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  1. I had no idea they had batteries that need charging in the auto shades. Mine is just a cheap Princess Auto helmet and I find sometimes it is a bit slow reacting. The initial flash of the arc is really bright. Like its slow adjusting the shade. Its ok after the flash. This was in an unheated shop at about 32F degrees.
  2. It was big news here in Canada too. I was only ten but can remember the sense of something really world shaking had occurred somewhere. Got home from school and it was all over tv. All two channels. I still have some of the newspapers my parents saved from that time.
  3. Here the John Deere dealers also sell A&I Parts which are often up to half the price of the same item with JD's name on it. Like the starter I'm getting for $349 versus $700 for a JD reman. I've bought many CIH parts through A&I as well for much less than the CIH dealer's want for CIH parts.
  4. I got it pretty quick, but at first wondered if you had just changed your thinking 180 degrees.
  5. I've got over 600 videos on youtube and have not had any flagged for adult content yet. Did get a few copyright violations for borrowing somebody else's music but its ok because I don't monetize my channel anyway. Just can't stand the ads. I tag all mine as "not for children" and it seems to be fine. If you like old car guys bringing rusty vehicles back to life here in Canada you need to check out coldwarmotors. The only IH I've ever seen on there is one I've never heard of. A Monteverdi. Apparently built on a Scout chassis with 345 engine.
  6. Thanks Gary. INteresting for sure. Maybe somewhere there is paper work records that would identify what steamer this plate was mounted on originally. I've had a few people interested in buying it but I think its a keeper.
  7. Been meaning to post this one for a while. Its a steam boiler license plate from 1927. It was being used as a patch on an old wooden granary on my grandfather's farm. There was never steam power on that farm so I have no idea where the license came from. Just wondered where that plate would have been displayed back when it was current? On a steam engine?
  8. They might be ok in dry snow. Much like winter grip tires on a car or truck. I know the turf tires are kind of useless in mud. I have them on the JD/Macdon swather and in the wet years I was getting stuck in mud frequently.
  9. Too dry to freeze the ground here. It got so warm this past week that I was able to get out on the open 730 Case and dozer blade to clean up a few dead , water killed trees now that the water has gone. Started out small but you know how those jobs go. I ended up taking down a long stretch of fence to clean up all the dead wood and pile it. Sure made it easier fencing when it came to rebuilding. The "winter storm" they forecast is by-passing me so far. A little freezing rain this morning and as usual, wild wind blowing. The air is getting thick with either mist or light snow so maybe its coming
  10. Interesting Massey Harris catalogue from 1938.
  11. Dual range drive. Its just a simple 4 speed transmission with a high and low range. I'm working in low range second gear most of the time on this job.
  12. No news media or internet while I've been out on the old 730 Case the past couple of days. Just me and the tractor clearing up dead wood on a fence line. No distractions or interruptions and record breaking warm weather for November.
  13. I've never had to adjust so I guess I should not comment. Same time here all year round. Works fine for me.
  14. Lanz tractors. Now available in Sask. as of 1955.
  15. I've used the orange foam ear plugs for years on any loud machinery. Even on the quiet stuff like my Magnum and 1660 combine. The big heavy ear muffs type just bother me too much. Like having a vise on my head pushing the frames of my glasses into my skull. Strange though, some I've known have hearing loss but never worked around machinery. One grandfather was quite deaf but never ran a tractor more than a few hours in his life. Same with grandmother. Never around loud noises but severely deaf. It really messes up your life when you get old and miss half of the conversation going on around you
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