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  1. Mr. Plow

    1066 muffler

    The noise difference on a 1066 with a turbo won't be nearly as pronounced as a NA tractor. The turbo mellows the sound to begin with and any half way decent muffler takes the rest on the edge off.... I'd be more critical of a muffler for something like a 766 or 966.
  2. I can see that being an issue at work, but on the farm I've never seen a set without them!😁 The boom cross piece stores between the loader arms on the back of the forks.
  3. Denny That combine has been on that hill on I-74 for many many years.....
  4. Forks are so handy I even made a set for my Cub Cadet 1872 with loader.....will pick about 600#, and super handy around the house and shed.
  5. 84 series are hot to run, with all the tranny heat between your legs. A full sized tractor is much cooler....but as stated before, the 84 series are very maneuverable with loader etc.
  6. The Farmington Implement video on the Farmall Works is excellent and well worth the $$$ spent. One of my favorites, a full hour of how to build IH tractors at Rock Island!!!!
  7. Always good to hear a Denny story! Thanks man!!!!
  8. Buy at least one load range heavier than necessary, run at full rated pressure, and check pressure every trip....
  9. They are the work truck of shotguns....not fancy, but tough as nails and super reliable. I have/had several, all 100% reliable. You will be pleased with it!!! Nice purchase! Congrats!
  10. Mr. Plow

    crate strapping

    Or use plumbers strapping from the hardware store....
  11. Looks pretty darn good to me!
  12. Watch "DMI Chizl Champ 13 shank chisel" on YouTube This is probably 10" deep, double disked with finishing disk to cut trash....1486 pulling it.
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