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  1. Check the choke plate spring loaded plate for a spring or little plate missing. Also a small spring for choke lever ball, but if you didn't remove choke shaft that shouldn't be it. Idle air adjustment screw spring located near manifold not real big on those. Only other spring would be on idle speed screw.
  2. Your number could be a replacement, but wouldn't be a original number for tractor.
  3. When the right side is shimmed to wanted backlash and tooth contact, adjust shims on left side to give .010 to .020 side play. Used parts may not operate with best noise level if backlash is set to spec. If not way out of spec or damaged check backlash with a dial indicator before removing parts and install back the same unless pinion shaft setting is change.
  4. DWV

    Texas on ice

    My vote is for line one and three.
  5. Is stroking or boring allowed where you pull? If allowed start with a 300 or 350 block.
  6. DWV

    Farmall 300

    Yes push forward was raise on a fast hitch 300. Way the original 300 was is steel lines to rear of seat and a check valve block bolted on the block on end of steel line for one hose to hitch cylinder. Hitch wouldn't drop unless engine was running. Owner had to make some changes for control valve to work the other direction. If it still has steel lines to hitch he removed the check block, has it plumbed so hitch check holds from raising or changed the check valve.
  7. Lower line from Oklahoma to gulf coast I think is all completed section or already a line they were going to use. Wanting it to ship tar sand oil crude from Canada to gulf ports to send a lot overseas. Dirty type oil that sinks to bottom of water . Also the cost is high to get it out to ship.
  8. Another useless piece of info is on some early 400 8 spoke wheels they messed up and had the weight holes and webs located out of clock in relation to the axle clamps and they added 4 extra weight mounting holes drilled through the grove without any web around the holes.
  9. As said it's a wheel for double bevel rims. Used 2 axle clamps to a wheel and 7/8 diameter bolts in clamps. Don't know why they put the correct axle clamp on one side and the regular M one piece clamp with 3/4 bolts on the other side, unless they only had one clamp for 7/8 bolts. Can't see how they have the rim mounted to wheel in the picture. I use the cut outs in the castings above the clamp bolts to spin them out with a impact and long extension. when rim is off. Sometimes have to break them loose with a cheater first. Wheel type was changed by ih early in 400 production from the SM typ
  10. Stage 2 ones made in 53 with same type chassis as a 54 were made with the same grill. Also some later stage one 53 models with different chassis parts used the grill before stage 2 ones, also some had the bolster with holes in the front corners. All 53 and 54 grills will fit along with others as posted above. Front bolster with corner holes was actually the replacement bolster for SH and most H tractors at one time. Same with 54 type grill was a replacement part for most H and all SH.
  11. Not really a excuse but one morning my dog was real sick and was taking him to a vet. Called my foreman and said I wouldn't be showing up. He tells me the company owner won't like that reason. Kind of pissed me off and I said tell you what, just tell him I think more of the dog than him and if he don't like it we are parting ways.
  12. Don't know the answer, but will check back later to see if the post is deleted. Thought they were going easy on some recent ones.
  13. 8274DB wheel was used on late H through 350. Only M or SM they were used on was the wide front with tie rods to front of axle. 8274DA was replaced by 8274DB. Late M through 450 used the 8284DB. Forget which side of wheel now but a change was made in the cup and cone. Other would still work, just dont mix different cups with cones. Above are variable rim hubs. The DA of both has less casting thickness at the rim mount holes than DB ones.
  14. Being in construction work in the seventies most of the heavy duty trucks had a 330, 361 or 391 if I recall right. Lot of F-600 with 330 engines in my area. Rebuilt a few of those and if I remember correct when bored for new pistons it made them 352 CI. Never heard of the U haul engines until now. In the later seventies a 400 engine was in some 3/4 ton pickups I used. Had more power than most ford pickups I used at the time. Next to last truck I used for that company was a 93 F-350 with a 460 5 speed.
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