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  1. After being rear-ended in my Cobalt at a stop light by a Terrain doing 45-50mph. You better bet my hitch is in with a 6 inch extension on the F150. Also the over 4 years old crap of insurance companies pull on using not using OEM parts is also valid justification. This 2014 will have its original tailgate and bumper for a long time.
  2. 460

    Eclipse plans?

    I will prefer this type of Eclipse...
  3. Huh thought you were dropping some billets in it? That looks like a factory cast replacement. Glad you are doing better health wise.
  4. Not much local anymore. TSC and Menards is about it. I really liked the Blains Farm store when I worked in Iowa/Illinois. A few are in Michigan but none close by for me.
  5. Looks good! I love how your attached garages has more square footage then the house! Priorities!
  6. We have Safety Cean change ours when it needs, usually before we build a new engine. It is really reasonable and they recycle the old, I want to say around $150. Dad makes sure they wipe out the bottom or helps them can't remember seem like some drivers are better then other. I remember in the 90's buying it for like $30 a pail at the local Auto Value, God prices on every thing is nuts! Scott
  7. What do you mean by "2" again running 4 foot out"?
  8. Wrapped up the roof today. Put tractors and car in just cause I could!
  9. Finally the Amish showed on Monday to build a garage on my foundation that has been ready since August. Luckily we currently have had some mild weather in SE Michigan with no snow, although they are calling for 3-5" tomorrow. By this afternoon the roof will be done and by evening I will have my tractors under cover.
  10. I know someone that uses off road fuel almost exclusively in his pickups...I expect all that saving will eventually catch up.
  11. @Cliff Neubauer always thought he did awesome paint work! Not sure if he is still around.
  12. Reading this thread is depressing...it sure is a much different world today.
  13. Those are Gibtec's. For the 291, Diamond did not have a tall enough forging and there billet was too pricey. Ross if I remember had a forging to fit but could not do the tapered reverse dome. Gibtec only does billet and was pretty reasonable, they are a spin off of some Diamond ex employees is what someone told me. Never had any luck contacting Mahle about custom pistons. Either could not get ahold of them or never returned my calls, can't remember now it has been a few years. Scott
  14. Gibtec in Colorado, Diamond and Ross. Have used all 3 for custom piston builds. Each has a advantage depending on the project.
  15. Is anyone following this? It's up to $4,100🤪.
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