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  1. Yea I would vote to leave the cab on I think their neat especially with the black stripe, makes the options stand out with more character for the tractor imo. That’s quite the dealer sticker on your 100. I haven’t seen one that large I don’t think. Your making it look good👍
  2. Mr. Droscha, thank you for the stories and info. You have a wealth of knowledge and I enjoy reading your posts!
  3. If this 504 was a diesel, how would it compare to plowing with the M?
  4. Yea it has been can’t imagine being a resident or family of one. Mom said some of the residents were crying because they were able to see people and watch this nice event
  5. It was either 20 minutes or right under. I may have actually made 18. Either way an enjoyable ride
  6. Yes the sleigh is Deere. My dad won it and the local JD dealership 20 years ago or so and we decided it would be fitting for this occasion. Also think about it, if my equipment was green the sleigh and reindeer would be blend in with the machinery and not be as cool! Lol
  7. Today the local nursing home my mom works at had a Christmas time parade for the residents. The residents stayed in their rooms and their families were able to get cider and pie and be with their families on the outside. A couple nights ago my parents and I decorated the 1948 Farmall Cub and the 1957 McCormick-Deering #10 manure spreader. I drove it 2 miles at 6 mph and got to the nursing home in 20 minutes. It was a nice day for the parade and the residents were happy from what mom said.
  8. Yes it was. TP said above that the gearbox in those weren’t very good from what he heard. I never started it so I’m not sure what shape it was in
  9. Got this 1997 Deere 14sb pusher for $45. I think it needs a blade clutch. But it’s in really nice shape otherwise. Makes a total of six push mowers for me. Two IH four Deere’s. The snowblower sold for 50 I think, a Troy Built tiller for 75. I discovered today when they were selling that there was a Massey Ferguson chainsaw but I didn’t get it. Deere 4430 with loader for 20,000 deere 4240 for 15,000 Hesston swather for 1750 that was a few lots of the bigger machinery. A lot of stuff sold cheap. Nothing IH though.
  10. Well, I don’t think you’ve ever taken a bad one.....
  11. I thought it was cool. If it was IH I’d definitely be putting money together to get it, although this is kinda tempting. Will be interesting to see how high it goes tomorrow
  12. A White “snow boss” snowblower is up for consignment at a local sale tomorrow. I hadn’t seen one before thought it was neat.
  13. If I remember right from Bill O’Rileys “Killing Kennedy” book Oswald fired the three shots between 12:20-12:30 (can’t remember the exact times) My grandpa has told me he remembers coming home from school that day and his dad was crying. Being Lincoln was also assassinated there are a lot of parallels from both presidents when they were in office. I’ll post it later today when I have a chance.
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