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    We have warmed up to +18F here this morning but its a raging snowstorm out there with low visibility at times. Suns out and its nice in the shelter of the yard and buildings but out in the wide open spaces it ain't fit for man nor beast. Was about -20 when I fired up the old 2090 yesterday morning to push out a trail across the field to get to town. Snow broke up in blocks big as a stove in places. Bent my cab ladder on the tractor but got the job done.
  2. Good eye, spotted the old 15-30 McCormick Deering in the background. Heres a short ride in the Eldo last fall.
  3. Can't beat those Olds V8s. I've been running a 403 Olds in my 81 GMC pickup close to 40 years and can't wear it out. Got my first Caddy last spring. A 78 Eldorado. Last of the big ones. Its a little tired with a few electrical bugs but rides like on a cloud. And that 425 has enough power to move all that weight right smartly.
  4. Marty Robbin's tune, "Big Iron" was re-done by Michael Martin Murphy back in the 80s and quite well too. Even better they throw a few video clips in of Marty Robbins singing his original version. Its a well done video.
  5. If you are a Bob Wills fan you will likely enjoy Asleep At The Wheel as they do a lot of his tunes in his style. They do an excellent version of San Antonio Rose with Dwight Yoakum in this video. Video quality is poor but the sound is right on.
  6. Running 10w-30 diesel oil in my old Perkins powered Super 90 all year round for years. In my 2090 Case I often switch to #10 diesel oil for winter. Both high hour tractors and I start them well down below zero F when needed.
  7. I would not call mine a beater but its definitely old having just turned 40 years old. I've owned this Sierra Classic since 1986. It mostly rests in the winter now as I don't want the salt to eat it up any worse. It gets the job done all the rest of the year though. That Olds engine just won't quit. Had one rebuild on the transmission. Not sure on the mileage as it has turned over a time or two. Just a great truck to drive.
  8. I didn't think we were going to do gifts this Christmas but somebody surprised me with this nice addition for the wall.
  9. Get yourself a big old tractor inner tube on a rope behind the snowmobile and some friends to help hang on. Depending on who is driving the snowmobile and how powerful it is that can be a wild ride on the tube. Wish I had some pictures of those time. A plain old piece of heavy cardboard worked good on well packed icy hills too in the days before snowmobiles.
  10. That clear plastic bowl is supposed to be dry, and not full of oil or dust. The 510 Massey had that pre-cleaner bowl and it was a daily ritual to remove and empty the dust from the plastic bowl. It had the dry air filter down below. Most of my older stuff still has the oil bath air cleaner and yes, if they are working right in dusty conditions they will fill up that plastic pre cleaner bowl with dust. And solidified dirt will build up under the oil in the bowl. I don't change mine very often as they don't work in extreme dust a lot. Snow can be a problem in the winter too if you are plowing or blowing snow.
  11. My brother built a splitter years ago. Runs it off the hydraulics on his Massey 1085. The Perkins diesel is real easy on fuel and he has never run out of hydraulic power. Its a big cylinder. I don't but would guess 4 inch diameter at least. You can see some of it working in this video.
  12. Excellent series! I sometimes refer to it as The Sopranos on horseback. 🙂
  13. Surprised to see this thread is still going. Guess I'll post something fitting for the end of November. Massey sold a line of snowmobiles in the early seventies called "Ski-Whiz". Just one of many names that have long since disappeared from the market.
  14. I've read about that power stop technique but it always sounded like supreme abuse to the whole power train so I'd never do it.
  15. True but the problem I have with that is the combine I used this harvest has a hydraulic chaff spreader on it so everything coming off the seives is spun out back over the full width of the swath. Makes it pretty hard to tell how much is going out. Especially canola. Trying to see those little black seeds on the dirt reminds me of one of my dad's old sayings, "like trying to pick fly $hit out of pepper".
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