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  1. so where do you buy the viscosity brand oil
  2. What I find offensive is every time anything happens anymore the powers that be want the flag at half mast disgusting I half mast mine on memorial day and the day my uncle was KIA // 19yrs old regards steve
  3. located Paullina, Iowa thx for feedback steve
  4. in our prayers!! sincerely steve
  5. looking for a friend // needs a front grill and a price 3588 front radiator grill thx steve
  6. thanks once again for the feedback / I will just change it at the full level mark steve
  7. I read somewhere on a past post that you should fill above the full mark with hytran hydraulic / is this true or did I misread thx steve
  8. Friend of mine has left over new unused Hytran fluid he used for his CaseIH 2016 fourwheel drive tractor / can I use this in my 1969 756? thx steve
  9. I have used E-85 gas with excellent results / loosens cleans most anything given time / how much time depends on build up steve
  10. once again thanks guys!! will do
  11. I know I know this is for red / but I also have this 3020 1967 diesel / just changed the oil and filter couple weeks ago / was dragging my yard today and the oil light started to flicker faintly now and then / tractor has 6500 original hrs / any advice thx steve
  12. thanks for all the feedback / I went ahead and bought the full solid weights pictured / the guy had over 60 IH tractors from Hs to 1568 and 56 series / many with first weight being a solid weight / no half weights / just have to make sure dished out side faces away from hub and that it is aligned correctly with axle steve
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