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  1. Life is full of frustrations. 784 block

    Based on the amount of pitting someone was running water and that crack is a result from a light freeze. IH iron blocks usually don't pit that bad due to the nickel content so it was a very poorly maintained cooling system for a long time.
  2. Deal breaker!

    Drove from the Port Huron to west Cincinnati about 300 miles to look at a I H 244 with a trailer and cash. Must have been used for spreading salt. Rims were rotten and patched and fenders were rusty. Pictures never revealed that. Even though I was pissed I I wasted the time and gas I found a nicer one with a 3pt woods mower in eastern PA a couple of months later.
  3. What ruled the roads then?

    Great story!😀
  4. Electronic ignitions

    I would not trust any like that article unless I witnessed it for myself. Did all have the same timming? Anyway I have a 656 making 72hp only changes are a L.P. intake, electronic ignition, plug adaptors for modern 14mm plug and timming set to a L.P. it seems to like the ethanol fuel a bit richer too. Where did the 6hp come from? I have also witnessed a warmed over 301 making 105hp jump to 110 with just a change from points to electronic. I ran the dyno on that one and did the work to change it over to electronic. I think your missing one thing of why they do pick up some HP especially with today's hard to light fuel you can run 12V straight to the coils without any concern of burning points up. My point is I'm not buying that it does not add hp.
  5. Nice day to tear an engine down

    About the only repair I would consider is a ceramic coating process that they do on warn shafts and bearing housings then resize them to original specs.
  6. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers! ^^^Agree 1000% with Bailey!😊❤
  7. Firestone super NO tractions

    Oh I see from the first page. Yes that's to bad that they split like that but they are not the GY Dyna Torque Radials. I bet they cheapened them and came up with that tire, cost save to screw the farmer. I think the Dyna Torque went away around 2000.
  8. Firestone super NO tractions

    I always thought the Dyna Torque Radial that came on many Magnums of that era were a decent tire for wear and traction? I'm sure what you have has some hours and that tire when new was deeper then the Firestone. I do agree the bias Goodyear are horrible for traction. I bought a 16.9x38 GY Dyna Torque Radials used to replace the original 15.5 GY bias and really seem to be a night and day difference in traction. The most challenge they get is in snow on paved driveway and I tell everyone they have have more traction in reverse then the bias ever had moving forward and they were loaded!
  9. harmonic balancer

    Have used this company in the past very professional. But note they are closed the month of March. http://hbrepair.com
  10. Instrument restoration or replacement

    I thought there is a guy in either Iowa or Illinois that will solder in a new temp sensor if that is all that is wrong. He may do other repairs I don't know. He was mentioned on here in the past.
  11. MD Crankshaft center bearing question.

    Lol rustred not going to effect the balance since this bearing cap does not spin.
  12. MD Crankshaft center bearing question.

    I would grind the pin down or remove it. It was a bandaid from the past and not required. I think when you grind a bearing like that you are asking for a chance to have the layers start to lift. If they do that it could trash a bearing and or crank in a hurry.
  13. CAD software?

    Very impressive!
  14. CAD software?

    I know AutoCAD and Solidworks. Used AutoCAD for plant layouts as manufacturing/industrial engineer. Solidworks I used in product design. I learned Unigraphics in college and last summer took a class at work to learn Catia. I like Solid Works best and use it for my personal projects. I have a old copy of Solid Works on my PC. I did this IH 291 top piston in Solid Works then sent the file to the piston manufacturer.
  15. MD sleeve question.

    Red Mecury, I am struggling with the last part of your post. If the head actually sits on the protrusion of the sleeve there would be a much tighter tolerance in the manual based on the total height variation that is .012+.006=.018, that could be the difference between breaking the sleeve off or seeping water. I downloaded the pic from kal and this is what I am going to conclude. The head gasket Fire Ring would need to sit on top of the sleeve shown in red. The Orange indicates clearence between the head and the projected sleeve which you don't have in the replacement sleeve. The .005 sleeve height will give the same effect as my V8 small block Ford that has a stainless wire in the block that protrudes. 002-.003. It just gives enough bite into the fire ring in the original head gasket for a better seal for NOS.