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  1. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Yes, looking good. I'm starting to see a lot of fading colour in the earlier canola fields as they finish blooming. Also noticed my oats are headed out so took a pic this evening. They were the last crop I seeded. At $2.56 a bushel I won't get rich on oats but at least the field is nice to look at. :-)
  2. Loadstar

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Its a dangerous occupation though. This happens here every year it seems. http://www.cjme.com/syn/653/372235/at-least-1-dead-in-crop-duster-crash-near-arborfield-tsb/
  3. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Looking pretty healthy alright. I wonder if spreading that fertilizer now does any good? I remember having some leftover S3 and went back out with the air seeder and broadcast it into the surface after seeding. Did some on grass too. I could not see a bit of difference in the crop or grass later but it did get rid of the fertilizer that was going to be taking up space in a bin.
  4. Loadstar

    Unexpected helper

    Thanks, I'll be having nightmares about that now. At first glance I thought it might have been a rat which only makes it worse. Now you see why I don't mind spending money on rat poison and keeping bait stations stocked year round on my farm.
  5. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Canola was looking good today under the ever changing skies so I took the Merc out for a brief tour around the field closest to the yard. Cool temps in the 70s is a nice change but its only for a day they say.
  6. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    No , I have only seen the self propelled balers in ads. I don't think they sold many at all here in Sask. The pull type pto balers were very popular though. As was the pull type bale wagons. Saw the occasional self propelled bale wagon too. This ad from 1973.
  7. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Weather didn't amount to much here. Just a nice slow rain for a while after dark. No hail. Wheat is looking pretty nice around here too. I shot this flying video over my neighbour's what field recently right by my yard.
  8. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Haying season here now. I guess in the mid 1950s this Snowco bale loader was a real labour saving device. From 1953.
  9. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Cereals looking great here too. I took this shot of mine this morning while baling some hay. Got some wild weather on the way this evening so I hope it survives.
  10. Loadstar

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thanks, but no, my dad bought truck used at a farm auction in 1984. I think it had around 80,000 miles on it at the time. It looks a little better now than it did in 1984. I believe the paint is original.
  11. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Yes, that humidity on Friday was more than we are used to. Still near 80 degrees at 10:00 pm which is unusual. Tonight down closer to 60. I finally got the drone out for some pics around the yard. Unfortunately my poorest canola field is the one by the yard that everybody sees. It actually looks average to good from the ground but a different story up in the air. Salinity patches are bad everywhere this year and I have my share of them. But some of those bare patches just germinated late. And I still think I see some herbicide damage from the neighbour along the fence line.
  12. Loadstar

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Hi Anson, I'd forgot you had a Loadstar. I guess at 13,900 pounds I'd feel like I was running empty. Not that I'd admit to running over weight but rumour has it that the old 1600 has crossed the scales at close to the 30,000 pound mark. more than once in it's time :-*) Empty is weighs just under 9000 pounds.
  13. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Yes, later model Olivers were the same as White (Cockshutt). But back in 1960 they were their own unique machine as seen in this ad. We did not see many Olivers here. The only combine I recall was one in a local demolition derby in 1988.
  14. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    That road looks terrible. Our super grid was also pretty bad in the wet years but is fine now that conditions are dry and normal. Looks like you have had some heavy traffic on there when it was too wet to stand it.
  15. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    The canola does have some big leaves for sure. Should make a good crop. That old Suzuki reminds me of the TS185 I bought new in 1971.