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  1. I've never mentioned it but the head has been leaking at the front for a while now. I actually have a bottle of Irontite to add next time I run it. Those Magnums must have had weak gaskets. Had to do the exhaust manifold gasket about ten years ago and now this. Got some field inspection done this morning and its a bit worse than expected. Many sloughs full as well as seeded ground flooded. Washouts between sloughs. Did not get to the canola to see if the plants are smashed into the mud but maybe best to wait. Got some drone and driving video I might get uploaded to the yt channel later tonight. Got a tornado watch on here now.
  2. Gauge showing 6.5 inches this morning since Thursday night. We went from needing rain to now needing it to stop. Sunny this morning but still chance of more thunder showers. Yes, definitely will be four wheel drive spraying. Hope the leaking head gasket on the magnum holds out.
  3. Hardly any rain in May but then we got over 4 inches in the past 24 hours here. I imagine there will be some crop under water in the low spots. Its feast or famine when it comes to rain it seems.
  4. I'll throw in my two cents worth here. One that always jumps off the screen at me is "hydrolics". Sorry folks but that is not a word. What you are trying to say is "hydraulics".
  5. Like the nearly $80 per acre seed cost of canola. Never dreamed I'd be able to carry $800 worth of canola seed up the ladder of the air seeder but I do. I've missed out on this thread with the busy spring that its been but I'll just throw in this pic from this morning of the Liberty link canola I planted on the May long weekend. Its the lowest seeding rate ever and yet its looking pretty good. My first time ever trying LL canola. Glyphosate resistant Kochia is becoming a problem.
  6. I've had good luck with the Mavic Air2 for a few years now. It has been pretty durable in spite of running into the trees once although the last impact recently has damaged some of the control mechanism for the camera. It can still take a nice picture or video but will occasionally not focus or pan up and down. I see parts are available to fix it but have not tried that yet. It came with the Flymore package of extra props and batteries. Battery life has been great. Control is through the DJI fly app on my I phone. No problem flying it half a mile away unless it gets down behind trees or buildings and may lose signal and return to home. This a photo I took a couple of days ago and you can see it is out of focus.
  7. Yes I believe Sakundiak has become Meridian. I sure need one. My old 70s vintage Sakundiak is about ready to break in half as the pipe is wearing through. Taped over one hole already.
  8. That is a well preserved Loadstar. I'm a bit envious of that extra hundred cubic inches under the hood. My 71 is not too bad on gas but short on horsepower when hauling over 300 bushels on anything more than level ground. 120,000 plus miles and still looking good. Its a Farm and Ranch II version.
  9. Been stubborn and unpredictable starting all the years I've known this one. I'd rank it right up there with some of the old V4 Wisconsins. Various mechanics have worked on it rebuilding carburetors and magnetos etc. but still you just never knew how it was going to start, if at all. When it started, it ran good. Its got a long ride ahead of it but not South. This is how it looked back about 30 years ago.
  10. I've been around this one for over 50 years. It belonged to a neighbour and when I helped haul bales it was the tractor on the wagon. Very temperamental starting and it spent a lot of time parked on hill for a roll start. I took it in trade for a cultivator about 30 years ago but have not really done anything more than clean it up and replace a broken valve spring. It has become impossible to start and just taking up space in the shed so I'm selling it.
  11. Tail lights are 38-39 Ford and having two lights makes it a Deluxe. Trunk handle says 38. Not sure on the other one.
  12. I hear they were good in Sask. too and have seen a few pictures. They always look impressive in photos but in real life I hardly even notice them. Just a bit of extra light in the Northern skies. No colour at all.
  13. I've never run anything more than the stock quadrajets on my GM V8s and can't complain on them at all. Pretty much maintenance free for years. Not bad on gas mileage and always the awesome sound of the secondaries anytime I floor the gas pedal. This is the 425 in my Eldorado with the air cleaner lid flipped over. Edit, forgot to mention that the best old GM V8 in a square body that I know of is the 403 Oldsmobile in my 81 Sierra Classic. Just a good old hard working farm truck here since 1986.
  14. Good to see another old Loadstar still on the job. On my 71 the king pin bushings needed replacing and that helped tighten up the steering. Another thing on mine is the bolts in the side of the steering box occasionally work themselves loose an need re-tightening. They can't fall out as they are against the frame but there is just enough room for them to back out a few threads and that puts some slack in the steering box.
  15. I have a spare grease gun. Its somewhere out in my fields. In fact I think there might be two lost at different times. I also have a tool box tht I have run over twice and straightened out well enough to re-use. It doesn't get any better as time passes.
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