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  1. 460

    560 vs 660 engines

    With modified to over 400cid with a billet crank and a filled and heavily ported 282 cylinder head it would rev to 6700rpm😂. This was my dad pulling years ago and probably the highest rpm recorded video that we have on my channel.
  2. 460

    Pushing drawbar pin out of a 600Q

    Also agree that is a nice set of rams what brand are they? Always nice to find the proper tool and with the internet to find at a reasonable price. You should have no problem replacing those stones on your hone, I have a sets that is fine, medium and course that just use a cotter pin to change them out.
  3. 460

    DT361 rebuild

    I'm not aware of any different thrust thickness bearings for this engine. To me it sounds like a quality issue or machining issue with the block or crank. For the rods, IH was good at weight matching rod sets to a particular engine. If you are replacing one from a different engine. If I were you I would balance them, I'm sure you can find some videos on YouTube on how this is done it is not just the same weight it is weight of the small end and big end weighing the same. This is the reason IH had a reputation of smooth running long running engines unlike Deere who did not bother doing this step. I have personally worked on some Deere engines and found the rods to be way off. Now am I being picky since this is under a 3000 rpm engine compared to a V8 that runs at 8000 rpm maybe? But I put my stuff together to last. BTW I have a scale and also weigh the pistons on my builds and make them all the same.
  4. 460

    Two 6 volt or two 12 volt in 1466

    I run 2 6 volts in my KW truck because IH did this on the 56 and 66 series😂🙄.
  5. 460

    Those emoji things we all use…

    I interpret the trophy as either "winner winner chicken dinner" or yes I strongly agree with your post.
  6. 460

    Engineers.....Fact check me on this design....

    I was thinking pins or plates that have adjustable depths. It's as simple as dropping a pin to raise or lower plate. I believe the big sleds do this with a plate. That is on both sides of the sled that runs on a angle, if I were to guess they are about 6-8" wide?
  7. 460

    DT361 camshaft end play

    If your using a feeler gage that is not accurate. You need to use a dial indicator on the front with the cam bolted and torqued in the block. With a feeler gage it is not moving the cam perpendicular to the thrust plate, you are forcing it to one side. I expect you are closer to .003 with a dial indicator. Scott
  8. 460

    Re-completed My Inherited Wrench Set

    I bought a S-K wrench set just after high school late 90's. They were one of the few besides Snap on to offer long pattern in smooth. They are from 1/4 to 1 5/8 I believe. I also find there 1/4 and 3/8 metric/fraction ratchet set handy as heck. Each set has it's own green plastic case that can go any where with you to a job.
  9. Very nice! Love the attention to detail on the cab. I take it the original cab was beyond saving from rust?
  10. 460

    Whats another one to the pile....

    Can you give us alittle more insite on that ultra rare front end? I know and can kind of see it was repaired? But can't tell to much. Looks nice though! Scott
  11. Yes dont use the IH book for piston to cylinder wall clearance reference. You will never get away with .001 clearance on a Reliance piston! I believe if I recall the tolerance in the book is .001-.007. Scott
  12. Another thing I would check if you have magnetic dial indicator. Check your flywheel run out and input shaft (outer) run out. There is so much wear that if something was not running true this could cause premature wear.
  13. The outer shaft will not work as a alignment as this goes into the pressure plate itself. You need the inner shaft for a alignment that goes into the clutch disk. Do you have that out of the tractor? I forget if that one comes out when you pull the front shaft out? If it does your all set. Second option would be is that your tractor is actually small enough that the universe tool that Autozone, Orilly..etc rents will work. This is the tool that has the different adaptors for the pilot diameters and a tapered cone for the splines disc. I have the Lisle one and used it with success. This is all assuming your kit does not come with the plastic tool.
  14. Also on all the drain plugs including the engine. I put those rare earth magnets on them just bore them and press them in carefully with a dab of locktight or epoxy. I bought mine from apex magnets online an assortment of 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 rounds. Scott
  15. As far as flush depends on how bad the fluid was? There are 3 drain plugs that make it pretty effective to get the stuff out. To me unless your in there doing repair and can actually wipe out the bottom of 60 year old sludge you might be better just doing fluid and filter changes only. For the fuel tank I'm not one to like liners unless you have pin holes. We had a 1206 years ago that must have sat it had a bit of rust in the bottom and we power washed then flushed with fuel with success.