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  1. Great photos! Every year I look forward to seeing all the photos. Hoping to make it next year for the first time. Actually the next three RPRU’s are less than 9.5 hours from me.
  2. Good on @nepoweshiekfarmalls for the tribute to Cooter and the rest of the RPF members who have passed this year. I’m really hoping to get to Roundup next year in Grand Island to meet all of you great people!
  3. I would guess there are serval small parts too? Hopefully you are able to still get what you need or find a picker for parts.
  4. I went and saw Top Gun in the Theatre Monday as well. Now the original is a great movie but I think the new one is better. By Monday night I was ready to go back and watch it again. Super glad I went out to see it.
  5. Great job sir, you should be proud! I would guess the picker is a sizable project (maybe bigger than the tractor?) but it would look really neat restored on that M again.
  6. Once again, thank you all so much!! Funeral went very well yesterday. As I told my pastor the Lord’s presence and Grandma Shirley’s presence was definitely there yesterday. We had many good compliments from people that came. I think we gave great grandma the best funeral there could have been. Again I appreciate the prayers. What an awesome group of awesome people!
  7. Thank you all so much. Funeral is today, just getting ready to go to the church. Great Grandma Shirley was 87 and one thing she loved was sowing or making blanket patterns. She made these for me in 2006 when I was just 5. Thought you all might like to see them.
  8. IHhogfarmer

    IH 756

    Yes looks like 1968
  9. I know its been a while since I’ve done an update but she has really been in the nursing home since that time. Monday she did not have a good day at all….. I mean I have never seen her in that condition before. Tuesday was a little better for her but Tuesday night the nursing home took her to the hospital with bilateral pneumonia. I just wanted all of you to know she passed away at the local hospital Thursday night at 6:42. She was surrounded by several family members including her three kids (my grandma being one). She was more than ready to go home to be with the Lord and she passed with my mom and grandma reading her bible verses. I was in the room when she went home. My parents, sister, and I went in to see her Thursday morning and got to speak with her some, then I prayed over her with my family. It was so difficult to watch her struggle to breath but she is no longer suffering. They took her off oxygen that evening and I’m sure it wasn’t 15 minutes and she was gone. My family and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers, it was much appreciated and it was God’s timing for her to go back with him!
  10. I’ve a lot of mine off of eBay. I try to get a brochure on manual of some sort for each machine I have. Others I have gotten are from online auctions. Only a handful I have gotten from other sources. My big thing right now is finding summer/fall buyers guides between 1966-1973 (when the had summer fall guides). So far I have 1967–69 and 1972. But any brochure I can get that’s reasonably priced and interests me I try to get.
  11. Love it! I would like to run the 1066 and 400 planter!
  12. Hey I saw that picture posted on a FB page. Great stuff!
  13. Cool wish I could come across something like that! Thanks for sharing Here’s the google maps photo
  14. Could you post a pic of the cover please? @utility 64thank you for posting those!!
  15. I can’t keep track, how many 66’s do you have if you don't mind sharing? Your 1466 third production 1466 looks good too in sure you like it!!
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