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  1. Here is the difference between the 3 single exhaust pipes my original is slightly smaller then 2-1/4. This proves the theory bigger is not always better.
  2. No I modified that manifold by milling the top flat and putting a hole in that location. The lower plate has a divider that splits the manifold, based on the firing order you are always firing back and forth. I guess the issue was to transition from a log to pipe and to pick up or maintain velocity in this transition. This is a pic of a split Stovebolt manifold, I know they do the same with Chrysler. I was trying to find improvement while keeping the stock manifolds for the farm class. A lot of time and some wasted material for nothing but, seeing is believing.
  3. Final wrap up day! Its done! I drilled the main jet from the previous time .070 to .082. I also opened up the idle jet from .028 to .033. I tried one last time on the split exhaust set up and just could not find the hp, down about 5hp. Ended up trying different pipe sizes from my 2-1/8, 2-1/4 and 2-1/2 on the single exhaust, did find a couple hp without the muffler go figure. Any guesses what made the most hp? Last weekend I straightened and pulled the fenders, this was a nicer set I traded. Less rust. Sorry no pics, I used the same method as covered in my previous thr
  4. Try Fawcett tractor in St Marys, ON. Wengers of Myerstown shows online they have the 31 t gear.
  5. I would not if engine is completely stock, the combine was a hydro and never seen the torque load. The tractor however seen hard torque loads due to gear drive. You can make compression changes, cam and cool the intake by splitting it from exhaust. It will then handle that carb pretty easily, but you would then easily be over 100hp even without it. A interesting note based on a recent pull of documents off the net Nebraska tests the 806 (301) and late 706 (291) used the same venturi size 1-3/8. Actually come to think of it I think dad is running one on his 301 in his 656 it is
  6. Did some routine maintenance and adjusted the valves. And finally did the manifold swap to try my split manifold concept. So far it does not like the small tubes. I am using 1-1/8 & 1-1/4 for the primary and 1-1/2 & 1-3/4. The smallest one I tried lost a bunch, like 10-12 hp. The bigger one is giving up about 5hp. I need a gain to make this worth while. I am going to try the bigger pipes next 1-1/2 & 1-3/4 and possibly even 2".
  7. Coating is heat barrier on exhaust ports and combustion chambers this is the same benefits as aluminum heads for the car guys. I knew trying to run more compression and 87 octane was a risk. This was the recipe to eliminate detonation. There was some port work done, I knocked the rough areas down on the intake and exhaust. I also worked the short turn radius on the intake ports just blending and smoothing, this was a learned benefit from the past on this particular head. We changed some of the seat angles and I will keep that to myself on what we changed. Depending on the type of usa
  8. Dyno video uploaded to YouTube. Link on YouTube
  9. Today was dyno day! We broke it in to seat everything. Doing the 30%-%50-%100-%30 load process. Could not be more pleased! 90hp at 540pto. It was sitting at 85 for a most of this then at the end I bumped the timing 2 degrees advanced and it jumped 5hp. It might make alittle more with some more fuel if I drill out the jet. It will be backed down about 10hp for field work it runs alittle cleaner and will make less trips to the fuel barrel. Not bad for 87 octane and stock 656 carb. I will upload a video later from YouTube. Scott
  10. Jeez thats nuts! Look at that a cat 2 top link is bringing $110. It was not that long ago I picked up a top link for a 1206 for $150.
  11. Bell housing on 560 is bigger, 656 is the same as the 460.
  12. I bought the extension plate and gasket for my 656 year ago before they went out of business, because I'm running the 17 gpm pump. I also tore the outer paper off the filter because I felt it restricted the filter. I assume this was there to stop large debris like straw and chunks of metal? To me the pleats do a good job of that, any way I covered throughly in my 656 restoration/rebuild thread,the filter details are covered in the original thread linked in my first post. Scott
  13. Link to video my wife took https://youtu.be/gIsZpQWs_ao
  14. Had it running a bunch the last 2 Saturdays. It was running a bit on the warm side so last Monday I ordered a high flow 160 degree Mopar thermostat same diameter as the Internationals at 2.5". Put that in today and also drilled a 3/16" bleed hole. This engine puts out some heat! Last Saturday, the temperature gauge was sitting nearly in the center and my fear was under load it was going to run even hotter. I found parts on the block that were hitting 195 and it had a 170 thermostat in it. There is a brand new water pump on what started to happen was the lower hose started to get warm sho
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