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  1. Prayers and speedy recovery for your brother!
  2. This is true! I will have most of what I need!
  3. Yup Big Ox @DT Fan searched that and they all look like that! Picking it up tomorrow for $700. Now I just need a scoop for moving dirt and multch and I think my implement collection is complete. That top link cylinder is the cats meow! Thanks All! Scott
  4. Looking at a 8 foot blade on FB market place for my 656 for light dirt clean up for garage preparation. Came across this and the price is right, I asked the brand, they say it is Southeast brand? Anyone know is brand never heard of it. Looks mighty heavy.
  5. Find a used one with a good working fuel gauge. If water is bad that can be repaired, a guy in Iowa can solder a new sender on.
  6. It's no fun, I have done my moms house twice, her 2 barns. All stripped. Also My dad's barn. This was all in my 20's and early 30's. My brother in laws brother showed me how to do the cuts correctly and helped me around the chimney and things as he use to run a roofing company years ago. Now in my 40's I might think twice about a project like that. On my house last year I did cut in the bathroom vents and patched in the mushroom vents cutting in a 40' ridge vent. My house the shingles are "stacted" but it does not leak and well it will be many years before it needs a roof. It helps if you have the right shape roofing shovel, we borrowed one from the neighbors that was all steel and had a nice arch that kept you from bending over, and gave you great leverage. Scott
  7. Someday I hope to own one...use to work at a shop that had one, it was a Hotsy. All a cold pressure washer does do to good grease is move it around.
  8. They probably didn't use rec fuel and used ethanol fuel and screwed up the carb!😄
  9. I am planning and building a 40x40 with in floor can you expand on the outdoor sensor? This I think this makes sense when the outside temp is close or warmer to inside? And "combi" your suggestion is a to have a dedicated boiler for in floor and a separate water heater for water. Thanks, Scott
  10. I would use a vacuum bleader kit sucking though the bleeders, add fresh fluid until its clean.
  11. This is not a new service recommendation. I learned this in high school auto shop in the late 90's when most vehicles back then had a lot more iron, calipers, masters cylinders, wheel cylinders ect. I do it on all my vehicles today and attribute no caliper or master cylinder replacement to clean fluid. Scott
  12. If I remember correctly there use to be a site maybe Scout or Cubcadet where someone put a ton of different dealership decals together. Maybe dufunked now? If I remember right it was every state and style. Scott
  13. Never seen a spin on fuel filter set up on the 282. Obviously this is the industrial carry over. Looks like a nice setup compared to the canister filters. Scott
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