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  1. 1928 experiment with carrier Saratoga and rigid airship Los Angeles
  2. That's a cool ride in person! Last time wife and I were there we stayed at a hotel one block down on right.
  3. Nice to have history on things! DMI made good duals, so he did alright!
  4. DMI wasn't acquired my CIH until after the merger, so IH would have still been stand alone, as would DMI when those weights were made. Many dealers sold DMI, Unverferth, or other short line items like duals. In many cases it was cheaper for the dealer to sell the tractor with dealer added duals as opposed to factory duals. All of our tractors were bought that way. Your grandfather many have got the best deal with those DMI duals!😀 Our dealer never traded tractors with new weights, you just kept your old iron and tractor was ordered with bracket only. Our 1206 weights hung on the
  5. Those are IH, not sure who they farmed them out to for production.......Dr. Evil may know @Dr._EVIL
  6. Took a plant tour when I was about 12, got a cool flame cut DMI paper weight. They were just introducing their rolling basket harrow and were running a naming contest.....I submitted "Tiger Paw"......they selected "The Crumbler" . Was a cool tour!
  7. Bill Dietrich probably sold more spring cushion bumpers and duals than he did, wagons, bars, and tillage equipment early on......seems like EVERBODY had a DMI truck bumper in the 70s and 80s!!! Wagons were a huge seller as well, lots of them still roll into the elevator behind straight trucks, especially the center dump versions. I'm about 20 min from plant in Goodfield. We still use an early 70s Chizl Champ 13 shank chisel plow......old white frame version.....
  8. My grandfather use to raise popcorn for Cracker Jack. Always picked and delivered on the ear at that time.
  9. I just caught that.....missed that detail above........but a least everyone in on the same page!!!!
  10. Have you purchased your wing cylinders yet? If you haven't, could you swap the lift for the wing cylinders and then get rephasing lift cylinders?
  11. Put 2 cross members on, one where bitty drew and one more up near the frame. Make a ladder frame out of it......it will help with twisting. Rephasing cylinders would be the best route, but since you already have everything hyd. bought, the cross members should work
  12. Rephasing cylinders or solid rockshaft, especially if a "middle" position between full up and down is used......otherwise it will settle to the heaviest side part way up.
  13. Pretty sure the only PTO work our 1486 ever saw was the anhydrous pump on the old applicator.
  14. Glad you got it!
  15. Nate, was that 300# on the hydro itself, or with a gauge in a remote and the lever deadheaded. 300# is a little high for charge loop (min 200psig with hyd. lift) but not too bad. The remote valve should dead head around 800 psig (gauge on a male quick coupler nipple). I still wonder if the valve is loose on the column......
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