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  1. I’m sure it would be real cool to have that equipment set up today like pictured above
  2. Sorry to hear about that 88power
  3. I was telling dad about this topic last night. He had mentioned that when his uncle bought the 14 and 1680 he had gotten the 1480 quite a bit cheaper than the 1680. Dad told me the 1480 paid for the 1680 since it could cut grain so well. I should mention they were used in dry land wheat. They were both around when I was just a little kid, I always liked the look of those two combines with those 30ft heads.
  4. Dad started cutting wheat with his uncle in mid 80’s. He started on a gleaner L2 went to a 7720 along with an N6. His uncle bought a 1984 1480 and a 1986 1680 in about 1994 timeframe. Dad says to me from time to time how much of an upgrade and how operator friendly the 14 and 1680 were when his uncle got them. They both ran with 30ft heads.
  5. I like the IH filter element as well
  6. IHhogfarmer

    New joke

    Surprisingly and thankfully woke up to blue clear sky this morning but for those of you not as fortunate are probably saying......
  7. According to his profile he is a year off from a 1970 Goldie😂
  8. When I did the wiring harness on my cub ( yes I know it’s a whole different system) I was surprised that it wasn’t as complicated as I had thought. I started in the front and worked my way to the back and just traced wires back to the correct spot on the instrument panel. It went smoothly that way
  9. I too enjoyed reading his posts he had about IH they were always interesting to read. Prayers for the family are sent
  10. IHhogfarmer

    New joke

    Festus sums it up quite accurately to Matt about what’s been going on weather wise.....
  11. Happy birthday! As Merle Haggard and later George Strait sang “I can’t say that we’ve had a good morning but dang it’s been a great afternoon” Hopefully your singing that by the end of the day 😁😂
  12. IHhogfarmer

    New joke

    I believe there is that same one only about tractors, has that been posted here maybe I saw it somewhere else
  13. IHhogfarmer

    New joke

    The way you talk about your M sometimes I could see you going about 85 taking it to the scrap yard🤣 I will say a dangerous place to be sometimes is our high school parking lot. Some people go FAR to fast before they even get out on the street😬
  14. Nice find! Restored equipment is nice to see but every piece is original only once, but do what you want to with it and let us know how it goes!
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