on the weekend). Took a short flight over the yard this morning for a few pictures. This one shows the neighbour's canola and there is very little bloom left on it. My wheat over on the right is turning colour slowly but is behind last year.
  6. I believe contrails is correct. I think the "chem trail" term came from the conspiracy theorists.
  7. Its working fine now. Though I have not done an extended field test, it runs all three speeds in the shed. We finally had to consult A&I for advice on how to hook up the wires correctly. The conclusion to the "how to" video is rather anti-climatic as I forgot to bring the camera when we finally got it together. Sure glad I had help to get that roof back in place.
  8. I've not heard of this. Maybe they are burning DEF? :-)
  9. Even harder to get to empty out the canola bins when the price is down to 1990s levels. But its either that or buy more bins.
  10. Maybe recording this job to video will be of some assistance to someone else changing one of these fans. So far I am still stalled on the wiring hookup. Waiting on some professional help before I burn it up in my learning process.
  11. That is an interesting view of the Co-op disker. I don't remember seeing one with individual lever lifts for each gang of disks. Must be a very early model. This is a Cockshutt from 1953.
  12. Your canola is really fading, just like around here. Could be early swathing after all. I had not even thought about looking for the worms but I guess its a possibility. The wheat was looking pretty good yesterday on a wild and windy day.
  13. Some people should not work with electrical problems. I may have burnt the new resistor. Hooked everything up to the best of my ability and the sadly inadequate instructions that came with the new fan. By the time I climbed the ladder to check it the resistor smelled hot and was hot enough to burn my fingers. With luck I'll still have a working fan but only on high speed. Or I could try transferring the old resistor to the new fan. This is a pic of the original resistor. (which was still working fine when the old fan worked.)
  14. Thanks, already got it out an replaced but now I'm having trouble figuring out the wiring hook up . Not so simple as just plug into the original cab harness. Their instructions are hard (impossible) for me to figure out so I'm waiting for a mechanic to advise me before I get it hooked up wrong. https://www.aiproducts.com/techbulletin/TM0121.pdf
  15. What am I missing? Lifted the roof on the 7130 and it does not give any access to the fan except for the holes where the air blows in. Only way out I can see at this point is with a saw and I really don't want to go that way. Searched for some "how to " videos on youtube but all I found were for Maxxum which is completely different location. I've replaced cab fans on the 90 series Case and it was no big job compared to this 7130.
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