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  1. Porch Electric.....Lostant, IL. They make them from IH blueprints, so they are accurate. Can't say that about some of the others mentioned above........
  2. I believe the air filter you need is IH # 529854R2.
  3. Does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) with the Value Implement dealer group in West Central WI?
  4. Pilot Knob Parts of Galena, IL MAKES them. Contact them.
  5. I like to use the nylon washer with metal backup ring....IH # 670207C1.
  6. that suks....I too wonder who the other deep pockets group is......
  7. get it from an IH dealer.......book # 1096516R1.....About $30.
  8. There is a cab sn# break. The 130931C has 7 holes in the glass. The 248724A has 5 holes in the glass.
  9. My retired Ag Parts rep (he was an old, old Hy-Cap rep from the 1980's era) told me a different story on how Ag Parts came to be. At the Hy-Cap summer picnic there was a HUGE family fight. This was from a boil over of Hy-Cap doing so much business with AGCO (they supplied them with an A&I like line of general parts at the time) and seemed to be forgetting who/where HY-Cap's business came from (old IH dealer business). A "line was drawn in the sand" and the company split. Ag Parts started out as a small shell of what Hy-Cap had, but quickly gained ground and (I think in some products like T/A's...... passed HY-Cap). AP Air was created for air conditioning and that took off in sales too! My rep told me there was a lot of bad blood over those who stayed with Hi-Cap and those who left to go to Ag Parts. (still is I'm told). The dealer I was working for at the time of the split went with Ag Parts. The new Hy Cap rep we got (we called him the Marlboro man cause he smoked so much) was inept at best and hard to work with.
  10. The black plastic shell has a part number change to 3404842R2 and it still available thru CIH...
  11. For those who don't know....there was an Estate sale recently for a former Mgr of the East Moline Works. On that was was lots of IH/CIH toys/posters/memorabilia, ect. Something that caught my eye were the books of East Moline Production Records and Farmall Plant production. Working with the IH Mafia, I acquired all of these books with plans to donate them to the IH Archives for everyone to use.
  12. A RUSTY plug???.............I wonder what else was short cutted???
  13. All the GOOD stuff is hauled under a tarp and the cover of darkness when ever possible. You need a STRONG flash on your camera to get any good photos....
  14. The white side panel decals (IH #2750017R and #2750018R)...have both been retired. Maple Hunter decals of Indiana has them. IH ALWAYS used a decal for the hood sheets on the X30-X50 series tractors of the 1950's. They did not have time to mask them off and repaint red.
  15. Only the Farmall H have matching engine and chassis serial numbers.
  16. Completed another lap around the sun....without a pit stop!!! πŸ˜€ Just acquired some great IH historical papers that I can tell about next week.....stay tuned!!
  17. I'm stil going....just slower..πŸ˜„ Funny thing is...I've never been to Bermuda, nor do I plan to go there...
  18. very close....but no....
  19. The word in the Shed is that they are going to an IH Safe House......πŸ˜€
  20. There are large and small versions of nearly all of them. The wheels/tires are from Scale Models on all of them.
  21. Good read.......The author is a former IH/CIH dealer and IH Manager. It gives another point of view of what happened in 1984.
  22. no........we HAD one in the yard to sell..........it lasted less than 12 days before finding a new home....πŸ˜€
  23. Down corn???? I blame it on those pinwheels right behind you.....πŸ˜„
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