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  1. 40 years ago this spring my dad bought the 71 Loadstar 1600 at a local farm auction. Its still on the job today carrying the seed and fertilizer for #24 spring planting.
  2. Another on marketplace. This SW4 is up for offers. McCormick Deering threshing machine behind it.
  3. I see a W6 and W9 listed here in Sask on FB marketplace for $1000 each. Both running. (8) Marketplace - Tractors | Facebook
  4. After wearing glasses for near sightedness for over 5o years I got my first progressives a few days ago. I had no problem at all. I still look over the top for working on small stuff a few inches away but otherwise its through the lens all day long.
  5. I don't think those names showed up until the 1960s. Here is another name from the early fifties. "Tokheim" 'They mention the smaller Farmalls but not the W series.
  6. A little more info on Macdonald cabs from Manitoba museum. Farmers of Manitoba – Page 8 | Manitoba Agricultural Museum (mbagmuseum.ca)
  7. I don't remember a cab on any "W" series but this is what Macdonald was advertising in 1951.Appears to be on a 9.
  8. I have to say Interstate is my longest life battery ever. I ran a pair of "Workaholics" on the 1660 CIH combine for close to 20 years. Replaced them eventually as preventive maintenance but, believe it or not, one of those same batteries is still starting my 730 Case diesel this spring at nearly 25 years old. They built them to last back in the 90s.
  9. I have no plans at all for eclipse viewing as we are many hundred miles West of the path of totality. But now I hear we may experience a little abnormal mid day semi darkness. If its anything worth recording I'lll do d video of it and put it on the YT channel. I'm not expecting much.
  10. Its the only one like it I've ever seen. Now here is one from IH. 1977 featuring two of their most popular combines and of course the Loadstar.
  11. Boy that ad really gets around. I posted it on the FB group "General Motors Trucks" a few days ago. It is from a 1966 Country Guide magazine. Since its a Gleaner ad the combines would be new but not necessarily the GM trucks. Heres one I have from 1965.
  12. Used to see a lot of this red power here back in the 70s. This is a buyers guide from early seventies that a friend owns.
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