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  1. JimG

    MXM120 error code

    Thanks that seemed to have worked no error codes mow.
  2. Boothill tractor parts has had them.
  3. 231177a1 left 231178a1 right May have to space for wide yoke on lift arm if your tractor has extendable lower links now.
  4. JimG

    MXM120 error code

    SDman is the calibration on the EMU the distance calibration? That is all I see in the manual. Mine is on page 7
  5. Have MXM 120 2wd tractor with error codes P22 and P23. I think both those codes are 4WD codes. If they are how do I get them cleared and tell the tractor it does not have 4wd?
  6. The parts list not matching the diagram is a bigger problem than not listing non current parts. Makes the catalog totally non usable. I was having that problem which prompted me to call customer support. I did respond with the issues suggested but have not received a response from CaseIH. As a note I checked this morning and my windows xp computer has the parts and diagram matched. My windows 7 computer still has mismatched parts and diagram. Maybe Messicks has planted a virus in CaseIH system so they can sell all the parts in the USA. LOL
  7. I have received a response from Case IH on the new parts catalog. If I respond what should I say that needs to be addressed? Please tell my your thoughts.
  8. Just went back to check what Nebraska1206 posted about item 16-17. I had looked up flanges for a 2388 feeder drum in between my post and now. When I pulled the dt-414 crankshaft now I get a picture of the crankshaft and the parts list for the feeder house on the same page. This is getting better by the hour!!!
  9. What website are you using Nebraska1206? A dealer website or the new customer website?
  10. Looked today according to the new parts catalog Case IH does not sell a rear main seal for a DT-414 engine. No listing or parts number for the seal. Looks like they are making no progress on addressing issues with the new website.
  11. JimG

    d-407 valve adjust

    .002 does not allow for much heat expansion.
  12. Has anyone found out if Case IH is going to get the parts book working with all the numbers? Did anyone found out why they changed from the old one just wondering?
  13. JimG

    d-407 valve adjust

    I looked at the thrust plate and the back side of cam gear and did not see any galling. Thrust plate did show very slight wear not really measurable. Now I wonder if when the cam broke that some teeth on the cam gear were bent or cracked and broke when I was running it. I looked at it and did not see any damage but may have looked to quickly to see anything or it was not visible to the eye. Will check end play when I get the cam back in. Crank pulley question is there any way to check it and is it a known problem on these engines?
  14. JimG

    d-407 valve adjust

    In fact a that is what happened to the engine on a 856. The camshaft broke so I replaced the cam,cam bearings and lifters. Used the old cam gear and the engine ran about an 1 hour and sheared the cam gear teeth and bent all the push rods. So I wondered if I did not adjust the valves in the right order using the D361 info. That is why I asked the original question on this discussion. What should I look for now? Also how could I tell if the balancer is ok I can not find any reference marks on it?
  15. JimG

    d-407 valve adjust

    J-Mech your last post finally explained what your your trying to get across. As we can not read your mind when you said all engines your the same but the pages showed different rockers to adjust us pure mortals that do not have the experience as you did not understand your statement. The last explanation cleared it up but that explanation in your first post would have made since also.
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