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  1. I like the look of the platform on the open station 86 and 88 series, I wouldn’t want to make it different than what it was factory.
  2. What?? There is wording and a gun in the pic?? Guess I missed it 🤔🤣🤣
  3. It would have certainly been ahead of its time with some of its features.
  4. With all the great looking IH tractors you have I could imagine you having that issue with any of the IH’s you own
  5. I’m not an expert and not one that will really push a seller in something I want, but what you said is basically the approach that I had to buy my LB engine I looked at one all restored and told the seller I was going to build a wagon for it as an FFA project and he dropped the price $50. Problem was it was 6 1/2 hours away and there are quite a few of these engines around my area I later found out. Then I found another one 5 minutes away and told the seller what I was going to do with it. We settled on a price and it was considerably lower then the one I looked at before. Then again I haven’t seen or done nearly what you guys have done yet. I think it’s all about being knowledgeable, confident, and personable before, during, and after you talk to the seller.
  6. To the best of my knowledge there were 4 different IH dealer names from the 30’s up to the buyout in my hometown. As far as I know there were three different locations and they are all still standing.
  7. Well a good reading for education for me. Thanks for the walk through. Is that a cultivator or another attachment on your C?
  8. Okay let me know if I’m breakin the rules here, but I simply can’t resist to contributing 😁 I wish I could have any tractor of what’s been posted in this thread. I have to keep telling myself ”someday”😏 Anyhow here's most of my “old school” stockpile
  9. I think there is somewhere. My great uncle has told me there is a manual giving the dimensions of the wagon. I haven’t found anything so with this wagon I am going of measurements that I have made and how I want it built.
  10. It would be a major stress point on shafts/cranks not to mention it not being safe for you or the engine. Those engines are HEAVY mine weighed in at 309lbs as you can see in my first post. I couldn’t imagine using anything else but the handles on the skids to lift one of these engines
  11. Just started reading Lorenzo’s article. It’s all the same report that I’m talking about but was just in our newspaper this morning
  12. The article I read said to look out for a vehicle (car or pickup) pulling an enclosed trailer with several antennas on the trailer for controlling the drones. I don’t know if that will apply for other towns or areas tho. That is just what I’ve read about where they have been. I’m not going to make a bold claim about it being terrorists or not but to me it seems concerning that these “drones” are looking at areas like that. I did forget to mention that in this same article they did say that the drones have been spotted at our area airport. Which as you can imagine that is NOT safe to have something along the lines of a drone near air way of an airport like that. According to the FAA the area I live in is considered “uncontrolled air space” a town about 35min Southeast of me is the closest to controlled air space. Just read in another article that a drone or something like it a few nights ago was about 100 feet from hitting the the Flight for Life helicopter. I’ll read the whole article later.
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