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  1. My silly dog that hates the water... But he's been a good dog, follows me around. He comes to check on me when he hears projects that aren't going well. And he likes his cat...
  2. Got a little bit of second cutting done and finally got a chance to give round baling a try. Didn't go too terribly for my first attempt. I'm hoping to get a little more baled this year before I call it quits though.
  3. I have been using them for awhile, it's nice to use new battery technology without having to replace the whole lineup.
  4. It's been a struggle this summer but slowly working through it and getting hay made.
  5. SMDFarmboy24


    Our previous tanker was an Autocar. The new Mack doesn't hold a candle to it though.
  6. I've got a few black snakes around my house, doesn't bother me much as I'm sure they help keep rodents under control. It is pretty impressive how they can travel vertically. The biggest one was around six feet. The little one was a little spunky.
  7. I don't plan on changing much at this point. I do have a weight bracket that needs put on and maybe a few other minor tweaks. I'd like to put it on my round baler to tinker with. Thanks for all the likes!
  8. Since everyone likes pictures of new acquisitions. Seemed to be in pretty decent shape and not overly common for this area. It's a 1966 and the same year as my 706 and 504.
  9. I do like my Ruger for an out of the box AR to plink with. They also come with wood stocks.
  10. I second that. Unfortunately most of my stuff has to live outside and I have a plethora of the black rubber covering them. Fortunately there is a close manufacturer and I got a skid of overrun pieces.
  11. My first rifle growing up was the 22lr version of your rifle. I prefer that style over the next series, took me awhile to find an older Marlin 17hmr. Current varmint plinking rifle is a ruger 10/22 with a Nikon scope. It's makes for a nice combo.
  12. My '66 504 has dual light flat tops. I'm not sure if they're original but I can get some dimensions over the weekend. They seem to be similar in size to my single light flat tops on my 706.
  13. It has treated me pretty well so I can't complain for the little bit of hay I make. Few more pictures from earlier in the summer.
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