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  1. “Grandma takin a hit off the sucker” at 11 minutes hilarious 😂 That new camera does a great job thanks for posting these Bill!!
  2. Mine does not have a serial number, it came off before I had it but you can see where it was. For about a year and a half the only identification I could figure out was how to read the manufacturing date of the B&S engine which was built in November of 1974…. So probably safe to say the mower is a 1975 model. On FB I posted the picture of it on an IH page and someone had one of those mowers NIB!! It was a 3331 too so that was my conformation. From that serial number and they originally had an engine cover. But you would have to take those off to service the air cleaner so that’s probably why mine doesn’t have one.
  3. It’s a great loader. We got ours from a Case IH dealer that used it to move feed as they were a Purina feed dealer. So it’s had a good easy life
  4. It’s a 435. We’ve had it since 2013. Not quite 900 hours on it if I’m remembering right.
  5. Finally is a Gleaner grain tank off a pull type combine that I made into a grain wagon.
  6. Next is my 3pt mounted #9 hay rake. They originally had a 7 ft raking width but someone modified this to 9ft. There was on caster wheel missing and I never could come up with the right one so this older style came from Pennsylvania and I got a plate modified for it. The whole unit works great.
  7. Then my McCormick #10 manure spreader made just for the Cub as I found out. I’ve don’t nothing to it, very dependable.
  8. Next is my 1944 McCormick Deering 1.5-2.5 HP stationary engine. I made an oak wagon for it with the help of my dad and touched up some paint and added decals.
  9. Here are some videos of my IH pieces in action over the last couple years that I’ve always wanted to share here but up until now I didn’t know how to do it. First here is my 1975 IH 3331 push mower.
  10. Notice mine has a rivet where the wooden handle is like the internet pics but mine does not have a lower collar down by the all thread bolt where the internet pics have one. So I would assume it got broke off. If all that makes any sense.
  11. After hard studying I think mine is a Coes Wrench Co. Mine measures 12 inches long. Here are a couple examples supporting my claim, it appears a lot of the patents for these brand wrenches are between the late 1850’s and 1890’s. I’m betting mine is post Civil War. Before and after for mine
  12. Bringing this back to the top I finally got this wrench cleaned the best I can I think. It sat in coke for about 26 hours and this was the result. Don’t know if the color change is supposed to happen or if it sat too long. Nevertheless, it looks cleaner and it cleaned some of the junk off. I knocked some rust and such off after I got it out of coke. It at least has a more defined shape…..
  13. Congratulations!! That’s a great looking combine!
  14. I was interested until I saw 2699. One of those would look great next to my Marlin .22.
  15. Mine was made from 1973 to 74. The series my blower is a part of was made from 1969-1978. A while back I found this awesome website about history of Ariens equipment and the different series of snow blowers they had along with attachments. https://scotlawrence.github.io/ariens/Page6.html
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