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  1. Maple Hunter, Texas
  2. Tried it in disked corn stalks......and standing corn stalks.....trash goes right through!
  3. I use the little orange tapered plastic plugs for reusing calking tubes, small bolts, and plastic dust caps from hyd. Fittings.
  4. Midwest Super Cub......they are 10# NQS pulling weights. Bought 20 of them 20 years ago. Took 4ea., ground off the NQS logos, and milled "IH" into them way back when. Matching set is on front of 1572 / 782TD...... There is a guy of FB that casts something similar, and Ruby Red also has a line on some.
  5. Sharp 656......with a D301 she's gotta be a horse for her size! Always liked how handy a 656 is.....
  6. So....it really needed the weights......finished the brackets tonight. Drilled and tapped the weights so they wont bounce off (mainly when transporting to shows).
  7. Clay N, Excellent photography!!!!! Great shots!!!!
  8. Sharp 756, love the cab! Great rigs all around!
  9. Mr. Plow

    129 Battery

    In addition to above good suggestions..... Make sure it has the correct ignition timing / good tune and that the (+) coil wire and connections are good, including switch....starter could be stealing voltage from the ignition coil. Try hot wiring coil straight to battery and then cranking for a simple test, if it cracks right off, you know where to start looking. (Unhook jumper wire to kill engine)
  10. No, that is the drive shaft for the PTO option ......that unfortunately you dont have. It is the same shaft as the hydro input shaft, just the back side of it....and as such, it spins with the driveshaft whenever the tractor is running. To have a rear PTO you must have a SGT 3 pt. Hitch.
  11. Step #2 is what you are after. .010 to .015" clearance between the clutch plates as adjusted with the lock nuts on the big stamped flange that covers the PTO and acts as a brake. Usually too much gap cause them NOT to turn. no gap would cause them to always turn, but also would drag the brake flange...A Lot. Bearing may also be out / locked up. Your PTO problem could also (actually very likely) be electrical. Someone could have butchered the wiring or the PTO switch could have gone bad and it is always "on". easiest test is to pull the wire to the clutch and see if it stops turning (it should). If it doesn't, it's mechanical (bad adjustment, bad PTO bearing). If it does, you need to track down the magic electron path that's keeping it "hot" BTW........I hear those rear PTO clutches are high $$$$ and not easily available. If it has mechanical issues you may want to proceed with caution. FYI
  12. Rear PTO adjustment
  13. Decal samples, courtesy of my wife and her vinyl cutting Cricut.
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