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  1. Red tailed hawks have had a huge resurgence in our area. They are on every other utility pole it seems. They will get in a field you are chiseling, sit on a post or taller stalk and wait for you to stir up mice. They have a buffet! Fun to watch them work up close, as, like many animals, the tractor doesn't spook them as easily, and you can get close before they bolt.
  2. Blue Jay's are bullies at the feeder. 3 years ago I had a Coopers hawk make my feeders his feeder......a couple small birds were lunch.....man was it cool to watch him work!
  3. worth the time to see.....very well done!
  4. When we cultivated with a rear mount I treated it like the planter.....aim the pointer on the 656 hood right between the rows and dont look back!.......plowed out a lot less corn with that method than any other guide system. Dont miss it at all!!!
  5. Peoria IL still has a building just like the original post. Same wording and all. Old IH block house.
  6. Getting lift geometry right can be tricky....
  7. A little ACAD to help the process along...
  8. Only the very late CCC models have series 2 engines. If you have an IH with a series 2 it has been replaced. Look at the right front corner of the block, just in front of the cylinder. If it has a diamond shaped block off plate, then it is for sure a series 2. Thrower is a Haban 42". Throw well, but monster heavy, especially for manual lift. Lift linkage is obviously cobbled, not a lot of leverage in the right places with that set up. I actually prefer the IH throwers for their mobility. Nice clean tractor!!!!
  9. Took the Alcatraz tour this summer......WOW.......hard core....
  10. I had to go 3 walls in, to the the main center courtyard at the federal penitentiary in Pontiac IL to assess and design a repair for a natural gas line leak. SPOOKY.....yikes......not a fun experience. Individual pat down, full escort, the whole works. Scared the @#$%$ outta me! Glad you supported your friend.
  11. Thanks, I enjoyed talking with you up in IA! It was nice to see your sand trap rake in person......extra rare attachment!!!!!
  12. New 1/2 scale implement project in the works. A Cub cadet sized version of an IH 60 Conser Till. Red Bibs Bill has a perfectly restored example in the attached video. Planning on 45-48" width with 5 shanks (11-12" spacing) and 7 coulters (6" spacing). Have operators/set-up manual on the way. Ordered parts last week, 5ea. 3/8" thick 16" cultivator shanks with points, 7ea. 13" diameter coulters, and 10ea. cultivator springs to duplicate the spring cushion shanks. Picking up wheels and rims this PM (16x4.00x8). Once they are all here I'll start drawing/laying it out. Hope to have it done for the summer shows. Will make a nice companion to the 1/2 scale 520 semi-mount plow and 370 5' disk!
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