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  1. 460

    666 grille

    I have a spare in my garage the upper and lower I bought out of a scrapped hydro 70. It will hang there unless someone offers me BIG money or I break mine which either is likely.
  2. 460

    Fireworks legal in your state?

    Since I live in Michigan been going to Ohio or Indiana to buy fireworks since about 2002. When they lifted the ban in Michigan it made it easier but prices have steadily risen with quality suffering I only buy 500g and have had one catch fire 2 years in a row after the show. I have also experienced low elevation bursts, I usually wear ear plugs and safety glasses if nothing else it keeps the ash out of eyes. I use to be able to spend 500-600 last year was 1400-1500 for the same show. After last year with food and all the prep I said enough is enough to expensive. To bad as this was a annual event for over 15 years. I am also annoyed with the multiple day fireworks and all hours of the night fireworks!
  3. 460

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    You really need to try one as it is less strain on you hands and arms. It does take some getting use to but much less fatiguing.
  4. 460

    Happy Father’s Day and 756 Gasser Update

    Not in my experience, a richer fuel mixture is harder to light off.
  5. 460

    Happy Father’s Day and 756 Gasser Update

    Another check to determine a fuel or spark problem. Is pull the choke slightly out during the problem. If the engine continues to die you know it is spark related, if it improves you know it is a fuel flow issue.
  6. 460

    Monsanto roundup vs generic cornerstone5

    Really interesting perspectives all around!
  7. 460

    Look at this raw power

    That is the blowby accumulator. It would capture the oil and condensation. Then you would just drain the can every so often. I think it was a Hypermax item.
  8. 460

    Look at this raw power

    I think he is in high range with TA ahead!😎🏁
  9. 460

    First Run of 2018

    Weight is one advantage. The other is friction and rotation mass. Friction in both gear mesh and bearings. For example: A 656 let's say has a axle bearing of 5" dia. A 706 may have a 7" dia. Friction maybe 20% less through a 656 between bearing friction and gear mesh friction. Rotating mass is another piece, these guys are turning 50+mph wheel speeds imaging that bull gear spinning that fast. Also another note...A lot of guys are converting to ball bearings where they can as this has less friction then a tappered roller.
  10. 460

    ex mark mowers?

    The ones in the 7.5-8.5k range is what we were looking at.
  11. 460

    ex mark mowers?

    Really? I was not impressed with the newer Kubotas as compared the Bad Boys. My dad as of recently was looking at mowers and I still liked the Bad Boy better as far as construction and design.
  12. 460

    ex mark mowers?

    I really gambled on ours, closest dealer was 70 miles away. I picked it up with my car trailer, took it back one time under warranty (ignition coil shorted on one bank on the Kawasaki at like 50-60hrs). I figured if it was good I would just buy my PM stuff online.
  13. 460

    ex mark mowers?

    Made the switch in 2013 from a 1100hr JD 318 to a 60" Bad Boy Outlaw. Saves 30 minutes on cutting and while my mom faught the change now loves it. Way less fatigue with the handles and bought the upgraded Grammer seat! Good thing she loves it as I have since moved out! Was really impressed with the constitution compared to there brands. 1/4" deck, did my research at NFMS.
  14. 460

    Diesel Additives

    For my only Diesel, 244. I use off road with the Cenpeco additive, with atomic to raise the c-tain? Spelling. I also throw in alittle snowmobile 2stroke oil figured It will help lube and I know it will burn. Danny from dirt boys put me onto that idea which makes sense.
  15. 460

    best way to seal carburetors to prevent this...

    I would have to disagree. I have a carb that I did on my 656 that was painted black with a harder has lasted for at least 15 years. The only seepage I have had issues with is at the gasket surfaces and the Right Stuff has cured that.