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  1. I thought donnel gaines was original poster.
  2. JimG

    2166 feeder

    SDman I had tried to jumper the feeder solenoid and when I did the feeder would not engage and would show the Fdr Err in the panel. Not sure why but I guess maybe the panel did not like to be back feed. IHC5488 I had check the seat switch power all the way to pin 5 at the panel connector and had 13 volts there. I thought that was a good sign the seat switch was working.
  3. JimG

    2166 feeder

    Thanks for the help would like to know how to shutoff the auto cutoff. Bought a used instrument panel, plugged it in and the feeder came on so I hope that was the problem.
  4. JimG

    2166 feeder

    Is that left side or right?
  5. JimG

    2166 feeder

    My wiring diagram shows the output from the instrument panel going direct to the feeder valve thru a splice connector. But I do not have power out at the instrument panel and I thought my feeder power had to start there.
  6. That is great if it is fixed. Would always like for the original poster to give update as to how it was fixed. I hate when I search a topic and find one but nobody tells how it was repaired. That make the search useless. Just one of my pet peeves.
  7. Oil could be from the the transmission side of the clutch housing also.
  8. JimG

    2166 feeder

    I have a 2166 combine that the feeder will not engage. Separator engages but the feeder will not. Checked wiring to instrument panel from feeder switch and seat switch. I have power on both wires at panel. I do not seem to be getting power out of panel to feeder solenoid. Has anyone had to replace the instrument panel to get their feeder to engage? Or have I missed something in my troubleshooting. I thought that if I had separator engaged, power from the feeder switch and seat switch then the feeder would engage. Have I missed something? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Did he get it fixed and what was wrong?
  10. If the draft sense arm in the rear end jumps around the torsion bar link the hitch will raise and not go down. Pull the top link bracket to check.
  11. Do not forget the start relay on the firewall for the starting issue.
  12. 90-91 with 4 relays should have mentioned that to start with.
  13. I agree on checking the oil pressure switch also. I had a 2166 that after the engine warmed the oil pressure switch was causing low voltage somehow to the AHHC and header tilt systems.
  14. Does anyone have troubleshoot knowledge or info on how to troubleshoot the timer on a 1660 feeder inhibit system. This is for the operators presence system on the feeder. I have not found any info on how to troubleshoot the timer in the service manual that I have.
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