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  1. A similar upright IH freezer sold at an auction in Minnesota last week for $100.
  2. Spring is here and time to think about roto tilling the garden. This Planet Junior Super Tuffy will get the job done with its whopping 1 1/2 horsepower engine. Or if you need more, go all the way up to 2 1/2 horsepower. From 1954.
  3. Roger that would be great if this wrench was a memento of my grandfather's IHC "Famous" engine. I don't have much else of it except the pictures.
  4. Loadstar

    Hey you welders

    We got a big container of 7018s with the first 180 amp ac Smith Roles welder in 1974. They were the most difficult rods to weld with. Striking , and holding, an arc was incredibly frustrating. I was so glad when we finished those 7018s. I've never welded with DC and have no clue what I am missing. Always got by fine with the AC stick. I bought a Lincoln 180 wire welder last winter in hopes of being able to weld some of my rusty old car bodies. Its good but I still have a lot to learn using it. So far I'm just using flux core wire as I don't want to mess with gas tanks etc.
  5. Got a big wrench here. I was sand blasting a few things today including this broken and rusty old wrench. Appears to say "I H Co G.3170". Does that mean anything to anybody as to age?
  6. International freezers and fridges for 1953.
  7. That would be my guess. Much the same setup on this plow behind the Cat in this 1951 ad. What caught my eye here was the figures on fuel consumption. 1 1/4 gallons of 19 cent diesel fuel per hour. A gallon of diesel for 19 cents! 1951 is a long time ago.
  8. I like this old United Grain Growers ad from 1950. Between U.G.G. and Sask. Wheat Pool I guess that is where most of my grain was hauled years ago. Hard to believe now that those names have disappeared into history and were merged under the Viterra flag. I see a rope attached to the plow. Maybe a "power lift"? Or else did the driver have to stop every time he wanted to turn and raise the plow with the levers?
  9. You inspired me to check out the name of the cast iron frying pan I use every day. It has no name. Must be old as it has a real smooth cooking surface. A tip for quick and easy cleaning. Take it out to the workshop and hit it with the sand blaster. Works great to take off any burned on black residue on the outside or edges.
  10. Those steel seats! Drivers must have been tough in those days to put in many hours on one of those. I suppose it beat the scythe for productivity though. Makes this 60 year old Case tractor and mower look like a real luxurious ride.
  11. It isn't lost but just not as sharp as it used to be. Like most of my other senses. :-)
  12. Really it would make good sense that every home heated with natural gas should have a gas leak detector. We have carbon monoxide detectors so why not natural gas too? Its just as dangerous.
  13. One bad feature of losing your sense of smell is not noticing gas leaks. A neighbour came into my house one winter day and said right away he smelled natural gas. I had not noticed anything. Called Sask Energy and they were out here right quick to test. Beeper started going soon as he walked in the door. Turns out the threaded couplings on the line to the wall heater all had slow leaks. Luckily that was a separate line and he could shut it off and still leave the main furnace working until I could get the couplings re-sealed to the other heater.. Poor quality sealant on the threads had dried out and gas had been leaking for I don't know how long. It never caused any ill effects.
  14. The new 2470 with the much improved cab was already on the market while Case was still selling the older 1470 four wheel drives. Cheap 4wd horsepower there at $15,500.
  15. Not bad. Half the miles of my 71. Here is the link to the rest of the pictures. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/190417/item/DF7912/1975-International-1700-Ag_Trucks-Grain_Truck-Texas
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