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  1. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    For sure, Studebaker was powering Flying Fortresses and building "Weasels" as well during WWII.
  2. Loadstar

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    The only tractor I have with a "spinner" on the steering wheel has so much slack and is so heavy steering that I don't think it makes much difference on the location. If I was to install one I'd say the 9:00 position makes the most sense on the tractor. Since my right hand is on the hydraulics or shifter then my left hand seems to more naturally rest on the left side of the steering wheel.
  3. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Really interesting to see what our American manufacturers turned their efforts in wartime. I have a very similar ad here from a National Geographic magazine featuring the Liberator bomber with Buick built engines. .
  4. Loadstar

    Tire rant

    I think mine are "Wintermark" tires on the Blazer and they seem to have pretty good traction and tread life. They are a real old fashioned "grip tire". I don't know how many miles but its got to be 6 years since I had them installed. Ran them year round. A bit noisy on pavement but not that bad. I'll be giving them a good test tomorrow on my snowy driveway that has not been plowed yet this winter.
  5. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    My Dad bought his very similar Inland sprayer about 1956. I think broadleaf weed spraying was becoming pretty common by then as wild mustard was turning parts of the wheat fields yellow. A gallon tin of 2-4D went a long way in those days. There were even smaller sprayers that had a 90 gallon tank mounted on the back of the tractor. Booms up on the front of the tractor. Imagine driving through clouds of 2-4D mist on the open tractor following the booms.
  6. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Some nice looking Oliver equipment there. And I just happened to find this one today. The late 1950s Oliver field sprayer. Looks like it was made by Kilberry Industries in Winnipeg , Manitoba. 150 gallon tank and up to 50 foot coverage. Of course nobody sprayed more than 5 gallons an acre in those days so that 150 gallon tank would last you a while. My dad's first sprayer was very similar. Built by Inland Industries.
  7. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Conversation came up on another forum about Raymond Loewy, the designer of the IH symbol recently. That was only one of a long list of his designs including the stylish sheet metal on these Cockshutt "5" series tractors of the late 1950s.
  8. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    If you were looking for a new pickup in 1975 Ford offered this fancy Explorer with a whole list of options. They sold very well and lasted a long time.
  9. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    If you were a big farmer back in 1966 you needed a big tractor. Like this Minneapolis G1000 wheatland. Over 100 hp rating. If you read the fine print at the bottom of the ad, even in 1966 MM was already a subsidiary of White Motor Corporation. Prices start at $9434 F.O.B. the factory.
  10. Loadstar

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Hey Anson, still kicking here. We have been pushing the -40 mark the last couple of nights so I have to keep moving or else I might freeze up. Some video from today shows me walking out to the "Red River Special" through the snow at -30F. Remember, its a dry cold. :-)
  11. Loadstar

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I've got a few old watches here that go back to my grandfather's time. I think I've already posted great uncle Alf's pocket watch with the gold deer (elk?) on the back. It is well worn from years in his pocket. A more recent arrival was this Woody Woodpecker clock that belonged to great uncle Jack I believe. It dates to the late 1950s and I was a bit shocked to see what good used ones are selling for. (Over $100!). I've read there is a Roy Rogers version of the clock too but I 've never seen one.
  12. Loadstar

    Who needs jumper cables anyway

    Many years ago I saw a guy using a set of Petersen vise grips as a battery clamp on his little Ford 9N tractor. Seemed like it would have been cheaper to just buy a new cable but I guess he didn't care.
  13. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    Nice centrefold page from a 1957 Country Guide magazine I think. The new line of tractors from John Deere. Unfortunately I don't have an IH version.
  14. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    This pic of a 4300 is frm an early sixties buyers guide I have here.
  15. Loadstar

    Vintage Ads

    From 1968. As a kid this was one of the first ads I saw promoting hydraulic motors as a source of power on the farm. I had a hard time imagining how oil could turn a piece of farm equipment at the time. Now hydraulic motors are everywhere on the farm.