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  1. He posted yesterday on YT, TT, about a 400 engine question.
  2. Yes on a super. 4.00 can be found on some M in clamp and loop type.
  3. Yes a Heisler 9 speed. IH also listed the brakes in late parts books for use on band brake tractors with spline bull pinion shafts up to supper H type brakes that came on a H. Early H with a keyed bull pinion needed the bull pinions changed to use the ad on disc brake kit.
  4. He posted on another site the 28 or 29. Always informative to read his posts. Dave
  5. Counter clockwise facing side with slots. Threads like a standard bolt nut would turn.
  6. Yes, on the news I watched about the end of ww1 and now called veterans day.
  7. Just a small one when I was less than 10 years old. Girl we were swimming with said pull your pants down and show what you have and I will show you what I have. They didn't look the same.😄
  8. 2018 F-150, 5.0 bought late in year. Didn't think it would work, but ford engineering come up with a engine reprogram after replacing a bunch of those engines for oil consumption. Had to find information on internet about the problem with oil consumption and tell the service manager what ford said to do to get anything started. Then after the second engine the same way the dealer said nothing else they could do. Wore the phone line out with ford customer service until the rep. quit taking my calls. Finally found how to go over reps head and was told ford was working on the problem and I wou
  9. Seems common on most brands now. Not sure if it's because they have more parts to go wrong or the companies are more afraid of lawsuits. Also the internet spreads vehicle problems around to buying public like never before. In and out repairs are not a big problem on a recall. Ones they can't get repaired is the bigger problem. Almost two years ago I bought a new truck that dropped a quart of oil in just over 600 miles. Answer was just keep driving it will get better. Told them I have doubts because modern machining and parts shouldn't be that bad. After 5000 could make it around a 1000 on
  10. My thinker is sure slow this morning. Looked at the heading and thought someone had a question about the engine RPM IH designed the M for. To long since I was 18 and finding afterward that I know less.
  11. DWV

    serial #

    Regular H tractor FBH 390500 was the first one built in Jan. 53. 391730 listed as first one built in Feb. 53. Some list 391730 as the last one built. Wouldn't say for sure what the last one was myself, later serial numbers show up sometimes after what was supposed to be the last one. HV went to a higher number than a H. Gray area in the first Month of 53. Looks like SH were built that month also.
  12. DWV

    Overtime pay

    Wonder if the company used stimulus money for some companies to keep paying you when work was slow? Over 40 was overtime for me except back when turning wrenches Overtime after that operating heavy equipment 7 years, then working for a gas company almost 15 years. Then back to heavy equipment until retiring.
  13. Depending on tire size, M has 4 or 5 height adjustment holes If five holes. 14-3/8, 16-1/4, 17-7/8, 19-5/8 and 21-3/8 above ground. Not many 4 hole adjustment drawbars left around and if you have a early M with the longer angles from axle housing down to drawbar and longer rods from angle to drawbar adjustment holes the heights will be different also.
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