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  1. Mr. Plow

    I 250

    2500 possibly .. ..I have some industrial literature from similar machines......I'll check
  2. Blue box stuff is more rare than the later red/white box versions.
  3. From Farmington implement video, "painting preservative on the rear axle with a brush, or applying decals, are jobs that can be moved to various locations depending on work flow". Axles are machined bare , but are painted with a dull black preservative at some point in the process. Cardboard tubes protect axles during painting. Nothing looks like bright paint, rather dull black preservative. Their DVD #8 is absolutely worth the $$$$ just for the Farmall Works/Plant video.....90min of awesome....
  4. Cool tractor....industrial, mfwa, icb cab.....nice and reasonably rare machine!
  5. They are very clearly not painted red and protected from the red in the spray booth with cardboard tubes in the Farmington Implement videos of the assembly line at Farmall. I will have to re-watch and see if they reference or mention painting the actual axles......
  6. Sometimes, but not always.....across the full IH line over the years.... Stub axles/fixed rear tread width Heavy front axle Fixed width front axle Wide coverage fenders Cast front wheels Industrial tires Fixed/swinging drawbar Federal yellow paint High speed reverse Shuttle shift reverse Heavy grill screen/plate PTO delete Or absolutely any combo of above (and more I'm forgetting) IH would build you one almost any way you wanted, but as stated above had "packages" like industrial, wheatland, rice special, tobacco special, etc....
  7. Katy and Mike Mulligan should be required reading!!!! Virginia Lee Burton captured both stories perfectly. Read both to my kids at their school "parents read to class day"..... "Big Joe's Trailer Truck" is another childhood classic!!!! Sycamore IL steam show has a tracked steam shovel in working condition.......smile and think MaryAnn every time I see it operate.
  8. Mr. Plow


    Good ideas all around. While it's out shoot it with some semi gloss black and get her all nice and spiffy again.
  9. Mr. Plow


    4ea 3/8" bolts with pipe spacers under the engine mount it to the plate....6ea 3/8" bolts mount the plate to the frame. Common for them to work loose.
  10. Loader on a selector valve......yuck! Power beyond block or you are going to be very annoyed running the loader.
  11. Mr. Plow


    Dont fab it.....check around for a used hood......they shouldn't be too hard to find.
  12. Mr. Plow


    Hood hinge.....very common break point. As stated, can be welded, but will always be a weak point.
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