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  1. From the storm that went through our place yesterday evening, luckily only wind and rain.
  2. This is my 85 shortbox. Just got it two months ago from Tombstone Arizona, spent it's whole life in the desert. I am the 3rd owner. My goal is to have it look like this orange one when I am done.
  3. My brothers dog after she gets tired of watching crows when he is doing fieldwork.
  4. Picture 1 Twete Inc. McVille, North Dakota Picture 2 Perham Farm Supply Perham, Minnesota
  5. Hi everyone In the September of 2018 my folks went to the Lloyd Welter auction in Monticello, Iowa and came back with this tractor. It has a Komatsu 2 cylinder diesel motor. A lot of the tin work and other parts look the same as on his 284. He was able to get a reprint parts manual from the Wisconsin Historical Society archives. I get limited info everytime I Google it, only it was made 73'-76' and the specs on the motor. Never seen it listed in any of the U.S. buyers guides from those years. Was wondering if anybody has seen many of these or has any different info? Thanks
  6. Since I don't have corn to combine this year, this is 2018. Unfortunately the Pete isn't mine.
  7. When my wife makes popcorn
  8. Our long haired dashound
  9. 3688 and 45 field cultivator 544 and 10 drill 1977 original red CUB on seed trailer
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