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  1. I'd guess we have had maybe six inches snow since it started in late October. I can still get around mostly without getting stuck with the 2 wheel drive pickup. The unharvested canola swaths are still visible but my standing wheat is not standing much anymore. Shot this video last week while out checking some of the bins. Ok, I did get stuck a little but managed to rock my way out. No shoveling required here yet.
  2. Purolator was a big name in oil filters in 1948. New John Deere M tractors were equipped with them according to this ad.
  3. Rostselmash https://thecrri.ca/economy/previously-manufactured-in-canada-russian-tractors-are-moving-back-to-russia/
  4. I still use the 71 in my avatar. This combine ad is from the 1960 JD notebook. Back then JD, Massey and Cockshutt ruled the market here. It was rare to see an IH or Gleaner.
  5. The new Loadstar line for 62. I think they kept that basic design for another decade.
  6. Yes, Funk made several conversion kits for the Fords. One was a Ford flathead V8.
  7. One of our Fargo trucks from 1952.
  8. I've done all my welding repairs on the 40+ year old AC 180 Smith Roles stick welder. But I could not weld thin metal like car bodies without burning through. So I bought a Lincoln wire welder last year and have had pretty good luck with the few patches I've made. I have not tried it on heavy metal so can't advise. It was only around the $700 mark. It came with flux core wire and that is all I have used with it. Watch some videos on youtube and you can learn quite a bit about welding.
  9. Now that describes what I have noticed lately. Used to be I could react a lot faster and prevent or protect myself from a fall. Now I'm thinking about it as I'm going down and wondering why my arms and legs don't do something to stop me. So far I just bounce right back up and get on with the job. But it reminds me of the old saying, "the older I get, the faster I used to be". 🙂
  10. I have not doubt that is the way they were built but it still looks wrong compared to other makes. They generally covered more of the back part of the wheel and less of the front . See this 1256 for example. Front of the fender only comes maybe a quarter of the way down the front of the wheel and over half way down the back. The D 17 was just the opposite. I think IH had one model tractor with the same fender arrangement.
  11. Something about the positioning of the fenders on this Allis Chalmers D17 makes it look like they are installed backwards. Lower photo shows it pulling a one way disk harrow . Known locally as a "disker". From 1960.
  12. I see it is trending on twitter here in Canada. I was a ten year old kid playing in the snow at school that day. Not sure just when I heard but it was likely on tv when I got home that afternoon. I still have some of the newspapers saved from that time when it was front page news here. It was the first time I'd ever heard the word, "assassination".
  13. Running on the road with field lights on. If it isn't illegal, it ought to be. I don't see it often here but I have met one on a narrow road. Completely blinded me so I just pulled to the shoulder and stopped. Let him work his way around me as he could obviously see a lot better than I could with the blinding lights in my eyes. The fascination with the LED fad has not affected me yet. I can see good enough with the original factory lighting. Never much traffic on the roads when I move but I'll have the flashers and road lights on, nothing else.
  14. Another good old Massey Harris ad from 1951. Some of the numbers on fuel cost per acre and the amount of land they farmed with just a few horsepower seem hard to imagine today.
  15. What used to catch my eye was the "range land" in some of the movies. It looked like semi desert with not enough growth to support any cattle or horses. Yet the ranches had cattle and horses.
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