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  1. Just heard that he died earlier this morning of natural causes at age 85. I haven’t seen him in a lot of different shows but have been watching several episodes of “The Virginian” the last couple months He was one of the greats and will be missed
  2. A good amount of teens all over that do stuff like that. As for me I’m glad I have NO desire for ANY of that stuff, and instead in the shop working on old iron or in the barn with cattle and hogs.
  3. The wheel and tire I shouldn’t have an issue to find. If I can’t find anyplace that has the arm and other cast piece there is a local welding shop I will ask about making them.
  4. I called them. He said he would look to see. I sent him pictures of the castor wheel and hopefully I’ll find something out in the next couple of days.
  5. Tractor is running I put non ethanol gas back in. I had to tighten the fuel bowl but that was no issue and it fired up within one second😀 I let it idle for a little bit and adjusted the idle adjustment screw and it ran just fine. It’s first job was to spread a load of manure, it and the CUB did a great job! Ive only shut if off once today and when I did there were no issues. With that said, thank you all for the help. I greatly appreciate it!
  6. Make sure fuel tank is clean then go to sediment bowl (fuel bowl) tank it out an see if there is junk in the bowl and on the screen. Also check the fuel bowl gasket if it is in good shape. The gasket and screen are right above the fuel bowl when you take it out. If that isn’t the issue drain the carb like J-mech said. Finally the carb may be rebuilding with a new carb kit ( but do simple stuff like said above before buying). Electrical may be an issue also I’m not sure.
  7. When I got my #9 IH hay rake there was only one castor wheel because apparently the other had broke and been replaced at some point. So I would like to find one before looking into one to possibly be made since some of the castor wheel assembly is NLA though CaseIH. Any salvage yard ideas? I called All States Ag Parts in Bridgeport Nebraska and they don’t have hay rake parts. If someone was to have one “laying around” which I think is very unlikely please let me know if you’d be willing to sell. If anyone has any leads to castor wheel assembly I would appreciate it. Thx.
  8. This isn’t real “current” but the latest I know of. I’m sure @Diesel Doctor will chime in.
  9. Yep this is the time of year I’ve done it last 5-6 years. This is only the second year we’ve had the post hole digger, and it’s real nice to have. Before I just manually dug with hand held ones. And it took a while and was not the easiest because most of the time I had to dig where the rotten one was.
  10. If it’s because they forget it may Ben possible that they get so excited that they forget they just did it😂
  11. Dad and I worked on the fence line today between ours and the neighbors pasture. I’ve been working on taking the old fence down of a combination of solid posts I've replaced over the years to rotten posts and t-posts put together with cattle panels. It will be a barbed wire fence with wood post ends and t-posts in between. Marley has to get in on the action with the Case 435 skidder and Bobcat post hole digger This is where we got today, setting the frames of the wood post ends.
  12. Our black lab does that too. Must be a sign of love from them, that’s my thought.
  13. At our state fair in August there is a display every year of equipment and old stationeries from a tractor club the engines are demonstrated running with water pumps or grinders or whatever. The guy I got the engine from had a seed cleaner that my engine could run I think. Dad would really like to have a corn grinder. And with these engines you talk about heavy. My engine is water cooled with a capacity of two gallons. Without water it weighs 297lbs. The wagon itself weighed 50. So I think will it full of water it weighs 363lbs. 297+50=347 add two gallons of water 16lbs= 363 sorry for the long post..... I enjoy talking about it 😁
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