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  1. GET IT........ and the pictures 👍😀
  2. Yes wind is a well known visitor to us out here😒 Yea I did say snow but I sure hope not. It is way too early for it, and we haven’t had a long enough break for it
  3. Are u talking about “In the year 2525”? I just listened to it and watched the music video and yea it makes sense. You should have seen the prior forecast for Tuesday... it said a chance of snow!!
  4. So I know this is discussed often here about the weather in your guy’s area but now I thought I’d share. This shows how we can go from the four different seasons in my part of the world and a while back I remember @sandhiller showing pics of a similar situation. What is forecasted in the next several days I’m sure had everyone on edge!! More so the people that have plants out side, crops and livestock. Super drastic temps!! That will do damage to outside living things if all this really happens. But I guess this is just another scene from the movie titled “2020”......... we are 3/4 the way through the movie people😳🤦‍♂️😂
  5. Hummm, I’ve not thought about this idea and I like it. I’ll have to continue to think about it. Like I say I’m not doing the show anymore because I’m out of FFA. But it would be fun to pick up something similar to the radio show again. It would be a great way to get forum members more connected to each other..... so down the road I’ll have to make a thread here about it, some ideas, and who would be interested. It may be a like 9 months or so before I could start doing something, I just got done with my first full week of college and a couple of my classes will cause🤯 so my suggestion is to keep your eyes open here on coffee shop when I start looking into it more....... or at least until I get some stuff more in control. Again thank you for planting the idea! I will definitely be saying something about it again
  6. I sent this to a few family members and I added “I’m sure this has happened to someone in 2020” seriously couldn’t you believe this happening this year?😂🙄
  7. Cotton hulls are for used as a filler and adding fiber their feed rations
  8. Very nice, I’m sure the 826 hydro was nice with the rake
  9. I did not know this. We have fed cotton seed hulls to our show steers in years past.
  10. Thank you Tony! The next Max Armstrong? I don’t know about that but it’s an honor that you would give me such a compliment. The radio show is something I will really miss doing and in the last months of doing it I strived to do better than ever and I had several guests from across the nation, and a few IH fans like @DirtBoyz07 and Craig Swanson, owner of FarmingtonImplementcompany— IH films
  11. Very informative Tony, thanks for sharing! I had the chance to share with the people in my area (Northeast CO) about almond and cotton growing when I had @Tonyinca on our FFA radio show back on March 19th. Out here we are dry land, some irrigated of corn, wheat, millet, hay of course as well as others crops. But what Tony does was foreign to what we knew out here. Having Tony on the show he went in depth about what is involved in growing cotton and almonds, oh and of course we talked a little about tractors too😀 I did the FFA radio show for my chapter for two school years....... until corona cut the second short 😢 Tony was my final guest on the show, and a great show and great way to finish it was. Thank you for doing it Tony! ☺️
  12. I went and looked on TH. Looks like a nice one to farm with
  13. I think it was just the way the picture was taken that made it look a little different but now you say it’s an add on wide front and looking at it again I would agree with you
  14. 706 is cool with FWA don’t see them very often. My first thought of the 340 is that it is some kind of hi clear
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