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  1. Mr. Plow

    Part of an old windbreaker box

    Femco made them for many OEM's including IH. Really cool to find an IH branded box in that good of condition! Frame that on the wall of the shop for sure!!!
  2. Mr. Plow

    “Reversed” loader tractors

    I would want ROPS posts on the front of the operators station. Anything coming over the back of the bucket is in your lap right now.....
  3. Mr. Plow

    Kohler K301 engine

    Don would know....he's a Kohler wiz. First met him about 20 years ago...good guy and knows all the angles on hot rod Kohlers!!!!
  4. Mr. Plow

    Kohler K301 engine

    J-mech, That's fair, lately all I've had to work on have been KT or Mag series engines and that skewed my memory. Now, you will ALWAYS want to both replace the governor AND pin the stub shaft on those.......they are truly a full tear down and usually a hole in the block too! Thanks for the catch....
  5. Mr. Plow

    Official front end repair thread

    Use the 5/8" bolt, nut, knees, and hammer trick for steering wheel removal.
  6. Mr. Plow

    Auction score

    Looks like a David Bradley plow for their walking tractors.
  7. Mr. Plow

    Kohler K301 engine

    BTW, replace the governor gear on every K series rebuild.....1st part installed, common failure part, full tear down to replace.....
  8. Mr. Plow

    Kohler K301 engine

    I've never had any issues with Stens parts. Use good quality 30wt to break in then I use Mobile 1 10w30 full synthetic. Change oil at 25hr intervals religiously. I know they say dont run multi-vis in Kohler engines, but this is on the recommendation of a small engine design and test engineer for a major air cooler engine manufacturer who ran the oil tests himself in the lab.
  9. Mr. Plow

    USS Hornet

    That is just cool to see, amazing condition and upright. Still read the hood decals!
  10. Mr. Plow

    108 transaxle interchange

    Any external brake gear drive, 108,128,800,1200,582, etc....only difference might be the 2nd gear ratio, but most late ones had 17T second. If you dont care about keeping external brakes, than any gear drive from 70/100 on up will work.....again just 2nd gear differences 16T, 17T, 19T....
  11. Mr. Plow

    Best work boots. For the price

    Timberland Pro have served me well, as have Wolverine, Red Wings are good, but not very comfortable for the $$$$. Timberlands have been the toughest wearing. I use the RedWing pine pitch boot dressing, that's good stuff that in keeps them soft and waterproof.
  12. Mr. Plow

    Official front end repair thread

    If you convert it to anything else go hyd. E-lifts are not known for being the most reliable things in the world.
  13. Mr. Plow

    Led bulbs behind instrument cluster

    18 years old in a couple weeks Denny!
  14. Mr. Plow

    Led bulbs behind instrument cluster

    I just put LED bulbs in my sons car dashboard. Huge difference in light output. 194 replacements off Amazon....
  15. Mr. Plow

    Ruby Reds and Yellow Cub Cadets

    I have always appreciated the skill that went into the loader!!!! It is a perfect copy of a 2250!!! Also am very impressed with the plow and would love detailed pics of both when you get them out of winter storage!!!! (I'm sure we all would) I regret not taking more pics of your plow at a Red Power on MOor maybe IA many years ago..... Keep up the great work!!