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  1. Always makes me happy to see some old iron saved from the fence row or trees
  2. Dang, I hope to have some IH’s like that some day. Great pictures
  3. Your getting to do a lot of great things with that little 240 Brody! Keep it up!!
  4. One of the promo films I have on the 86’s from 1976 shows a CB radio in the cab. Thought that was neat.
  5. Well it was his way of thinking not mine Mark. I understand both of your views, just passing along what I remember reading.
  6. Here is what’s left of the one I got. Added some matchbooks to it too.
  7. Lorenzo isn’t too fond of them. I remember him saying he went around Nebraska and crushed chest freezers for the reason he stated. A friend gave me one. It didn’t work so I ended up chunking it but saving the emblems and serial number. Wish I would have given it to someone to fix. They are heavy tho!
  8. I had forgotten about this project since you had started. It looks good and coming along nicely. I enjoy seeing these posts of you guys working on these larger frames tractors, I’ll have something to look back on and see when I get one of these tractors. Plus I like the bigger ones. That 756 looks like it will be a nice one!
  9. Double post? as you can see I mean what I say ?
  10. Shoot, you found one close. Nice job!
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