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  1. lbg57

    M/MD grill screws.

    DWV. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Could someone tell me what the correct screws are for a M/MD grill? All it says in the parts book is: 56 668 D Radiator Grill Fastening Screw. Would they be a phillips head machine screw or a hex bevel washer head cap screw. Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys for the info. I will give it a try.
  4. I am working on the Lift-All pump for the MD. I am replacing the 2 lip seals in it and both are NLA from I-H. Between O'Reilys & NAPA they were able to source me one with dimensions I gave them for the Pump Shaft Drive Coupling but nothing for the Control Shaft. The closest they could find was a metric one, the I.D. was fine but the O.D. was way too big. I really don't want to enlarge the bore in the pump housing/oil reservoir if at all possible. Has anyone gotten one for the Control Shaft that worked and is willing to share a part number? The dimensions needed are: O.D. (bore) 1.143" & .746" I.D. ( shaft size). Thanks.
  5. lbg57

    Fuse size?

    Thanks for the input. It is a 12V system but I am thinking on getting some of those LED bulbs to try. Have a happy Thanksgiving to all.
  6. lbg57

    Fuse size?

    On the old letter series tractors that have a 4 position light switch, what is the amp size of the glass fuse that goes behind the switch? The old switch that I have has a 30 amp fuse in it. That sure seems pretty hefty. I put a 10 amp in for now. I looked in the operators manual but did not see any mention of a fuse. I looked in the parts manual and all it says is "fuse" but not what size. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Farmall57. That is great help.
  8. That was a help. Now I know I have to get more tubing. Please don't waste a lot of time but the pics would help. Thanks.
  9. Could someone inform as to the correct route for the oil gauge line? Where on the block does it connect? By the oil dip stick area or in the corner where the frame rail attaches to the clutch housing. On ours someone had a rubber hose from by the dip stick then a piece of copper tube where it went by the exhaust manifold then another rubber hose to the gauge. Thanks for any help.
  10. 1) I was fitting up a new steel gas supply line to the carb. I did not even start to seat the new line fittings and noticed that the inlet to the carb moved some. It had looked a little hinky before I started in that it looked like someone had siliconed the fitting into the carb. I backed it out and found out someone had epoxied in because the aluminum threads were stripped out. Is their a way to repair this with maybe an insert? If so what is the thread pitch and will it be leak proof. Or is their someone out their that repairs something like this? 2) The new steel line that I bought came with brass fittings that are the ferrule & nut all in one that is supposed to break apart when tightened properly. I am a little hesitant on using this type after seeing what the carb inlet looked like. Will a regular ferrule & separate nut work just as well? Or is the taper inside the fuel strainer and carb inlet a special one? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all the responses. 1/4" and steel it will be.
  12. On a MD, what is the size of the oil line running up the block to the gauge? It does not specify in the parts manual. On line you see tubing kits that are either 1/8" or 1/4" line. What is the correct size? Thanks.
  13. MCC. Yes I am interested. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks.
  14. Diesel Doctor: Attached are a couple of pics of our MD fuel lines that you requested. The 1st two are the return line. Number 3 is the supply line that attaches by the filters. Numbers 4 & 5 is the supply line that attaches to the tank. Thanks.
  15. Does anyone know where I could purchase a set of correct MD fuel tank supply & return lines? I tried Precision Tractor Parts but they only have a set for the "B" style injection pump. I have the "A" style pump. They said that they had a couple people offer to lend them their set of original lines to copy them, but to date nobody has bothered to follow through. Sure would be nice for the rest of us if they would. What is left of the ones on our MD are only short stubs on both ends and rubber hose in between them. As a last resort I will have to try and fab a set from steel brake line and hope it looks somewhat presentable. On that note are the line fittings just a standard brass nut and ferrule? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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