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  1. A Massey Harris ad from 1949 featuring a very old Massey Harris tractor.
  2. Just the opposite here. We got a nice sunny day and warmer than its been for a couple of weeks. I got busy changing to the straight header on the 1660 and trying on some crop lifters that I had on the old massey pull type. They need a little grinding to fit so its a time consuming process but I guess I've got a day or so before the crop dries up enough from the last showers. But how long do I wait? 17, 16, 15% moisture? Most guys around are swathing their wheat. Even those that sprayed a month ago. Maybe I should too but I don't want to be getting stuck with the swather, and I know I will.
  3. I finally found a picture of harvest on a Montana farm. Just happened to spot it on Twitter from Shorpy and the description mentioned it being near Havre, Montana. I have been away from this thread for so long that maybe it has already been posted here by someone. Of course that 40 Ford caught my eye first.
  4. We are very fortunate to have missed that snow that hit East of here. I was actually able to get in 3 days of combining over the weekend and finished my canola. Puts me around the 30% finished mark. Standing wheat is going to be a challenge. My swather does not handle mud well and I don't know if the straight header on the 1660 will be able to get the leaning and laying wheat. Oats standing just fine as there is no grain left in them. I have a guy interested in baling them if I can get them swathed. Might have to wait for the ground to freeze. Came awful close to stuck with the 1660 last night. Pushing the old hydro lever but not gaining any speed. Finally chewed its way through to firmer soil. Damp and light raining today so the combine gets a rest. I went out in the rain and harvested some of the oat bales I made last week. Surface of the field is already turning back to mud with this slight rain.
  5. Finally combining the last two days on canola and its dry. Stressful working at night in muddy soft ground not knowing how far to push my luck. So far the old 1660 has chewed it's way through the mud without getting stuck so hope it holds out. Cloudy and barely above freezing yesterday but we saw the sun for a few minutes as it set.
  6. It was all over here by 3:00 pm in light rain and wet snow yesterday. Needed the wipers on the truck but could still hear the neighbours cutting wheat for a bit in the rain. Just a light dusting of snow and it is trying to melt off the roofs at mid day but not likely to get much above freezing today. I need about 3 weeks unless we get some more nice weather like the past weekend. Then maybe less than two. I think there will be some "winter wheat" in this part of Sask. Canola too.
  7. Makes my day look like I got away cheap. Only a $102 limit switch for the unload auger on the 1660 combine. What bothers me the most is it was 100% my own stupidity that caused it to be damaged. I'm trying to patch it up during this down time (rain again) as new switches are back ordered and apparently hard to find.
  8. Wish now I'd worked half the night because today started out damp and cold. By noon it was damper and colder. Actually rain drops on the windows of the swather. Figured I"d swath some more of the hailed oats to either bale or combine or I don't know what. Basically something to keep me busy while waiting on the weather to make up its mind. Got through the morning without getting stuck but problems with straw wrapping under the draper roller and stopping the canvas. Neighbours are going on standing wheat but they usually start when its 20% moisture and then dry it. I'm beyond fed up with this weather and harvest in general. I broke the limit switch on the unload auger of the 1660 due to my own stupidity. New switch is $100 but on back order and none available nearby. I can still work with it but have to jump the terminals on the switch to fold the auger in. Forecast sounds like I'll get a few days to work on an alternative switch.
  9. That wind was wild today and it sure dried. Tried one field of canola swath at noon and it was 13% but by 2:00 in another field I tried it was 9.8 so I went ahead. Finished the whole field. A huge 20 acre field! By the time I had all the machinery moved from one farm to the next, auger and tractor hooked up and set up it took all afternoon. Made some ruts with the combine in several wet spots but managed to keep moving. Forecast for tomorrow does not sound good. Should have kept going to the next field I guess but ....
  10. That is a good long drive on an open vehicle. I put a good ten miles on the open Massey tractor hauling bales this afternoon. Then tried swathing some of the hailed oats. It was not so much fun. But I did get 20 bales made . Mostly straw I guess.
  11. Getting ready to start up the threshing machine for harvest. Might need to look for a new drive belt from Goodyear.
  12. This one tree is all I have. I wonder if these walnuts can be grown from seed?
  13. I think the pickup reel on the swather will handle it ok but only got a bat reel on the combine so thats why I'm thinking maybe swath ahead. Hate to waste an extra day swathing at this time of year when we might not have many days left. I see others swathing today too. One on on oats and a couple of others on wheat. Its funny how five miles West my wheat that got hailed is standing up just fine compared to this field.
  14. As bad as this harvest is turning out I'm thinking there might be a lot of auction sales next year. Be hard to pay the bills this fall for some with most of the crop low quality or still in the field. I had the hail adjustor check my damaged fields today and the oat field is a write off. Wheat varied from 63 to 100% over the field but there is still well worth combining. Canola swaths were in the 44% damage range. The one wheat field I thought had no damage came in at 8% hail damage. But is it ever laying down from the rain and snow. Going to be interesting harvesting that. I may have to swath it ahead of the combine. Picture from today.
  15. Yes, that canola straw looks a little tough. No such luck here as it was mist and damp all day here. 0 progress all week and I'm still at 0%. That rain snow last Sunday gave us close to another inch of moisture on the ground. So the ruts the swathers made in the canola fields have a little more water in them. Pretty sure any grain that has been harvested has had to be dried. Best I"ve heard is one guy is 25% done. Slight chance of showers tomorrow so I'm not making any big plans for harvest. Maybe try to cut some oats to bale if the straw gets dry enough. Theres not much grain left in them. Still waiting on the hail adjustor to show up. Hope I can get the rest of my hay hauled home before real winter sets in. Think I'll leave the wheat stand a while yet. Any cereals swathed up to this point will be in bad shape with sprouting. If we get to the end of the month and no hope I guess I'll swath the wheat to lay through the winter.
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