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  1. 460

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Wow that sucks! I would consider running with 3 on one side before going through that much work! With a good carbide cutter you should be able to grind it out. I have found my dremel invaluable in situations like this. The smaller carbide bits are cheaper so can be sacrificed.
  2. 460

    Another good oldie came on today

    I discovered Double wide on YouTube years ago by Sammy. Great Song! I'm sure I contributed to the watch count a bit along with his other songs mentioned. Its amazing what 80's-90's country is on YouTube! Except Garth😕 This is another great song!
  3. 460

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Yes more light and always liked the 666/686 but could not afford one. Yes direct bolt on except you have to drill a hole where the one badge pin sticks through as they must have used a decal and omitted the hole.
  4. 460

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Posted this before. 90's Fisher truck blade out of a tool and die shop just north of Detroit. Had it blasted and painted and put a poly blade on it. Buddy helped me build a frame tied into the hitch in the back. Works great in 4th gear angled! I hang about 500lbs off the plow arms in the back for traction. Most time were on black top or cement.
  5. Specs are one thing and this is one interesting article that the state of Missouri did a few years ago. I had heard there were companies banned from selling in the state if they did not meet the 303 spec. So what oil companies outside of Missouri are selling oil that claim they met the spec but do not? One unique thing about a good quality oil is it can absorb water, it mixes without separation. Which those of us in colder climates that is important. https://agriculture.mo.gov/weights/fuel/consumeralert.php
  6. 460

    Another manure tank repair

    Wow nice work! Looks like dairy is lucky to have you around! Bet cheaper and way quicker then going to the dealer and a better job!
  7. 460

    Trailer Tires

    What tire brand and age so we know to stay away from this brand?
  8. 460

    Trailer Tires

    I bought a rim and tire assembly off ebay they were Kenda with a Dexter wheel for a car hauler. They are only a year old now but a good looking tire. For the price I paid I figured if I get 5 years out of the tires that is good enough and I will go to a better tire then. The trailer mostly sits anyway.
  9. 460

    What's More Annoying Than Telemarketers

    I'm of the opinion if you text me to vote for you! You are data mining and what other ways do you buy votes? As my cube mate said yesterday vote Republican I said yes sir! Till I'm dead then I will vote Democrat😁🤣!🤔
  10. 460

    why is my fuel filter always empty?

    Air is trapped in the filter. Move it around enough and air will escape to the fuel tank.
  11. 460

    NH Oil Undercoating

    Because we are close to the Canadian boarder and vehicles are more expensive there. They have a better appreciation for vehicles and maintenance. There is a product called Oilgard it is rubber safe and dripless. It also climbs over time. To me this is the best preventive rust prevention you can do especially since doors, tail gates and hoods start in the bottom where the metal is crimped. Oilgard
  12. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    Can't recall exactly but the counterbore is above the top ring land by a bunch in stock form. Even with a filler ring we concluded (me and my machine shop) that by the time he made those rings you could buy the full sleeves and install them in the block with less cost or nearly the same.
  13. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    You can run with no sleeves but you have to fill the counter bore in with something or lose compression and combustion efficiency. Also there of course is the concern with anything like this with porosity and core shifts that could effect cooling. It maybe fine for short burst pulling but would have concerns giving years good service.
  14. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    Good catch...it should have been 3.75"
  15. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    Sleeves are not compatible between blocks. 263 has a bigger counter bore. There use to be a kit available through Reliance, as of early this summer it is NLA. Or at least we were trying to buy a set of sleeves for a guy in Wisconsin. I have a 263 with 3.375" pistons that I'm building and I'm going custom ductile iron sleeves at $100 each from Power bore in Ohio. I already bought custom pistons with ~8:1 compression with LS chevy ring pack.