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  1. 460

    why is my fuel filter always empty?

    Air is trapped in the filter. Move it around enough and air will escape to the fuel tank.
  2. 460

    NH Oil Undercoating

    Because we are close to the Canadian boarder and vehicles are more expensive there. They have a better appreciation for vehicles and maintenance. There is a product called Oilgard it is rubber safe and dripless. It also climbs over time. To me this is the best preventive rust prevention you can do especially since doors, tail gates and hoods start in the bottom where the metal is crimped. Oilgard
  3. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    Can't recall exactly but the counterbore is above the top ring land by a bunch in stock form. Even with a filler ring we concluded (me and my machine shop) that by the time he made those rings you could buy the full sleeves and install them in the block with less cost or nearly the same.
  4. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    You can run with no sleeves but you have to fill the counter bore in with something or lose compression and combustion efficiency. Also there of course is the concern with anything like this with porosity and core shifts that could effect cooling. It maybe fine for short burst pulling but would have concerns giving years good service.
  5. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    Good catch...it should have been 3.75"
  6. 460

    C263 vs C291 block

    Sleeves are not compatible between blocks. 263 has a bigger counter bore. There use to be a kit available through Reliance, as of early this summer it is NLA. Or at least we were trying to buy a set of sleeves for a guy in Wisconsin. I have a 263 with 3.375" pistons that I'm building and I'm going custom ductile iron sleeves at $100 each from Power bore in Ohio. I already bought custom pistons with ~8:1 compression with LS chevy ring pack.
  7. 460

    What gas to try....

    My 263 has lost power with higher octane on the dyno. The only two things that have helped my stock 263 perform besides the electric ignition with plug adapters with a 14mm automotive plug. The two thing were a LP manifold (cooler charge) my old heat riser was not functioning correctly so manifold was hot and a richer mixture just for pulling. The second was a jet setting for field that will pull 68hp at 540 pto, and a really rich setting it will pull 72hp. All this is done with dyno using 87 octane fuel.
  8. 460

    Ever had a small bike for a runabout?

    I think the capacity from Honda was 220 lbs. I have HD rear shocks on mine with a single heavy duty front spring in the red bike. If you put both front springs in it is too stiff. With heavier shock oil it rides really nice and I'm 180lbs. I can hit hard bumps at 30-40mph and not feel a thing. Dont think you are going to jump off a truck dock with it but for 45 year old technology it rides nice. Scott
  9. 460

    Ever had a small bike for a runabout?

    Growing up in the 90's parents bought me a few CT70's as projects. Kept them all these years. There just great little bikes that can be licensed, and with the large following there is a lot of replacement parts available. Anyway this is my go to for checking crops. This is me and my nephew who was visiting from Colorado this past month.
  10. 460

    C263 connecting rod

    I can get you the length if you need it give me a day or two.
  11. 460

    C263 connecting rod

    I believe they are the same length the difference is the diesel has a much larger wrist pin. I know the gasser off the top of my head is .875 wrist pin diameter.
  12. 460

    What Is Meant By "Basis"?

    Interesting perspective that I had not thought about. But, you could have left out the last paragraph and still made your point.
  13. 460

    666 grille

    I have a spare in my garage the upper and lower I bought out of a scrapped hydro 70. It will hang there unless someone offers me BIG money or I break mine which either is likely.
  14. 460

    Fireworks legal in your state?

    Since I live in Michigan been going to Ohio or Indiana to buy fireworks since about 2002. When they lifted the ban in Michigan it made it easier but prices have steadily risen with quality suffering I only buy 500g and have had one catch fire 2 years in a row after the show. I have also experienced low elevation bursts, I usually wear ear plugs and safety glasses if nothing else it keeps the ash out of eyes. I use to be able to spend 500-600 last year was 1400-1500 for the same show. After last year with food and all the prep I said enough is enough to expensive. To bad as this was a annual event for over 15 years. I am also annoyed with the multiple day fireworks and all hours of the night fireworks!
  15. 460

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    You really need to try one as it is less strain on you hands and arms. It does take some getting use to but much less fatiguing.