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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Lost track of how long I started out with this M with M&W 9 speed. Just rebuilt engine and made some changes a short time ago. Picture was just before I put it in the field all day breaking it in. Left hood off to check head bolt nuts and adjust valves later. Have hood on now. Not very original now and just a working tractor paint job.
  2. Fine looking tractor and driver. Dave
  3. This is in opening pages of H parts books from at least 1941 or 42 on up.
  4. No the same numbers didn't apply to other tractors in the series. They used different letter codes before engine serial number to identify tractor, power unit or crawler used in. When SH started IH dropped the code numbers before serial number and used engines in different chassis without a ID for chassis. Almost ever H looked at has the same number unless you could tell something wasn't original.
  5. They were built with matching chassis numbers and engine serial numbers. That could be messed up once in a while but 99% match. So if engine is original look above the metal cover on right side of block below number 1 or 3 spark plug for the serial number stamped in block. Some were stamped at a different area below plugs. Casting codes will get you in the area. But tractors assembled early in a year can have a cast code from the year before.
  6. You may have something rare. First time to see a pump like that one on a M. Wonder who made it and the steel hydraulic tubes? If the second number in the engine serial number in picture is a 0 you have the type bolt pattern for a ignition drive housing used on the greatest number of M tractors and should be easy to find and cheep to install in place of the pump. Bolt pattern of the ignition drives changed during 1950 so two different bolt patterns were used on M tractors. Like I said if second number of serial number is a 0 you have the first type bolt pattern. The pump is not the same that IH used. on some W-6 and some supers through 450. Dave Didn't notice at first you are out of US. Maybe noting I posted applies, but if US built the different bolt patterns for a ignition drive to replace pump should be correct. Engine serial number 228082 and higher used the later bolt pattern.
  7. Second picture you show is for disc brake M tractors serial number 294226 and higher or diesel tractors 285505 up. Only one bearing on each bull pinion, other end is supported by the differential spider gears. Other bearing in picture supports the differential. Difference in serial 34887 and lower is a keyed bull pinion shaft and spline after. Different brake drums used.
  8. ST-675 outer axle bearing. Inner was ST-223-A or roller bearing 375215R91. If it can be found new the price will shock you. Think West Pullman works bearing L-270 was also used .
  9. With balanced crank in engine the piston weight won't effect the balance if pistons and rods each weigh the same. Bigger bore and a dome to increase compression was to increase power. Way back when IH first started selling aluminum 3-7/8 pistons for a farmall M they claimed a added 4 HP over the cast iron.
  10. Don't know the why on the 501. 300 U 501 was assembled in march 55. First built in January 56 was 20219. So was 20218 the last built in 55? Last built in September 56 was 33664. Don't think anyone knows for sure that all serial numbers along the way were used. Some were listed as scraped. Don't know from a major defect or for testing to make sure machining, build quality and other things were still correct. Maybe they tested them until failed. Maybe even some other reason.
  11. Have two like yours with arrow the other way. Think mine came from napa some years ago.
  12. What is the engine serial number? Think part of the 650 tractors used the same primary and final fuel filters originally.
  13. Good question, interested in answers, Afraid I don't for a good quality bearing with heavy load capacity.
  14. Yes replacement block and probably doesn't have a serial number stamped on block. Not a 450 gas carburetor in picture. May be a SM. Screwing out screw leans the mixture on that type carburetor. So it's to rich at idle and the metering is to far out for normal adjustment. Maybe a needle and seat or float problem or someone got happy with a drill bit. Also could have the idle jet missing. Better sealing between throttle body and bowl could help.
  15. Good first cut in my area if you could get it between rains. Second okay, dry spell for a while but a bunch of rain the last week and a half or two. Looks like last cut going to be okay. Dave
  16. Fire crater piston 4.125. If I remember right standard elevation. Would need to check my piston numbers wrote down to be sure.
  17. DWV

    Serial tag

    Yes the tractor left factory as a LP. Bought one something like that, they installed a diesel fuel tank and the diesel hood panels. Cut hole for exhaust in left hood and to many holes in right side. Found those eye bolts in others that were not LP and wondered myself the purpose. Seems they all have the hole drilled through the casting date code. Dave
  18. If my memory is correct the pump manifold came with female threads on the pressure pipe. Nothing you have on the forward end of pressure line is original. Correction, can't tell what some people are anymore and now I carried that over to fittings. Meant to say pipe on pump was a male thread. Dave
  19. Picture of factory connection of 450 hose and pipe. Dave
  20. Think this is a picture of one whit fitting brazed to pipe. Memory getting faded. Dave
  21. Looks like the hose was replaced sometime already. If that is a compression nut where it attaches to the steel line just go get a hose a little longer from hydraulic shop to fit both ends. 450 used all steel lines until a serial break then the short hose with clamp on suction. Hose was made on steel pipe. IH sold repair parts or parts to put hoses on the all steel line. But they needed a fitting brazed on the pressure line. Good hydraulic shop can fix you up. They sell a compression fitting to go on the steel line that will handle the pressure and have fittings to fit the pump end.
  22. Good for your dad. Probably one of the few people myself that thinks a all red 400 with emblems shiny looks better than a 450. Dave
  23. Looks like a 40. 41 or 42 model to me. Can't see the PTO good enough to see what models it was used on.
  24. DWV

    M&W 9 SPD?

    Yes but not with the same gear ratios as the SM. Will have M gear speeds. Use the M counter shaft, reverse idler and the top shaft gears will go on the SM main shaft. Depending what model the M is there can be a little different in input shaft lengths. M input shaft and housing will work on a SM. Late M input shaft housings were the same as a SM. M&W used the same input shaft in both. When used in a SM type housing with a larger front bearing have found the need to check forward and rearward placement in housing. Counter shaft size, 3rd and 4th, 2nd made on the same gear as first speed gear on lower shaft and a few other things keep a 9 speed from a M going in a SM with 2,3,4 and reverse being the same speed. Dave
  25. DWV

    400 stuff

    Like bitty said a 460 doesn't work, parts of hitch does but mounting parts and some other don't. Looks like the carburetor is from a M. Dave
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