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  1. To me there are some cool and interesting pieces/combos at that show thanks for sharing.
  2. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0ad035c7dhNw0x1PZw2N11gBg I’m attempting to post a video of my new to me mower. I haven’t figured out how to post one on here so hope this works
  3. Back on Wednesday I did things such as adjusting the handle and throttle cable to my preference. Then I had an issue with the throttle cable (my own doing) and so I fixed that and also superglued a crack that was on the side of the throttle quadrant. Yesterday I got a new air filter and spring for the throttle. Cleaned a few parts as well as the outside of the engine (I did as much as I could without taking anything apart) then put some gas in it and it started right up. Still have some things to put back together on it and I will take a closer look at the blade and clean the deck. As for the other mower (3323) yesterday I took the carb apart and put that in the parts washer to soak. So when I get it back together I’ll spray some carb and choke cleaner in it to see if it wants to go.
  4. So since it’s identical to mine would you happen to remember the model number? I don’t have a serial plate on mine and I would just like the know what model it is. That mower you have would be cool to have. That looks to have the same engine as mine except yours had a different oil fill. If that riding mower is electric and is white and black my guess is that it’s a # 55,75,85,or 95 but I could be wrong On another note I made progress on the mower. Cleaned a few things and it started up on the second pull!!😁 I’ll post pics when I have more time (whenever that will be)😂😂
  5. The one on the left is lawnboy built just rebadged and different paint scheme for IH. I’m not sure if IH built the other one. I may just use this thread to show some pics of fix up of the mower on the right.
  6. Wheat harvest is going to be late here for most and for some maybe really late (as everywhere else is) but possibly the first of this coming week dad will be going out to help a friend of his with harvest. Stating when I was about 4 yrs old I grew a small patch of wheat and for several years after. Dad taught me from planting to harvest. The way we know it was ready was as Grumpy Gaby said thrash a head in the palm of your hand blow the chaff off and eat the seed. If it’s hard and you have to grind it to eat it then it’s there.
  7. Totally unexpected find I had today. In search today of some general parts for my IH Cub Cadet 3323 push mower I stumbled across this mower. This auto parts store had a TON of push mowers, and trimmers, rototillers and other lawn and garden equipment. I was looking for a guy that could help me with parts for the 3323 when I looked over and saw this IH push mower. When I found the guy and talked about parts I asked about the mower and he asked if I wanted it and I asked how much and he said $25. So here it sits with great grandpas mower. It’s a 4 cycle Briggs and Stratton engine don’t know the model # thought I did but after some quick research proved me wrong. After I do some general cleaning I think it will be able to run. You can pull the rope and it sounds like it wants to go😁 Here’s a few pics. The first is how I found it. The second is not calendar quality obviously.
  8. Cool find! Here’s a promo from YouTube it mentions the 311 as well as others. https://youtu.be/Nf7uIRbJAMA
  9. Great promo, love seeing those six G’s in the field combining wheat
  10. Hummmmm....... a well loved tractor to red power fans representing flags of a well love country. Great idea Chris!! Hope you all had a safe and fun 4th!
  11. It’s not so much the holes you have to look for it’s the turds that those two dogs lay in the yard. I don’t know why it’s hard to comprehend to go and do you business in the pasture with the calves🙄
  12. This made me think about this I heard some time back, J.I. Case garden tractors were the first and still the only ones to have a hydraulic drive. It may not be relevant to the thread but just info that I have observed before.
  13. I like your trailer load. Nice looking pickup as well
  14. The two labs have made a hole by the wash pen for our show pigs. When we are working with the pigs the dogs can sit in the hole and stay cool in the shade. The yellow pup is the one in the hole Sorry not a very high quality pic This is just kinda a funny one I guess this caption came up as I was flipping through the Snapchat “filters”
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