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  1. Well on Classic Tractor Fever I saw a wartime Farmall H and a two bottom little Genius plow that was believed by the owner to be a wartime plow. The H was a 1942 model and it had steel wheels and no lights and electrical system. There was some other things too that indicated it as a wartime tractor. When I get a minute I’ll post a link of the video
  2. Out of all the films that I have from Farmington implement this would be my favorite if I had to pick one. The one that I have on DVD was put out by them on DVD 11 released in 2017. The one I have is the 1980 version. All the same film just some of the scenes in the 1974 version are switched out with newer equipment that was being made in ‘80. I love seeing all the new equipment rolling off the line in both films
  3. Gunsmoke and The Big Valley for me. And no I was not around when they were new haha but I still like them. I’ve seen other westerns but they would be my top two
  4. I like the looks of those early Versatile 4wd’s
  5. My initial thought would be that more than one farmer would say an axial flow is head and shoulders above any conventional of that time
  6. Doesn’t Long Farms have a 815? Or is it a 9?
  7. That’s right, I remember the 315 being mentioned. Well just get this 615 and then find a 7 & 815 and the 15 series is complete for you. How do you like the 3 and 915 you have? Just curious. I’m not an extreme tech person so that’s why I could run it lol.
  8. That would be a fun unit to run.....just for the experience. Don’t you have a 615? Or am I thinking wrong?
  9. The LB’s were made up until 1948. There were two different sizes as the literature shows. But quite a few more of the 3-5 hp models were made after 1945 according to a list I have. I looked at a 1 1/2- 2 1/2 1948 LB that was completely restored, it could have been mine for $400 but it was 6.5 hrs from me
  10. Here is some International LB engine literature that I got this past weekend to go with my LB. The date code shows it’s a 1946
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