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  1. Here is my 1966 with the 282 and a turbo. It mostly gets used to make a little bit of hay and haul a little manure.
  2. Looks like the front part of a hand lift moldboard plow for a Farmall A (maybe B/BN as well).
  3. I thought the Henry was neat and had to add to my collection as well when I saw one on sale! Seems conveniently packaged and fun to plink with.
  4. I have the same problem.
  5. I think I've shared a few of mine before, but here are some for this week.
  6. You can add me to the Cadbury creme egg list!
  7. Definitely a great day here to spend by the fire. The dog and the cat are definitely buddies here.
  8. Farmall A, H, 504, 706 International 140, 424, 806 If they count... Cub Cadet Original, 104, 105, 1250, 1650, and 382 Some are usable, some are projects in waiting....
  9. Happy new year's all!
  10. Not quite rust free, typical spots at the bottom of the doors and a little bit at the bottom of the front fender. 2002 Six speed with 138k
  11. Well at least they upgraded Christmas dinner in PA to 10.... thanks to our wonderful governor ?
  12. I agree, hunting on a Sunday seems out of sorts but I figured I'd sit out and see what passes by. I missed opening day due to working nights. I couldn't convince this one to get in the Jeep to ride home with me this morning..? He's got a little bit of growing to do.
  13. SMDFarmboy24


    I guess I shouldn't taunt Seth since I just added this to my collection. I thought it was a sharp looking rifle. Ultimately it seems I always revert to the old Marlin 30-30 that I bought as my first deer rifle out of comfort I guess.
  14. Yeah... they're trying to run this commonwealth down even more. We'll be having Thanksgiving like normal.
  15. My dogs face says it all about this election...
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