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  1. Farmall M belly pump?

    Need one with white lines this suffix on casting number. You have one with a lower suffix like other picture. Dave
  2. Distallate/Gas differences

    Not saying there were no X codes. Yes there was plenty of X codes into 1953 for some models. Only thing I was trying to say was that no codes were in use before a 1940 Farmall H serial 20891. Then I don't think a X17 code was used for H tractors in the 19 forties. Or I'm unlucky enough not to run across one in the forties with X-17. Maybe some with those tractors will post in about what code is on them? Original poster ask about a suffix for a distillate H tractor. Was trying to point out it may be a distillate tractor and not have any suffix code. As another poster pointed out if no code for gas or kerosene and no other code that points to a distillate tractor for most H. Dave
  3. Distallate/Gas differences

    Notice no codes before the H serial number. 1949 parts book no X-17 and none in earlier ones, also M the same way but different serial before code start. Later parts book does have X-17 until H and M production ended. Pretty sure a lot of distillate tractors were built with no suffix for fuel. Dave
  4. Distallate/Gas differences

    Early tractors made before the codes started may not have a code. Think the X 17 distillate code was first used toward end of H production or around 50 or 51. Dave
  5. If the gas tank fill is on the right on a Farmall M, does that mean it leans to the right? Should it be investigated? Dave
  6. M&W powersteering pump ?

    It's a Saginaw pump. Think some fifties model GM vehicles used them. Dave
  7. M&W 9 speed MPH. Speeds ?

    Both types speed up the PTO and belly pump. M&W made a lever type that had a lever on the left side but just had a shift rod going to lever instead of a shift lever and linkage to left side like a heisler did. M&W also had the same type with rod to lever on right side and a cable shift with hole drilled in clutch housing and cable through a clutch housing to transmission housing bolt. The 9 speeds have power running the same path for 5th in low or high range. Some pullers have put custom made constant mesh gears or ones from a I-6. Also use a W-6 bevel gear and pinion sometimes or other custom gears.
  8. Part of the reason was partly because someone didn't feel comfortable with a high speed on the PTO until a IPTO was developed. But in 48 they made prototype with 8 speeds and IPTO and internal hydraulic pump. Also think they were thinking a shift on the go type and didn't follow up on the 8 speed and then delayed development to long on a better transmission.
  9. Drawbar thickness.

    Pivot casting was change was started on early SM tractors to have a wider opening and the swinging drawbar thicker than a original M. Most M pivot pin castings other than early ones are worn enough by now to put the thicker drawbar in with maybe a little grinding or no grinding of opening. Pivot pin was longer in later castings.
  10. Drawbar thickness.

    Yes they changed some and some can be bolted on in others place. No use trying to give a better answer until U shaped or swinging drawbar is specified.
  11. Farmall MD question

    Yes M or SM gas.
  12. Letter Series Brakes

    Some pullers have made up a hydraulic disc brake rotor setup on those type tractors with dual master cylinders.
  13. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Notice line from tank to the fill opening of the SMTA liftall unit for more oil capacity.
  14. 13 Speed M

    Serial number breaks need checked out on 6 series tractors before getting parts, not all came standard with the low low first gear. If I remember correct if all 6 series transmission gears are used in a M at least some give a little faster fourth gear than the regular M 4th. If wanting SM gear speeds you need to find a SM transmission with the low low first, can't just put a SM forth in a M. 4th sliding gear will go on a M shaft but a SM gear to drive it from the countershaft has a bigger ID than a M 3rd and 4th on bottom shaft. Part of the countershaft ID was bigger on a SM. Since two gears are made together on countershaft unless special made of modified more than one gear ends up needing replaced to mix M and SM gears. Reverse idler also needs changed if going from standard M or to low low or a M to SM set. For faster speeds and low low first find a 9 speed with the low low, hard to find though. Have heard of putting a small transmission inside the M clutch housing but don't know what was used. Very little clearance at top of housing if lined up with shafts. Not good for the PTO work you want anyway. Finding a M gear set with low low and the fast forth would probably be like finding a needle in haystack.
  15. 500 hour M on page 33

    Gear drive hour meter was a attachment that I think came out about the middle of 49 for M tractors other than a MD. Front cover and other parts were included in the attachment. Can't make out serial number on that one. Dave
  16. About drinking raw milk

    Good thing I was to dumb to know better raised on a dairy. Didn't know another type until uncle sam invited me to visit for a while.
  17. Super M clutch problem

    Are you saying a ED was installed now? If the EE sloped down at the white mark instead of a step like the ED and below housings is being used something besides the pump is the problem.
  18. Birthdays

    Don't watch that close but happened to notice 18 birthdays today. Anyone know the record number for a day? Happy birthday to all. Dave
  19. international 350 u hyd pump

    No but saw it done. Pump just mounts with inlet and outlet pointing up instead of down. Have seen the ignition flange just left open, a plate bolted over opening or a plug installed.
  20. international 350 u hyd pump

    Doesn't look original but a gas one will work if nothing else is found or until something shows up.. Like used on some SH and the 300 and 350. Need to put your drive gear on.
  21. H and M auction value

    Maybe this is the picture hillman posted. It didn't show up for me. Can see the flow divider or priority valve on the M and the H probably has one also with the line going up under hood first. Probably charr lynn steering units on both. Stage 2 SH started November 53 and several before then got the grill and upper bolster with holes at the corner. Bolsters more common after serial number 16000 plus and grills more common as closed in to serial 19234. Since the bolster and grill would work on any SH they didn't follow any serial number order below 19234.
  22. MD sleeve question.

    In 1962 the bottom number is the head gasket used for a D-248 and the top number was the head gasket used in a D-248 to D-264 conversion package. Numbers are superseded now. Bottom number was also used on D264 and 281. Right side is head gaskets.
  23. picture

    picture try
  24. MD sleeve question.

    Diesel sleeves are longer than gas if I remember correct.
  25. MD sleeve question.

    Found some numbers I put down from measurement in past. Cylinder opening on 53436DE gasket 4.440, but I measured another at 4.430. Gasket 305805R2, 4.165. Both numbers have changed I think. MD with 3-7/8 sleeves was using 53436DD but I think they started listing 53436DE to work on 3-7/8 bore D-248, D-264 and D281 engines. D-264 and D-281 sleeves have a small step on top with step width changed from thin wall to thick wall sleeves so the same gasket fits just off the step on both. Not sure how good that gasket fits on a D-248 with 3-7/8 sleeves but think that's what case IH is calling for or it's replacement number.