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  1. I just shot my 77/22 varmint in 22 mag last weekend......they are very nice rifles..... like a mini Mauser.
  2. Winchester 40 grain Power Points.....my 10/22 loves them. Hit hard, shoot accurate.
  3. Mr. Plow


    GT54 is THE Cub Cadet deck!!! What I mow with on both 1872 and ZTR (same deck skin). Good luck with the plastic.....its rough to deal with. Got a parts 782?? Time for a sheet metal and pedestal change.
  4. Our 1700 is a 4+2 with a 345. Hauls 300+ bu of corn with no issues. Like all IH gassers it is thirsty, but then again, that 345 is moving around 30,000+.
  5. A fix to the "metric system problem"
  6. B17 flew over WI Red Power a few years back headed to Oshkosh. Was cool to see it and a bunch of nice red stuff all at once!!
  7. ProjectFarm on YouTube did a comprehensive review of the Lithium Ion packs.....worth the 15 min to watch. Lots of real world type testing....like all his reviews.
  8. Good call.......I wasn't very clear......intended to say nothing over 38" in anything I found......was 42" rubber even available in 1985? My Super 70 Series literature lists 20.8x38 as only available rubber.
  9. I thought they all came factory on 38" rims.....not that 42s wouldn't fit.....need to check my literature I guess...
  10. Battery stuff has its place like stated above. What I have found to be the best thing for 2 cycle occasional use (not full time landscapers) is VP Racing pre-mixed fuel. If you only use some of your 2 cycle stuff occasionally, it takes all of the headache out of starting and keeps them running smooth. I use about 2 gallons of 2 cycle fuel a year....buying the premix has made all of my 2 cycle stuff super dependable and rock solid.....5-6 primer pumps, choke for 2 pulls, starts.....every time. Especially useful on the chain saw with no primer. It's not cheap fuel.......but I don't cuss 2 cycle stuff either. If I used it every day I would mix my own and it would stay fresh, but in my situation....premix rules. BTW, I have an old 120v leaf blower on a retractable cord at the entrance to the mower storage shed......quick and easy clean up after every mowing.....even if I don't break out the Stihl to blow off the driveway and sidewalks.
  11. Have a BG55 and a BG56......both used morecthan any other 2 cycle stuff on the place If you want your mower deck to last.....blow if off after every cutting.
  12. Yeah they are dusty. The blower on mine is running a Hazard Frought Honda knock off.....runs like a champ.....starts right up after sitting for a year......can't complain for $120.
  13. Mr. Plow

    50C refurb

    I spent the afternoon on tbe suck wagon.....
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