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  1. 51 H if originally equipped with a distributor had a IH and would have the number in the picture on the housing. It would have the contact points in two pieces. Think most Delco used on a H had one piece contacts if memory doesn't fail me. Also think the Delco housings from cap to where it necks down below that is the same size OD all the way and has a sharper transition from big OD to smaller OD. Dave
  2. If you need the one piece main half and .030 on mains and rods I can help. Dave
  3. Without power steering a MD, SMD, SMTA , 400 and 450 works. Gas M and SM shorter. SMTA gas and diesel the same length, 400, 450 gas and diesel the same length worm shaft. Some 450 had the two piece worm shaft with regular steering and power steering that was supposed to cut down on vibration to steering wheel. Some LP used a longer steering shaft I think, or the worm shaft. Can't remember for sure now. Dave
  4. If it dies when letting clutch pedal up I would do like another poster said and make sure the transmission is not in two gears first before tear down.
  5. Normal front bolster for a late M to 450 if that's a DD suffix on the casting number but works on any M. Metal piece on spindle over the seal is the seal wear ring that goes in the protrusion. Supposed to stay in hub Had many of those DA hubs off and never saw one like the picture. DB hubs with the same cast number are thicker at the rim bolt hole location. Dave
  6. DWV

    Milk Can History

    Don't remember the cooler name but the milk cans sit in water to near the top. Worst thing was the cans had to be lifted out. Was required to have a platform beside the highway to place cans on so truck driver could load without lifting cans much. Sometime in the sixties the bulk tank went in. Best cow would give around 24 to 26 quarts a milking. don't know how that compares to now. Dave
  7. Protrusion worn off in past or a defect from new.
  8. Lost a bet with buddy, Bet this post with both politics and religion would be gone by early today. Dave
  9. Don't think so if going to pull a hard load steady for 8 to 12 hours. Depends on other things though.
  10. DWV

    Md rear main seal

    Almost impossible to find, Don't know of anyone making them. If I remember correct the cast retainers will have a number on them starting with 271. Won't do any good without the neoprene seals though. Have a set you can have if you find the seals.
  11. Don't know for sure, but a original SM distillate would be close to the same. Head used on a SM distillate had a larger combustion chamber than was used on part of the M distillate tractors. Maybe offset by the original bore larger than a M and aluminum pistons unless the engine serial number has a K suffix for cast iron pistons. Probably don't have the original pistons and probably some to give more compression. Original head was probably a 8704DA and gas would have been 8060DC or 8574DB. LP on a SM used the same bare head casting as a gas.
  12. A = distillate fuel attachment. J = equipped with a Rockford clutch.
  13. 357665R2 is a replacement block from IH parts. Block with head studs,cam bearings, bearing caps and several other parts. Used when a block failed and other engine parts not damaged were used from the failed block on the replacement. Your M is late enough to have the larger journal crankshaft like a SM on up so what you have depends on the P&S set installed, Original head used, camshaft used and a few other things. Have to check the serial number again, but think your M is under using the same head as a SM. Started at serial number 284978 along with the SM manifold. But lots of tractors no longer have the same manifold they were built with.
  14. Number above the C-264 is what I was asking about. Since it looks like the block has a fuel pump drive opening cover it is probably cast number 356586R1 or has the number ground off and numbers hand stamped in. Casting 356586R1 can be found with C-248, C-264 and C-281 on the blocks but the blocks are the same and will take 4 inch piston and sleeve sets or 4.125 inch P&S sets. Most by now have 281 CI size P&S sets for normal rebuilds. Original Farmall models unless a failure happened used block casting number 356980R1 for SM, SMTA and part of 400. part of 400 and then 450 used 356980R2. May run across a stray R3 block but never found one myself. For the most part original M blocks have a 4 number casting with two letter suffix with no size on the block. Did see one real late M with the correct cast code and date code for the tractor that had C-248 on the block. Only one I found so far other than replacement blocks. Guess IH did start out with just a D after the cast number on a M block but didn't last through testing or through the 39 year.
  15. Does the block have a casting number on it near top of oil filter? Looks like the block was changed sometime. Could be 281 CI size.
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