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  1. I think we did OK. 25-27 acres plowed from 10 AM to 5 PM.......
  2. Final Decision: Plow Day is on, BUT here's the deal. We went out and tried it about 4:30 Friday. If wind stays like it is overnight it will probably come around enough to proceed. 1) LATE START. Plan on arriving no earlier than 10 AM. Get an early lunch then head out. 2) Its going to be wet and sticky. Your tractor will get muddy...... 3) I cant promise perfect conditions, but what the heck....its COVID, we need to play.
  3. More rain overnight than we wanted/needed. If you are traveling from a long distance you may want to reconsider plans for leaving early. Extra rain has made plowing Saturday very questionable
  4. Bought my son a Henry 22LR Eagle Scout and gave it to him during his Eagle ceremony......beautiful rifle.....
  5. To the extent you can, get involved in what they want to do. I've spent a lot of time as a Cub/Boy Scout leader, my wife as a Girl Scout leader, and both of us on the Band Booster board....but that's what our kids were/are into, and we try to support that. You get to help them grow and succeed, and get the added benefit of watching them interact with their friends, seeing who the spend time with etc. (All while working the food stand or merit badge activity to help support their interests). I'm not always the best at making time, nobody is, but when your HS kid comes up to you and
  6. The one with Randy Quaid and the armored car robbery in the middle of a flood? Can't remember either, but it wasn't that good. I have s cousin in the stands at the baseball games in A League of Their Own.
  7. Worked my a$$ off in engineering school, but found time to enjoy it as well. Engineering school for me wasn't as much about what was in the books, but about critical thinking and problem solving skills.....something farm life prepared me for very well. Got a BSME and went to work in the natural gas utility business, somewhere I've now been for over 25 years......not using what was in the books as much as horse sense and problem solving skills. College was 100% worth it for me, paid for 90% of it myself. That said, I have a deep respect for tradesmen and have seen a huge gap in s
  8. Actually Ertl used a 365 day numbering system followed by the last digit of the year. 2002U would be the 200th day of 1992. And would correspond nicely with the farm show date. Not a serial number, rather a production date code.
  9. This set up should fix you right up...just carry a pair of wrenches with you for adjustments.
  10. Mr. Plow


    Mags use a magneto ignition, the KT used a coil. Opposite modes of operation. KT needs 12v to coil to run and 0 volts to shut off. Mag needs nothing hooked to engine to run, but needs magneto grounded out to stop. NEVER put 12v to the kill wire on a Mag engine. Tractor is still partially wired for the KT, hence the hour meter issue and the kill button. You cam wire on a relay to use the standard 782 wiring on the mag. Or change to a 1810/11/12 ignition switch and do some minor rewiring to fix. I use the relay method and can post a wiring diagram if you'd like.
  11. Some redi-bolt and 3 or 4 nuts and you'll have it licked! It doesn't have to be a crank, you can just lock it with a nut on each side of the collar and adjust with a pair of wrenches. We'll help ya out! Try flipping the sleeve hitch yoke on the plow over (drop not rise), that will help with your plowing geometry and get the rolling cutter in a better position to clear trash.
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