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  1. I still have a similar version of that little flat sided hewing axe and I still have the wrist damage from using it fifty years ago. I helped a neighbour building some rail fence/cattle shelter and used that little short handled one hand axe for way too long. My wrist was useless for a day or so after that and I still feel it at times. A good two handed axe is better. I have a really old and well preserved "adze" here that I think was used constructing some of the original log buildings on this farm. Also a really ancient axe head that my dad found in the field in his early farming days.
  2. Early canola fields are starting to show bloom here but they are patchy. Later fields look a lot better and even. Just finished spraying wheat yesterday evening. Crop and field were wet but forecast is for rain so I wanted it done before that hits.
  3. Canada is headed the same way. From what I read the feds want us to cut back on nitrogen usage but continue to increase crop yields. Genius!
  4. The later Spray Coupes are pretty impressive. High winds and heat here today so no spraying. Twisters touched down to the North as well. Took a few pictures while spraying yesterday showing how big the crop is already. Wheat.
  5. I'll finish up spraying half tanks once the wind slows down. Yes, suspended boom would be great. Even the spring cushioned wheels like the newer Brandt Quick fold would be an improvement. I looked at a few of them used but most showed a lot of wear on the wheel suspension. I like the look of the newer Flexicoil sprayers but not sure they are still in business.
  6. Crops are looking great here but my Brandt sprayer is not. Tank started leaking about half way up the front yesterday morning. So only spraying half tanks now as I don't want it to break with 800 gallons in it. 30 years of ultraviolet light deterioration I guess. Lucky only one field of wheat left to go.
  7. Checked the canola field I sprayed last Wednesday and its looking good showing signs of weeds dying off. Definitely some patches of flea beetle damage. Finished up spraying my last field of canola this evening. Gravelly hilltops are pretty bare as I guess the beetles like to congregate there. Hopefully the good patches will make up for the bad ones.
  8. Interesting to see the rise in popularity of this body style. I've been driving my 81 Sierra Classic since 1986. Its smooth, comfortable and reliable. Really all I need.
  9. Finallly got a break in the weather to spray some of my canola. Last evening was still windy when I started but improved. Canola not bad but definite flea beetle damage just like everybody elses. Today was almost perfect with no wind. Pretty warm but hopefully not too hot. Thunder shower came in about 6:00 just as I'd filled up to go again and now its coming down pretty good with tornado watches too so I'm done for the day. Hit some scary mud patches on the West farm this morning. Came so very close to being stuck that I was already making plans who to call and how to hook up to get the tractor and sprayer out.
  10. It was last summer I put out the poison and I think the population was way down this spring. I have not been back for a close look but will have to check it out soon. I gave them another round of poison this spring soon as I could see activity so hopefully that prevented a lot. I first spotted the damage last year with the drone. The big bare patch along my fence line in the neighbour's canola reallly showed up from the air.
  11. Gophers do love canola. Mine moved out into the neighbour's field from my pasture one year and they cleaned off quite a patch. It did grow back after I poisoned them but it was real late. Best time for poison they say is early in spring when the adults first come out.
  12. Probably one of the last they built in late 1986. Still got the original rear tires at just over 17,000 km although they are getting a bit smooth.
  13. Yes, I should have a sprayer mounted on it as it hardly made a track in the wet ground yesterday. Wetter again today with more rain. That canola is going to be big before I can get to spray it.
  14. Took a short drive into my latest canola field this morning. Trike tires still pick up a bit of mud after last night's nearly 1 and 3/4 inch and i can't believe how fast this stuff is growing. I guess the early stuff will be close to blooming before I can get to spray the weeds out. More showers in today's forecast as well as tomorrow's.
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