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  1. Very nice!!!!! That lift rockshaft and forward facing axles are a unique set up on those.
  2. My AL bodied F150 only weighs 5700#.....I'll let some other dude play chicken with your rig.........I sure won't!!!
  3. 19 F-150 SuperCrew 3.5L Ecoboost 4x4.....29.5k miles......great truck.
  4. GPS or not, they have to be straight when you are on the road with all the Sunday church traffic......judge not lest ye be judged????.......ya BS!!!! Crooked rows get you talked about after church!
  5. If you get the update kit for the 44/50 they are back to tapered roller bearings, but you have to buy the updated spindle housing first. FYI, Aluminum housing with fins on the underside on a 44/50 is an updated spindle.
  6. Same here but only have one little rocky spot....other than that it's all just IL black dirt. Usually run it wide open, pull the stick on the headlands......really nice speed combo for turning and planting. You can get in a really good rhythm and if you're careful never overplant more that one row without slowing way down or stopping.
  7. 3rd direct on the 656, just over 5mph with 800 Early Riser.
  8. I was originally not a fan of these tires, but since this will be a mowing and possible snow blade machine I thought I'd try them out. Carlisle Versa Turf radials, 26x12x12R. Look kinda mean with the rounded fenders.
  9. Worked the last 23 acres left to plant after I got home from work then jumped on the 656 with 6 row 800 and planted about 12 acres of it before it got hard to see the mark and I ran out of seed. Dad will finish it tomorrow morning and we'll be done. Dad got set up to spray the cover crop rye in the water ways.....good evening all around.
  10. New front shoes and an electric fuel pump. Had an oil leak to fix too.....blown diaphragm on oil sentry switch.
  11. Spent all Thursday morning and afternoon on open station 656 pulling 6 row 30 IH 800 planting corn. Got 60 acres done, came in and washed 1/2 the dirt in the field off me, then worked 40 acres with the 1486. Good day, but long day.
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