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  1. I thought the dark skies in the West made a good backdrop for the McCormick Deering this afternoon and took a few pictures. Hardly any rain fell here but there was some down South.
  2. Glad you enjoyed the video Tony. I never get tired of driving and photographing the Merc. We got a good inch of rain here Friday night but double that not too far South. I sprayed a field of chem fallow 5 miles East yesterday afternoon and was sure glad i had the Magnum with MFD and duals pulling the sprayer. Left ruts in places and had to drive around a few water holes that weren't there last time. I'm guessing there was well over an inch there. Fungicide sprayers are going strong here all around me on wheat the last day or so. I took a few drone photos last week. That yellow field of canola to the East is part of a 7 quarter field. If you took the roads out that farmer would have about 17 quarters of canola in a block if I'm counting right.
  3. I've got most of the Sask. plates my dad bought strting in 1952. Plus some of my uncle's and a few others that turned up over the years. Naturally I'll put a 52 plate on the Merc. Got a 64 plate on the Chevy II. Guess I need to do the same on the Internationals. I've even got an "A" plate that my uncle had in his custom trucking business.
  4. Not a great day for pictures but I was right there so took a few pics of the wheat and canola. I'm not real happy with the crops but I guess they are passable. Should have used wild oat herbicide on the first two fields as now there are some showing up. Its heading out knee high so hopefully stretches out a little more. Canola has some thin patches but seems typical of most fields I see here.
  5. No, you guys out West got it all. Barely measureable in my guage this morning. We are ok for moisture. Not too much or too little. I even baled 8 bales of hay that never had a bit of rain on it since I cut it. I need to get out and get a picture of the canola fields that are turning yellow here.
  6. Loadstar


    I can still remember most of the lines of "Uneasy Rider". He was a real entertainer.
  7. Anson, while discussing this subject with my brother he recommended you might need a new cable for your pto if it is very hard to pull. He has replaced a few for that reason. He has been a Case mechanic since the 1970s so I guess he has learned a little. The cable will be expensive like everything from CIH but still cheaper than replacing burnt out pto disks. I am still running the original cable on mine though.
  8. Pretty ominous looking storm to the South of me ysterday evening but I haven't heard any reports of damage or even much rain. Lots of lightning. Hot today in the 80s so I guess things will be growing fast. You can see some of the neighbour's wheat heading by my driveway in yesterday's driving video. Its one of the early fields.
  9. Looking that good from the air then it must look even better from ground level . That is how I've seen it here. I did not get any up to date drone pics of my crop but did take this from ground level this evening. Its my last planted field of canola and I'm satisfied with it so far. Some earlier seeded fields are showing flowers already. Saw some wheat heads showing this evening too.
  10. My Red River Special thresher parked in the pasture. The camera distortion makes it look flat but its actually parked on a hill.
  11. Good rain here last night but it was a fairly narrow band travelling South to North just before midnight. Got just over 2 inches or 60 mm. Real humid and damp today but no real rain here. I did run through a heavy shower on a parts drive to Southey. Crops are looking great.
  12. Over two inches rain last night so I had time to look into the console of the 2090. This picture hopefully shows the arm I welded onto the roto tiller lever and how it connects to the original pto cable. It works but I can see room for improvement. Maybe move the pin hole on the arm so that there is a little less travel for the lever. At present it uses up all the length of the "hitch" slot. It seems to fully engage though so obviously it works. I've used the tractor many hours on the grain vac, haybine, round baler and I think it would have slipped by now if it was going to.
  13. Loadstar

    Sahara dust

    No sign of Sahara dust here but they tell me that the incredible sunset colours recently were a result of that dust in the air.
  14. Just a light shower SAturday night here that was barely measureable. I was out hilling potatoes next morning and pulling up dry soil. Crops look nice here but I hear they are a little dry and needing rain South of me. EArly canola was showing a few flowers yesterday evening as I drove by. I'm hitched up to the haybine so that should bring on the rain. Radar shows rain coming up from the South right now.
  15. Nearly forgot my biggest lawn ornament. The 22-36 McCormick Deering. I need to cut the grass around it more often. 😞
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