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  1. IHhogfarmer

    IHC jacket

    In the 1979 pic I’d like to have a hat with the axial flow combine on the front
  2. IHhogfarmer

    New joke

    Okay so I hadnt had time to look through the last few pages in a few days.... so I though this would be funny Turns our Lorenzo beat me to it dang it Lorenzo 😉 until I saw his post I though I was loosing my mind since no one else but me thought it was funny!😂
  3. IHhogfarmer

    What kind music do Cows like ?

    With our show cattle when we are working with them and especially in the summertime when we have hogs also we use the radio in the barn when we are out working with the animals. It’s usually playing country music. We just use it so there is more noise for them to get used to (and for our pleasure)
  4. IHhogfarmer

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    I think with Brody and I both being teens (males especially) we could be doing a lot worse of what others our ages do than being on here learning about things that we are interested in (and also to have some fun and laugh) this has been a great site for me to be a part of and it’s something that not everyone my age does which also makes it unique for guys like Brody and I
  5. IHhogfarmer

    Red Power Forums not blocked in school

    I really only use my phone when I’m on red power forum at school. And I try not to pull up the joke thread haha
  6. IHhogfarmer

    DALLAS 806

    Good story, thanks for sharing about the 806. I hadn’t heard that either about Dukes of Hazzard.... it’s sad but in today’s society would that really surprise you?
  7. IHhogfarmer

    I-1456 S/N 10279

    I really like the looks of the 56 series wheatland/standards with the diamond cabs
  8. IHhogfarmer

    Another good oldie came on today

    Conway has some great songs imo. Mark, We have a “alexia” which is a divice that you can ask all types of questions and it answers them ( like an iphone with Siri) you may know about “alexia” but just in case you didnt anyways I was asking all sorts of questions then I asked “alexia what is Conway Twitty’s most popular song?” Alexia said: “ according to Amazon music ( or what ever it was) Conway Twitty’s most popular song is “I’d love to lay you down” I got a little laugh out of it, I wasn’t expecting that AND the family also heard it too😂 a favorite of mine by Conway is “slow hand”
  9. IHhogfarmer

    Anyone else see this new Ford commercial?

    That’s my favorite commercial
  10. IHhogfarmer

    Vintage Ads

    https://www.farmingtonimplement.com/store/p9/DVD_9.html Wes, I don’t know if this link will work, if it does it will take you to a preview of the 200 film the same that I have Plus many other classic IH films. I’ve yet to figure out how post a video taken from my iPhone on here. Otherwise I would take a video of the whole film and post it for you
  11. IHhogfarmer

    Give and take word game

    Rain puddle
  12. IHhogfarmer

    Let's talk skidsteer mini excavators etc.

    I’m sure it’s safe to say If you try one you may be tempted to buy one. I’ve always wanted a new loader with all the new features but you better have a decent amount of money in your pocket those new skidders are expensive. Anyways this is our 435 case. Grandpa bought this in about 2013 for the construction business. And now we keep this at our place when it’s not on a job. Really handy and a good loader. We use it for all types of stuff. We just got new tires on it a couple days ago. Before this one we had a daewood which is the first loader I learned to drive
  13. IHhogfarmer

    New joke

  14. I’d definitely would become a member of that website lol 😁