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  1. I told Sandhiller i would show him what I had, but I thought why not post them here for all you to see. My grandpa collected them as a kid ( which I didn’t even know until a month ago) So this is what I took from what he had. These three didn’t have matches in them so I put them between two pieces of plexiglass and screwed it to the back of this piece of wood that I got a few years ago to display salvaged pieces of an IH chest freezer The two outside matchbooks both have IH trucks on them.
  2. The plates on the uprights had 2 holes drilled in each plate then measured and drilled holes in the angle iron of the bin. Dad helped with this, its a little difficult getting all that lined up right. Then him and I mounted the bin using the CASE skid steer and forks but didn’t get pictures of that. Here is where I had the first two bolts in on the right plate. Took a little bit to get it all bolted down. Now its all bolted down and lastly going to weld the support tubing on the uprights you see pictured. The bracket you see on the angle iron was there and I’m not sure if its
  3. Now time for testing, did this Saturday I wanted to do this for fun, took it out on our dirt road and it was a little muddy from the snow melting but I held up well. Set it in the shop Saturday night and finished for the day.
  4. Yes flux core its a 180c Power mig Lincoln welder. The wire probably wasn’t heavy enough for the job, because it took quite a bit of wire, but it go the job done. I welded the frame to the axle and had grind a little on it because it had some kind coating on it. I had to grind the surface on the round pipe for tongue a little too
  5. These are pictures of progress from this past weekend. Been busy the last couple days so updating the thread when I can. First I welded the tongue on, think its 2 3/8” wide it was a little challenging getting it lined up and even but I turned out alright. Since it was a round surface being welded square tubing I took four 1 1/4” angle iron pieces, welded to the square tubing on the two crossbeams, then hammered the ends around the pipe to weld for more strength and stability (2nd & 3rd pics). Tongue is tack welded here. This was only tack welds (don’t look too close at th
  6. That pickup is a 97 model. 228 and some odd thousand miles on it. Before I had it the motor was replaced for some reason and it has a little over 130k miles. The red pickup you’ll see in other pics is my 1992 GMC 1500 longbed, single cab, with a 350. Early this month it turned over 220,550 miles...... 12k miles since I’ve had it when we bought it earlier this month, 4 years ago. Funny the 12k miles and 4 years since I got the pickup were within day of eachother. This is me on 2/6/2017 the day I drove it home with dad the day we got it at a farm auction. This was about a month before
  7. It wont really have an immediate use. Guess to some it doesn’t make a ton of sense why I have it lol but like I say the bin was cheap, we had the iron so it was a relatively cheap build and will be useful down the road as I would like to feed out cattle someday. If we need to put feed in something short term we’ll have this around to utilize. Plus its been a great learning experience for welding.
  8. Now the frame is welded to the axle and Ive cut two pieces to weld for reenforcement from the frame to the axle. The pipe that will be the tongue I had sitting there but not welded. Here’s how I finished the day two weeks ago The tongue sitting on the frame and I had it lifted up so I could weld easier and not upside down.
  9. Next are the uprights to hold the bin on. On the edges of the grain tank there’s angle iron so the plan was to weld a foot on each piece of tubing, drills holes in the feet and angle iron to bolt it up. I made a mistake in getting one of the feet too wide because it had to clear between the handle for the door and the grain tank so I had to grind it down, easy fix. That’s the upper left one in the picture. From this picture the door of the tank will be facing toward the grinder in this picture. Oh and here is my tank when I got it
  10. We only have showpigs that we buy form breeders so the feed we get is mixed and if it sat in there it would go stale rather than in a 50 lb bag.
  11. This is a grain tank off of Gleaner’s pull type combines they had in the 1940’s and I believe this one is from the the first half of that decade. I thought it would be neat to have, my great grandfather had gleaners, plus it was cheap. I got it at local auction last February and paid $15 for it. Right after that a guy I know told me he would sell me an axle for it for $25 Anyhow I got around to building a frame for it last month after I got the axle. This was used iron from a machine shed door and I had to cut some pieces off. This is my main objective (stolen off the internet)
  12. ***UPDATE*** The last couple days have been warm enough to at least have the shop door open so this afternoon I put the JD A150 heater in front of the engine head on for a few minutes and it fired up and I let it run for a good while. The IH pusher is the only pusher out of 5 that I put marvel mystery oil in so I like to start it a couple times in the winter. I put it in front of the heater as well and it started up.
  13. College classes are canceled for us tomorrow due to the “extreme weather” that’s not the point of this tho..... I went out to the shop to bring in some tools for a project and looked in the water tank of my LB stationary engine and it was froze, not solid though. I didn’t have enough antifreeze in it for cold cold weather and should have checked it earlier. So make sure you have enough antifreeze and check you machines during this awful weather (I know all of you know this) but just as a reminder! The engine will be alright it’s on the heater and is not froze all the way to the bottom it
  14. Wow those are real nice 86’s an 886 would be something awesome to use with my IH #9 hay rake
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