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  1. I am looking for a MD rear crankshaft seal like the attached pictures. I am looking for the aftermarket rubber (??) one like this one I took out. It has absolutely no name, number, markings anywhere. The old felt seal P/N was 260 001 R2. I did a google search with no luck. Does anyone have a lead as to where I could source one? Thanks.
  2. The air intake is clear. I will try the 2-cycle/ATF oil approach. About how much should be added per gal. of fuel?
  3. The color of the smoke is grey. I checked the pump timing again and it is set to the center mark per the service manual. I have also double checked the flappers and they are seating properly. The valves are all new along with the seats and guides and move freely when pushed down when engine is off. Thanks.
  4. Finally got the MD I have been working on for several years started & running. Runs on the gas side fine, no smoke at all. When switching over to diesel, it runs but smokes a lot. At about 1/4 open it runs ok but their is a fair amount of smoke. You open it up quickly from 1/4 throttle to WOT and it smokes like a coal freight train for a few seconds then backs off some on the smoke but still a lot. The injection pump and injectors have been gone through by Central Fuel Injection and has been sitting in a box for the last 5 years. Air is all bled out of the lines and th
  5. Well guys I finally got it to run on the gas side. That magneto I bought off eBay that was supposed to be completely rebuilt turned out to be a POS. I had gotten another off eBay as a spare that the guy said worked when taken off. Was not rebuilt or any new parts. Put that one on & it took right off. Finally. I will see about sending that other one out for repair if I can find someone who still does that. Tried switching it over to diesel but all it would do is smoke up the garage and not stay running. One step at a time. Thanks for everyone's help. Have a good day.
  6. 12_Guy: The mag not producing a good spark is what I am leaning to also as all the other settings are per the manual. I will have to try and find some place that works on mags to check it out. Thanks. R Pope: Yes the mag is the correct H-4, counter clockwise rotation, for the diesel. The new wiring harness was made for the magneto system so I would prefer to leave it as such but will have the mag checked by someone for output. Thanks. beekeep15: I have checked the plug wires before but will check them again to be certain. I do have the correct H-4, counter clockwise rotating mag for
  7. I have been in this MD restoration for the last 11 years. Work/family issues have dragged it out this long. Have been in the assembly stage for the last year. I am at the point of trying to start it but no go. It had a battery ignition on it and ran fine before tear down. I wanted to put it back to original and converted it to a magneto ignition like my others with a rebuilt mag I bought off eBay 5 years ago. Following is a list of things that I have checked and double checked. 1) Double checked the timing marks on the gear train by the assembly photo I took before putting the front cove
  8. DWV. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Could someone tell me what the correct screws are for a M/MD grill? All it says in the parts book is: 56 668 D Radiator Grill Fastening Screw. Would they be a phillips head machine screw or a hex bevel washer head cap screw. Thanks.
  10. Thanks guys for the info. I will give it a try.
  11. I am working on the Lift-All pump for the MD. I am replacing the 2 lip seals in it and both are NLA from I-H. Between O'Reilys & NAPA they were able to source me one with dimensions I gave them for the Pump Shaft Drive Coupling but nothing for the Control Shaft. The closest they could find was a metric one, the I.D. was fine but the O.D. was way too big. I really don't want to enlarge the bore in the pump housing/oil reservoir if at all possible. Has anyone gotten one for the Control Shaft that worked and is willing to share a part number? The dimensions needed are: O.D.
  12. lbg57

    Fuse size?

    Thanks for the input. It is a 12V system but I am thinking on getting some of those LED bulbs to try. Have a happy Thanksgiving to all.
  13. lbg57

    Fuse size?

    On the old letter series tractors that have a 4 position light switch, what is the amp size of the glass fuse that goes behind the switch? The old switch that I have has a 30 amp fuse in it. That sure seems pretty hefty. I put a 10 amp in for now. I looked in the operators manual but did not see any mention of a fuse. I looked in the parts manual and all it says is "fuse" but not what size. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Farmall57. That is great help.
  15. That was a help. Now I know I have to get more tubing. Please don't waste a lot of time but the pics would help. Thanks.
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