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  1. Loadstar

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    The problem is we need a week or two of uninterrupted sunny and dry weather. This two days of sun followed by showers is getting us nowhere except closer to winter. I need close to a week of harvesting weather , after the crop dries up. If it dries. Took this photo mid afternoon today. Most of the snow in the open had melted but its muddy now. Those canola swaths are thoroughly soaked.
  2. Loadstar

    Massey Harris fans

    I think this is a 101 or 102 junior or senior Massey. Parked in a field in this part of the country.
  3. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    A most unusual tractor . With the snow we have now maybe its time for a set of these Bombardier half tracks for the tractor? You'll recall the name Bombardier as it went on to introduce the "Ski_doo" line of snowmobiles in the 1960s.
  4. Loadstar

    Massey Harris fans

    Interesting video. Sort of a Massey Harris version of "Farming Frontiers". Old John Deere guys will remember those shows. At about the 12 minute mark they show a 55 tractor pulling a "trash king" chisel plow. That was a typical setup out here in Sask. for working summerfallow. In fact the 444 that I worked with was hitched to a ten foot (shank) trash king. For spring planting it was hitched up to the #36 disker with seed attachment to plant the crop. Once that was done it was used to disk down last year's stubble for summerfallow.
  5. Loadstar

    Massey Harris fans

    I spent a lot of hours back about 1972 running a slightly newer version, the 444, working for a neighbour planting crop and working summerfallow. It was $1.25 an hour and I thought I was in the big money running that big tractor. My brother still has his and started it up last summer in this video.
  6. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    ONce a proud Canadian farm equipment company. Massey Harris seen here in this 1951 ad. Probably a model 44 tractor pulling a forage harvester.
  7. Loadstar

    Massey Harris fans

    Those 44 Masseys were everywhere here in Sask. in the fifties and sixties. Never saw many 33s and only the big farmers had the 55. Seems to me originally they had some fine screen in between those grille bars and they just don't look right without that to my thinking.
  8. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Sounds like you got a break from the weather this time compared to us. I don't think any trucks will be moving in the melting snow on top of the mud from last night's rain. Its going to be one big mess when it finally warms up enough to melt this snow. Glad I got as much done as I did but wish it was more.
  9. Loadstar

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I posted this picture of my McCormick 15-30 over on the crops thread this morning. We sure didn't need snow on top of the unharvested crops but we don't get a choice. Just hoping for a change in the weather and a week of good drying conditions to finish up this year's harvest.
  10. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Its here. Been snowing all morning. Melting on bare ground but the grass is well covered and its not over yet. Took this picture just before noon. Not looking good at all. Statistics say we are 62% done harvest in Sask. I'm just a shade better than that but I still need a week of real nice weather if I'm going to get the rest dry.
  11. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    I've seen a lot of the JD balers around and they seem well liked. For my hobby sized operation I do fine with my $1200 NH 847 chain baler. Well the snow is here. Took this pic about 8:00 am and its coming down thicker by the minute. Ground almost white now. The swaths were well soaked by the rain last night so I guess they can't get any wetter. Canola swaths should be fine when (if) it dries later this fall. Cereals, its going to hurt.
  12. Loadstar

    Kansas autumn sunset

    Colours like that indicate tomorrow should be a good farming day.
  13. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Its always great to be able to reclaim cultivated land. Seeing a lot of that here too after a couple of dry years. Well its all over for today. Neighbours were harvesting standing canola this morning again but fine rain started up about noon and now theres water dripping off the roof. The sun was trying to shine this morning giving me a little hope but I guess thats it for the weekend as far as harvest goes.
  14. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Yes, I think most tape measures here have both metric and imperial. Theres times I'[ll use millimetre or centimetres but usually its the old standard inches and feet. Combines were rolling beside me this afternoon cutting standing canola. Pretty sure it would not have been dry as we never saw the sun all day.
  15. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    No combines moving locally yesterday but I heard that some did try and standing wheat was over 19? Standing canola near 14%. Back to clouds this morning and the radar shows showers moving up from the South. Its been a week today since my combine last moved in the field.