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  1. And I owe you and Danny Anderson a great dinner for you both taking time to be on the FFA Radio show😊
  2. Sugar beets have started going in the ground. No corn yet that I’ve seen.
  3. Were getting a real nice rain here in NE CO right now
  4. That’s what that 4WD was. My first impression was a Versatile but I knew that wasn’t right. Ive seen an M-R-S in person once and did a thread here in coffee shop a few years ago about it. It might have been an 80
  5. This site has been great for me to be on. I will say I haven’t been on a lot in the last four or so months because of school, other events and such (I will admit looking on FB more). I enjoy reading knowledgeable posts and have gotten along well with the people here with not really any issues. Ive been able to talk to some via text, phone, or pm and I enjoy when I have those opportunities. I never have really gotten into political/ controversial posts although looking back I wish I hadn’t really gotten into any COVID threads at all. I mean I only posted a few times and didn’t go over the top,
  6. I thought it was pretty neat to have both on this buyers guide. Adds a little character and history of where it was. If the dealer is on it, its cool to go to the IH dealers of the past website and see when the dealer was in business. Are you close to Canyon? I’m thinking of going to WT for school in the Fall of ‘22
  7. There is truth to what ray54 said about there being some governing with the extension services. But still the good outweighs the bad. I don’t know where Frank H is from but I don’t think it should be a huge deciding factor. I second what all others have said about checking around in your area for clubs. Whatever your kids are interested in, look for a club that has a good amount of other kids that are doing the same projects. You can talk to people you know that are involved with clubs or you can talk to a local extension agent and they can help guide you to a club that may suit you.
  8. Would not be where I am today without 4-H and FFA in terms of public speaking, work ethic, social skills, making connections with different people by going to different fairs and livestock shows over the years. Ive been in 4-H since 2011 (my last year was last year). I stated showing pigs then in 2015 started showing cattle. My sister also has pigs and a steer for this years county fair, state fair, and another show in Nebraska named Arkzarben. 4-H has taken me to Washington D.C. for a leadership conference and then this program took me and my livestock judging team to Kansas City two years ag
  9. I’ve never scanned anything before and this may be a dumb question but how do you scan? Use a copier? I should know since I’m 20 but I guess not since I have a cellular device😂
  10. I could maybe figure it out. Or just take pictures individually and pm them to you. Ill try to find time to do it. Your welcome, that’s why I wanted to do it so some of you guys could these brochures that haven’t. Their not easy to find on the internet
  11. Sounds like you have quite a collection, hope you get time to dig them out some day. On this same auction I got this buyers guide there was a 4166 brochure that I was bid on. Ended up selling for $100
  12. Yep, with a little time here and there, I finally got around to reading the rest of it today.
  13. Here is my 1972 IH Summer-Fall buyers guide😊
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