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  1. Good tune up, electric fuel pump, full 3600 rpm, ag tires with weights/washer fluid. Tranny is near bulletproof if not towed or run dry.
  2. I have 10 ea 40# MTD suit case weights that need to get added to the back of both the 982 and 782 (200# each). Need to fab up a few brackets (using cat 0 drawbars). Plan on removing the lift tugs from the 3 point and locking it solid with 2 arms to the center linkage holes. Lord knows the hyd. system won't pick 200# on the 3pt AND a Haban blade!!!!!!
  3. Mr. Plow

    Color change

    I know you have to cut off the stock mounting tabs, the ones that always break off....so if you install one, use an old beat up grill shell!
  4. Elevator we haul to has 3ea 7000bph and 1ea 6000bph Zimmermans......27,000bph at 5 points moisture removal. 7000 used to be king, then the 10,000 became popular, now the 12,000, but there aren't too many of those around yet. A big part of my day job is supplying natural gas to those dryers, so I've been around a lot of them.....
  5. Mr. Plow

    Color change

    I dont really know....
  6. Mr. Plow

    Color change

    Todd Markle (who writes for Red Power) was making grill inserts for sale at one time very similar to Wyatt's (may have used Wyatt's pattern for the die, not sure). Had them for sale at several Red Power's.
  7. Mr. Plow

    Color change

    Wyatt Compton's tractors discussed above:
  8. Mr. Plow

    Color change

    Wyatt, Travis, and I out in the parking lot at the National Toy Show in Dyersville, IA in 2000......then a subsequent discussion with Ken Updike inside. First Plow Day was spring 2001.....plowed 12 acres and really thought we did something! (One year at a later PD at travis's we did 60!) Good times with the original "core" group!
  9. Install gear reduction starter, add relay for glow plugs, upgrade plugs, add ground strap directly to block, replace starter cable, install block heater, biggest battery that will fit. Started mine at 25 deg over the weekend with above upgrades. Block heater not plugged in. 45 seconds on glow plugs, full throttle, cracked off after 3-4 revolutions.
  10. Mr. Plow


    I saw it pulling in the driveway......thought it was kids with fireworks at first, but weird trajectory.....
  11. Mr. Plow

    Color change

    Denny, I know they used remaining inventory for a while after the '81 purchase. Very possible it was earlier but for sure they were black in '82.......you're info would be better than mine, given your inside sources!!!! Thanks for keeping me honest!!!
  12. Had to clean it today.....my reverse weather psychology failed miserably..... I chained up a pair of 26x12x12's in 15 min. yesterday, and did one of them while on speaker phone with an employee. Channel Lock pliers are a HUGE help locking the last side link...a little extra "leverage " to snap it into the link makes all the difference in the world. Biggest thing I've found is "nestling" the cross chains in the lugs just right. Need a set of those ag chains in 26"!
  13. Mr. Plow

    Color change

    I like to go a little "custom" and hit the entire frame and axles with semi gloss black (like 5488) then run red on all the tin work and frame cover. White wheels. Would look great with 88 series grill, and black frame is very easy to touch up after installing lots of QA front attachments
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