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  1. 666/686 diesel is a bucket list machine, and yours is top notch! Sharp rig.
  2. I would think everyone would be thrilled that they are using a semi tractor and NOT a pickup or tractor. Heavy, safe, faster, good mirrors/visibility.
  3. Sledgehammer, I agree, even have commercially available hitches for the 5th wheel.
  4. Also remember half of the total weight of the plow is on the 3 pt......not that they are that heavy, but between draft load and just general 3pt weight......suitcase weights are very helpful.
  5. Always wanted a 7x57 in a Ruger #1...... had a nice one in my hands once, but didn't pull the trigger. Seems like a classic and versatile combo...... In all reality, a Winchester 70 in 30-06 is about as classic as a combo gets. .270, 7-08 Rem, .280, and .308 all get props too.
  6. Looks like Automatic Reset plow country!
  7. Saving private Ryan and Inglorious Basterds need to be on the list. If course Smokey! Blues Brothers
  8. Mr. Plow

    50C refurb

    Looks like you have one new replacement spindle and 2 older water pump style. Put the new one back in the center to take the PTO load. Good time to add a rear anti scalp roller as well, and stiffen the deck at the lift hangers. Should be a good project.....hope it goes well for you!
  9. There were spacers for the gear boxes, IIRC. But I would just run it, they are pretty forgiving.
  10. The green spot? I don't know how you'd safely tag one there......sure it's not just a tree leaf, etc?
  11. My son is left eye dominant, so the tang mounted safety of the Mossberg is a big selling point.
  12. Exactly. Factor in the headache of installing it a few times (if the engine is in the tractor) and you can see how the gap closes. That said......I understand watching the $$$$ too......hope you can get that one dialed in with the parts you have available and it all works out well !
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