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  1. DWV

    carb. float

    Look at Mcdonald Carb and ignition for a new one, or search # 251650R11. 44 bucks there and over a 100 at some places. Dave
  2. DWV

    656 w/o TA

    Without a suffix letter S after the tractor serial number that should be the way it was built. Have no idea what it's worth without one from factory, but it looks in good enough condition anyway to bring good money. Dave
  3. Tractors below serial number 103761 didn't have a actual oil seal. When one was added the control shaft needed changed to 15089EA to add a seal below the serial number. Don't know of a seal to use for 494027R1. Timken National 340495 may work in a pinch if you could shim the OD and use sealer. OD 1.133, ID .750, .250 wide. Don't know if it would stay in if teflon tape was wrapped on the OD. Probably a good chance you have one after 103761 built in late 45. Dave
  4. Nuts are also for adjusting spool to center of ports in valve body. Dave
  5. In the bolster direct under the ratchet part that goes to crankshaft. Could be missing or broke off. Frequently neglected and froze up. If it's stuck now you probably can't get grease to go in. Dave
  6. Down underneath where the hand crank ratchet passes through the upper bolster just in front of the engine crankshaft snout, it's pointed down. Dave
  7. Just like your picture for the IHC. Dave
  8. Have 4 tractors made in the fifties with caps like that. Unusual for all 4 to be changed. Did pick up a industrial 264 engine one time that was all yellow with logo like the original poster. Have some caps with no logo, don't know if they came that way or didn't show up because of a poor cast. All of them have the same casting number.
  9. Width will be different and there is some different parts on a 350U and a F350 2 point. Original 300 U 2 point was different from any other hitch IH made. But the 300 may have the 350 type on it. Picture of a F350 2 point before I finished adding all the hitch on a super H. Can see the plates I made to mount it
  10. Have set of plates drilled to bolt to 4 axle housing bolts. Also drilled for a 450 or 560 type fast hitch support castings to bolt on the plates. Have seen brackets made up to bolt the early 2 point hitch from a 400 on also, but they require mounting the duckbill on top of transmission deck and two hydraulic valves to operate if the front hydraulic cylinder is also used.
  11. DWV

    The draft

    Went in in 68, straight from a dairy farm my whole life. Didn't get out much, didn't know much of the world and wasn't thrilled to go. But I was a different person coming out. Fellows drafted from all over that I got along with for the most part and picked up different things from . In basic back them most of us didn't know if drill instructors had rules on troop treatment. Most I went through with tried to make it. One good thing going in was I could sleep later than on the farm. Even in basic over half the time. Think I was getting less than 90 dollars a month starting out and 350 and some when I left as a E5. Looking back it was probably good for me. But what a good feeling when I completed my hitch. Was lucking nobody from my area was getting in my face coming home like some faced. On another note have learned over time that the person not making threats can be the most dangerous, Dave
  12. DWV

    M & W H

    Thinking Columbus Nebraska was where from.
  13. DWV

    M & W H

    Think some of them were made by Koch. Don't know if I spelled right. Could that be a M&W 9 speed cable shift knob, black looking circle just under the steering wheel in picture?
  14. This was the parts furnished by IH. One advantage of a distributor is the advance rate and total advance can be tailored to the engine at different RPM range better than a magneto. IH did sell parts at one time to change the magneto running timing to a lower number when using higher compression pistons, Never found one with the parts myself. Also IH changed the timing recommendation for some tractors in the picture when fire crater sets were installed.
  15. Picture of one use of the extra hole.
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