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    Same issue I have I’m sure, doesn’t even show the message on my list
  2. This pen I got two weeks ago at my graduation party from a friend no dealer name on it though. He said it took some looking around to find it. This bucket I picked up today for free, in nice shape still. I was able to read the back of it. On the back it says “manufactured in U.S.A for J.I. Case” so I’m lead to think it’s about ‘85 or ‘86 vintage since Case is on it? But then really who knows. Even tho there not completely IH I still hold them as pretty cool.
  3. The other thing Art is when I get something I’d prefer there not to be something majorly wrong with it when I get it i.e. TA/hydro or just rough. But if something goes wrong when I have it, well that’s on me. There is a 1206 Wheatland my great grandpa bought new that is now in the Ft. Morgan area would be cool to have. Well anyways someday something will come up.....
  4. I understand your point. My family and I actually live on 5 acres. Having another tractor or two is what I want and would enjoy. So I guess I have to wait and see what happens. I’ve wanted to farm for years and it would be hard for me to get started. About the only way is if I got in with someone or married into it.
  5. Not to hijack, The new ones are nice but I’d much rather have an IH from the time frame of 1961-1976 (financially speaking) that is a row crop, wide front, 40hp up to about 110 or so with 3pt and PTO to utilize implements I have/will have. Some that I’d like to have are......... 656 gear or hydro 826 504 or 404 7 or 966 kinda pricey for me tho 1206 really would like a Wheatland That’s a handful of what I’d like not sure if I’d prefer gas or diesel for some of these models. Bottom line is it’s hard being young without tons of money 😕
  6. I’d definitely be interested in seeing you fix it up
  7. That is a very nice implement you have fixed up.
  8. Great!! Pics don’t so it justice put take plenty so you have them. You will have a great time, awesome experience. I’ve watched your videos and you do a great job. I did take some videos Saturday and had you in mind when I was talking about the displays
  9. There is an Ariel pic of the museum that was displayed and their was a combine (91)? And a couple tractors with corn pickers plus a couple other things. Those pieces in your pic would have been cool to see. The beet harvester and cotton picker. I wonder if these pieces were his and were sold or just loaned?
  10. I’m not really a fan of tats but that is SWEET!!
  11. Dad and I met Jerry and talked with him for some time. He turns 80 in August . His dad started Avoca Implement dealership in 1943 and for sometime was the #1 IH dealership in Iowa. The dealership was sold in 2008 to Titan Machinery. I’ve said here many times before about all the IH Motion Picture Films I have on DVD from farmingtonimplement. I told dad when we got there “I will finally get to see a lot of the equipment restored here that I’ve watched for hours on film.” From 2012-2016 I loved building all things IH out of legos. At one time I had 66 pieces that I build just from looking at pics of the real thing. And of course would have a dealership building and would have a crowded dealer lot. I built anything from an excavator to a push mower to tractors, trucks, a steam engine, implements and more. A lot of what I built was in the museum. I’ll have to get those pics so I can show you guys sometime.
  12. ^^^^^^ you are welcome. I’m glad you all appreciated it. V8’s are awesome, very cool to see. There were actually no goldies there but only on white super C. There were lots of framed pictures there and Jerry was on some gold demos, dad and I wonder if some tractors are sifted through just for something different then go somewhere else? Maybe someone knows. Here are some of the pullers that Jerry has in his shop, which is joined with the second room. Just in front of them is an M as a “Black Widow” a very sharp piece.
  13. And of course the Cub Cadets Spirit of ‘76! The #1 Cadet Sand rake for golf courses Some nice small pieces Interesting, having a two IH pushers I have t seen this one
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