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  1. DWV

    300 and 350 tractor serial number?

    Several ways to tell but maybe the easiest way to tell what the chassis was is to look at very bottom of clutch pedal. F-300 has a square head bolt located there with a jam nut for a adjustable pedal stop. F-350 has no bolt or a threaded hole for one. Dave
  2. DWV

    Super M TA

    If on the left side the oil level plug is for checking the transmission oil level like the plug on back on side. When transmission is filled with oil it takes a little bit to travel up to front part and the plug is to make sure oil level evened out. Another wall is located between main clutch and that part of housing with drive parts being sealed passing through the wall.
  3. DWV

    6 bolt hubs for a 450 wide front.

    Put # 223311 hub in your search box and you will find several places selling the hubs. Probably around $130 is the lowest to be found.
  4. DWV

    FH swap

    Standard U hitches are different from others. 300U used a hitch like nothing else and the 350U hitch has some parts like a F 350 and some parts different. 350 HU used the same hitch as a F series if I remember correct. Farmall 300 hitch will work on a F 350 but needs the use of 2 control valves for a complete setup. Rear light on left side of a 350 battery box would need moved. Dave
  5. DWV

    560 Farmall Rear Wheel Design

    Does the cap with key have 3/4 inch diameter bolts and is one piece? 560 should have 2 clamps per wheel using 7/8 diameter bolts and no key in clamps. Most wheels have a casting number on them. can you see what yours is? Dave
  6. DWV

    560 Right Rear Wheel Cap Key

    Wrote the wrong number, 373875R92 is a hub with key. 363015R3 is the key number used on F-560 with regular axles staring serial number 13814 with induction hardened axles.. Key 363015R2 was used before that. Key I have for a late 560 with 8 spoke wheels doesn't look exactly like your picture. Dave
  7. DWV

    560 Right Rear Wheel Cap Key

    With induction hardened axles that they started using on some 450 tractors if I remember correct, key # 373875R92 used to be the number needed. Key had radius sides and contact points were a close tolerance fit. Dave
  8. DWV

    450 air pipe

    Not unless some of the last M tractors made. M air cleaner outlet and pipe until near carburetor was a little smaller than a SM trough 450. Dave Maybe I was mistaken, I thought you were wanting to know about pipe from air cleaner to carburetor. Inlet pipes are the same on some M and 450 anyway if not all. Some air intakes have a seam up and down pipe and some 450 have a pipe without a seam. Some tops went in the ID of pipe and I think most 450 tops went on the OD. IH usually had 2 suppliers of air cleaners with some small differences between them. 400 and 450 openings for the ventilation line are a little higher on the intake pipe than a M through SMTA.
  9. DWV

    M&W spring

    Think you are correct on some early parts. One type of M&W had 2 weights like the Thompson and they mounted just like the Thompson. Dave
  10. DWV

    M&W spring

    Thompson governors used parts starting with TG, but found some of the same parts in some M&W and other power governors. Don't know if I have a list of Thompson or Rocket governor parts. would have to look. Dave
  11. DWV

    Farmall M Input Seal Replacement

    From what I remember the flywheel and steel plate needs off and steel plate is sandwiched between center housing and engine. Dave
  12. DWV

    Farmall M Input Seal Replacement

    Yes when engine is split from center housing the clutch shaft can move forward after the coupling is unbolted. In 44 was the last year for the coolant plugs at ends. Below engine serial number 82498 had them. Dave
  13. DWV

    Is This A Fabricated Fast Hitch Adapter?

    IH sold them, don't know if they made them or another company for them. One you have is missing parts other than broke. Dave
  14. DWV

    560 TA

    To replace seals on t/a sun shaft and t/a carrier the center housing has to come out. So you have to remove the IPTO drive where those seals are and the t/a clutch and clutch carrier has to come out. T/A clutch probably oil soaked and unless the t/a pressure plate fingers and other parts check out okay it would pay to replace both and the release bearing. After t/a clutch is removed you can see the retaining nut for clutch carrier. It's supposed to have a tab on a locking ring bent in one of the nut slots. Sometimes the tab in center of lock ring is damaged enough that it will spin instead of hold. Since everything needs apart for seals things can be inspected to see what's needed. Dave
  15. DWV

    54 Super M',s

    Pretty hard to say how many. More than one way to count. Harvesters fiscal year started on Nov. first 1953 and the first tractor built that day was what mmi said 49137. First tractor built in calendar year 54 was 51977 and ended with 52627. Every type of SM built was put in the serial numbers. If all numbers were used that's 650 for calendar year. That would include diesels high crops and others. But maybe all serial numbers between 51977 and 52627 didn't make it out of the factory even if none were skipped. Notes can be found here and there of one pulled from line and dismantled for inspection and some being returned and scraped. Don't know if that happened much late in production or not. Other SM tractors before 54 had a block of numbers not used. Dave My memory was off it was a block of SM and SW-6 engine serial numbers not used.