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  1. IHhogfarmer


    I was a few days short of turning 6 months old..... I know what you mean about kids making jokes about it. Kinda surprised I hadn’t heard anything about it at school today.... weather it be jokes or a teacher mentioning it talking about when they remembered it. Its terrible they way they could/would joke about it.
  2. Nice set of 56’s, and nice to see the 914 in use. That first pic you had of the 12 and 914 in the yard look to me like they could be in a calendar or book
  3. Well it’s an IH 806 that someone needs to save!!
  4. I think the ICB cab would look cool on that tractor. Can give any advice on what would look right along with the cab. Lol
  5. Man that B with the loader would be fun to loader manure on my McCormick spreader behind my ‘48 cub. Nice score with your B and nice cubs
  6. That’s an awesome bday present!
  7. Very cool find! Love the 66 series 4wds. Keep us updated with pics
  8. I’m thinking that this one is what your thinking of, it is his son now that owns the tractors (accept the Oliver that was in my OP) I like the paint scheme the more I look at them. I’d like to see them run, maybe my next trip down there I’ll get lucky enough! Haha
  9. For me I like the 66 series as a whole 2wd-4wd like them black stripe or not. I like the look of the deluxe cabs on them but they look cool without them, maybe that contributes the most to the ”cool factor” Another thing is I have always like everything IH from the last half of the 60’s through the 70’s so the 66’s just fit in a personal preference for me.
  10. This morning I got to look at some classic tractors that a guy has in his shop(s) just within a half mile of me. Him and a good friend of his we’re heading to a show today for the antique tractor pull tomorrow. They are taking a 1952 Minnie Mo G and a 1949 Oliver 88. Both are in nice shape and restored in the 90’s. The G is weighted with 800 lbs of suit case weights and 1000 of wheel weights. I liked the 88 but took to the G a little more. I like the stouter built tractors. We started talking about other tractors he had and mentioned he has two in the shop named Krause. I hadn’t heard of them before, and dad and I got to look at them and got the story of them their were only 5 build all prototypes. He has three of them they believe that one was burned down in a fire. Pretty cool tractors, they had started building them in 1955 so my guess is they are 55’s. They both have torque converters going the name “Torqtractor”. The one with the narrow front has a continental engine and the wide front has a REO engine. Here is the narrow front version And the wide front version I know the pics don’t really do the tractors justice and I know it’s nothing red but I thought they would be appreciated on here
  11. Or have one dvd dedicated to them since they all have such great stories and theirs so much to tell
  12. I’ve also had the thought that Dr.Evil as well as the others that for or with IH should be interviewed by Farmingtonimplement and put onto one of their dvds.
  13. Ahh one of the tractors I hope to own someday... the IH 1206 + their good looks + one of the best IH built = a tractor that isn’t sold cheap ( at least that’s how I’ve observed it) Buy it and fix it up! Post pics too plz!
  14. Sorry to hear about this. Hope all goes well for you, the wife, son and grandson
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