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  1. 460

    Corporate tragedy

    Sheesh that's what that book is going for these days? I dont think I spent over 20 for my copy.
  2. I have used a dremel many times even to remove fragments of broken drill bits or ez outs. I also have found the dremel useful to grind a hole on center.
  3. I dont think that is cast iron🙄....that would be cast steel😄
  4. 460

    Horse power ratings

    There was a class action lawsuit in 2014 or maybe later about how each small manufacture was rating small engines. When I was zero turn mower shopping I was doing some head scratching between the Kholer and Kawasaki. The Kholer was way higher hp, I looked at what had the longer stroke and chose the Kawasaki. Glad I did as I know some people had problems with the Kholers. As for blade speed I believe it has increased, my 2013 Bad Boy Outlaw will cut circles around our old JD 318. It also has a much larger bolt holding the blades on. It flat out does a nicer job at a faster speed and burns less fuel. Fuel consumption on that machine is about 1 gallon per hour. The old JD burned at least 2 gallons an hour and did less work because you could not cut as fast.
  5. No no no! The 263 has a larger counter bore. The 291 has a very small counter bore. I just punched out a 263 to 291 bore. Custom sleeves through Power Bore in Ohio. Custom pistons too. There pricey but should outlast me and I will not have to rely on the junk from China that Reliance is using. Scott
  6. Wonder if they will blame it on installation error and only cove parts or nothing.
  7. There are two 3/8" bolt holes up top. I mill the flange flat, make a plate that bolts on. I may have a spare send me a PM if your interested. Have a muffler shop fit a pipe to that. Muffler shop might even have a universal gasket seems like it is a standard size or close to be able to adjust the holes.
  8. Wow I did not think anything like this exists anymore. Unless he wants a arm and a leg for things!
  9. I would not be to worried about running it a certain rpm for a long amount of time. With it under light load such as in gear cruising around is a good idea. Obviously a dyno is the ideal state where you can vary the load and rpm. But you can do a similar exercise driving it around. Loading the engine (light to medium loading) like being in a taller gear while driving will help burn a bit more fuel heating things up while minimizing fuel wash on the cylinders.
  10. My only advice is try to limit the idling upon start up. My theory is with the flat lifter engine is you want plenty of splash and minimal low speeds where lifters are harder on the camshaft ramps.
  11. Yeah that is a government mandate for all OEM's for 2018.
  12. I run a set of Continental extreme DWS on my daily. I think you will be pleased! Not sure if your running the original tires or not but if you are that would be part of the problem, they are dry. BtW sharp car, love the blue!
  13. I would search under tirerack under "summer performance", read the reviews/tests. That's how I found about the Dunlops. Scott
  14. Honestly your not giving enough detail to give a good recommendation. Do you winter drive the car? Drive in rain? How many miles a year? I run Dunlop Direzza on my 92 mustang but summer drive only and absolutely no rain. I also put on a few hundred to 1000 miles a year. Hook well with a spool and 470rwhp roing through the gears at 8Krpm tipping the scale at 3000lbs.
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