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  1. Mixed up a batch of 24D and Roundup in the 42" wide "driveway sprayer" and headed over to the church cemetery to clean up all of the gravel driveways. I can be really precise on the edges keeping it low, then raise it and do the center. One pass on each side and then one down the middle and all is covered. Forgot to take a pic while spraying, so you get the post wash out photos.
  2. They had a very small unit with a 16hp KKohlerin it....4 wheels though. 4120 I think....
  3. I wouldn't sweat it.....looks like I nice rifle. I almost bought a #1 in 7x57 once......still regret that a little......perfect chambering for a #1. I have often considered a 77 or a winchester 70 in 7-08....very similar to your "want" 😀
  4. Give me St Louis every day of the week and twice on Sunday!😀
  5. Nashville traffic is bad...agree 1000%. 65 sucks through town....worst part of the drive to the beach in FL.
  6. Right choice, but sentimentally sad day...... Accepting that some things aren't for fixing is part of moving forward. Glad you found a good salvage company.
  7. I don't expect my 2001 Cub Cadet 365L to act like a commercial mower......but will say the 54" deck repaired above is one of their better cutters!
  8. Have you adjusted air gap to .010 to .012" before pronouncing it dead?
  9. 82 series are the top of the line for comfort...for sure!
  10. Congrats on breaking ground. You'll be happy you built it!!!!
  11. Now that you know it charges, do what Snoshoe suggests and chase voltage to the key switch......you are close!
  12. If never had a second gear out of one, but they do tend to pop out of second on hard pulls. (Many years of shuttle shift mowing....) Rebuild shift tower and/or make lock bar for things like all day plowing. I just threw a bungee across it at plow days if I was on one that was worn some. All the pulling aftermarket guys can get you a second gear, and they areavailable used parts market.
  13. Glad you found it and that it was a simple fix!
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