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  1. Just rewatched Kelly's Heros for the 100+ time......never gets old! Especially Oddball's "negative waves "
  2. Excellent! The clarity in her voice and whistling is extraordinary. As a former tuba player and current high school band dad.....I can really appreciate what this takes! (1000 × more skill than I ever had!)
  3. We farm about 25 miles north west of Bloomington, IL........it might not be the richest soil in the world.......but its black as midnight and capable of growing great crops in lots of weather conditions......around here 180 BPA corn is an all out crop failure! (At least it seem that way anymore)
  4. Plus 1 on dry fire and mag out. It's ok to tap the pin down as long as the whole main spring assembly is pivoted back like old tankers pics. The trick to assembling them is all about understanding the position of the hammer strut and the hammer in relation to the main spring assembly. Once you "get it" it's not too bad, but until then it can suck. I have gotten some free ammo at the local gun store on occasion for fixing one somebody brings in "bound up" with the bolt only 1/2 retracted.
  5. Tractor parked at 12:15 today.... Field at 12:45.... JUST snuck that last 40 acres in before another 1-1/2" rain! One 10 min break down.....flat on front of 656....old planter tire fixed it up to get us through....
  6. DTfan Fixed a marker broken like that on our 800 a few years ago......thank goodness for the big blue Miller glue gun!
  7. 656 and 800 Finished putting in the corn this am, 30 min before ANOTHER rain
  8. 2900 actual hour 1486 pulling 27' Hiniker field cultivator
  9. I have not experienced that issue, but always get "Gravity flow" rated filters. Either way, they need clean fuel.....
  10. Great work! I built that kit myself 30 years ago, along with an IH 350 Pay Hauler, JD 310 Backhoe, Great Dane extended flat bed trailer, and a 4300. Loved those older Ertl/AMT kits. Keep up the good work!
  11. New hose, add fuel filter, rebuild carb....all is well....
  12. I found some old photos of Cub Scout "Special Leader Race" cars I built over the years. (Son is 18 and out of Scouts now, but the days as a leader were fun) 1468 and manure spreader for the "16 oz car & trailer race" we ran one year (cab is short to clear the timing gates!) R-190 Logging truck for the semi truck leader race S-Series IH IDOT snow plow for the 16oz leader race Lots of fun helping the kids and racing the other leaders!! We always tried to come up with a fun leader race and the kids really got into watching their leaders build and run cars!
  13. Hi-hoes with serious lift capacity killed the little machines....more versatile....
  14. Very true....some are lookers, some are passing fads. Had a 6-7/8" Govt bull barrel with a Volquartzen trigger in it......WOW!.....Would it shoot!
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