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Found 4 results

  1. M or SM, based on ID plate

    My late Dad's old M has a ID plate that says M, and a hood that says SM... he always referred to it as a super, but he's not around to ask if he rebadged it after a rebuild... I remember his saying it was rebuilt in the 60's. It doesn't bother me if it's one versus the other, but I'd buy parts one way or another based on what it is. Probably not time to do a restore this winter, but I'd like to get it to the point of being a gravity wagon mover, and maybe a hay tedder runner, just fixing the service affecting items, cleaning the fuel tank, servicing, etc. Runs fine and doesn't smoke, and I ran a new holland feed mixer a few times, with the governor operating well under load. So... Did they tag all Supers as SM or some that way and some as M? More to the point, does someone know which that I have?
  2. Farmall H 12 volt conversion

    Hoping to get a little help i have a farmall H running on 6 volt system, I just converted it to 12 volt with a kit from all states ag parts, I have everything hooked up and it runs good but I don't show on the ammeter where the alternator is charging, i rev the tractor to full throttle and the belt is tight but with my battery tester that shows how many volts( ground it to the tractor and put hot side on the 1 wire on the alternator I only show 12 volts only thing I have left off is there is one wire that hooked on the ammeter and the other side side of the wire went to a screw on the light switch/ ammeter housing, I didn't know if it needed hooked up or which side of the ammeter it should be on now any help would be great thanks
  3. 400 independent PTO transplant

    Would like to put an independent PTO on my M, this in my mind would be a HUGE upgrade, 400 and 450 tractors had them, would it be possible to swap one in? What is involved what did they consist of?
  4. W6 Vs M

    Hi guys Since the Farmall M and the Mccormick W6 are siblings, anyone have a picture of the pair side by side ? Or an H and W4 ? Im liking the W series more and more to the point that i might be looking for one as the next toy once i got the B414 all sorted out. How similar/different are the two tractors, no brainer that ones row-crop and one standard but what are other similarities and differences?