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  1. M looks to be in a range that maybe the tractor serial number is one I can figure out from the engine block serial number that's stamped in the block. Since it was your dads and you just wanted to know.
  2. First picture is the one you have, other is a M&W model with shift lever and shaft into transmission on the left side. M&W also had ones with a shift lever on the right side and cable shift. Rods were used to shift the M&W levers on the side of transmission housings.
  3. May do it some way but if lifting it from the end of stick i would not be sure of doing it with a 312. Thing looks kind of tall and raising to load level looses lift power over picking a heavy object below ground. Retired 6 + years ago not long after some of the D models came out so my memory may be off some.
  4. SM reservoir under fuel tank has a 1/4 inch pipe plug for a drain, kind of small for a return. Not the ideal setup but on a lot of those with a priority valve a 1/2 inch nipple was brazed in the top side of the one inch 90 out of the reservoir suction. Also tight but room to install a tee at that location for a return. Can't recall if the drain hole has enough meat to be opened up and tap to 3/8 pipe threads. Some of the priority valves had a relief for the steering system and used a return line also. On those the steering motor and the priority valve relief line need tied to reservoir below the oil level.
  5. When I don't have the correct size for a square hole I just take a bigger diameter bolt and grind the correct size square on the end after cutting off the threads then use the hex head to turn. That is if I have a big enough bolt laying around. For sizes the same as square drive tools just use those.
  6. Engines with serial number 82498 and lower have a coolant plug at front of block behind the front cover that can deteriorate and let coolant into the oil. Other than the head gasket the heads and blocks can crack. Sometimes the cylinder wall can be cracked behind the sleeves. Sometimes you can spot a bad spot in a sleeve before removing that will show where a crack in block is.
  7. DWV

    SMTA Gas Tank

    Yes SM and SMTA tank is the same. Lots of M also. Some will have longer studs for mounting than a SMTA tank. They can be changed if needed. Early M tanks have a 1/4 pipe thread outlet instead of 3/8 pipe thread. Even a diesel tank can be used if one hole is plugged. If you have a SMTA, look at the top of hydraulic unit under the fuel tank. Notice two sets of 3/8 thread holes for the rear fuel tank mount. Forward set of holes was used when mounted on a SMTA. Rear set was used when mounted on a stage 2 SM. Also notice the distance from tank rear to steering post. Close on M and SM. bigger space on a SMTA.
  8. DWV

    H tack

  9. Could just be me but thought other Bloomsburg shows were better than 19. Favorites can be different things for people. No way was it the biggest but the first one I attended in Boonville MO was great for me. Was in September not long after major flooding, thought the show weather was great, seamed the people putting it on were less stressed and things were more laid back. Can't say I attended a bad one. Even thought one in Iowa was great even after I arrived to find a motel room I reserved way in advance was gone. Motel had changed hands and they didn't hold the rooms. Hard to make a choice but guess it would be 2002 the favorite. Dave
  10. DWV

    RPRU how many?

    93, 94, 95, 96, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19.
  11. Have 22613 with engine 25464. C164 engines didn't use prefix letters to ID the chassis installed in like a H. C-164 serial number blocks were used in super w-4 and others so the engine numbers outpaced the chassis. IH intended H numbers to match. It will say so in the introduction pages of a H parts book. Also in a H parts book it doesn't have engine and chassis parts listed for a different set of serial numbers like a M and others. M parts will have a different prefix letters listed at serial numbers for the engines serial breaks and another set of prefix letters for chassis part breaks. For engine parts the engine serial number was used and for chassis parts that serial number was used. Good bit of M tractors before they started putting diesel engines in the chassis did match though. By prefix letters to ID engine chassis use I mean like FBK for a M chassis and FBKM for a M engine. H used different letters for the same thing. M and H engine sizes used in other chassis used different prefix letters to ID the chassis used in. Dave
  12. DWV


    Only a small difference in the jet sizes. 50983DC came with a .025 hole idle jet. Jet you found is .021 to .022. Can be opened up to .025 if needed and you have a small numbered drill set. Would try as is first.
  13. DWV


    Probably okay, if the tractor ever had a fire crater kit with carburetor package installed it could be a 75 jet now.
  14. DWV


    Yes you can get the idle jet. One place to search is McDonalds carburetor and ignition . Other suppliers should have them along with a dealer. W-6 would originally have a #72 drill bit hole if I remember correct.
  15. DWV

    H farmall

    Numbers beside the nuts for sequence if you can make them out. 70 to 73 on torque , .019 cold, .017 hot. Dave
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