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  1. The front manifold is unique to the 50 series, 18 series cotton pickers and Super 70 series. The 66-86 series front manifolds are different.
  2. These wheel rims were painted IH 935 white at the factory.
  3. its amazing that ANY of these Iron Age tractors have survived this long and were not scrapped.....
  4. I thought the shows sponsors were CAT and Deere. 90% of it was about them...
  5. This is line is common to rust thru and leak. Get part # 384822R!! from CNH. They have about 100 of them in stock right now.
  6. You might want to try Pilot Knob Parts of Galena, IL. They have "top shelf" stuff...
  7. If you take a trip North....there is still a ferry at Cassville, WI.
  8. What are all the switches for under the dash??
  9. I don't have a reference for the NH stuff, however the red side uses a #83999239 male tip and 385357A1 female body for the "small" flat face setup. Both of these are 1/2" o-ring threaded (not JIC male like yours). The 385357A1 is used as the locking coupler on the motor return oil setup on MAGNUM tractors and such. I'm sure adapters exist to make these 2 fittings work in your application.
  10. I have had good luck using a STRONG magnet to extract the broken key.
  11. I see the Napa oil meets the Hytran Plus spec. That spec was current 36 years ago......
  12. Hinsdale (FEREC) has IH blue prints that go back to over 100 years ago.
  13. My sources at Hinsdale say most everything engineered after 2000 is 3D printable format ready.....that was 21 years ago..
  14. I can see the instore 3D printing of SOME parts in 10 years or less at the dealership level. The technology is there to do this, the demand just has to be created. There are already plans to eliminate paper sales literature with a video kiosk at the dealership. I can understand that, as it can be updated every night to show the latest information along with videos, ect. AGCO is already working on this and it should be out in 2022??
  15. CIH still has them all safely stored at Hinsdale. They do not share them with dealers or the public for legal reasons for the last 20+ years. There are a few exceptions to this, but very few. In the future....some parts will be 3D printed. The dealer buys a 1 time use parts file that is loaded into their 3D part casting machine and a short while later, your part is ready to go! For some parts this will eliminate backorders....forever!
  16. The Perkins engine is a custom job. The only "factory" engine swaps (designed and advertised as such) I know of were Detroit Diesel, Sheppard and Cummins.
  17. I may have these in the IH vault....let me search.
  18. Borghoff and Eipers have F-806 # 502...this is a DIESEL. They have owned that tractor over 20 + years now.... The F-806 #501 I sold many, many moons ago Richard Lantis. He died not too long after buying that. I knew of both of these tractors long before they were "saved". The #502 was for sale.....but the asking price for #502 was in the stratosphere and it had been heavily updated with non original parts. It would take some $$$ to bring it back to original.
  19. IIRC..Farm Oyl is made/blended by Cenex of MN..and they are/were a blender for Viscosity too! Farm Oyl is/was the only source of LOW-ASH oil in 2.5 gallon container...
  20. I think I have that....(definitely have the IH blueprint for it!) IRRC....IH made 4? or more different speed chart decals. I've considered making them but what kind of demand is there for it? Very few black faced tach tractors in existence now....
  21. THE place is Thomure Mfg.......1-800-527-9954
  22. yes...in the mechanical T/A tractors, the oil in the T/A housing is separate from the oil in the transmission housing. Next issue is Hydraulic T/A's..... I've had my copy arrive last week.....the syrup story is sweet....?
  23. One of the notes in the new version is the starting serial number for the 66-68 series Black Stripe series tractors. There always seems to be more and more fake ones being made and then being sold as an "original Black Stripe" tractor by less than honest/knowledgeable sellers... The 86 series Tri-Stripe tractors could have this notation too, however the extra hydraulic filter and pistol grip shifters are the good identifiers of these.
  24. I'm currently out of these. However a highly revised version with extra IH only notes is in the works. I think that after being in print for now over 25 years it is due.
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