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  1. Not sure but thinking the 9 series had the date code near the same place as this D-264. Rear and below the front coolant side cover. with injection pump in place you need to get the right angle to see. D264 blocks cast number 264437R1 through R-4 were located there. On R-5 D-264 and D-281 blocks they moved the date code back to the fuel filter area. Was the number you found on the block real plain to read. Block cast number should be 8124D and maybe a K. If they went as high as DX on the block it's probably a newer block than 49.
  2. Yes that's the engine serial number. WDCBM is the code letters for a diesel engine in a WD-9. Probably the original engine.
  3. Always interested in different things that show up. Does the block have a cast number above the size like picture and a date code shown in another picture? Later 400 block in picture. Early ones ended the cast number with R1 and that engine date code is a 56 model.
  4. Yes a SM had C-264 on block and also 400 tractors. SH had C-164. Most all M tractors don't have the engine size on block unless a diesel. To date I only found 2 late original M engines with C-248 on them. Find replacement blocks every now and then with C-248 on them and some of those are actually the same cylinder size as a C-264 or C-281 on the inside. Poster was asking about block casting numbers and I thought he wanted those instead of engine size numbers. Could be wrong.
  5. Original SM 356980R1. From memory I think original SH was 358068R1. Replacement blocks could have a different number.
  6. Installing sleeves, pistons in a later 400 block with the 1 inch piston pins. Noticed one cylinder had a problem with rod fitting to crank just right. First thought was the aftermarket piston didn't have the pin hole square with piston. After installing another rod and piston in the hole with no problems. I then tried the piston out of hole with problem on the other rod I just tried, fit good. Went to measuring the rod and found the crank bore and pin bore were out of square by .018. Put rod in press and went past square and the back to square. Not sure if I can trust it to stay, anyone else straighten done this before? thoughts?
  7. 591 RPM pto speed no load at 1595 to 1600 RPM. Probably work, think most M engines will put out more torque than 205 but not sure what they are at flywheel as the engine probably is that you want to use.
  8. Hydraulic tube support. Part of it is broke off. Did have enough threads to reach past outside of tube with a clamp on both sides and the nut on inside and outside for clamps.
  9. Looked through my notebook and see where I found this information at one time. Start of B pump on F-400-D tractor serial number 17143 and engines 14280. HC 400-D, tractor 18074, engine 14449. I-400 tractor 1434, engine 14262. Hope this helps. IH did offer stuff to change from a A to B if wanted if it is a earlier tractor. Place I found a engine number of 21481 for B pumps is actually when they started putting open type injectors in a F-400-D. Real late in production with probably less than 10 built before the D-281 engines started.
  10. 1956 on some, up in the year. Thought I would check my answer since my memory could be off. Checked a f-400-D and have conflicting results.. Tractor serial number says May of 55. Engine serial number listed for the change was in September 56. Think the engine number listed is wrong.
  11. DWV

    Dead people

    Agree when dead your dead. People that cared about you still do. Funeral is just a big get together for others. See no need to have one myself. Not having any, told wife to use the money that would be spent on funeral to enjoy if she outlives me.
  12. DWV

    New to me TD 15

    Go to top of page and click forum. Then scroll down to IH construction equipment. Welcome to forum, great looking crawler.
  13. Can't be done easy because of the double gears on counter shaft and double second and third slider gear on main shaft with different teeth counts. Also part of the SM counter shaft is a larger diameter. Best way to change is put the SM counter shaft in the M with all gears, sliders and the reverse idler gear. Input shaft and housing would be optional, but late M and the SM used a bigger front input shaft bearing so wouldn't hurt to add it. IH made a optional fast 4th attachment for a M, but would be like looking for hens teeth now. Some aftermarket companies made a faster forth also. Needed to install the 4th and 5th slider gear and the 3rd and 4th double gear on lower shaft. Complete rear will bolt on a M also. 9 speed may be cheaper, Sometimes sell with a average price of 200 above or below 500. when ground speed is raised with a 9 speed the PTO is also speed up. Can be a problem if you need above half or so throttle with the higher ground speed.
  14. Have to laugh or cry about politics anymore. Some people say cov-19 will be over after the election, my son in law is one. Now the president is floating the idea of having the election later and letting the cov-19 go on longer.
  15. Looks to be a standard elevation fire crater piston for a 400 gas, or a look alike from another company.Will have a IH number on top if IH. Just posting a piston number from memory so I could be wrong, 374306R1.
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