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  1. Thats a nice IH. We are moving the same weights with a 304. Found out just how important a two speed axle is this harvest when this one quit. We were able to set the two speed in high range and work it that way. With a five mile run to work each day didn't want to be screaming along in 4 low. Lucky we did not have soft ground to deal with or it would have been really hard on the clutch taking off loaded in 1 high. Repair kit for the two speed was hard to find and expensive but really good to get it back working with all 8 speeds again.
  2. My nephew got starlink almost a year ago now. It replaced the Sasktel wireless that many use here and from what I hear it is a big improvement. Sasktel wireless is mostly ok for me until I get over my 50gb per month limit and then things slow down quite a bit.
  3. Been running the Loadstar in my profile pic since 1984 with a 4 and 2. The little 304 gets the job done but there is no power to spare with over 300 bushels on it. No complaints on the transmission. Just wish I had a 392 under the hood sometimes.
  4. Thanks for that info. I watched a few videos on it and the process looks simple enough that even I could handle it. Here is a photo of great uncle Karl Hobetzeder with the Barker double barrel. Likely in the 1920s.
  5. Thats pretty much what I have read too. Cheap shotgun sold by Simpsons Sears or maybe Eatons in Canada. I'll probably just keep working on it with steel wool to get the rust off and maybe look at "blueing" it? Protect it from rusting more. I'll try to get a picture on here of great uncle Karl Hobetzeder carrying this shotgun.
  6. And now for something completely different. I've done a little research on this one already but all I can find is about the T Barker company. This old double barrel is just a plain Barker Arms Co. As you might notice it has had some hard use and a little repair. Unfortunately the right side hammer is missing and the shaft it attached to looks the worse for wear. Its just a display model as far as I am concerned and was purchased by a family member probably more than a century ago.
  7. Spam, or the various other 'potted meats" are something I never get tired of. During busy seasons when I'm in the tractor or combine all day I'll live on spam and pickle sandwiches. Or spam and tomato if they are ready to eat. I'll throw in a picture of a stook loader from Canada. Manitoba I think.
  8. We have deep drifts here and highways closed in many locations. This might stay a while. No sign of melting today. Good moisture that we needed but sure is miserable conditions if you have to do much outside or drive anywhere.
  9. I remember the days you could pick one of those out of the Christmas catalogue. The "Johnny Seven" comes to mind. Never did get one but sure did want it. Toy guns everywhere when I was a kid. Guess thats why I turned out so bad. 🙂
  10. As usual I am way behind the times. Last new snow machine I bought had a whopping 32 horsepower and cost me $1500. Might have seen 50 mph out on the lakes ice but thats fast enough for me. 133 mph and I better be in something with wings up in the air. My old Kawasaki sits in the shed and has not run in years. It had it's share of problems and I"m not inspired to do much with it. Back in the days when we had lots of trees and deep powder snow it was good times though.
  11. My nephew got some of his drone video uploaded to youtube showing various views of the 7721 pull type and magnum through harvest.
  12. This was our local IH dealer in the 1950s. Hard to believe that most of the well known farm equipment companies were represented in a little village of just over 500. Now we have none and its 30 miles to a JD dealer and 50 or more to Case-IH.
  13. Nice scenery but I'd have frozen up in these 40 degree temps and wind. Sun finally came out in the afternoon but still cold. Yesterday was the first decent day without much wind since Monday. I heard there was some swath damage to what few fields of canola remained. Still got a few bales to haul. Supposed to warm up by Tuesday.
  14. Sorry to hear of Anson's passing. Seems just a week or so ago we talked a bit on here about drones. Of course over the years we had a few conversations on here about various things including helping him out a bit with his 2090 Case. I had no idea his health was quite that bad though.
  15. Most weeds are looking pretty dead here after those hard frosts. My nephew truck driver shot some drone video through harvest. This was our last day showing the last few canola swaths going into the 7721 combine. Unfortunately the Magnum 7130 is just out of the frame. It has been hitched to the combine for just over a month now. Hoping to pull the pin today and park the combine in the shed.
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