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  1. Nice to hear, some day as my 656 gets worse I will just do the 0-rings. Right now it is just a seep.
  2. I rarely use a pencil style die grinder anymore. Small tight spaces I use the dremel. My main go to is 4-1/2 with cut off wheel or sanding disc for final finishing, it's hard to beat that finish. I keep a whole selection of grits on hand from 40 to 120. Scott
  3. Good luck but this day and age you don't need to go back your entire work history. You can just cover the relivent work history 10-15 years. This does two things it does not date yourself and it shows consistent employment in the most recent years. In the interview you can expand further as necessary. Just my opinion as a engineering manager. Scott
  4. Your a wee bit tight. The high rpm race stuff you can get away with ~.040 with a steel rod for quench. I am about that tight on my 263/291 build about .020 out of hole with a .060 gasket. You could probably get away for alittle while but get a soot build up WHICH YOU WILL and you could create a knock which could eventually drive a rod bearing out of it. Scott
  5. A press fit overbored sleeve can be a acceptable repair. There is enough surface above and below the crack to eliminate water seepage. Many antique numbers matching blocks have been saved this way. You need to weigh the repair cost vs. the cost of a replacement block. IH did issue a bulletin regarding caution overboring .060 on the C301's. I have never personally witnessed one with issues but have taken atleast a half dozen blocks out to 4.00 or +.1875 without issues. Scott
  6. Ford tractors were built in Highland Park, MI till around 197x then Romeo, MI till 1988.
  7. Many years ago, I cut wood with a buddy using my dad's old Homelite on a hot summer day. My buddy had a Stihl MS310, well after seeing how effortless it cut and how much lighter it was. I went out and bought me one. It's been a great saw I cut a lot of wood and downed alot of trees.
  8. Trufuel 50:1 sometimes I can get it it on sale. I tell myself I don't burn that much but this year used almost 2 cans or was it 3? Clear cutting my back yard.
  9. Oh how I want to build one just like it for my new garage storage! Very Nice!
  10. The racing manufacturers and OEM'S I'm sure know exactly what the rpms they are turning. I have heard some of the newer rings rotating at a rate of 2-5 rpm. If you nick a cylinder, egg shape bore, or carbonize a ring land this could restrict rotation.
  11. At one time the gas replacement program was requiring sending the old one in. Or maybe I am confused CRS.
  12. Yes most utilities used a non vented cap. My dad went though this on his 656. As you can see in the first picture posted the tube that acts as the vent. Don't send that cap in! You will not get it back! Your best bet is find a used cap off a utility 404, 504, 444, 544, 656 should be correct.
  13. The 460/560/H-M housing has weakness for transferring torque between the bull pinion and final drives. It uses the top cover to reinforce the rear-end as without would drive the 2 shafts apart breaking the rear end. I have witnessed this in a NA pulling application on a 460 rear end without the cover effectively breaking the rear end, the solution was run a portion of the top cover, after replacement of the rear housing. The 656 rear end housing has a cast tower part of the rear end around the bull pinion and much greater webbing area effectively eliminating this weakness. Scott
  14. Can you link the bulb link please? Search did not come up even with corrected PN. Thanks, Scott
  15. This seems to be a issue with the early ones. Mine falls on the battery every once in a blue moon. I used lots of grease and in the past it has prolonged it. I plan to locktite it also next time but good luck for future service.
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