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  1. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Studebaker, its a really old name in cars. And before that, wagons. What surprised me was that you could still buy one in 1957. I thought the name had disappeared in the early fifties .
  2. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    I like those "task force" vintage Chev and GMC trucks too. I have another ad from 1956 featuring GMC from pickups to tractor units. This pic from the Montgomery dam project in Colorado. Check out the chrome grille on the pickup. Quality is not great as the big two page ad was way too big for my scanner.
  3. Loadstar

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    I think the name is "Assassin". The little pail of blue blocks that I can spike to the wall studs in sheds, barns and other buildings on the farm. Its a constant war on mice and rats that you can't let up or they will be back. Cats are not hungry enough to get them all. Make sure the poison blocks are not accessible to pets or kids. Far as I know there are no secondary effects of the poison from the dead animals.
  4. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Here is another oil company ad from 1956. I don't know if Flying A ever appeared this far North but I never saw any locally.
  5. Loadstar

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Thanks Nate, and others, for all the compliments on the photos. Don't mean to hijack your thread here Ryan. Yes, they recommend storing the drone batteries at low charge but that makes no sense to me as I want to be able to take it up for a flight at short notice. Guess it will affect the life of the battery though. Yes, we had intermittent power outages from the frost but nothing more than an hour or so locally. A little bit West they were out for 20 hours!
  6. Loadstar

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    I've done a few flights since the cold weather started. Nearly froze my fingers getting a few shots like this on December 2. We had such fantastic hoar frost that I had to get a few pictures.
  7. Loadstar

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Wow, those new machines look like alien spacecraft compared to my old 77 Kawasaki Sno-Jet. I don't have much hopes of getting it out on the snow. What snow we have so far I was able to get around in with the 52 Merc and the smooth tires today. Although at one point I did run out of traction and needed a little help to get moving. The trick is to never stop moving.
  8. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    I would see the David Brown tractor ads in the Country Guide magazine in the late 1960s but never saw an actual tractor until Case started selling them as part of their line in 1974. Of course we didn't have any David Brown dealers around until that time either. This ad is from 1977.
  9. Loadstar

    IH Cream Separator & Milker pump oil

    You might be surprised at the prices some of those old oil cans are bringing now. I'm shocked when I look at what sellers are asking for even simple tin containers from a few years ago. So I save pretty much any old can with a name on it now. If it isn't already, it eventually will be worth money. Just wish I'd started years earlier. Asking $75 for this Esso Marvelube can at a dealer in Sask. I've got one already.
  10. Loadstar

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    Very true, and I have inherited that same attitude. Waste not, want not. It still works. I've heard all the stories. Still got the journals family members wrote through those times. One relaitive liked to draw and write but could not afford to waste money on paper so he did all his work on "recycled" paper. Old soup tin labels, cement bags, etc. Amazing to look at it now and realize just how little they got by on.
  11. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    From 1960, the Humble Oil Company. As far as I know we did not see this name in Canada.
  12. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    I didn't realize Dodge pickups had the push button automatic same as the cars in 56.
  13. Loadstar

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Kodachrome did give some nice bright colours and might make you think all the worlds a sunny day. (to quote an old song from my youth). I shot a few kodachrome slides in the early days of my farming but it was a cheap little 126 camera so there are no prize winners there. I use the I phone camera quite a bit for my photos now. I think I shot this one with the Gopro a few days ago. With a little help from Adobe.
  14. Interesting to see a Cockshutt 40 with Perkins diesel in one photo. We used to have a wrecker just half an hour away. Just a farmer who did it as a sideline business. What a great place for a kid to wander around with all makes of tractors in various states of dissaembly. I remember a huge pile of cast. Engine blocks, final drive, transmission casings. Wish I'd had a camera in those days. Its all history now.
  15. Loadstar

    Not one $70K dually either

    C20 for sale here in Sask. Probably more money than it was when new. C20 Actually a 920 since it is a GMC.