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  1. Tractor Towing capacity.

    200-250 bu. Is a nice load for a 656 and is manageable with the stock brakes. Anything more and you will not stop it well. Common sense goes a long way in road hauling.......slow down early, leave yourself room, don't use TA for braking (it wont), etc.....
  2. IH 2250 Loader

  3. Advice Wanted-496 Disk Arbor Bolt-Castle Nut

    Take 2 Tylenol then have a second person beat on the opposite end of the arbor with a big sledge while you draw it will tighten up some more and you will have a headache from the ringing! Best not to do the morning after a night on the town!
  4. Spring plowing with the 656

    Nice rig! I love 656's and the 540 plow is a nice combo!
  5. Need an 806 Wheatland panel like this

    Know a model railroader who is really good at weathering? Could possibly recreate the patina with air brush, etc.
  6. Is there such a thing as a 560-era volt guage?

    I actually have a NOS IH voltage gauge somewhere around the box and all....
  7. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    Joe pulled one of his old 4010s at the Roanoke FFA pull this year.......actually, his grandson did!
  8. 666, 656, 404 at dealership

    Looks like I swapped my Melrose Park with my German! Thanks for the cid correction!!! I always though of the 656,666.686 as a 560 engine/transmission with a 3/4 scale 706 rear end...mechanical TA and 5 speed trans are right back to the 560, but the improved final drive/rear end was a nice was the 56 series styling, fenders, and control layout...along with a real 3pt hitch.
  9. 666, 656, 404 at dealership

    That 310D could swap places with our worn out 263 in the 656 and I wouldn't mind either!!!!!
  10. 666, 656, 404 at dealership

    They are incredibly nimble and fun tractors to run....perfect on a 6 row planter...
  11. 666, 656, 404 at dealership

    That is the Minonk store! Big Steve on the forum here is my father and a mechanic at that location......he's been truning wrenches on IH stuff for over 50 years!!! The owner of the store likes 656/666/686 machines...... I spent several summers washing combines and setting up equipment there when I was going to school......
  12. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series need a case of beer to get up the courage to work on it!........ (even before you took off the muffler)
  13. Beretta M9a1

    My Smith 9mm Shield is a joy to shoot.... recently picked up a Ruger SR1911.....both completely reliable. Don't care for SA/DA pistols, prefer SA, but striker fired is ok too. XD's feel like mud lug tires in my hand and Glocks are 2x4' my 1911's.
  14. 50 series- reception?

    Incentives were everywhere.....a 5488 got you a brand new 782 Cub Cadet for a while there...... too bad timing was poor. Current "mystery" over completed trans updates can make them questionable buys at local sales....if they don't have full papers on updates they are automatically suspicious.
  15. West Texas IH 1256

    There is a pitot tube in the exhaust that draws a vacuum (from the rushing exhaust flow) on the air cleaner, pulling away large amounts of dirt in the precleaner section....