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  1. I've had a Crown rotary picker for years but if I was to do it over, I'd buy a Degelman. Much stronger and more durable picker than the Crown.
  2. I think I saw that 1680 listed. Has a few less hours than my 1660. In the 4 to 4500 hour range. We are just sick of doing that same repair on the 1660 every few years as it never seems to last and its a big job with all the disassembly required.
  3. That whole series of Cockshutts was very popular here. My uncle started farming with a 30 but moved up to a Case LA. The 30 was a light tractor but well built. Some had the creeper transmission. Hydraulics and pto were optional. Biggest weakness I remember on the 30 was the rear axle splines would wear out and cause oil leaks and eventual hub failure. I have a 40 and 50 still running. Never owned a 30.
  4. Its been slow going for me, seems I've been harvesting all September and still 90 acres of oats to go. Just finished swathing them today and might be ready to try in a day or two. Wheat yields were pretty good considering the season. Canola disappointing. Took a couple of hours to fill the hopper on the 7721. Thats right,, John Deere had to do it all this year. The 1660 was leaking oil bad enough from the pto/engine joint that I didn't even take it to the field. 7721 gas more capacity in straight line work but you lose so much time on fields that have a lot of corners like mine. The Magnum had a few bugs. Batteries died completely one day on startup. Found an unexplained anti freeze leak up at the front of the head that might be the head gasket. The 7721 gave it a good workout on some of the better canola swaths but still didn't use much more than 4 gallons fuel an hour. The JD 2360 swather got a lot more use this year as all the wheat I normally straight cut had to be swathed for the pull type combine. I had a driver for some of it. It lost about a pail of hydrostatic oil one day from an undetected hose leak. Here is a picture of me combining while my nephew swaths ahead of me. Sept. 11.
  5. I like the DJI Mavic Air 2 I bought a year ago. It is smaller than it's predecessors but does all and more that they could do. Very sharp and clear video and photos. Easy to fly, takeoff and land. Yes you need the DJI app on your phone to control and fly the drone. I thought it would be too small of a screen but I seem to get along ok with it.
  6. My 7130 has been flashing bars on the exhaust temp and lost the green light for years now. Does not seem to do any harm. Over 8000 hours on it now.
  7. Its turning into one of those days here too. Few spots through the morning but by mid day its actual rain showers. Cold and windy. Saw a couple of guys with driers were going on cereals. Guess they saw the long range forecast. All I did was disking down a patch of chem fallow where it appears I have roundup resistant kochia.
  8. Those Honeybees headers are heavy. I tried to lift a 25 foot years ago with my 1660. No way it would even lift it off the ground at full throttle. Lucky I didn't have to drive far to try it out. Stayed with my old IH header.
  9. Have not noticed any beetles here. I am seeing a lot more kochia and what I think might be cleavers everywhere this year.
  10. Finished swathing canola today. It is not bad considering the hot, dry summer. Naturally I stopped in one of the best parts of the field to take a picture.
  11. I don't think moose damage to crops amount to much. I see more from beavers in the canola. Although with sloughs drying up I think the beaver population will be way down.
  12. started my canola yesterday too. About a day late it seems. Crop not bad. Easy swathing. Smashed a finger replacing a roller bearing yesterday so typing is not great.
  13. Was cutting a bit of hay in the dried up sloughs this morning. Not too inspiring. Lots of Canada Thistle in patches. So I stopped by the best looking canola for a picture on the way home. Lots of pods there but a ways to go before they fill. At 93 degrees right now and no rain forecast will they even fill? Got that kind of half sunlight today from the smoke in the air.
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