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  1. Big arc with clamp on plate for setting line of draft was std on 70. 60 had triangular 3 bar adjustment hitch.
  2. Or when putting all your weight on a stubborn bolt..... "He needs more lead in his pants"
  3. Yeah, I think Google Earth killed most of this industry.....
  4. I knew them since I was 6 years old........Chuck and Barb were great people, and it was always good to talk with them at shows......miss some of those pillars of the hobby.....not quite the same without them.
  5. I work as an engineering supervisor. Running email full time on the lap top screen (about 100 emails a day) then managing ACAD drawings , maps, sketches, etc. On one monitor. Other monitor is for MS Teams video meetings. In the engineering world having big monitors to look at multiple prints at once is a big deal......don't know how i did it before dual large format screens. Its like having the parts book open to one page, while scrolling through CIH on line parts on the computer....toggling just doesn't work when you need to see both.......then add in the "no paper" remote work
  6. When you are going on a year of work from home....(in basement toy room office) a new Lee Klancher calendar is in order!
  7. I've noticed that it's not rear tires you need to worry about on turf.....its steer tires. Aggressive rear tires can actually be beneficial, as they don't spin out on wet grass and leave "smudges".
  8. ^^^^^^this except I use the Deltran Battery Tender Jr. Version. Have one for all my Cubs and use them on the 1460, 1486, 684, etc at the farm too. Keeps all the batteries topped off for full charge starts.
  9. Ehhh..... Can't say I'm impressed with the tread.....but time will tell about their performance. I like these atv tires better...but have yet to try them.....maybe dualed on my diesel for pulling the chisel plow????
  10. They all are supposed to bolt to the fenders. (Except the round fender models) The bracket pictured above is my modification to the factory design to avoid the drilled holes. It does make access to the battery difficult if you have a full soft can with a roof, but my Cubs are all plugged into battery maintainers all winter anyway....
  11. I already use a section of rotary hoe for an aerator!😊
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