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  1. Notice on my new 150 the frame is kind of thin and looks like it may not last as long as the body in high rust areas. Aluminum body is higher insurance in my area at this time. Hopefully when more shops get the tools needed to repair them they will come down.
  2. Bought a new F-150 last fall. Can't complain about the rest of truck, but the 5.0 is one noisy engine at idle and off idle. Some diesels are quieter. Claimed to be best mechanic at the dealer tells me all the newer 5.0 are like that and says the 3.5 are noisier than it is. Can pull in a place with people standing around and get asked what's wrong with that thing. Has good power and with the warmer weather and local trips regularly gets 20 MPG or just under. Only got below 17 MPG one time going through the mountains in a hurry running in sport mode. Tops out at about 106 MPH before controls tell it no more. Run my last truck 18 years, Not trying with this one.Dave
  3. Metal in most SMTA I messed with and also a lot of 400. Noticed the plastic ones cropping up toward the 450 size.
  4. Both gears don't look IH to me. Does the original gear have a number like the picture, may end in a D or DA? Don't like to guess on stuff like that myself. Would look up cam degree on the net and decide if doing it is worth the trouble and cost of what you would need to do it since you probably need to get a few things to check.
  5. O is 1945 year, I was for 39. J 40, K 41, L 42, M 43, N 44. Not unusual to have a 45 in a 46 model serial number. More common at beginning and ending of calendar years
  6. If one side of shafts will move without the other they can't be locked at the pilot bearing.
  7. Since you have the belt gear box opening off, see if you have some movement at front of transmission shaft between it and input shaft in case the pilot bearing got jammed up when the housings were put together. Could lock the main shaft and input shaft together enough so it wouldn't mater if sliding gears were not in mesh.
  8. DWV

    Year and make of Ih

    Lot of tractors have the pump numbers different from original installed. That pump is a B type used on part of the 400 and all 450 tractors. IH did sell stuff to use them on previous models also. Some pumps that number have 281 and some 264 and some have both 264 and 281 on the tag. cbfarmall pointed out where to find the size and serial number on the block. Replacement block may not have a serial number. If it's a D264 block and late enough to have a cast number on the same side as pump ending in R5, the same block was used in a 450. 264 used thicker sleeves and smaller diameter pistons was the main difference. All 450 used injectors with line connections at a angle. All but a handful of the last 400 D built had line connections pointed straight forward. Like a lot of stuff previous models could have a changeover. R3, R4 and R5 suffix casting numbers were used on 400 D tractors.
  9. M&W made different ones. Cable type went through a hole drilled in the center housing and then passed through a special hollow bolt that retained the center housing to transmission housing to a lever inside housing on a M or SM. M&W lever type on right side had a shifter fork and shaft extending from inside housing out a drilled hole to front of brake pedals with a lever on the shaft and a rod from lever to operate. H use both types but cable passed through a hollow dowel pin, at least on some models. M&W also made one model at least for a H that used a lever on the left side.
  10. It is a 1950 H with SH put on the hood.
  11. Had a SM F-28460 J, clutch housing date was 3-12-53. Engine # 35771. SM tractors built in March were serial 28111 to 31351, April 31352 to 34672. Engine SM March, 35595 to 50287, April 50288 to 91855. SW-6 engine numbers for march, 35652 to 50286. With your date code the center housing should be a 3 bolt starter mount unless it's the 49 M one. For some reason around the spring of 53 IH skipped a bunch of SM serial numbers between 41000 to 89999 for some reason, so a big jump can be seen between the serial numbers. 264 engines didn't use a chassis code to tell what chassis they were used in. Suffix on your engine, A= distillate and K means it came with cast iron pistons. If the original engine number falls between the above numbers at least you have the month installed in a chassis. Sometimes casting numbers don't get into a assembly for longer than the months I give but if it's from a SM they were building those at a good pace and not much lag time before going into a tractor, but always exceptions.
  12. If the DG follows the top cover casting number that's normal for a 48 M. Like the casting number in the picture has a DC suffix. Dave
  13. So above the C-264 on the block it has a casting number of 356980R1 undisturbed, but the engine serial number was ground of and stamped again? Or no sign of being stamped before? Or numbers or letters added to the original number? Louisville or Farmall works SM? May not be able to find the exact engine serial number installed but there is a way to tell the range of engine serial numbers installed during the month the tractor serial number was assembled. More common to find the block casting numbers ground off and hand stamped in with number 365586R1 or left blank than the serial number. Replacement blocks didn't have serial numbers and would probably have a drilling for a dipstick that could be plugged instead of a solid casting. Near the carburetor the block could have a plate covering a fuel pump mounting opening retained by two bolts. but if as you say its a original engine with a cast number of 356980R1 it won't have those.
  14. That spring shouldn't keep it from pumping if you held the operating lever in place by hand. If pump gears and clearance of gears to body or ends is okay check relief valve parts under the cap at left side of circle and also that the spool or piston is moving to pumping position and circulating position. Dealer may have the spring # 15068DB, need it for proper operation. Messicks showed spring for 20 something dollars. Didn't show discontinued but sometimes wrong.
  15. By the heading I thought you were watching the girls working in the over the wall pit crew.
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