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  1. 900 pages! Wow, thats a book or an epic movie series. Thought I'd check in with an up to date picture of the old Red River Special thresher on the hill in my pasture. It looked pretty scenic yesterday morning in thin fog just after the sun came up.
  2. That sounds like the lights I was given last birthday. They are LED but look like a small flourescent tube style. Just plug in and hang up or screw to the ceiling. Great light but they sure do knock out the am radio. Just a buzz of static when that light is on.
  3. Vintage road maps are a necessity when you drive a fifties car like mine. I've accumulated a few of the free road maps too.
  4. I've seen people pay good money for those on ebay. I've sort of randomly collected them for nearly 50 years. More of an accumulator than a collector.
  5. You can get a lot of those IH and JD parts through A&I at usually close to half the price. I did that with a starter for my 2140 JD back in December. Over $700 from JD. Half that price for the same starter through A&I. Also got a new cab fan for my 7130 Magnum through the same place. Way lower priced than CIH.
  6. I hear we set some records in Sask. too this past weekend. Down in the -40s. Have not seen above 0 for 12 days now. But pretty much business as usual. Power and gas keep flowing where its needed. Diesel fuel does not gell. Things could be worse.
  7. -25F is about where we are tonight and thats an improvement over the past week.
  8. Flux core is all I've ever used in the Lincoln wire welder I got a couple of years ago. It seems to work fine for me but everybody tells me I should be using gas tanks.
  9. No problem with moisture on the steel floor bins. Better than the cement floors.
  10. This one was close to $1500 cdn by the time I got the flymore package and taxes on everything.
  11. Covid money? what, where? I could use a new floor though. Literally worn holes in some of it and needs replacement.
  12. We went for steel floors on some here too. Wood just does not last when a bit of moisture starts at the edge and first thing you know it has rotted a hole. Steel is great to solve that. Grain vac is great for all flat bottoms but have you seen the price of them lately??!!! Another advantage to smaller bins is they are less subject to spoilage from moisture or heating since there is less volume of grain to cool down. The bigger the bin, the longer it takes to cool the centre of the bin. Unless you have aeration and that gets pretty expensive if you go for all the options.
  13. Magnum 7130 is my smoothest and newest ride. Guess its not surprising being that its the heaviest weight , biggest tires and air ride seat. The 1660 combine is a real smooth ride too but of course the fields are good and smooth by harvest time anyway.
  14. I just hauled one home last fall and was glad to get it close to home. A 1200 bushel hopper bin is ideal for a small farmer like myself to store seed for spring planting. Once its empty I can store other grain in it. For a while it was popular to buy hopper cones to put under the common 14 foot diameter bins that everybody had here. Now they are too small for most of the big guys to be interested with. We put three cones under 1650s about 20 years ago and have never regretted it. I spent way too many years shoveling grain out of flat bottom bins.
  15. I went a different route and bought an Autel drone back in 2016. A great drone that did all I wanted it to. Only problem was that their batteries did not last long before needing replacement. Last year I found it was impossible to buy a new battery for this Autel drone. Disappointed is an understatement. So I gave up on Autel and went with DJI like almost everybody seems to recommend. I bought the Mavic Air II in December and so far really impressed with it. Much smaller and lighter than the Autel but more than equal in features. They claim about 30 minute battery life when flying which is rea
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