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  1. IHhogfarmer

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    Sorry to hear about your loss. But that is a great thing that you are doing!
  2. IHhogfarmer

    another OSHA alert

    Ahh no safety harness needed. I see a rope that ties both ladders together at their steps. It’s a bulletproof system haha
  3. Happy birthday guys. Hope you are having a great day!
  4. IHhogfarmer

    Happy Birthday

    That’s what I was thinking 😬 lol To answer your question Todd, my day has been good so far 😁👍
  5. IHhogfarmer

    Music thread

    My favorite George Strait album is Ocean Front Property. I don’t think I was practical to do so but imo he could have had five #1 hits from that album alone. Obviously, I love country music, but I also listen to Contemporary Christian and a Little Rock/pop music. Those are the main ones for me
  6. IHhogfarmer

    Music thread

    We’ve had this conversation on another music thread not too long ago. And I agree he doesn’t sing a bad one, I know quite a few songs by him word for word haha This one was one of three #1 hits he had from the album “If you ain’t lovin you ain’t livin” which is also the name of this song
  7. IHhogfarmer


    Well I’m glad the 7 and 12 have 3pts because if they didn’t you complaining about 3 tractors would be too much for the rest of us. 🤣🤣
  8. IHhogfarmer

    pics from Benton Farm toy show

    I really like those 2+2’s. Any one of those would be cool to have
  9. IHhogfarmer

    Music thread

    This is becoming a favorite song of mine
  10. IHhogfarmer


    Hopefully it will be a good fit for him. As for you Rick the tractor is red so hopefully you warm up to it better than the farmall M. 😂 I would guess the 7130 has a 3pt so you make think of it as useful as your “used to own” Ford 8n 😂
  11. IHhogfarmer

    Music thread

    To me George Strait songs are like IH tractors I have favorites but it’s hard to pick just one 😀 Some of you will appreciate this one.
  12. IHhogfarmer

    New joke

  13. IHhogfarmer

    Buy a Violin 🎻 and get A motorbike instead

    That is awesome thanks for sharing
  14. The main purpose of me posting this is because of the 4166. I just got it this past Friday. It is the 2018 National Farm Toy Show addition. I’ve got a couple others from the series but this ones my favorite. I’ve waited years for someone to make a decent looking 4166. My great grandpa bought one new on 12-4-74 (my grandparents have the original copy of the receipt) and there was also one for sale at a local grain elevator several years ago. It is one of my favorite IH tractors as I said in hydro70’s topic of the 1971 IH dealer picture. My favorite IH series of tractors are the 66’s. Never had in the field experience with them but I have always liked the looks of them. These are the all the 66’s that I have. Left to right is 4166,1568,1568,1466,1066,966
  15. IHhogfarmer

    Buyer Beware

    There were only two built of the 1026 gold demo hi-crop and with the 1026 wheatland/rice field demo I’m thinking that there were only two of them built also. As for you guys on here that have gottten stuff that’s not what it was (and even in this situation) you just can trust everyone about something. I’ve gotten experience with this. But it is harder to know “the real thing” when looking at a screen.